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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:59pm EST

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. to browns players have their day in court for a christmas day traffic stop,e jessica dill will have a report. >> update on the death of a local firefighter, tell you what happened just moments before she e jumped out of the vehicle and traffic. >> line change announcement from me former indians player nick swisherin . and another fan favorite a.j. colby. >> luol deng snowfall start ? the fox 8 news at noon starts right now . >> travel warning, as temperatures continue to drop .
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of rainfall overnight and start off with rainfall . show you going to check in with a.j. colby .. it is grey gray and wet out of your rainfall continues to fall on stormfox show you is colorful and more this morning with freezing rain out west it is nows rainfall late 36 lakefront hopkins 37 with a wind chill of 29 . you cannot see downtown reduced visibility, 3 miles hopkins, and seven akron-canton . the wind e
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gusting at times over 25 mph looks like a few breaks down around akron-canton, dover/new philly . 51 degrees dover, 37 hopkins, we are expecting temperatures to continue to increase as low pressure works into the state . on the backside we have blizzard warnings in illinois,id that storm will move out tonight transitioning to snowfall after midnight tomorrow morning rush hour could be a bit messy, have to stay on top of that, today rainfall, north and west, 39 degrees, mid- 50s to the south,9 it will be it'll be rainy and windy with gusty winds
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forecast . one and sun are facing charges after a 71-year-old woman was mauled two death by a dog in shaker heights . bobby green and leon marchant were indicted for involuntary manslaughter andn reckless homicide, july 12, annie williams was with her granddaughter with a pit bull was better,er the dog was killed when officers arrived. >> browns armonty bryant and former player de'ante saunders appearan in court today pled not guilty to charges after a christmas day traffic stop. >> just a jessica dill is in the newsroom with more on the bond said the next step for the legal turn. >> sandy baugh for both, up next
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case has been turned over to the former cleveland browns player .ca armonty bryant indicted on two counts of drug possession and de'ante saunders indicted for improperly handling a firearmrm in a car, both pled not guilty and issued a $2,500 bond,t they were stopped on i-71 and brook park at 2:15 a.m. christmas, he was cited for driving under the influence and speeding up refusing a blood-alcohol testen had arrested, and they sent a gun was confiscated, they say thatdg he had a prescription medication that do not belong two him both appeared in court but have lower lawyer speak on their behalf
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brown said they'd take say they take the charges very seriously these two scheduled to be back in court on march 1 in front of judge ambroseto . investigation continues into why a 18 year canton firefighter jumped out of an suv into oncoming traffic . the police say that tonya johnson wash returning to her home with her husband when hehe pulled over on route eight, she eight, she got out and was hit by a pickup truck they say that heg pulled over after a disagreement over which route to take home when she got out unexpectedlyagt he says he had no idea what she would run across the freewayha and there was no altercation, he said he was still in the car and
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get out of the car.a >> cleveland arson unit investigating a possible bomb explosion at a home on the east side, and put ad hole in hold on the porch of thee east 130 3rd street home in the collingwood neighborhood monday, and the look for clues searching for more explosives but nothing was found the woman lived there till fox 8 she was asleep when the explosion woke her up w. is injured in the blast, but that neighborhood rattled. >> i heard a big boom sound like that . forgets that close, you are concerned .rg it bothered me all day . they say they're still trying to determine what
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bomb . >> us marshals working with bratenahl police to search for a suspect who escaped from the village police department,ww video shows 12-year-old gevonne smith of cleveland arrested in connection with a burglary when he was taken to theb department he was able to leave the booking area noticed, the police say that those responsible for the breach in security of security could be disciplined. r >> honestly protocols that were not followed still looking into how this happened, we aref going to take steps to ensure that something like this does not happen again . >> us marshals service and other police agencies have now joined the search for smith anyone with information should call bratenahl police. >> for the water department assuringng residents with discolored water that it is safe
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noticed inin mayfield heights, richmond heights south euclid lyndhurst and bedford heightsh water officials say the problem is from a transmission made undergoing scheduled repairs they say the discoloration
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in nepal, the wreckage of a small plane that crashed has been found it was carrying 21 people and do not appear any survivors it was for the most popular routes in the himalayas thee flight was only supposed to last aboutsu 90 minutes but contact was lost eight minutes after takeoff they say that it went down in aeo mountainous area. >> car sales in california died during a test drive when the driver crashed into a tree, driver, 28-year-oldin alex demetrio, is accused of being under the influence of drugs, when necessary he was driving the corvette ad heightn speeds the cell phone was taken to the hospital to the hospital and died, he washo the driver nasser is injured is held on a 100,000-dollar bond . his donald trump the inevitable gop nominee
