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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  February 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it isgo 8:00 o'clock in the city. thank you for waking up with us. >> we're were going to melt and refreeze to melt again winds out of the northeast they will start to shift this afternoon it will get w really strong wind speeds' picking up in medina already upper 30s kids in the sink
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the rain will start to lift your their there is that rain and snow on the backside has to that middle and upper 40s and all the rain will start to push north backup to snow with rainfall numbers a good and inch of rain wrapping up around midnight a wet snow will develop tomorrow morning to figure patty will have the fox vote. >> it is a mess other day i may m use a plenty of red coming up 77 and for 8071 a i 90 anywhere you go this morning you are going to be delayed for sure.u if you do
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accidentt has two cars with independent police off to the website it is still causing have to slowdowns coming up 77 this morning in akron it is also off to the side 76 eastbound over by kenmore it is good to 77 down by the turnpike plenty of delays once you get out on that you around that you are still into downtowne if you have the opportunity to nap today why not it is the day for it. let's look at some drive times out o other 77 northbound heavy volume just under a 30 minute commute also the turnpike 3 to 490 a 30 minuteo ride have to slowdowns in to 71 between eight and for 2221 minutes on the eastbound sure away as you head towards dead man's curve. >> topping are headlines this
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family killed trying to cope with a mother daughter and friend being gone. our top story jessica joins us now with the questions the family has about what happened this morning. >> good morning, everyone a lot of confusion but today will be a holiday for many the family left to question. the fire department left hee tried to carry on without tonya johnson today would've been her first day back on chef but instead her coworkers will be meeting with the chaplain to try and go the 43 -year-old mother of three is saved o lives for 18 years as a paramedic firefighter with theht canton fire department they say the family of tonya johnsonon gathered inside the canton home last night she died monday after police say she jumped from an suv and j ran through traffic onn route a. police say johnson have been arguing with her husband of a less than two weeks over directions he pulled over and she got out they sayr from conversations with the husbandan there was no altercations in thens car and he had no idea she was
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incest she was not the type of person to commit suicide instead she was a loving and giving person i cared about everybody. >> i just want to make are proud i look for her it lived for her it made me so sad becausek i told my mother at took my mother at we get straight a'sy and i wanted her to see me make it. >> i'm sure she is so proud of that little on the two sons and daughter s i left with more questions than answers about the moments leading up to her death the fire chief is given his condolences to the family and says whatever they can dothe theyhe are here for them i think the best part is with the little one is sought looks exactly like tonya that really helps them. >> she shoes a beautiful woman that is a heartbreaking and
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girl oh my gosh.ths thank you. >> in other headlines the cleveland arson is investigatingti ang possible bomb explosion at ourn a porch and the home of cleveland's east side the put a hole in the porch andi ripped sliding off of the east 133 straight home it happened monday evening the cleveland bomb squad close the street for several hourse to search the home for more explosives nothing else was found. the woman who lives therere with her 12 and 22 -year-old son sons tells fox's she was asleep when theye explosion woke her up. no one was hurt. the blast left the neighborhood rattled. >> i heard it it sounded just like that it's beginning to be the wild wild west monique is that close to your home or your house it is a bit of a concern. so it kind of bothered me all day. >> the woman who lives in the
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her family investigators say they are still trying to figure out what materials were used to make the device. >> working now with police to search for suspects police body camera shows officers arresting the 21 -year-old giovanni smith after he was taken to the police police department investigators some how t he left the area and nobody noticed themr police say those responsible will face discipline. >> the city, water department's say the water safety is the problem is been noticed and mayfield but noticed in mayfield heights richmond heights men hearstnoti and bedford heights they say the problem is from a transmission main undergoing scheduled repairs theyra say the discoloration should and at >> foxing is keeping tabs on
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outlook . >> if you smoke a cigarette supplements fire department responded found was actually the battery of the rechargeable a cigarette that charged exploded believe it or not the person was not hurt but the fire department is telling as because the incidences are on the rise they are one in anybody warning anybody that uses a vaporizer elevate them from carrying them on the person they sure you don't do that firefighters say it is important to keep the batteries away from copper and metal iconic icon accuse her loose changeet. >> seven minutes after 8:00 o'clock on this wednesday morning.>> > many are cleaning up this morning after a very powerful storms moved to the area, and they may not be over
