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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  WJW  February 19, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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increasee that doesn't necessarily mean were going to escape the high winds andnd northern ohio it means that though be up for its toledo up over the lake erie i have temperatures ine and a day the 50s tomorrow this is 90is
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up into the other that bridge. for much of the early morning hours everyone is free to them about the capv the other highways also checking inth a nice easy start with some bumps early on as have cleared away their highways are in good shape it'sod going to send it back to you guys we begin with breaking news to assemble out to figure to
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fry is life with what we knowac he won't say who shot him or how he wound up with apple it's a notorious home for it them think garfield heights they get positiveuh quite regularly stacy, thank
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after in her pajamas. there's the possibility that prior to this gentleman fighting that's a buddieses put her there.he you just don't know. that's the chilling effect of ourll mindset we don't know where she was. according to a 911 callwh the tango sister's are run at a hasa been set the man grabbed her sister and walkoff there will utility crew did not see and
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in the snow to not support that. gregory moore is facing several felonies including making bond threatsre a lisa sherman this stabbed to death in march of 2,015th sliding to a meetingee with more on though arrests have been madeor their kind of diligence in getting back from injury urges was a things thatin they are incredibly appreciated. it made thisis an incredibly
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they kick cats backup. they waved him from salary cap space that they cannot re-sign him into the guarantee part of his contract expires you may remember the five -year-old was diagnosed with leukemia and shed also tossed out the ceremonial pitch of the game. they announced the his daughter's cancer free. frank on the reactionr' i cried a little bit. i guess i'm getting old that hit
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what a beautiful them it is 6:05 a.m. weather and trafficnd every eight minutes is just ahead.c an endangered dolphin is killed all because of a selfie. are we anticipating any rain
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of be pants and marrowt a a temperature insert them upper 20s same and middlefieldld team thought 32 in lower and middle 30s south of strongsville. our forecast is going to get real windy this afternoon that should help fixing some of the dryer breaking up s the cloudcl cover slightly with a high of around 52 and high clouds
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to bring in moreto cloud cover notice a couple sprinkles might pop up later this evening any coverage one that would be pretty small. mostly cloudy will see some claim it's still going to beto windy into tomorrow the difference between tomorrow and every start up inb the mid- 40s would easily reach temperatures with a little more son tomorrow. the winds of the strong but not as strong as they were and will be later today as the core of the warmth will be right overheadri heading into sunday the next front comes in from theom south on this post going to tractor kentucky. more than. likely, we are going to bypass the rain and portions of west virginia which means anyn shower activity on the northernn side of this would be maybe as farm north as canton.a even that it would be just a couple of sprinkles. the forecast next week the temperatures start to drop 30s out think was see any significant chances is note until late wednesday into thursday there's a quick look at the
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consecutive days in the 50s is ane outside chance of the showers to reflect the showers south of canton on sunday. mid- 30s monday and tuesday andd nor'easter nor'easter develops at the end of next week we been fairly consistent with that some like affect could kick in it's going to be windy and more than likelylyop we see the temperatures trending down i can we will probably keep that trend going heading inton that following weekend. fox 8 news is your official school closing station. it's wendy.w there's always a catch obesity but it felta like 55 because of that wind.i 6:12 a.m. is your time.ou patty harkin has the latest on your morning commute. good morning to you kristi.r it's a tad bit windy. id want point where find sign was so there's that. her battling but we are good we are enough fine and five ramseyr doing a great job and that's
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four as well. that ramp 90 east is now open things are accident free and will deftly take it. i'mtd that wendy as you head out the door.a presidential candidates are ramping up for big weekend that raises issue for the democrats in the nevada caucuses republicans are going offensesin in south carolina. read opinion reports.