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potters after he won his third stay in a row in convincing fashion . in joel waldman has more from washington . >> he swept all of the critical along the way including conservatives and evangelicals and other building blocksa . i'm really happy because i said that 46 percent with hispanic vote . particular press of considering his rivals are hispanics, it gives them anyone delegates with ahead of marco rubio ted cruz
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of the super tuesday primaries . marco rubio who edged out ted cruz in nevada nevada is in a battlecr trying to take out trump. you judge a country, not by the number of millionaires or billionaires you judge of the country by how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable peoplenry . >> hillary clinton bernie sanders battle saturday tries to continue her lead over the vermont senator, joel waldman fox newsr,. >> you've usually man-made creations can be seen from outer space is a big achievement thatbe
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mumbai has a population of 21 million and responsible for creating 10,000 tons of trash each day of the decades that grows in a dump him into the city recently it caught fire and the toxic smoke was visible from outer space,f they're working on ideas to increase cleanliness and scientifically cover the
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right now we have rainfall and some showersin toward ashtabula, looks like dry air trying to
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why, out to the west, it is it still coming down pretty good off towards sandusky that is the current radar a wider view as it moves north . this is heavy wet snow with blizzard warnings in effectsn after . a tremendous amount of moisture, over 1 foot snowfall accumulation towards chicago . if you travel in that area, you should call ahead . low pressure spinning this system responsible for about 70 tornadoes in the deep south . those are unconfirmed but just a very strong system . this time of year you haveys increasing clashes of air masses that means
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tomorrow morning, after midnight start to see the transition taking place or could no advisories g here, to the west, a winter storm warning for chicago . parts of illinois, west of indianapolis . look at the future difference 50s and 60s to the south with this system it is wrapping in the two types of air masses and you can't't these storm systems with north and west of cleveland to the south,n mid- 50s . dover/new philly 51 . toledo is 34 degrees . tonight 29 degrees,
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south about 40 degrees rain showers but snowfall in the morning once this was a white it brings us more cold we could get between a candy coating up to 3 inches 6 inches or more is possibly often the last . will be looking for lake effect snow fall friday and keep you posted but we will be here to keep you posted tonight and happy 85th
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are you planning a wedding square cleveland is in the top 10 cities in the countryry for the
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girl scout champion crowned sales superstars, they set up their cookie stand outside of portland nd marijuana dispensaries, within minutes they had numerous customers, they created their ownju u cookie special, today gave a discountpe to customers as they walked if they walked in with a box of cookies . consumer reports says the top car picks, the honda fit is the toph some compact car, the subaru
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the camera and wednesday midsize and the chevy impala repeats as thee the topic and a large car category, subaru forester was named best small suv, newcomers including the kia sorento, lexus rx in luxury suv and toyotas sienna minivan, the redesigned ford f. 150in named best pickup truck. >> the list of the most expensive cities to get married,> cleveland ohio comes in at number eight, the average 100 person waitinghi in us costs about the essentials, the catering picturest officiating intake can't does not include the not include their name, address or wedding rings, include the weddings cost on average just over $30,000, the price of flowers is higher in clevelandng
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city has the top spot costing
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looking at pictures from martin luther king boulevard from earlier, rainfall causes issues for drivers welcome back. >> watching the weather situation very carefully as the temperatures continue to drop . check in now with a.j. colby to see how things are doing, there is some active radar behind you.. >> we are tracking rainfall, even someme snow on the radar from toledo down to bowling green someoo snowfall but that is not the vast majoritysn of it that is off to the west we just have
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35 lakefront 10 degrees warmer at county airport, windchill makes it feel like 26 . units go deep south, for that currently zanesville 58 degrees, to the northwest corner, toledo is 34 degrees. charleston, cincinnati and pittsburgh currently in the '50 s with colder air nearby, this will bring down another cold canadian air to turn this two snowfall midnight tonight . tomorrow morning, rush hour could be a bit tricky . wicket looks pretty decent not bad for
