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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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on friday a new york judge ruled a nagainst releasing kesha from her contract with dr. luke.ew yoror not too big confused with doctord w j this isith doctor luke. kesha sued the producer in 2014, for sexually, physically and emotionally abusing her. other singers like lady gagaod, for sexy, demi lovato a pnd ariana grandehysically like ly gaga have all tweeted messages in support of kesha. there you go.go careful what your producer is. is. take advantage of you. you get into it with them theith t relationship who knows.hem on that. we are looking at those pictures.tures. flawless. isn't that nice she had her as the maid of honor. and just nkept that relationship going.ju and on if we want to take it asas a. how nice is that.hat. that's a beautiful bride by the way. beautiful. gorgeous. thanks. see you in a lwitaytl.e beautiful. goodbye. good morning monday for break 22 for br welcome back to the work wee i guess.guess.
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i'm stefani schaefer. hope you had a nice we can.. governor john is blocking planned parenthood fromi from receiving any state governmentrnmen money the latest on this controversial move plus will hear reaction on this monday.s michigan accused of killing half a dozenn you plan a series of of shootings picking up people ine between with his route more one the victims and how one man who was one of his m client said het knew something was wrong. they do such a big background bi check but he didn't havehave anything prior on that background check. anythin should gun manufacturers be held responsible for victims of gunf g violence. debate is taking center staget today the story and your comments in this morning'srning' download. everybody wants to know what thewan wets tather will be for this week as we had a beautiful saturday.o i have flower starting to come up. have f i can't believe it in february.february of course may be more snow on the way.
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meen.the way. 67 degrees on saturday. definitely nice but what ahat a beautiful sunrise this morning.mrning look at that some clouds s decorating the skies and of course decora color of there. fog inland quarter mile visibility this morning akron canton down to almostis zero at a mansfield. temperatures in the upper 20s lakeside we are close too freezing.freezin westlake 31. hudson 28. 29 in alliance and west salem sal and across the state dry airair trying to take hold right now most of the snow is still well to the north and we'll have s i would say a dry day today. tomorrow the same thing. the next weather system already forminge hing. t over the rockies and ad will pick up gulf of mexicoxi moisture heading our directionec we'll will have the details coming up. thank you. in the news this morning. a controversial move by ohio he has signed a bill thatcomove by defunds planned parenthood in
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our top story today. today. fox 8's stacey frey is live with more on the legislation and reaction to it.tacey frey i i good morning again. good morning. this was a move that wase that s expected by the governor but the govnor it's one that critics say willbutl endanger women's health. while planned parenthood isn't specifically named, the new law prevent money from going to places that perform abortions.ortion that's more thans. a millionlio dollars in state funding money planned parenthood usedn not forf abortions but to play for health screenings hiv testing testing contraception and care for expectant mothers and newborns. that money will go to other health clinics in the state,e,ex organizatiopens critics argue, are that ill equipped to handle all these services.anizations critt ill equipped the head of ohio's democraticic party said in a statementin a stment rather than listen to the majority of ohioans who oppose defunding planned parenthood, kasich decided to take sides sides with radical extremists who were recently indicted on felony charges.adics under kasich's right wingh's r win leadership, ohio is nowow competing with texas andting with texas a louisiana for worst state in the
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as you've been hearing allal morning long people we talked to we alked to viewers very mixed feelings about this. i believe women have control ofomen havntro their bodies and should be thel ones to control their bodies.ofthtrol thdies they shouldn't be legislated. even if he's a republican or aif he's a democrat, you would think he's still human.republic i think planned parenthood does a lot for reproductive health, but the abortion issue weighs it down. abortion for trace himself as a moderate as he's campaigning for president signs this bill intol law on sunday the day after he came in a distant fifth placeac and south carolina primary. stacey live for us in cleveland thanks.sti a michigan man accused ofn clevelan killing six people in a seriespeople in serie of random shootings is expecteds charges today.m shootings i to face a j nd he dropped off some passengers between shootings.pick the shootings took place in ti kalamazoo saturday night. officers say 45 year old jasonyear old n
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ap cracker barrel restaurant.le a 14 year old girl was amongr old g those killed.irl was a father and son were also were also gunned down at a car dealership,ip, while a woman was shot outsideman was an apartment complex. a man who took a ride fromk a ride fro dalton earlier in the night saysier in he coul d tell something wasnig not right. we got a mile from my house and then he got a telephone call and after he got that telephone call he started driving reallyly erratically.y.errati we were running stop signs. this guy was not on anybody'scall radar for any reason. s guy s no he didn't have a lengthy criminal history, he wasn't a known troublemaker, and yet here he is having shot eight people my goodness. my goodness. the community held a prayer police are still trying to the trying o morning.. oook m at what is just good morning.
