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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it is quiet . this ability has been low in some areas like youngstown, that system is dominate clipper system to the south and we will be watching this miniature system, upper level driving in with snow showers overnight tonight . currently mid- 30s, tonight, cloudy and a few snowflakes . tomorrow, a quick inch in the snowbelt most of us tomorrow it will just be mostly cloudy .
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before the weekend. >> former cleveland browns wide receiver reggie rucker is facing federal charges for using charitable donations for his own use beechnut jack shea joins us with details. >> investigators say that reggie rucker spent up to $150,000g earmarked for charity to pay for other things, trips to the casino foretold that . >> spent out on the antivirus initiative he gelded away to pay for food and drink and dry cleaning . he promised one thing and then do something else to check if you are here and here to cause trouble and you think that we're going to stand by you that you don'tego then you better think again. >> is part of being peacemakers alliance, former browns reggie
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eastern time of trouble seeking donations from the city's biggestu companies in foundation but investigators say he used a portion of the funds to gamble, pay his debts to the casino and to live on now facing charges of wire fraud and making false statements to the fbi,h his h attorney says he does not contest the finding that he used donations to support his gambling habit.h >> he would get e-mails from foundations .h said that it was awarded the grant and he would forward that to the casinos that he owed money to . he would say that i'm good for the money, for the $20,000 owed. >> there's no surprises, he has accepted responsibility totally for the errors made and he knows that he will be punished and will do everything possible to make it right. >> all this related to gambling,
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for his conduct. >> told that reggie rucker will plead guilty to those federal chargesesw he could face up to 20 years in prison but that would bers highly unlikely. >> were taught about $150,000 earmarked for charity spent on his personal bills including charging. >> he claimed that the volunteers were being paid that they were notla as keeping that money for himself. >> breaking news, but the police say that the gang impact unit will investigate last night's incident in the warehouse district, was recalled to krush clothing on west ninth were shots fired and learnt suspects may be inside with guns shortly after, the man was arrested wednesday large sum of cash the suspects were found inside,
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incident is under >> pressure killed a 12-year-old cleveland remains under investigation as uber driver recovers, police say mark rafter was driving the wrong way on i-480yvi sunday morning when he had a car driven by kayla coates, a baldwin wallace student was killed rafter was seriously injured and taken two metrohealth where he remainss, after investigation for cuyahoga county prosecutor's office will determine if charges will be filed.ern >> that are kind of men's men's ministry as residents of a local township taking aim atm an assembly assembly of god churches in considering building an outdoor shooting range not far from a park and residential development as dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.aus they
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stage and just considering it . just a say of the church chooses to proceed there is nothing that they can doer the churches within its rights to build his church itself is within the city limits of medina,cc they own 30 acres in nearby lafayette township, where the state law prohibits trustees from regulating shooting ranges, the property near thet book i was i was bored, and a baseball field and be chippewa inlet trail a viking trail in nearby residential development, and they say the guns that have been discussed include something as big asas a 50 caliber with rounds that canit can travel as much as 4 miles and there are concerns. >> israel balance of property rights, they have the right to use and enjoy their property,>ri the way they see fit but there is a fully developed residential subdivision along thees entirety of that 30 acres and those folks
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enjoyment of their property0 and there is quite a difference between shooting a groundhog behind the barn and havingot three or four hours of rapidfire, 50 caliber or whatever for three or four hours evenings and weekends . >> this is a 50 caliber round, and a something with which you would wantit to have an accident they could do significant damage the lead damage the lead pastor adam allen says safety is their priority that am has gone no further than something they have consideredefu and for all intents and purposes the planf for the time being has been tabled. >> you take a look at that bulletin puts things into perspective about why people haveut raised concerns but as you said it is just in the beginning phase. >> he has been restored to an
