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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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it's february 2622. what is going on this monday my name is kristi capel. let's check in with scott sabol weatherwise. it is 6:00 right now. and uneventful couple of days which isd good.oo we need that prick we had the break over the weekend temperatures will continue to climb thepe average high is 39 degrees anything below that is belowt normal as we start to increase the sun angle ends shift the seasons a little bit and asl reflected with our average high temperature and southern stormte systems trackingtr a little further west notn tracking through northern ohio sometime on wednesday which means primarily rain and went not so much snow until thursday
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see the pattern begin to shiftgi to become much colder. upper 20s a lower 30s we have fog developing by the way there is the southern system and it does not look like whole lot right now, but that the end of tomorrow this will really start to is often track further north and eventually track further northern ohio will keep an eye on that at this point after the fire burns offffo o s by thnlookut ts n tual on white northeast went which will be the dominant when taking us through tomorrow.w.h
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one 30this no space is out thoseos ramps will close they sponsorth will be here alternate sign. they are controversial move by ohio governor john k-6. that money goes to that performh abortions in newborns that money
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organizations that he they say are ill-equipped to handle also servicesy they said rather than listen to the majority of ohioansdli he decides to take sides and they do a lot for reproductive health.h they are considered a moderate republicansns send the stones a
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and just intense than the a bizarre and terrifying story just got even stranger.r. was it over driver and it appears that he was picking up passengers in between attacks. todd meany is here with the update. a people shot in three different locations the looking back they were picked up at 12:12 a.m. an hour and a half at the last shooting at a cracker barrel barrel shooting were four people
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the evening is also come forward this is not known he was in dolls clark's an hour and half before the shooting he said it was so shaken by the red that he posted this on facebookath a warning to other writerswa he also called 911 that they fittedh it did not seem concerned it started about 90 minutes later the suspect is due in court this one was confirmeds that he was a driver he passed the background checks they're promising tohe cooperate with the investigation. as you said while toto have all those things happening in at
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that nobody reassess but it's that happened that these 30th street and community college evidence last evening around 5:00 p.m. 14 -year-old dryness stolen minivan was speeding when he went through a 17 -year-old and the was thrown from the verizon and pronounced dead at the scene.e. the 14 year end of the passer were taken to the hospital the severe injuries the drivers of ago the vehicles are not hurt. investors are trying to fear was sparked a fight that caused extensive dancea north royalton cults of this hasn't record record about 2:30 for people living inside managed to get out safelyle fired runs from north and brought filled height
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home are on our county forsi theth republic we service driver notice the body saturday and call police police that he is a shocking plus off west markett street at the time that driver madei several previous stops in akron copley fit in this years are trained fear where the body wasueys found dead the 42 world is charged with two counts of aggravated murder he shotou and killed his two siblings inside the home they shared on babcock roadib he confessed to the crimehe during a 911 call to the hinckley police dispatchers he's being held on a $10 million bond fox 8 i team has discovered
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by an instrument nancy mcdonald community-based correctionaly the latest seven friday and when the suspect onth probation and robbery case apparently broke out of a window 60 inmates from that facility had disappeared without permission 20s have not beened there weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead a recap of what's expecteda at the next state smoke.t by early afternoon still running just a notch below average to thisju when will we seewi temperatures climb will talk
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and some snow by the end of the we've had a couple glitches for the monday morning commute knowledge you know all about and
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the going to take in these punch hours they can have you to chewo
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wayne and kristi back to you. in the news the dust may be settling after close races and south gone and nevada. the remaining campusva are just getting john roberts is in greenville south carolina with the very latest from the campaign trail. ceric for the only seven people left in the race for the white housefo candidates are going fulll speed ahead into a crucial with donald trump showing c sunday thatn he can even spend technical i like that much those are lights were brutal. his solid when has marco rubio and ted cruz now justin foror position as an alternative to trump stars untilti about that things are pretty can't sayan you're going to make america great you're going youer have toto explain how.w. donald trump has demonstrated that he has a relatively high
