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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> no doubt the police encountered a dangerous chaotic situation story is from the actual shooting took a dramatic turnrysh of the for the family sued and the case with 480 jury in federal court. >> the evidence completely completely contradicted by the .h >> shots fired at east ninth and prospect some fired by the driver of a cara where smith was a passenger, johnson county killed in the letter was that he shot kenny smithn after he lunged towards a gunm in the center console of the carn. >> there was no blood in the car of the pathologist said that if he had been shot in that cars there would've that would've been blood everywhere, the blood was w about 4 feet outside the car . >> published during confirming blood outside the car, also testified that where he was shot in the head would've made it
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less staggered 4 feet out of the car before he started to bleed4, gillett argued that smith was outside the car not posing a threat when he was fatally shot. >> the jury came back and two hours with five . $5 million. >> i felt that this was the end i felt vindicated. >> you not expect that day to pay thect full judgment but the t i-team obtained a document that raises thehe possibility that cleveland is trying to what may be an unusual movet to avoid to pay the judgment. >> to try to scheme and five to use the bankruptcy law to dissolve that judgment for that officer is reprehensible. >> last year the city contracted to pay out to $10,000 to a bankruptcy lawyer for comment
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resulted from the jury verdict against him, the judgment foronjo kenny smith death is against the officery personally about the cityso but the city has the obligation to indemnify him to pay any judgment against him while he was acting as an officer that night n but according to the contract with glaciated the city's obligation to cover the officer called the officer only extends up to $1 million,t the secret to be preparing for the possibility that officer jones may declare bankruptcy regarding o the judgment obtained by kenny smith's family which could possibly wipe away his obligation to pay.yly >> knowing that it should be paid by the city, why would he ou go bankrupt unless something is going on there to put pressure on him to do so. >> state law is that the city must indemnify >> of the union believes that ohio law covers officers completely pass $1 million not
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retain a bankruptcy lawyer. >> the city of cleveland does not have our officers best interest at heart do and making these decisions and that isd lightly apparent. >> the city declined to go on camera interview will provide a statement on the record because the because the case is still on appeal, if officer jones filed for bankruptcy attorneys forf kenny smith family plan to fight it. >> two fame is so outrageous that no court has ever had to deal with this in a direct way there is a point when it is just wrong, illegal, immoral disgraceful. >> not be held accountable for their actions basically cut has been for years, enough is enough .utee >> bill sheil fox 8 i-team. >> says the decision by the jury to hold the officer liablet the prosecutor's office has referred the case to the sheriff's office for an independent review, we reached out to officer jones through the police union but
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$4 million a kenny smith's lawyers appeal that reduction, the city agreed to pay more than $1 million in recent cases cases but has done so in cases that they settled rather than winter trial. >> route 8 macro close because of a situation northbound drivers exiting at tom lynch. >> stay with us for the latest fox let you know when the road is open up once again. >> for students at a charter school in cleveland were taken to the hospital after consuming an unknown substance. >> lesser rate loss rate is that rainbow babies and children's >> were taken for testing and examinationor were told by the school that they will be okay,
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test results from the hospital, bee swarm middle school students at lake erie prep on st. clair avenue . is poor students came through eight straight . a food given to them by a classmate . they were taken to rainbow babies and children's hospital rainbow babies and children's hospital after eating the food student's parents were notified. ho said another child brought something from home and then . >> this morning notified that they were not feeling themselves
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notified turns out that shot up and given food by classmateo had actually given to three others so they do not feel good we contacted the hospital they were sent to rainbow children's, and then i came through to a terror investigation because the filmlikeo these are not just students but are our children and their safety is of utmost concern. >> the school asking the student was removed from the building . they were brought here for testing and examination, the school says that they will all be okay and still awaiting test results . a local poco man is dead and another portion to be alive after two separate incidents in which the victims were sleeping in dumpsters that
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as jack shea joins us . see alcohol likely played a part in wannabes and if not for miller miller driver than both of them would have been killed.m >> worship at the driver was alert andnd heard him yelling and stopped the truckea and were able to extricate a.ab >> firefighters called to the gas station after the driver of a garbage truck garbage truck heard him scream for help inside the compactor . and that he went to sleep in a dumpster that was picked up by the trucki they say the incident county another incidentin happened in rwanda turned deadly driver picked up a dumpster that had a man sleeping inside the driver did not notice the victim until the next stop