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straightahead. and we also fullu results on who could threaten the billionaires run at the white house. >> andcotli what the cdc says you should do to protect yourself. >> the rain is continuing and picking up a cold rain, but by b afternoon we should start to see some break. temperatures climbing we could be up in the low 50s by late afternoon not everett one but this portion of the viewing area when one do we see the snow? we will have that
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will come back. severe storms are being blamed for at least three deathse in the nation's south. the national weather service is looking into reports of nearly two dozenoz tornadoes in four states two people died in louisiana when it was hit by a the storm a mississippi resident also died in a mobile home forecasters had want a severe storm they say theey system a shift to the northeast here scott with a look at the forecast closer to home but
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>> the same system the at them is hitting us out is a lot colder air until now is just a a cold cold rain here. starting to see some small breaks may be some reduction in intensity. temperatures have been in that mid 30s from central ashtabula all the way into the heart of geauga county we have every rain smell from willoughby all the way into canton wi temperatures for the most part under 40 degrees now and northeast winds out of that you standing come out of the southeast with more warmth it will take a little while but we should start to see with the snow on the backside heavy into indiana o and portions of illinois the forecast nowa is going to highlight the 50s spreading into southern ohio slowly pushingy later this afternoon continuing with the rain we will
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get some break until late tonight and early tomorrow cold rain temperatures climbing regionwide up into thee high 40s and low 50s middle 50sddl further south again it will be a a much much warmer evening kimmit with their ire breakser for the likely we will all get close to an inch of all that we start to see the transitionn back over to wet snow b north western ohio today that was our initial projectionod given the movement on the usgi as we go in the eight day forecast with the snowfall
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midafternoon tomorrow.abl upper 30s it could touch 50s early next week fox eight news is your official school closing station donald trump ran away with a victoryld in the nevada republican caucus last night and he is not shy about celebrating is one. >> of course if you listen to the pundits, we were note expected to win too much and now we are winning and winning and winning the countrymumu and seeing the country is going to start winning, wedding, wedding. he is nowow the first contest in a row marco rubio defeated ted cruz for second place both candidates finished more than 20 pointsh behind the billionaire trump. >> john kasich will be going on the road again to give her his
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lighter than normal as he has been traveling extensively case it broke tradition by taking the speech to steubenville it has alsoso delivered it in other areas president obama making onear last effort during his administration to close guanta namo bay he outlined his plan to shut down the person yesterday and wants to transfer the remainingst detainees to facilities in the us he said closing the prison is thefa righting thing to do. >> for many years it has been clear that the intentions at guanta namo bay does not advance f our national security. fourteen new cases of the zika virus
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did not travel to the infected area. they say the womanct became infectedm after having sexual relations with a male partner who had travel to south america wi researchers say the mosquitoes are the primary way it isy spread. >> developing news about small plane that has crash has been found pound carrying 21 peoplet and that appears to there appears to not be any survivors it was headed to the himalayas it was always supposed to last about 19 minutes total but contact was lost eight minutes after takeoff witnesses say lo itwi wenttn down in a heavily woodedoo mountainous area. >> a toddler sentenced to life in prison in egypt> but is now been released the three -year-old is accusedd of various kinds committed including murder
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when he was just 16 months old they admit it was a case of mistaken identity.en >> fifteen minutesti after 8:00 o'clock time to get plugged in with mr. todd meaning. >> we are talking about the city of strongsville withl a 3 percent admissions tax if you're going to argue game or some type of carnival 3 percent admissions three-person admission would go towards municipalnhr stop and think about how much this is reallyto were talking $0.24 on a $50 can't hurt to get about $0.50 au
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town to see a movie for $0.24? >> hi, this is jeff amazingly government officials though ito is just with a what a sincere 27th yearth and a couple of cents on the gas tax that the extra $0.30 and a full foldout of take a for me why can't they do with less? >> if our governor john kasichi we quit having a big group of o people he overpays and start givingrp some of the schools and city the money theye need to run, they would not have to keep taxing the working people. >> just a proposal right now but what do you think about the possibility of it happening t it is something you think is a strong move in the city or not?
