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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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it is a thursday morning in the city it is 8:00 o'clock in the morning we have school closings and delays scott has a look at the detailed snowy forecast
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lorraine and vermilion. this is the cleveland radar this is the detroit the snow will continue a pattern that continues all day long today temperatures are been steady of been steady in the low 30sre we will probably be on the north side of the range two - - four even here in cleveland with higher elevations here we wille probably have more than that getting into the lakefront some s
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temperatures between 28 and 32 foxing is is your official school closing station. all
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>> it is that out there we have seen everything from sunshine tomorrow. a bunch of northeast ohio under a winter weather of winter weather advisory the wind is coming take a look
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towards downtown cleveland they will be setting up shop here in cleveland as we now. but what about the blue fast? they know
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in wallace university. he talked about that last night in kansas city missouried. >> in the last week there up
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she has gotten the young but out the city is used to big event like this stacy is reporting live s it is amazing just to see how bernie sanders has the attachment two young daughters looking to help clinton's white
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for the opening w it happened at the fourth district district run 1030 last nightdi officers said they heard gunshots no word on his condition this morning, and no officers were injured in the incident. >> facing possible jail time reggie workers speaking exclusively to fox eight after admitting he stole moneyex from
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>> i divers aree you will have to pay in restitution and couldco spend upu to 27 months in prison when he if convicted is convicted in may. >> here is todd maney with a lookre this morning they announced a 20 yearth plan they are going to upgrade to $240 million master plan including a number of
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experiences leading should want
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we will talk more about the snowfall@ and how many inches in
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slowly moving with the lake and interactive we can be one of
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so 32 degrees in cleveland with the snow moving in to westlake low 30s a very at a couple ofpl inches on the ground warm in the mid 30s with the temperatures in w the mid 30s accumulating look at that right along 71 eventually this will move in to lake county we will see temperatures falling into thee high 20s marceau throughout the dayyh by five or 6:00 o'clock and it should be through the t area with the daytime
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- 3-inch range u i then the saturday forecast to look at the eight day we finally see the snow melt off fox eight news is your official school closing station choosing a republican governor the moderate republican and former senator judgee says it will not all's confirmation
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electedio making three people sick opening it at our customs and border in alamedape crews were called to the building and quarantined 20 others for several hours t we have since been released they are all expected to be okay. >> a ten -year-old california probate remembered as a hero for pushing two other girls out of the way of a running suv. >> my two kids at i have both of them stepped in and took over and did what she does best to do protecting them are under. >> it was parked on the hell
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schoolg that was my chair from now on looking at jesse weinberger here the first one the instagram pages you could probably set the the question is can you do that for everything? can you block that?
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levels of device control but in terms of being inside one particular@ out like on instagram our twitter, it is twitter, it is an all or nothing so what you really need to do is to get used toi the habit of parents who are a parent who are they following at anything to do isa to open that are blocking things from coming in and so if you have that s is going to block it with the narcotics but it is a combination of things it is at a televised love all block thek t apple of the block the and a a
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child is notus give them a little bit to do with peer pressure other six-year-old kids have phoneses. >> rate. i am perfectly okay with my kids being teased i think that is just what it is. i told them you will be the child whatever that is that we are all going to deal with itt and the as that is just how it goes.h i also think that parents put more peer pressure i'm parents keeping up with the joneses a couple of days ago hereou i was in the school were over 60 percent of the kids have
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ridiculous and went to get onto that train it's hard to get off. >> jesse weinberger with us all morning.g. this is how you get a hold of us to submit your pictures really great insight and then there is free research for parents and then the bogeyman exists the second one is almost done with all the stories they have shared with me aboutl their issues with porn addiction and everything they are just
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still so much to talk about. >> to facing charges coming at how the victims up how the victims family is pushing. >> and then a superhero kenny crumpton@ with the wonderful preview for you this morning. >> grab your phones and get
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went to pull off the suit jacket the t cape comes up. we are previewing comic con happening tomorrow all weekend longev gary joins us here in cleveland we w add over 10100 artists command great fan groups with a little bit ofi that are really fun time. our how can people get that? the best way is by doing it online with the kids and have a great time. this is the us s