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says the 49-year-olddrnoe died of compactor both cases should serve as a warningbo two anybody seeking seeking shelter minister . >> very seldom do they look inside and>> it is important to not utilize trash bins as a place of refuge logo what could happen. >> anybody who can help the investigation is asked to call the police. >> a group of angel teenagers painful teenagers under investigation for line about a shooting they say 17-year-old claiming three men shot from a car but the story the story do did not hold up as matt wright
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>> basle police say that three friends were playing with a gun when juan was accidentally shot instead of coming cleanan they made up a false story sending police hunting for a shooterst now the teenagers are facing charges . >> there was alarm after a 17 -year-old claimed that three men in the a car shot him near thisen painesville intersection wednesday afternoon. >> as police began searching for the suspects,s, this elementary school, just two blocks away .. >> police chief, now says that they were playing with a gun at in a nearby house when well done shot another was accidentally
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up . >> he just confessed they would nothe face any charges are now facing there direction of justice in inducing panic triggers panic they say say parents were not home but still searching for the gun andut how they got that have a warning statementg is not trained to use a gun,ot then leave it alone . the 17-year-old was shot
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released from hospital.17 >> police officers will be donating moneyey from their paychecks each month to help thoseo who were recently fired as ed gallek as the latest. >> the union members agreed to pay $20 a month, for the six officers that were fired for a chase and shooting . the six officers will get to $500 each, monthly the chase in but jason 2012 ended with two suspects killed, among them fired was michael brelo, he declared of rico charges mouth police will havee $20 a month deducted, so the union members get monthly payments and the union will put $10,000 a month into a fund for
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wrongfully terminated . the presidency will assess the officer's children will not suffer fromom politically motivated decisions the peril that actions will go on until the december then they will take another look at it . how much do you know about your
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it was a perfect weekend, we did notot hit a record we were shot by 2 degrees but
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take a look at the 5-mile crib cam because it shows a few raises out of the southwest, overall it is very pleasant . a week ago, we had about 80 percent of lake erie region ice covered . and today, to cool down put a mix of top but a quick warm up to 67 degrees on saturday was enough to wipe it all away . this was on saturday afternoon and by that time just
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along the north shore way, so we dropped off quite a bit . currently 34 degrees just a bit under normal, the wind is up to the northeast off that link . tonight 27 partly cloudy . dick goddard will tell you tonight which full-moon it is because of thefu nativeborn full name of that moon tonight, tonight partly cloudy n pretty quiet . we will extend the time, normally would be a 24 but this is 36 hour
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wednesday . last week showed it to be a minor system but these dynamics are coming together that this will be a major player herere the direction will be on the warm side andb talking about rainfall wednesday and then on the backside changing over to snowfall with 36 degrees early and falling . on saturday and sunday next week, near normal, cloudy . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. sign up for text alerts at fox
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dick goddard turns 85 on wednesday and we want your pets wish just go to fox to upload a picture of your pets, we will include the photo and a birthday card for him on air and onlineb he has been northeast ohio's pets best friend, so have your pets wish i may have the
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one most successful rap groups of all time, run dmz was inducted into the rock hall in 2,009, armand fox 8 celebrates the sounds of black history. >> looking for a new job ? which you should never say in an interview.. >> does it feel like you pull more weight than your husband doing housework, that's because that your hair isis gabe spiegel with trending. >> bishops shows that women do about seven more hours of
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because of your husband . social behavior researchers at the university of michigan confirming the numbersea seven more hours a week for the lives of you save your your husbands an hour a week, then still tend to work more outside the home, when kids are involved, the work really multiplies, 28 hours a weekk cleaning cooking and washing, young single women do the least amount about 12 hours a week,wo men do more work in 1976 women did 26 hours compared two
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nasa these 5 cents if you things if you want to get a new job, this is trend all over twitter . this is a steppingstone . is this year supervisors job open, and was this your chair and i probably shouldn't say this and also cannot start on monday,
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google my name . or, pants are optional
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has been nice for the links in the area are still freezing, we catch up with a couple of lucky dogs were rescuedou from the link
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firefighters rescue two dogs after they fell into the ice and a freezing cold lake.
