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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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fox 8 news. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign.. >> the list of presidential hopefuls getting shorter once again. tonight, following the south carolina primary, jeb bushsh once considered a front runner, announced he is ending his but for the white house after he was unable toa break into the top three.
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everyone for fox 8 8 news at 10:00. i'm jennifer jordan. >> and i'm bill sheil. crucial>> contest in the 2016 presidential race taking place today and both southl carolina and nevada. the races were tight, but the results weren't a complete surprise. >> fox news correspondentes caroline shively has latestas information from columbia, south carolina. >> there's nothing easy about running for president i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's a vicious, it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful.
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>> the big news is jeb bush dropped out of south carolina. being on the democratic side on nevada flurry clinton stayed in hold off bernie sanders in wayne. it reads emily has been locked in a dead heat. the margin of victoryed seems to be quite large well when is the when and clinton stayss optimistic. >> i'm so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there>>. some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other.e in this one is for you. >> i believe that the democrats assembled in philadelphia in july and my convention and we are going to see the results c of one of the great political upsets in the history of the
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>> of course, the republican convention is in cleveland and july. sanders says he hopes to do well on super tuesday when many states will primaries on the samet day. today's win for clinton was significant in part because nevada was the first state to vote with the diversity of voters that more closely resembles the democratice base. >> text in the without farming. is that you expect to see here and northeast ohio in february. golfers hitting the green today enjoying the springlike temperatures. both are young and old pulledd out the golf clubs to take a few swings in the best part of all, no coats. >> let's just say with that. you know it's coming, changes.c that's what always coming to cleveland weather. jenn harcher standing by the front yard with all the changes.nn we were 84 degrees warmer today than what we are a year ago, right?ewh >> that's true.
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ever last yearr at 17 below. it could be worse, today we had record highs and we hit mid to upper 60s in the afternoon. a cold front stuck in the area and it didn't bring much with that but some cooler temperatures. 47 degrees are known cleveland and 45 degrees in akron/canton. it's just a little bit on the cool side at the moment but when gus have such direction that's what brought in the warmer temperature.w now they are out of the north andt northwest and are pretty light. tomorrow morningt we'll wake up and say a big difference. mostly cloudy throughout the day weho will have breaks of sunshine from time to time. temperatures are only in the lower 40sti, which is still above average for this time of year. our next system headed our way
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with that.ll we are wrapping up february on a cold and snowing out. i'll show you the eighth day forecast coming up. i hope you enjoyed it today because it was so nice to get out and cherish this awesome day we had.s >> we did enjoy it and we won't letd it go for a minute. we will keep it going. thinks jen. >> a very special treat today for north s east ohioans in many opted to head outside without those hats and gloves to enjoy the springlike temperatures. >> while the temperatures are dropping as jen justat said, the party is still going on down at the flats. fox 8 news reporter alison brown joins us live this evening and i can see the excitement is still behind you and that's amazing on you really can't go wrong could you. >> you deftly have to feel for the people that is stay inside all day long but let me tell you
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event and you may be able to hear some of the music -- hundreds of people enjoying the summer like atmosphere and people taken advantage of amazing weather. saturday night, bright winter. away for clevelanders to get out of the house and fight the urge to hibernate during the winter. and hey, i would want to with weather like this?s? the day, truly the best of both worlds. whether tobogganing or hitting up the driving range, only an ohio. at least this particular february saturday and ohioio. >> i don't like the weather so for me if it was the perfect day to come out. my some tobogganing going down the hill i don't have to stand out here and freeze while he's
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>> and between all the picture taking and laughter, you can't help but wonder if life is just a little sweeter with this gift for mother nature. >> very unusual to be spread writing today. didn't think it was going to be open and we took a chance in a worked out well for us. >> you can see the fun in strongsville couldn't be contained. the same goes foror people at the washington golf learning center in cleveland.le >> this is a little a tease. you know we are going to get hit again with another storm but we will take it while we got it. >> the weather is been enjoyed but it makes some people think twice. >> it's probably a sign of armiger of the been this warm ins cleveland during this time of year, but that's all right becks because this winter season we've seen a little bit of everything, just like some of these athletes. >> some good ones and bad ones as always. >> but many agree we will not be as grateful if we got what we wanted allha of the time. for long-term spring weather, will probably have to wait.