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good developments out of middleburg heights right now a fire shuts down thebu emergency room atom at southwest general health center.enter. fire broke out around 8:00 last0 night in a cleaning utility roomity r outpatients and emergency move to another section of the hospital indolence also beingei diverted to other hospitals as well. good thing no body got hurt. no word on when the er will reopen this morning.ning. that's what's just in. back to you thanks. in the headlines today. cleveland police have released new information on a crash thatt in the he cle killed one person. it happened at east 30th streetppened and community college avenue at last evening around 5p.m.around 5p.m. police say a 14 year old drivingyear old driving a stolen minivan was speeding when he went through a red light and crashed into two other vehicles.ivan speedg light a 17 year old riding in the minivan was thrown from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.icle the 14 year old and another passenger were taken to metro
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severe injuries. vehicles were not hurt. not hu. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that caused extensive damage to a house in north royalton. firefighters were called to the n the a house on drake road, around 2:30 this morning. house got out safely. the homeowner told us it started four peoide the ho to the house. fire departments from north royalton, strongsville and broadview heights helped battle the flames. several cats inside the home, were unaccounted for. investigators in summit county are trying to identify the person whose body was found in e home,, t the back oforsin a garbage truck this weekend.summitn whos body waback of a republic waste services driver noticed the body saturday andbody saturd called police.ay a police say he was at a shopping plaza off west market street inarket fairlawn at the time. the driver made several previous stops in akron and copley.d copley investigators are trying to figure out where the body wasbody wa found. a hinckley man accused ofey man d of killing his brother and sisterin earlier g hithis month will face as other and judge. that should happen momentarily.y.judg 42 year old dean simms isld haen mome charged with two counts of
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killed his two siblings inside is ts ofgder. the home they shared on babcockhey share road on february fifth. simms effectively confessed tod the crime during a 911 call to aon b sims effe hinckley police.police. he is being held on a ten million dollars bond. the fox8 team has discovered another escape from a low level lockup in downtown cleveland. last year, the iteam firstllioox8 tea has disca low leve revealed chronic problems ofroni c escapes and walk aways byesca inmates from the nancy mcdonnellpeand walkancy mcdll community based correctional based the latest happened fridayd frid night, when a suspect on probation in a robbery case apparently broke out of aon window. i apparentl weeks ago, two other inmatesa there disappeared.go, two ot the cuyahoga county court said late last year, 60 inmates from the facility had disappeared had dispeared without permission. of those 60 only 20 have been found. a village leader in sebring sayseader i the community has spent about 70nity has thousand dpeollars dealing withnt abo the water crisis. that we've been telling you about.tellin the village manager says most of the money was spent on engineering fees in the past month.. thage manager s os t the community has been dealingof
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nth.munity ea water.r. two epa workers have been fired, and another was demoted for how demofor h they handled the problem.ed the pro plans are now in place to startblemre treating the water, to keep lead nowin placter, from leaching into it, from old pipes.o keep lead from lea there could be a reunion in cleveland in june, if the cavs nba finals. forward anderson varejao is signing with golden state. elannd warrrs meet ls. cleveland traded the braziliand trad the b bigman to portland last week,ra receiving channing frye inziliaia bio portland lye in return as part of a three team t the blazers then put him onraden put n waivers. varejao will get the veteranset the vens minimum for the rest of the season with the warriors. happy for him that he was ablebl to get with the team. we all loved him representedresented cleveland so well his wife is wife i beautiful gracious so sweet. happy to see him do well we don't want him to do too well.ll do not want him to get a ring. always what happens to us. their short on big men.
