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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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every possibility as is the trying
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little girl out of her home, how she remained missing for about four hours and was discovered about a mile away from her home. the girls family, this community is relieved that she was found unharmed but lorraine please are so to sort out this mystery. >> it is weird thing because you have a girl that is missing all these hours. they searched on randall street from four hours to tell a man on her safe about a mile away.
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girl. >> i can't closer it i saw her staggering and falling on her hands and knees in the snow, i just got out of my car and picked her up and immediately knew that is who everyone was looking for. is a possibility to prayer to anyone finding her that somebody put her there. police called the girl's disappearance suspicious. they set a relatively good condition she was found in is not consistent with a two -year-old walking in the snow in below freezing temperatures for hours. if she was out all those hours, if it doesn't make any sense. this is crazy. people who live in the neighborhood say the thought that someone may have snatched a little girl makes them an easy. >> i have a grandson was four years old. it is very. >> doesn't make you a little nervous. >> that somebody might be lurking. >> you just don't know. that is a chilling act in our minds that we don't know where
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according to the 911 call the girls ten euros sister told her mother that she saw lana go outside and she also said she saw a man grabbed her sister by the arm and walk away, although police at that there was a utility crew working nearby and they did not see a man near the child and police also say that there were no footprints in the snow to match that. this is a big mystery of where lana was from his four hours and who she may have been with. >> investigation continues. little girl is safe tonight. thank you. here and early dismissal eating -- leading to panic in the metro school district. there was so much confusion that somehow little girl left school with another peer without her mother's knowledge or permission pick melissa reid is here to explain mess. a lot of confusion and pain appearance four sure. this school is for girls great k k-8.
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pick you can jerk off its is the 20 when there were never informed of this and and all of the confucian a little girl but through with another peer and her mom didn't know. >> the got home call from my friend saying that i have your daughter. >> she said she thought her seven -year-old daughter was still in school at about warner girls leadership academy in cleveland. >> the first thing that went through my head was what if it was somebody that i knew. it could've been anyone who grabbed my daughter. they did not ask me who i was not ask or did she know me. they just said, ok clinic grant your hand and we all left and they were like goodbye. lesch sean does that she found out from a friend that the school dismissed thursday at 12: 12:15 did you. teacher conferences, so she brushed to pick up her daughter. usually you will get a letter
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and it tells you when they are dismissed and we didn't receive anything this time. i actually felt like something was wrong because my mom wasn't here and it was really late. the cleveland the bolton school district confirmed at least 20 children had to wait in the office as staff called parents and caregivers to come and pick them up. however, the district says the calendar was hand delivered to families months in advance. >> you could have sent out papers for periods no one all of these kids are sitting in the office. according to the district they sent home a calendar to place to all warmer periods in the past two months. they say that calendar indicated an early dismissal as well as the date four. teacher conferences. in addition they say that the teachers may personalize stokols to each of those periods telling them the time of the conference conference. dweller confused these mothers are more concerned appeared how did this school allow this
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another parent without her mother's knowledge or permission permission. the district says they are investigating to determine what happened. thank you, jesus. thank you, jesus, my baby is okay. that is not enough because what if it happens again. the district maintains their third appearance on this early dismissal and parent-teacher conferences through voicemail, e-mail, and even text messages for those parents who opted into which by the way, but those penn said that he opted in all of those situations. >> you never release a child to apparently don't know and you are not aware of, not your own child. >> which is why the school district is now investigating. the mother that she was getting something nice but should never have left the door in the first place. >> we are learning more about the shooting death of a 19 -year-old north royalton mom and picked their boyfriend face a judge on marker charges. the victim's mother was in court
