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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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of northwest northwest indiana and illinois under blizzard warnings . and wind gusting 35 plus mph . we have 30s to the northwest and 50s to the south .s the winds are between 10 and 20 . after midnight switches over to snowfall continuing thursday . the evening commute specialties that 77 will be tracking .s expected between two -- 4 inchesen a little more in the snowbelt the advisory area could see between four and 6 inches . tomorrow snowfall for everybody
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inches throughout tomorrow . >> p.j. ziegler is his son groundfox.> >> we are on 90 east . as you can say, moderate to light rainfall . not affecting traffic removing at just under 60 mph coming out to route 44 . as mentioned we are going to get some snowfalle and odot reminding you that when the snow falls,
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they will have 80 trucks in cuyahoga county, we can't geauga looks like a smooth commute home . reggie rucker face a federal judge today admitted to misusing tens of thousands of dollars donated to charities . the federal courthouse in downtown cleveland with details.>i >> he said little in court as he pled guilty to wire fraud and lying to the fbi admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars in donations to a pair of charities that he ran, and exclusive sketches inside the courtroom where he was arraigned , the 68-year-old former browns
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fraud while overseeing the american and peacemakers alliance charity over four years spent in about $150,000 of the money to pay gambling debts and expenses like his mortgage he withdrew nearly $50,000 at casino atms from a charity bank account they found a direct link between him human seeking donations and then stealing the money he will have to repay this under the plea deal expected to facee 21 -- 27 months in prison and repay between $95,150,000 he is to be scheduled back here for sentencing in may. can you describe his demeanor and the courtroom?
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answer the questions, he do not make any any statements, you seem to be accepting the fact that this is it and taken responsibility, and we'll hear from the church is caught coming up in a few moments and bring that two you as soon as we can . >> the closest relative and friend of a firefighter killed while trying to cross a highwaydd may have been the last person to talk to her before she died, and talked with a phone phone call may just minutes before she was killed as dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.. >> canton firefighter paramedic tonya johnsons., was hit and killed on monday afterd she got out of the suv she was in with her husband , then ran across the
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traffic . gina skinner was her cousin and her best friend, she lived with tonya johnson and says thati her cousin shared everything with her . she tells us that after a marriage that lasted eight days, johnson had drawn drawnout divorce papers and following her fire department showed that morning she was going to meet with her husband and t ask them to sign the divorce papers,as skinner says monday afternoon she called her cousin to ask how things were going, c tonya johnson confirmed that she was with her husband, but we're not talking in the short time later she got out which would be her last call. >> i got a call by probably about an hour later and she just said, come get me, and i already knew that tonya asked me to come
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gets iran knew what she was going to do so therefore i wanted to be there. >> and where was she? >> on route 8. we can only speculate about why johnson would risk everything to get out of the suv, with her husband driving people over,er then attempted to cross route eight on foot, her cousin, who she called to pick her up,f . a tough day today for firefighters in canton or for shift back since she was killed .. about but having a difficult day they are hurtinga this is a
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explanations .. >> fox 8 news obtained video of a burglary suspect pulling off a daring escape at the bratenahl least apartment as jack shea joins us. >> a major breakdown in security the officer had no idea what was happening until it was too late. >> this video obtained, of 21 -year-old gevonne smith brought into the booking room at the bratenahl police department on monday afternoon, after being arrested on a charge of burglary responded to the call of a break-in in progress and took
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tracking them downsm nearby, even though gevonne smith had been arrested by the bratenahl police in december for trespassing while casing homes and villages gives the officer a fake name and she is under the mistaken impression that the twin 12 -year-old is a minor . while speaking with gevonne smith mother, the officer learns that smith gave her the wrong name and is not a juvenile, that's what he decides to make a run for it through an unlocked door.n our goal is to get him back into custody once he is that we will continue with the internal investigation to see what stepswi to take to make sure that this does not happen >> there will be major changes
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officer could now face discipline, the search for gevonne smith continues.ce >> the officer was just in the next room and as soon as he heard that he was busted by his mother oned the phone, he bolts. >> she was still talking on the phone and>> the wealthy is going out the back door. i want an son indicted for the the deaths of some 1-year-old woman, mauled two death by dog and shaker heights, bobbie green and leon morton indicted for involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide on july 12, annie williams went to pick upper granddaughters, eight pit bull scrambled off the porch attacking her, that dog was then killed when officers arrived. >> a cleveland man free because they say that he's clued officers that arrested and were