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bright winter going on in till 2:00 a.m. this is a great eventngn for local and area bands to come out and showcase themselves we are toldd that this is the first year it has been back here at the flats. it's been in ohio city the last few years f but let me tell you it is absolutely a beautiful night standing and a big puddle. not any snow to be seen so that's great for february. >> perfect timing. it makes you wonder if there was no tonight with a still be having that show?w? >> from the crowd out here it looks likeke they would be but a lot of people are having a nice time b pretending that it summer. getting the five down. >> perfect timing. allison brown my first in cleveland. >> with freeze and thought it's a sinus all-too-familiar that once it warms up there is a good chance your car will hit one of the countless potholes. last week's deep freeze didn't last long but when the weather
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ice melts away, the bare pavement reveals plenty of deep and dangerous potholesa like ones we saw long east 55 near carnage , just east of downtown. if your car is damaged by pothole, bey sure to reported to r the city of cleveland and they may reimburse you for the >> cleveland police are investigating after security guard shott an armed suspect who was allegedly firing at cars with a a stolen gun. it happened around to:30 this morning at the gas usa station at the intersection of west 117 and triscuit. the security guard told police he saw this aspect, 23 -year-old the sean morgan shoot at passing cars. - he ordered him to stop larkin turned and pointed a gun at him. that's when the security guard shyt larkin and the rest, shoulder and leg. paramedics rushed larkin ton metro, we're officers peace and him under arrest. we'll see several charges, including receivingh stolen s property, because the gun was reported stolen in middleburg
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meantime, cleveland police are alsocl investigating and other shooting just down the street. witnesses say it started when two meny got into an argument outside toledo lounge on west 117 near western avenue. after some pushing and shoving, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot 24 -year-oldin antonio cummins in the leg. then he jumped into a car and sped away. drove cummings to liquid hospital with his recovery night. one witht theh nation on the suspect should contact cleveland a garbage truck driver makes a disturbing discovery. the driver telling police he found a dead body in the back of his truck early this morning.nd >> so how did they get there and where did it come from? fox eights brittney harris has the latest tonight and what is a confusing case. >> it's up as our case with a lot of unanswered questions. >> he discovered theon body. he actually saw the body, but i
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>> detective sergeant randy bartletton from the fairlawn police department says a public way services driver found a dead body s in the back of his garbage truck early saturday morning. who stopped at this shopping plaza ofs market street when he first called police about the discovery. they are now investigating what exactly happened. >> it appears that would've come from a dotzler. dumpster all we know is that it is a white male. we have not positively identify the individual and we would have to wait to notify next of kin once that is done. >> he says fairlawn police are working with his summit countyou coroner's office and detectivess from akron and coble to determine where the body came from.o this is the drivers route included stops in both of those cities too.isiv >> it's just a matter of hooking up with detectives from the departments and checking areas where the trash pickup sites were. >> in fairlawn, brittney harris, fox 8 news. >> the ohio epa says the most
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below the federal standard for lead.d.f state leaders say the operatorsee brings water plant waited months to notify people about the potential health hazards.ds but, to epa of employees were fired, and one was demoted, over how the situation was handled. and this getters they just 44 homes have tested above federal limits for lead since mid-january. what lies ahead for johnny manziel? >> still to come here at 10:00, dallas police released new details in their investigation. what we are learning about the disturbing allegations against the cleveland browns quarterback.nd >> and drivers forced to follow the law, while the city is not. why some in a local community are furious about red light camera ticket.o >> plus, one of the holidayso most popular gifts, going up in flames. the stern warning for manufacturers over those
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welcome back to fox 8 news at 10:00. a live picture now . looking east and the traffic is moving slowly smoothly. a gorgeous day in northeast ohio and lots of outdoor activities going on today including back yard are the cues and people on the greens. concerts going on downtown and jen, lots of stuff, but reality is about to strike, right question mark. >> we sure had a taste of spring this afternoon.