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facebook, twitter, instagrams if you are just getting ready to go to work it is 17 minutes after 8:00 o'clock right now. >> big changes coming to a popular website restaurant we will tell you what is coming up next for the diner. >> and full of things that can cause a lot of harmhin to your kids we speak to an expert who hasas advice for parents. >> grab your phones and get ready to dial before the end of this hour we're giving away two tickets to see nick jonas and demi lovatoo live. >> we would like to invite you to log on to to vote for one of these great schools
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schoolth we will feature thatre school next week on fox eightox news in the morning. stay
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let's check in with kenny.
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we love him happy birthday to it is a very long on the website one on the website check it outn that makes it so fantastic to work. >> let's meet you and he is right here she uses wood and she uses paper on top of wanted word and she likes courses so tell us about your work, suzanne. >> this piecesa representing a psychological metaphor of holding onto and kind of
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>> kind of wild and out of control. >> exactly. >> and you use what is that right? >> yes tl wood and paper and then there we go. and then for the main and tail it's here and then it will be applied to this panel by care beautiful. beautiful when we come back as you can see it is right here look at this. >> i am a senior in painting i am originally from jersey moved out here to cleveland about three years ago to come study
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>> look at those images are these places you've been? >> yes this is actually what i do is i go out into the world quite often i go into cleveland and take photos to use asnto sort of inspiration and then i collage them for my pain teens.n >> this is the gorgeous one and congratulations. ra nice meeting you look at these right here. totally cool at the cleveland institute of artal we go
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in your house it is amazing. >> we have that down to about $8,000am. >> we will think about that. absolutely gorgeous and so talented a lot of talent. a 25:00 a.m. is your time thank you so much for being with us. >> the canton fire department continues with dealing with losing one of their own and a tragic situation we will have the latest when we come back. >> spending decades after being released with a look forward to next. >> as you know, we have beenve talking about this all morning long the freezing rain off to the weste will it he eventually be snow here? we have the
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
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rough start. the rain coming down.ming down slick spots on the roadway's.road this is just the beginninge begining
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not until tomorrow the rain will will turn to snow check in with scottth for an updated forecast. he met aj. you just missed him he is going. going. he is already left the building. he didn't.d he is still here.r e it's all good. you know what the radar isdar loaded up with green right nown right now we you the rain is coming down for sure t still off to the west wes seeing some of these colors that are indicative ofo some freezing freezin rain may be a little sleet mixing in and it is no back here fromm the motor city in theor northwest ohiocity i. yesterday's estimates on snow have been revised and downwardrd in many cases. the range one to 3 inches would apply probably lesser amounts as you head east. northwest ohio not out of thef t question for half a foot of snow as we transition from brain too snow. snow. it was such a nasty weather dayyeathe inr the southeast we've beenbeen talking about this stormt this st
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all kinds oform pr watches andand warnings in the red dot steard tornado warnings. there were 70 reports unconfirmed.onfirmed. upper 30s 33 east lake 39e 39 cuyahoga falls. strongsville 38. ravenna 37. temperatures on the claim today likely going to see abovebo freezing temperatures throughe tonight as well with rain and winde. an inch to an inch and a half of rain. wet snow coming into the picture after three or 4:00 in the in t morning and transition west to eight day outlook where calling for friday. and that looks like lake effect is little lake effect snow east. t sunday near 50. 5 that is nice.e that we can looks pretty good i i would say.d sa snow on monday and then hello march.h. all right.ight. highs freezing or better fox8fo
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station. you can always find the latest right here on fox eight and we'll send it backk year with.ith sir. today would have been the first day canton firefighter tonya back to her shift.. today wothe firs as you know by now she was very passionate about her job.ionate out he saved lives for 18 years.r helped peo but instead her coworkers havee to try and move on without her.d liver 18 ead her cow jessica dill joins us now with good morning. good morning everyone. these firefighters saw tonya as more than a coworker. they saw her and a friend and family member.s good mointhese fifi some of them telling me they wouldn't be where they are todayt b e w on the department without her in their lives.o tonya was a fantastic firefighter and paramedic she had a heart for the job always with a smile on her face ambitious ready to work hard. and now the crew at the cantonw the cat fire department has to try and move on without tonya johnson.
