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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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details about an accident on route 8 packard to see a woman was killed after running into traffic, according to the policeso she was in a car went an argument occurred that's when they say that she jumped out of the car that is when she was hit in the northbound lanehe about 10 cars were involved in fender benders cover the southbound lane closed for about 90 minutes a look at route eight northbound opened up a few moments ago . traffic is moving have more has
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10:00 . a local man is dead and another is lucky to be alive after two separate incidents in whicht they were sleeping and oustersy that were picked up by garbage trucks as lou maglio has moreg . they say that alcohol played a role in want of the cases. and if not for the alert driver both menf would be dead . fortunate that the driver was alert and hurt hisat yelling and stuff a truck . firefighters were called monday after the garbage truck driver hurt a man inside of the compactor compactor, they opened up the back he cameme out with the trash he told authorities after a long
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in dumpster that was picked up by the garbage truck in summit county a similar incident happened that came deadly the driver picked up a dumpster hacker with a man sleeping the victim was not notice until the next up the medical center says that he died of a chemical depression from the truck's compactor in both cases should be a warning for anybody seeking shelter in a dumpster.n >> very seldom do they look inside of them are very seldom they very seldom get out of the cab it is y for do not utilize o trash dumpsters as a place for shelter in inclement weather were a place to sleep never know what could happen it back and find out where he was before he ended up in the dumpster if you
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.umo >> basle police say a group of teenagers made up a bogus story of how of how assenting overshot beginning wednesday afternoon they say that the major claims have been shot by a shot by a group of three men in a car but i they say the story fell apart quickly they say that a group of three friends were playingelt with a gun inside a nearby home whenn one of them accidentally shot another one.t >> they're facing charges for lying to investigators. >> use of the wrong just admit to itit take responsibility in this case they may have gotten a reprimand they may not have been charged but now they will be.m >> interview the teenagers and parents do not their parents
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gununo is sure where you got it . thank you so killing his siblings this month in a when not guilty in courtist material dean simms faces charges s including murder and they say that he can'tt he killed them inside the home they shared on february t five they say that he crime during the 911 call made he is held on $10 bond . >> that you aren't members of the police union will have money taken out of their paychecks each month to go to six officers that were recently fired, a newa f way to raise funds for officers just fired after a chase and shooting that left to suspect that bob does is michael brelo sworn officers will give up $2 among others 15 the fired officers will get for $500 a month goes into a fund for future casesn . >> for students at a charter school taken to the hospital today r at lake erie prep school ingested food that was given to
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f they stood about the food was removedt from the building may very stop by to make sure that their kids were okay. >> i don't notify me that a bulletin came across that some kids were taken to thee hospital from the school i came to check and they said it was another child that brought something from home some substance and pass them out to the other kids. >> director says the students were sent to rainbow babies and children's hospital investigation is underwayntr. >> kfar shut down the emergency room at southwest general health center and middleburg heights ig they do fire originated in a cleaning cleaning group aa was heard by patients that have had to be moved to another part of the hospital.l. >> fantastic weekend a bright sunny day today with falling temperatures .
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nacho grande stephen hawking . akron-canton currently 37 . it gets colder because of the onshore windc feels like you're freezing in akron-canton . drive south along 77, a is going to
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clout taken over especially eastern half of the area tonight at four morning more sunshine to the west .ng expecting mostly cloudy tomorrow . the london leg will be a completely different story tot tonight upper 20s, partly cloudy the false move will be visible tonight .he john kasich took some heat for a comment he made before a virginia crowd. >> went to washington washington after pulling my> mom's advice was in the legislature at the
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got an army of people and many women who left their kitchensn to go door-to-door to put up yard signs all the way back whent things were different .. >> after that comment if you download or told him that she would support him but would not come out of the kitchen, a spokesman defended the definitive remark said that hisis campaigns have always been homegrown affairs.