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67 degrees we are just shy of the record of 69 degrees. akron/canton did break their record today.n/ it could be worse. take a look at where we were last yearer on this day. 17 degrees below. everyone sending and shots of how the much they enjoyed the warm weather. this is perfect tight t flying weather in olmsted falls. we did have a nice walk at veterans park and even our workers had a nice day yesterday too. loving the weather. it's going to change though. a cold front pushed in this evening and didn't bring anything with that but cooler temperatures. but, itit is still not bad. 49 degrees and west lakes s and 53 degrees and alliance. we have a reinforcing cold front to push through later on
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even colder temperatures back to the region. winds have relaxed and we are between 3-3-eight mile-per-hour winds right now.t you are not going to hear it tonight like he did last night. we had when gus upwards of 50 miles per hour. here comes another front as it moves into tomorrow afternoon. with this,it just expecting cloud cover and if you had plans to travel south you'll likely run into a few showers. cooler air will filter in tomorrow and highs only in the low 40s. a differentin, big time, temperature. increasing clouds tomorrow and it will be cooler with 43 degrees. more clouds and sunshine but i don't expect rain or snow in the area. here'ssnsn a look at the eight day
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to start off the remember, it is the last week of february. we will you doc in mid- 30s on wednesday monday -- tuesday night into wednesday we are going to get a little bit of rain, snow, sleet, back to snow and falling temperatures.t more wind and snow on thursday and lake effect snow and a lot colder as we wrap up the end of february. changes, yes. >> i'm going to hold onto that 67 degrees all week long. >> who knew? i felt he can get you in trouble with police. >> while, at least this healthy.. why a man was forced to turn himself in after this picture was made public. >> and it is a video that will leave you smiling. this touching moment between these two siblings, that had
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to new york city police officers are recovering after they were shot early this morning. investigators say an armed suspect crashed his car directly into the officer's car, then tried to drive away.wa this aspect of the officers exchanged gunfire. one officer was shot in his bulletproof vest and the othert was shot and hit. fortunately both are expected to survive. >> this morning's
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the important and dangerous and crucial work that are police officers dod in the way they put their lives on the line for us every single day and that is whyhe this city is kept safe because these men and women step up for us. >> the suspect was shot several times. he is in critical condition tonight. if he survives, he will face attempted murder charges. >> salvage teams have recover the helicopter that crashed in i sync into pearl harbor. five people were on board the chopper when it suddenly lost altitude and slammed into the water thursday. rescuers were able to get everyone out safely, but one person suffered serious injuries. today, a team pulled the records to the surface and hauled it away so investigators from the ntsb and faa can determine what went wrong. t more than 18,000 americans want to become astronauts. nasa saysys it got a huge response to its astronaut candidate
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the actual number is 18,300. that is almost three times as many applicants nasa .-dot first class astronaut class in 2012. the previous record was set back in 197818s thousand people signed up to see if they have the right step. it's a very tough job to get. nasa will only select between 8-14 people to go through astronaut training, in fact, there have only been 338 astronaut since 1959. wow. >> would you like to the viewhe that? >> absolutely not. >> at the video have to see to believe. >> still to come here at 10:00, scary moments caught on camera. the close call a school bus had with a speeding train.o >> and it's a call of firefighter did not expect to receive. why he is now being credited with saving his father's life. >> coming up later in sports,
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go for a fourth straight win. plus, day two of spring training for the indians.p and when will we see channing frye and a cavs uniform? all
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a north carolina man not only has goodt samaritan to think for saving hisam life, but his own
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>> the 60 -year-old class in a grocery store, and that's when a high school student and several nurses rain a over to help him. >> i'm a believer in god and i think it was god's plan for me to be therevend. >> the young man was able to do chest compressions as first responders made their way to the store. one of those first responders, a firefighter, who also happen to be the victim son.n. >> i took over assisted with respiration, the chief asked me if i was all >> all i can say is thank you lord for these people to help i mean, all the way through the beginning, all the way through the hospital and now. i can't express how much we do appreciate it really. >> michael spent ten days inap the hospital butys is now back at home with a clean bill of health. >> a horrific car accident. a local man trapped inside his burningan car facing certain death. >> i thought to myself i'm not when you get out of here. >> monday on fox 8 news at
