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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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this is pearle vision. did it again fake snow enmass,s, it was very busy during the morning commute looks like were in for a clearing for a a while asi was my joins us with a forecast and looking atwi who got the snowfall. >> areas and with that warning, snowbelt, got about 10 inches of
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shakoor . six and a half, hopkins got just over 1 inch . there is a small and limited tonight through daytime tomorrow with just a few snow showers currently upper 20s -- 30sh . tonight a few snow showers overnight for a a little finicky relation . if you go through we go through the afternoon and evening will be some clearing to be ready for sunshine thursday . by tomorrow, will be mainly cloudy with some local coatings with a few degrees below the
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. refer a warm up heading into the weekend. >> police officers braved the elements to rescue a womann as a car on i-480 went off the roadway into a creek as peggy gallek has details. >> maple heights police received a 911 call a little late for 10:00 a.m. friday, a car on i-480 went off the roadway down the embankment before landing in a creek,a then the driver, the car was asking for help. >> went through the fence, and water was coming into the car and i cannot even get out of the car.nn >> it was 70 degrees and the police captain says that dispatchers can no longer reach
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safety.ayct she had lost contact with her and it was imperative to get to the creek at that point. >> also began searching the area it was difficult to find the car or trucko we cannot find the car, eventually we got some more information and went on to port 80 . >> day later spotted it surrounded by water, they quickly went down the embankment to get to the car. >> the three of them went into the freezing water water, we stayed, when they got close they got worried because they do not see anybody in the driver seat.d >> tried the door and it will
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percheded on the center console like a needle between the two seas cities to stay out of the water.edt >> they got her out of the car, body camera video shows them and firefightersem helping her out the embankmentng. >> do some minor bumps and bruises and treated for exposure .o >> the police chief says that he cannot be more proud to put things imply what we expect. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> former browns wide receiver reggie rucker is now facing federal charges accuse of using the nation nations for his own useth investigator said that he spent up toat $50,000 earmarked for a charity to pay for other things trips to the casino, he is president of the cleveland peacemakers alliance and director of the american cleveland er now facing charges of wire fraud and making false statementscif to fbi his attorney says he does not contest the
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support his gambling habit. >> there's no surprises he has accepted responsibility totally for errorsr that he has made and he knows that he's going to be punished and he is going to do everything possible to make it right.innii >> or this was related to gambling and there is some word out there,asas impulsive, and compulsive but he is responsible for his conductlsom. >> fox 8 has been told that he will plead guilty to the charges facing up to 20 years in prison but that would be we are told unlikely . >> ohio school superintendent under fire for allegedly rigging students grades the president of the teachers union . better resolution and tomorrow night's meeting of the strasburg the strasburg frank risko award-winninghe investigation into potentially illegal behavior by
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teachers accuse her of order them to change grades to inflate student performance the teachers union wants her to be put on leave until results are in, claiming that a teacher refused to change the grades and then surrounded herself with the help of district >> who want the facts to come out that the investigation can be done and the truth will come out andesd are just here to protect the the teachers and the students and their grades. >> teachers union asking for the superintendent's resignation if any evidence of illegal behavior is found, our attempts to reach brown were unsuccessful and schools were closed today . >> police released the name of a man who the man who caused a long way crash on the freeway the police say the man was driving east and westbound lane linear car head-on the ridge
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20 kayla coates was killed mark hospital the police are working with the prosecutor to this turbocharger should be filed. >> hoverboard late because of a house fire in orange village taken in the basement of the home onak nob hill oval after the hoverboard at it and charge it caught weekend destroyed some carpeting and sent smoke throughout the home there were no injuries this past weekend the consumer product safety commission put out an alert about the batteries used in those devices.ut >> it is stated that the lithium-ion batteries batteries and charger a charger have a tendency to combust, i know that consumer product safety commission commission is testing a bunch of different types but i would keep an eye on on overtime is charging to make sure that it does not combust. >> fischer make sure you do not overcharge it and allow it to cool down before recharging.