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. >> cuyahoga county prosecutor jerry gatton said the evidence is unusable and wanted to vacatete the 50 romance condition, kent blackshaw kenneth blackshaw was released from prison after a courtroom hearingl, judge maureen clancy granted the motion to vacate his 2013ma drug trafficking conviction, and he had had been sent in five years in prison, and the motion filed because prosecutors say the east clued officersnfos who arrested and violated the law, the officers have a guilty to federal corruption charges and awaiting sentencing, blackshaw's attorney terry gilbert says heor is pleased that prosecutors worked with him to make sure that justice was >> it is important that it was fleshed out in that justice done and then. >> they actually targeted him,
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private property, this'll merchandise and took illegal drugs, a good quantity that created false police reports.nd >> blackshaw said very little even though he did thank the judge at the proceedings,v he served more than two years of his five-year sentence. >> elyria and financial crisis, that is out of the police departmentat, lorrie taylor says four officers involved in high-speed chase high-speed chase in aikido because the cars were so broken down as she joins us.chh >> police cruisers are typically tradeded in every five or six years, and elyria so strapped departments considered unfit for patrol . four of those were on the road sunday night when they gotun a call of a stolen car, while giving chase when the then
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from underneath the car the next closest car cannot catch up, officers and for elyria cruisers watched as the highway patrol, disappeared into the night behind the suspect in a 10 she says it will only get worse if they have percent income tax levy is is not approved,er while the council people says the city isn't just as much trouble. >> i was upset and embarrassed, but theu fact that our officers don't have the equipment needed to properly do their jobsfu. >> the city of elyria has not passed a new income tax in 24 years,n 1992 was the last time there was a new income tax passedla . >> this is a temporary levy, if
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makingse $50,000 a year about $20 a month, the backers say that people living on disability, social security and retirement would not be taxed. just the safety aspect, the car that cannot catch up was doing 70 mph and was shaking so bad they cannot go any fasterer. awarded for people in northeast ohio. >> make sure sure that someone who asks for help is who they
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today is dick goddard's birthday. >> to help celebrate we asked you to send pictures of of your pets to wish him a happy birthday and the response was overwhelming.
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sent to us on the facebook page. >> here is a tabby cat named oliver, the miller family says that he wants to say happy 85 th birthdaymnt dick goddard. >> this picture is from making lucy come they want to wish you a very awesome birthday. >> and, areata wishes they garnered a happy birthday .
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vermin . tune in at 6:00 p.m. as we celebrate dick goddard's 85th birthday today. is it going to stop raining? >> that were going to be talking about falling temperatures overnight allow the rainfall to switch over to snowfall and,, happy birthday such as honored to be working here with dick goddard . you can see, we have reduced visibility . cannot see the city skyline much work a .
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will slow you down down, the good news is we're getting a break for most of the aread during rush hour that should not be too bad . tonight, it will be moving moving back in as snowfall as sin illinois, indiana michigan getting hit with snowfall . tonight and of the storm will be fun to snowfall . a advisory posted for cuyahoga county, clay county and ashtabula county . until 7:00 a.m. . let's liz warnings indiana, with
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also severe weather across the southeast carolina, delmarva and tornado watches and sonos areas with also warnings issued . across the state, there are 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s of the track of that low . tonight snowfall and then it turns into a minor lake effect event . then it will be gone
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speaking, tomorrow two -- 4 inches . more is expected to fall snowbelt before it is done on friday morning . tomorrow, the general two -- four inches with gusty winds . on friday, back in the 20s, then they good weekend overall and then , fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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what's bruce springsteen said last night, vague and possibly
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when you are a rock 'n roll band you are doing a lot of traveling . >> sometimes you forget where you are that's what happened to bruce springsteen ot. that is bruce springsteen in concert last night at the q., accidentallyis mentioning
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himself . the odd thing is that he was in pittsburgh last month, he was in kentucky before last night's show at the q., now he is moving off to buffalo . the cannes awards will be given sunday in hollywood,ne and oddsmaker in las vegas says that he knows who the big winners will be according to oddsmakerig benjamin eckstein, leo dicaprio will win the oscar for best actor, for his role in the
