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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it stood up see whether stem classes really a history lesson. >> this past weekend they estimate your saturday were nearing 70 degrees what can we expect for the last week of february detailssit coming up in
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getting ready to celebrate the fox 8. >> dick goddard turns 85 on wednesday and we want your pets to send him a happy birthday bi wish, disco to fox upload a picture of your pet will include a photo and a birthday card for for him on-air and onlinea .. he has been in northeast ohio's pets best
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petsma wish him a happy 85th birthday .wi going to talk about the weather, it was another great day outside . >> saturday was unbelievable we had a high temperature of 67 at hopkins, not quite a record of 69 but close enough, with that one day out forms . suite from a decent amount of coverage down to about 35 percent you takeaof five great lakes, about 2 percent 12 percent come
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five . . sonshine . . . paypal . . . in cincinnati 50 degrees kansas city, 50 .i paducah 52 tuko this will follow the appalachian mountains just outside of our viewing area . texas will have low pressure, panhandle hook tonightnd building energy and moisture it will be a middleweight messier rainfall
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all snow . bunch of michigan a winterstorm watch part of a system that will be called up for snowy conditions they can have a could have a nice amount of snowhha from the system . class tonight and tomorrow, the system, and wednesday thursday .
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wet snow mix wednesday thursday and then, the last day 35 -- 40 .a fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. they look like a normal dance class but it is much more, how once school is using dance to
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meet the present of the us can be a big deal.
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cannot contain herself.. >> 106-year-old virginia mclaren said she never thought that she would live to see a black president after a social media campaign she met the president and president and first lady in person she danced de with them and revealed the secret to her long life was blog life was to keep moving, the meeting was arranged as part of black history month .ee if you want to know about your history a little hands-on learning can go a long >> in our continuing series for black history montho roosevelt leftwich texas to the prep academy where students learn with their body nudges the mind.
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and last-minute instructions not just dance it is interpretation ofin historical peace and after a month of practice you want to make sure that you get a ride especially an before your mom. >> it is from the second part of revelations andit the peace of choreographer alvin hayley had to practice this with and without music it is a hands-on history withit dance but also what it means. >> need to know how famous fa people, showed bravery and try to have the freedom., >> students that he prep academy like a good challenge . learned this is not easy but dancing is
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joy into a free fire to express myself to be creative and use in the body brings us closer to understandingb how things have been . and makes that connection even more deeper. >> be academy will be one on several students . the something not just books but that you hope to make yourself.ut >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news . >> distillates perform in front
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show on friday night. >> the e-prep school concept has been so successful that a second program starts next fall onolol
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. sunny skies and warmer today but it is still february so what about realityry? >> going to be some changes coming, we have snow, rain and g you name it, we are less than one play from springtime . and
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.we we have all this energy . if you are in a local restaurant , it is almost like they want to get the patio open we're getting closer to the spring season is tough to get it going on monday, . the snowfall and easy commute, what more could you ask for on a monday . basically we have just one more
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lesson class tonight for to the eastern coverage, tomorrow, we will remain dry . tonight upper 20s partly cloudy . and mostly cloudy . tomorrow did to upper 40s they change wednesday thursday in the upcoming weekend .. >> millions are targeted by con artist featured many loose money because theyl fail two realize what happens. >> lorrie taylor says the better business bureau has a new tool to protect us from these crooksr as she joins us with the details
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>> it is a tool called scam tracker, a great way to learn about the latest con or to spread the word yourself so that others can learn from your experience. >> debbie bennett says that scam tracker could have helped her family when con artist victimized their 8-year-old mother with a lottery scam, she believe that the persony talking to her on the phone when he told ld her she would receive her winnings once she paid the appropriate fees by way of ae green . meidea carter, sue mcconnell from the cleveland better business bureau says that this allows people to share stories and warn about the latest con..s >> people need to share, information about scams that have targeted them, the best defense against becoming a victim is to be educated consumer to know the warning signs, so that you are not
