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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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splita especially route 2 and route 90 . this is from earlier . andre bernier capture this person first it looks dead and thenon he comes through quickly . ck and then it'll be all gone you'll get a quick entry to and thenge focusing on the snowbelt tonight tomorrow . damage can see the lake effect trailingan in portions of western
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15 and 20 gusting close to 25 . that could be 20 below zero . this will continue through sunday morning because the next two nights the windchills will be between 10 and 20 below zero . tomorrow 10 degrees and the coldest day of the year thus far
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things are starting to get messy on the road. >> roosevelt leftwich is an in groundfox with an update. >> it started to come down . it isd very spotty to get a pot patch of heavy snow then some lighter stuff and thenow have it hard . the roads are a little slippery . we have seen quite a few holdouts crews sound spreading salt others wait to see how much accumulation there is . the snow coming at perhaps the worst time so there spreading salt and some doing some pre-treating .s you
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snowfall in . did you get those pockets it is having, not quite white out conditions but lots of flurriesw . say to you so you need to watch out for that,a if you go out early tonight be sure , you could get these snow squalls on the lake all leaving . depending on the direction you could have a lot of snowfall or if i'm lucky you can could be stuck in a cloud of snow .f wherever, allow extra time conditions can change quickly . recent reports of white out conditionsnt in westlake, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays
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we are the the only morning show starts at 4:00 a.m.. >> revealing details and the case of the case won't they believe was murdered by her neighbors, the woman who took care of stray cats went missing after a dispute involving two of those cat says peggy gallek is the latest. >> july 4 pepsi hasn't filed a report said that one of her cats with poison in the and the other was killed, wi blasted that she was seen alivea respect its release of this releases the police began investigating the disappearance of 62-year-old patsy hudsonas asng. >> on friday, the press conference to share a few details of the casea that the prosecutor described as horrific .atat >> information received today, appears to supportec that she was violently killed, dismembered and discarded in perspicacious in richland county's respect for
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the cases investigated . research and make sure that they do not miss any evidencea to check she described as quiet and kind cared care for many stray catsc and may have been her love for the catsh that led to her murder. >> she filed a police report july july 4 said one of the cats was killedd and another when poisoned of was poisoned of the last time that she was seen alive. >> had not seen such a cold calculated and depraved crime in some time to checkal mansfield assistant chief keith porch says it's for the for the worse the department has handled to check in my 20 years in law enforcement i have not been involved in a case with homicide involving dismemberment.
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and linda buckner blehar were arrested in tennessee last week. held under stephen stolen property charges. >> more charges to be filed soon . >> could be a few more weeks completed the defendants are due back in court soon..rer >> i can go to city hall with the camera rolling.o >> asking questions about a boss making big bucks in trouble for the second time as ed gallek has more. >> got to work and facing the i-team karen want answers from a department that oversees tens of
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another tragic crash of the 19 high-minded policy at city hall that interviews of city officials are supposed to go through the mayor's office we want to ask about this reportte was arrested charged with domestic violence. >> as you know, you know about the >> that won't explain the actions of. >> the policy is not going to explain your actions. >> be happy to answer your questionsns after you but you abide by the policy effect his office collects fees for cab licenses, emission taxes parking taxes and more last year the officer kim $37 million he earned more than $101,000. >> raises a question for the i-team, we found the
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still can't work at city hall so we wondered just days after something as serious as the rest in a domestic case of taxpayers at city hall expect administrator to be held to higher standards. >> should be prior examples of what they preach two others.e >> willoughby place report shows that he wasas caught in a sting accused of soliciting sacksc went through a core program to help us record wiped clean. >> this month he gets to defend himself in court if anyhe city hall pressure that would come
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presumed innocent.hcon >> how does the city decide how to proceed? >> we have have seen that before were the four were people charged with crimes remain on the jobob and the pressure comes later come the city looks at your job and the nature of the crimet and several things. >> announce it a change of policy after an us bill sent to the terrae sustained, not all licenses permit insurance claimst have to be submitted to the commissioner's officece that they will review each case to figure out what happened,a this week the family of her rice was billed $500 for ambulance service today that he was shot dead, the mayor says mayor says it was a mistake and promises thata change the system so it will not happen again is backgege to high school students shot after a situation
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police received a report of shots fired finding the two girls dad, each had been shot had not said what happened but they say that they werew not searching for anyone. >> 30-year-old mohamed barry mohammed . tax people with a machete atat- a restaurant in columbus thursday night they say that he started attacking people and was later shot and killed by police, for people were injured. >> state health department report two new cases of zika virus is not a total of four cases one is a bit insecure pretty secure woman from butler countye who returned from guyana, the other is a man from licking county just returned from haiti
