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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  February 13, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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good saturday morning to you, it is every 13, groundfox, moving east along the shoreline,
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>> heading east near bratenahl . there are some snow bands moving off the lake . it is a good day to stay insideis and watch tic especially after last night she had to drive into that it was less >> good morning . the coldest winter day of the season so far so bundle-up. >> if you go outside, cover-up as cover up as much as you can. >> it is very easy to have hypothermia and frostbite . looking at radar, watching a couple of snow bands near ashtabula andrw geneva it looks like it wants to drift back and forth between geneva on the lake and ashtabula . there is a snow
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likely light snowfall on the side near burke lakefront airport . near bratenahl started to see some snowfall and there is that banned near ashtabula county and ashtabula proper . this looks to be the coldest, the coldest core near new england and other one developing in canada, the lands is, they quiet down then swing southeast .th does not matter which direction the wind comes when it comes to the windchill .e looking at these windchills, 10 -- 15
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four, international falls is minus 25 degrees below zero, painesville a degree, rosetto 5 degrees and the windchills between 10 and 15 . today, a forecast high of 10 degrees. >> winter is here, the blast was brief but that's blast was brave but the snow that moved last night made travel >> many see some break, none of us will escape the bitter cold as kevin freeman tells us many people plan to stay indoors this
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>> heavy snow burst brought driversrs to a crawl at the end of friday evening rush-hour h- including on bagley road and middleburg heights. >> average joes any minute. >> i'm going to go to ghana so i'm, so i'm getting out of the country big macto and quickly qu tomorrow and hope for the flight will be okay. >> winter blast with dangerously cold temperatures for the weekend. >> social cue movement you are pre-warm avenueue ? it cold surge stay active. >> they don't have the luxury to avoid the> bitter cold temperatures repairing a water main strongsville they say that
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whatever the weather is .
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trucks in the repair garage again . we wanted and we would find a bunch of cleveland plow trucks under repair and yes last year we exposed a chronic problem with broken down city contracts this winter they have had little snow tow-plow and lots of new equipment so we tell when we tell people what we found in the garage. >> this comes not long after they promisedd that this winter things would be different the city said ganassi so what attracts me to be fixed sitting bar pretty attracts just outside of the garage we saw what appeared to beof old and new trucks and checked in on thursday, the city said it had 61 plow trucks running 10 out of service, that is nearly 15
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sound much unless youy street is still not plowed at least most of the repairs are called minor n only won his major. >> last winter we found that at times close to half of the snow plow fleet was down for well over one months some of them last year the city said. >> normally takes about the attracts to staff each chips are basically basically have both of those trucks will be revenue. >> drivers are counting on the mechanics to keep the garage is emptyt especially with dozens of new trucksi. >> that they get them fixed, i'm a little nervous up here and there's no.n >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> a former glenville high school football star is arrested after an armed robbery in east cleveland alef that he was caught
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he was when of the best. >> they know the name of latwan anderson latwan anderson, ava baldwin track star at glenville part of a team that included cardale jones and finished as a state runner-up. >> yet many scholarship scholarship offers and decided to run track at university miami after heny verbally committed to play football at three different schools.t >> hits he did not stay eligible at miami transferred to two different community college is before returning to cleveland hoping to bounce back at notre dame collegeciun but now, he is identified as the person who robbed a family dollar in east cleveland yesterday morning about 123030 they set up a perimeter around the store if he was captured in 15 minutes later , the people considered him
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country a few years ago. >> a college freshman killed in a shooting during robbery will bebe laid to rest this this weekend as suzanne stratford tells us people pay their respecteo and they did something special for his family. >> lining meadow lane with luminaries remembering a young >> 8-year-old nicholas massa grew up on the street in westlake, where neighbors or friends and like family. >> especially half a dozen young people from here alsoa went to kent state university, some on campus when they learn what happened. >> the police said that he say that the kent state pressure was fatally shot last sunday at a friends place off-campus
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. they have offered their support,h he says that on friday and they need to do something specialal so the family put out over 100 luminariesly not even the snowstorm can stop them they also tiedn ribbons on trees and streetlights , the neighbors say they know that this will be an extremely difficult time for the familyt also they want them to see that they will have their support can be found heret . >> there is no worse to, if we can do a small thingi to give them a bright spot of the day that's really all we wanted. >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> he will be buried today, a go-fund-me account has been set up too help the family with
8:11 am,or two teenagers have been arrested and charged with his murder are still looking for a third suspect.a >> still to come, then we say
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welcome back benjamin ride along shoreway . here's a look here is a look at the cloud cover from yesterday with some snow showers every so often . you can see the clouds hanging down . tough to find sunshine yesterday about the same today da with windchill advisory for
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windchill advisory's, 10 -- 15 below zero . lake effect snow visor continues until 4:00 p.m. today for lake and john county eight snow warning for ashtabula county .