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they face topnd of some kids are trying to put out. i was oh restaurants 22 years old fighting segregation. in an interview sanders also accuse clinton and precincts obama's policy and a calculatedc attempt to appeal to black voters. however this comes from because maybe that he wasn't really a democrat to he decided to run forcyby president. ted crews taking heat thursday for photoshop picture depicting parker were shaking is at present obama bitreg he has a problem with the truth it's even marco rivera there's something
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defense is i'm read been reporting. at dolphin guys dies after they took him from the ocean to taketo selfie space you can see the animal is plucked from the water to pose for photos and to be held that a crowdhese it is endangered. that argentine wildlifewi foundation condense the actiona of the crowds and urges people to turnrn dolphins to ocean waters. within one more than oneto million walmart rockers workers will get a raisese the postseason minimum wage from $9 an hour to ten.ea it applies to all of theirhe workers including some supervisors those affected take up the majority of the 1.4 million workers the pay raise will cost the company in
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year. unbelievable video of ade helicopter crash near the pearl harbor memorialsh todd will update us on what happens next. it's not might not be just a simple the big lebowski has been
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i wondered where target about it right. it should be like a wall i wall.a nineteen minutesll after 6:00 a.m. let's a test things up to patty t harkin who now does that traffic it is very good at it. we. are well past the way out wall where over on to 70 went undefeated we are watching the cars passed us were going about 35 miles per hour and the folkst down there i'm's sure they're doing at least 60e moving along well no issues here along to 70 went in the easterly so that is good. the earlier problem we had earlier cleared away no problems there any longer will deftly take that..
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wind. absolutely as opposed to a moist went off the ocean. it's 34 degrees right now it'sit going to stay windy all day long even though the temperatures will make a run at 50. cincinnati right now at 40 st. louis it 61 a little portionor of that warmth relatively speaking will lift up in the winds will only get stronger todaypp there might be a while before make a run at 50e but at the court of the higher when spot to the westst that warmerth shades of yellow would indicate winds as a look at some of the temperatures regionwidea in the lower 30s with sustained winds at 15-20 miles per hour range the temperatures locally will stay in the lower 30s.em that morning show.
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and middle 30soho that much of a temperature drop will stay pretty windy here in cleveland those of us who are not under the advice we will call with a high of around 52 and the cloud cover will be with us most of the day with breaks insentientnt as an extra nine front moves through later today might trigger a sprinkle or two but no shower activity will amount tono a whole lot at this point the winds are good thing and a bad thing b yankees pitchers up but again, we said it's this time of year w that makes it feel a lotl cooler than that. 6:22 a.m. we're learning more about a helicopter crash in hawaii. it was full of tourists when it
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todd meany has a closer look.ur hard to believe nobody was killed there up five people on the helicopter when it went downll those who saw the crash jumpedra into the water and helpful the victim to a short.rt there was a lot of confusion because it was so close to the water.a they turned and said to those land on water because it lookslo like it's coming and within one second somebody else got down and we kind of turn and rant and try to take cover.d this is not pass they said itt looks like he intentionally brought it down into the water to avoid injuries to tours for on the ground. nearby.nrs the local authorities are continuing to investigate the cre che so far they have noth
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intentional or not. t it was intentional does he did of what the tours and said were lotst is 6:23 a.m. is there way to stop for a break crashes on highways one local fire chief has an idea. see what it is next.
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welcome it is 6:26 a.m. bit is check in with scott to see what is happening weatherwise. we might touch 50 today and it is again tomorrow they catches their went and really strong. check it out there were be a little bit of ice coverr is beginning to mouth off are starting to really melt off the snow cover over the next days. it's 34 in cleveland lbo wire over looking at a high very close to 50.evwi the drawback is known to win butut the cloud cover temperatures
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north st. louisat at 61 degrees they statede of the 60s all day long (-left-parenthesise the winds pick up in the temperatures continue to climbmb event some wink us to the west under that.h it's going to stay pretty strong all day long akron temperature ofon 32 at 25 we've had some sustained winds region wide which is right there in the rural section of ashtabula countyty yesterday morning we drop to nine below.rd renting 35-40 degrees warmer than yesterday it goes to showt
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can't right now at 31 can't rule out a couple of sprinkles with some princes punch with an average high around 52me will see some clear that can see more sense onmo saturday is they reach temperatures into the 50s with a southwest went here's what's going to happen behind another systems going to develophap on theth heels of what's coming in today which will drop the temperaturess to the 40s on sunday. i think this low will track away from northern ohio we could see a touch of lake affect early ona monday the way this is going there's very little chanceth citizens and to be any organized
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snow which is a good thing.nyny i'm sheltered her i would be outward to be up there. as she says it's a problem that kind of day. if then the bag bring was check in with patty harkin. seei how things are shaping up. i'm good were going faster than
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headed for 80 westbound first 77 were doing more than 31st that's good news we are starting to see more of line along 71 coming intoo downtown but not bumper-to-bumper steps just a little more find as you make your way into downtownli will sendwi it back inside to wayne and kristi early dismissal causing panic and confusionus for confusion of several students and that match matches path school district. should no idea was going to
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parent-teacher conferences thet district says the counter was hand delivered familieses months in advance. you could this in town parents for parents to know what allnw these panthers and in the often the district says pairsa investigating the situation to determine what happened they alerted of the path and early and parent-teacherth two suspectss are behind bars on bond inrs connection with the madina incidentnt prosecutors say patrickal&
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consider him a slight risk they are investigating a woman been arrested but not been chargein the northeast ohio's fire chief conference fire ships -- spike strips he wanted to share his late after a 20 -year-old college student died in a head-on collisionst on sunday morning. they went to in. states on the pavement of the rampve he would eliminate one of the worst hazards on the highway coming out of wrong way driverh they would find their tires and if they made to this fairly maybe david doing 10 miles per hour.fafa tennis is the cause could be an issue pita saving lives would be worth the money.