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a feeling.elpo john k-6 is not making any campaign stops focusing his efforts onakcam crucial southern states on the blue side of theut of the recording is hoping she can harness the momentumor into a push for southccarolina and superd the site goes on the future we brought withintu bernie sanders is showing no signs of shop slowing down. though wind is that are back we have felt momentum in theirth pelican seven the patrick of this is a pick week as everything rushes towards superpe tuesday. in greenville south carolina john robertsts
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someosos -- he also defend them:them lieshe after going public with their allocationsbl he has denied the allegations and has not been chargededed the us supreme court iss back in session today first time since in school he arguments willsc go get underway scully aly died while visiting a texas ranch barack obama hasas if you're just getting up it is 18 minutes after 6:00.yo
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thursday. all away to the beginningcof next week. heading outside will send it back to you.yo spring is on the way, but so are the paul's ford is in that a new technology that lets you jump over them. we see how this works. >> some roads are so bad that potholes are is possible to avoidis what if you could just jump overu them. that's what the ford fusion sport can do when it's nott busyu carving of the road itself has been programmed to know when it w encounters the edge of apollo and it reacts the same way you do when bracing for impact. s i can keep the wheel from falling into aep hole by allowingl it to skip over as demonstrated
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time for real will fit this is evens better job saving the poison innocent ping-pong balls. partially depends on how fast the cars going unfortunately it won't be c on sale until summerum when most of those things we there's always next winter and the next month in new york, fox news. >> 6:26 a.m. will haveve an update on weather and traffic at one of our top stories the man accused of going on a shooting spree in killing six people was driving for you were during his during his attacks. we'll have a house first responders are able to save two
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if you joined us over the weekendrn especially friday and saturday morning weid still had some snowha cover but the snow is gone and the temperatures is still running slightly above averageg for this time of year. we'll check it out on a reallya couple of cool looking sunset jen showed a bunch of these yesterday.
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ready for us. this is a fiery sunset yesterdayye with the middle class left over i think will have a few more very similar to this tonight and tomorrow night. cleveland at 31 we do have some fogla as we look ahead now into the forecast for tomorrow a it's the deepening low that's developing over eastern texas another one most of the subtract to the east of us this is going to be a little bit different air will start toir track right through northern ohio on wednesday theth good part about this forecast as we look at very little wind this morning is that we are not anticipating anyan heavy or what snow from us right
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painesville 27c north olmsted and bedford in the low 30s 30s and came in route to a high between 37 and 40 degrees pretty nice lows in the middle 20sth with a northeast went tomorrow hinckley get back into the middle 40s look at the forecast ast the low trucks through western ohio help bringel temperatures back into thei middle and upper 40s could touch 50 on wednesday. the trifecta of this on theh backside of this low as it tracks north of cleveland eventually this lowt deep enough it shouldn't be a major event
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as we look ahead were going to see several shots of colder aird is certainly highlight of these individual events. temperatures will be running normally when you get snow this time of year it's always heavy snow.t thank you for making us feel
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it is just try to scare us. is starting to slow they have the westbound side of drake close but a bennetttt and west one 30th everyone to get out of the house okay.o
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wayne and kristi. if you have a statement in from when he going anywhere performs abortions. -- the love the governor signedgn prevents more than $1 million he had been expected to sign this measure they said that it shouldi be deep funded after is
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is simplyl denounced by the president planned parenthoodd for women across ohio by doing thisor their illuminating care for expectant mothers and new points among other they provide birth control a chafee's screening and people in the state and in this country need those types of things.n very mixed emotions on both republicans say that that money was out code to other health clinicscs in the state. it's an goober driver and police
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during his this was sent her read in any way shape or form. and the victim's hospice is expected to survive more than four hours later another attack is mfo father teenage killed killing four and injuring another he was finally arrested joseph for 1230 passenger wholl wrote offense described his troubling behavior he get maybe a mile from my house.rr
