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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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into why a woman ran into traffic on a busy road and was hit and killed,d, causing several other accidents,ki jessica dill will have a report. >> brey standards is coming to northeast ohio this week with a live report coming. >> it was not a stomach bug that kept kyrie irving out of the oklahoma city game, we will tell you what was really wrong . there is that big start to talk about, fox 8 news at noon starts right nowf. >> is remembered as an excellent
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friend and mother. >> jessica dill from akron with more on how people are remembering sonny johnson, the woman killed after running across route 8.nyk >> a lot of people, are in disbelief that she is not remembered as a loving mother that theyer positive attitude killed her after apparently got into a fight jumped out and ran across route eight in hit and killed by a pickup truckut at that autopsy scheduled today . she was any chance of firefighter and paramedic for 18 years, years, a mother to two sons and underway investigation is underway to place an an argument
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between her and her husband left her deathd on the road to say a that she jumped out of the moving suv, walk across three southbound lanes jumped over the medium media and the walked into oncoming northbound traffic she was hit by a pickup truck and killed instantly, they can't confront berman says that they are in shock.. >> she was a fantastic she had a real heart for the job . always a smile on her face, she was ready to work hard. >> thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time . they will have a chance and scheduled to come to work tomorrow with a staff that is h her shift and will be the first that she will not be working, this is a heartbreaking loss for them
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person . think there is a lot of disbelief today. president obama calling for the namo bay, seven office found tota firmly shut down the prison, he spoke to theml cost of keeping the facility in cuba open with less than 100 prisoners remaining for his plan involves transferring the remaining detainees to other countries in and live in nebraska who cannot be transferred because they are deemed to be too dangerous to an as yet undetermined detention facility in the united states .e
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compete to become president.. >> bernie sanders will be in the area to spread his message intoto gather support, stacey frey from the newsroom with more on his visit. >> will be at baldwin wallace university thursday, he has been able to draw large crowds, betrayals hillary clinton might double digits, the latest polls show her auntb 55 percent and him with 40 percent of ohio he will be at baldwin wallace thursdaye at 1030, doors to the gymnasium open at 830, they have room for five or 6,000 people but no no first-served baldwin wallace has about 4,000 students including graduate student at the event is open to the public, and baldwin wallace is a bit of a regular stop for candidates seeking cycle, paul ryan was here with
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john mccain and obama have all been been countless. >> two several minutes from the airport to the dubya that is a convenience for candidates who have other locations to go to . enjoying another sunny february
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legend from outer
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those are some big numbers . rainfall tomorrow then eventually snowfall it will be early estimates may be three -- 5 inches of shovelable amounts northwest ohio, over half of what the site gets paired this time,h between one -- 3 inches all subject to change . we have
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try to detail what we know coming up in a few minutes. school leaders at a cleveland el charter school are looking into into a cause for crossposted to get sick requiringin them to go to the hospital that happened at the lake erie prep school on st. clair avenue which is an i can charter school . the girl shared food with four other other students were then taken to rainbow babies and children's hospital because they were sickors or all at at home, school leaders are trying to find out what made them sick. >> investigating to find out what it was, it was candied something like a sandwich, we candy we just know that something was givenb that was not
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>> the school says the student took the food was removed from when she will be allowed to return.ur >> know what took kyrie irving city, turns out that it was bedbugs that according to the superstar have a dozen of them were found on his hotel pillow, he looked up in the middle of the nightth with bites on his head and did not get much sleep, he left the game after only nine minutes because he was freaked out and tired, the the cavaliers one without him on sunday, despite the lossav to detroit he was feeling better, and happy to be home, and he scored a team-high 30 points me back i felt all right, our team said i was out witho flulike symptoms it was honestly from the bedbugs from thelon freaking helton that we
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>> hilton told espn .com that the bedbugs problem was isolated to that one room and they have taken care of it . a confession from the uber driver accused of going on a
