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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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warnings . rainfall amounts, about 1 inch, and one half on inches in mansfield over the past 24 hours as the pressure moves northeast we will have colder air tonight2 with snowfall moving and overnight tonight .h low 30s toledo and 50s new philadelphia,ol in cleveland mid- 40s . after midnight snowfall and for thehe caveat that will be scattered snow showers throughout the day and then gone after the dinner hour adding up ng to a decent amount including about one -- 4 inches generally speaking tomorrow evening . bar
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with up to 6 inches tomorrow . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. fox 8 news is the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m... >> an exclusive report, reggie rucker speaking out for the first time since being charged with stealing defacing two years in prison he went before a judge ben's talk to matt light outside of the courthouse for more on what reggie rucker had the same.r >> he was apologetic and taken responsibility for his actions
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fraud and lying to the fbiils. >> i am very sorry, i made a mistakey, and i intend to pay it back. >> 68-year-old will likely spend between 21 and 27 months in prison after agreeing to a plea deal, and the arraignment he admitted to diverting money from turkey to pay personal deaths that happened over four years while he oversaw the american clevelandtt pacemakers alliance spending about 50,000 of the charity's moniesab to pay his gambling expenses and also mortgage . he spent the nations on stuff for himself he will have to repay that as he says he battled a gambling addiction. >> what you say do you say to those people whot trusted you and give you those donations?d
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hope hope that they forgive mea, i apologize and hope that at some point in time to give me another >> all told, likely have to pay back between $95,000 $50,000, and he is he is scheduled to be back in may for sentencing facing up to 27 months prison. a woman inside and added for the death of aid 71-year-old woman mauled two death by a dog in shaker heights, as bobby brown and leon green were indicted for involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide until i told annie williams was attacked by the pitbull the dog was killed when officers arrived.he
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in prison for trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband's ex-wife, a jury found the 33 -year-oldur guilty of conspiracy to commit murder she met with undercover agent pretending to be a hitman and gave a down payment, her attorney claims she was mentally fragile and that the undercover officer baedeker to make the agreement. >> at cleveland man has been sentenced to life in prison for three rapesannt in cleveland from 1995 -- 2,009, van patterson was convicted in january the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office that he offered to live in a ride while they were walking on the side woman said that she spent the last 20 years looking over her shoulder for him, he will be eligible for parole after 35 years. ve >> investigate why a family we did to get justice for the death
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>> they may have to wait longer as ed gallek reports that foxh the i-team wonder what is holding up a push to get justice for nathan, a child with autism so we did some digging. >> or timothy kern are doing breathe, and he just felt lifelessr . >> 7-year-old with autism, gone quickly, but now the fight for justice,e, five and half years ago he drowned in a pool attending a summer program at the leonard kurtz school in austintown the family filed a lawsuit that the i-team found the caseed temporarily stalled in court even though there has not been a
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attorney prepared for the case. >> there was deliberate disregard for safety. >> the attorney says he drowned d because a lock on the door the door near the pool had been broken for years and had a safety cover but nobody put it over the water and he said staff members have been warned repeatedly that he often withha takeoff on his own. >> we have someone getting away on a daily basis, calls repeatedly made to theeoa superintendent of the camp director and nothing was done in . >> found that the case is on hold due to appeals before the trial,gca arguments over people and agencies askingop to be taken off the case, the last chord entry was last june, the mahoning county appeals court administrator says judges have been swamped with lawsuits over drilling and energy cases. aa >> of the so the family waits, their attorney says that the push to get justice will not and .ir >> but has there has not been
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to date, these employees and agencies are going to have to face a jury. >> if i could could see him one more time, i would tell him that i love him . >> called they county agency, mahoning county board of developmental disability's said that cannot comment with the pending case, it is a complex case that looks like it has a long way to go. the family hopes that this case could have a message to schools nationwide about student safety. newly released video of the
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escape at the buffalo police department has jack shea has the story. >> this video, shows 21-year-old gevonne smith be brought into the looking room at the at the bratenahl police apartment monday after arrested on a charge of burglary.he >> the police had responded to a call of of a of a break in progress and took smith into custody .ak. >> even though gevonne smith have been arrested by the bratenahl police december for trespassing while allegedly casing homesng in the village, he gives the officer a fake name fa and she is under the mistaken impression that the 21-year-old is a minor, a then eventually remove the handcuffs. >> while speaking with his mom, the officer learns that he gave her the wrong name and is not a
