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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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a charter school in cleveland investigating after four students rushed to the hospital this afternoon. >> all for a filled a classmate brought to school melissa reid has the latest to. >> the good news is those of four students taken to the hospital after becoming sick after eating the food given to them by a classmate are now at home with their families but there is bad news of the school has launched a full investigation as a result. >> scary moments at a charter school in cleveland avenue for middle school students were taken to the hospital for monday. >> this monday they were notified by a student that they just weren't feeling themselves and at that point he notified the principal
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been given field from a classmate the child had given four of their peers would. >> and bishop is the executive director of the icann schools in says it happened that the lake erie preparatory school on st. clair avenue bishop says the girl apparently brought the girl through to school and passed it out to three other girls and a boy. >> were investigating to find out exactly what it was if it was candy if it was something like assemblage that could've been brought from home we don't know if this was a bag of candy but we know that something was given that wasn't a part of our menu. >> the students were transported by ems to rainbow babies and children's hospital where they were treated and examined it. >> my daughter notified me that a bulletin came across that were rushed from the school and ask the started to come check on mine.
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notified. >> nervous and easy now the school says the student that brought in the field was removed it from the building however they would not say if or when the student would return stating it was part of their internal investigation. >> the school says of the students were eventually released late monday afternoon and that they are all at home resting with their families. >> we feel like our children fully are just our students but children are safety is of utmost concern. >> the school says they hope completed in the next day or two. >> now to a fox eight news it makes close at that goes inside the unsolved murder mystery of early fishermen for the first time that we are hearing explosive comments from sherman herself comments that could raise questions in the case or team reporter patty the talent has more.
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continue to ask questions in the 2013 unsolved murder of early fishermen and her daughter has documents in the civil case to create more questions concerning the death of the 53 -year-old cleveland clinic nurse sherman was killed outside her attorney's office adjusted days before her divorce case was to go to trial sherman's daughter jennifer filed a lawsuit in 2014 against father sent for germans over an alleged hidden bank account as part of that civil suit jennifer asked for a protection order regarding the location of where she is to give her deposition saying she is fearful too good to her father's attorney's office since her mother was stabbed outside of her lawyers office the filing are several documents including notes from the victim brain in an bring in an e-mail in 2012 which states i am really afraid he is going to have me killed i am of sound mind i just know
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blank look very scary another document as part of a deposition which was taken from one of sanford sherman's longtime friends at states sanford sherman would often talk to his friend about the marital issues and on several occasions asked to his friend if he was going to commit a crime how would he do it according to the deposition when the attorney asked a friend at the crime he was referring to was murder his friend replied yes the friend said he told sanford sherman this scenario pretty much the obvious i think almost anyone would think of these the fact that you don't usual car or don't let your car be seen to use a gun because it could be heard don't usual street close you something that would cover up your entire body your face your hands don't use a gun because it would make noise attorneys for sanford sherman file documents in singh jennifer sherman's motion is a ruse designed to harass and embarrassed defendant now
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discuss the case meanwhile alisa sherman's divorce attorney gregory moore is accused of lying to police don't sherman's mother investigation he has pled not guilty few those charges and alisa's funds are still waiting for answers. >> very emotional of course and very hard and that we want everyone to remember what happened to alisa she was brutally murdered and it needs to be remembered as she was a nice and beautiful mother and friend the mac sherman's unsolved murder cases attracting attention from media around the nation in fact the case will be featured on crime watch daily tomorrow right here on fox eight at 2:00 p.m. >> new security measures are coming to a cleveland correctional facility the it and confirming a barb wire fence will be installed around the perimeter of the judge nancy mcdonald community-based correctional facility three people have escaped in as many
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run tonight court said late last year 60 people from the facility had disappeared without permission there's no word when the fence will be installed. >> akron diet teen busy today pulling a car from the cuyahoga river these pictures coming courtesy of a fox apo or a man drove the car into the water off a weathervane lane early this morning women passengers swam to shore she is safe but the driver has not been found tonight he's considered a missing person. >> one local man is dead and another is fortunate to be alive after two separate incidents in which the victims were picked up by garbage trucks the medical examiner says 49 -year-old brian rehberg died of asphyxia by mechanical compression from the trucks compactor a driver had the misfortune of picking up a dumpster in fair lawn without noticing raber sleeping inside a similar story in cleveland with a better outcome here early this morning the driver of a