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lysander uber driver accused of killing people train passengers confessed,i james dalton made his first court appearance yesterday they said he shot eight people in three locations around kalamazoo, michigan saturday night between those shooting scene picked up customers for one of them called the police because he wasc driving recklessly common at his hearing detectives testified that he lives, but police say the police say that he does not have the colonel record and he passed the background checkco. >> teenager hurt in a helicopter crash at pearl harbor has died, died, the six-year-old was was 16-year-old was 105 people on board that went down on thursday , we two other family members are still in hospital, the hospital, there has been >> fbi getting held in its fight against apple, the father of woman killed in the san
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government's position, the fbi wants apple to help it to hack into a locked iphone, involved an investigation apple has resisted citing privacy concerns the fbi said the issue is potentially a matter of national security,, protest our plan today across the nation to back apple versus the fbi toiit despite last-minute legal motions bill cosby's' wife is was the post yesterdaywi camille cosby was questioned by attorneys at a hotel in in in massachusetts defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women who claimed that he assaulted them decades ago, lawyers forp her say that she does not have any relevant information for the case in her conversation with her husband are confidential, the women claimed that bill cosby defamed them by printing them as liars
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volcano fox 8 news on tuesday great to see all that sunshine and some high thin cloudsds . show you on the
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and they will be increasingly thickening today into tonight her to did you see the full moon last night ? that was beautiful we had a stunning view of the full-moon on february . he will soon be thehe birthday boy, moron that has the hours progress . dick goddard brought the high from hartville kitchen . cloud cover thinking today from the east and southeast of the moisture is pushed northward after midnight tonight start off as rainfall saw this could be a
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overnight into wednesday morning business on wednesday expecting rain showers . a chance of 1 inch or two of rainfalle, everybody will get some out of this looks like, 100 percent chance of rain showers . on thursday and we transition to snowfallan likely happen after midnight . if everything stays on track it appears to be the flow of the recent mixed system, currently premed degrees and 34 akron-canton,d ashtabula, findlay 40 . still pretty mild, tonight 38 with rain developing, some pockets are having . looking at
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the rainfall and by thursday morning, 5:00 a.m., our robotics operator and stefani schaefer were wondering about the changeover, it looks like it will happen after midnightoo thursday morning impacting rush-hour with rain to snowfall and some of that could be intense to the west may be 6 inches especially northwest ohio . watches the system turns north . depending on the exact track d will vote the heaviest snowbands to northwest ohio . bottom line is it's going to be called for cold for the last weekend of february .. looking at
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on the 8 -day . going to be snowing on thursday,i the weekend day bit nippy that just one 20- degree temperature on friday and .. it will be large .mcra
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on thursday morning into aj colby .. starbucks is making changes to its rewards program withuc how you can receive the stars,an currently you get a point or star each visit and reached gold status with 30, good for anys free drink or snack in april they will get two stars per dollar spent in need 300 stars for cult status, critics say that the program penalizes those who spend less per visit. >> burger king restaurants restaurants are attesting to deliver service in the uk,inan now 42 restaurants there that will deliver whoppers, no word
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or if it would make its way to the united states, and customers overseas are excited about the home delivery weather service. >> mastercard launching new technology so you can use slp to approve online purchases the mastercard identity checko requires itself each time you buy something online or face or figure that will be scanned to prove it is actually you, you will not be able to use the same picture, they make you blink to show that youo take that photo as you shop and are not a robotha. >> the miami miami marlins have a new team rule, no facial hair, new manager don mattingly says that he supports a rule some of the players were not happy but they are following it, but he was a player for the new york yankees he was benched in 1991 for refusing to cut his hair. >> model chrissy tiegen is catching heat for hiring a
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this spring to help them the man-hours with caring for her newborn . and she is not alone, turns out that many parents aren hiring outside help top teach the kids some of the basics . there are gurus to help teach your children manners, potty training , even how to ride a bike or to tie their shoes , of course each task comes with a pretty steep price price tag, causing up to $400 for a children's etiquette class for them .