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when all spotnn made entry this morning. it started with reports of shots fired that stacy fry is on the scene with we know. we are life here and granger for thee police were called at a quarterp to run this went neighbors report shots firemen officers came out to the houset here they were directed to a specific us who seem from anfr armed robbery police tried to knock on the door no one would loveck them and they were uncooperative had toi call the swat team minutes space bar chores before they force their way inside found in a chair with a gunshot wound the lake.e. so far they have not been very cooperative and explain what happenednve and walk all lot up to this. forhi hopefully get more
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they giving out in little bits. restaurant when he gets underwayge in cleveland tonight with dozens ofwi places offering favorite meals at lower places this thing from the shooter is chefs choice c they will choose their favorite third combinations to make their menuste many will offer a $15 lunch special table and the 28888 kenny is prehearing coming up in just a few minutes.. like when they were doing the soccer ball. they're getting plugged in for a
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"while we hadidid a big saint judeud dream home giveaway thanks to all the for doing such a great job helping us out tough to cover this one it's hard to even believe that. there are shooting price concerts were some theorieses thanks for all the great memories can't wait to see you remember gary typeea ikea i hope they are able to find locally
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inside changes how feels theee same way that everything good thing capv it's great furniture ago sky for content from virginia they have been e-mail
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people it's a real problem when is attenders 15ro share other waysot to get a hold of us. you've got an update on weather and traffic just ahead. coming upn ra we knew you would come through next sale quicklyq tickets are saint jude dream home sold out and wear them
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and time now for the career job part of the day they're hiring an inside sales professionals for more informationio on this and
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be 90 eastboundd this is a tight squeeze us of them must construction zoneti it's backing upng towards 490 and very slow on that ramp it takes you up to 90to eastbound once again we have been accidents one or two or maybe three people are outside. o they're not in on the scene. is going to get even worse. this cup of coffee quiz and that eight-day.c here's the eight-day forecast. my get a bring that up. i'm just saying it was the windy right now.
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late sunday into early monday nothing big going on here until the middle of next week when he gets colder than we will see somewhat snow and sent lake affect by next wednesdayso no his got a mess of the forecast.f my not mind has just remembered. how is talking about the that's going to be nice except for i don't know. good at morning. what famous there's birthdays today. smokey robinsonre
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wonder or ray parker juniors i have no idea. i'm going to go stevie wonder. i'm going to call on my own and was a jan hours kenny in her way to go congratulations. he looks great.
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i knew i like to pursue breezes we mess up i'm glad he's back. goodbye. 6:55 a.m.6: keep it right here on fox 8 news in the morning.x about how a local father disappears.s. they had majors are still on edge this morning.
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thank you, scott. good morning we are inco sky fox on your
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accident we showed you earlier and carnegie traffic is flowing people are occupying those cars because they are outside as you y make your way into downtown 71 northbound d as you head across the inner belt bridge. have a great friday. >> we begin with breaking news this friday morning policebe were called to a home in garfield heights for shots fired reports.