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started driving erraticallyat the fears for even more of rape in reporting. over has confirmed that tells us e the driver and that he passed his background checksks a company also offers two dogs are luckyl to be alive this play after getting straight on icy waters thankfullyivt the township fire department the daring rescue there wasr olcott on let's take you to the videotape now.le
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insulted eyes. they were very nice and they gotey out their boat in their rescue equipment the ducks were in the middle of the least. wewe couldn't get to them ourselves. >> it was very scary too much her pet strugglear they were taken to an emergency got to be checked out and it looks like they're going to be okay.y. we all know music of the power to transformhe to make us sous sadness or choice for anything else just by what's being played.d.s they were awarded new instruments of their very own. there chose after getting
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needed them. our hope is that by giving these jump he won't is john barrowrr they can expand the possibilities that new n instrument can be a tickete towards the new scholarship. given away 350 instrumentsum nationwide tighter close to a quarter million dollars.ti it is 6:39 a.m. an update on your and traffic every eight minutes to tell her to sound off that's taking your comments next. head over to'' announce the winning school on thursday and
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the woman in the funding of all the preventative measures will hurt everything they strive to provide pay therapy in the state of ohioid that perform abortions. i don't want or need to hear if you don't want to use theirs services thin film. no one has the rightht to sue wish you can do with their health. we want to hear from you recommend taking over
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or to her portionsro plannednn parenthood would be one of those. to me about twitter or on and instagram at thank you, todd. >> is 6:46 a.m. will play the coffee quiz a scott when we come back. find out how you can take part in a giant festival honoring its 30 year anniversary.f and service technician per for more information t on this and a
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movie there's also a two day tour to someal of the film and locations like that area over the parade without and the art institute of chicago tickets are $175 a day if you are interestedi go to and look under seeing on tv you may get a chance to see a star. anda see the movie for the 20th about ten minutes and sells 7:00 a.m.:0 that's your time. we've had a couple things happening. down and north reference they still have the westbound side of drake closed from bennett too west one 30th i just spoke with police asking a timetable they said they are hoping to have it reopen by sevens that that so far the westbound side of drake is still close that's because of an earlier outside a
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everyoneon to get out okay. a few more cars out and about but still moving pretty well top end of 77 is starting to get a little more busy as you head into town andad up towards the end about bridge we had these ramp closures that are supposed to begin in just a few minutes. those are scheduled to close around seven that's for the reduced to onto the sponsor once again those of the ramps at edgewater.r. they will take you to the eastbound side.e. scott is here with the eight-day
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this is going to track upp through ohio the movement on that low will dictate onta wednesday or whether or not it's to fit into thursday there's still some time and elements that have yet to be worked outut like a year and he workweek to see soap rain from and for sure.w it's going to get real windy and trending much colder through the upcoming weekend. winter is definitely not over by a long shot.gte there's that you are forgot the paper that had the contestants first mix at the los angeles notes
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is she did. and then i pray that scott knows it all. that's impressive tv. hello raymond. that's how my mind works this are in the morning. for techor about patents. maybe he had a patent first. as shed of patents thanks a lot history make them out of pain get you could have made billions of dollars. i know qb living onrs here's thee' question that i hit the button. yes. here rico. what one of these inventions was issued a pattern back in
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almost to the pits there's a patent issued for one of these inventions. the pizza box favor the pocket protector was with the plastic paperclip. t you seen some of the paperclips that are plus those hadn't had to been invented at some pointdn i'm going with a plastic paperclip.p. raymond what do you think. should be the pizza box favor. he ordered pizza and you know those littleer plastic doodad there in the middle of the pizzap
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actually invented somebody spent millions of dollars you know howh do we protect that pizza box from person testing. absolutely those issued way back in the day.ay there you go. for tickets to the akron homeh and partial coming up third gets you ready to adapt to and mcdonald's can certificates. thank you so much. we will talk to you later. goodbye raymond. goodbye. topics who knew. that's what they called the boy genius. 6:55 a.m. is your time. keep it right here on fox 8 news. up next. and he is a headed out west. find out where he is playing the rest of the season. let's check in with the crumpton of kenny.
