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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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her missingt leading lead to an all-out search she thought that her father had gotten home home and gotten home androstenedione since reported she saw a man carrying a girl who police the police are questioning that a utility crew working on front do not see that. >> the thing that has us right now we do not know where she wash to not know if the mad hatter. >> the fact that we do not know where she was. on nk ud rived sde i > 't thig y orthe sor t an wfond recooperg thlith hareeng n ot yenysuec fi a pink ball that
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the corner from the house.a lawyers for convicted serial killer anthony sowell looking for a neutrality new trial leaves a woman angry. >> she says that she was raped by him before he was arrested in 2,009 says she has tried to get on with her her life in his hospital and has not spoken out until now as roosevelt leftwich has more on the story.a >> chanel, says it was something
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chest has been seven years since it happened and she lives with it everyday and the question was , why did she survive? >> just kept talking to me . a warm day in the spring of 2,009, she says that back then she was addicted to crack and every day trying to find your next highry that's when she was offered drugs and exchanged for sex went to an elevator maintenance room there was no drugs only violence.
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run but i was naked and she hit me hit me until i hit him back, that made him mad enough to the point that he choke me so hard that i wasme foaming at the mouth and i felt found myself passing out of my body dragging against the wall. >> she says that says that demand greaters in that room and continued to abuse or, she says that she escaped after she agreed to go to his place. >> that made him stop and then he cried and then hea was talking ta about how somebody did him wrong .w >> chanel says she talked them into waiting downstairs or she had washing head and then he went away, and she says try to forget what happened until months later when he was arraigned in court on tv that she realizedu who her attacker was. >> tilted my head and tried to get a view andd i remembered his
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up,mbmb when he opened his mouth, i and i was like, he raped me >> she says she feels like there are more women out there who managed to escape him in addition to others who came forward because they were alike are . >> i do not think that it was going to care . because they, she's a crackhead. >> talk about him being granted a new trial is back theta memories and the anger. >> they said on the news that he thought he felt he was not being treated right andhe how can he say that commonw they found a little a 11 bodies on his property and he's, he's not being treated
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. >> lawyer for sowell claim did not receive a fair trial because of mistakes made and how his confession was handled, and she says after she heard this shields by speaking out other women who are still fighting addiction or others who may haveut crossed paths with him will get the help needed, she's been off drugs for years and she says that some days it is hard for her to leave the house. details on the murder of a 19 woman, and her boyfriend accused of shooting her just days after talk of getting married,d the family spoke to peggy gallek who has the story.fa >> they say that 19-year-old
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and was becoming a missionary . her boyfriend pled not guilty to the murder chargepl it happened this week at his north royalton apartment apartment, and his attorneyy attorney told the court it was a tragic accident and they were in a happy relationship . a such a tragic thing vanishing you 35 days in her short life, and he decided to make a decision that only god should makeke it to the life of another human being . she loved her family, and.
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be sent to the cuyahoga county grand jury, sure to thank georgia thank everybody for their prayers and support.nk >> command that investigators believe may be linked to the theft of cars tools and a winnebagogo in at least 12 break-ins is in custody custody as dave nethers got some video of honorable status and joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron. .n this man has been very very busy into pages and potatoes are correct, they believe that this may be the same man who attempted to hit a a tristan prettyman thing stolen car last week after one of those break-ins, that he obtained shows as many as three men breaking intoma campers sending in peninsula last week
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winnebago, they have recovered along withth tools and other storm property believed taken from businesses and construction sites in akron since last week also arrestedon 36-year-old joshua colmar of coventry township they say he ran from a deputy after stealing a caray from a dealership just yesterday the owner of campers sending among those thrill tonight to hear about the arrest.nd >> really grateful it's nice to have it back, i am ecstatic, i actually heard of the officer when she told me that she had, and one-time for the good guys. >> the early morning of the 17 th, this culminated to basically clearing up all of these these break-ins and there could be more, just going through the property to determine where it all came from .thdie >> l'amour work for these