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left in the coldestft weekend, cold this weekend, they said that the forest hill park apartments on superior road had had been with david since last thursday including over the weekend with temperaturesy above freezing, the property manager said that contractors were working to repair the heat yesterday when we went to the building,z the people there say that the heat was restored this morning.h >> ohio school superintendent is under fire today for allegedly changing student grades, and teachers are accusing the strasburg franklin school superintendent cindy brown of order them to change grades to create the illusion ofto inflated school performance . the president of the teachers union will submit a resolution wednesday demanding an investigation and that she be s put on administrative leave pending the results, have more coming up tonight.av >> they were all the rage during the holiday season. >> those fun looking hoverboards
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wheels not for good reason as jennifer jordan joins us with a warning from theasfe northeast ohio fire department after a near tragedy. >> at the height of of the popular again, we heard heard about heard about dozens of the hoverboards kitchen fire en nationwide and other dangers da have hit hit home northeast ohio family is believed to be the first victim of amey hoverboard blaze in the area tonight officials and orange village are putting potential victims on alert.v >> images of one of the hottest items on your christmas list last season the photo taken in the basement of a home in orange village after a hoverboard caught fire last saturday the aftermath destroyed the carpett and caused moderate smoke damage throughout the home,rp. >> for gore was going off at that residence we responded with our engine and we were notified by the police thatre there was a
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residents had oa begun out before put that out before we arrived backut there were no injuries but the chief says the situation could have been much worse if if the home was unoccupied ordered the fire broke out overnight, futuristic scooters are battery powered and just past weekend the consumer product safety commissione put out an alert about a possible culprit. >> is stated that stated that the lithium-ion batteries and a chargert have a tendency to combust, they're so new that i don't know if they did actualth ul testing on all of them and i think that's where the problem might occur.. >> wants to totally melt and i said there isal $600 down the drain. >> the courts typically cost $600 still not clear if the cheaper modelsl or ones made of the country or more susceptible to. >> i know that the consumer product safety commission is testing a bunch of different
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eye on it every time you have it charged.ermmn >> this latest craze is working fires and red flags for firefighters and familiesw .. >> but experts say make sure that you charging for the amount of timese in the owners manual and to allow it to cool down before rechargingnunu the say it's best to buy from a reputable company and make sure that it meets fire safety standards .bff there. >> it's a wonder that more people will get really injured on these types of things, they getll. >> remember that mike tyson video that went viral,, the er has seen lots of hoverboard related injuries. >> more sparring today over who should appoint a successor for supreme court justice antonin scalia,ss fox news is keeping tabs on the story as lou maglio is here. t >> republicans want to hold off until after the election and democrats say that
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obligation to make a nominee is something that the president says hep plans to do, it is about finding a replacement for conservative justice antonin scalia who died over the weekend ,ed senate democratic leader harry reid says of republicans refused to approve a nomineetearf edward and a missile at the foundation of our system of checks and balances or hatch says the constitution does not specify a time constraints or proving for proving that justice , and his courtroom chair is draped in black as part of a supreme court tradition that dates back to the 19th century joined the court in 1986 and was
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here is chris stapleton chris stapleton, winner chris stapleton, winner for best
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in when you hear the word millennials and drinking you you think of college parties, craft brew pa nate ulrich are.ic >> research indicates it is millennials who are drinking wine, research from the wine market council says americans between ages 21 -- 38 dranku 159 . six billion cases cases of wine list or an average of two cases per person in 42 percent of wine made in the us in 2015 and those frequent drinkers under 30 and two thirds were
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has here is a look at some ice on lake erie . this is the most so far about 60 percent ice coverage just very thin and city 4 percent, last year we had 95 percent and 10 . four . the 14 above 90 percent . temperatures around freezing and because of the
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20s .li it is 50 degrees and raleigh and dc is 51 .ra from this system and from the clipper system across the area . going to watch this miniature system it is any backdoor cold front with high-pressure suppressing into the southeast just a few unorganized snow showers tonight and tomorrow . this is what it looks like with high-pressure pushing south usually . usually don't have much moisture . lopez and clouds
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tonight mid- 20s . the snow showers will all add up to a few flurries . and tomorrow mostly cloudy but could be some local coatings . but on friday, as the day about 10 above normal . on thursday, slow process of snow melting and then, we warmed things weren't things up friday -- sunday but few showers friday and friday nightdars with a high of 50 in the 40s for the weekend means were going tohe be closer to melting away the snow pack bit by bit .
