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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you shaker heights tax records they say records show soon as
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taking money out of bank accounts using it on shopping spreeses, casinos and gambling debts debts, the most trade was jim brown, founder of american spoke exclusively with fox 8. >> credibility is everything in this typedi of of work i've been was very disappointing . two realize that he had this problem. >> there will be big changes in the management and oversight of charities including a regular audit of the financial recordsgu. tracking a push for justice after a a attack on a dog, it
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lot as peggy gallek has the details. >> they saw a 24-year-old man beat the the dawg pound dog is in foster care inda the man is facing a charge, andt the labrador mastiff mix was turned over toto animal rescue friday evening, they report that saw the 24-year-old legal right abusing a dog while i think on a petsmart and cuyahoga falls,t it was he was issued a summons for animal cruelty, he pled not guiltyty and the six -month-old puppy was examined and appeared to be okay but will remain in foster care. t >> is in foster care is in the home, he does get all the comforts of a warm bed ando medical care so if he needs vaccines as needed . we will check to make sure that everything is healing along as needed. >> unable to reach him he is due
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ikea has scrapped plans plans to build on thisa stores here here in northeast ohio as lorrie taylor joins us.e >> it would've been great for the local economy to have the store located nearby, and not everybody was born in their argument was hard to ignore. >> iq is looking at the feasibility of building a warehouse sized store on a>lo 23- acre plot of land behind behind the plain dealer building your eye for aidingd in and is the home of about 15 acres of wetlands, and a local group asking the army corps of engineers to deny the permit to
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furniture store says that they were informed that they will be able to move forward with any plans for the site because of environmental concerns. s >> ikea is now turning its attentionon to columbus where it has announced plans to break groundlu this spring, the newest ikea store andew expects to open sometime in summer ofe 2017 .. >> now we have to drive to ikea. >> would've been so great for the local economy,, jobs the jobs , the revenue, and the whole 9 yards, but we have just want environment that we must protect and it just was not the right location .j just to bad they cannot have found another location.. a lot of people may dream about
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large piece of land. >> that bigger is not necessarily better, you can live
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pitchers and catchers report to goodyear arizona today and that can make you smile .. >> tomorrow, it's going to look even nicer as the sung makes an appearance . choose it >> going to be lots of sunshine .. friday and saturday are going to be some pretty good days we have these sheets of ice on lake eried . today about 65 percent ice coverage, scott sabol and
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this graphic this morning . look at the past five years . a couple years ago we had 6 inches of snowfall at this point and were not we're not even close to thatt at this point and we will be adding much in fact going to be melted away some some of snowfall, currently upper 20s because of the wind from from the north it feels like it's in the low 20s .i go southwest and 50-degree st. louis and then kansas city with 61 degrees . looking at some snow showers you can see a burst a burst along onto 71 and 90 and two . also along for 22 there could be a coating or two . medina county has flourished all across the board, and from akron to north
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occurring . the broader scope shows snow showers a little heavier off northern lake erie in northern ontario looking at weak front south allow for gradual clearing tonighte and some sunshine by this time tomorrow . high pressure takes over with sunshine tomorrowow with a beautiful sunset that i warm frontl pushing north thursday into friday put us into the warm sector because of the proximity of this will bring a potential shower, but a very slim chance
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night . tomorrow low 30s, still below normal but we will will go with above normal on friday and saturday . will be about 10 degrees above normal and arrange snowmen sunday night and a few leftover showers on monday . tuesday wednesday mid 30s and some snow possible the end of next weekt . fox 8 the official school
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>> it is a game that is more than a century old, andt it may be ready to leap into the 21st century,le big change coming to monopoly switchfootbi
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computers to store our data is then came the floppy disk and then the flash drive,k versus southampton have created a crystal that can be used to store information,ha the laser engraved data onto quartz glass disk using nanostructures,q it is called 5-d because 5-d because
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length withd orientation and position, and each holds up to 30 city tour bytes of data which is equal to more than 22,000 iphones . >> and technology on a small sm scale in the uk to a giant project in china as their building the worlds largest radio telescope, massive fish with a diameter of 1600 feet is more than a quarter mile,60 for 600 panels panels reflect and d focus radio waves allowing regulators allowing them to detect radio signalsll tens of billions of light-years away the project is so huge the country y is moving 9,000 residents out of the area and be paid about $800 each. another big project completed in california but does not involve technology involves toys, thousands of legos legos, an