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there's a little bit of backupe b for them andup you understand thaterstan move we just don't like it. maybe they can try to get him toim come back and 2017 as a coach or something. we'll see. golden state really.n state rea i've all of thelly. places.ces. we wish him coming up on fox8 should gun manufacturers be held responsible for victims of gun violence.seld controversial case heading to the court that story and your comments next in this morning's download. some people had bizarre surpriseurpri in their mailboxes find out wyut blood was splattered onon envelopes and now who is apologizing. great sunshine out here righte ri now in the fox8 our forecasts showing some fog. will lift w sithin the next couplet co up of and then the sun out with dryry air in chilly temperatures.
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. [music playing] [music playing] talk about influential. the most successful and popular rap group of all-time run dmcdm inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of famee roc in 2009 all monthnt long fox8 celebrates the sounds the sou nds of black history. welcome back everyone. b should gun manufacturers be held responsible for victims of gun violence? the families of the children who
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taking it to court.ble for viims of gfawho a judge is set to hear the arguments today.losthing it to coudge is the case was filed by relatives of nine of the 26 children and adults adam lanza killed with adam lanza ll bushmaster ar15 rifle.ed w the families are suing because the gun is marketed as a military style weapon tostyle we civilians. this is also an issue on the campaign trail for bothcampai republicans and democrats. a judge will consider that argument later today. tuesday joining us now with your comments. mments in this. morning's download. i hate to read one of the mosti disturbing stories i've ever hader had to cover.. just makes me sick to my stomach but let's get to the commentsthe coments michael writes on a facebook faceook page suing the gun manufacturerufac is as dumb as doing a car manufacturer because someone was killed in a car accident that had nothing to do with the car. feels there is no one particulart i gun and a more or less dangerous dang than anye other.he it's the person holding it. it.
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robert commented a gun is theis tool used by the individual whoo chooses to carry out acts of violence.e. could be a gun a avi nice a leadle pipe for they're own bare hands not the gun it's the person.b david writes on a facebook pageag there is only one use for a gunfor a that is to kill.ill weather it be for protection reasons or just murder using theg the word responsible is just anan excuse for anybody to own a gun.n. kim says a gun by itself is notel dfangerous never heard of or seen se a guey and a walk or pull its owns trigger. sick and tired of the anti- gun law and lawsuits. we want to know what you thinki should gun manufacturers be held responsible for victims of gungun violence head over to our webur web pull boat and head over to and leave your comment.comm seems like because it was a military weapon. and marketed that way. should those be marketed
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access to a militaryould you e weapon.apon there's no need for is involved with this lawsuit. half of notfamilved withlawsui nine of the 26. 26. not sure if they opted out of it it or only brought up by theset nine.e. interesting to note as we talk about the situationre maybe notybe it at a something will look into. thanks. all right will check in right now with a.j. colby.. col he is taking a look at our work week. hello. todd and stephanie ww sunshine out out here. here. chilly and frosty start heret her this morningis moing. and areas of fog as well.ll. look at some of those.e. that's an important thing this morning for travelers.anan look at that son mng for's so bright.ight. love to see those blue skies look at visibility is mansfieldfie almost down to pl soup fog iff you're heading south you may run into some of this visibility aity a half-mile and worchester.hest quarter quarter-mile in akron canton. perfectte qua here at the lakeshore
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temperatures close to freezing.ezing. 29 akron canton 33 at hopkins. here's the cloud cover around the state. pretty thinhere's the loud cove and really not supporting any moisture but rain rai and even thunder fromm brownsville onto the northeast.rth there is pretty decent disturbance rolling out of the rock is todayty.. and it will interact with couplec of different weather systems the stationary frontal boundary that's down to the south and and also some upper-level energy asl energy well. will show you the maps as we goe go through the rest of the day d today and into tomorrow. they are in motion high-pressurere slides to the east here.sthe keep as dry today and tomorrow looks likee as a couple of systems converge. of coursesy the main system is the th one that finds its way into the ohio valley right now callingight al for railinng.rain.