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through the unlocked door. >> the police say that smith ran down the back out to the village hall before fleeing on foot. >> our primary goal is to get mr. smith back in custody, once he is in custody and then we will continue with our internal investigationhe to see what steps need to be taken in order to make sure that this does not happen again. ed >> investigators say the gevonne smith isve known to hang around this neighborhood at east 105 th and colonial in cleveland which is within walking distance of the homes in nearby bratenahl that he has allegedly been casing.ho >> northeast ohio violent fugitive task force has joined the search for him and he will not be treated as a child next
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>> jack shea, fox 8 news . the place will be making changes and booking area procedures the officer involved could face discipline.s >> cousin of a local firefighter may have had the less conversation with her just before she died she talked to dave nethers about that conversation. ti >> has been a whirlwind roller coaster for us the last 36 hours . hle >> canton firefighters returned to their shift wednesday, missing firefighter paramedic tonya johnson who is hitting children to cross killed trying to cross route 8 on mondayyho after getting out of the suv driven by her husband of only eight days in trying to cross the highway >> here on the news about her
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being reckless, getting across the highway, nobody would believe that, you will not find anybody on this job that will believe that because we knew her , ll so that's what we are grappling with. >> want to know what happened to my mom, i want to know what was going on in the car. >> gina skinner, her cousin, lived with johnson they were inseparable, she says that says that judah johnson wanted to meet with her husband monday to sign divorce papers.n >> she call me all morning to make sure that these papers, is what she wanted to do. >> she said she call johnson laterer but her cousin would not talk the talk i asked her if she was okay and she said that she has to come.
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called, johnson called her back that but she said, come get me, and i knew that when she asked me to come get her that it was >> johnson was killed attempting to cross route 8 after going over the median into the northbound lane, and it is impossible to speculate why ? her cousin said she learned about the accident while she was on the way.ned >> i cannot imagine, i know that she just wanted me to get to her , that's all i know.m >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> johnson's husband said that they were arguing over directions when he pulled over. >> bernie sanders will hold a rally on baldwin wallace campus tomorrow o today volunteers unveiled hillary clinton's first official campaign office on shaker square in cleveland, they
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tonight because celebration, . sanders campaign workers were inside the lou higgins rec centerer setting up the stage expecting thousands in attendance both candidates working hardc to gain supporters during the first week of early voting in ohio. >> hillary clinton is somebody with the skills temperament andll commitment to change she is a progressive and able to break the gridlock in washington i think there's no question that her goals areno to address income equality and so many other factors that we need to change.m >> clifton has offices in cincinnati and club as she is in south carolina today i are the primary is on saturday, the sanders rally is 10:30 a.m. tomorrowow the ohio primary is three weeks away. >> donald trump continues to gain momentum
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virginia today fresh off last night last night victory and then a as he scored three straight primary primary victories into super tuesday next next week ohio governor john kasich is going after marco rubio . this campaign sent out out three memos that said that marco rubio is not the establishment's best hope to defeat donald trump,srct but trump says he's not worried about john kasich. >> are going to do very well in ohio,e we are beating the governor, it's nice to be beating the governor and it's going to be an amazing two months, we might not even need the two months folksazg to the oddest. >> trumpet up to endorsements from two current members of congress,e california representative duncan hunter and new york congressmanhu chris collins. >> surveillance cameras are rolling as a man's ands pants
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had a wonderful time with those scented greek counters the weekend buten look at what's on the way . start see the skyline at the 5-mile crib cam that's when we had these debris clouds that andre bernier captured code into fox 8 studios . this dry slots that we are located in between
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brighter spots . who still still has some warfare and action taking place . but advisory in effect tonight and tomorrow, someb could have up to 6 inches snowfall . some downpours in downtown cleveland on 271 in westernola geauga county . but also through ashland in richland county alone sony would . heavy snow, with visibility issues and some blizzard warnings for
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in . are going to be to be in for some snow . winds are in excess of 35 mph . percy delmarva peninsula watches warningsma and still some milder air . in west virginia meadwestvaco margin was 60 . get ready for temperatures to tumbledad and that's going to support the scatteredat periodic fashion tomorrow throughout the area and that has some
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off friday's . snowfall tomorrow will slow you down . allow plenty of distance from the car in front of you .is a general two -- 4 inches . son could see up to 6 inches in
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on tuesday march 1, the chance of a shower . the nfl combine is in indianapolis in the browns ownerco
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for cavalier anderson varajeo to make his warrior debut tonight, no doubt he is getting over getting traded after 12 seasons in cleveland,g he told how impressive it was to watch the warriors pass the basketball, lebron james said today the golden statero a great team but the raiders season means actually nothing once the playoffs begin. >> of hope that we would be 50 and five . let's get back to the beginning, the raiders season recognizes great for the record books but means nothing. >> hue jackson lent a browns
