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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning today is saturday february 20 .. when was the last time that we
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from a general tells tells all ll of the sunshine about the sunshine and the heatwave today.t >> , it is so nice, skies are so bright, the sermon, you start out clear-cut how quickly the dawn breaks, sunrise at 716 which is just 15 more minutes away . looking at storm fox doppler radar, chapters in the '50s by noontime with mostly sunny skies ,he mild . well into the 50s may be flirting with 60, no precipitation tonight and have some pretty blustery winds from time to time, dover/new
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five mph . yesterday we had a high of 56, the record high for today ishe 69 back in 1930, i don't think we will do any record-breaking here today, the sun is on the horizon, with a few decorative clouds making for a total sunrise, currently 45 degrees and hopkins .y dover/new philly 50 degrees barberton 47, it is so mild, evenis all across the buckeye state, no 50s along the ohio river . you have to go northeast before any snowfalle . see if there is any of that on our forecast thea 8 -day outlook is
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>> to local school districts are mourning the death of a chagrin falls couple,chur former teachers touching a lot of lives. >> honoring the legacy of former athletic director lenny may here's melissa reid . >> a moment of silence on friday night as a solemn chagrin falls community in mourning the sudden loss of former athletic director lenny mayn before the high school basketball game. >> kind of guy that when he walked into the room, he wouldw bring a a smile and energy think that's what i'll remember. >> superintendent robert huntem learned that him and his wife were killed in a car crash in bradenton florida thursday night accident also killing diane kiffner remains in serious condition.
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chair, leader for kids or teachers transition to the athletic side and completely transform the program. >> said he was a coach teacher of the the year and his british publisher wrist, was the father of four children. >> she was a former elementary school teacher with mentor public schoolsf . the district released district released a statement that said --di but in this thing together, trying to reflect on the number of young people that this couple touched. t >> the district named this lenny may field in, the home of the
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>> chagrin falls district is providing support for students and faculty as they deal with the loss ofh a man who meant so much to so many. >> no greater legacy than what lenny may did here. >> quezon child sex abuse, a man and woman charged with luring boys as young as nine out of, two have sex with a 14-year-old mentally challenged girl, kevin freeman reports that the man orchestrated from his prison cell.a >> are both named and they indictment handed down by cuyahoga county grand jury thursday chargesanb including human trafficking, rape kidnapping among others, he is serving a 10 yearh two life prison sentence at
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for kidnapping and raping a 13 -year-old girl and 2,008,ng they say that from prison he directed george to find unvoiced had sex with a 14-year-old mentally challenged girl they say that she found for boys,s from nine -- 30 years old, claiming during a one-month3 period of time in june and july 214 she would take them to her apartment in north royaltonr and use your cell phone to record the boys having sex with her in the 14-year-old girl ,th a secure site each, he was listening and giving instructions from prison while on the phone . some of the encounters happen inside her car as well, prosecutors say that the illegal sixpacks were recorded,d, they have no evidence that the recordings were sent two anyone else .e authorities discovered what was happening after the mother of when the
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her,h then they contacted the police , kevin freeman fox 8 news . >> they say the same indictment accuses her, who worked at a nursing home and taking nude in taking nude pictures of about a dozen de elderly patients she's currently being treated at a psychiatric hospital.lhe >> police investigating after a man says he was carjacked enrones of $2,000 cash the victim learned finishing position of f position of an atm machine when the rvs encountered him at ease when at ease when the 40th in cantonw police recovered recovered the carbonite cash or their check in foricbo evidence in
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>> the attorney kids mostly police and thehe search for aliza sherman kilobase judge today, ay back in march sherman was stabbed to death in downtown cleveland supposed to be meeting with her divorce attorney he pled guilty to several charges including sending false text messages in line to detectivesin several friends of aliza sherman were in court and want to make sure that justice is served. >> schueller boulevard she never hurt anybody . >> she was a wonderful mother and friend andnd just want the right thing to happen for her. >> the judge sent bomb at $5,000 , but the police continue to investigate. >> family man killed by these cleveland police cruiser is now suing the city and the officer involved,a 20 room room christopher kimble is crossing superior on october 3 when he was hitite syracuse siracusa the officer speeding through the intersection not using his lights or siren,i these cleveland law department maintains the