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gardena of legos, 27 structures in the palos verdes botanical gardens . it will also have interactive hands-on activities for the kids.o >> it is all major theme sculptures, by the artist based out of new york i think it is a great way to introduce to make sure w to bring imagination to life. >> have a million different lego bricks and d 15 different areas all throughout the 87 acres at the gardens. >> theme sculptures are part of a national touring exhibit. >> civil nuclear monopoly you can still collect $200 but will not be in cash, hasbro is eliminating cash, you do not have to keep track of those bills, there is no need for one player to be the banker, all of
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will be electronically .a each gets a atm card to buy property or to pay rent, it also has updated, chance cards with life events such as market crashes and rate fluctuations the monopoly goes on sale this fall for about $25. >> a video game companies looking to the past to boost businessg, coleco has just unveiled its communion gaming console, and they have some new controllers but it is like the old game, you can relive classic intellivision and colecovision games like frog bog by another company right now the company has started a kickstarter campaignyyig for a pledge of $135 you get the console controllers and cables to hook it up to your tv theater then he he raised
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editing the code you can expect more games in the future that will be sold in tc w cartridges just like in the 19 80's . it probably stayed up 24 hours straight playing those .c6=() ,
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just a few more blips on the radar to worryst about my and, and later this week, melissa mack is
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no big building storms and no seriousld cooldowns, a few snowflakes this evening, keep it pretty simple . a lot of times you don't want to hear the forecastdo but that is not the caseut in this instance over the next week .th looking at the ice of lake erie,th there is more that we have seen all winter . send your photos to us at fox . use them on the newscast possibly on fox 8 . these are not a major issue just a few areas of light to moderate snowfall onm 322 and 4022 and geauga county and southern lake county, medina
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youso snow showers . these will come to a halt before midnight after that talk aboute gradual clearing . because of the wind you still need your winter coat . rear about midweek, hump day and there are no major snowstorms, the commute today was easy peasy . will be a cold start to the thursday . " they way above normal started on friday.
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fired two employees and demoted another employee after the water issues in sebring. >> they say that an an employee employee and their central office responsible for sending the lab results failed to ensure the data was provided to the field officen tre to help them conduct a review of the employee supervisor was fired in addition the manager and theso office was demotede for not elevating the sebring issue 2 management. >> the browns, made a major announcement today that involves honoring the pro football hall of fame running back. >> this is long overdue. >> you go to first energy stadium this season walked past browns hall of famer jim brown announcing they will build a statue outside of the stadium,
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over 12,000 yards rushing overin 5 yards per carry and he retired in 1965, earning nine pro bowl honors, three associated press mvp and led the browns to the postseason four times and ae 64 world title, the browns have commissionedt david deming to create the statute which will be at the southeast corner of the stadium, and will be unveiled this upcoming season . the alumni weekend.ea >> jim brown says, it's almost need to be honored in this manner, thank you for the respect and your your investment in cleveland is unparalleled, to the fans, i guess i'll always be with you, thank you. >> reached out to jim brown he is celebrating hise 80th birthday, but he he says they're
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opportunity to recognize other prominent contributorseyey. >> jim brown statue will be there this upcoming season switchfootjiil tiny homes all are all the buzz in urban neighborhoods , and now a couple or a built in cleveland .l >> british joins us with more on this new project.oi >> they're building to tiny tiny houses in the detroit shoreway neighborhood near the intersection of west 58th and pear avenue in cleveland. >> there are tiny amount 580 square feet, a the typical home is around 2600 square feet each will have have a bedroom, bathroom kitchen and living roomh they are eco- friendly and energy efficient they say that they are part of an experiment to see ife there is a demand for n the style of housing in
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>> i think that the market is going to be very broad it's going to appeal to any age segment it is a little first-floor design so you can grow old in the home and at the same time we also think it's going to be appealing to the younger audience because of the portability aspect. >> they go up for sale this summer likely likely cost of between 125 and one and $50,000 thursday meeting tonight for anybody interested to learn more about them, and have more information at fox is amazing what they can fit into these tiny homes.. >> if you try to get rid of a larger space this is an option. >> election season beginning today cannot cast early ballots
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you can vote early at the board of elections or you can also mail in absentee ballots,o ohio's top election official john husted, stop by fox 8 to remind us that when it comes to presidential election years ohio is the heart of it all.p >> the need to know that they haveve nearly one month ago if they can'tth request absentee ballot to vote at home, they can vote early't at the board of elections or they have 13 hours of election day on march 15. >> if you or are an independent voter you can't request and issues only ballot, for more information on early voting disco to fox >> . she was getting a ticket but instead she says that they saved her seder family from starving, suzanne stratford has the story and the special messageto for those caring officers.