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not guilty. bill is schaffer said her daughter loved and free one and was planning to become a missionary. her attorney told the court that the shooting was just a tragic accident and that the two had planned to marry. relatives don't believe his story and say the couple is just a mass. >> he was walking around a picture on his phone off a bring he might by crystal on valentine's day, which was two days before he killed her. >> that baby girl was born with a smile on her face peered she never heard her say one bad word about anybody. i never heard her say a curse word. never ugly. there's nothing ugly. life is beautiful to her. >> think judge set on the $600,000 on the case now heads to a grand jury. >> he's a conflicted serial killer taking his appeal to the ohio supreme court. now.plymouth anthony sowell is speaking out about her ordeal. we have more with the story. why she choosing to talk about
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spec she said she's motivated because so wells lawyer are pushing for a new trial. the east clayton lawrence at hearing about that makes her sad and very angry. chanel remembers one day in the summer of 2008 she was addicted to crack hanging out and try to find her next high. that is not a man came up and offered her drugs in exchange for 6. she agreed that the man did not provide any drugs he'd be dirt and raped her and she finally managed to escape. now nearly eight years later she still gets sick thinking about that day. >> my thing was, you know, get up and run. so he's hit me. so when i hit him back, that made him mad enough to the point where he took me by my neck and he choked me so hard that i was filming at the mouth and i felt
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dragging down against the wall. >> chanel tells us she didn't realize were tackle really wasn't until months later when she saw his arraignment on tv. she heard claim he wasn't treated break and she couldn't stop thinking about the 11 woman he killed. she's been on drugs for years snippets of what happened to her makes it hard sometimes, bill, even to leave the house. >> she is so while space and his eyes especially now. agony can terrify. >> she captured our hearts last year tonight there's good news for the daughter of former indians utilityman did you may remember five -year-old adriano was diagnosed with leukemia. members of the indians shake their heads in solidarity with her and she even test the ceremonial first pitch back in august picked today he announced his daughter is cancer free. the tribes skipper described his reaction. >> i think i actually cried a
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getting old. i don't know. it hit me hard but good. i was really thrilled. a drowning is now covering recovering from a december bone marrow transplant. in case you're wondering, he signed with the detroit tigers in the off-season. that is wonderful news. looks can be deceiving. >> just ask the cleveland drivers who buys phony parking tickets. the company is exposed behind them. drugstore cowboy, a would-be didn't have into i train fire when he held at the pharmacy. >> my sister was sitting at a computer watching the counts jump up and it went from 90 to about 580,000 and that today's. he created one of youtube's most popular videos pick now he shares his chance to help you make some serious money by going viral peer to warm up on the way way. andre has a first look at that
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>> what's the summer without a visit from the dave matthews band. the group is returning to blast monday thursday, may 21. we want to send you their so coming up an opportunity to win a pair of tickets for the show before you can buy them. stay tuned for your chance to
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they're going to start with radar today. they had clouds on the increase. beautiful blue sky this morning and then the clouds started
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little bit. does it mean anything. as far as the radar goes, not much. we see that there is a pattern their. and the warm front will be heading and and that in actuality is good news because of their behind it. they are way up in the peninsula of michigan pick most of the moisture is well north of the dynamics that are coming through peter just does not have any moisture to squeeze here. what we will get into some of this milder air. temperature starting off in the teens and we ended up single digits officially this morning. 9 degrees was below and ended up with 32 peer just a slight dip down and we are going to see actually temperatures begin to rise tonight.
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we have southwest winds, southeast winds starting to pick up eventually southwest peer 28 to start and those temperatures will slow the ride. the clouds will increase but no rain or snow. meant for a variable clouds and sun and a high of 51. to be stopped their? no. just wait until saturday. i think you're going to like saturday's forecast even better. >> we like saturday any way. warmer temperatures even better. to call it a plot would be an understatement. this corporate says it all. how local girls basketball team managed to beat an opponent. plus throwing up that never felt so good inside of business that offers so-called tantrum therapy therapy. later on in sports the browns
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ohio governor john kasich got his time in the south carolina spotlight tonight. the governor was the first of three republican presidential candidates to appear on a cnn town hall meeting tonight pretty is coming off a strong second-place finish in new hampshire. most polls show him running in the fifth spot in south carolina carolina. tonight he repeated his moderate message to anderson cooper. >> let's get the economy going and rebuilding.