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claimed that he was jaywalking and under the influence of marijuana and crackmued does that mean that he deserved to die because he had marijuana in his system, andi it was not jaywalking, the impact happened in the crosswalk and he flew feet away from the crosswalk. >> the family is pushing for charges against the officer but they say that east cleveland leaders are avoiding them. >> ohio epa said the most recent tap water samples taken frome sebring test below the federal standards for leade state leaders say the operator of the sebring water plant waited toter notify people about the danger, to epa employees were fired in one more devoted over the situation, they say that just 44 homes have tested above federal limits for
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what a day that we had yesterday and another one store. >> today will be even warmer . perhaps they early easter present. >> , i have a family member coming on the shore and the 8:00 o'clock hour, want to stick around for that and i think that everybody will enjoy this.a
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show you that time-lapse recount a look at the clouds are yesterday it was stellar, today, record high today in the past was 59, it is unlikely that record will be in jeopardy i don't think we would have that they . the snowpack quickly shrinking the temperature breaking freezing parent 4:00 o'clock
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the way it has a lot to do with that big snow eater is fog which i don't believe we will have any of that today,we we star start in the low 40sw then we top out around 60 degreese . on sunday it drops behind a weak cold front does not take much this time of year especially once we cut off the south winds are calm them into down into the low 40s before 30s again sunday night . we are between these two
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go to the south precipitation and cloud cover to the north snowfall, but for us,n general sunshine . there is some dense fog in southern illinois and indiana, but otherwise quiet across the ohio valley and great lakes . see if there is any cloud cover that shows as we put this into motion maybe after 7:00 p.m. tonight most of the cloud cover thenen. after midnight tonight to debate a height of about 59 degrees with sunshine . only philly 49 degrees, with 30 s tonight, and it will be
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west wind tomorrow 43, still above average mostly cloudy with a shower possible . but looking at the fox 8 day outlook . a s system on wednesday which looks to be was to be more of a panhandle hook started off with rain showers on wednesday and then, on wednesday down to 20 . said thursday a fair amount of snow that will be likely accumulating as we head into the last weekend of februaryik than say then say hello to march pretty soon .
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south carolina for the next republican primary, the six remaining candidates spent yesterday trying tos shore up votes in different parts of the state as the donald trump held a big lead in the polls but more recent surveys show a narrowing, there is increasing focus on the lower portion of the race, analysts believe jeb bushncow cannot afford to finish lower than third . a john kasich says that he will press on the matter whatoh. >> kent ohio, to pennsylvania, we're goingva to go everywhere it is a national campaign to collect donald trump is never shown any interest in anybody else but himself the two candidates that are gifted speakers,th marco rubio and ted cruz has shown nothing in the past that would suggest they can make a tough decisionsu. >> democrats are focused on n nevada with a caucus that state today. >> at the spring core thing in
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flag draped casket was carried into the chord procession was led by his son a catholic priest, and behind the casket were some of his favorite law clerks, later, president obama and the first lady offered condolences to the friends and family think thede it is a sad time for me in the country, it is tough to imagine the court without him for the next argumentghit. >> as for the showdown over his replacement, president obama is wasted no time he was at the white house carrying a binder of potential nominees, republicans want the next president to pick his successor. >> the battle between the government andnd apple heating up as they asked a judge to force
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iphone use by one of the san bernardino terrorist, apple resisting says that it would threaten the privacy of customers, 14 people were killed in the attack,rr apple has agreed to formally respond to the request in court. >> the case against the so calledeq texas affluenza teenageree 's move into adult court that means that means 8-year-old ethan couch now faces up to 120 days in jail for violation of probation back into 13 he was responsible for a drunk driving crash that killed four people he served no time after his defense argued that he was coddled by his wealthy parents who fled to mexico as prosecutors look looking into a possible probation violation.. >> harper lee, author of to kill a mockingbird passed away friday at the age of 89, she was remembered as a giant of american literature whosere writing influence the nation's selective on issues of race, her family called her a loving family member devoted friend and
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>> new york police are considering boycotting beyonce for her concert in june because of her super bowl performance,r while at halftime she and her dancers wereat wearing alphas like the black panthers group known for the anti- police agenda,lpbl miami police are already planning a boycott in april, they say that her outfits and musics just that she does not support law enforcement to say thatos the boycott gives them a chance to share their message
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tough go saturday to you according to a national report, the golden state warriors are