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out what was going on once they arrived. >> good morning police still trying to piece a lot of this to gatherg officers were called after shots were fired in this neighborhood they arrived at aboutri a quarter to one this morning when they got here, they were directed to this house but witnesses who say they saw a suspected armeda robbery - - into the home when police went and police went to the door, w they would not let them and they wereer completely uncooperative thev swat team was called in for century about 3:00 o'clock this morning at this.they arrested two adults and two juveniles in custody as well they found an 18 -year-old man tt inside the house with a gunshotou wound and was taken to the hospital by the garfield heights fire department that is what we know so far police are trying to pin the
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>> good morning in other news she is from safe but says that they say her vanishing as suspicious the two -year-old was reported missing around 9:00 p.m. four hours later, around 1:00 a.m. thursday morning, they the call police to say t they found her watching walking into her snowd walking ing the solar pajamas. they are looking at the possibility that someone outer that somebody somebody put her there.
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ten -year-old sister soccer what are the house and grab her hand police say the utility crew say and sit 6-foot front of us know prints in the study not supported. >> and expectedtnoww to face a judge today for allegedly making false statements gregory more facing several we said sherman was stabbed to death in march in 2013 while tending to a meeting with more. sherman cell phones are calling that a step in the right direction. >> the cavaliers after 12 years in cleveland not an easy decision. >> in the of the players was a
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coming back year after year is hard-working and effort and intensity are things that will be remembered a here. they are incredibly appreciated and made this an incredibly difficult one to do. he was sent to portland along with a first-round picken after that the trailblazers waived safee under league rules they cannot re-sign him either. >> a much better now - - hi former indians player who was diagnosed with leukemia here in cleveland a number of them are shavinge their heads should also tossed out the ceremonial first pitch at a gameou yesterday a detroit tiger claimed bone marrow transplantow helping to kill his
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is 7:06 a.m. still ahead of wildfire spreading through oklahomama. >> what the pontiff said about donald trump and how the candidaten responded that has some questioning whether he went too how are we doing for the morning commute weor will let you know all about it in just a moment. make sure you stick around. find your way to the best care at cleveland clinic
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if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows his processes ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would only wish and pray that donald trump would've been president. >> while the outspoken pop disagreed with a cornerstone of the trump campaign he did not
7:11 am
forte meantime, the presidential candidates are ramping up for the weekend. a must in 24 hours, voters head to the polls in the south carolina republican presidential primary while the democrats face off in nevada caucuses. recent polling shows trump with a sizable lead in south carolina will hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck in nevada.lin >> a texas judge will decide today whether or not the affluenzatei teens will be tried as an adult. w you can couch was sentenced to probation after killing four people in 2013 while driving drunk. his lawyers affluenza defense sparked national coverage intensified afterenen a video surfaced showing them playing a drinkingngs game. eighteenight -year-old and his mother later violated his probationis by fleeing to mexico. today, judge will decide accounts will face juvenile or adulti probation. if he violates probation as ann adult, cash could face up to 40 years in >> an estimated 40,000 acres of land abutting across40 oklahoma
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spell has pop dried up grass and brush and winds gusting at 40 miles per hour are helping to spur spread the flames. a fire in her for can be burned more than 17,000 acres in just three hourss. so far, no one's been hurt, but a number of homes of the most. >> and outage outrage is growing after a merger from pulled fromulle the ocean the beachgoers days. the manager .-dot one was plucked from the water's edge resort in argentina thys to postingos photos and pester him before pastoral before it died.o the species of johnson is endangered. the incident wast parked backlash from animal activists including the argentine wildlife foundation, which is now urgingf people to return the funds found near the shoreur to ocean waters. >> it is top minutes after 7:00 o'clockeaea the beginning of
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37 degrees and it is not feel like 37 degrees with the wind. seventy-seven northbound we have an accident 90 eastbound withh the carnegie exit ramp this is part of the slowdownit 77 northbound as you head 90 eastboundd
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been pretty quietappe cincinnati in the middle 40s now c sometime later on this afternoon will increase the winds and maybe getting a few sprinkles i color-coded test with wind gusts i will buy this on facebook and twitter it can you can kind of see cleveland and cincinnati as patty it mentioned that it is init the the 30s at least you're not looking at any snow
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nine belowye the temperature solid climb the winds will be stronger we stare and 40s a little sprinkled tonighta late in thea day a little breezy it should be warmer because we will start off in the 40s have that much to make up what is going to happen sunday is a low developing in the middleapay with showers probably as far north as mansfield that is kind of the northern fringe