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the chief is bringing in ahi ef isbrin chaplain today to try and help them cope.gigi meanwhile the investigation continues into what happenedes int moments before the mother ofoa three jumped out of an suv on route 8 in akron and ran intoen and ranto traffic. police say she was headed home from cleveland with her husband of two weeks at the wheel ofd their cadillac escalade. of tt he pover so they could hei so theyld discuss directions. police say the husband says there was no physical altercation inside the car itit poict was just a disagreement between the two over directions, a verbal dispute. two ovte. police say the husband did nothe husban did n get out of the car, he was not chasing her but without warningwithou wa tonya opened the door andr started running. tonya's children something isn't adding up. i want to know what happened tot happenedo my mom. i just want to know what waso know going on in that car. i don't know this man.n. if you ever met my mom, everer met my talked to her, you would knowmom that she would never, ever, lked to r, you
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an autopsy was planned forplanner yesterday for tonya. the fire department tells us services will be determined at awi later date.ll be de as for the husband the familymily says they did not know him butbu they have known of him for about four months and they just got married the day before valentine's day.ournths ando all of our hearts go out too those children can't even imagine.e. always sad to hear kids. is a lot of confusion among the among family so many questions they want answered don't know q if theyh will ever know what happened in that so tragic. jessica dill reeporting thanks soks so much. we'll check back with jessm att the top of the 9:00 hour. meantime other headlines today.her hdlin strongsville city officials are considering a new tax on ticketed events. the new ordinance would assess aes tostrongsv consiwould as three percent admission tax on tickets to different events. the proposed law would bess ar tic applied to theater tickets, ice rink admission and basketball games.i city leaders say the tax wouldsay the x wo generate about a hundred thousand dollars annually if it
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residents are encouraged to come to council's next meeting on march 8th at 8 to express their opinions.mar op state senators are giving the senato green light to a back to schoolrs are giv back t tax holiday plan to help ohio families.hooll the bill was originally for an annual sales tax free weekend,es tax r ee but lawmakers approved a one year pilot, at the request of the department of taxation. it passed by a 31 to one vote.ass the tax holiday would begin august fifth, and run through the seventh. the plan now moves onto the house, for consideration. fth, and rrthe two cleveland men who spent seventh. house,or con decades in prison for a murder they didn't commit are being compensated by the ohio court ofted by ohi claims.o 61 year old wiley bridgeman willan will get 2.4 million dollars, while 58 year old kwame ahjahmu will receive an additional two both received hundreds ofr thousands of dollars, last year.eceive l twoo both a third man 59 year old ricky jackson has received one million dollars, so far. they were all sentenced to deathl sentence de
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were exonerated last year afterd last a witness recanted. all right. your time right now happens to be 8:35 in the morning. i see your band matches youryo outfit today. black and white i love it. good job. coming up letting your kids runng your free on the internet ki couldou certainly be dangerous. next in internet safety expert shares her strategy as well keeping them safe while online.on [music playing] [music playing] it's almost time you could be singing the hits along with demith dem lovato and nick jonas.o and nick we'll let you know what number to call later this hour. jon w i can you. goodod mo rning.ri we're at the cleveland institute
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area as you can see veryery talented students and we can seesee the results of their work when we come back cleveland instituteitute of art right here in the heart of cleveland. thank you very much. kicking it with kenny.