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>> early tuesday,. >> two daughters, ages nine and 11 were so hungry that she could no longer wait to find foodu unable to pay after paying bills . >> bubblejet goes to the to the rent, gas lights and phonet and don't have any money left. >> she walked to east 152nd street at the i-90 offering to panhandle, and somebody stopped, a cleveland police patrol car. >> but that they're going to get a ticket, and said that you're not supposed to adhere asking for money but they said that we will help you . >> there aren't a lot of places you can turn> to at that time in the time of the morning to get groceries that there is won and they were quick to open their doors..t >> a one-way ticket to heaven one-way ticket to heaven come
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to >> focus north america, saying her house across town of franklin avenue a nonprofit. >> that in the question of it being three morning, he he says i gotchahe. >> they donate enough to last a few days and thenhe they delivered the food deliver the food to beverly and her girls.dd >> we took a picture with her at her house. >> also thankful i could do was thank god that those officers were so nice.l >> she learned that the police have helped many of her friends. >> which is why she shares her story, at a time when some cops have received negative attention she wants people to remember although the good officers out there..le >> and they came,, and thank you officers, thank you, bless you. >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news.
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concealed handguns on campus, the school president proved un the measure prompted by state law, last, year texas state legislature voted to force publice universities to allow license holders to bring the guns on campus . they are permitted to carry a concealed weapon in classrooms, the guns are still banned in dormitories. >> pope francis minces final vince's final day in mexico city oncem considered the murder capital of the world,c holding a mass today, just over the border fromr the us, he also visited a prison just days after a riot killed 49 inmates, he is urgingaf mexican prisoners to look to the future and believe that our lives can change rather than dwell ont that got them incarcerated. >> republican presidential hopeful to get a big endorsement here's lou maglioa. >> this could be significant
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primaryic governor nikki haley expected to announce this evening that she is endorsing marco rubio.. >> governor haley the third influential south carolina republican to endorse him after center tim scott and trey gowdy, the latest poll shows marco rubio third after donald trump in ted cruz, the endorsement could help theh candidate who is facing attacks from another residential hopefuls including ted cruz and jeb bush .r the announcement expected at 6:00 p.m. tonightht she is expected to be on the campaign trail with marco rubio through
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thing they want to get your car washed .. looking at the a lot of clouds . looking west, there will be some bright spots, that will be occurring . big sweet take a closer look at the 8 -day forecast curling upper 20s it does feel like it
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you have a few flurries, medina-wayne and stark county . also lake anna much of geauga countyty . show you a few flurries make their way outside of the areahe before midnight, high pressure pushes south allows the skies to clear out overnight and tomorrow, it might be a bit below normalmi with a warmfront moving in thursday . and then enter that warm sector, the warmer friday and for the weekend with above normal temperatures, tonight between 10 and 15 degrees . a cold start tomorrow but then you're going they're going to be beating your
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tomorrow, low 30s,ls and sunshine on friday and saturday near 50 . on friday a slim chance of a shower . on sunday and monday, sunday late a rain shower with temperatures into the 30s tuesday wednesday it looks quiet , next thursday could be be some snow in the forecaste and cooler temperatures . notice that i am here by myself, we had to glance gabe spiegel leave early today because today is random acts of kindness day
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5:00 p.m. he will perform some 5 random acts of kindness,r he will be serving up generosity soh don't miss them being kind today at five . >> cat would break cavity break is cat would break us into the overhead of his pitchers and catchers in arizona for the tribe asasn j.t. has the latest from the newsroom. >> the cavaliers return to the court on thursday amidst lots of rumors surrounding nbath trade deadline, and the indians are getting to go back to work ., cavaliers return to the practice court today preparing for the first came in the second half this season on thursday when the
