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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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route 44 into 71 north on a nine minute ride between route eight and route for 22. wayne and kristi pack to you. >> topping our headlines jim brown is speaking out anothert former players and trusted accused embezzling money with sure can't now is stacy frya who's life outside the federal courthousese jim brown spoke only to fox 8 newsbr reacting to the word that reggie rocker is facing federal charges for investing thousand and how -- embezzling thousands of dollarsg
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out. the two parted ways last march after he learned of records gambling problem federalde prosecutors a former browns wide receiver use the bank account as his personal atm taking $150,000 he's charged with mail fraud and lying to the fbi and i've been doing it all my life. it's very disappointing to realize that reggie tears have this he we get e congratulations you been awarded this grant. he was for that to the casino
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i'm good for them money.e >> we are unable to reach him local churches building and outdoor has some of the area isea at their safety.
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shooting range and the trusteest say they cannot object that we can only two with a permit us to do and they do not permit us to they would not a building permit.t. and it is parted part residential development. this is a chippewa they propose rain should be. and this is the chairr if theyhe got out with him.
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before pressma it isn't going to be an annoyance and i've certainly listen to it.d i wouldn't be too they've nethers fox 8 news. safety is their biggest concern asgg they wouldn't do anything i could harm people in the community
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legendary sting to starcher legendary sting to starcher legendary sting to start your morning. let's look at. scott sabol.
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what we earlier this week our forecast today might see a
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we will be right back.
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good at morning. welcome back.
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here still down without water main break in euclid.l east avenue without water main break let's look at 77 and you can see the pavement yesterday we drove down therec 71 and for 80 looks good here in cleveland i'm here to argue the rest of the morning. let's check it out a whole bunch of different picturesmo posted these were in the deep south you can check all these up at
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for all the picturesque snow photos it's one and massillon and a few more out in the snowballll here are the snow totalse at hopkins and bowtied at two. we're still seeing some snow on writer associated with this system we had yesterday couple of flurry let's not an active and heavier snow pushing to lake in geauga county this is going to be short lived in this is the current as the winds shift
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eastlake out to willoughby in pain so cuyahoga falls at 27 in the same and online. the wentzel shift income out of thesh southwest we should be close to 50 onset it's the only element we need to keep an eye on this the timing on thee showers but that warm frontrm chances are in the morning ahead of the southwestward we will see a couple of rain showersehe the amounts of these less than a
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the probability basically what does that mean we see of panhandle wet snow chances are that month and more than likely we willll still obviously too early to tell very active weather patternio the official school closing station. a break. we've all seen people as an exit ramp asking for money or food. instead of. resting a panhandle are they decided to do something
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touching storyy brings to see the panhandlers during the day i nearly home from work but withn home was standing there at 1:00 a.m. cleveland police decided to get enough cash -- you know pit they know we come k back out there are not a lot of places to get groceries.oc fortunately they have a great partnership with a grocery that focal. then i was so thankful. allan i could do was think god those officerswa for so nice. >> they've learned that -- is so she decided to share herha
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saidst one, two, 38 and say her madhouse will help anybody.yb especially cleveland police could face so they have someone who's very you can call first is somebody is indicted they have emergency contacts with a number of shelters and organizations who can help out. informationns on how to helpo support their herman house go to our website. of frozen floodgate in a massachusetts community is turning back community into his scene from frozen. an automated gate cuts tackle put the weekends. high tide to fled to town. have a during the coldest week it appears c to the water pricklyte throws we can streets andre sidewalks quoted thick ice whoho are stuck in place that eyes the gates has since been closed colorado interstate remainste
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a canyon it happened last night and damaged a truck but no oneo was hurt 24-mile stretch is now closed in detours in places but the shortest when adding 140 miles around the backside area crews hope to open up an open i 70 later this afternoon. weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead academy award time. how thisusus closings-shoot us will pay the coldest days he asked if there is being done lies.s. see how he will perform alive
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uplifting. and sunday's return of the walking dead was an intense one for fans how t it led to a police
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here's a look at traffic and i area. patty harkin will be back with a
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welcome back shoes deciding which you do seven they cross paths.ic when she saw glenn williams hand panhandling in the bitter cold she recognized him if he's been homeless for years. sophia took him to dinner and she got him a hotel for the night. she also started a go find me page for when she close long-term care. it's up to $12,000.lo williams says he is simply
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that's the news at 5:00 a.m. the news at 6:00 a.m. begins right now. >> welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. today is wednesday, february 2017 -- what february 17, 2016. my name is wayne big difference from yesterday but it was snowing. it takes a bit clear outside precipitationea is concerned. that man the myth the fox 8 legend to be.n good at morning everybody. the cold front is now moving


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