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there's that damned near ashtabula and just now starting to move toward conneaututh with another snowband developing just lastot that cuts back toward jefferson this is a wider view across the great lakes snow bands galore around the great lakes, and 11 degrees lakefront, minus nine windchill, a decrease hopkins with minus eight windchill, take a hike of 10 degrees . it will be the coldest winter day, before this it was 40 degrees on about january 14 . tonight 0 degrees snowfall likely northwest winds remain
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because the wind turned southeast and they're concerned about a clipper system for everybody on monday morning just in time for the the morning rush .m amounts of snowfall between two and 3 inches perhaps up to six and then everybody gets in on the act tomorrow high of 80 degrees partly sunny and reduce twins . here is the system moving southeast and thei general snowfall with the front . highs above freezing for couple of days on monday and then tuesday, the best chance of snowfall on monday . many people have the day offma, presidents'
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thursday about 38 almost 50 friday and then saturday back to the mid- 30s with snowfall . vaping is gaining steam, a california congressman was caught vapingga during a hearing on capitol hill, the california republican duncan hunter opened his argument against a measure that would ban and on planes by poets and smoke he says he wanted the college to see that it does not noxious he has been a longtime supporterou of vaping and e-cigarettes it is already banned by most major airlines.o >> disney raise prices now universal studios in florida will do the same, a one day ticket to one of the orlando theme parks will now cost $105, tickets for children now costing $100 that is more than 400
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family without parking souvenirs and foods. >> the oscars are rolling out the red carpet to say thank you,>> every year someone forgets to thank someone,y so for the first time the ticker will run at the bottom of the screen most of the o people that each winner wants to mention by name,in the cavaliers producers hope that this will improve the speeches and make a more emotional than just a list of names, the 88th annual academy awards will be on sunday february 28 in the internet has changed how some people find love and now smartphones changeds how people find friends study found percent of college students breaking tender as their favorite dating app but they say they don't use it for dating,d 50 percent say they have not gone0 on a date using it,
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apps to find friends, what college student says that it depends on your definition of a o friend, she thinks that people use tender for random hookups but call them friends so they are not judgedh. >> from good to bad relationships, wants to help heal broken hearts this valentine's day,t sarasota florida store is, running a a special dual nature dual nature dual nature exes stuff campaign starting this weekend with a special break up kickoff party complete with food drinks and musictunm it says the goal is to help people and also clean out the closet and starting fresh they say that it is not liable fors any items donated by people
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abuse to the point that he could barely walk or rescue group is not barely walk or rescue group is not given barely walk a rescue group is not given up on it if only walter. >> try to find him a forever home as premiers tells us he is deserving.g.gigi onli >> taylor carrigan cannot believe anybody could be so cruel to this tip only walter was abandoned by his owners a couple weeks ago promising a person and agree them with a
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that they will not hold grudges. >> the founder of cleveland dog rescue and rehab centerof cares for him with the help of the barkley pet hotelit and day spa an orange he has trouble walking, using a makeshift wheelchair . there's nothing broken it is spinalal. >> he says and who adopts it has to be patient and not have much control of his letter is really the only issueis, he is otherwise very social enjoys the company of others.y >> if you are interested about him, you can meet him in person at the barkley pet hotel and day spa on valentine's day valentine's day, they're hosting a fundraiser he says they're trying to raise money for his medical bills and his rescue group.'s'snes >> is almost like a good