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contemplating a run and former cavalier anderson varajeo, yesterday,rm the 12 year cavalier veteran wrote a letter to fans everywhere thanking them for such great support over the yearsfo and helped cleveland holds a special place in his heartcl he also wrote that he hoped to retire here butt as you know it is a business . the past 12 years represented cleveland and the cavaliers organization and for that i will beva forever onr the court but they never changed the unwavering support fromt all of you fans . matthew dellavedova appreciated all that anger andrew varajao did you help him. >> when he was what mattered to
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>> channing frye, should have his first practice today as a member ofpr the cavaliers, did not get all of thers procedures done yesterday in time for practice, iman shumpert, sprained left shoulder, take a day by day may not play on sunday,ay called vascular, in akron, look out . also the steel on the break-in that is beyonde scorn for the flashes but akron would tie the game . and then with a two-point lead, off the glass author glass underneath scores and thengl it is police who had a big game with a hook shot andi the golden flashes posting 85 -- 76 victory, and then signingct juan uribe yesterday a deal worth just about a under $5 million to get to
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home runs and 119 games starting at third and giovanny urshela gaining more experience. >> high school basketball medina travel tent mentor, he is headed to michigan he scores underneath the . cardinals on the attack, the gifts that jumper and on the other end he puts it back in the revamped medina beating cardinals 59 --
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welcome back fox 8 news on saturday, glad
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there's just a little bit of land, but not too bad .t a good deal of clear skies is while . looking first of all at yesterday's high of 57 and today were going to do a little bit better, flirting with 60 degrees the average high isng 39 degrees . so about 20 above average, . >> sunrise, 7:15 a.m. and sunset ,d 6:08 p.m., no info on storm fox, currently 45 degrees at hopkins airport .
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southth we expect a fair amount of sunshine with clouds increasing into the eveningohi . and as the next front approaches, perhaps the shower or maybe even a few flakes as it cools . the winds will likely diminish after 45:00 . for something fun to do go down to the hartville marketplace today between one -- 3:00 p.m., dick goddard will be there with fox 8
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help the animals .. surprising development after eight lopsided girls basketball came. >> the athletic director for the losing team wants a job, p.j. ziegler with the reaction. >> the image that is popping up after the gilmour academy 108 -- one victory over northeast ohio college prep on wednesday in a girls sectional semifinal fox 8 news word that the struggling seasonne cost costing the athletic director whose job. >> people are going to be upset about the negative publicity but i had no idea it was cost him his job to click they released a statement to fox 8 about the
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the only senior on the basketball team is not happy about the publicity the team receives after the game, friday she spoke out to fox 8. >> we went up against such a high skilledg team and they gave it our best,.a >> they had a long night did not hit a single shot and finished the game zero from 28 on the floor thez score came from my free-throw. >> we were not shooting hairballs we put them up and they just went in and went out. >> northeast ohio prep in the third year of a festival program in the school has been in existence for five years they've gotb a girls on the roster mostly freshmen big this girls played with her heart they did not give
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clickn they are ready to move on and use the loss as motivation to rewrite the headline's. >> the freshmen, and have learned a lot and they're going to come back. >> p.j. ziegler fox 8 newsck. >> he says that many of the girls on the team are still learning the fundamentals of of basketball in of basketball and some other teammates had little or no basketball backgroundn . >> i-team discovered a huge break for a suspected drunk driverco driver, it is so unusualpe state's high court is asking if the judge couldur could do that and could others get the same right ? ed gallek with more. >> driver you see walking up and cleveland coroner got a big break and a dui case the state's highest court is deciding that
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troussaint jones arrested arrested willoughby charged with drunk driving, and the city judgege manuel grose reduced the dui to a lesser charge of physical control, did that on her own even after a plea of no contest, and jones got probation and driving under suspension and he could have gone to jail dick clark 19 track down judge jones of phone he was stunned to hear from us his cases before the supreme courtrt arrested in 2013 he said, crazy i cannot believe it the supreme court arguments last week. >> the state was not given the opportunity to prove if mr. jonest was guilty of il operating a motor vehicle under the influence. >> is this what we want to be in in the courses is courts is this
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>> was sentenced served certain sentence now the state wants to go back and prosecute. >> the judge groves wrote that based upon factsts the court finds them guilty of physical control instead of doi,fiem but again no a trial just a pretrial hearing big the court had no authority it to amend the charge to physical control. >> at the supreme court rules that the judget stepped out of bounds of the the driver have to come back to city court to face those old charges again ?rt or will the court ruling only affects future caseses. >> a public defender argues that this is too late. >> the state has no right to get into this kind of inquiry which isao second-guessing the final verdict of a trial court. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> reached out to judge groves but a spokesman says that she cannot speak about a pending case.