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the nfl combine reinforced the idea that the johnny manziel chapter in cleveland would be over in that monkey business won't >> i think that it is important that there were some people involved in the situation that happenedtp and i feel very bad about those things as they do happen,aa but make sure that we understand that behavior will not be tolerated as we move mo forward that's all i want to say . >> johnny manziel can be cut by the browns as early as march 9>, the corvette prospects alikear jared goff arrived today and go od through the the test in the next several days, the browns will be keeping a close eye on those
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ground between a blizzard and tornadoes to the fact about 10 tomatoes and virginia and parts
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just to the west . going to like outside we had low visibility with heavy rainfall in . tomorrow, there'll be there'll be snowfall is supposed supposed to bring . we had a dry slot at times between four and 6:00 o'clockt . advisory take effect tonight tomorrow for snowbelt and cuyahoga county could get up to 6 inches of snow until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow been turned into lake effect event of
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visit all snow to the northwest severe weather strock coming through the delmarva and norfolk virginia . and the cold air creating blizzard warnings and indiana and headed towards central portions of illinois in . just a lot going on . are getting some weather but not as severe as the west or east or could it has been stuck in the
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.e it is growing around the circulation, toledo findlay allowed attackers to tumbled tonightc and switch over to snowfall .n 45 in cleveland . the protesters will be heading this way after midnight . snowfall throughout the day tomorrow after 6:00 p.m.m. at parts pretty
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on friday, upper 20s and then forwarding and 50 for the last weekend of february . on monday mid-forties chance of a shower. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . cleveland man is freed from prison because prosecutors say thesese cleveland officers then arrested and were corrupt as peggy gallek was in the courtroom.we >> kenneth blackshaw had little to say after a hearing was held wednesdayay to vacate his drug trafficking conviction he thanked the judge. >> the 50-year-old man was
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courtroomle granting the motion to vacate blackshaw's 2013 conviction for the charges . after the prosecutor told the judge that the officers arrested him well into the >> they actually targeted him, that they been made illegal entry into his private property be sold merchandise, they took illegal drugs and quality creating false police reports. >> the three officers involved were indicted on federal corruption chargestrs, that no longer work at the department they have resigned or been fired . >> 's his attorney says he is pleased that they worked
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justice served. >> peggy gallek fox 8's. is posted under under arrest the kid to bring a gun to school, teacher was tipped off and notified security, the high school locked out about one hour before the student was taken into custody,ec ur three people under arrest for the violent murder of a man that they pt could bus stop, he was talking was talking on the phone january 21 at the the stop at the stop that lee road and miles avenue but he was attacked,s the three are charged with murderh police are pushing for ag high bond as witnesses are afraid of retaliation.g >> the suspect was wearing a construction outfits, asking the victim for a ride got in the car format demanding cash they say
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other areas but not sure if they are connected. >> elyria's influential crisis, and that is that is out of the of police department is lorrie taylor saysys four officers involved in a high-speed chase cars were broken down to click the service karachi or has become a crime-fighting tool of its own, where the old old cars too old to meet the standards of the others are said to be rehabbed and put into service, some somewhat more than 10 years old with more than a hundred thousand miles on them. >> officers driving for old cars sunday attempting to stop the car thief driving 18-year-old dodge neon with stock partsth. >> julie carr heard what sounded like the engine grinding . >> but the chief says witnesses saw sparks flying from anita
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patrol in to take over. >> the second car cannot catch up to the fellow officers. >> i was upset embarrassed that the officers don't have the equipment needed to properly do the jobs. >> the highway patrol joined the chase, the elyria chief says that the officers could only watch as the troopersyrs tell lights and those of the suspect disappeareds . >> councilman mark jesse says that will happen sunday is representative of the larger problem facing hisis cash-strapped cities, roads are in disrepair, streets are plowed with half the necessary fleet the city city of tulare has not passed a new income tax in 24 years, 92 was the last timeh. >> says the state can't tube
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councilman says a camper city can tax levy is needed to address the many problems. >> launching a facebook page to give residents a closer view of the trouble .. >> and passed it would cause someone making $50,000 a year aboutt $20 a month, disability, social security and retirement incomes would not be >> two players than not guilty to charges handed down after a christmas day traffic stop, alonda bryant was indicted on two counts of drug possessionda de'ante saunders indicted for improperly handling a firearm a firearm in a motor vehiclea both wereth given a put a hundred ed dollar bond and be back in court tuesdayy to click and zealous topic of conversation with