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a man screaming for help when they opened up the back gate 29 -year-old eric tahoe came tumbling out with the trash authorities say both cases it should serve as a warning to anyone seeking shelter in a dumpster. >> cleveland city councilman zachary taking another step to help fight violence in the city tonight councilman reed formally asked for $200,000 to be allocated to the peacemakers alliance of that money would go to funding violence interrupters of was once headed by former browns wide receiver reggie rucker is accused of using the nonprofit cash to pay off gambling debts. >> fans at quicken loans arena tonight were treated to a special presentation as part of black history month during half time they celebrated their accomplishments and legacy to both coral and louis stokes and cordell son of carl stokes were on hand for the
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presentation frank jackson taking part in the ceremony as well still to come tonight angels among us one man's incredible story of survival. >> he said i'm johnny the police are almost here and i can't figure when they get here but you're going to be okay. >> it's no earthly explanation by an ohio man survived a crash tonight he's telling his story and talking about women in the kitchen plants governor casey can a dog house tonight he's looking to clarify his controversial comments a miracle moment on the court dedicated local basketball player who got the chance to shine when it mattered the most positive changes in the know when the winter weather
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>> according to dick goddard and has 2016 pet calendar tonight is of the night of the full snowman even though we don't have that very very much snow left over thanks to a beautiful saturday and a 11 which essentially erased that snow cover in short order don't worry it is still early in the game and we will get that snow back later this week before then but today was a beautiful day lots of sunshine some patchy decorative clouds the temperatures today near
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northeast wind were a bit on the cool side but you go inland and it was 10 - -dash 15 degrees milder like 30s it near the lake shore and by the time he pushed you pushed inland from hopkins airport and started 30s most of the time it was in the mid and upper 40s you can see the little bump out at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon the high was 42 right around the lunch hour and a you can see the sunshine to but notice as we zoom out we have a lot of moisture in the deep south and a storm just pulling out of albuquerque this can affect that moisture up toss it in and will be on the warm side of the storm to start not to finish 26 partly to mostly clear quiet moonrise is already occurred again the full snowman tomorrow partly cloudy uneventful 46 the weather will become quite eventful beginning wednesday
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more coming up while they may have been 20 guns but they look very much like the real thing police taking these weapons off the street the eye team has tough questions for of kids accused of terrorizing a neighbor had kind of like an x-files hears here stranger sounds and space the second listen to tapes recorded decades ago nasa explains the so-called space music later and sports indians in the desert here from corey cooper and cavaliers are
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the suspect accused of going on a shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan and peering of court for the first time today jason bell and targeted random victims and an apartment complex car dealership restaurant parking lot and all in the former insurance adjuster also worked as a sober driver and investigators say he continued to pickup pick up and drop off passengers in between shootings. >> i would never expected someone out killing people to pick me up he said no and i said are you sure and he said no one just really tired. >> they say dull and did pass their background checks fbi is getting help in its fight against apple's the father of a woman killed in the san bernardino terror attack will
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position the fbi wants apple to help the hack a hack into a locked iphone involved in the after apple resisted the push citing privacy concerns fbi says the issue is potentially a matter of national security ted cruz medications director has resigned in the wake of another controversy with tyler distributed a video that falsely depicted marco rubio dismissing the bible quiz says he will conduct his campaign with the highest of standards and integrity and call the videos released a quote error in judgment cruz has been under fire for his ethics ever since winning the eye, iowa caucuses free shipping will cost more at and you will now have to shell out $49 before an order ships for free is a 40 percent increase from the previous amana mama of minimum which was $35 still not clear when amazon made the
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which cost $99 a year not affected by the hike prime offers free shipping on all orders. >> supposed to be a skin care product but some people didn't see it that way the story behind the pictures of that sparked a racial tension on a college campus the shot of a
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march madness always ends with a song one shining moment when
