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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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john kasich is blocking planned parenthood from receiving state monies. >> thousands of colombians infected with the zika virus but the babies might bea in the clear tell you more on that . the sun is out, it is brisk there is a storm system that
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>> looking to fox 8 news. >> we had an incredible weekend it felt like spring. >> potluck florida. >> are about to get reality but that's okay we can expect that ink mid february . absolutely stunning day, a beautiful blue sky as we look downtown, check in with aj colby is outside . it is sunny and brisk, our temperatures will continue to be called a day just a little bit below average . of 39, currently
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airport we also have 39 the sun is out and beautiful, and just a few clouds to the south . mainly sunny atmosphere today, this ability has improved .un we had thick fog at mansfield, one 16 th of a mile, now 5 miles akron-canton we can see visible satellite hobby fog has been dissipating . it is going to be a quiet day . and nice including tomorrow looks good . a system from the southwest will eventually find its wayr into the buckeye state to see the isobar's wrapping around it so that storm system strengthens . i do believe we'll getw some snow out of this, talk
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the timing of that system and that will just be moments away . . >> siblings murdered in their brothers charged. >> this morning he was in court t to face the charges and in stacey frey has the story. >> dean simms said no expression no expression as he sat in court listing to the judge read the murders of his brother and >> yesterday for a six count indictment, one of aggravated murder with firearm specification. >> the police said there was a history of alcohol fueled disputes between him and his mother and sister who live together in their parents home, i'm a night night of the murder
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was throwing beer bottlesy, they agree to go to bed and the police lab two hours later, they were dead and he was someone who called 911. >> he told the dispatcher that he killed his brother and sister because of a lifetime of headaches . ot the 42-year-old told a the dispatcher that he killed them because of headachesld he will be back in court in april's .
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had been shot, but the story began to fall apart investigation shows that he and his two friends werere using a firearm when it accidentally fired to believe that he fabricated a story about three male suspects who fired shotsry police want the public know that there is no threat to any of the area schools or residence.ict >> cleveland police released information on a crash that andle community college avenue last evening around 5:00 p.m. f-14 5:00 p.m. at 14 over driving driving a stolen minivan and speeding when he went through a red light crashing into each other gigglessp a 17 -year-old and a minivan was thrown from the car and pronounced dead, but for general and another passenger were taken two metrohealth with severe injuries to drivers of the other
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>> investigators trying to figure out what sparked a fire that caused extensive damage to a north royalton house call called to the house onex jae crowder around 2:30 a.m. for people got out safe, the homeowner said that it spread in the garageat fire departments from north royalton, strongsville in broadview heights help to fight the flames several cats inside the home were unaccounted for. >> investigators in summit county trying to identify the person whose body was found in the back of a garbage truck this weekendnd a republic we service driver noticed the body saturday and call the police they say he was at a shopping plaza off west market street in fairlawn the driver made several previous stops in akron and copley, they're trying to figure out where the body was found . . governor kasich signing a bill that would block funding for
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money from going to places that perform abortions specifically abortions specifically named planned parenthood that they say that it would be most affected, critics say that planned parenthood would lose more than $1 million .lyorif cr supporters say that would provide router health care coverage across the state but opponents say that many of those links do not have the capacity to do what planned parenthood does, planned parenthood issued a statement saying -- . republicans say the bill will be options and many say that the move is expected was expected it comes a day after he finished primary. >> in sebring they say that they
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the water crisis most of the money spent on engineering phase , they have been dealing with high lead levels in water to epa workers have been fired and another was demoted for the handling of the situation, now in place to start treating the water to keep a lead fromp leaching into old pipes. >> could be an awkward reunion in cleveland in june as the cavaliers lawyers madeas in the nba and nba finals because anderson varajeo is signing with golden state,on cleveland traded him to portland last week receiving channing frye in return as part of a three team trade, and the blazers put him on waivers and you will get the veteran's minimum for the rest
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the race for president is heating up . the republican field has been narrowed down to just five .