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asked about a degree of support he recently sent johnny manziel basically telling him to get his act together and focus on football,l charlie sheen says he was just trying to show him some support during his recent >> i hadl jug has reached out because i hope that others would have reached out to me when i was doing with mys low points . it was just, don't know why getting heat for just felt that he needed a heads up. >> dr. oz asked if he had ever met him but said that they talked on the phone when time after that that so much and he mentioned he looked up to charlie sheen in a postgame interview in college said that hetmuin called them and said that he cannot cannot be nice or. >> lyndhurst fire department warns about these dangers of
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left of a lab coat it was in his pocket when it caught fire ht pieces people need to be careful how they store the e-cigarettes and should avoid using offbrand batteries. >> in tennessee, a gas station surveillance camera camera rolling when e-cigarette explodes in the man's pocket he got second degree burns.m >> coming up at 6:00 o'clock we are celebrating dick goddard's
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it is dick goddard's 85th birthday and use them as thousands of have those . this is5o willing from adina . thank you for celebrating this special day you can see many more photos at fox
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degrees fahrenheit, the dick goddard is using the celsius e scale for the birthday is. >> for he took the veil day off to celebrate here is bill sheil for a look at the life ofe dick goddard. >> is the perfect answer for a legendaryry hero just. >> we say you're going to be 85 what do you say? >> the language the 29 celsius. >> this is the greatest nation, cannot be better, i am just so lucky, people have been so good to me.h >> born in the city of green he is the child of a railroad mechanic his parents loved animalslr love that they passed on .
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our little five-acre farm near greensburg, i'd say can we keep it ., but had to give back the cab. >> he was quite the athlete. >> my passport was baseball . and i survived aeb tryout with the brooklyn dodgers. >> he joined the air force during the korean war . . he took a test identified three rules you might excel at for the military wantnt involving camouflaged so he asked about the other twoso. >> a qualified as a sharpshooter they said we would put you and gunnery . i said, how about the third and they said, meteorology and i said let's go. >> fine arts degree kent stage, disney wanted to interview him for a job in hollywood he then received an offer to try a tv
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of cleveland tv history in a time when the weather was an afterthought of the newscast he stood out because as a it is a neurologist who was qualified he was always humble.a >> blather is an educated guess at best. >> you are known for getting it right more than any. >> perhaps many. >> perhaps, but i say, . >> this became an institution used his fame to help all types of animals in it he could. >> i promote animal welfare or code that worker that is my goal .. what do all that i can for the four-foots.l >> they kidnapped him 10 years ago for his 75th birthday, or else with a party be ?,. >> at the animal shelter.
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to have when it limitless neutered or spayed. >> also featured in an event he started in the 70s foror his daughter at a fundraiser. >> a couple hundred people showed up to click that was back in the 70s today the woollybear parade each fall is the largest outdoor event in ohio over 100,000 attended each year more were at the woollybear of them at ohio state football games . usb sanitation for radio broadcasting for 43 years . before that he was a a fan in the standsas last time the browns or any team won the championship . >> 1964, at the old stadium. >> probably thought she would
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50 years. >> it was a given, there's no way that we would not eventually .e eventually is here and gone, but don't give up. >> hope springs eternal for sportsa fans and dick goddard. >> how does it feel feel to be 29 celsius?? >> next year i will be 30, some that i may not be able to handle that to beto still in the 20s is great.l >> bill sheil fox 8 news. >> that love his sense of humor .. >> is the person that you see on tv each night is the person that we know so well.i he made me aware of the special four-foot i am very fond of her because we share ary same name,
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the stock this dog is a little different. >> she is obsessed with lou maglio . that is her name. >> about five years ago, my brother went to school here and warren . behind the bus garage their any dog collapsed in collapsed in the snow solelyog
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into the garage given her give her some food and drink and recount would take her home and try to find a name forr the dog we tried several names, and did not respond to anything . so then she responded to lou maglios so the name stuck . and that is what she answers to. >> noted as a girl dog, she answeredgi to lou maglio on tv so. >> are trying to find a home for her but she turned out to be such a good dog that cannotng give her two anybody.
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news . 6:00 p.m. at channel 8 . . can you see the resemblance? >> i think that she has her eyes . >> say that i'm very proud that y we share the name it is a humbling experience.h >> that's not the only dog that hasn't lou maglio fever this video, shows a he stopped to visit a friend he showed his friends about the same clip of you . and it was mesmerized so it is official .
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whisperer. >> think of god were running for office i could count on the
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winter is not over we overtly or on snow watch tonight,ve rainfall currently but that will change over to the white stuff with falling temperatures it will not be long before we get a rush-hour mess . ng. >> it has has been raining, what aboutas rush-hour tomorrow. advisories in effect for


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