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confirmed cases earlier . chelsea clinton will be included in monday to support support her mother's campaign c has learned that she will attend a town hall meeting for 100 senior citizens . at the murderous dinner kennedy center for space for space rented by a local council person, the event starts at noonl and she is expected to take the stage at 1:00 p.m. if interestedec , we have the info at
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a live look from the fox 8 roofcam . this looks like the situation along i-76 at 277 but that overturned semi truck earlier today we can see that the work crews are still there trying to remove the wreckage to get traffic moving disassemblyhe akron-canton area . if you thought that it was cold,, pictures picture self or pictures sell for even colder this weekend.pipi >> p.j. ziegler is a groundfox with more on thehe official
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nice snow burst in mentor. >> good evening . we are on row two, eastbound right past winter .ri on route 615, you can see we just5, hit a heavy snow squall . this is normally a 60 mph mph zone when you're down to 23 mph with visibility diminishing . you can no longer see the road lanes of the highway and now slowing down to 20 mph with a virtual wideout just east of theph 615 exit near mentor . last week it was nearly 60 degrees and now , we are going into the deep freeze this weekend, likely with single-digit temperatures as a
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>> your sign that winter has arrived herere. >> it is the kind of cold it ld will that will leave your skin tingling went outside for more than a few minutes. >> high temperature expected for saturday is 10 degrees, notot ideal running conditions for those in saturday's cupid undie run in downtown cleveland. >> do this no matter what working with the police and ems to make sure that everybody has a fine save e >> sooner people expected to run for the event in which little clothing clothing is encourage. >> people with ms cannot hide their tumors so this is about going out to be a brave face for the. >> there's nothing sweet about
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are a winter enthusiast .. >> when few people living here that is excited about it.. >> if you are dreaming of the dog days of summer, here is a side ofam spring on its way. >> if you go out this weekend be sure to bundle-up . mother nature reminds us that this is cleveland ohio in february . we are are on row two, eastbound just past mentor and we have had a snow squall of flurries and the road is covered this is normally a 60 mph zone we are currently at6 20 mph you can see people using their lives because visibility is limited . this is
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eastbound towards ashtabula . another sign of winter time and even colder should make for an interesting valentine's day weekend . we get some similar reports even on the west sideg of that snowband moving across. >> louver caught in those wideouts, use gary flesher search is so important . otherwise you can hardly see the car in front of you so it is a good idea touo use your flashlight . this is near downtown, they we show that script camelot, 3 miles north of the city .
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caughtut you have reduced visibility very quickly and that snowband is very narrow . this is moving diagonal approaching shoreline, ashtabula county already moving through lake county . and malaria malaria and although there are some won out conditions to south westlake near strongsville and moving towards brunswick .. if you are on 71 pushing through cleveland, and anywhere on the site along to 71 will be having an issue . on route 90 and two, is a trouble area . we'll be tracking this line of snowfall, and is
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reduced visibility in some pockets over the next two hours before it moves out of the area .xt if you do not have to travel than then it is best to just wait till this passes through them once this does,h there will be some lake effect snow starting off lake michigan it willit be all about lake-effect about eight or 9:00 p.m. tonight . picking up extremely cold air over the open lake waters and adding on some lake huron moisture . everybody under a windchill advisory tonighte into sunday morning . because it is sometimes the wind chill could reach between 10 and 20 below zero, lake effect for ashtabula county ashtabula county and the visor a fourta lake county in geauga county tonight and tomorrowouga they could get several inches of snowfall .t the heart
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90 towardshee yuri . if you're u' going to someplace like peek n' peak,, be careful because it's going to be serious there . the temperatures are in the teens and 20s, we will take me 21 degrees that's cold enough here toug this line moving into hearing and portions of upstate new york . aj colby will be your tour warning to give you your saturday morning commute forecast .o tomorrow, about 10 degrees above the coldest winter day in about one year
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for continuing for most of us a flurry here to partly sunny, the advisory area, oh two to 4 inches, ashtabula make it another four -- 8 inches and then into area, in upstate new york you can have over 1 foot snowfall from now until tomorrow evening . monday, back to more snow, eight general snow with chargers in the 30s . and then on tuesday and wednesday, with a big storm to the east and on thursday it will will be warm
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friday and then next saturday it will be it'll be falling temperatures again and snowfall .mp it will be very call tomorrow so be sure to check on the elderly and your pets. >> announcements for the nba nba hall of fame and lebron james says about kobe bryant's all-star finale
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john telich, many people share this opinion, this team in the east does not have multiple all-stars . >> is just lebron james and coach tyler lebron james the only player on the team,j draymond green said that he thought that carter remained all-star game, lebron james is a two-time nba all-star game mvp, many fear this year that probablyly the kobe bryant, lebron james said it is unfortunate that only one cavalier is in the classic but he knows he will be on the court with kobe bryant plays his final all-star game.