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we have some are some cart racers hereni in the dinah when we come back d will show you what you're doing.
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to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this.. on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy. which should make you...
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turning much colder by the weekend it is 7:02 a.m. >> we are starting to see more volumeme the cavs and in the pistons play tonight under i 90 will be close night until three today and tomorrow right about now we have been warned indicted for morning you
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went to one from the shore where it will be closed until mid may. basically they are taking it to the eastbound side of the sure way this is 90 atsid west boulevard for 80 at granger westbound still not too bad. a house fire i just spoke with police before talking to you and they say the westboundth is open everyone that did make it out safely. >> our top story governor john kasich is signed a controversial bill cutting offgn funding for planned f parenthood. >> there is definitely strong feelings on both sides
7:04 am
issue there move made by governor kasichis stop funding planned parenthood is one of those places although it is not name specifically in the legislationon opponents argue many of those clinics do not have the capability to do while planned parenthood does they say governor kasich should be ashamed and a fight the fight
7:05 am
sad day i they would still be getting their the services they still need. >> talking about it in pluggedl in today stacy, thank you so much.od police say it was an cooper driver and picked up and drop off passengers between shootings. officers say he shot five people outside of cracker barrelel of 14 -year-old girl among those killed her father and son also gunned down on her car dealership in a woman and condemned outside an apartment >> they got maybe a mile from my house with a telephone call m and after that telephone call he started driving really
7:06 am
>> he was not on anybody's radar for any reason he did not have a ha lengthy criminal history and yet here he is he shot a people andeop killed six. >> the community held a vigil police are still trying to figure out what motivated the attackss firefighters will cars to a house about 230 this morning for people from the inside gote out side safely asserted in the garage and spread to the house fire departments and strongsville and broadview heights all helped out in battling the flames hei meanwhile, cleveland police have released new information on our crash that is killed one person one college avenue last evening
7:07 am
driving a stolen minivanef went through website and crashed into the two other vehicles the 17 -year-old was formed from the t vehicle pronounced dead at the scene to 14 -year-old and another passenger taken to the hospital with severe injuries the other vehicles when were not heard.h >> garbage correct structure were called 911 he had just pulled up to us ahe speedway on broadview road the chris got the man out police believe may have the hospital with an ankle injury.
7:08 am
february 6. sims effectively confessed he is being held on a $10 billion bond. the cavaliers and golden state warriors may have a reunion because the former cavaliers forward is finally going cleveland traded him to portland last week as part of a three team trade. he did sign with golden state and will become a veteran's minimum for the rest of the season there you go. >> it would be interesting. >> 7:08 a.m. still ahead - - a monster cyclone left behind in fiji. >> bill cosby's wife has been ordered to testify about sexual
7:09 am
husband. what it could mean for aga the comedian in his case.. >> also - - we cannot lose this election . >> the race is on for jeb bushor supporters we have an update on the campaign trail after the big republican party shake up. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody nine minutes after 7:00 o'clock. we will see some sunshine today.oc look at our out but on storm fox river with o how high it will get we will see some snow event closures and road closures find
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will come back. fiji is cleaning up after a devastating cyclone. sacraments to which it said it is being blamed now for at least 20 deathsin the country just lifted its curfew and the airport just opened schools will be closed again today out of caution.lo >> bill cosby's wife is is set to begin it up deposition today
7:13 am
are back on the campaign trail. >> people are amazing people. we want to win a time. we are going to when we're going to when we're going to win. trump celebrated a victory over the weekend which had jeb bush drop out. the remaining are working on picking up his supporters. bernie sanders says it is far from over following his clinton victory in nevada. >> this campaigngn is gaining momentum because we are listening to the american people. >> they are now turning their people> to south carolina on saturday.