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one to 50 that he will win, the federal but digital valid only when 1 dollar, he says that look for the movie to pick up another awards. >> best picture where the relevant has moved on to the to the favored it is a dogfight between it and spotlight, we think that the revenue is revenues going to do it because it is thehi director just got the nod and he is going to win the best best director that's what of the categories i mentioned ed that is over, the statue is on his seat before the show starts, and spotlight and the revenant na or are in a battle and the big short is a little bit further back.ig >> because his odds by looking at a film or actors performance across the awards season alongo with tips from building industry
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go where where star trek has not gone before, and be able to go on stage to talk about the favored science-fiction franchise, star trek creatorsndfa sponsoring a series of star trek talks, fans get a few minutes to go onstage to tell the audience how it has made an impact on their lives, but talks are scheduled to begin in june and continue through july of next year,tt wantagh when talk will be held at the comic con convention and san diego . electric cigarettes are becoming a
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after heavy rain all day, were keeping close watch a close watch on the temperatures as meteorologist melissa mack is here with the latest. >> the morning commute was bad, this evening, not too bad, tomorrow the morning and evening commute will be affected by snowfall . tonight, temperatures will be rapidly changing, we've got 30s -- 60 s spread across the state of ohio, in our area, we got some 30s, 40s and 50s depending on your location around that low pressure system . it appears that we're getting this dry slot because snowfall . winter weather advisories taken
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. looking here, winter storm warnings knocking at our door . initiative they been hit by snowfall . we've had rainfall because it is too warm . there is the snowfall living in tonight and tomorrow periodicallyni . it does feel colder in toledo, new philadelphia, 52, tonight snowfall moves in and will slow you down tomorrow morning . it'll taper off tomorrow evening about 8:00 p.m., west to east . mostly between two and 4 inches some
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advisory areas . stay tuned is starting tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. for more . the end of february is coming look at that coming up >> lyndhurst fire department responded monday. >> they found a man with a perfect lab coat and how that th qatar has some scratching their heads, what happened brittany harris??r >> they said that they dance can't let cook-off fired after an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket he was not injured ,lo he can see that the code in the battery exploded have remarksks they heard that the keys and coins can cause them to explode not the first case of
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of people need to be careful that they store these e-cigarettes in a safe place. >> some of these that have exploded have caused fires doing significant damage to people's houses cars and that nature, this person was fortunate he did not get injured there was a fire , but the damage was limited to his lab coat. >> the victim was not available to speak, but you do have to be careful with these batteries. a driver thought he was doing a favor when he picked up a person
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got robbed,u the police may not be the only department looking for the suspect as roosevelt leftwich joins usl of what is different about this robber ? >> he was dressed as a construction worker worker with a hard hat and safety vest, and it happened on cedar road neard warrensville center road in university heights this in the victim and the victim was stopped on cedar road friday nightg just after 7:00 p.m. when approached by a man wearing7: construction outfitea . he asked for a ride and that is something so called construction worker pulled a knife demanding money, the victim gave him his $3nd then he left on foot this similar to other robberies and other parts of the county,im university heights police spokesman says are looking into reports of a suspect robbing other people in willoughby,t beachwood and garfield heights spokesman said
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m is the same suspect if you got information call the police. doctrine continues to gain momentum on the campaign trail,c has a campaign rally in virginia fresh off last night's nevada caucus victory he scored three straight commanding primary victories heading into super tuesday next week, john kasich isnd going after marco rubio, his campaign sent outio three memo said that marco rubio is not the republican establishment establishment best hope to defeat donald trump,es donald trump says he's not worried about john kasich. >> are going to do very well in ohio we are beating the governor it is always nice to be between the governor and michigan the whole thing it's going to be an amazing two months,his we might not even need the two months folks,gh
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upup two endorsements from two current members of congress, representative duncan hunter and new york congressman chris collins.nd >> ohio is a key state in the presidential election and both democratic candidates know that as jennifer jordan joins us withs details of a new clintons campaign headquarters and more on bernie sanders upcoming visit . >> candidates coming through northeast ohio againin mark of the second visit for bernie sanders, hillary clinton is making her presence known in a huge way . going inside her first official campaign office in northeast ohio on shaker square, they have beenqu hard at work today cleaning up and making signs for tonight 'so kickoff celebration, the officers as a hub for