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we can deal with wages and balance the budget and fix social security and the regulations. i also believe the country works best when it is strong from the bottom up, not the top-down. he also expressed frustration with the fast pace of the campaign sing sometimes you have to slow down and listen to people in need. donald trump is picked a new opponent, pope francis. it started early say when the pope pope said that anyone who wants to build up ball on the us border is a christian. the comments come as france's return home politics mexico. trump fired back saying it is disgraceful for a religious leader to question a person persian space pretty also called the remarks unfortunate. check this up and frightening scene and why. look at the video pretty shows a tour helicopter crashing into the water peer to happen around 20 feet off the shore in pearl harbor. the 16 or a passenger in
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others are listed in stable condition. the nape he has suspended visit to that uss arizona memorial for the time being picketing to the bottom of a crime spree. the getting away with the brand-new winnebago and that is just the beginning. how police tracked down a suspect. a school apologizing for a major e-mail mistake at the forecast report that pokes fun at children's hurt feelings. they are a summertime staple whose show sells out minute spirit coming up another chance for you to win a pair of tickets
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it was another historic day for st. jude's children's research hospital. >> three, too, one. hang up the phone and that will hopefully start ringing. that is how goes right here for the saint jude dream home giveaway. we been doing this four many
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once again. 18,888 tickets are up for sale to win the dream home at the red tell golf course community valued at over $500,000 built by cleveland custom homes. >> it didn't take long for thousands of tickets were sold. and only 40 minutes we were more than halfway to our goal. your generosity made it happen. in the past four years you've helped raise nearly six main dollars for saint jude children's research hospital. located in memphis, tennessee, patients and family stone have to pay for anything during their stay because of donations made by you pick patients like -- who spent almost five years being treated at saint jude spit spit. >> i was telling my grandson we need him to come to dc fans sought that he can inspire other people. >> are partners also know how important st. jude's is. one of the reasons he and his company donated a hot tub to a
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>> it's great charity. it's such a great experience to be part of it. in 90 minutes or so, to raise that kind of money to support that charity. >> michelle of nick abraham automall is amazed at what st. st. jude's is been able to do and what northeast ohio has continuously done to help out. >> and so happy. the excitement in the air is amazing and i've never seen anything like this before. the people of cleveland are wonderful. >> volunteers at the purebred bone bank but nonstop for an hour and a half until the last ticket was purchased. >> are we sold out. >> sold out, folks. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. this is what it is all about right here. what do you want to say. >> i want to say thank you to everybody. if you weren't able to get a ticket, soon you'll be up to toward the dream home built by cleveland custom's homes for
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furniture print credit tour sponsored sports and chew and he is for your generosity. we couldn't have made this dream home ticket the record-breaking success it has been. it is so special. means more lives saved in more money for research and this is just so huge for us. >> todd meaney, fox 8 news. >> we can't thank you enough. the drawings of the dream home and all the other prices will take place on june 23. if you have questions but a ticket or how you can still support st. jude's, had to and click seen on tv. >> very cool. this a lopsided victories and then there is this one. tonight a local girls basketball coach explains how his team managed to claim victory by more than 100 points. making millions by broadcasting on youtube. could this happen to you.
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don't be fooled. the eye team exposes the fake parking ticket targeting unsuspecting drivers. most their possessions talk about the sledgehammer. baseball bat. any business that's giving people a chance to blow steam. andre will let us know what to expect in the upcoming warm up and how long it stick around to the news at ten continues. >> cleveland's own fox 8 news. parking tickets popping up on windshields in the university circle area was to penalties for those who fail to pay. they look official put the eye team found there anything but.
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that are falling some drivers in cleveland. the shops and restaurants in cleveland's uptown neighborhood drove visitors from all over northeast ohio. those who can't find parking along euclid avenue can find plenty of spaces behind conference francis public parking over the gated entry way way. i think people may come and think they don't have to pay. by the mice from lyndhurst fantasies get the wrong impression about what is required of visitors to a lot. operated by sp plus. not only are the gates wide-open wide-open, there is a sign saying the first hour is free. built money one of the pay stations that are easy to miss, depending on where you park in a lot and customers will find a violation on their windshield. take a good look at one of the spirit people have complained to
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much like the tickets passed by the city of cleveland. they even come within official sounding morning. listen to this failure to pay this and subsequent violations may result in the impounding telling or wheel locking of your vehicle. how authentic is does that look. >> and official parking ticket issued by the city and he identified sp as the official government issued ticket. >> would not hesitate to pay >> now. you fear you might get in trouble if you didn't. >> it looks a lot like the ticket that we issue. it is the same size and has the same letters on it. the asked to tickets to spokesperson michele been. >> we think it is excepting to
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the clerk's office extends considerable considerable resources weekly answering questions from the public about sp's parking violations pretty said the company is no 30s to toe cars from city streets, although they can tell from their own property property. >> is that an attempt on the part of your company. they offered no explanation, nor did anyone from the corporate office as our calls went on return. meanwhile as kids and walsh tries to figure out whether the ticket left on her windshield is real, she is also trying to understand why she got it in the first place. she said she was only away from her car ten minutes. well within that their first three-hour. >> fox 8 news eye team.
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of two young children forward by using the heroin addict out in the locks zone. they've been charged with felonies and doctors and five at 9-21 month -year-old child. on every second. the two your mother facing two counts of endangering children and the grandmother is -- police have charged a driver in fatal hit-and-run crash protected carter uppity facing codes of failures to stop making killer homicide. john was riding his bike to work when he was commonplace at the carter with the scene and returned and turned herself in. man in custody in connection with at least a dozen break-ins. they tracked our joshua colmar with help from surveillance video. is accused of selling everything from cars to tools and even a new winnebago to recover the camper and many other as well. local high school girls sectional basketball game is receiving nationwide attention for how it ended.