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look at right behindigh t that's is them a stripe of veryver heavy wet snow from st. louis on north and east through chicagowet snow and up to detroit.roit that low tracks a little bits a li farther to the easttt we could c find ourselves in a veryery interesting situation i'll leaveituation i' l right now one or 3 inchesr 3 possible on thursday. we could certainlyy be adjustingad jus that number most likely upwards.wa cold air in place as we get toet the weekend. 37 partly sunny. clear. dry. tonightr temperatures mid- 20s. 20 winds will be light out of the northeast. clouds on the increase. temperatureson 44 not too bad. 5 degrees. here comes the ra5 in will get wet on wednesday some computer models cranking out overn a half over an inch of rain.rai
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thursday a different story. low track will definitely dictate how much snow is coming but cer tainly the west part ofart our viewing area and northwestt ohio will have the best chance for picking up heavy wet snow t. getting called into the weekend.kend. fox8 your official schoolch closing station probably won'twon need those as of right now. at least cleveland east with with keep you posted. we'll look for thanks. still to come 9:19. been called one of the most powerful storms on record to hit in the southern how about this. mega bus on fire.t hear what passengers they happened before they heard anrd an explosion on board. bill cosby's wife expected to e testify agaxpinst him thisthis morning. th e latest as she prepares to answer really tough questions. that's on the other side of the
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i'm surprised they've been around. keep saying s pringng co tmheing beay'rsve beenin still hanging around theyg bearsound haven't really left. may be because itre was that nicethat of a year. must have been. look at that.hat welcome back everyone thanks sothan much for being with us on this monday morning.chmonday mning. bill cosby's wife is scheduledife is sed to give a deposition today in the defamation suit against the famed comedian.e defamation sui
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questions under oath, as part of a case in which seven women claim her husband sexuallyhusbandxually assaulted them years ago. they say he also defamed them,them, by calling them liars afterliars aft going public with their ng allegations.public he has denied their allegations, and has not been charged. fiji is cleaning up, after a deadly and devastating cyclone. ning tropical cyclone winston which hit saturday is being blamed forical cycurda at least 20 deaths.y isbeing the country just lifted itsjust liftes curfew and the internationalthe inat ioairport has reopened. but, as a precaution all schools will still be closed. for another day.. ano the prime minister has also minister ha declared a s state of emergencyalsoate of emerg en for the next 30 police are trying to determine what sparked a fire on a passenger bus, along an illinois highway. dozens of people were riding the pe mega bus from chicago tooplom chicagoo minneapolis when it went up in flames.ap passenger say they could smell rubber from the start of theirrt of trip ande they heard a loud pop before in explosion. the driver stopped the bus, and everyone got out safely.river s
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the bus and most of the luggage was destroyed in the an the dust may be settling after close races in south carolina and nevada, but the remaining campaigns are just getting started. fox's john roberts is in close anaining ca greenville, south carolina, withuth carina, wit the latest from the campaign trail.hh the latest with only s seven people left intrail.e left the race for the white house, candidates are going full speed speed ahead into a crucial week. donald trump showing sunday that he can even spin technical difficulties to his advantage. they didn't pay the electric bill. i like that much better. those lights are brutal.. did they come from the dishonest press?y trump's solid win in south carolina combined with the exit of jeb bush has marco rubio and ted cruz now jousting for position as the best alternative to trump.sition as t donald's campaign has largelyas lar been about how bad things are. but you can't just say you're going to make america greatng to ma again, you have to explain how you're going to do it. donald trump has demonstrated that he has a high floor ofyou have ting to dit. support but he's also got a ceiling.pport but h meanwhile, the only governorthe only gornor left in the race all but sitting
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john kasich is not making any campaign stops there focusinghere focg his efforts instead on crucial southern states.s es on the blue side of the aisle, hillary clinton is hoping sheing she can harness the momentum from from her win in nevada into a push through south carolina and super tuesday.h south c the fight goes on, the future that we want is within our grasp. we want but bernie sanders is showing no signs of slowing down. the wind is at our backs, we have the momentum. with democrats voting in south carolina next saturday, and republicans having the nevada caucuses on tuesday, this a bigis a big week as everything rushes towardthing rushes super tuesday on march first. towar in greenville, south carolina, john roberts, fox news. john roberts thanks so much. the us supreme court is back in session today. us sup it's the first time since the r sudden death of justice antonin scalia.emek in it'sescalia oral arguments get underway at about 10a.m. they will be beginning.e begni chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench.