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in and wanted to know that people aren't badnt. >> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> if you want to make a donation go to fox wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home
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wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. ring video doorbell
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. >> looking at storm fox, a couple of my snow bands, one is just cutting through the cleveland metro area disconnected all the way into hudson probably getting snowfall ,c on the edge near twinsburg . this phone has been pronounced near ashtabulaa and near pierpont
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lakefront, 23 mph gusting up to 33 with reading was well below zero time lapse shows some ice while flow on the lake . lovely sunrise for some people this morning .veve it is his 1 degree mansfield, 2 degrees akron-canton and 80 degrees hopkins airport you can see the extent of high-pressureca . no surprise that lake effect snow bands are the rule of the day,re moved to the east allow the next weather system system with a chance of snowfall on monday i thinkt sunday will be okay m windchill readings of 10 to 15
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tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. . the temperatures around the 10- degree mark . that does not tell the full story is the windchill, so be careful today bundle-up . the merger still like us to say to stay indoors especially with the big weekend and valentine's day upon us but just use common sense . learned more lauren moore of a man with a machete walked into a close restaurant attacking people, injuring four people
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>> do not think that any terror group is behind this but they're there looking at him as what is called a lone wolf,h attacked on thursday after a car chase, , mohamed barry spot it is not clearar there looking at looking at you the name of the nazareth restaurant and deli was joseph under the belief that the owner was jewish, they said that that he came in a half-hour earlier ask about the storeowner, they're asking the fbi for assistance.. >> due to the nature of the assault but we have seen around the country ande internationally, we want to bring and the federal partners to look at this from the beginning , this was an individual who walked in and fromis every account by himself, this race in a flex that the best thing is to bring and anybody who can help with this
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they have the same information moving >> one-percenter it is critical to stable condition to our hospitalized in stable condition wind wasas treated and released the person is a native of somalia was a criminal history including drug use. >> exposing a top-secret akron city hall, confirmed that a crossing card type i kept getting paid. >> focaccia questions about what has been happy happening through tax dollars as ed gallek has more..ue >> school crossing guards are paid to keep your kids safe but the i-team has uncovered that police were looking are looking into claims that aa crossing guard died at the city kept paying himdi this may have gone on
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taxpayers were asking what? >> we learned that a a city hall audit failed to discover that a crossing guard died but were still being paid, the i-team was asking how long did this go on and did so improve the payment to the dead person and what happened to the money?ee >> much is involved, they get paid about $20 50 cents a day plus benefits. >> it up electric calculator over time it adds up. >> who went enter the building with the office of kinky policing unit that oversees city crossing guardsi the luck getting answers and city hall says he cannot comment spam hacke it has
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somebody's part. >> congressman brian kazy has asked hard questions about the crossing guard system before..s >> the georgian people who take the crossing guard jobhe don't filled with a the salary for the benefits we know that know know that the checksum in cash and is gonene lead to further find out is if the benefits have been used. >> benicia business taxpayer does? >> that's terrible whoever done that need to go to jail. >> desiccation is handled by the clue place out of the city director's office beltone along the way tape but this is not getting passed off as a little paperwork mixup. >> unexcelled that lead atlanta confusing moments for willoughby police when they took a call outside of their jurisdiction.w >> north ridge bowling club. >> or is that at. >> in north ridge.