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school 108-1 on wednesday night pick northeast ohio prep did not make a single shot the entire game going 0-28. they're alone.came in a free throw in the second quarter. gilmore academy had coach said that while the scoreboard was one-sided, he was not trying to run up the score. it's a lot like if you were in a baseball game and you are 1-9, 9 9-0 and you have guy adverse -- don't still second. we didn't steal second. >> in northeast ohio prep school released a statement saying while final score did not result in our favor, the entire school network outside campus is extremely proud of that, ron sportsmanship that our team displayed during and after the game. >> how about a little bit of warm-up. that might be nice. here is andre with some great details pretty think everyone is going to love for the weekend. perfectly timed for the weekend.
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coming is not overly active because dick goddard always likes to say never trust a warm front. as far as you can throw it. nobody can throw a warm front around. it just appears. this one is going to behave. before we get to that, look at the overnight low temperatures. we had a few sneak below zero and ashtabula officially at the airport five below. we will check another -- that was colder outside the airport area. was true at one pick you can see we have a reading outside the airport. cherries valley for below and a lot of single digits even right up against the lakeshore. geneva at 2. obviously the winds of change and they're beginning to low because we are seeing temperatures now stable in the upper 20s speared those will begin to rise here in the next few hours because you are looking at this direction. the wind is coming up out of the
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temperatures will start to get pulled in, 30s by morning and look at these. it is 69 in kansas city right now and it was 70 last we're not going to be that warm. we're going to happen to some of that. most of the ice has been moving toward the camera. our webcam time lapse, thanks to the city of cleveland cleveland water deficient outside at 3-mile crib crib, and because of points south the ice going this way, he says the wind direction is from the south. that is a great direction because these temperatures are going to rise from 28. watch as we put this in emotion going the motion going through the morning morning. they quieted the 30s by sunrise. even upper 30s to the west picked tomorrow area for the cloudy and 51. windy and warmer. here comes the warm front. notice that off the precipitation space of the north is that going to be a big issue. and then we see temperatures go into the 50s, mid- 50s for
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we are not dealt with the cold yet. we've got a hunt coming down. that means right after the weekend and it's going to start to see the temperatures come down the front later sunday and a few stray showers 44. back to 30s monday and tuesday and a few snow showers on wednesday. we've got to watch out for the end of the week because there is a possibility that we will get close to a coastal low. right now it looks like it stays just out of our reach. it is still far out and we will keep our eyes on that. thank you very much. see why a school is apologizing for e-mail that pokes fun at whining kids. it would be the attempt to rob the wrong pharmacy. way customer did not think twice b- about stepping in.
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matthews band. we want to be there when they come in may. stay right here four your chance
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n te io officials put an elementary school or apologizing for an e-mail that was never supposed to be sent parents. it's a tongue-in-cheek hurt
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it was attached by mistake to an e-mail to parents about upcoming events at the school. the sarcastic fake formalists options like i am thin-skinned and this recent for filing the report. angry. say it makes light of bullying school prepared state received an apology from the principal. of our in salt lake city under fire for refusing to serve people of a particular ethnicity ethnicity. they were informed they cannot be served because they are polynesian. they say the bartender told that it was company policy and other customers were shocked by what they heard and meant to social media to tell her story. another bar's owner is trying to explain. >> and with all my bartenders with the unknown people. including -- and we don't know commit late at night pick you don't have to serve them. they called me and said we just screen someone and we probably shouldn't of sears them.