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during the first week of early voting in ohio, bernie sandersir will visit the area as they rally at rhodia wallace university in berea tomorrow, today they were inside inside the blue higgins rec center is setting up the stage where thousands are expected,r both candidates are working hard to gain supporters " . she is somebody with the skills that temperament experience and commitment for change she is progressive and able to break the washington gridlock . goal is to address equality and factors that we need to be changing. >> she has offices in cincinnati ci and columbus she is on the campaign trail in south carolina today where the democratic primary will be on saturdayutin the bernie sanders rally againu 10:30 a.m. tomorrow the ohio
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sure that this will not be the last time that we hear from the candidates here especially in the coming weeks. >> thank you jennifer jordan. >> one of thenk first things a new head coach must do is to set the
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>> tomorrow i should time michael imperioli road crews the snowfall arrives after midnight tonight for come we had at times
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some little sunshine . slow rush hour ahead thursday morning and afternoon with a grain, mix and still . theological spring ri beginning march 1 and rain showers along 71 . heavy snowfall has been in michigan, indiana and illinois . more showers tonight after midnight . severe weather across the east coast . winter weather advisories taken affect
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not the blizzard warnings . snowfall quarrel blustery with temperatures in the upper 20s but evening of them over night into friday some lake effect snow bands . stay tuned to the forecast, fox 8 news tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. could be some delays
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likely . tonight snowfall after midnight . between two -- 4 inches snowfall . partly cloudy saturday and then monday, your four-day chance of a wintry mix by tuesday march 1 comes in more like a lamb a shower in his mid- 40s and that is what when i will declare screen . nfl combine indianapolis is underway browns are represented. >> john telich joins us with the latest.n >> coach jackson expressed desire for the free agents on the team like travis benjamin and and alex mack tuesday with
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cleveland .th and also asked about john manziel who was slated to be cut by the team as early as march 9 , he referred to the recent texas incident that resulted in manziel's former girlfriend getting a restraining order against him, in jackson . his future will be addressed here pretty soon but let me say that it is important that there was in the situation, we feel bad about things that happened, but make sure that we understandh that behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward that's all i want to say. >> cavaliers return to the cute tonight, iman shumpert out and mo williams could be available
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through. >> makes you wonder what's going to happen with josh gordon, if cleared by the nfl, and how well this set with hue jackson, said that he would talk to him like im everybody everybody else and get mind if he is on the team.e >> many great teenagers rack up videogame, a 9-year-old is preparing for a championship . >> the jersey girl is turning for the common close in march, she began boxing at two years old after going to the gymnasium with her father, she thank you box thats several patchworks out
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week, she is the bars with her older brothers, her coach, a former pro boxer with 30 years experience as you've never seen a talent with her discipline at this age.wi felt so good, because i want and i am undefeated i cannot wait for my next flight. >> at a basket damascus to anything twice she's done themm desire to be different and that is the uniqueness of a 9 -year-old who wants to be different and now she has a work ethic. >> she has only had one section fine, that championship beltio p from the fight hangs in the boxing gym where she trains she says that it feels good to be an inspiration to other little
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christie's auctioneers and in brokers is having a special sale this weekend auction some of the greatest of the guitar is more than t 250 are up for bid from legends like eric clapton, george benson, also made famous by gibson martin and a special
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reinhard. >> consider well the finest collection of guitars in the worldld it is a very treasured wonderful guitar. >> josh and his place in the earth city saturday at 2:00 p.m. you can can also been bid online in real time we havec link to the
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this is part run, it is rainfall, second is snowfall, don't have to worry about that for this evening commuteto . we are close to the center of the low-pressure system, check the barometer, if you do this is a good guide to keep an eye on it . almost in the eye of the storm , some patchy clouds you can see the center of the circulation of pushing towards dayton . rainfall near mansfield today,
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skies and a big cluster, and then the next weather system show your lives in the southern skyy it is aggressive . also the temperature contrasted his 61 zanesville, toledo is 34 degrees ,es to the northwest we have winter storm warnings a big storm in michigan blizzard warnings in chicago down to springfield, and almost into st. louis, to the east, is a tornado watch and several tornado warnings, and the carolinas and virginia, it has been a very busy daynds . this is certainly keeping us very busy. . we are in the quiet spot next to the low-pressure system . if


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