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>> the warm weather has been great for local businesses that bottle of maple syrup, richards maple products chardon says it has allowed them to start tapping maple trees in january, earlier than ever, they attach a hose hose and hose and dreamed that south end turned into maple syrup.. >> looking back on our records throughout the years and this is by far the earliest, last year we do not have the first until st. patrick's day, so this is mother nature you just have to take it asa it comes and hope that you >> richards maple products is
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and rnc is approaching as our deadlines for transforming downtown cleveland. >> the city is on track with the end in sight for severaltr construction projects here is an inside look at downtown. >> . right right now right now the airport is a massive construction everywhere with detoursnn. >> i hope everyone who has been inconvenienced so far is going to understand that this is worth it.. >> corrector frank szabo says you can see the light, barring a
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unforeseen problems the 20 million dollar hopkins airport renovation will be finished in a couple months, with spacious2 room inside and out with access to transportation give thea convention visitors to quickly in and out of the city. >> paternal is going to be much more spacious going to have a large number of people to guide m travelers through the terminal with a ground transportation set upt. >> construction is also downtown the new hilton looks almost complete and the hotel is going to hire the first 300 in the next few weeks the changes thatt come together as the city's front yard of the public square facelift is on schedule and r ready to go by june 1 it will add aju ray's place in space in the heart of downtowny it is great for visitors and wants the convention is gone it will be a
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>> regardless for clevelanders, we all love the deadline it's important when the light of the world is shining and to transform public square, it will be great after the convention is gone. >> not just look great to great
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today, think we are getting
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. >> no rainfall on stormfox this morning looking at the crib-cam, look at theok sunrise, sunrise at 7:15 a.m. . no ice on the lake, does not take long for it to go away 3-d weather flight shows precipitation3 way to the north otherwise we are cloud free for the most part there are somecl decorative clouds there will be more cloud cover afternoon into the evening but it will not be productive .er snowfall to the north, slowing in boston and new england . snowing
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. >> or average high is 39, yesterday i was in the mid to upper 50s around the area you know it's going to be another warm day when it is in the mid- 40s starting and we end up at 59 degrees that is pretty good for february . increasing clouds . tonight 36 degrees there will be a little bit of a breeze . cloud cover and into monday morning we will see lots of cloud cover so enjoy the sunshine today, tomorrow, low 40
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above average,h a shower possible , then sit northwest, then north, s. this front moves in with high-pressure sinking south . on the next five days, see what happens sunday into monday, 38, low 40s tuesday, wednesday upper 30s, and it looks as though, snowfall is back in the forecast along with wendy thursday, falling temperatures, 38t thursday . on friday, 30 degrees then next
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>> list is focused today on flirting with 60 degrees sounds better. colorado boy is fighting a rare skin condition that is turning his body into stone the condition is known asi stiff skin syndrome and is so rare that onlynd 40 cases have been confirmed, in the last three years, he has spent countless hours in a hospital bed it all started when his parents noticed some spots spots on skin the skin that were hardening,sk they have since spread his legs, back and hips making walking difficult thing for food
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shipments of canned green beans ns after a utah woman found a snakehead inside of the can, she said that she made the discovery while fellow church members were preparing meals wednesday she thought at first it was a bird been then spotted the eyes, western family for the company is with the supplier that produce the green beans to find out what happened.. philadelphia police trying to help kanye west get out of debt they have a job opening for himut that police department police department to do that we are hiring, ask kanye westtce starting salary by 7,000 jews and you
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. he announced that he has $53 million personal debt and that mark zuckerberg should invest in him as the greatest
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old celebrating her 110th birthday . >> when the cameras showed him she to show she was less than
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she is very tired, or that your favorite activity here at the center center is to take a >> as many times as i can. >> you sound like a very busy lady.. should not do not want anything to do with that reporter,nt interview with the tv station is now racking up a lot of hits on youtube has gained lots of fans. >> are you excited for your party. >> not one bit. >> you'd rather be taking a nap? >> she did not have much else to say, caretaker says that she
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secret to her long life, every day and perhaps several times each day. at 110 years old, she has earned the right to silence. >> and to do whatever she wants big got more coming up including a very special guest
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