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back 32 is not all that bad i'm not used or will develop they may not as for me as we like free for all friday morning we used to go to smiley's custard out in streetsboro and the same with the snow about peanut
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chocolate we are going to miss into you. twelve years thank you for t them memories i hope it was worth it. great players off the twitter page a great idea for ikea why not that is amount of space my name is pretty i am calling from cleveland.a happy friday. good morning todd,
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aboutg that stupid jack conde west or whatever he is. i am never seen such an ignorant young man in my life.. all those kids that take pictures of that endangered the endangered species should be prosecuteded let's see what you have to do about that it is a free for all friday. free for all friday is coming up. warmer hands out. >> plus never had another
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technology out there justt in time for pothole season. >> we are prevailing cleveland's restaurant week. over 50 restaurants with the betting shops. there is some culinary magic back there we will explain
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7:21 a.m. on friday morning. we are prevailing restaurant week you know it's going to be a scary morning what are we going
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hospitality management center as you know several restaurant we are prevailing the cleveland? with over 50 restaurants to the share. >> it is unbelievablee it's been a while since i have been officially considered a downtown restaurant. >> congratulations explained about this move it is celebrating 50 restaurants there are a ton of a restaurant we are kind of keeping it simple you
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menuc and these are our were saturday eggs. this is our famous meatloaf smoked cheddar mashed potatoes. >> very nice. very nice. cleveland restaurant week starts today.> and that is our breakfast let's talk a little bit about the program here
7:25 am
those who are not familiar individuals can study with restaurant managementd they can pursue certificates pursuing a two-year degree working with the sky as you know this is a very exciting time included we are known nationally as the great culinary ratio of individuals who live here it is extraordinaryw. >> will come aboard. over 50 different restaurants we are going to showcase some more you
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you guys in the studio in now we have a out we have a history of the best. 7:25 a.m. is your time right now. police are now saying about the night at two -year-old croat missing in the rain. when fox eight news in the morning returns when we come
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like don king. they only use other pictures i have to talk to my agent. let's see what is happening weather weatherwise. >> good morning check out those winds sustained winds this is what we are noticing here in the low 20s with local wind gusts approaching the 30 miles per hour with temperatures climbing in the low 30s heree barberton 34 painesville 33 checking outt we see where it out we see where the warm front is 30s and 40s ahead of the from the winds will continue to climb with the cloud covers pretty
7:31 am
starting to inch further interest our forecast temperatures approaching 50 hoping for some breaks of sunshineho but at this., nothing significant. when the day windy day tonight and tomorrow and some of the the showers are coming showers are coming up for youh traffic time with patty probably moving like five time's an hour. >> i know we were going sideways that now back now back on ground feels great the have an accident out the carnegie exit ramp police are responding they are in the right bermrm it is such theh traffic coming up 77 margin it
7:32 am
five weeks ago that ison the carnegie exit ramp this is 71 this is around the curve and up through the inner beltro 77 northbound is won we are seeing our latest 20 minute ride between for 80 and 490 slower as you near downtown. >> breaking news we're been following all morning longin several childreng made and country early this morning. we check with stacy fry is five at ther scene withy an update. >> police were called out here to the sum on granger road psalm on granger road at about a quarter to oneo this morning neighbors heard multiple shots
7:33 am
they were directed to this particular us a a suspect in an armed robbery had just run inside. the activists would not let them into hours later theyr finally force their way into their home taking into custody for people to adults to juveniles they also found an 18 -year-old man with a gunshot wound to his legea and out information is being given out at this.about the release to pop about our who wasea putting custody or this armed robbery this person was going into the house. police tell us go the homehome is really notorious in garfield heights and theyotor are called here quite regularly for issues with the people who are called to this house. ho >> the mother and grandmother of
7:34 am
revivedd using a heroin anecdote now charged with felonies of the revived the nine o and 21 -month-oldn child back in february this is february 218 -year-old mother faces two counts of children the basketball game making headlines the bill northeast ohio college preparatory school 108 - - onert that is right. 108 - - one. o they did not make a single shot the entire game the only.came in the second quarter. the camera head coach insists he was not with the schools. >> it's not like you have a guy
7:35 am
we did not steal second how forward is using the pain of potholes and that moves amazon is making to deliver your packages sooner. and today in
7:36 am
taking ticket on the pope? otis
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free for all friday morningre. >> good morning the sun will be shining it will be a break winter festival that is why they did it this weekendin goodd morning. we are getting plugged in taking your thoughts and
7:41 am
community center nine afternoon it is sad to see the wealth wild things leave at cleveland t maybe it would cost them to the more i see these people the more i love animals was a horrible story mayfield high school february 28 next weekend and that was one was not supposed to go there and i went one too fast.