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the victim is certain it was an angel who appeared in saved his life. the amazing story of a rescue that even first responders can explain. angels among us, a fox 8 news exclusive, monday news at ten. >> what's next for johnny manziel? >> dallas please release new information is the cleveland browns quarterback facesis disturbing allegations. what they arein saying about the texas incident. >> in a college student in hot water.r. his prank that school officials
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itit ed gallek with that story. >> that j posted by red light camera. the driver more determined thanre ever to fight the ticket after what the i team uncovered. reded light camera spitting out tickets and finds. yet the city, not following state rules for having the cameras. eileenll spivak is furious. she drove that gee. >> wou want me to follow law, butll you don't follow the law. i'm not charging you for doing something illegal. i >> here, euclid avenue is cleveland. city issuing tickets this way have to send reports to the state but lookss. in a letter to the state, east cleveland said the city is not operating the cameras. instead a private company does. but come on. the company runs the cameras for ease clevelandb cleveland. >> there trying to skirt the law. you don't want me to skirt the law but you are?w. they're not following ohio revised code. >> you guys have the cameras there for your benefit, it's not
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on the law. >> this they also states should have cops at the cameras. east cleveland big cities should have a right to make up their own traffic laws.thfi >> why is it fair then for joe bey that law but the city doesn't have to obey the state lawaw to have those cameras there? >> we have our laws and our people have approved and endorsed. >> so what's the penalty for towns not following state laws> for red light cameras filing reports question mark the stateat tells the i team it could withhold tax money for cities such as ease cleveland, but the state not doing that, at least not yet come until court cases of are the cameras get decided. >> so, eileen spivak left with a $95 ticket. she is appealing. >> i feel it is extortion. >> dallas police just released r new details about theirei investigation of johnny manziel. the browns quarterback
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assaulting her. and this getters are looking at surveillance video from the night of generate 30th, when colleen crowleyo called 911 claiming manzo hit her several times and dragged her into a car. crowley's attorney saysgg his client suffered a ruptured or jump and says manziel threatened to kill both crowley and himself.f police are also reviving her medical recruit records from theom night. the incident led to a judge issuing a protection order,ti barring men's l from contacting crowley. police have yet to conduct major part of the investigation by action speaking to manziel. >> the detectives work around victims and witnesses schedules which can sometimes delay the process. as of today there have been no determination as to what chargeof if any will be filed against mr. manziel. >> have you talked to mr. manziel yet question mark. >> no. we are lettingye the detectives do their due diligence. we wait till all the facts are
10:35 pm
presented to the prosecutors. >> to recap, dallas please have both surveillance video and medicalnc records from the alleged assault. but they still have not interview johnny manziel. theyew hope to wrap up the investigation by the end of the month,th meantime, the browns have indicated they plan to release manziel asha soon as the nfl calendar allows, which would be march 9. >> wind here today, but nothing compared to the weathernd in the windy city. wind gusts in chicago hit 70 miles per hour last they were so strong that they ripped pieces off the side of several high raises and sent construction materials flying. also, scary moments at a gas stationf has the heavy windsnd d- knocked over a structure, ripping it support beams right out of the and this was the scene a few hours west in iowa where a powerful gust near 60 miles per hour flipped this tractor-trailer on its side.
10:36 pm
driver got away with only minor driver got away with only minor injuries but there were several otherer big rigs that were blown off the road all over the hockey state last nights. >> there is the good with the bad. that was obviously the bad but it was those wins that brought those accidents. >> yes, so if you like the 60-degree temperatures you think the southerly wind.d. boy it was a great day today. we hit 67 degrees. a lot of us tied records or have record-breaking feats and you can find that on our fox 8 weather facebook page. you can see where we broke records and akron/canton was one of them.
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still warmer than average. it's going to be a mess tuesday night into wednesday and thursday. you have to stay tuned for the ending february on a cold and snowing out in the upper 20s and low 30s plusn lake effect snow is possible. right now it is 47 degrees in cleveland and the wind has died down tonight. akron/canton is 45 degrees and a wind around 7 miles per hour. the temperatures are still at least inte the 40s and 50s atat the moment but you can see over the last 24 hours that we are 9 degrees cooler than what we were yesterday at this time. this will be the case as it is all coming in from the north and west with a reinforcing cold front that will sweep through thel area tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will hover in the low 40s.
