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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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louisiana are to follow the next 36 hours,ll 6:00 p.m. tonight with the rainfall moves north . this is when we see the first few raindrops just before 4:00 a.m. . push it down into little rock arkansas . we will have intermittent showers tomorrow two low pressure area across the northwestern part of the state . 36 degrees does not tell the story that is just at the lakeshore inland it is 50 at akron-canton because something
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the lake today . west will be shifting southeast, then south on the mild side out of system we will be cooler thursday . had to keep a notepad to keep track of all of the coming changes . details from investigation of the woman killed after she was hit while running into traffic on a highly. >> to theon she was a firefighter paramedic recently married their notes more about the moments leading up to her death and joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.? she was returning to her home with her husband who pulled over
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running into oncoming traffic . happened on route 8 in akron around 4:00 p.m. tonya johnson had beens a canton paramedic firefighter for the past 18 years the mother ofbepa three who had many friends in the department according to achieve her husband was driving southbounddac police and medical examiner previously reported that they had a argument, we , learned that they had a disagreement overer what route to drive home and then she unexpectedly got out the clock from our conversations with him in the investigation heou had no idea that she was going to get out of the car . . he was not t asing her there was no
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the car .t the incident is still under investigation may not fully understand why she did that, the pickup truck driver who hit herth was not a fault he fault he cannot have a winter her according to the police, will be a chaplain at the fire station tomorrow to help coworkers cope with the loss . >> bratenahl police searching for a suspect who escaped from from the village police department yesterday afternoonfr oo >> policnitially did a great job of arresting the 21-year-oldi cleveland man in connection with the break-in but then somebody dropped the bomb after he ball after he was brought to the
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>> responded to a burglary spotted a suspect and chased him . >> the k-9 officer tracked down the 21-year-old . until other officers placed him under arrest .pl south lebanon lebanon after you've taken back to the station to be but he left the area and walked out the back door . are not happy about this security breach at the facility.
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protocols that were not followed were looking into how it happenedin the will look into it and come to a conclusion andc the extent to ensure that this does not happen againto.en >> not the first time that they had contact with him according to investigators he was arrested for trespassing while he was a legend inin case of another home. >> also allow smith to walk out of the department could faceo disciplinary action but right now they're focusing their attention on finding where he is an and taken back into custody. >> anybody who is willing to commit felonies and break into somebody's homees is somebody that is worrisome. >> tonight the us marshals service isis join the search if you have information call the bratenahl police. >> a devastating fire that destroyed a high school football
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de to say that it deliberately set ash jennifer jordan joins us. >> for are trying to determine who intentionally set the fire and broken high schoolen and if they had held it broke out at the football stadium in december at rooms concession stands and storage areasal l because it broke out in the middle of the night there were no injuries t a neighbor called the police games had to be relocated for fear that the stands were collapsed into the damaged dean'snd . there was some smoke damage to the press box but no significant
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have recently undergone a major renovatiorenovatio n costing $2 million . investigators are actively searching for who set the fire. >> video showing what happened as an official got busted last weekend for driving drunk as peggy galleknd with the latest. >> they say that the chief bailiff of shaker heights municipal court was found speeding on i-77 they said that filled with alcohol next to the driver according to the policebe saturday in newburgh heights officer noticed a cup next to the driver seat he said it was an energy drink energy drink but
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alcoholed and . diaz refused to take any test to determine if he had been drinking, he was arrested on ovi speeding in open container this is some of the body camera videos. judge said that he was suspended with pay per now and looking into the matterr , he is scheduled to be in court soon.s >> settings are scrambling for li money and strongsville city officials told the idea hope the idea of a new tax oni tickets of events, lorrie taylor says it is only a proposal that could become law this summer. >> 3 percent admission tax given the strongsville mayor and
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has not been easy but the the city council we reached r told us what they know about it, strongsville mayorha tom perciak proposing a ordinance that would assessss 3 percent tax on tickets to different events, councilman ken dooner says that the the council has not been been formally brief buti was all said and done it would only apply apply two theater tickets and admission to the local ice rink and maybe some basketball games .ck8otm lots of exemptions including charitable events, but people we spoke to were not happy about the new idea.leps,u >> that's crazy we have six kids , and we who don't need additional feesd. >> i think it is a necessary we