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>> it allows you to search by keywords like lottery or irs a couple of really popular scams you can also search by the date,e the basis is that the subject can be either the irs or clearinghouse which you are always required to send them some money for some reason typically by t wire transfer or a a green dot money transfers so that is always a red flag for more info, go to fox two dogs were alive after being stranded in icy waters over the
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department responded quickly as brittany harris tells us the rescue was caught on camera. >> we have two dogs, silly in the zoo's . they like to run on the property and they decided that they were going to play in the water so they jumped in our lakeso. >> that will not be a problem normally but the lake is full of ice in both dogs were stuck, there only are said she had no way to rescue them so she called the bath township our department . >> about seven years came units came to the rescue they were nicely got them out, they got the dogs out dogs out in the middle of lake.u >> v. the body camera video kevin to us by the bad township police chief and firefighters had to work cut out for them. >> this will not appear to be little less active and we were concerned concerned that might not be doing be doingng as well as
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one first we retrieved the smaller dog andr then after the bigger dog. >> robinson says these kinds of water rescues are pretty common. >> we have had called for a dogs andc horses and even some beer. >> they were taken to the veterinarian to be checked out and sounds like you're going to be okay, she is thankful and says it was scary to watch them struggling. >> it was a very critical situation and we are very appreciative of the baath part apartment and what they have been able to do for us over the
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>> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> that held its democratic congress tomorrow the republicans turn nevada democrats get ready for the primary in south carolina on saturday, and donald trump scored a victory on the campaign trail whenen socal and gop primary r with 32 percent marco rubio and ted cruz each finished 10 points behind donald trump, on the democratic side, clinton county 53 percent of the vote to defeat sanders and the nevada democratic caucus clinton young sandersv turned to south carolina for saturday's primary while republicans focus on the nevada caucus ar during a campaign stop, ohio governor john kasich talked about his, early start in in politics said that women helped him get electeded by the way, he worded it it caused a bit of
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>> going to washington washington for nine months washington for my mouse device hidden in the legislature before legislature before that aged 26 and how did i get elected ? ?la we just got an army of people . and many women who left their kitchens to go door-to-dooror to put up yard signs all the way backns within two different. >> on to say your earlier comment about women out of the kitchen to departure, i will support you but i will be coming out of the kitchenrt. >> i've got you. >> super tuesday is a week from tomorrow in 15 states will hold primaries or caucuses andt ohio's presidential primary is on march 15 . despite last-minute legal motions bill cosby's wife is the post today, camille cosby was
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hotel in massachusetts doesn'tc deposition in regards to a to defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women who claimed that he assaulted them decades ago,ai lawyers for the cosby said that she does not have any relevant information and conversations with her husband are confidential but the women claimim the bill cosby defamed them by calling them liars after they went public with allegations of sexual >> she took a long trip in the carok last year, the government says that driving in the car hit a new record in 2015 of three . 1 trillion miles but his record wass in 2,007 before the recession led to a sharp reduction in drivinghe but with icons danger the number of traffic related deaths raising 8 percentun from 201422015 the largest jump in one year and the
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love their dogs but not every dog can be the top dog, so for the 25th year in a rowg the distinction goes to the labrador retriever going according to the american kennel club, as the most popular breed in america they have held the top spot for longer than any other breed since they started keeping track in the 1890s,ce german shepherd retrievers bulldogs inveigledsh running out the top-five top five, the rest of the top 10 or french bulldog, or charge her year totals, rottweiler in boxers, the ranking reflecting r puppies and other newly registered dogs belonging to 184 akc breeds. >> a man is trapped inside his car after a horrific accident facing certain death tonight on fox 8 news at 10:00 o'clock, the stranger comes to his rescue, the victim asserted that it was an angel who saved his life, the story of rescue that first
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tonight at 10:00 p.m. .c in akron , route 8 closed in both directions because of a plea situation ongoing, northbound rt drivers are exiting route 8 at tallmadge avenue and southbound exiting at howell avenue stay tuned for more information on when it will reopen againm . even without some key players the cavaliersit silence the thunder
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this is out of akron, not far from akron north high school,l, route 8 disclosed in both directions because they plea situation, northbound drivers exit row eight at tallmadge avenue . southbound drivers exit at howe avenue, because of a plea situation closing off route 8 in both directions directions, north north and southbound or