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ohio -- not expecting rain or snow tomorrow- but you will note it is definitely a lot cooler and not as windy, but clouds will be around. 48 degrees right now in elyria in the same of brunswick. barbara ten came in at 69 degrees. -- increasing clouds and cooler. winds have died down and you notice the clouds starting tomorrow morning mainly along the lake shore. the further you go south is whereu you see some sunshine through the day. by noon,o a mix of sun and clouds to mostly cloudy. the end of your day on monday starts off with clouds but we get rid of them. it could end up with lots of
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tuesday as well.h an uneventful start your week. 43 degrees tomorrow and much cooler. i hope you enjoy today and got out. it was just absolutely gorgeous. 35 degrees onus monday and 43 degrees on tuesday. temperatures will be falling through the day on wednesday and with that we would get rain turning over to sleet and snow. some lake enhance snow on wednesday. thursday and friday we are definitely windy and falling temperatures back into reality. it will be more like the end of february.e >> i see you guys are smiling, finally. >> how can you be grumpy when it 67 degrees?
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>> i was more than grumpy. when it 17 below i am. >> as a reminder, fox 8 is your official school closing station. get all of your school closings and delays online andofho on air. >> it was a close call. >> a terrifying encounter a bus full of students had with a speeding train. >> thousands gathered today in washington agt look at the touching tribute for supreme court justice
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thousands in the nation's capital pay their respect infiltrate the life of late supreme court justice antonin scalia who died last week atco the age of 79. >> fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream has more on the ceremony.s >> thousands gathered today at washington's basilica of thea national shrine, the largest roman catholic church in north america, to bid farewell to antoninurrt gregory scalia, the 103 guess this is that on the us supreme court.ou today's funeral mass was celebrated by his son, the father paul >> antonin died with christ and rose with him to new life. making now share with him eternal glory. >> speaking about his father, schooley ofin the sun noted his father's belief that funerals
10:44 pm
gospel them on the decease.e. his high court colleagues were w among those who gathered to grieve and celebrate the life of a jurista both critics and supporters agreed was a a powerhouse whose and parts will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of godod has import out into her how hearts through the holy spirit that is been given to us. >> by's's president and mrs. biden, with long had a friendship with the scalia family,a represented them ministration today. school he is sun also noted during the funeral mass the relationship his father saw betweenu his commitment to christ and his country. >> when faith is planned from the public square where when we refuse to bring it there,e so he understood there was no conflict between loving god and loving one's country. between one's faith and public service. >> justice justice glee is burial was a privatetpu family event. as for his colleagues, they will
10:45 pm
a new round of cases.o in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> president obama spending partpa of his week in review nominees to fill the vacant spring court seat. the president carriedrt a heavy binder of background information and i research on several potential candidates out of the oval office friday. republicans are threatening tong block obama's nominee, was something we should wait and let the next president decide on a replacement.e >> it's a beauty of technology. >> still to come tonight, how please say a self he helped to solve a crime. >> and a college student and hot water.r.l
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we take a live look looking west down downtown and a beautiful look. you know what i see jennifer question mark no snow on the ground. on the ground. hoverboard makers may soon get at with recalls if they don't get their act together. that's the warning from the consumer product safety commission he issued to manufacturers, importers and retailers. some models of the self balancings scooters are prone to p catching fire and exploding. several airlinesg. have band hoverboards and they arerl not permitted on public streets and sidewalks in london, new york
10:49 pm
>> a university of wisconsin student is in hot water for a a prank thatfo went too far. the student was disciplined after he tapedr swastikas and a picture of adolf hitler on the door of a fellow student on the same floor. according to university officials, the two and other students on the floor were engaged in some sort of prank the act isn't being labeled as a hate crime, rather a prank that wentbe too far. the victim did not present any criminal charges. >> a bus full of students as a terrifying encounter with a speeding train. watch this video out of houston, showing, a speeding train barely missing a school bus. you can see the train passing by mere inches on the rear of the bus with students on board. the driver reportedly pulled across the tracks and barely made it through before the train passed by. >> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward. everyone was just really freaking out and really terrified.d.e >> the school released a