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police department. >> in sydney? >> no, in willoughby ohio, the united states. >> a command from the sydney suburb of willoughby australia got connected to the police in ohio concerned about break-ins at his local bowling club, not clear how he ended up calling the united states but he ended up having a pleasant conversationa, mostly about the weather,. swick and hundreds of people will be in downtown clevelanddr brain as little as they dare to for the cupid undie run that starts at 2:00 p.m. it is a 1 mile fun run in which people are encouraged tope wear a little
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proceeds benefiting a rare deadly disease they say that it will go on despite the cold. >> hope it goes on the matter what we do work with the police and ems on site to make sure that everybody has a fine save time,, people that they cannot hide their tumors this is aboutt being brave to go out in the coldn. >> about 700 are expected to brave the single digits for this good cause, it will if we call but many people will run in this
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there are the snow bands we have been looking atar moving through ashtabula and scattered snowflakes near the that accounting and lagrange and along i-77 moving through the akron area on the webcam time lapse you can see the snow band earlier . you can see a little bit of ice on the lake for 3-d weather flight, shows a fair amount of sunshine across ohio is dry air as dry air continues to move inry arctic air pressure we pick up snowbands is expected the great
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with some shallow spots that but this is the coldesth day of the 2015 -- 2016 winter season with the temperature near 10 degrees the windchill is between 10 and 20 below zero and a windchill advisory that continues till 10:00 a.m. tomorrow . it is called, grab a warm blanket, next week it is looking better with snowfall and temperatures will be in the 30s eventually,
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50 on friday . currently 8 degrees hopkins and 2 degrees akron-canton, mansfield with 1 degree and looking at the windchills,l minus eight akron-canton, minus 12m wooster and ashtabula . not expecting to have windchill readings above zero until monday . tonight's overnight low of 0 degrees, and then, snowfall ll expected with a clipper type system which happens on monday tomorrownd 18 degrees partly sunny with easing winds, monday 33
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presidents' day on monday then wednesday scattered snowfall of thenay mostly sunny 38 thursday near 50 friday with snowfall saturday in the 30s fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. it was an unforgettable denied for special needs people. >> local churches divided people , sponsored by the tim tebow foundation. >> the stars were out saturday night in cleveland . red carpet entrance filled with flashing lights from the paparazzi at the cuyahoga valley church in broadview heights. >> according to pastor chad allen,, the cbc is one of three churches in northeast ohio hosting a special needs from a friday nightnono.
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partnering with the tim tebow foundationon, hosted this in 48 states seven countries. >> the second that we came in the driveway it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> the spent the day picking picking out addressing getting their hair and makeup done. >> it has been an awesome experience something that most kids get to do and some special kids to not so we are so grateful. >> each of them got to be in the spotlight as they received a crown or atr or because they are all kings and queens . each had
8:49 am
to remember. a >> i love the spirit of the tebow foundation they want to take valentine's day and extend thatou to love for all people. >> there it is just is just so much joy and has apparently learned that these kids create joy andt this is just amazing. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> tomorrow is valentine's day and even though it is , not everybody has a sweetheart. >> students at a college near charlottest busy making be delivered to hundreds of veterans in the local area, a simple thank you and a more effective show of appreciation for somere it gives them a way to express themselves in a way that they may never have before.
8:50 am
somebody they need to hear that. >> veterans come they say that it is all good and it feels good to know that were given back to the government.we >> i know that once they receive is that someone is going to be smiling. >> the students encourage more than 500 cards.. >> went through a breakup is not easy especially on valentine's day. >> one-act assessment of the assessment of departments and his ex-wife know how he feels by allegedly tortured her car with herer blind senate, michael symon has the anti- valentine story. >> at it was cara had all of my belongings on their.t >> the owner of the 2,004 mazda says that it started with a simple lover's quarrel04 and another woman instead of sending
8:51 am
car on firea and to add another knife add another night of the gh harvard university would have been on sunday. >> my identification title to the car and birth certificate everything has >> they respond to the car fire on cherry street> about 2:30 a.m. friday facing arson is more than likely, they have suspects but have not ruled out anything as they continue to investigate. >> do not believe it was a