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dinner do something and they were already gone. power owner says that he's had many issues with what he calls certain groups and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. the men say they are now in contact with some civil rights groups pretty man he tried to rob a pharmacy in florida probably wasn't expecting to run into a trained fighter. david west was visiting his girlfriend -- that is what a suspect climbed out of the counter and threatened the staff telling them to give oxycodone. the man claimed to have a gun and he walked toward them down, wrestling him in the aisle until he knocked him out. police arrived a short time later. >> the whole time i was holding them down, it really hurt my heart. i did that i had to do to protect the person i love. i hope he gets the help that he needs. i hope this helps his loved ones to. >> it turns out the suspected not have a gun but police say they don't encourage anyone to
1:43 am
the suspect was charged with attempted armed robbery. >> how but make your living by broadcasting i'm used to. >> it is becoming a reality four more more people tonight. tips on how to make it happen for you from a man is dancing and earned was close to 300 million
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the one time he had the all-time most viewed video. he's a motivational speaker from cleveland who literally danced is quite into internet stardom. have you ever wondered how to become a youtube star. box inglis read set down and even danced with the creator of the evolution of the dance. when i was young i could do three or four shows a day. so now the most i will ever do is 2. at the end of the day come i am pretty tired. i think that i'm in shape enough now just to be able to do the dance. remember this guy. ten years ago he uploaded a six minute video called the evolution of dance, on a
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youtube. >> my sister was sitting at a computer with my nephew watching the number jump up from 90 to about 580,000 in two days. today that viral clip has been viewed almost 300 million times. and is still one of the most popular videos of all time on youtube. >> part of the reason i think the appeal of this particular pieces because the music is so nostalgic. people remember themselves during the stances. i'm not a trained dancer. just than likely was still is a motivational speaker from lakewood whose life changed because of the exposure. i will was lucky that the time that my video came out, youtube was coming known to everyone. the average age of a youtube user at that time was about 12. >> since then his video has
1:48 am
the current one being gang in style with 2.5 billion views. out of the top 100 videos on youtube right now, there are only are only to that art music videos. mine and charlie bit my finger. in 2009, he came out with evolution of dance to. the track is still in progress. i've been getting suggestions from people from songs that they want to see. so how do you become a few to star. just will offer his advice of how do you can hit it big on the web. some youtube stars make more
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than most people on tv. and michelle brings in more than $3 million doing makeup tutorials. >> you make money i on youtube is through marketing did you a biggest people advertise on that that. >> just a start on them and then keeper frigid schedule of production, released, and in the promotion side, which is across all social media platforms, your staff chat and your instagram. all these things will help you build. >> most fortunately, the do something you love. >> lp 40 in march. of the party. it's what everybody is coming
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it is going to go from funny to say i just think short one is in cleveland, melissa reid, fox 8 news. >> you've got the moves. it's always one of northeast ohio's most popular concerts pits that we have a chance to win two tickets to see the dave matthews band live. the eighth collar to 216-577-808 and it will take him a pair of to show which is set forth from a 21st at the music center. don't forget that you can see the dave matthews band and they go on sale tomorrow at noon. for some people meditation just won't cut it. of this is offering a different light and frustration at what cost for your own tent their concession. up next in sports, anderson out traded away. we will have that in court and
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they're clinically supported if this dress up like running, boxing and yoga. what about throwing a tantrum. that is one new business and he's to us all about. -- the maoist relaxation devastation for the company -- like a sledgehammer to all claims to -- the owner says stay home moms are now trying trying of concept that are not offering corporate group packages. >> there's different teambuilding.
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do whatever you want to. heated up, smash, to crash if way. i don't care. >> it runs for $5 in get 15 minutes session for 50 bucks. >> the cavs general manager dave griffin said it was a tough phone call to make, telling 12 your cavalier that trend that his career is over. his hard work and effort and intensity, those are things that going to be remembered here. . they are incredibly appreciated. it made this trade an incredibly difficult one to do both on a human level and in the real sense. in two separate deals the cavaliers sent anderson packing. he ended up with the trailblazers and was way too long with future number one pick
1:55 am
indeed it did happen in the process. the cast of about 10 million of celery off the books and then they'd get us fresh for whoever can shoot the long ball. he is only a year younger than anderson and he will help on floor spacing. both from a floor spacing standpoint and burton -- versatility standpoint in terms of knowing what he needs to do. there be a basketball game against the bulls. they beat in the cavs twice this year as they had to queue, where coach lou wanted battering defense and he got the pie offense as well. cavaliers get a bucket from the outside. than lebron is giving it up and
1:56 am
there and tyree is going to stop and pop and he will score for the cavaliers pick kevin love was in the flow and got kicked the outside. he nails the three pointer and then tristan would score twice in a row one fast breaks out ahead of everybody, finishing strong. there roads rallied the bulls with a six-point at the half as he scores right there. then with some anderson -- love lover the building. look at kai read. that is simply amazing dribbling pretty scores underneath and then watch the passing. to a broad and finish strong. the cavaliers win. lebron with 25 for the final 106 106-95. bronislaw to get tonight. it is all about the quarterbacks of the day when grilled by the media, brown's newest associate head coach from offense had this
1:57 am
>> ever watched enough to have a strong opinion about any of those guys. i had a chance to recruit jerrod while i was at stanford. >> i am not surprised at all that he is one of the best quarterbacks in college football football. he's very busy checking out the quarterback crop to see -- thank you very much. henry. you want to say something for five seconds. >> warming up tomorrow. it deep. may be seven tomorrow pick congratulations to time you all area of the winter of the dave matthews band tickets but that's all the time that we have tonight.
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