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there arestc rumors with the names of shumpert in moscow they can moscow they keep coming up but not certain ofe cavaliers will be big players before the players before the deadline or just change it a bit, or just aofla pat it .a indians pitchers and catchers report today to goodyear arizona, josh tomlin, earned a long-term deal if he came back from shoulder surgery he had two complete complete games in five september starts and a three -- when mark and a three . oh era after september impressive he should battle for the fifth spotot in the rotation. >> cavaliers wrapping up their work out and hear from themem tonight at 6:00 p.m.. what you think about any changes with the cavaliers.
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and played the best basketball and that is where they are if they stand pat they have got to concentrate on being a better team than golden state and then the spurs . those are two of the teams they will likely have to worry aboute from the west i think there are the best in the east so the need to fine-tune it and try to be better . i will not be surprised if they did make some small move. >> fox 8 getting ready for the st. jude dream home given name, and they're building the house that could be yours it will be a single level home with a bonus feature on top and partially finished basement, ur 2700 square feet house built by cleveland custom homes valued at half a million >> tickets for the st. jude dream home go on sale tomorrow
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number, you cannot start buyingt tickets until tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.. >> tickets are $100 h. and for your chance to win the drew holm , or a car from nick abraham auto mall, hot tub from lite-house pools and spas and other prizes just go to fox for more info including their phone number.spor manukura west broad village cancer she was determined to do
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welcome back to fox 8 news . not too bad out there, i'm sure 'm away here, we have a great
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.. embedded video of the amusement park is gone viral . it has nearlyo 50,000 hits it was founded in 1887 closed in 2,007 1 of the video creator said that he spenth childhood summers there and sad to see what it has become .a the amusement park portion of it remains up for sale have more on thisar viral video at 6:00 p.m.. >> girl who was part of her leg her leg not let that stop her from becoming a dancer she needs help to achieve that dream, gabbi shull had part of her leg removedp as a cancer, she worked hard to walk again withhe a prosthetic leg she also began dancing again . but then she
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and choose the engineer designed this so she can design and dancing on point she's not sure how this was going is going to work and she immediately practicing.inng >> said that it was going toward better-than-expected.t >> dancing a lot to me . i just want to get back on stage addition to dancing she is sayingin national spokesperson and organization that uses social media to raise money for pediatric cancer research . news for starbucks lover should not realize how muchrb a certain c
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favorite drinksr. >> today is national random acts of kindness kindness day so for the next hour matt wright , al gabe spiegel treats us to
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after a horrific attack on a dog beach like this to happen in a pastoral . as peggy gallek has the latest . >> they say they saw a saw a tutorial man beat a dog is now in foster care the man is facing a charge.aa >> hank is a labrador mastiff mix puppy was turned over to paws and prayersne, animal rescue friday. >> wase taken into our care part of the animal cruelty case at handof keep him off all that decided in court. >> he was issued a summons he pled not guilty and stow municipal court this week . the most part he is okay he has some
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thankfully it is pretty minor. >> went to his atwater home another answer the door we also tried calling and texting but have not received a response. >> he will remain in foster care and. >> he gets all the comforts of a warm bed in foster care and any medical treatment for any vaccines and we will make sure that everything is moving alongll. >> for limo ride is due back in court next month to face the ohio epa fired two employees fire to police and mounted


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