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charges includingng breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, they could eventually include charges related to the alleged hitting of that sheriff's deputy last week with the stolen car and the other other two men in the video. >> cavaliers trailing one of another most popular players . >> and was a major shakeup as john telich looks at the anderson varajeo deal. >> he is immensely popular to the cavaliers fans, would see him on the floor hustling and keeping his teammates lose tonight he loose tonight he finds himself a member of the
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temporarilyhtnd . as part of a three team trade, the cavaliers sent him to the trail blazers and acquired a second round pick from the blazers, he had a contract for ninea plus million dollars about the samepl next to the cavaliers can get out from under the deal they acquired 32 -year-oldal channing frye from orlando, he is known as a a stretch for who can hurt you from beyond the three-point linetr , his contract is for two more seasons but dropped slightly in cost the cavaliers will lower the tax bill by about $10 million, head coach ty lue said as thehe team moves forward they need to secure the number one seed in the east to get
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portland is expected to wave anderson varajeo and cannot cannot rejoin them for one year, that rule was instituted after the cavaliers wave z. a few years back and picked hima right back so there is a rule in place against that, they also said jared cunningham to the magic in that deal andm give love will play tonight versus the chicago
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we have some cloud cover that is high cloud cover and not a productive company warm front that is moving through . . there are a lot of dynamics, the atmosphere in motion . if there was enough moisture, there would be showers . problem is that their just is not a lot of moisture . if you spotty showers in the upper peninsula . as the one front goes through chances
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than just a variable cloud deckck as they move grows larger we are abouts four days from the full-moon .fo this is impressive, the huge warm-up, 10 -- 20 degrees above yesterday that puts them in the 60s, willoughby . started to get a hint hint of the warm-up in cincinnati .nt glad to see a low ofee 29, increasing clouds, watch as we put this into motion, there is the 29 as we go to the morning hours slowly rising to
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will be windy and warmer . there is the warm front and computer models they show a snowflake or two but that is it, the cold front does not have much but it will wash out and then on saturday, partly too mostly sunny, 54 degreesy . it will be cooling off but at least we've got 50 that started to cool off on sunday, 44 and then 30s much of next week . the snow flies, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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for text alertsts at fox >> they make billions of dollars each year making youtube videos might, at 10:00 p.m., youtuber's and's and fortunes made, meet a local mane and one-time, had the most watched video ever on youtube,hh the secrets of internet fame and fortune, and a fox 8 news exclusive,ec u2 millions tonight for fox 8 news at 10:00
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in trending, is there anyny truth to the five-second-rule. >> jason segel is here to explain we see more of that
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>> herself in sports to know how to make money, possiblyn advertisements on nba jerseys ? just like wba and nascar soccer the lakers were one of the few teamser that raised a stink about the ideat that a recent owners meeting . the idea is allowed of next next year to sell one corporate logo in the upper left chest, the teams would keep half the revenue the other half into a revenue-sharing path, crazy amounts of money, going back to the players and the team's comment, does this make you
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does it matter to you. >> i don't care >> just down the road in columbus ohio colleges pretty normal look at the crew jersey . they should not need to have major logos all over the place, this does not bother me . are nascar fans really bothered ? i think that we get used to it, but where does it stopu? >> think i am more concerned about the ticket prices
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>> packets usa, they took the logos off of the drugs.h at what stage do we stop with the stuff, but i guess it doesn'tes really bother me all that >> but she went home enjoying. >> were my favorites. >> , here is an almond joy, is the five-second-rule legit ? scientists say, go ahead, according to the discovery sciencesc, they say that as long as the long as the said that as long as the service a try then you're pretty good but when the surface is wet, oo moist foods left longer than 30 seconds collect 10 times the bacteria than those that are picked up after just a few secondsth considering e. coli
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environments . water helps them to grow faster, if you spill food onto carpets or rugs then you have less surface area to transmit germs. just so you know that, i don't like coconut. >> safety in cyberspace, see what parents can do to make sure that their children do not fall
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involving drivers going the wrong way. >> -- joins us with more on the story.. >> the plan calls for the use of