7:42 am
boring.g. maybe he could have another fun affect add another benefit with the potholeshe that is great it is rough. it is. a lot of people saying congratulations to christie on the pregnancy we will update you as much as we possibly can. it facebook, twitter, instagram and voicemail.fa your time right now is 7:42 a.m. still to come in our 7:00 o'clock hour -
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her 7:00 o'clock hour. a raise for walmart race for walmart workers. >> plus find out howf amazon ison making delivery even cheaper. >> andnd a car that jumps potholes. inside ford's new technologygy.
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because we can never get enough when the lights go out
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it.i we welcome them into the fox eight shows this weekende it can check them out tomorrow at 3:00 o'clock we are glad to have them on the show this morning3 as we finish off t:00 o'clock show. >> i know it is pretty cold and windy the temperaturesi slowly climb to the 40s breezy and cloudy today 40s tonight an
7:48 am
late day son of a pretty good rush-hour right now we are also seeing traffic care for 80 eastbound over by one-stopre and
7:49 am
the average around town for gas amazon is expanding its on-demand delivery serviceaz their only is for prime now customers that amazon amazon wants to start havingng the drivers deliveri all orders. shipping costs it up a lot of amazon's profits costing the company $11.5 billion luster. >> more than 1 million walmart workers are about to particular mil race for the companies company says it will increase its minimum wage to $10 an hour from $9. the change, which takes w place to lot, but his 12 walmarts hourlylo workersor including some supervisors. the changes to notl come cheap. the raises will cause a company an extra 1.5p.u billion dollars this year. >> board forward is rolling outlas
7:50 am
skips over potholesech. >> the company says a new shock absorber system in the 20s 17 fusion be six sport automatically stiffens and soldiers to talk about all that allows the system to keep the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the whole someone triggers arty have similarar technology, but the fusion is the first car in its price range >> it is 7:50 r still ahead - - you do it again northeasta ohio. you called and then you opened of their hearts i and your i drove all its. find out just how much it helped us and for st. jude's research hospital. >> and apply here. find out who is offering kanye westpp a job after the rapper admitted to being in $52 million of debt. hello, kenny. >> good morning these students at the try see hospitality
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years we preview we will see it which restaurants are participating kicking it with
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let's talk about the restaurant week is about. >> and they can come out and try out policean it is really good
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great dishes over 50 restaurants. don't go anywhere we have a tax show coming up for you on fox eight news in the morning. >> good morning. garfield heights police have a swat team situation. i will tell you more coming up.p. >> how much longer are we going to keep these ones going> the daytona 500 though the rain toddler story we will take your thoughts and comments and all
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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast isng here. it is 7:59 a.m. thank you for joining us. >> scott has a look at your forecast for the weekend. >> good morning trying to get peaks of sunshine the winds are picking at now the temperaturese still in the middle 30s a look at the southbound cincinnati at 46 st. louis at 60 want the warm
8:00 am
is that happens,l the wind will get even stronger and stronger especially to portions of northeast we have a wind gust here w at 30 miles per hour pretty strong the wind out there the winds will be the driving force for bringing up temperaturee most of us should be close to 50 - - 52 today. it will stay that way all day long with breaks of sunshine we have the weekend forecast in just a few minutes.. >> we have a couple of things left with the rush-hour to be aware ofth 41st between west 25th then accident1s with a


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