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earlier for a local high school basketball player jennifer jordan reporting tonight he's in the miracle shot as the clock was winding down on the season. >> it's a may be classic in the film are really a young man facing great obstacles has dreams of playing football at the university of notre dame and his senior year and in the final play of the game 30s sack the offending quarterback to win the game fast forward to last friday night inside rocky river high school gymnasium different sport but same emotional excitement in the final seconds of the last varsity basketball game of the season a packed gem that witnessed a shot of a lifetime made by senior paralegal and ask other team's manager he tried out for jv basketball his freshman year but despite not making a team was still determined to be part of the organization. >> it was going to be a good experience for me to hang out
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have some team bonding. >> in the four years at bailey served as team manager he never missed a practice never missed a game and friday night his dedication paid off coach murray makes good on a promise to let bailey sued up on senior night never imagining the impact it would have on so many it was a great moment for our school for our community but for our team and they feel that togetherness and for him to be out there at that it was very appropriate to be out with this the senior bodies bailey had that miracle three pointer in the final seconds to win the games the entire gem interrupting his teammates cheering him on. >> it's a dream come true for all of us. >> none of us will ever forget that moment. >> a dream fulfilled for team manager who finally became an official team player excited love everyone from the school
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to rocky river boys basketball team will play their first playoff game against cloverleaf tomorrow night and bailey will be on the sidelines taking care of his teammates as always when he sued up again the coaches as it will be a gametime decision >> still to come catch a controversy up controversy governor kasich doing during the damage control when he
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sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. a growing trend of more local boys are caught with weapons of that looked just like the real thing the eye team is the children's parents and
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report of the arrest and has an update tonight. >> can you tell me where they got begun the voice behind the door providing the high teens questions about these guns cleveland police say they got a call sunday about shots fired in the backyard here near west one 15th and detroit turns out to be air
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but police say boys attended, 13 and 14 years old had been shooting and up to scare a 69 -year-old great-grandmother next door in
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already has damage in her bedroom window after a shot fired from somewhere last fall. >> you know i don't want to get shot at no one hurt when my grandkids getting shot police and point out none of these guns had orange tabs to listen as we spoke to the woman behind the door. >> well they were bb guns and airsoft guns there still weapons of. >> take another look at this backyard with a reported gunfire just feet away from the senior citizen facility in the block just seven tenths of a mile from where police shot and killed a 12 -year-old tamir rice as he held an airsoft pistol. >> we went to another houma police report listed for two of the boys in the late >>ev as w took- for fin abo gun in the ha of 1 1 and - -ye not fro- an air s gun the >> it scary investigators say the kids in this case admitted they'd been shooting police did not arrest anyone bu a group of teens is made up a story of how a 17 -year-old was shot originally claimed the three men and three men in a car shot him last week now the police chief says that three teams were playing with the gun and nearby home in the gun went off accidentally to chinese nationals under arrest and charged with a kickback scheme involving goodyear they worked for a subsidiary which buys rubber for the company fbi claiming suspects were involved in a multitier scheme to steal tens of thousands of dollars from goodyear two dunks back home doing fine after being rescued from an icy pond and so we in zoos were only able to escape the icy water with the help of the bath township fire department but the pups were suffering from hypothermia at the time of the rescue governor kasich is doing some explaining after
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presidential campaign stop the magglio is on the story tonight. here it is tracy she meant it as a compliment he was talking about how an army of women helped him get elected back in the 1970s the governor admits it didn't come out just right. >> we just got an army of people who and many women who left at their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up all the way back when things were different for. >> the governor made the comment and a town hall get together in virginia and it didn't take long for the reaction to start pouring in. >> first off i went to sager, and earlier i will come support you but i won't be will be coming out the kitchen. >> he knew) he be hearing but common for a while its 2016 a woman's place is wherever she wants to be protesters chanted
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and richmond k-6 response at first he said people need to relax he added a kind of a real guy and every once in a while i have to go back and make sure people know what i really mean when i say something he apologized and said the comment wasn't meant to be offensive and he also talked about the major role women have played in his career. >> a big chunk of the people that helped me in my early days and throughout my career even up from now and they played a very very big role to governor promises to be more careful but says that nobody should expect a scripted john k-6 says he'll continue to operate on a high wire without a net that all of it comes on the heels of the governor signing a bill defunding planned parenthood in the state of ohio the organization says governor k-6 condescending attitude needs to stop weather on the campaign trail are back at