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february .y to the south in the mid- 50s and gusty winds looking at the outlook, lake effect snow fall winds down friday .oke 40 saturday 50 sunday with snowfall monday that sally and this month . which is also leap year . they got some blizzard warnings in indiana but i don't think we'll have that is just aon conspiracy of geography and . it will be windy here tomorrow with some blowing snow so stay up on the latest forecast . armonty bryant and de'ante saunders appeared in
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christmas day traffic stop. >> jessica dill has more on the next step that will be in front of a former browns playeri. >> judge russo set bond for both of them today judge dick ambrose , or as many know him as bam bam their cases will be turned over to the former cleveland browns player . today d linebacker armonty bryant was indicted on two counts of drug possession and former player de'ante saunders indicted for improperly handling a farm in a motor vehicle both pled not guilty issued 2,500-dollar bond, saunders was on the practice squad and bryanta a passenger in saunders car were stopped on i-71 in brook park at 215 christmas morning, and he wasat cited for driving under the influence and speeding refusing a blood-alcohol test he was arrested was arrested this a gun
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bryant had prescription medication that do not belong two him, and both appeared in court that that had lawyer speak on their behalft. >> in morning your honor, enter a a plea of not guilty in requesting personal bond.p >> reoffending diamond mixes up for hours and enter a plea of not guilty.. >> the browns said they take the charges seriously they are march 1 in front of judge ambrose n. >> big changes coming to a restaurant the diner on clifton hascl been without a lease for a decade with the landlord planning changes to the building at the diner will be forced to close is now planning to move to then purchasing the former pnc bank building in the next few weeks with hopes ofui reopening this summer. >> really upsetting but i know
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the street, i know that it's just taking some time and it is a big job to make it into a restaurant. >> the landlord says a new restaurant will be going into this space after remodeled,th the diner owner says that the new location will feature more dining space, parking, patio and cocktails. >> kyrie irving kidding me offered to help help protect them from bedbugs for the rest of the season he sayss he was bitten by them saturday during theby overnight stay at the hilton in downtown oklahoma city he played nine minutes minutes sunday in the victory over the thunder thenenmm he says he discovered the bedbugs he slept on the couch instead of the bed resulting in just three hours sleep and tightness in his back, nownd terminex is offering to send its best technician on the road
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hotel rooms the offer came came in a facebook postingiff the oklahoma city hotel has apologized . will they rather get away from the browns?w >> and is a former cleveland indians return here is john telich.r >> , wednesday, in my beat-up the browns to retain the services of travis benjamin, his agent tells me nfl bounty talked but cannot agree to terms, is looking forward to speaking to interested teams at the
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testing the free agency waters . our backs arriving at arriving at, and today you love to nfl network, t they say the guide watchest carson wentz . record back from north dakota state compared favorably to andrew luck which is high praise, the browns will continue to evaluate the quarterback's . cavaliers get back onc the court tonight against the hornets, coach ty lue said monday the idea of lebron against the pistons lebron james says he's been hurt heard six years but still plays despite being hurt and injured are two different things he might have differently after some post game thoughta t. >> if i could do that over again
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my legs . i definitely felt, back to back energy today you live and learn .. >> akron zips drop another last night at miami,, 77 -- 64 . has red sox made more free throws in the zips .f buffalo herd beating kent state golden flashes by 87 -- 70 count . despite jenny holzer 20 points for michigan state beating ohio state in columbusbe, 81 -- 62 in big ten play . interesting to see what kind of leadd calls gresko the this season in 2015 impressive in many start for the indians includingng but not that he took a t no-hitter to the last out of the game he likes thata the pitching
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>> he is always behind the common he told me,>> you go from here to the end of the season and a new something to let me do what i want to do . and i move on .. >> cliff lee likely pitched his last gameme the 2,008 cy young award winner winner who has not pitched since 2014 may be retiring, has dealt with a torn flexor tendon in his elbow bought out his option for 2016 but he still hopes to catch on with another club he was a four-time all-star . all out those more time on on wednesday >> be changed cloning
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. big change coming to the classroom
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florida school takes a stand. >> hialeah gardens middle school received a donation of 40 standing desks, it was made through the > fuel to play 60 program which is a wellness collaboration of the nfl and the american dairy association and dairy council, students at the desk together and then attempt class they say that the mobility of the desks help them to learn a whole new set of skills. >> the benefits of introducing standing to the classroom include keeping your heart rate up your burning more caloriesfi and insulin effectiveness, that's going inside inside the students bodies, the teachers noticed is that the students are more engaged andd there is greater on task behavior.