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suspect knew the we will take you to the beach to talk about lake erie or go west with the west it gets some ways
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just have a talking finances with szarka financial
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good morning it is not a clock, on this breezy day. it is brutally cold this morning . >> he doesn't need to bundle, and we have aj colby inside today . we have windchill between 10 and 20 below zero strong forks radar showsl radar moving through
9:01 am
in parts of western ashtabula on a snowband on the lakeshore but it has since sunk in to the south and east . a windchill of minus 10 big time like snowfall sx and then winding down a tent with cold temperature that does not reallyc tell the story, the winds northwest 14 gusting up to 25 current temperature 8 degrees we have 3 degrees mansfield with windchill 5 degrees medina in barberton mentor with 12 degrees across the state it is hard to find some double digitst . third is around the great lakes with
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through may may for tricky traveling spain backve they see a break break, none of us will weekendu
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many people plan to stay indoors this valentine's day weekend. >> have a snow bursts bar drivers to a crawl at the end of friday evening rush hour including non- bagley road and middleburg heights. >> i'm actually going to ghana so i'm getting out of the countryh i've had enough of this weatherv but hopefully the flight will be on gay . the latest winter blast is also ushering in dangerously cold temperatures with wind chills dipping well below zero over the weekend. >> is on shaky move and you pretty much they wanty as long as g you do which are supposed to do utility called you just stay active. >> these workers with the cleveland water department don't have the luxury of avoiding the
9:04 am
repairing a water main on creek bend court in strongsville they say over the years they've learned to dress for the cold weathertrtr. >> i have insulated steel toed boots for safety bees keep us warm in our siege equipment those who can avoid it said they plan to remain indoors are going go to have a valentine party at the church for all of the windows and stuff so keep safe and warm inside. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news some people are still cleaning up from their biggest snowstorm of the season 19 found plow trucks
9:05 am
>> a problem problem exposed last winter as ed gallek explains why we see this again what if wondered if we would see a bunch of contracts under repair and yes, last year there was a chronic problem with elton john city plow trucks this year they've had very little snow tow-plow and lots of new equipmentnt really tall drivers will be what we found at the garage. >> the promise that this winter things would be different, the city said she would not see so many trucks waiting to be fixed at the garage, the city about 30 new tracks . outside of the brunch we saw what appeared to be old and new trucks and inside ,l as of thursday, they had
9:06 am
out of service, andu nearly 15 percent, they know someone much unless unless you are on a straightout is still slippery most of the repairs are minor only one is listed as major.a >> last winter we found that at times close to half of the snow plow fleet was down for repairs some for over one month, last year the city said. >> normally it takes 50 trucks to staff each shift so basically half of those will be brand-new tracks.t >> drivers are counting on the case to keep the crowd chanting especially with dozens of new trucks.c >> up to get them fixed, i'm a little nervous out here in the snowow. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> app is called fentanyl and it is 20 times stronger than heroin
9:07 am
people sedated during open-heart surgery,us but now drug dealers mix it with heroin that causes dozens of overdoses,h heroin is an opiate based drugs the same class as fentanylyl the cuyahoga county medical examiner says heroin deaths here here down some percent, the bad news is that they see a huge increase in fentanyl related overdoses a number of overdoses has gone from five and 2132 at least 68 last year. >> we've not seen anything comparable to what we see now we see fentanyl in pill form and also it is beingng sold as a look-alike for oxycodone,so as we tried to stress fentanyl is a
9:08 am
addicted>> you can get a free emergency dose of andy dunn narcan and metrohealth they say the drug helped save 100 lives >> the rnc is less than six months away and still is a lot of work to be ready they say that the city needs to set a balanced budget to account for lost revenue, andoo couldn't stand to lose $30 million in state funding with the additional $11 million needed to trainn'ng police and purchase equipment and they need to crunch numbers. >> to be the rnc in the money is a management issue, it is that we have to put the cash out and then submitte for reimbursement that is all manageable, something that we can manage is a city i like the consent decree
9:09 am
have to come up with some money by law and can operate with a deficit and must have an approved budget in place by april 1.ap >> chelsea clinton will be in quentinll mandate to support her mother's campaign at town hall for 100 senior citizens at the murtis taylor r community center in the event starts at noon and she is expected to be on stage at 1:00 p.m. for more info.