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with maybe a few snow showers on monday but mostly quiet for the next week . there will be nothing brutally cold like this past weekend . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. tickets for st. jude dream home
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>> starts at 6:00 a.m., and remember, you cannot start to live until thursday at 6:00 a.m. , tickets are $100 each , your chance to win the home, or a car from nick abraham auto mall, and hot tub fromom lite-house pools and spas and other prizes, just go to fox for more info including the phone number, and you cannot call until thursday morning at 6:00 a.m... >> one of the most popular, female ufc fighters . ronda rousey is revealing some disturbing details after the big
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and the song, who
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nasty weather on the east coast causing a nightmare for washington dc travelers especially . hazardous condition forcing many flights to cancel flies to cancel others delayed printed today in dc, alaska airlines flight wasd forced to coming into the cockpit just about five minutes after takeoff . they made a emergency landing ath dulles airport all six crew members were taken to the hospital the passengers were injured . the rock band that played during november's attack at a concert hall in paris is returned to the stage.gnc >> the eagles of death metal will return to the stage to honor the victims of that the
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speak aa helps that this will bring some peace to the victims of that attackthbr. >> will be packed with 3,000 fans at 900 survivors were 30 people were killed when men stormed the concert hall in a series of coordinated attacks in paris . . psychologist will be on hand for everybody who may needsy something . security will be tightened . address the issue of gun control said it was first responders assayed many. >> men i have ever seen charging into the face of death with
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i'm grateful . jesse hughes told an interviewer the reason that his band had to perform today is to it cannot let the bad guys win . . testing >> fraternity chapter in a georgia colleges suspended. >> after they are accused of hazing .. the chapter at university of north georgia has been suspended indefinitely accused of alcohol misuse and misuse and hazing related incidents they sent another center but have not said if the chapter would be able to resume. >> the type of diamond in an
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>> and the largest two ever been found it was found in angola is about the length of a credit card .ou it is said to be virtually flawlessi they say that it could fetch as much as $20 million. >> day snowfall not only causing danger on the roads.l
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kimberley can't because you're going to be going
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[ excited chatter ] snowdays but you've got to get out there . he did have an extended weekend . the roads are a-ok. mahoning county woodland areas got about 10 inches of snowfall . snow showers tonight and
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significant accumulations .ed currently about 30, and still 29 tonight if you snow showers and tomorrow same thing tomorrow, just a few localized . going to be a lot warmer on friday .. >> snowfall was really wet and heavy in some having some parts of northeast ohio.w >> the sound that sum that people call heart attack snow what should you know before youow go to shovel ? s. matt wright has some tips. >> if you have been doing some shoveling, you know what we're talking about it is veryy wet and when you try to shovel it, it is very heavy it might seem like common sense but keep in mind
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strenuous as running on a on treadmill so they have some warnings . . it can trigger heart attack orh those who might not commercialize exercisewh say that people with a history of heart and back problems should be careful. >> specialty have a snowfall can be a lot of exertion something as seemingly easy as shoveling the driveway, and she left that snowy weekend we 10 or 20 pounds , repetitively that is a a lot of lot of strain on the body. >> doctors recommend that you stretchh before shoveling . take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water and tried to push the snow rather than left yet in it and insult them use your legs not sure back, when should you see your doctor if you're having
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you stop shoveling especially in your legsyy or in your back and if you have any heart attack symptoms like chest painn or shallow breathing, that is a reason to see a doctor speech for. >> you have to prepare as if you were going to work outpr. >> something you may not think aboutt that you can't work up a sweat especially if you don't exercise a lot and not used to that strenuous activitydo this can take a lot out of you so be prepared and it can be strenuous . >> commonsense steps that we need to remind ourselves up thank you matt >> emotions ran high in lyndhurst as the deer culling method was debated during a city council meeting last night. as
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call this methodod barbaric and inhumane. >> masses gathered to protest outside of lyndhurst city hall.t >> there are set out the deer management program that has been in effect since february 1. >> the deer are lured into a metal traph using filled in food and during that timeu there transiently screaming thrash arounder oftentimes resulting in broken limbs.t >> if i believed that what they put out on social media i would be shocked as wellhaso. >> according to mayor mayor patrick moore, an animal control have managed to call 10 so far quickly without prolonged suffering . >> i know that is not the equivalent thato we use i have used to have had observers
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was once an election is the residents voice concerns during minute city council meeting mondayy. >> according to the mayor mayor residents have complained about theo deer problem here in lyndhurst so they implemented the program to reduce thel deer car accident, property damage and deer aggression. >> do this humanely then go to the second step which would be how to prevent births.ic >> the mayor said that 20 is the target number as for the program and will be ending march 301. rg the best that we can in the confines of our gina cuffari and density to wrestle with the problem thatto we have told us about for the past 10 years. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> program ended on march 31 protesters intend to have their
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city council meeting.. >> rock 'n roll hall of fame has unveiled the headliner for the annual spring benefit. >> cheap trick will be rocking public hall on friday may 6 tickets start at $17.50 on sale e friday at ticketmaster the 13 th annual benefit supports the rock hall educational programs. >> what are the most popular mma fighters but ronda rousey review in details after her usc lost to only hold holland home as lou maglio joins us.. >> she said that she had suicidal thoughts after her loss in november, in ah conversation with ellen degeneres she says that she was knocked out on her feet first time she got hiton in
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does not remember much of it, she admitted to sitting in her corner during the fight and think about killing yourself,h that nobody would care about her anymore and she lost, she said that the sight of her boyfriend brought her out of it, and that she does not know if she would have made it without him. >> she wants to fight holy home y again to prove that she is the best, yes he is going to make that happen. is your fitness tracker tracking more than you wanted to. >> coming up at 10:00 p.m. the information that it might be learning about you why some say thatb some of the contractors may put your privacy at risk of an
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personal secrets that they can
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listen to the grammy award winners from last night this iste alabama shake weight home mom won the best rock performance . also i will be your nominee. we had some heavy wet snow, matt wright was talking talking to is not the us about the best way to shovel that .is if you have havoline relatives or relatives .