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this something that is not to be implemented. >> coughlan said the tax will generate about $100,000 a year if it becomes law in july,$1 is encouraging people to come to the next meeting of marchag eighth at 8:00 o'clock long thin to express their opinions so that the will of thehi people will
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welcome back a live look from the roof-cam . the temperatures were okay but close to the lake it is chillier . a big night at the q.. it is nice out there,. >> it was not that cold when the sun is out because it makes you feel good.. >> we are 15 degrees warmer, akron-canton that downtown
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we do have rain initially . list webcam time lapse from the 5-mile crib,, courtesy of the city of cleveland, water division, who keeps these webcams operating . you can see the high clouds and we've got 50 s, even some 60s downstate ta . huntington south point 61 and 59 parkersburg and as far as zanesville and dover/new philly l mid- 50s right up against the lake it is that there is . you can see the temperature disparityee from the lecturer, chilled by the northeast breeze
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dover/new philly 53, the wind is basically off the lake, northeast that 15 . that is a land wind off of pennsylvania even . this is the scenario where that stuff all around us in terms of winter weather freezing rain advisory and central pennsylvania tomorrow morning for usran nothing yet there will be rainfall developing within a winter storm warning with snowfall fallingngg as the low-pressure system track, takes it into western ohio . tonight, increasing clouds waking up to rainfall, 1235 with increasing
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and wake up about 42 degrees . rainfall, heavy at times, it will start east, and then move southeast . even this band in the warm sector will then see southwest winds . then, thursday morning switching back to northwest park that will be enough to shovel on thursday the snowfall comes to an end on friday 27, it will be 39 saturday in the upper on
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when the snow flies, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, yurko sign up for text alerts fox next in trending, one area to raffle off something that both peopler on both sides of issue the issue are passionate
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form as a backup group, the drifters, were eventually inducted into the rock hall in 1988, all month fox 8 celebrates the celebrate the sounds of black history. >> before horseshoe casino in downtown cleveland. >> fundraiser port clinton is media as gabe spiegel is here with trendy.
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wi great people are holding a fundraiser that is getting some buzz online for $10 you could winld ar-15 it's not automatic rifle, and war $1,000 cash and port clinton . raffle is on the way on the face of page brought to you by the port clinton announced on april 15 some people there are upset, the air fatigue, not an assault rifle pr stands for parmalat rifle they are regulated in six states not ohiore the air 15 is legal as is the best way to raise funds for chairman of the port clinton committeesese and port clinton policen tell us tell us that lester the ruffled off to guns,
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they have not received complaints the winner has to be 18 or older and passedin fbi background check and now the question is is this the best way to go about this and apparently it is they have no problem the last couple years . or they could select the cash. they have not had any complaints , that some people who complained and said that we should do the story because of lots of school shootings th . the argument comes up that come into play in the gun or do you blame the risky for a drunk driver. rock gaming, or so they horseshoe casino in downtown
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detroit is getting a facelift, as they take a sneak peek of the new marketinga branding campaign it is getting a new marketing campaign called jack. jack wants you to get out there and be a bad being a bad boy or girl, if you're under 30, young hotties, having fun . eminem promo video, once once seen as jack getting a black eye bar . marketing people say that it is an
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. they're putting out this new marketing campaign and askingng peoples thoughts today like the new ad campaign scoring. i think they're just trying to get people to get out there and spend some money and have some
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has been a fixture for more than 15 years but is a dying or getting readyd to serve his final
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beijing is coming to a popular restaurant in the west side c. >> the clatter of a diner on clifton has been a mainstay for
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matt wright has the reasons why. >> the belly building landlord is doing renovations in and ordered the diner outt by the end of the month but it is not closing for good. >> the diner on clifton has been serving food for decades, perry drosos the owner for nearly 30 years .. >> longtime employees are getting to know the the regulars and their orders >> going to miss pointedness coming here every day it's >> some have been coming here since high school. >> it is hard, it is been here a long time and we've always count on it being here.