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sophomore,, i watched him again again was critical. >> the 65th annual nba all-star game is sunday at the air canada center in toronto, kobe bryant with his 18th appearance and lebron james with his 12th, tip-off sunday at 8:00 p.m., parent a dangerous killer is in
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just bad bad timing it is friday and you want to get home of of a thin asme thing is to take it slow show you from earlier near downtown . you he could see nothing for a short amount of of time then it starts to improve slowly this is a very narrow pulton band putting down a quick burst of snowfall, . as you look for going to zoom
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this event is pushing south and east probably the next hour and sent it will be about lake-effect tonight . to 71 i had to carry a hand i-90 route 2 split, fair weather conditions . to the south, dissenting your
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jerry and . . . . .. looking at windchill advisory's or all of northeast ohio tonightr continued till 10:00 a.m. sunday m. . windchills will be up to minus 20 . lake effect snow warning for ashtabula advisory for lake and geaugaso tonight through tomorrow . for most of us of the windu winds will be increasing . tomorrow about 10 degrees for
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most of us with mostly cloudy sky cannot rule out some lake effect for a lot of the area . between two and four in the advisory area . travel online tomorrow, they want to think about it . high tomorrow 10 degrees, partly cloudy for valentine's day clipper system on monday with 30s a chance of snow tuesday . on thursday at about 40 rainfall next friday near 50 then fall to the 30s and snowfall mix
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as you look just a bit you can see the blinking lights, that is sad o. . snow plow we have been behind for the past 15 minutes . her speed is about 23 or online 90, the last half-hour had about 1 inch of snowfall,f- from that intense snow squall this road was clean 30 minutes ago now it
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backing up behind mei by about 1 mile of the traffic is also the same . on the right you can see the snow plow at the rest area they been trying to clean that out albeit inle using salt anticipated this, now they can hope flickr off broadway, this year has been barely touched . because it has been coming down so fast but it's a lot of road crews but it is coming down so fast now they're trying to catch up to that snow squall . if you expect someone only going to be taking longerom to her speed is about 25 mph . which is best because roads are slippery and
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tonight,y that allow extra time to arrive safely . the cruise are out here trying to get things cleared, this was just so intense and quick . just check trying to catch up . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. fox 8 news is the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. expectalt tonight investigation into a new deadly drug problem that has alarmed even the medical examiner, the number of people dying from sentinel has tripled recentlyng that's just the tip of the iceberg, herald is opiate based drugs such as oxycodone andd ethanol, heroin
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says that would be news to celebrate but a number of fentanyl related deaths increased. >> never seen anything but never seen anything comparable to what we see how it not only do we see fentanyl in pill form that it is being sold as a look-alike for oxycodoneok, fentanyl, is a far more lethal drug. >> panics have a phrase to describe it,> writing riding the white white lightning and many died the first timeh they use it. >> bill sheil is here to go beyond headlines to examine how bad it is. >> mexican drug cartels have started mixing methanol with heroin hoping to entice longtime heroin addicts who are chasing more intense high, as most
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provide that the doses to kill often and quicklys tonight results of an i-team investigation months in the making..ig >> $5,000 worth of heroin seized by the policehe in euclid perhaps the most lethal drug that addicts could routinely abused but not any more. >> is more devastating than heroin. >> its fentanyl it's fentanyl, it is a opiate based drugs is used illegally as a legally as a painkiller for cancer patients and anestheticas during surgery . when used illegally in the potential the potential to kill us triggering because of its potency. >> about 30 times more potent than heroin. >> look of the at the trend in
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andnd lester 37 and this year's 68 . >> phones that they still murderous love mers treatment center median almost constantly withmve addicts desperate to get intodd one of the 16 rehab addict, when she started in 2014 or less than 40 people on the waiting list today it is 172 largely to the crease of fentanyl abuse. >> a talk to a couple of the client to tell me that they request fentanyl.plto >> he thought that he was my heroin but it was laced with fentanyl, paramedics had to administer three doses ofl an antidote try to bring them back from the brink of death. >> they consider a lot of brain damage to be done