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mahoning county . steady temperatures near normal . highs approaching 50 friday with showers . on the weekend, highs in the 40s and early in the 30 s . it is not too cold blood is colder than normal, minneapolis was 34 degrees in mid-february . wants system can't do no one here that will die there with a backdoor cold
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watches off lake ontario in upstate new york but much of the 48, no complaintsta . yesterday a plethora of warnings watches and advisories hears this funnel boundary coming in inducing left with snow showers tomorrow . . friday -- something warmer on friday about 1540s for the
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should be prettyw good on monday if you snow showers, and the 30 s the next us pool days will be next tuesday . so there is nothing really really crazy cold like this past >> bizarre freak accident at a nascar game was caught on camera .cc >> this could be hard for some people to watch .th it happened sunday in wisconsin, a 14 -year-old girl slid on the floor that comes to a sudden stop, one of the boards out the boards on the court had split and she got stuck on it .t. >> the official said are you injured and she said there is a piece of wood stuck in the middle is about 4 inches long and in some parts about half-inch deepep. >> they thought they would have to remove it that you get her to
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to free her andt that will did not hit any of her internal organst she spent one night in the hospital. was once a larger car . since getting a kid friendly makeover. >> tesla model s will soon be available for kids,, radio flyer announcing onad its website it is taking pre- orders for the carsit it will be shipping them in may its seats one, for kids between ages of three and eight comes in red, blue and silver metallic . the price tag is about $500. the camera start the second half of the season thursday night at
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>> john telich joins us with an update >> . ns testing >> testing >> and a lot of rumors about potential deals involving key playersrs a minor change could come thursday, kevin love name has been tossed aboutke its hard to imagine him going anywhere he has 15 points a game and 10 rebounds plus how heha spaces before, iman shumpert in timofey mozgov names have been mentioned and perhaps something will be done about it then wantsen tough defensive line trade iman shumpert who is outstanding defensively he likes to play defensively . we will monitor this in the meantimell kyrie irving is focused focused on helping the team start thursday
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it's my job to come back in even better shape and to be better. >> mckellar second half of the season beginning thursday, against the chicago bulls and on sunday they road tript to oklahoma city. i think the key to winning is, you know what lebron james will s bring and if kyrie irving brings his a game we can't lose. >> he islo continuing to evolve as a school talent and he plays that are better in the postseason, last year before he was injured againstla golden state so yould have to thank all that you need guys who are the backline players liker jr to step forward he did not do that in the nba finals last year so those of the types of guys that have to bring the game game but
4:50 pm
said the last few weeks of that the cavaliers have to do something like it much betterofof to say that they can't can beat a team like golden state, four out of seven, and i know i don't now i don't see that happening so get >> adult faces some technical issues and didd taylor swift just
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taylor swift with all of him of the year, 1989 also when best pop vocal album and there is some talk about her today and it is not about the music it is
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acceptance speech speech but. >> it was her guest to kanye west that has people talking. >> there will be some people on some people normally try to undercut your success or take credit for your conscience or your fame .etoto but if you just focus on the workut and you don't let those people sidetracking someday when you get where you're you're going you will look around and you will know that it was youid daou and the people who love you who put you there. >> the 26-year-old speech appears to be in response toec his lyric from his album where he claims to have made her famous,b he has not responded.
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>> a donut into trouble during her performance. she is usually follows a lot of people are shocked at how much he sounded and the the new sing louder than her vocals, some people inside inside the staples center saidca that she sounded okay and i was just an issue for the tv audience, those who heard the problems with the audio early in the summs she dress up
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piano mike fell onto the piano and and made it made a sound out of 10 because i treated myself
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it was a snowy evening and
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commute was a mess if you plan to use their snowblowers . i soon got about 6 inches on the copley areach. >> we got some snow but it was not too bad. >> it was , close to the i-70, corridor, and points east at came down hard and said not going to go anywhere just yet so for many folks in the southeast corner of the viewing area because the first significant snowfall they have seen most of this winter.. show you the system, it is moving northeast snow has completely exited the state and now looking upstream allocate upstream, there is another
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minor . a couple of stray flurries in some snow showers north of chicago, milwaukee and michigan se and sault ste. marie . it will pay us a visit tonight and tomorrow but only in the form of look-alike snow showers .sn here is the next system, as the major storm pulls away to concede it will lose a little bit of steam, but it will not do is lose the cold or another batch of reinforcing cold air approaching on wednesdayco to keep things kind of of cool until the


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