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a michigan man accused of killing six people,e, to face a judge on murder charges police say thatour he was the driver with uber and picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings , that took place in kalamazoo michigan saturday they say that the 45-year-oldaz shot a five outside of a cracker barrel restaurant before general girl
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father and son were also killed in a car dealership and a woman ma was shot outside of an apartment complex, a man who took a ride from dalton earlier than i said that he could tell something was >> about a mile from my house, hemy got a telephone call after that call he started driving erratically,c we were running stop signs. >> the sky sky was not on anybody's radar for any reason to not have a lengthy criminal history he was not a known troublemaker and here he is having shotnn eight people and killing six of them. >> they held a prayer vigil last night the police are still trying to determine what sparked the attackslpo. >> for people in russia colorado recovery recovery after attacked by three great games. >> they are not a vicious breed of dog, however if you're going to tease them or something like that maybe the kids didn't come i don't know, that you can
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. >> the children were mauled sometime saturday, authorities say that the woman found the victims of the barn while she was taken on the dogs that herim boss breeds, the children were taken to the hospital and had to have surgery,pi the owner of the dogs were served with a lawful ownership of dangerous dog,e they were taken by the humane society after the attacks.ta >> donald trump and hillary clinton, securing winds in south carolina and nevada but what the candidates say about the campaign? >> here is dianne gallagher with more from south carolina. >> acknowledging that it is hard to run for president, donald trumpmp saw the huge payoff in south carolina saturday night , victory in the south for the republican front runner, his
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clinched every single delegate and the palmetto state .e while on the democratic side, hillary clinton was thinking nevada for a much-needed victory and now she's looking forward to south carolina in super tuesday. >> we want to make progress in our countryo to make a real difference in peoples lives that's what i've always been about the booki bernie sanders may have conceded the bad and possibly south carolina but don't count him out, donald trump's sizable sizable lead going forward spells trouble for bothsi ted cruz a marco rubio becauset coming march 15 is winner take all . now apparent that the only campaign that can be donald trump isppat our campaign and. >> last night was the beginning of the republican primary,la a conservative that can unite the
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>> despite back-to-back wins and leaving the polls a lead in the >> allegedly over a lot of democrats and independents nobody else will,of i will win states that aren't in play, and states that the republicans don't even think of . . >> next up the two sides essentially switch places although the results may stay the same becauseti polling in nevada and hillary clinton li and south carolina, dianne gallagher reporting.. >> 106-year-old woman was so excited to meet the present that she broke out into a dancew. >> that's what she calls her secret to long life, she was invited to meet meet the president and first lady after running a successful social media campaign, she said that she never thought that she would
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in her lifetime, the 106 -year-old finally got herreif white house invitation as part of black history month celebration event . once at the minnesota twins cash and enter a big win in the scratch-off came.i >> they have play the lotto for many years and>> did not win much, that is a thing of the past,. >> a 6 million-dollar win, they have been buying tickets together since theyee they were 18 and it finally paid off . release of the woman noticed
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immediately started to shake and called her sister . but she was at work so she had to deliver the news with the text . the scissors will split the money 60 dashboard -- , and celebrated by going out for hamburgers . she will get that bigger share because she bought the ticket . still to come, lots of people claim to love the beatles but she won't believe what a super
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won't come back to fox 8 news, but a glorious guy . wants in bloom . may see some
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just about a . traffic moving along nicely . here's here is a look at the ice situation a couple days ago we had lots of sunshine and . post a link visible the exception the eastern basin of lake erie . we can surmise that his ice cream . had to zoom into the western part of lake erie, one ., over three quarterse ice coverage on valentine's day . we had that arctic outbreak .le all of that drifting north . via test run south wind . and that went pushed over the ice most of the north . it is still still sparse and rather than . that's what we have on lake erie probably
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saturday .ve skies are basically sunny, s there is a little cloud cover . inland, this was very thick fog at one . eight is dissipating but taking its time . we are in between weather systems . dry air is working its way anddr that having a tough time .a show you the maps in motion . watches cloudsap clear into tonight then after midnight tonight the band of cloud cover expected from the east . today for degrees of . basically sunny