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welcome back.. me back. we continue our weeklong look at online predator dangers, today. we co we keep hearing about the dangers of different apps sorent app what are the worst apps? and how are your children hiding them?ow are y? i took an in depth look at that issue parents, prepare yourself for what i found. if your kid is 11ish-12ish andsh and has a device i'm going to take atake a guess that that kid has seen more porn so far in their lifetime then their parents have combined. then theird. it's a shock for parents but porn, sexting, and adult material are at your child's fingertips if they have a smart phone according to computer programmer turned internet safety expert jesse weinberger. weinberr. i'm seeing sexting beginningbeginnin pervasively in the 4th and 5th grades, that's boys and girls.
8:41 am
think you monitor your child's devices and their social media accounts, they can hide the material they don't want you to see.they the vault apps. these are the secret appse t he sec parents don't realize what they really are.r the more to.e more to. is the one that looks like a utility like a calculator. but if you put in a sort of key strokes a door opens and behindou that door is sort of a file pictures or whatever. they're hiding those imageses a nd aheir pornr sexy someplace else because may be mom does check the phone. ts child wh's instagram account mayo magram accou ma not realize that child has morey more than one account.t. and some kids don't lock theirock their accounts down to private on purpose, because they hope theirir videos will go viral.iral. and so that's a huge risk because now they're putting up
8:42 am
pictures or whatever the case may be with youtube the same idea a lot of parents don't realize their kid has a youtube weir kid h you kik, meercat, and you now jesseer ca says these are some of the worst apps for kids.t, and the biggest one that's a no is kik, that's kik and that's meant to be a closed texting environment, ironically is supposed to be safe for kids and is anything but. kik is one of the preferred be safe methods for sexual predators to actually reach out to your children.or kids i've had lots of kids who usekine of thout to yo kik say they've received sexualy've reived sex ua content they've received nakedl pictures of people withoutithout really knowing who they are. it makes it incredibly easy forredibleasy f people to find you. jesse also warns against any appp that lets your child stream liveyour chi str content. there could be for example a school behind his head on the wall.chool behind a letter jacket. mom and dad yelling in then t hallway if mom yells out have first name. before bed the phone has to go d
8:43 am
your possession.o the phons t and jesse says parents need toys paren need be snooping regularly. you need to be looking at theto b e lo phone and not like everyokat thursday at six because thense then they know that. as they're walking by andwalkinby a n they've done something andthey' vethey've sort of shoved it in done so their back pocket, that's themethey've sort of shov ed moment to take it and say show me what you just did. itha jesse also says don't feelt's tt to take pressured to give your kids ae what ys don't feds a smart phone, before they'reefore th're mature enough to handle it. there is no reason for a kid under 14 to have a smart phone.have a phone. just get a flip phone. the same goes for social media. no child under 13 is allowed tolowed to have a social media account of any kind that's a federal regulation.y ion. so if your ten year old has snowed you into thinking it's ok to have an instagram its not they have to lie about their date of birth and they know that.dey so wkno ait to let them get an account. then check their profiles. don't let your kids include their birth date or hometown wait to ountheir les. don't let them use their real name as their user name. and watch out for breadcrumbs ofreadcrumof information both you and your kids leave without realizing it. they're doing things like takingoing thing a picture of themselves in theirs like t football jersey as their profile
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their school and possibly theirnd possheir last name on the back. technology and social media haveve a lot of value and kids 3 technology and social media have a lot of value and kids with the he right amount of monitoring. of monitong. technology is like a train and you're standing on the train tracks. you can either jump off thelogy itanding he train tracks and watch it go by you. traher jumpff the you cet on the train and do the best you can or you can get hit because you're not payingu're not ping attention. we reached out to these apps for a response to jesse's claims. kik told us they have zero tolerance for behavior that affects the safety of its users. meerkat says they have moderators who monitor streams 24/7 and remove any content that violates their terms of service including explicit content. and you now says they encourageays theyncour members to report anyage inappropriate behavior and to block and ban inappropriatepropriat viewers. if you want to order jesse's book or follow her on her facebook page you'll find a linkk p
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be sure to join us tomorrow jesse will be here live to e wi answer your questions.ll be click the morning show tab tothe mor send us an email.ning show t jesse will answer as many of your questions as she can. t those sites are saying.s they're saying not as.are keeping it in check.heck something she also brings up iss up is that parents give away so much muc information on our facebook pages we areb saying we're goingwe're goi on vacation duringn this ares e celebrating an anniversary with my husband and lets everyone knowelebrating an y with your kids may be home aloneon or whatever.whateve parents really need to keep it it in check. everybody wants to put their kids if they won a game or something ande the last name onm the back of the jersey gives away the school automatically. all right. want to check in with kenny crumpton see what mr. crumptoncrum is doing.