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the latest trend in males, free fingernails are taken over instagramff it first debuted new york fashion week with model you start by painting your nails a neutral color than add a clear super glossy topcoat, then you pressos fake fur onto the nails as
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together support, stacey frey has details . >> bernie sanders will be asked baldwin wallace university on thursday,y, campaign has been able to draw large crowds,gn his campaign trails hillary clinton by double digits count the latest polls show her at 55 percent and him at 40 percent in ohio40 will be at baldwin wallace thursday at 1030 doors at the university open at 830,
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people, is first-come first-served, it is a bit of a regular stop for candidates in the last presidential cycle paul ryan is there in the past ronald reagan, john mccain and president obama have all been to the campus. >> is exciting when a candidate wants is to come to speak on the campus for students get to hear directly from the candidates. >> the events at bw begins at 1030 thursday doors open at 830, expected to last until noon, ohio primary is march 15. we show you this look of
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skies . but that will change .. >> good afternoon, it is a has a gorgeous day with all kinds of sunshine,h it is 36 lakefront with a windchill of 27 . have to go southeast to see any cloud cover this will move west expecting clouds to thicken the maps in motion show that . the bleeding edge of the precipitation showing up, i think it will be all rainfall with temperatures in the 40s just after midnight tonight . watch as the system begins to move northth as a winter storm that could be some severe weather deep southw today, and
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snowfall on the backside of the system interacting with a number of upper-level systems that will eventually have enough cold air to transition to all snowfall, on wednesday rainy, over 1 inch out of the question for everybody that on thursday, start to see the snowfall with the highest amounts to the west . stay up all on the latest fox 8 forecast, the temperatures will be in the 30st on thursday , 27 friday . and a few leftover snowflakes . saturday sunday looking good, mid- 30s is near 40 of them monday, wrap
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. looks like marshall come in and say happy catl . the better business bureau introducing a new tool tote protect americans from getting scammed the colloquy scamtracker a great way to about the latest pawns in the area or to spread the word so that others can learn from you. >> t-bone to share avon made to share the information they have about scams that have targeted them the best defense defense against becoming against becoming the victim is to be an educated consumer, to know the warning signs.nsns >> scamtracker allows you to search by keywords like lottery or irs as well as by the datett how the basics of the scams are always the same but the subjects change, the victims are asked to sendhe money typically by wire
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ohio senate could vote to make a three-day sales tax holiday to help back-to-school shoppers permanent, the first sales tax holiday was in august, items would be tax-free including shoesu and clothing under $75 classroom supplies less than $20 likeke books hints and pencils for holiday with him began on the friday every august. >> enjoying a resurgence in cuyahoga county with business and growth and the need to feedga hungry people continues to rise as the harvest for hunger campaign started on off this morning with at median shopping cart challenge at the greater cleveland food bank, more people need help with daily mealsf notches closer but nearly every suburba, you donate 1 dollar they can spread that money to help provide for nutritious meals so
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give,, please give, so that many people are depending on ite . the cavaliers host the distance. >> the tribe is in the desert for spring training , here's john telich with the tuesday morning
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a clunker last night for the london called the pistons outplayed them the final was 96 -- 88 at the q. the five-game win streak is history, channing frye, played mina scored two points, reggie jackson had 23 . kyrie irving, said he got bitten by bedbugs in oklahoma city he had 30 points,, their skill love working inside he had 24 on the night for detroit answered, push the lead to 17 and then could not stopn they got that long-range jumper . posted an impressive 96 -- 88
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the team like that she cannot give them easy baskets. >> in college basketball last nightht green bay over cleveland state . nfl news tashaun gipson issh looking unlikely that he will re-sign with the browns . alex mack expected to exercise the opt out clause in his contract according to nfl network making him him a free agent but the report says is returned to the team is a real possibility, and they can probably get big money on the open market .p former browns milan phil taylor is with another team, with the denver broncos are from corey kluber aware of the game of cat and
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hitters and adjustments made, he continues to fine-tune his game with also consistently gaining an edge. >> think it would be nai ve to think that you could always do the same thingng and not have to worry about health are working hard to make adjustments, the more you can stay ahead of the and makes your job. >> a testimony testimony testimony to pat summitt to coast tennessee to greatness for many seasons before bowing out due to dementia, for the first time since 1985 the tennessee volunteers ladies basketball team did not appear in the ap top 25 poll this week . all other sports, as we send it