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. their 20s tonight mostly clear . the winning still no default about one hour . you can see rain showers assembly this is wednesday morning come at us with lakewood precipitation tonight after midnight dropping into the 20s and the approaching morning they rise easte and then should top out abouta 50 to the south and east with upper 40s probably . heights, highs, upper 40s on wednesdayay with rainfall . kid a kidder ladies know on wednesday s friday 28 ie is to get is
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weekend of february the third .oo but king james, fighting back. >> after and oklahoma city fans
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the finished product can be viewed with a be viewed with dvd with a special headset of theit 360 goes
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on the pricing,,. >> ceo mark zuckerberg made a surprisee appearance at at the samsung mobile world congress person conference to promotea facebook's new partnership with the companyy they're working on ways to create social interaction in virtual reality, the zuckerberg believes virtual reality is the next major innovation that will bring people together all over the world. nn >> much would you pay for somebody else's hair ? somebody spent a $35,000 for some of john lennon's, over the weekend, it was kept by a german barber after they . in 1966, it was purchased by paul fraser a collector ofp beatles memorabilia based in the uk, it was one of severalit beatles related items up for auction . lebron james get some criticism by a courtside
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not guilty plea from the hinckley man who called police who to say that he killed his brother and sister. >> happened two weeks ago and
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. >> dean simms sat silently in court as the judge read the charges against him for the murders of his brother and sister.le ai they said it was a history of alcohol fueled disputes between him and his brother and sister lived in a parents on the night the night of the murder of the police were called by his sister cindy gesaman said that he was throwingngrr your bottles at her they agree to go to bed and police left two hours laterd she and her brother, were killed and
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. >> he told a dispatcher he killed them because of a lifetime of headaches he will be back in court in april . after a spring-like weekend we are hoping for more of the same.r >> but they say that winter is going to be coming back in a couple daysys, really to show you another look from the roofcam . show you on this monday, we will
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affected by by a storm system beginning as rainfall wednesday the snowfall thursday, 37 degrees lakefront, the wind chill is 30 . inland, the fog is dissipating it was more extensive a few hours ago show you the math, expecting partly cloudy to mostly clear the full snow moon of february as high pressure will keep the skies mainly clear ,t during the morning tomorrow looking at thicker cloud cover chance of rain showers increasing by wednesday's . there is the track of the low, on the backside western ohio, there ist enough e snow the winds aloft indicating
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flow aloft which keeps us chili into last chilly into last weekend of february . today,ei partly cloudy, the fog is in the process of lifting, tonight in the 20s, tomorrow they 40s, and then i'll be 8 -day outlook callingou for rain showers wednesday with highs in the mid to upper 40s with snow possible thursday, and quite a bit of wind into the weekend with scattered lake enhanced snow showers, mid- 30s for the highs highs and nighttime lows in the teens so it will behi chilly as we wrap up february .. >> we know that music has the power to do so many things to transform, to make us feel sad
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transform life and that was the reason for a celebration of the house of bluess . . as part of a annual house of blues give music program, six different musicians from the cleveland area were awarded the restaurants of their own after they summit essaysts as to why they needed the instruments. >> for many of them the history can be a ticket to a college scholarship and in three years and has given away 350 estimates nationwide valued at a quarter million dollarsrs .. >> wild finish at daytona 500, denny hamlind inched his way to
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>> p.j. ziegler has the latest. the big-time win by the cavaliers dominating are horrify kevin love aurora high kevin love and lebron james one their fifth straight with a shorthanded roster .eve goes right down the middle, as they take the five-point lead, . be finished with 25 points, jeri smith, with 15 points . he tries to beatri the shot clock, kevin love with the rebound and he hast 29 as cleveland beating the thunder 115 -- 92 . iman shumpert remains sidelined . and is day-to-day, curving, and they
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acute . folios do not play sunday he was bothered by a sore kneeda . said that he would meet with the doctor tuesday in florida .m had injection for the pain has not gone away according to reports .fot today anderson varajeo has a new home, as ration agreement with the golden state warriors , he was who was traded on thursdaye to the roster . a big thank you to him called him a special player to me in personsp, spring training begins for the indians, as they hold the first full workout in goodyear arizona and practice with some pressure because las vegasb book as them them as much of my favorites to win thet al central . marketer knows, michael brantley started
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is coming quickly . this puts a lunchtime is diligent and you cannot rush . meant that he is ready to move on . nascar cannot asked for a federal way to start with a photo finish photo finish at the daytona 500, . dale earnhardt jr., the favorite, hits the wall, his race was over , because down to the final turn,au he gets bug bite jimmy hanlin, and the come come close the finish was, denny hamlin