8:46 am
crumpton see what mr. crumpton is doing. cleveland institute of art.ptoo ken the new building it is amazing where in the design area right now. i set up pretty cool. will talk about this right now i'm talking to denis.d dennis you are the. okay.kay. the way you guys have it set upt set as interesting explain to folks what we're industrial design and the junior junior and the senior department and what we have isan juniors on oneiors on o side sophomores and seniors and an they dod collaborate among programs and in this case we have group projects going on.on. teamwork where you might haveht have five or six students working together on a programix.. and weather doing there trying to solve problems user focused. brand language. dealing with the issues of hows of you communicate an idea whether it's throughr sketching or model mo development. devopm overseers kind of a littlend of little typical setup of what anyone
8:47 am
typ. this is the junior class they'ress th working on brand language program. this isb lang wuahatge i'm talking aboutbo teamwork and collaborating.bor lookingat at one group of studentsudents working on a project they talkedlk about the issues orue problem-solving user focused understanding the brand inm- the the collaborate and brainstorm about how they're going to develop th ee c develop ideas and tthhey also get intoge refining the ideas and developing ideas thinking about manufacturing thinking about consumer products how you develop it most importantlynk about co turning into a believable product.eevab the way you have everythingle prset set up with the working parts and conference stations the entiretir area is built for creativity and collaboration.llaboration. the whole idea is to collaboratela in be innovative and so what wewe do we set this up so the floor plan is we set thi everybody is a groupware all here toge thergro we are notare t separated.arated you can cross over talk to other students learn from other students. ov the environment is very innovative very creative.
8:48 am
department have gone on to work in the real world. general motors. mot chrysler fisher-price little tykes. a local industrial design firm here in the area.a local indus nike. reebok. these guys go to some coole co anything from places th a teapot to thepot to the newest car we might see studentsstu working on something like that.dhin we have the car show comingg upg up and we do have some of oure designers who will be speaking therere from dodge and ran to viper to the whole automotive industry.indus all of our students are strategically placed within all of those companies and making aanies a ma difference in the okingut a lot of. cleveland institute of artu in the design area let me tell youll y we have some talented studentsents which we had time to show you the bits and pieces of projects but it's very cool.. b thanks for havingt's very c the studentsstudets for us.r us will go back to you guys in the
8:49 am
of cia they're doing a great job record number students this year.s good stuff. amazing. kenny thank you.od stuf big changes coming to a popular restaurant on cleveland's westngvel and' side.s the diner on clifton has beenn cliftohas b without a lease for more than a ten years.ars. changes to the building, the diner will soon be forced toitplanninin close. the owner is now planning to now pnning move two blocks down the street. he says he's finalizing a purchase of the former pnc bank building in the next few weeks, with hopes of reopening this summer.reet. ing a ng in e ne it is really really upsetting but i know we can make it work across the street, i know we can i know it's just taking some time and it's a big job to make it into a restaurant.s b the landlord says a new restaurant will be going into this space, after it'sce, remodeled. meantime, the diner owner says the new location will feature
8:50 am
and didn't that food look good. looked great. all right.o the horseshoe casino is getting it will be known as jack casino starting in may.ill be last year, rock gaming now called jack entertainment took caesars.s. ca the downtown casino will also called club jack. also become jack thistledowndownls have a ew racino, on march ninth. rewards p cluo becomethistl there you go.go. i've seen the billboards thelb last few days kind of intriguing.. you don't know jack. now we do.o now we do.. ten minutes until 9:00 on a 9: wednesday morning. still ahead on fox8 news in the morning. the results are in the americannl ahead on kennel club has named the most popular dog in america, nextn americ
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[music playing] welcome back. we look at that.lcomom l a very big celebration today here at fox 8.k at t do you know why. it's dick goddard's 85th birthday. how many years in dog years.og y isn't it 29. and many of our viewers sent in pictures of there pets to wish him a special day. this is jake from alliance. be sure to tune in for the big celebration tonight on fox 8 news at six. this is e. ne in for the . big party. party. we'll have more of your photos throughout the day, you can also we'll h see them all on the da you c just can't get enough.