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negotiations, the diner will soon close, but it has been without alize forte was the decade,s a rep for the building six-month extension and renovations are to start soon requiring businesses to close. >> it is upsetting, i know that we can make it work across the street. >> the diner on clifton could move a a couple blocks down buying the old pnc bank building and to reopen by this summer. >> this bottle offer more space covered patio and cocktails but until then restaurant employees are left without a jobb. >> hoping that open that customers will make the move. >> i think the neighborhood will welcome it, think it's going to be a good place. >> he says they specific closing
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landlord says that renovations here areti done a at a little restaurant will be into the spacea. bernie sanders coming back to northeast ohio this week the candidate attend a rally at baldwin wallace university on thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the rec center tickets are not required he visited for a rally at cleveland state back in november the ohio primary is three weeks from todayo. >> if you wonder why joe is not a popular gift for men it gets lost at the bottom of a lake but for a newlywed couple things find their way back home after
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they spent part of the honeymoon camping at a minnesota lake from pictures show him jumping in with his new wedding ring then resurfacing without it, the newlyweds returned to washington empty-handed, then five months later, the got the call , the park staff found it on the bottom of lake. >> went into that cold i cannot know that it slipped off when told he had grown people, montana is full of nice people. >> it was waiting to be found in the mail that back. >> may cost you more to get free shipping on, the company announcing that you have to spendnd $29 to get the benefit,
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buying books you'll have to spend $25 if you are an amazon prime member here not affected by the price increase.
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that is often the first indicator of a storm, the ice crystal clouds, those are starting to be the first evidence, most of the thick cloud cover is down here with the rainfall . right now it is pushing into places like nashville tennessee even knoxville tennessee but not yet into kentucky, the northern edges moving northward pretty fast, probably be here in less than 12 hours .nas by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, had to figure on an early morning schedule will see some of theni first raindrops . today 41 degrees that was earlier before the libraries taken pushing the temperature even at hopkins down this is at hopkins and then superimpose burke
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one and 2:00 p.m., along the lake shore, never broke mid 30s .r currently 34 degrees but thatly northeast breeze that will continue tonight increasing clouds waking up to rain showers andreki many places tomorrow morning .mo but tomorrow, wendy and heavy rainfall at times you can see just a huge amount of rainfall . the chance that toledo findlay may see 2 inches once that goes by it switches snowfall that if short-lived, by saturday and sunday it turns back around and thursday will be a difficult
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snowfall but everything for weather jazz is up there now but a space for questions and we did a q&a session . asking anything anti- pick some interesting questions and also talked about the storm coming . so episode 68 available. >> after seven years since the incident,, erin andrews has her
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and lebon trying to make good on
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on a maryland farm to talk as belle harbor joins us with the update . >> unless they bruce springsteen concert once in my life, and it is impressive. president obama makes a last effort to shut down guanta namo bay in cuba, during ao morning news conference today he outlined his plang to shut down the prison to transfer the remaining detaineesr to a us facility within us a word that would be, he says that closing the facility is the right thing to do and our nations best interest.hae >> sports report or erin andrews appeared in court for her civil lawsuit against the nashville
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$75 million suit she says the hotel made easy for peeping tom to record naked videos of her she claims that the hotel and managersa gave her room number to the man and let him a room next to her he was eventually sentenced to 30 months prison. n >> cluster of dead eagles on a maryland farm has prompted a federal and state investigation,yl 13 eagles were found dead or weakened blair that they were poisoned but don't know if it was intentional or accidental, and the bald eagle is awfullyni federal and state endangered species list that are protected under federal law. >> britain's missiles that announce the arrival of a newborn newborn baby gorilla delivered by c-section, the decision to use the procedure cameme earlier this month when the mother showed symptoms of a potentially life-threatening