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firste daytona 500 victory . i don't know where they came from cannot figure out what i did, they just it just all came together, this not be possible ifth all race long wait kept our track position. >> atlanta next weekend for the next race,, and have the cream of the.. >> lebron james god unsolicited advice from an oklahoma city fan during last night's game and that is going viral that happened just before the end of the first half. she said just up lebron james . the cavaliers relating safety
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pleaded with the referee about a a file come he did not address a the outburst during the game but it was posted to his instagram account after the game, he responded -- i guess that she told me . with the hash tag, justw up . zika virus still a real threat
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crime watch daily more about a newlywed bride who pushed her groom off a cliff, eight days after the wedding.ay >> they sit down with jason terry and say that her behavior
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>> said that i need to point out thatt you don't seem to be affected by this or bothered.s >> one of the things that she said, that the holy spirit letter to where he was and that's how she found him. >> you can catch more of this on crime watch dailye today at 2:00 p.m. every weekday. >> 37,000 people infected with the zika virus in colombia the health officials confirming a 16 increase in the last week including 6,000 pregnant women believed to cause a brain defect that impairse brain development become epidemicde in brazil, no
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colombia .zz this right . depression and expectant mothers may be linked to having your baby earlyexs analyzed data on more than 350,000 birthso that mothers who had a first bow or recurrent depression had a nearly 40 percent higher risk of developing a baby early to show that the mental and emotional health can affect the baby. >> argentina family is stunned that they mother welcomes ae 14- pound baby, olivia was born on tuesday measuring 12 inches due to the unexpected size family finds it difficult to find clothes that fit doctors there she was born, say that this ice at a local record she is underr medical supervision and is considered healthy . for f checking in later with rich
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gps has found its way into a turning to the technology to keep track of their kids. tt >> in today's tech report, rich demuro explains.t >> it is one of the most popular questions, parents want to keep track of their kids using gps . usually it's too little to carry around a smartphone butoo there are plenty of dedicated devices just for tracking themer . technology will will let us track just about everything, online shopping orders,t uber, and the pizza guy, debra tupper trekkers becoming more popular and just for the kidser.
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are most concerned about. >> david morris is vp of pocket finder pocket finder they make a gps that keeps track of senior citizens, pets cars and >> know that they get to school the morning if they take a bus or walk home or car pool that ol they got to the daycare or, that they got home. >> one hunter and owen device like a cell phone but without the ability to cause it is rugged waterproof and perfect for aa backpack that lets you see where the child is anytime even their history over the abandoned and you can set boundaries and getryon notification that they leave the area. >> you are in control the child you have that level of security even though they're not with you .i it >> another kiss pacific tracker available through verizon allows phone callslsou but just to a few selected numbers,bu.
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is more like a watch but it is bulky especially for a little rest , even schools are starting to let parents track kids on the bus, say stop is a company that y that provides the service. >> allows them to track the kid best location to get estimated arrival time at the bus stop in to get alert about the transportational. >> they can check on on the app to see accuracy where buses are and schools get a record of who gets on and off >> parents are in rescue track is because this is a new generation a , they can receive everything a smartphone in real-time.e >> many of these trekkers require a monthly fee, ranging between $5 -- $20 per month, and also consider the better life, as these get better, hopefully they will have more better left for you check in in on the use
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termination go to . contract with the kid goes and you can also see if the car was speedingf . to get a red mark every time goes over the speed limit.ev the first official photo of the buist kardashian when we come
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kim kardashian
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of her three -month-old, -- today is my dads birthday dad's birthday, though there is nothing more than a world the world he would have wanted toi be his grandchildren so i wanted to share this , they have held off sure photos of the newborn but there isof speculation that the baby looks just like his big
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today on "the real" -- >> on girl chat, mom jeans. >> i put on them jeans, i look like a dad. >> and we've been tested. >> the results are in. >> dna doesn't lie. >> one of our very favorite couples stops by. >> tamela and david mann are here on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute this is our time grab ahold of time and get it join us right now, right now, right now


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