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on the highway the direction. its history back a few years ago , there was a horrific scene about two missiles, and each other about 60 miles per hour the outcome is not goodo. >> he's been think about the solution about wrong way drivers he went public after a mant who wrong way on port 480 sunday in brooklyn crashed head-onon, 12 -year-old kayla coates was killed the other driver survived calls for the installation of stuff spikes on ramps cars in the right direction with
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would be shreddedth. >> it will eliminate one of the worst hazards on the highway of a wrong way driverlh you don't have much time to react it would flatten the entire if they mated to the freeway they would do about 10 mph. >> hopes lawmakers face a look at the plan there are some challenges including the costst but she says if this is just one life it would be worth it. >> it's hard to keep up with the new lingo find out what the kids listen listen to in my games are popularen. >> a new website for parents hosted help with that brittany harris joins us this is a great
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how can you keep up and keep up canada's ever-changing menu can with careful created by john michael. >> careful resource that parents could share what they know and to educate themselves on things that they did not know about the broad range of categories because of the new segment about that trial in wisconsin.ri >> the case refers to a pair of older girls grosser stempler friend toto please a fictional character, he says he was disturbed by that and decided that something had to be done.t >> our website is completely free to
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you contributes anything that you may know, we can havea postings to the the site and you can comment and then we have a forum section. >> you can see that they talk about talk about thing anything from youtube challenges to slang words even a categoryry that focuses on drugs. >> you have to learn everything that i know you had to be> taken up and be sure that they don't do something dangerous. >> his two daughters and says he has not heard of>> careful but will check it out factl you have to know what your kids are doing. >> i think it's a good idea to keep informed on what's going on the clockii to learn more about careful just go to fox, anybody is welcome to use the website is a great resource for teachers and
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look at the snow cover and high pressure last night, cutting off g the land and stripping off the clouds it is likein removing a blanket in the middle of the nightt losing the heat very quickly and that's what the atmosphere did last night, withoutater combination, radiational
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stations of overnight lows, they only want officially below zero was ashtabula, minus five, lorain and cleveland, into the single digits in wooster, one digit, in some areas got down to below zero . that 9-degree temperature was the 11th time we have been in single digits in the coldest for the entire season so far . polis was 1 degree on valentine's day, some clouds and cedar point and a modest temperature increase with even more tomorrow today a high of 32 degrees with increasing clouds tonight . we will have
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. tomorrow, 50 degrees and prevent another batch of colder air early next week . will be back in the 30s still watching g a coastal storm that looks like it will stay away on thursday and friday, we still need to monitor that, just in case to stay up on the latest so going to have at warm weekend with lots
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>> we sold out nearly 19,000 tickets in the st jude dream home giveaway. >> someone has a chance to win a new house, car and hot tub as todd meany has a recap of the amazing morning. >> it was another historic day day for fox 8 and the st jude children's research hospital. >> and that's not how it is here at the st. jude dream home giveaway, er we are happy to be part of this once again, and 18,888 tickets are up for sale to when that dream home8 at the red tail golf course community valued at over $500,000, and it did not take long before thousands of tickets were sold.. >> in only 40 minutes we were more than halfway to our goal .
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in the past four years, helped to raise nearly $6 million for st jude located in memphis tennessee, patients and families don't have to pay for anything during this day because of donations made by you,. >> our partners also know how important st jude is, chris curcio of lite-house pools and spa, recently visited the hospital, what are the reasonscu his company donated a hot tub to a lucky viewerot. >> is a great charity, and 90 minutes or so to raise that kind of money to support that charity .t >> michelle sahr tour tort of nick abraham auto mall is amazedd
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northeast ohio has done to help. >> volunteers at panera bread phonebank with nonstop for 90 minutes until the last ticket was purchased. >> sold out, thank you, thank you sweethearto this is what it is all about because if you are able to get a ticket you can soon can soon touring the dream home fell by cleveland custom homes for a chance to win $10,000 from fish furniture, go to our sponsors and you, without that cannot have made could not have made this sell-a-thon a record-breaking success. >> it is so special means more lives saved her money for research, that means no family
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this is just so huge. >> todd meany fox 8 news. >> touring the dream home beginning in late mayay two the drive for the dream home and the other pricess taking place on june june 203, a few questions about your ticket, or you can still support saint jude, we have compiled a list of all the answers that fox 8.comm.