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welcome back to fox 8, on this saturday morning, it is about quarter after 9:00 a.m. . it is so cold outside9: here is an icy tundra shot . there is some sunshine out just a tiny bit . the arctic air mass into second place . windchill advisory continues until tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. .in an advisory for lake county and geauga county and the advisory
9:14 am
state, and her if your mama sunshine foran over three quarters of the state from cleveland to the east, not so much . a couple of snow bands and ashtabula county . then to geneva and back to jefferson . in parts of summit county and then into portage county along the turnpike where we find our snow fall . 18 . 6 inches at hopkins for the season looking at the average snowfall by this time, it isis over 2 feet negative column . many people would say
9:15 am
the snow that comes through that on monday, another tuesday morning downstate looks like rain snowfall amounts under 1 inch to the south and west perhaps even 6 inches near the quad cities of iowa . today the coldest day of the season with next sunshine tonight it will be bitterly cold, snowfall wrapping up after dinnertime northwest wind between 10 and 20 tomorrow partly sunny, arctic high-pressure builds that will cut off the lake effect that continues moving east the next
9:16 am
at the winds aloft will relax a little bit , still have a cold shot or two before we start to see moderation until the end of the week . anything at this point would be helpful, on monday, snowfall 33 scatter snowfall tuesday and wednesday with mid- 30s . and thursday about 38 and close to 50 on friday with38 rainfall possible and then changes back to snowfall makes editing, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.o us has deployed additional
9:17 am
they say it is to counter north korea's recent provocations and to promote peace and security in the region , and they can defend against incoming missiles and aircraft. c >> world powers agreed to a plan that would end of thean violence in syria for now, it's not a cease-fire it is a cessation of hostilities, and it will stop long enough to allow humanitarian aid , and maybe the first step towards a permanent solutionep. >> tragedy striking pierce high school friday as two, 15 -year-old girls were shot in a murder suicide over female note was that was found near the cafeteria and the school was placed on lockdown er after the fatal shots were fired. >> non troppo is locking horns with ted cruz .
9:18 am
sue cruz for being not a natural born citizen, also accusing him of being a cheater and urging his fellow contender to clean up his act he also questioned the sincerity ofo cruz faith, whose campaign responded by calling the outburst ac temper tantrum. >> coming up, the preview of the nba all-star game in your
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it is really called. >> if you go outside in bundle-up. >> things are heating up as four-tier is j.t.n. this by having the best record in the eastern conference , lebron james will be in uniform sundaythth in the nba all-star game is 12, he has won
9:23 am
excited to be on the sceneid floor as kobe bryant replaces final all-star game, and he remembers watching michael jordan play his final all-star contest, but friday they cannot get him to lose his cool about being thec lone cavalier this weekend. >> unfortunate that we only have one, that, our guys just don't use that as motivation andys i will tryon to use that motivation as well . when the chairmanship is a huge piece of it but it would have been a great tribute. >> begins tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., shaquille o'neal leaps the class class for the basketball hall of famer another giant of the honors and also karin johnson, is
9:24 am
allen iverson, who had a terse answerrs when asked about summer. >> congratulations on the nomination and we may be seeing you later this summer. >> where. >> springfield. >> i hope so. ignatius, the tigers retaliate this is mark bennett at the other end . this time from the corner, three-pointer . despite the efforts of smith of the tigers, singer nations lending 91 -- 83 . the ill issue football season in jeopardy according to a state deficiti the governor wants a series of tax increases to get them into the
9:25 am
potentiallyhe that would be no ill issue football that they become desperate . it would not come to governor and youco kill football in louisiana you would become the former governor of the state .er tonya hunter friday gets about $2 million in cash for the orioles and the cubs in 2015 me we have here crowded mix the bullpen does have a major-league deal so most likelyha will be in the bullpen .ll through your your little brothers have made history at her high school. >> the cut, something that we may not see again, andoo corona a triple threat , the triplets, mark, anthony and ryan farina to wrestle in different weight
9:26 am
competition .t the first chose to make trip was to make it to the state tournament probably in the united states if all three when it could be the first time that three brothers took a title from
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9:29 am
let's send it on over to a.j. colby. >> eventually, sometime before june. >> currently yesterday we had a high of 23 degrees, it will be colder than that today . snowfall yesterday for the month nine . five . it is still more than 35 inches less than normal for the season . the latest arctic air mass receiving on monday as another fit of arctic air from
9:30 am
currently 11 degrees lakefront . it feels like minus 8 degrees . the arctic i keep in the sky is pretty clear except downwind of the lake . the arctic blast, moving over new england where it is expected to be aboute minus 26 even over two boston . as the arctic air retraced over the canadian maritimes will see some
9:31 am
and hopefully we will have some breaks in sunshinep .. learn more about the about the man with a machete who start attacking people and the congress restaura, four people injured before the attacker was killed. >> did not think that any tour group was behind this but look atdt this as a lone wolf attack, the man attacked people before being killed, after car chase, mohamed barry's motive is not clear they are looking at whether the nazareth restaurant and deli was chose and under the mistaken belief that the owner woman was jewish according to cnn .t they say that that that he came in a half-hour earlier asking athth humor about himself, police are asking the fbi to