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as caught up with them to see how they're doingt joins us at transferring the story of how people care so so much for their pets . they were let out for a routine romp that they seem to have vanished, they called the firefighters and police who responded, this is body camera video for one of from when the officer showing the rescuers rescuing the dogs want at a time they believed they had them and the lake in the lake for about 15 minutes both taken to a nearby clinich fo . there .com the
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with hypothermia the larger dog may have been the instigator, but both are not okay. >> that we just have to keep them tied up because we're afraid that they may run off somewheres .juju. >> of the owners were happy to see themm doing very well. >> it is not the kind of rescue you would want to attempt, he may have a they have a much more serious situationay, firefighters say that for them this is a low-risk operation with the proper equipment and help necessary to do it correctly. >> and they train for it. >> millions of americans are targeted by by con artist mini
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two realize it as lorrie taylor says the better business bureau has a tool to protect us. >> it is called scan tracker a great way to learn about the latest cause and spread the wordc so that others can learn from it . it could have been a real help to her when con artist began victimizing their 82-year-old mother with a lottery scam . told her that she received her weddings was she sent the appropriate fee he says that it allows people to share their storiesy and warn each other
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need to share . the best defense against becoming a victim is to be educated consumerer to know the warning signs so that you were not vulnerable. >> scan tracker allows you to search byby keyword like lottery or irs .y the basics are the same , just a different story such as irs orf publishers clearinghouse the victim is always required to send back money via wire or by green card. uber driver accused of a the killing spree in kalamazoo, michigan over the weekend made his first court appearance , jason priah dalton was arraigned
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counts ofn attempt intent to commit murder,a he was denied bail they say that it appears that the victims were targeted randomly that he picked up random passengers between the attacks.. >> a judge judge expected inside of a lawsuit brought a families of victims in the sandy hook school shooting can go forward the gunman killedvho 20 children and six adults, nine families in the schoolteacher who was shot pursuing companies that make the air filter rifle used in the attack the suit is the most protect gun makers from liabilityma when their guns are used in crimes since a the law passed in 2,005s nearly every similar lawsuit has been
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it's nice, but as saturday but we will take it . so anytime you seell temperatures that high it is a bonust . today, we had some sunshine you can see we are a between a couple of weather systems to want to the south gets our attention,h and this other is pretty weak, this is the want with lots of moisture building down herei .. the this is the area of low pressure ow that will pick up some moisture then start moving . moving west initially, that will will be warm worn for us initially,ll and thenit passing through close to
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tonight 27 look for the full moon rising at 6:19 p.m. that tomorrow partly cloudy, 46 degrees . and then coming the low-pressure system that extended forecast to wednesday morning, 9:00 a.m. . then it starts to get soggy . rainfall on wednesday 49 and then a quick decline behind the system . the barometer starting high then a dramatic dip into wednesday and thursday morning, very close to 29 inches . been a very quick
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in when you see a broader trace like this than typically it is going to be very windy and we are forecastingg it to be very testy wednesday thursday friday first from the south on wednesday the warm wind the northwest thursday friday bringing snowfallhe the sea quite a temperature roller coaster with that one storm that passes to the west first and drags and a cold front . local man trapped inside of his burning car facing certain death. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m., a stranger comes to his rescue00, the victim is certain it was an angel, the story of the rescue and even first responders cannot explain , on fox 8 news tonight
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imola that the couple has tried to put on for months.he >> details about the testimony
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gallagher joins us with the updated assertion. because his wife answered questions about the sexual assault case against him, can cause the testified, in the case of the women who claimed that he lacked his defense team paint him as wires after accusing him of sexual assault,, his lawyers tried to prevent her from being