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more hospitals giving premature babies premature
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formula they appear to be benefiting, the number of california hospitals offering donor breastmilk rose from 21 percent in 207,241 percent 2013 the nicu offer of the donor breastmilk also showed an increase in moms who began pressing by the time that they were dischargedat discovered that the infants were less likely to developw infection,. drinking between three -- five alcohol beverages a week they benefit your heart health, compared to those who never or rarely drankth those who had three -- five drinks a week had a 33 percent lower risk of heart failure in the second study the same team assessed or disciplines self-reported drinking and compared it withor incidence of heart attacks those who had the drinksks have a 28
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attack in bobbie jo long's wife reveals how she found out she was married to a serial killer.ngng >> melissa moore has that story. a circular has circular has the city been sitting in here after raping and murdering 10 women and eight months, but there are two women who would be survivors of his attack. >> juan mendez long-suffering ex-wife, the other a brave teenager who outsmart him and let the police to, bobbie jo long became cynthia brown first love when they were young teenage miami spring
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he had any major head injury in a motorcycle accident, says that's whent the king different into the boss of everyone. >> he would tell me what to do, what to eat, how to act and how to think . and i just went along with it.d >> there's an escalator to and physical abuse. >> i was at the breaking point, something had to happen because if notet somebody was going to be dead and i knew it would be me and possibly my children. she chose another way to get him out of her alive, by divorcing him .t he would go on a rampage of murder that was horrifying the entire city until a
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the serial killere. >> for more on this story, tune into the next crime watch daily. >> you can sayim say crime watch daily here on on fox 8 at 2:00
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club announcing this year's taliban candidates the labrador retriever for the 25th year in a row, and they say it is a popular choice because it is easy to train and great with families asy, running at the top five, the german shepherd, golden retriever, bulldog and with a list by looking at the number ofa registered dogs each breed, and as i will mention, the french, bulldog which has seen a huge spike in popularity as the most popular dog in new york city. >> two florida cities are the happiest and healthiest in the
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state america america wellbeing cullen well-being, and naples has the lowest levels of stress and depression as well as most people who eat healthy,, the northport, sir soden brinson area was also in the top top five, together florida, california and colorado texas have 14 cities have the topnd 24 wellbeing ohio was on the other end of the spectrum with five of the 20 lowest ranking cities. >> in the film that tells the story of the resurrection of jesusus . >> is hitting theaters just in time for easter here's david moss. u the story of the resurrection, playing christ is a godsend for
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>> is a miracle, i took this as a miracle i never thought that it would happen in my lifetimec, as a kid, jesus was my first superhero .us i read the bible and people would ask what part i wanted and i would say that i wanted to play jesus jesus coming thought that would happen i thought that was funny. he played attention to every detail including the scenes of crucifixion seem like it was beautiful, surreal,ee prepared as much as i could for the role, to put my ego aside and i got to the crucifixion scene, i was in
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i think that it be solid movie that stands on its own, with a message of faith aside, i think that it is just a great job, it is a good direction and a good script and a narrative that has a positive sense of hope for humanity and the time that humanity is often a conflict with itself we are often fighting and why are we fighting so much ? is that the only way that we can resolve conflict ? their must be other ways. >> david moss fox 8 news
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working out can be rough, what happens when you add some wine ??. >> go viral, disasters for the california mother whosa read the r wine work out, but for sheer simple home exercises for busy momsee the 152nd video was a joke for fans on her fitness facial page . she did the the he workout than solving wine bottle , but the joke spread like wildfire especially once after george takeiso l share the video to his 9 million followers. >> i want to show people with a
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dayu. >> it is one half dozens of non- alcoholon mcalpine associates whether the comments are positive or negative she says that people need to get the message that that working out
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today on "the real." >> on girl chat. >> welcome to the white house. >> the voice behind this clip. >> hey! >> is here. >> hey, michelle! >> and thinner, hotter, more flattering. now we're showing you how to dress to look taller. >> you did that, yes, ma'am. >> cut this out! >> plus, mike is here. >> oh, my god. >> on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute of it this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it start it right now right now right now right now it's our life we got a choice


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