9:32 am
>> besought that have the fbi partner with us to look at this from the beginning that this guy came in, but himself from this race and the flags that we felt the best thing to do was to bring anybody to helpel us from this from the get-go so they have the same info that we do moving forward.f >> the person is in critical but stable condition to our stable, one was released, the police releasing some information he is a native of somalia with the use. >> questions about the the city include the bossss in trouble with time. >> ed gallek confronted a city administrator in an effort to get answers to.tyty
9:33 am
i-team, to hide behind a city policy at city hall, interviews of with officials are so supposed to go through the mayor 's office that we were asking about the published report tuesday brunswick hills police arrested dedrick stephens charging him with domestic dedrick stephens works as cleveland's commissioner of licenses and assessments, his office collects fees for cab licenses, admission taxes, parking taxes and more, the city since last year that the office took in more than $37 million he earned more than $101,000e. >> me-time this raises another question for the i-team, we found thatat administrator on the
9:34 am
something as serious as an arrest for a domestic case. >> some taxpayers expect administrators to be held to higher standards.r >> they should be primer examples of what they preach two others. >> in 2013 police report shows that stephens got caught in a state accused of soliciting sex . he went through a court program to have his record wiped clean. ed gallek fox 8 i-team. records show that he will defend himself in court this month but there isee any city hall punishment that would come after the court case, he remains on the job.t >> us marshals included in asking for help in search for a
9:35 am
nfl quarterback is jack shea reports.ii >> us marshals service says that a con artist named stephan pittman has been impersonating nfl quarterback nimishillen, who had a short stint with the browns in 2014.s >> for the past year marshals included him in trying to find 30-year-old pittmano said a dozen cases where you pretend to be gunshotwh leaving a trail of victims across the country crimes including theft and fraud , he was convicted of rape in texas in 2,009.w >> predators like that use whatever they can to get what they want in this case it seems that he wantsusus sexual encounters and he wants money and has been known to do from people. >> federal investigators say that he moved to the cleveland areay initially registered with
9:36 am
offender but then he moved and failed to reregister. >> he has been known to hang out in bars illiquid claim to be gunshot, and marshals service placed a high priority to capture him because of his failure to register as required. >> whoever is near him does not know his history and what he could do and it is a risk and danger that we are worried abouti . >> marshals service is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest ofof stephan pittman , the plaintiffs can remain anonymous, jack shea fox 8 news.c >> confusing moments for willoughby police only took a woman took a call from outside of their >> the north ridge bowling club. >> north ridge.
9:37 am
willoughby police department.. >> in sydney? >> know and though and willoughby ohio, the united states. >> a man from the sydney suburb of willoughby australian called the police here in ohio he was concerned about break-ins at a local bowling club not clear how he ended up calling united states but he ended up having a conversation talking about the
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
this sometimes weekend were not loving the freezing temperatures that we've got no choice, also talking finances with the bear market, alex menassa from szarka financial is here thank you for being here. >> thank you .. >> it's been a rough start to the year. >> has been more down than up, it has been been one of the
9:42 am
history,t jimmy was the worst in the history of the s&p, and they weren't were not much better. >> why is that. >> were the biggest is concerned over european banks, the debt crisis of a few years ago many of the european banks haveve bad debts on the books and that is becoming of a concernd, if european central bank is able to pull that together so that has beenen spoken in markets, that is one and a few other reasons. >> it is easy to get scared, first concern and then you start to feel nervous and then you can feel outright fear.ou investors need to manage how they feel about and not making a
9:43 am
on fear. >> i can understand that, you think that patients would be the better way? >> it is easier said than done, it is easy to talk about when things are good that she will be okay if it goes down and you can handle that. >> and then it starts to go down more and then youta become panicked so there are different things to do based on your personal situation, if you are not yet retired and you are still building on it , then volatility can be your friend. >> you put in new money money and then you buy buy shares with dirt cheapmot then you load up on cheaper shares is called dollar cost averaging. and then it comes back like gangbusters you can do better with volatility if you are
9:44 am
different story than you have to look at your plan to see if you have a comprehensive plan allocated to conservative things that you do not have to sell when it is down if you have a few years worth of otherve things to liquidate when you need cash. >> what should people do?. >> review your financial plan have a long-term long-term plan if not then put one together, we've got lots of viewers calls who need a second opinion to look at what they do with their portfolio that but have a long-range plan . and then stick to it. >> stick to that so you don't respond to a motion. >> if you want a quick path than pay off your credit cards get an instant 15 percent. >> the book is doing very well on amazon.