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around and get into groups and when you're sitting in a desk you get sleepy and bored. >> the same kind of standing desks are currently on dirty schools nationwide . it has a wife allegedly luring tourists into a encounter. >> a disturbing disturbing story of lovers killing just for fun here is crime watch daily's michelle sigona . exchanged vows to love, cherish and murder, they were joined together in unholy matrimony, the police saying that they say that they were thrill killers, m.d. vacation hamlet of ocean
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thirstv for blood and seemingly upstanding former navy seal had been court-martialed for killing a wall and insubordination .. >> she develops an obsession with hookers and revealing in the begin to break into hooters all over the place. >> they go on a week oceanside vacation and soon lock in on lock-in on their prey insurance executive martha jeannie crutchfield and her boyfriend joshua ford a mortgage banker. >> they say come up to the condo we will continue to partyo ... hot tub, some week, a couple drinks and get to know each other. >> do think it there was a promise of having sex? >> something that would've them were them i would think some . >> and maybe drugs? >> yes?
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show,t she is terrified, the man that she lives with, was shot dead in for nothing. >> they come up with a plan to remove the victims, piece by piece p. >> and the choice they had to dismember the bodies to get them out of there.s >> world the story tune into the next crime watch daily . >> you can see crime watch daily huron park say at 2:00 p.m.
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every year the wireless industry needs in barcelona spain for a show called mobile world congress. >> and still has the new devicesn that were unveiled at that event. >> i did not go to the actual show,, i am reporting from afar i am still in la, but i'm not making that same mistake next year but i will be there , mark my words i will be in barcelona spent spain lots of great poems come out of the show if you like mobile phoneso this is a good want to watch because so many new devices are unveiled the
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arcelor mittal spain, the site of the mobile world congress relational of the latest devices . lg unveiled a new modular smart phone,n the g5 has all metal look with a slot on the bottom to swap out the battery for a fresh one or attach accessories like a hi-fi audio di player player, and features including a wider angle camera lens a and the always on screen that shows the date and time saysi it will save battery life sincery since people turned their home on so often to check the time,opso is available for pre- order march 18. >> mark zuckerberg surprised journalist to talk about the future of virtual reality also introducing a device, the chute fully then shoot fully immersive pictures and videoss and requires
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work program .re. >> they also showed off the top of the line fleischer devices that do galaxy and seven they both feature bigger batteries and aa memory card slot that you can add up to 200 gigabytes of storagettc they do not have covered porch but are still water resistant to one of the highest degrees possible for electronics .. don't go swimming but they will survive grateful, and spillsut the camera performs even better lowlight it has a larger screen than the seven f. five . 5 inches they are available for pre- order it will be in stores march 11.pre >> if you're into android phones being galaxy and seven is about
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for the extra battery life and of being memory card slot thatbira so many people were asking for all the last model thatng was not included so many people do not buy thato that model so now you're going to see a think even better sales for samsung and see what apple has to offer later er when they come up out with the new iphone 7 .h for more info go
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congratulations to former cleveland indian nick swisher . he and his wife, joy chrissie hynde announcing their the atlanta braves posted these photos to his instagram,ef will be a baby girl, they have a daughter who is two and half
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to the west blizzard warning chicago, and st. louis . if you plan to travel in that area, then you should call ahead . today, windy, rainy tonight, mid 30s and predawn snowfall, ow russia could be an issue, starting this afternoon, keep you updated also tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. likely be talking
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think the westside has the best
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today on "the real." on girl chat kanye takes a nap. >> this has done to me since i was pregnant. >> glam squad start the clock. >> i love her new look so far. back. >> plus hip-hop stars yo gotti. >> on "the real." >> hey everyone, we're getting ared to start the show but before we do, this is kristen and when it comes to style she's been stuck in mommy mode and doesn't have time to take care of herself. we're going to give her a makeover and doing it in 60 minutes or less. we started the clock moments ago. what our glam squad has planned this time is going to be dramatic. kristen, are you excited? >> i am, a little nervous but very excited. >> we got you girl. you don't want to miss this reveal so keep watching.


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