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the uber driver accused of a killing spree and killing spree and comese killing spree and comes in a weekend made his first court appearance,l jason ryan dalton array . sex counselor and two counts of attempted murder he was denied bail he was arrested sunday after shootings at three different locations,, it appears that all the victims were targeteds randomly and then he picked up passengers between the attacks .. >> adjudged that the side of a lawsuit brought by families of victims and the sandy hook school shootingng in go forward, the gunmen kill 20 children and six adults, nine families families in a school teacher the school teacher were shot are suing counties that makefa the error 15 rifle, it is the most
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protect gun makers froma liability when guns are used in crimes, since they pass of the passing of the law in 2,005as nearly every similar lawsuit has been dismissed.. >> this might last a legal motions bill cosby's life was supposed to be camille cosby was questioned in regard to a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by several women claiming that het sex assault of them decades ago lawyers say that she does not have anyy relevant information, her conversations with her husband are confidential, the women claim that heu defamed them by branding them as liars after they went public with >> apple and fbi are still at odds over in order to help unlockt an iphone use by one of the san bernardino shooters apple refuses to budge the fbi director says the request does
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personal safety he says the t litigation is not about trying to set a precedent where to send of justice for victims and their families are now jumping into the legal battle but they say it won't be easy for the government to get everything he wants.h >> i feel very upset that apple 's nott cooperating with the fbi. >> the bigger picture is that picture is that there might be some information on the phoneneggt. >> if they had possession that io the government wants it would have to turn it over what the governor is asking his appletree against its will and his will and at its own expense. >> this morning apple floated the idea of creating a>> government panel on encryption to help resolve this standoff and others in the future. >> an array so and erase white house and gop candidates are tearing up for the next campaign the fatah today today making their final pitches before
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big victory forr donald trump who is taking first place in the south carolina primary. >> flint michigan which nobody can even thinknk think about winning away new york for when thatn come the election is over because there's so many delegatessr so under that someone else is going to do a the democrats are turning their focus to south carolina which holds its primary this weekend,, bernie sanders and, bernie sanders advocates redound ground after and five-point loss to clemson in the nevada caucus. >> everyone of our ideas is is not only the renegade is what our country needs is what the american people want. >> clinton young sanders go head-to-head last time before the weekends weekend primary weekend primary with the intent and primetime town hall meeting tomorrow night .p lots of interesting weather this week for a little bit of everything . the kind of fluctuates from warm
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precipitation . today was sunny, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s farther south .er on the ice on the lakehe started to melt because of saturday's 65 plus . today, hopkins reached 42 . sunset was at 16:00 p.m. . feels like it is in the mid- 20
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and the cold lake water . this will go run around the area . heading cloud cover . low pressure will be wreaking havoc starting wednesday . the track is crucial . we already know the track determines the temperature profile . it appears it will be cold enough for the system to be
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a lot warmer . just a winter storm watches and warnings in portions of colorado . . this was becoming one overnight . watch it move into the area as rainfall wednesday in snowfall thursday . the track could change so stay updatedco tonight upper 20s partly cloudy . mid to upper 40s tomorrow partly cloudy . watched watch the mount ayr . for the last week in february because next tuesday march 130 and no small . transform fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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man trapped inside his burning car after an accident facing certain death. >> thought that i'm not going to get out of here. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m. out of nowhereat stranger rescues him know the now the victim was certain it was an angel, tonight at 10:00 p.m. . today new besancon revealed its newest version of its flagship phone, it has better camera and lied and battery life will add extra memory also unveiled the first
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of taking 360-degree pictures and video . starbucks thinking gets reward program is available on the got one per visit i not matter how much you how much you spent no one is based on how much you spend not the number of visits ed instead of 30 stars come to get to the gold level it will take about 300 instead of 12 for a free reward30 it takes about 125 . 1 better business bureau-bbb deducing that a tool to protect you from getting scammed called scamtracker .nene great way to learn about the greatest con artist . where to teach others. >> people need to share, information that they have about scams that have targeted that . best defense is to be educated to warren others to be aware of
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not >> allows you to search by keyword like lottery or irs also search by date the basics are the same, you are always required to send them some money bys wire transfer or by greenback
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vets care said they have surveillance video review that that part investigation into johnny manzielel january 30 colleen crowley called 911 claiming that he hit her several times and dragged her into a car the car, her attorney sayser that she
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that fans have threatened to kill both her and himself, police said thata have not spoken to him yet is part investigation into the browns indicated that they plan to release him it as soon as the nfl allows that would be on march 9 . erin andrews return in two national for her negligent lawsuit against marriott stemming from a 2,000 a case in which a man filter changing clothing for the man pleaded guilty to federal stalking charge in december 2009 she's asking for $75 million . two are big names appear at the rock the hall of fame induction ceremony today, announcingng kendrick lamar andci kid rock will appear at the ceremony in brooklyn and ducking into a kid rock inducting cheap trick of
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chicago steve miller . rob thomas, metallica also be present if the present was a big deal at the white house and wimbledon cannot contain himselfte just a 106-year-old virginia mclaurin said she thought she would never live to see if a i present she got to meet the president and first lady she revealed that her secret to longevity was to just keep movingist the meeting was part of
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ooh, more details about the new star trek film. there's going to be a scene depicting spock's birth. i'd be more interested in a scene depicting spock's conception. oh, please. for vulcans, mating-- or if you will, pon fahr-- it's an extremely private matter. still, i'd like to know the details. his mother was human. his father was vulcan. they couldn't just conceive. maybe they had to go to a clinic. can you imagine spock's dad in a little room with a copy of pointy ears and shapely rears? how come on star trek, everybody's private parts are the same? ever told captain kirk, "hey, get your thing out of my nose." (knock at door) hi. can you help me? i was writing an e-mail and the "a" key got stuck. now it's just going "aaa..."


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