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according to a in the suit he claims that while violated a settlement when shewh worked with the county district attorney is investigating a rape allegation, hedi wants back the more than $7,000 she paid in the settlement, lawyers from the other side would comment. >> epa says the latest water sample showed that removal filters are working for homes with high lead levels in flint michigan, they say continue to recommend residents use the filters, however bottled water is still recommended fornto ev breast-feeding women and kids under six. >> obama not to do something that no president has done in 90 years to make a trip to cuba, the president and first lady travel to cuba on march 21 and 22,ha formally reopen ties with
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restrictions have eased. >> australia dog trainer is catching the next next wave in amazing patrick's,n the trainer, a former surfing champion champion, began surfing with his dogs about 10 years ago . he he uses surfing to teach other dog owners how to build better relationships with their pets.cog >> harlem globetrotters fire i shows off his skills at the staples center in los angeles, scooter attempting one of the most difficult trick shots ever attempted, 100 feet off the roof of the staples center . room service anyone ? airport
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otis redding's career was cut short but his impact is still going strong, he was inducted into the rock hall inductee 89, and all month long, we celebrate
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history.h >> la's newest room service attendant is getting quite a bit >> the hotel that he wear fur says that some guess order room service service just to meet him because he is a robot the 3-foot tallll robot makes deliveries if you want a sandwich, watere or anything at your residence inn marriott lax, he will be sent, the front front desk program front desk program sam lufti november, four and message, and since he cannot talk he is programmed to make a phone call when he gets to the roomfns. >> your delivery has arrived, wally is waiting outside your door to be picked up. >> i love it was like being a star wars, it was like r2-d2 coming to the door.
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wally, he can even make a starbucks run, right now this residence inn marriott lax is the only hotel using a robot to make deliveries. >> here's andre with another look at the forecast. >> is going to get warmer tomorrow, i would like to stop by anytime, taking a look at the warm front, coming through tonight with little more than justhr increase of clouds, then we will be posting . tonight 29 degrees than temperatures wille be slowly rising event in position to hit 50 tomorrow with terribly cloudy skiesmo, should be a nice day with lots of snowbelt .
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the year at the grammysor but last night the lord that she got was so cheeky
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by people considered taylor swift grammy speech and indirect slam to kanye west must i she received a award from england england that some of the same feelingsfr to click thank you
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artist got the award in the mail . i got to be honest, when you first open up the box,yo it feels just a little aggressive venue to use to it and put it on the shelf and i kind of like it . to say that at first, first impressions impressions are a impressions are a little weird but understand that this is like a strange complement, thank you so much for the awarde . >> she won the grammy for album of the year, the mondaymy said to say that the design is not as memorable as the mom that she received. >> appreciate your time,, the news at 6 begins no. >> to look real for the grail bug or not, a round of bogus parking tickets on peoples cars
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sneaky citations. >> police chase protocols, the the iq uncovers a new push to control police chases other streets. >> the cavaliers trade away any clue staple,, the, the bls alum of the most popular players mystery deepens and investigation intom the ring toddler's disappearance. >> a good samaritan found the girl a mile from home investigators now called this casese suspicious and question how she got there, as matt wright is heatome where arewhat else l prul t lama er back investrs have qun was fohtst the police police say that she
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minutes before found.e >> dash-cam video shows mom a lowther alive and well come to europe found found alone on the henley street . >> i got closer i saw her in the snow, i just picture up and knew that was what everybody was looking for. >> the search began about 9:00 o'clock and her mother reported her missing from their home where nothing about pajamas . >> the police combed the neighborhood, searchingng by air and ground investigators now say that someone may have had the girl whole time. >> she was found at this intersection about a mile away from her homehut the police say that based on her condition, it it is unlikely that she was in the
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>> i think a possibility that prior to her being found that somebody put her there.ei >> her chair and sister reported seeing a man grabbing her and running awayr in a utility crew affronted not. >> police are still investigating how she got outside, the family has been cooperative as the police gather more evidences and try to identify a suspect . >> we don't know where she was, we don't know somebody had her we justdo don't know and that is the chill in fact. >> they are grateful for the outpouring that help to find her . >> nothing more than a mile ld that iveick fogog hech so


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