7:14 am
runningng she said she never thought sure get to see how black president in her lifetime the 106 rolled finally gotna six-year-old finally got her invite during her visit she playfully danced with him. h >> also in celebration of black history montho. >> bill will go to the museum they are trying to build here in cleveland today tomorrow and wednesday. >> 7:14 a.m. is your time right now. >> we go back in. >> we are starting to see the normal stuff happening as you come into town the ramps are still where they aree to and from the west sure way there.
7:15 am
will eventually go of this will be through midway mid may. partially squeezing in that left-hand laneepa it just kind of o shut up we will keep our eye on that. o seventy-one is back down from west 25th on the inner belt bridge finding out if westbound is still closed and it has been closed due to an earlier house fire everyone got out okay and is still around the net and west 24th. >> good morning, scott. >> good morning, everybody be temperatures struggled a little bit this morning the sunshine will be peeking through here
7:16 am
photos submitted to fox eight on twitter and facebook this is from lunch field yesterday. we have a had a whole bunch in here that this was saturday and aj was coming together for us look what happens by the end of the weekend we startedd with the western and it northern side of lake eries it started driving most of the ice away from northern ohiohe assignment of the changing weather patterns here and she's shooting with the job back as we look at the forecast now these are more frequent. el
7:17 am
saw that on social media with some of the other news outlets especially the southern jetstreamam this one attacks more into northern ohio the winds are relatively light 31 tomorrow we will filter fill the influence of that with clouds coming in 37 and 21 giving way to a warmer day tomorrow 44o cloud cover will pick it up. we will continue to see temperatures climbing with high 40s to near 50 the drawback is not only will a get windy but more than likely we will get three quarters of an inch of rainn on the backside of this we will see our transition probably a transition probably
7:18 am
wednesdayu again there are several variables thinking this may attract further to that used you need to keep an eye on that and we will have a clipper developing late this weekend that could produce a couple of snow showerssth we are anticipating some additional snow cover by this time. certainly the colder temperatures with the chance chances of snow are there. as they are still hanging a round we talk about governor casey can the money he has pulled tol organizations like planned parenthood.. here is stacy fry
7:19 am
go. >> i thoughtst obama care was supposed to take carec of alle these woman if everyone was anve insuredry what is are the thea planned parenthood for him in the first place? >> i'm talking about a subject you are talking about this morningg i know that people make mistakes but to bring a child into this world and abuse him we don't want . -ellipsis tolerating governor kasich to the wrong one thing. to >> let's go to social media they came off the instagram page yes indeed he agrees with planned parenthood is there to help with us i would rather see them get birth control and education them become pregnant. >> the government should notn
7:20 am
preventative measures is not okay either. it is his going to step up andr. assist woman who are in need ass of help. >> it is how you get a hold of usus governor casey exciting the bill according to the legislation only provide. >> your time right now is 7:20 a.m. >> how the gap between the rich and the poor is growing. >> andnd working at a label where shew claims she was abuse after a legal set that. >> and how mark zucker berg plans to make it the a reality. >> kenny crumpton? >> will come to the nascar driving it is a higher voltage
7:21 am
racingvo they are whipping and turning and burning they are having a good time when we come back kicking it with kenny.