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avoid route 8 today .. >> combination of the day at a day at the park and raises. >> snowmobile softball, basically is slow pitch softball on snowmobiles that comes with some new rules, there are turned off every every play and cannot be turned on on until ebola said you have to wear a coat you have to wear gloves which makesera one-handed a 60th softball pretty tough, and beware of the other snowmobiles. >> is mojito smackers met its it's not bad otherwise some of so these guys have got $10,000 lead in the view to you that you're in trouble. >> shift a good time for people to get out and have got cabin fever to enjoy winter that fact at times it may look chaotic but they say that as this part of
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real strategy it is like softball except you run the bases using snowmobiles. arsenault is long gone even the ice on lake erie is real them . we've got about 35 percent ice coverage and melting with temperatures upper 30s and 40 s to the south, the sun is shining, it just feels so good . it will be quiet until midweek than a panhandle hook that brings us a midweek mess the west, the track is critical
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temperature profile . that will determine what type of t precipitation we will be getting , rain, snow, a little change can make a big difference , looks like a rain mix, snowfall and next tuesday, on march 1 with chapters in the 30s north into and to the south about 50,o so 30s to the north to the south you've got 50 cincinnati and pittsburgh . going to focus on the low pressure tonightht gets the energy
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mess here enough to, depending upon the track . winterstorm watch is across much of michigan . looking at a decent amount of snow and michigan, . with a panhandle hook there's there's always ate lots of moisture to work with,s watches warnings advisories out west, colorado and wyoming . the system, will be just one big thing with rain wednesday
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partly cloudy . tomorrow mid- 40 s partly cloudy . on saturday, about seven tokens . . . . lake enhanced snow thursday friday tuesday about 30 . cavaliers want to keep the good times tonight. >> begin a two-game homestand versus detroit as john telich joins us to talk the cavaliers have won five games in a row tonight the pistons invade the q. as the cavaliers are hearing
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be in uniform tonight as he makes his cavaliers debut . on methodical dismantling the thunder, curving only played nine minutes, love and james went away, the golden state warriors have signed anderson varajeoeo . alex mack expected to exercise an opt out a contract clause according to national football league-nfl network, this would make him a free agent ,ou the report states that his return to the team is a real possibility he could become and probably get some big money on the open market . mo williams is to see dr. andrews on tuesday about his knee that has been
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will be in uniform tonight for the cavaliers.nn >> something somethings in life we do not have control over like what we are named . >> we are pretty happy with ours but others are not so crazy about that over into uk appears that some people would go buy a more colorful man, a 5 percent . . >> in uk chains renee lester one man's name is now bacon double cheeseburger used to be simon smith alone now calls himself penelope pitstop, a proper name that a lot of people who chose them, is bruce blanke,ha and the man is now named happy birthday.
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change your name in the uk . most dolls are for children. >> up next, but these
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every few years years and all takes the nation by storm paninis cabbage patch and recently the american girl dolls areto anyone taken over thailand people do more than just play with them, a man who calls himself dr. mact transforms thousands of them into child angels each is supposedly blessedl by a monk who given a birthdaya than if i'm a parent
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own and he takes it everywhere. >> mama like to take care of them . m it's considered a member of the family >> he sits beside me on the table, i ask for an extra plate then i put rice on the adobo over-the-top but just treat them like normal. >> many people eat sleep and go to work with the dolls, believe that they bode well and good fortune but some restaurants and hotels have banned them for fear
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tonight investigation, is the city trying to avoid paying out
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shooting cases . as i-team reporter bill sheil. >> for the case their eyes, and before the case of russell and williams, that was the case of smithha . the death led to in 2012 but the prosecutor initially cleared officer roger jones that he took action to protect the citizens of cleveland. >> difficult to deal with because they do not have the story and they're automatically call they're automatically call
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>> no doubt the police encountered a dangerous chaotic situation story is from the actual shooting took a dramatic turnrysh of the for the family sued and the case with 480 jury in federal court. >> the evidence completely completely contradicted by the .h >> shots fired at east ninth and prospect some fired by the driver of a cara where smith was a passenger, johnson county killed in the letter was that he shot kenny smithn after he lunged towards a gunm in the center console of the carn. >> there was no blood in the car of the pathologist said that if he had been shot in that cars there would've that would've been blood everywhere, the blood was w about 4 feet outside the car . >> published during confirming blood outside the car, also testified that where he was shot in the head would've made it


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