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assing fm the be ranch in texas. president obama vows to pick a supreme court nominee to fillident obe to fil the vacancy despite senate republicans arguing a successor should be picked by the next president.t.should coming up to dogs are stranded stra in icy water. see hoowin ic they were rescued.u it's caught on camera you've got got to see this. sweethearts.arts. lebron james fired back at fi oklahoma city fan didre you seesee that yesterday find out what she what she did and the king's response. hi aj. fox8 our forecast showingst showing temperatures getting above freezing a little bit today.da that's just the low average clouds and fog for the morningrn dissipate we'll get into some som sunshine. big storm to talk about we'll
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welcome back. northeast ba ohio.o as we take a look at the east shore with from our fox camera. please days that nice andme funny.f protesters are gearing up to take overar more and major cities allm support of apple. a lot of customerspp are so upsetre with the spx for obtaining a court order that makes it easier to unlock and encrypted iphone. they tried to gain access to the phone for terrorist attacks ina san bernardino, california. apples fightingif the court order because the special software could then be used to
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millions of other will be watching appeared jury selection begins today in the trial involving aaron andrews she fired a $75 million lawsuit against the franchise ownerl and manager of a luxury hotels and a man who admitted making sacred new recordings of her back in 2008. seven years ago hee pleaded guilty to rented hotel rooms next anderson three sitting including columbus he admitted to alteringerh in the shootingng videos of her. nascar could not have asked forfo a better way to get off the year that a photo finish at the biggest thing issue of the year. doing a great many rap rex on lap 19 got loose, route out for. his pecan and then disappointedly in the race there's dale earnhardt junior he does the same thing. he had the wall within that fourth
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it comes down to the final turns that kansas gets mum by denny hamlin who place if martin truex junior chilly night and as nsa, it almost looks like the inside car is going to take in theth denny him edges martin junior john sina was there walking aroundn atlanta's cap going john was like what i'm righta here.e are you talking to me. if you got hit by a ponytail and that's about iton that's jamie doing her pre- weight prerace pit walk. both took to twitter talking about the close encounter she tweetedcl how could i miss john sina. we talked and planned that and ian
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saw. she can't say me. lebron james got a little unsolicited advice from oklahoma city centerf yesterday six and is going viral it happened just before the end of the first half take a look.h t if he is mad. they were leaving at the time and lebron it was leading with they didn't address that outburst in the end he didn'ti even for inch and then he did post instagramin and said i guess she told me. just suck it up lebron has funny serious scolding him i'm sure
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slow down or get a new car. a new survey shows the top ten cars most likely to be pulled over for speeding drivers behind the wheel hard ticket magnets is making up the highest percentageses feeding it's a mixmi of both luxury and economy cuts
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it's a driver who gets to johnn who is now apologizing.o disney's spending the researchers are one woman is 106i years shot shots that she has a lot of rhythm..
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but skyline of the downtown cleveland.
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will board was from a mayor.m who's finger was cut after an accident. the carriers fairgoers sites right. the put it with you underwent happen because he's okay that's good. our disney characters just too happyur they are.
9:49 am maybe of too much time on your hands she's 106 years old. let's her secret.chsh his saved his city obama's were excited to meetob her at 106 she was squealing with excitementat she never thought she would get to see a black president take office so excited that she was
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the white house she is darling. she's very sad. will show you that video. in his time is up. president obama saw the video and he responded i'm not going anywhere one philly the white housese all still be a student isis
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alongside it. it's going to snow this week stop and enjoy what we have just a few clouds around.s i've been watching andre for your just a few clouds around
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that was way back in the morning show days when the morning show even seven.ev let's have a look at what fromo outer space cloud cover thinning out and dryer air as a storm system drops from the rockies. and we will begin to make its track from the panhandle of texas up the mississippi riveri valley and directly over the buckeye state assure you that in motion and that's all due to this weather systemd cranking out of dallas on the backsidean enoughno
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will impact chicago. the mainland that comes through wednesday and thursday were looking at l. a clipper quite clouds on thet increase after wiest was in january after 40s will will
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likely snow fox 8 more fox 8 coming your way. all take a stop here.e all take a breath from eating my milk shake your an aggregate we are doing an entire show about burgers and in mind you can't live y without the summer goinger all over northeast ohio fishing to some iconic o pop i can't wait for you to dig in with me.
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