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>> we can sounds a lot like spring but the return of winter weather could be around the corner yes indeed and andre is standing by with more and what we can expect throughout the week lots of changes at lots and lots of changes in a short period of time unlike. in that we just came out of that which included today and goes all the waysaturday of course a saturday we had this wonderful temperatures sunday monday back to normal but jimmy
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we have we have a little-known glint off of lake erie you can see one of the little glimpse on the camera lens from the moon just out of the camera range and is the full snowman according to dick goddard's 2016 pet calendar more writing the sweet spot as far as the satellite goes cloud cover snow to the north we had some rain to itself but here kind of quiet we will stay there not only tonight but also imitate tomorrow we will wipe out the view here because this will play a part in our forecast not initially it will take this low-pressure system to travel roughly in this position start picking up the moisture in writing up to the northeast and as it happens years what happens to the temperature first sober. talk
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circul aro - pre tha tha now gliding pretty close to those overnight low temperatures were at 29 hopkins and 31 at wincanton uneventful on the northeast animation here is that low-pressure system picking up the moisture and watch as we go to late tuesday and early wednesday since the first wave of rain and as it does it'll get when they now i want you to look at the barometer are you a barometer watch her do you have one on the wall check it out it's the forecast barometer this week monday through friday noticed late
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thursday morning the lowest point very close to the low-pressure system that's a deep low end and look how quickly it rises going into friday with that kind of a pressure difference yes you can anticipate some wind and the wind will first be a warm went out of the southwest and a cold wind from the northwest as the rain changes to snow on thursday 36 probably enough to show them plow friday flurries or snow showers ending right now beyond that the weekend it looks quiet and that near normal for about a four-day stretch again looks of action packed between tuesday night and friday fox ate your official school closing station get all of the closings and delays online on your found anne on the air. >> controversy over skin care products the mask that have become the source of racial tension on a college campus how about a house party in all house parties the home that's
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wisconsin university chancellor facing backlash tonight for an mistakenly branding to students as racist the controversy began when the students posted a snapchat photo wearing facial masks however the schools chancellor mistook the skincare product for a recess act and sent a campuswide no caps them in the images on social media students have since posted a video apologizing savings they never meant any harm we try to handle and deal with it at the peer to peer level and that's part of what we want.
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students were seen in a short video repeating repeatedly using a racial slur the university will hold a meeting tomorrow to address the content of the video and how to deal with incidents like these going forward more than 40 people are hauled off to jail after police busted fraternity party in massachusetts neighbors told police the party had been going on for three days straight authorities say was hosted by two, 21 -year-olds who were accused of serving alcohol to minors when police arrived at some partygoers try to jump out windows to escape they were able to run but they couldn't hide. >> numeral if you're in college but have no respect for the neighborhood for the other people in the neighborhood we just want quiet. >> the students living in the home are forced to live out authorities condemn the house citing no smoke detectors and no carbon monoxide detectors very special debut tonight for a new show from wgn america underground tells a story of the underground railroad used by escaping slaves as part of black history month white house hosted a special screening of the show there was also a panel discussion with members of the underground cast and creative team shall also uses
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points during the series something that appealed to put legend. >> i met the script the first thing that introduced me was reading joe and misha's script and also knowing that the story should be told. >> underground premieres on wgn america wednesday march 9. >> is a story of survival that defies logic in ohio man is alive following a terrifying crash and says the only explanation is an angel the
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>> do you believe in angels and you can now count one of ohio man among the believers he says there's no earthly explanation for why he is still alive today is in susan stratford has his incredible story. >> the entire car is engulfed in flames. >> i can see the tires are literally just melting on the ground at anyone know what motive that way a horrific
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survival one of the police officers in place and who else how did he get out of the car and i said johnny that's all i could remember johnny got me out and mysterious good samaritan whose actions defy reason baffling first responders. >> is only so much you can do when you have high-voltage lines on a car. >> it was early spring 2015. >> it was a great day and a beautiful day. >> pastor john pastor john boston was driving on airport road when a car crossed into his lane he said you didn't have the poll you went through the poll a utility pole the life transformer and landed on john's vehicle. >> for thousands of votes are running to the car with his seatbelt stock and door jammed all he could do is watch the steering and consuming heat the windshield was melting