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complexities cleveland, but yesterday that some people there had been usingng others to keep warm heat enough over the weekend but now managers at the complex say that the heat has been restoredh and the repairs are being made.a >> are kind of his ministry to people taking aim at a local township, the church considering considering building and outdoor shooting range that far from the part g and a residential development is dave nethers is more. >> the pastor of the assembly of god church says that this this is a something which they have considered the church is withinin ur the city limits of medina the church ownsts 30 acres of land in nearby lafayette township where state law prohibits trustees from regulated shooting ranges is barely about kite with park and a baseball and soccer field not far away also nearby is aba
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of the trustees say the guns that have been discussed including something as big as a 50 caliberve rounds that can travel as far as 4 milesth each back the balance of the copyrights they have a right to use and enjoy their property as they see fit but there is a fully developed residential subdivision along thet entirety of that 30 acres and they have the right tonc the enjoyment of their property and there is a difference between shooting a groundhog behind the barn and three -- four hours of rapidfired of 50 caliber or whatever the weekends and evenings. >> lay pastor of the church says that safety is aor priority and would never do anything that could endanger anybody, fox 8 studio at the university of akron. dave nethers. >> it is called a heart attack
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funeral services set for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia, dissenting on your body will lie in repose at the supreme court on fridayisl services will be held 11:00 a.m. saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of thebeay immaculate conception and dc, is chair and badged draped with black wool tradition dating back to 1873 after the passing of a justice,te president obama says there is time for them to consider a nominationre
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forward with this choice. >> for your leader boutros boutros-ghali has died egyptian politician served as secretary general from january 92 until december 96 today the council's o 15 member stood in silent tribute details of hise not been released he was 93 . >> that the islamic state group is hard up for cash isis having trouble making expenses has cut salaries and asking residents of thea stronghold and syria to pay utility billsst and black-market american dollars airstrikes against isis have targetedmrs cash stockpilesrg and oil infrastructure and the iraqi government has stopped paying civil servants in territory controlled by the extremists.. >> four days away from the south carolina republican primaryry the rhetoric is heating up as the it is a critical state of the one candidate who has won the state has gone to the party nominationmi , although the gop
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war of words with donald trump now threatening a lawsuit over ted cruz is getting birth and eligibility to the president and jeb bush is counting on his famous brother to help him when south carolina. >> strength is not empty rhetoric it is not bluster theatrics real strengthic comes from integrity and character. >> according to real clear politics,, don trump holds a commanding lead in the polls at 36 percent in ted cruzpo at 18 percent. >> former treasury secretary says that the well-known bill should 1 dollar bill should be scrapped mayor summers does thatls should do away with it he says he that without the 100-dollar bill life would be more difficult for tax cheats and other criminals other criminals . other criminals who stockpiled cash his report also calls for an called for an end to the uk 50-
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swiss franc and the 500-year-old out the fact . >> a lot of snow and some schools closest to talk about for tomorrow,st but also a warm-up .rm >> just for the weekend, it was cool about this weekend to increase ice coverage of the lake . there is some ice on lake are the most so far this season at about 64 percent re ice coverage thanks to aj colby fori putting this together . last year about 92 percent and you could see were runningy low in that department with a warm january
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. but march 13 daylight saving time begins at sunset and the sunset and the 7:00 o'clock hour .. temperatures around 30 windchill makes it feel just a little bit colder,it campos, 32 and 44 days say and their 54 new york city . . a few advisories and warnings but overall this is
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boundary with some flurries tonight i think think it will clear upth tomorrow evening get ready for thursday . mid 20s tonight, cloudy . tomorrow low 30s mostly cloudy . on thursday, lots of sunshine and also, it will still be near freezing,ll then get rid of most of the snow pack with near 50 showers friday . the weekend will be mid to upper 40s, partly cloudyid and then on monday , snow showers with mid 30
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wednesday . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . if you are not clear the snow from your sidewalks and driveway you want to take it easy,wa it is often referred to as a heart attack snow because it is so heavy, it can then be as strenuous as exercising on a treadmill and can trigger an heart attack for people who are sedentary and they say that people with aa history of heart and i problems should be especially careful. >> with the heavy snowfall there is a long assertion that something as seemingly easy as shoveling the driveway as she left that stomach and we can -- 20 pounds and he do that t
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strain on your body. >> doctors recommend that you stretch before you shovel and takedd frequent breaks and plenty of water and try to push itt instead of lifting but if you do then lift with your legs. >> itcher fitness tracker tracking more than you wanted to ? tonight at 10:00 p.m. the information that your fitness tracker beitlerer batching some say that some of the top trekkers may put your privacy at risk here whichh secrets that they can reveal tonight at 10:00 p.m.. >> looks like a normal scene in anyk nhl locker room, what makes it special is that the goalie is honored by his teammates was not even a pro hockey player a few
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just days away from the chance to buy a ticket to win in win in the home tickets for the st. jude dream home on sale thursday at 6:00 a.m. here's the phone number . you cannot start calling out untilo thursday at 6:00 a.m. tickets are $100 aged foursd the home or a car car from picking him on a wall or a call from lite-house pools and spas horned toad fox >> an announcement from the rock
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sixteen hall of fame inductees to track will will be rocking republic called for friday may 6m for the annual spring benefit spring benefit ticket prices at $7.50 on sale fridayay through ticketmaster at 13th annual benefit to support the rock hall's education programs.en >> i'm a sucker must have car from any amount available for the kidsuc, ring of fire that makesi wagons dollmaking small tesla models one seater is for kids between the ages of three and eight come with working headlights, spacious interior and just like the tesla powered by electricity sticker price is
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maximum speed of six mph. >> cannot be jane fonda kung pao check in by his car and asked martin featured a movie in the movie specter is up for auction to sell for a little more than 2 million if you buy the car car you will need your own racetrack becauseca this is not street legal .t backup goalie for nhl team he said he wasam giving his kids a bath on when the phone rangi travis told them to get down to the rehabm the back of goalie was injured in pregame warm-ups they neededhe a backup goalie in a hurry,oa ventilatory in phoenix but he sat on the bench, after the game, the team named him the mvpte, even gave him a chevy chevelle to the locker room in case you're wondering, oo that they would call him it turns out that
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coyotes head coach and son-in-law of the team's
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raj, your tag's sticking out. thank you. i've come to sex in, like, two years. little gross. you're only making it seem more real for me. hey, that's my wife. if anyone's gonna make her feel gross about sex, it's me. can we please talk about something other than my depressing love life? how about penny's depressing acting career? hey. i mean, it's been a little tough, but penny's following her dreams, and in my book, that is not depressing. aw. thank you. is that book called lies i tell to get sex? is that a real book?


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