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the motion. >> rescue off the coast of england, maritime and coast guard released video of the rescue, the coast guardst got the call after a current swept to swimmers two swims out to save waves and high windssw hitting them before they were pulled two safety. >> house in taiwan is turning heads upside down, they constructed a house, so that that the roof growth is on the ground , it includes everything from a living room to a garage and took nearlyvvi two months to build what the total cost was about $600,000 per new debuts for samsung, official in mailing the new version of the samsung galaxy slm and a seven edge come in addition to cameras and longer that her lifefe will allow
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also unveiled the first-ever virtual reality device capable of taking three or 60-degree pictures and videos. >> starbucks is making its rewards program, under the old program that got one-stop or visit no matter how much they spent the programho is based on how much they spent not on the number ofse visits instead of 30 stars it will take 300 ticket to the gold level instead of 12 for
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look out kids expose two dangers
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this week a special series of online aggregators, to procure turned internet safety expert says that knowledgeneer is power in is power to be said for knowledge is the best way to protect children from the dangers of social media as wayne dawson attended a recent seminar at a local middle school.t >> one . 5 million sexual predators online at any given moment .. >> jessie weinberger is on a mission. >> they are gaining with falling on social media and you just don't realize it ..
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children and teenagers from what they call the boogie manwh. >> less than 10 minutes, the gesture first name in the name of your school i will have your home address specificee a developer for 20 years she now speaks two students ate make it too easy . for people who people who would do harm. >> 70,000 the last five years warning about the dangers of onliner today's audience seventh and eighth graders at chagrin falls middle school. >> it is the number one method that sexual predators prefer . in order to reach you .
5:52 pm >> is determined to leave an impact,, her stories are cold hard reality designed to do just that. >> a girl two months ago told me that the boy she was dating a instagram i am not who i said i was a was a i was unfit to live in indiana that are going to cometh to your house and i'm going to rape you and you're going your going to allow this to happen .y are going to hurt your entire family .ng very often it is a sweaty, overweight, pale, man in a the basement . with his
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. i like to call him laos is a if view or a teenager or a pre- teenager with a social media device, then you are at risk and a message that is hitting home. >> w. sharon rae north social media for disclosure address and don't show your picture on the home page. >> it makes you feel nervous . anoka make the choices i will be okay. >> probably take snap-chat off of that. >> even though you may think you're safe you are not safe .ve do you think that these cannot
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everywhere . we'll have more from jesse throughout the >> recently a college student, completing a tradition was quite
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pentateuch or red wings in his his large finish at new hampshire within the human camt that they eventually make it onto the ice,am was a challenge in
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shurmur downtown broad daylight her killer not charged, aliza sherman'ss words are raising questions in the cole case.w i-team confronting local families after a group of young boys arec blessed with weapons. >> final game ends with a busy breeder that made the crowd go wild dick goddard checking a big change in forecasting that fox 8 news i-team exclusive inside the unsolved murder mystery of this sherman with
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could raise questions. >> peggy gallek joins us from the spot where she died three years ago. >> no charges and this murder case murder case that the victim 's daughter has filed motions in a civil case including notes from her mother writtenno a year before her murder stated that she was afraid that her estranged husband would have her killed at. >> plays continue to ask questions in thee willoughby murder of aliza sherman, her daughter filed documents in ah civil case created more questions concerning the death of the nurse. >> she'd murdered outside of her attorney'se office a few days before her divorce was to go to trial, so far nobody has been charged. >> her daughter filed a lawsuit
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an alleged hidden bank account as part of that civil suit she is has asked for a protection order regarding the location of where sher gets her deposition says that she is fearful to go to her father's attorney's office said hertt mother was stabbed outside of her lawyer's office, exhibit show several documents including notes fromex aliza sherman written in a 2012 e-mail stating -- in a document is of a deposition i taken from want of sanford sherman to longtime friends stating that sanford sherman would talk to his friend about his marital issuesatsh, on several occasions asked his friend if he is going to commit a crime, how would he do itd . according to the deposition in the of the attorney asked a friendde at a


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