10:50 pm
been let go for not followingem proper procedures. >> slc helps police crack the case of the stolen kindle in california. a few days after the kindle was stolen from a car, the owner noticed new photos of the suspect t that were automatically uploaded to the cloud. the woman had an ash marking on her forehead, indicating to policee that the photos were taken after the theft, which happened before ash wednesday. the manft who police say stole the kindle turned himself in after the photos were released. police say the woman is the suspects mother and had nothing to do with the theft.s you have to remember the cloud is always out there. >> just like a camera, and never blinks. >> a priceless momentnt between a brother and sister. >> still to come tonight, what this young girl dead that brought the two siblings to tears t. >> up next in sports, ohio state needs over timeo and nebraska,
10:51 pm
about the starting rotation in the cavs prep for the first road game in three weeks. who will suit up for the wine
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this is a story that will certainly have you smiling.hi >> a little girl gets the sistere of the year award for her gift to her brother.wa >> it's a hamster, i paid for it are you crying? because i am. >> after the little girl got a
10:54 pm
decided he wanted one, too. he started doing chores to pay for it, but his sister had anotherer idea in mind. she used her $55 in birthday moneyey to surprise her brother with his new pet. >> hi everybody. the channing frye debut include limobu have to wait another day as fry has yet to complete his physical to begin playing with cavaliers. fry was acquired from the orlando magic on thursday, just before the trade deadline. the cavs are being throw with frey who had a heart condition during the 2012-2013 season that kept him out of the lineup, but he played all 82 games the following year. friday not practice today with the team and the cats are not concerned.dada >> no concern. we have no concern at all. we just are being as thorough as we need to >> the cavaliers had practice
10:55 pm
road game with the thunder. it is the first road game since february 3. shumpert is questionable for tomorrow's game with a sprained left shoulder. he did not practice today. lebron james says oklahoma city presents a lot of >> i would like to say we match up with anyone but they are a matchup problem. you have two guys that can give you 40 or 50 on any given night and that's a matchup problem. for our team we have to defend the best we can and try to make it tough on those guys. >> a tough afternoon for the csu vikings men's bath while team as they a lose to uw milwaukee 88-54. the monty flanagan posted his fifthfl double double of the season. the ohio state buckeyes were looking forst their fourth straight win as they took on nebraska. a tough first half for the buckeyes who scored just 21 total points, the fewest and a half since they scored 18 against indiana.
10:56 pm
an 11-point lead on the lyle layup and he led ohio state with 19. lau makes to key free throws in the closing seconds of regulation to send the game into overtime. in overtime, while gets the go-ahead bucket and ohio state things onto the when and overtime 65-62. they were fired up at sullivan jim sa acknowledges battled saint ed's.u james burger steal the ball from matthew gonzalez and lays it up and in.t state it mashes has the out the game going, burger bears the long three and the wildcats in control. on the still,ee burger again finishes it off with a layup in the wildcats beat saint ed'sth 52-49. it was so nice, the indiansi could have played twice today over at progressive field. the indians were on the field todayf in goodyear arizona for day two of spring training for pictures and getters. the first week of practice, terry francona says he wants his pitchers working on nothing but
10:57 pm
as far as the rotation goes, nothing has changed lynch tried fasto, the fifth and final spot in the starting rotation is up for grabsna in the indians hope they have several options early and the season. >> if what happens at the end of camp s and we send somebody down or somebody to the bullpen, i can certainly understand how that can aggravate a player, but if that's what we end up doing, that means her pictures are healthy which is a good thing. >> and don't forget the daytona 500 is tomorrow at fox at 1:00. chase elliott -- >> 20 years old, amazing. >> a look at the forecast. will it be 60s again? >> no. we will be in the mid to upper 30s and low 40s through the day but we are of rain free and snow free. we will see sunshine from time to time.ndf
10:58 pm
week but tuesday night into thursday is our next big storm system and a track is key rainout. it looks like snow changing terrain and back to snow again. it will be the heavy wet snow like we saw the last time. >> can we just hold onto today? >> i want to see how warm it was for the indians today to see if we rivaled that. >> thank you. that is all the time we have for fox 8 news at 10:00. the morning crew is here beginning at 7:00 a.m. 0. x until then, have a great night everyone.
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