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i thought for sure he was going to do it. 29-point for celsius not that weth have to you know go to that whatwhat would that be a significant digitwould insignificant.nif there is the raini movingovin northeast ohio.hi heavier stuff their ashtabula right now. off to the west could be a wintry mix especially with a a brighter echo there is not attempt that will signify heavier rain but it is so closecls proximity wise to thate color we could be dealing with some sleepith someleep 47 degrees today. and it is a cold rain for sure out there.t ther as well. tonight 3535 so we stay above s freezing. rain and wind in an inch to maybe even an inch and a half ofh rain. talking just liquid righthtrain now.ow than by predawn i would say y after about 4:00 in the morningorn will start to transition west to east. the snow.
8:55 am
heavy wet snow and in northwest nort ohio especiallyh and forfor everybody else may be an inch.c two or three as you head out to the east lesser there goesn the weather systemste that's bringing our rain now andw an snow later. in a band of heavier wet snowsn mainly falling and parts ofs o lower peninsula of michigan. otherwise low we look ahead here'sad he's the fox eight day outlook as we round out the month of february.uar some lake effect snow possible on friday.riday. 27 does not look like a big snow producer. saturday and sunday loopkinrog goodgood upper 30s to near 40 sunday40 suy near 50. mid- 30s monday and we say hello to march. tuesday high 32o close to 40 one to wednesday mostly cloudy skies. we'll send it back in your way.wa y aj thank you.. ll usually when manmade creations can be seen from space it quiteteajhank y us an achievement but not in thisisan achievement but not in this
8:56 am
in india's capital city of mumbai has a population of 21 million and residents are responsible for creating 10 thousand tons of trash a day. over the decades the trash growss in a dump on the edge of the a look at that. recently the dump caught fireght fir and the toxic smoke was visible from space. toxic look. city leaders are working on ideas to increase cleanliness and figure out a way to cover that dump.and f a missouri jury has ordered has o johnson and johnson to pay 72nd john pay 7 million dollars in damages in a lawsuit over its talcum powder. the suit, brought by the familyly of a woman who died of ovarianws t cancer.over itssuit, broug of aoman who they claim the cancer was caused by the company's product. plaintiffs argued that johnson and johnson was aware of and neglected the dangers its talcum powder.d the company will appealing the ic of damages by a u.s. jury over similar claims.
8:57 am
statement saying it stands by the safety of its talcum powder. from the courtroom to the book.oo the tumor a non legal thriller is a fictional account of sonicaccount osoni medical technology and how itcal can revolutionize the future of medicine. technology andow it grisham feels his new work is so important, he's giving it away he's givit aw for free.ay you can download the 49 page book from amazon or the focusedfrom ultrasound foundation's website. all right. the american kennel club has named the most popular dog breed in america. med the y dog.las the to registration records totothe ak determine which breeds are most beloved by dog owners.m breeders say labs are popularregistration recororbelovd by d because they are intelligent, and family friendly.y friedly. rounding out the top five mostnd popular dogs in the us germaning out the to
8:58 am
bulldogs, and beagles. very cute. awesome.
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welcome back. it is time. be color number eight twoo 216-578-0888 to win two tickets to see demi lovato and nick jonas live at the q this september.0to win it's time to die a.a. good luck. all right.. that's the newswsall a rt 8:00.0. the news at nine is right overv there.. all right. thel right. thank you guys.ank yous. good morning to you. wednesday february 24.d i'm todd meany. and i'm stefani schaefer.i glad you could be with us to t alarm clocks away from the weekend. that's a good thing.a a lot coming up this morning.orni


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