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we are in about parting truck you are probably wondering how we can stand in here. these are electric cars these are racing cars. t you have to break with your left footha you see to make this is the typical they this is what happens we have the other
7:25 am
out making more people have fun we have your other guys ready. it is coming out? >> everybody from a lot of harvard people as well as company events and awards all drivers need to be 13 and up as well as seasoned racers they come in and stay fresh that ist all ages and they come out and have a good time you guys want to wedding bridal shows? we thought how can we get people into theg that was at the i ask center and outdoors most bachelor parties people coming
7:26 am
time we have a great time with that.av we have a personal and corporate lake we are just finishing up our second round with it is racing that is all on a trial they spent people are having a great time. people want to come out they see it what are the hours? >> monday through thursday we are open at noon to ten and on saturday 11 to 11 and saturday 11 to ten. >> high-voltage high voltage
7:27 am
medina. we willg r go back to you guys in the studio. t so much fun. >> that was a great idea have you ever car go karting? >> all the time yes no doubt. a look at our top story. >> this morning reaction to the bill here in ohio. >> plus, a close call inside the tricky rescuell for those who fell through the ice. >> and wh i to it and vermilion we will announce the winning school
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will come back and 740 exactly is your time we want to thank you very much scott has aa look at an interesting eight day obviously something to change with this will become more winter like snoww the sunrise is looking pretty nicehe a lot of that will burn off pretty quick the system will develop normal high already approaching 40 degrees@ with the track on this thing initially t at this.we are going with primarily rain and eventually we will see colder air filtering and some
7:32 am
over the cold coast middlefield the 26 chagrin falls cuyahoga falls currently at 30 so today probably partly sunny early near average 37 - - 39 degrees this afternoon and in tomorrow we start building cloud cover the and notice most of the snow will stay further west should be in the 40s by tuesday night and stay there throughout the night on tuesday night throughout the early area. traffic time with pattyre. >> it is starting to get the busy for sure about russia i
7:33 am
metro curve071 77 shows a overbite warrensville center coming downtown to make cash tip offered seven against the pistons doors open at 5:30 p.m. and canal road right under i 90 last between the west between the hours of nine in 3:00
7:34 am
7:35 am
othersic say they are ill-equipped to handle these serviceshe case a two-sided to take sides with radical extremists to work were recently indicted on felony chargesmi ohio is now competing with texas and louisiana for worst state in the nation for women's >> i believe women have control h of theira bodies and should be the one to have control.ont >> even if he was republican oran democrat you would think he was still human. >> i think planned parenthood can to all lot do a lot for women's healthhi a but at the same time we have to watch it.
7:36 am
lawel after he came in a distant place in the south carolina primary.ou >> meanwhile, two dogs are recovering this morning after the report from the icy waters they were out playing on the property when they jump the lake and fell through the ice. thereju owner could not get them out herself so she had to call for helpou take a look at the body camerak images they worked very hard to get them out of theim icy water and were eventually able to get them out. the owners dogr the dog's owner says she is thankful. >> it was a very critical situation we are very appreciative of that in the fire department and what they have t been able to do for us.. >> civilians zillions is our now recovering and are expected to be okay.
7:37 am
over the weekend. o >> raising their voices as part different young musicians were awarded a new instrument 7:37 a.m. still ahead - - >> governor john kasichka defending its controversial move
7:38 am
>> one of the true pioneers ofee rock 'n roll fats domino was inducted into the inaugural class back in 1986 fox eight celebrating the sound of black
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will come back it is 740 this morning we are talking about the defunding of planned parenthood. >> a couple of fox to let you know about they say it was not going towards abortion it with hiv testing a mark john kasich is against abortion in the federal funding of it that money by the way the $1.3 million is one tenth of 1 percent of planned parenthood's annual budget their annual budget was $1.41 billion organization that investigated reports many of the 55 centers in ohio our volunteer run planned parenthood says they have healthcare workers running
7:42 am
>> such as same a struggling presidential candidate makes a moveca his timing raises eyebrows may be the government doesn't haveve a right to tell a woman what to do with their bodies. >> it's not about awi woman's right to choose it's about who pays for an elective surgery known as an abortion pay for it yourself. >> governor kasich is not say it could not use> planned parenthood he said that the tax dollars were not being spent to planned parenthood. martian tax my should tax dollars go therere when it is so controversial you wonder why we have the over ten to 20,000 kids sitting up in