9:45 am
two lots of buzz. >> if you want to get a copy just call us and we will send them a copys of it is some real-life stories of people's financial issues. >> and some much-needed advice. >> sure. >> thank you alex menassa from szarka financial thank you for being here and if you need more information on their services go to fox for more infounf. >> we have a new location in north location in north olmsted on lorain road.. now looking pelikan out the forecast with ajaj. said all the message to les szarka that were still waiting
9:46 am
weekend crew . here is a look at snowfall we've been through northeast ohio.. pierpont, with 6 inches snowfall and s we still have some snowfall around north kingsville toward conneaut and back into pa . this ability for visibility for miles at youngstown, 6 inches of snowfall recorded at youngstown airport . ashtabula has one-mile visibility with snowfall, looking at the crib-cam time-lapse you can see the breaks of sun after a snow burst
9:47 am
looking at the 3-d weather flight to show you snowfall to the northwest, looks like lake huron connection . with the wind off lake huron taken the moisture over lake erie and then adding to it, currently single digits all over , a decrease hopkins, 5 ns degrees toledo and the windchills or minus 12 at akron-cantonnd . with windchill advisory's in place . yesterday about mid- 20s but then the arctic front went through yesterday and then since then we have been around 8 degrees .
9:48 am
withth also lake effect . tonight some snow showers watch as we animate overnight then they went moves around to the southeast as the next system comes our way could give ushe an inch or two perhaps for everybody's been tomorrow 18 degrees on valentine's day partly sunnyny with reduced wind and subzero chill for a little while as thin the winds will increase after the southeast .wi looking ahead to the extended, looks like the chargers want to come back, 33 on monday, presidents' day, with light snowfall . and then the winds aloft will begin to relax a little bit . maybe push the
9:49 am
north than eightco average amount of temperatures midweek and then hoping for a warm-up on thursday , 38 degrees fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.x x o on internet people find love and smart phones are cha people find a friend to study found 73 percent of college students ranking tender as their favorite dating app but not used for dating,ru 50 percent say they have never gone on a date using itnt more than half say they they use dating apps to find friends, a constant says that it depends on your definition of a friend, she says she thinks people useio tender for random hookups
9:50 am
they are not judged by others. >> tech experts have a message for apple users, using your iphone or ipod and do do not live in the past a bug in the date setting could probably crash the phone, recently discovered that if you set the date on your phone back to the earliest setting possible ofs jerry first 1970 and then power the phone off and on again you will be stuck with a perpetual green screen so do not try this at home, they say that it willot ruin your phone forever, forever , not clear why anyone would would want to set the phone back toor 1970, but the bug first appeared on a forum yesterday and right now someone is going to do that anywaynd. >> probably some teenager, just to see if it works, and then their parents will be really
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
a kansas couples funny ultrasound is going viral.a >> they share the video of the unborn baby hitting himself at a
9:55 am
>> the ultrasound beam viewed around the world as edward james watsoned, can be seen punching himself in the face that he is talking backwards, once they knew that he was completely healthy they post the videordhe, the attention has been unexpected and at times overwhelming,n the first time, soon-to-be parents, said it say it has been found to read the comments and speculate what that may say about his personality. >> they will find out when he comes into the world.>> picture being with us this
9:56 am
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