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marksiaat what of only a handful of timest worldwide that a baby girl has delivereda via c-section. >> utah hospital sees double after aee pair of twin sisters is now celebrating after each delivered their own plans, doctors originally told botha that the odds of having children would be alone without love without fertility helps soapd they now have a brother and also twin boys. or you don't have to take control of your kidsds use their iphones ? >> our in-depth look on as better dangers continue with the look at what your kids are doing
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l to control it laughing in their careers were one of the groups to be inducted into thel rock hall during the first ever serve only in cleveland in 2,009 homage
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continue our week long look at predator . it's critical that parents know what their children are doing bothwh online and on and on the phone. >> does he think you me thank you have a handle on all of this be prepared to be >> massillon road who is being treated for ptsd . i have met ten-year-old porn addicts. >> as to your children and iphones internet safety expert jessie weinberger has heard it all
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>> by ken seward were indicted forr sexting which by the way are felonies. >> she is thees knowledge to educate parents. >> turtle rock to show what is crawling underneath. >> irish teenager spends 11 hoursrs and content consumption on the phone, onlinet etc. . at 3 percent go online with no parental supervision . 30 percent have received sexually suggestive content . one oh 25 will receive a sexual solicitation for the sender attempts attempts to meet to
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googled while the kids so easily sucked into these online pagers? >> the brain is not developed fully until 25 that part gives you the impulse control . >> her message to parents is eye-opening and she shares the nation about the horrors of of of technology and what it does to kidsds at the message to the parent is also toa do not forget that parents are in charge. >> being afraid you cannot be afraid of your own kids , you are the one charge wind charge as the parent, put on yourur . kids are obsessed with the phones, in the book, the bogeyman exists in your child
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as a family contract out outlining roles that need to be understood and followed by the child. >> to regain a sense that you are in in my turf and this is a family unit and wemy have also been followed and if you're not willing to do that there is ao toilet for flushing phones and hammerle for breaking monitors. >> guarantees that you only will only have to destroy one deviceh because your message will be loud and >> she has three teenagers, like thousands of others who have attended seminars were shocked at what she learned to cook you say that you're doing a decent job, you know the password should go onliney and do check where they have been the history
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just the first letteral, is much more diligent process required. >> we raise our children to be the best thatr they can be while navigating this oftentimes scary technologyy, by communicating in having ongoing conversations with your children , they will understand that we're just were just trying to keep them safe. >> it's easier to build strong children tend to repair broken manan. >> we keep hearing about the dangers , so which apps are the the worst and how are your children hiding them, tomorrow morning an in-depth and in-depth
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will see that system pushing northward, you can see with those showers and then a change change to snow on thursday . will be will manaus and shovels for some on thursday . with more
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their 20th anniversary for a concert at the house of blues today for the sound check . i glenville high school to share their story part of the schools black history month celebration after the talent show the students asked him them about their successful career as one half es best-selling artists. they have two grammys, along with platinum in old albums, the
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the jim webb the calm before the stormt going from sunshine to rain and eventually snow .
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overnight tonight, it will be about 40 at some point currently ,ut some high clouds from the system to the south . forgot 30s to 50s across the state . currently 55 cincinnati . to the south, this is a large system with lots of energy it will be giving us rain and strong winds and snow fall . the next 48 hours will be a lot going on . we don't have any watches warnings thought or across much of michigan indiana
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pennsylvania . looking at the low pressure moving northwardn it will bet moving our way with rainfall tonight . after midnight will see the rain for your morning commutet mild day for us tomorrow .mi be pretty heavy at times . talk about a lot of rainfall and a lot of wind through tomorrow evening . will be at times heavy rainfall at times with the high near 50 . rain for all of us tomorrow and


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