7:43 am
womann have a baby. >> he's making a huge mistake your thoughts and comments coming up on the whole story facebook, twitter, instagram the voicemail line 2424259. >> if you are just getting up right now it is 7:43 a.m. >> facebook wants to put its social stamp everywhere find out how it plans to do that. >> and t we have another warm up
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>> locally have a follow-up further south of forecast relatively uneventful that changes the eight day forecast bringing wind in on wednesday 37 today mostly sunny clouds increasing brain develops
7:47 am
keep it in the mid 40s. how much snow weekend thursday will depend on the track there are all lot of variables that goo into this forecast and some indications it may track further east. the difference of 20 to 30 miles east will make a difference between one - - 3 inches of snowow right now we will go one - - three on thursday ri right now if i had to pick a location that would be further west. temperatures stay below normall during the weekend a different kind of weather system coming in saturday and sunday than the onein wednesday and thursday we talked about this this past weekk and this is exactly what we are talking about. fox eight news is your
7:48 am
traffic time with patty. >> we have been dealing with a couple of things all morning long, but first of all the ramp closures with the edgewater ramp redirecting you it is not ast hard as it may sound. between bennett and west 100 30th they are getting you through the area 1 the eastbound side is open that was the scene of an earlier house fire.e s seventy-seven and for 80 a parking lot from for 80 as youl make your way into downtown. for 80 eastbound between 271 every stop and go 11
7:49 am
22. >> the life expectancy grab cap is goinghe among men high income and are living about 12 years longer than low coming low income men2lon lower income men are getting smaller trucks over a shorter period of time. >> cash is getting helping hand from taylor swift according to the spokesperson she donated $250,000 to help offset on friday a new york judge ruled against releasing her from her contract with doctor luke she sued the producer in 2014 for sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing her. other singers like lady gaga demi-
7:50 am
have sent out messages virtual reality is a major initiative inside facebook. see how marked as a curb are made made a surprise appearance at the press conference to announce he is working to develop he believes it that is a major innovation will bring people together. >> 7:50 a.m. - - the dangers lurking online. >> coming up in our 8:00 o'clock hour parents, what you need to knowur to keep your children safe. >> good morning, kenny. >> we are here in medina at the high-voltage k> and are indoor race facility. when we come back, we will show you kicking it with
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okay, we are here in medina atat the high-voltage indoor race facility is the sun drivers out and getting some come back in. it's pretty much how they do it day in and day out. it is the shares.
7:54 am
opportunities here. we revenue cars brand-new cars in january look at some we are. busy onsy saturday but it is a great time. thirteen years old and at least 55 inches talls they one were in with the signs mean as well as everything in the car will let them know >> very good. let me get some of the drivers to come over here. we have a little bit of everybody who comes over. jason what do you do? >> i work for an asphalt company. it is pretty good. did you go out with a smile on
7:55 am
you are five b how old are you now? talk to us about your racing career what do you do? >> right now i go to south carolina and florida. >> can you guys have two cars of your own right now? >> yes. >> so this is kind of? good practice for you is it? >> yes. they are out there having fun. you look over here pretty young. are you? you area? you must be serious. >> just having fun just having fun. >> whatha do you like about it?
7:56 am
doesn't think so much we have a lot w coming up before you on fox eightef news in the morning. >> we are seeing things around clevelandar further out we have locally have the or fogr from a couple weeks back it will linger a little while longer we will get rain or snow or both? we will check it out in a little bit. >> stacy has been talking aboutb governor john kasich kasich cannot planned parenthood situation we will take your thoughts and comments on mad on today's plugged in.
7:57 am
step it up lebron, the cavaliers superstar getting heckled. >> and an internet safety expert will join uss a lot coming up and we are giving away a pair of tickets to see cheap trick out the rock all. don't go anywhere. it is all coming up
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, cleveland and
8:00 am
22nd day of we want to thank you very much for waking up with us. >> we hope you had a great weekend. >> scott has a look at the >> winter weather headlines quiet the next 36 hours6 approaching 40 this time of year another system coming in wednesday and thursdayno will take a truck will not take attractive new england it will go right over which meansgh rain and wind especially. whether we see - - not weather about how much snow we will see will be dictated with the track just a little further used with snow on thursday we will see what happens we have some pretty heavy fog here further southe


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