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car literally liquefying before his very eyes as seen in this picture be met without to myself i'm not going to get out of here. >> but then a stranger appeared a scruffy looking man who easily open the smashed door. >> he reached in to me out we walked maybe 20 yards from the car just before the car exploded in flames. >> i can still see a size he said what your name and i said my name is john and that he said while on johnny the police are almost here and i can't be here when they get here but you're going to be okay and that without johnny was gone while pastor boston was rushed to the hospital with the questions began that area and never lost power but ever been able to touch the car and i should not have
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10,000 volts of electricity stunning even better in transformer on the car the car on fire is probably one of the worst ones who can roll upon like a firework show immediately people try to rationalize what happened maybe the circuit breaker tripped and johnny fled because he has a past however firefighters say breakers are risk designed to reset themselves and electricity was clearly coursing to the vehicle would help arrived the person who touches that car makes these the ground you be electrocuted. >> this video shows other cases of transformers blowing up making rescue attempts extremely complicated you will have to jump away in shuffle your feet and follow this procedure is it still risky but none of the happened with pastor boston leaving the young husband and father with
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us with wings and white roads and bright shining lights i think they come as help and that's what i had that day. >> according to a press pull 77 percent of americans believe in angels and counters have been reported in the midst of many tragedies from september 112 tornadoes tearing across the plains states pastor boston says he doesn't care if people support him but his heavenly encounter is already having an earthly impact. >> i am more sensitive to making a difference in people's lives in the city that i serve and i went to be an angel for them. >> now 11 months after the accident pastor boston says his congregation has increased efforts to be done green and also planning a large mission trip to haiti to help.
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sounds in space astronauts called it music but no one was rocking out exactly now decades later the bizarre noises are explained up next in the end of the desert and the odds are better now that alex mack will stay with the
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you think of the dark side of the moon you might think of the band pink floyd but way back in 1969 astronauts reported hearing a different
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spot new audiotapes from the apollo 10 mission that reveal the eerie moments on the dark side of the men nearly 50 years after the mission of the audio capture is the so-called space music that's the technician believed that the noise came from interference between radios into separate parts of the spacecraft. >> hi every body a clunker tonight for the wine and gold of the pistons outplaying them for much of the night the final was 96 - -dash 88 a quicken loans arena and the five-game win streak is now history here is the newest cavalier that channing frye he played nine minutes tonight had two points pistons reggie jackson 23 points from long range on the evening so i recently got bit by bed bugs in oklahoma city tonight he
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to straight threes cavaliers 42 - -dash 40 he filed he was probably had 24 perhaps but detroit always seem to be able to answer they were pushed to their lead out to 17 points and kept the pressure up all night long and they swatted the cavaliers away like they were bedbugs posting 96 - -dash 88 victory. >> had 18 turnovers with 23 points against a team like that you can't turn the ball over and give them easy basket together make them play in half-court set. >> in college basketball green - -dash 61 cal tonight on the winners court in nfl and news of the browns safety is not any kind of content from the team is looking unlikely that he will re-sign here in cleveland brown's alex mack expected to exercise the app out clause in the contract according to the nfl network
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agent but report states his return to the team is quote a real possibility and could probably get big money on the open market and former bob stevenson lineman jake phil taylor is weighted with another team and it's not a bad one to say the least he signed with the super bowl champion denver broncos that is where the former browns and general manager tom eckhard is employed corey] well aware of the game of cat and mouse he plays with opposing teams headers and the adjustments made as of the season goes on and on continues to fine-tune his game with a hoax of consistently gaining an edge. >> i think the more you stay ahead of that it makes your job earlier to. >> folks here as testimony to pat summitt who coached a
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many seasons before bowing out to two dimensions a few seasons ago that the first time since 1985 the tennessee volunteers with the basketball team is not appeared in the associated press top 25 poll this week also developed characters and their show a lot of people but the fact that he would not be a member of the golden state warriors but he's a good guy he's got another chance he was loved favorite. coming up this week they won't really start going into hours to go were basically
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day tomorrow 46 it's a little above normal in your eighth day showing arraignments wednesday 49 a one day when the in the rain changes quickly to snow on thursday and i think i have to shovel compiled by thursday afternoon to be an interesting evening
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