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>> two have brain damage. >> known by the grace of god is back as one of lucky ones to survive and get into treatment he says the secret about it is that the list of five that they want is an illusion. >> people out there who are using heroin, they think that this will be the next great thing., >> ems completely not the case. >> what is the case is that all of ohio has become the epicenter of the nationsns that obvious problem, statewide 84 fentanyl related deaths in 2013, 2014 it was 502, mental health ward ceo. >> the i-team has reported starting five years ago the heroin problem purse exploded in the statee in southern ohio
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doctors prescribed large amounts of opiates . but legal names like oxycodone and oxycontin, ahead of the cleveland clinic pain clinic told us that pharmaceutical companies misled even the most ethical doctors m i believe that american physicians have been now educated we have been fed a pack of lies. >> spread north to cleveland when they cannot get those things turn toot treat heroin and now fentanyl, where people are killed in ohio by a drug overdose in my car wrecks the same time reduce addiction and increasing money for treatment would reduce crime. >> mounted that mountain kenny crumpton and major drama goes on jason the drug is significant.n
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grenades. >> us attorney steve dettelbach has been leading a task force made up of doctorsrs , social workers police looking for answers and sayse that we cannot prosecute a layout of the epidemic. >> we are willing to bring very seriousus death specification charges against people doing fentanyl. >> people find fentanyl mixed with heroin here than anywhere else in america according to the dea, number three state is pennsylvania where in 2014e they made 419 drug seizures including fentanyl the second state of massachusetts with 630 seizures and ohio with 245 sentinel seizures in 2014 more than pennsylvania and massachusetts combined a after such a rest, fentanyl drug dealers went up in court likely more often thann
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>> people that use it to make it to court because it kills that quickly. >> david mattia has been the cuyahoga county drug court judge for over six yearsc he says people with heroin addictions including addiction toto fentanyl me to have treatment options available.l >> people with high blood blood pressure in diabetics with savingoo us for what is termed about heroin is nothing they have the same type of chronic diseaseihe. >> jason says he tells a story in hopes that his example will help others reach back even if it helps us want personally just one person it would be worth it . maybe this is one of the reasons that god kept me aliveo. >> keeping people alive may be getting getting harder as it spreads through ohio, drug that often does not give a second chance to do believe that drug
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in an effort to keep long-time users .ef coming up the great lakes is something to keep
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get sms out here didn't see the cars with flashing lights . there have been odot crews your book put that snow squall command so quick talked about have mentioned half an hour . even try to clear the sound she
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time or stay inside your keeping tabs on your loved ones akron detective shows the secret to finding
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lorrie taylor says has very been easier to catch a c cheating heart and the evidence
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spouse can be universal, a the laptop closes as you enter the room a cell phone with deleted history. >> what they may not realize is that the high-tech toys can tell the story.oy >> city of green from integrity investigations and westlake understands the language. >> summon additional devices, phones tablets computers but in the last 10 years it isisc a ridiculous amount of information . >> vigil investigations allow a private investigator or law enforcement to get a good view of the subject mind. >> using software to allow him to search cell phones and computers to recover informationng that has been deleted sometimes
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>> i get the make damage that is a copy. >> guess what he needs to search every cell phone on the market, it is casa technology which is what why you'll find a lot ofi private investigators using that . >> more investigators use gps to locate and doing surveillance. >> they say that you cannot put a price on love but you canc catch a cheating spouse here come the average price for a investigation is between $81,200 . >> he says that the work is not n cheap, if indeed you can put a price on the truth, lorrie
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for your snow is causing problems on the roadways ed moore concern is the bitter cold temperature with windchills single digits and maybe below zero, a site it looks like that this band of snow is quick. >> it is moving south and east, behind that lake effect snow and very coldec about 10 -- 20 below zero windchills tonight . that


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