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ties with cleveland and star trek@ what we can see the crew was that us s challenger division. >> it is. therefore starship championship and who helped form our directive which is helping people. >> you guys have been around for how many years? y >> 1984 was the official watch she is a special member this is
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officers and she is currently helping@. >> of course you are i loved being there because it does the community serviceec and we do a lot to raise money to help the different l charities. >> and you are getting ready for the competition? >> yesea i am 69 years old 59 years old i will be 60 this year >> can you give this to us that she is. congratulations how
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ripped. that is awesome 27 minutes after the hour we have delays at the bottom and election season is on bernie sanders getting ready to speak in rally. we will check in in just a few minutes. >> and police are in need@ of new equipment. >> good morning, everybody look at the band of snow>> also adding
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welcome back fox8 news in thehews in the morning 8:30.. 32 degrees outside we havehave school closings and delays running at the bottom of your screen if you're just waking up. going to be one of those days.ays. the snow will continue all overov this area. at least it's thnisot hitting us all at once. once a slow thing which is good.good check in with scott to see howhow long this winter weather will last. good morning. a slow processnlast. .. coming down at a relatively slowely s rate in cleveland but startta seeing the shades of greenf green popping up that's when you get ge bursts of snow a leery aeey overland brunswick and madonnand ma another one approaching adkronkro heading out near peninsula and along the route eight. habits and a whole lot inot i cleveland but that will look at these temperaturespera locally lower 30s.wer 3 right now eastlake up to 37o 7 earlier this morning now 32.w we are starting to see the t temperatures regionwide becomeonwide more uniform couple ofbe csompotsots
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with the road surfaceroad temperatures falling that's whenwhen we'll start to seewe'll s rt accumulations. several inches already to popped uppe here and dropped with the quickuick burst of snow in overland.rl by late afternoon most of the most of snow should be gone. thould bon we use ethe range want to freak last couple of days brain 123in 12 and two to four kind of the samee thing probably closer to that 4-inch probably closer to ther to t 4-inch number here as hea prettytty good estimate you start seeinging bigger boost. further south much less and the th heart of the snow belt for might see a good 6 inches on the ground overall by the time lakeme effect ends tomorrow and it will and it ill kind of kick in tonight moremo lake l effect maybe 10 or 20 percentpercen tomorrow. below normalmor it will be windye windy winds died down high of 28 by the end of the week it will be be back above 50. 50. 40s on saturday.urda 50 plus as we start up on sunday.u
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h doesn't takuendr much to get aboveget aboe that. hat. chance of rain wet snow mondayday and next wednesday. fox8 news your official school closing station. a slow gradual snowfall sl throughout the day. back to you guys.. good morning scott.c inground fox all morning long unfortunately had somemeinground fox twinsburg.twinsburg. 480 you salad is shut down they they do have a semi- on its sidesi crews are currently trying toyinto get the driver out of the semi cab. ca. 40 east on shutdown at old mill road you exit at route 91. 91. if not before. 480 eastbound closed at old millil road exit at route 91 eastbound. back to you guys. thanks so much appreciate it.c be safe out there.e. the weather has been all over the place this week, we've seen everything from sunshine to rain. weatherer t place thi've seen
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as we all know. a snowstorm moving across the midwest is leaving us under as leavi winter weather advisory us that's right. it could make for a sloppy morning commute.orning comm sheffield village with an update on the roads.ute. hi. good morning everybody.rybody. it is so windy it's intense that's why you really have to be b careful on the roads becauseau this know if it gets blown intont your windshield like that couldat reduce visibility. it's not too bad of snow rightw rht now and sheffield village. i 90 behind me there's a littlelit bit of slowdown going into downtown i 90t of slow. work. votes have been okay out hereere this morning.rning this is coming from indiana.ndiana. coming from the west and westwest side suburbs getting hit more. more. everything is okay people haveha been driving smoothly throughoutr 90 around us today and not too
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bit windy i was talking to a a snow plow driver works as as a subcontractor on the west sideactor ont and he is stopped by to say hi h and he said this winter hasn'tr been bad for them he will keepe will workingk throughout the day thishis morning he was everywhere he'llwhere keep working until about six or 7:00 tonight. this winter h7as been okay he is there have been here's been a bn a lot worse. l be careful out there even though it might not look that dot youu never know the roads could be be slippery. we'll keep you updateded we'lep throughout the day as yoweu ll.ell. the wind is cold.d is col don't get blown away.d you should see the live trucktruck feels like we are in a boat itt i is blowing the live truck.ruc that is not good. i wish i was on a boat but i am but i m not. a cruise ship. that is next month. thanks just appreciate all right. right. with march less than a week away the democratic race is tightening up. and berea will be feeling the bern.e
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morning.ldwii he arrives on the heels of a new poll that shows him with a slim lead over democratic rival hillary clinton.haha hilly fox 8's stclacey frey is live at bw with more.inton. 8's st stacey good morning.rning. good morning.g.g two hours away from when bernie sanders is expected in thisood mho gymnasiumecte. doors open about an hour agor several hundred people herere already filling up quitei quickly. they expect five or six as an students not exactly sure it'sure 's open to the public anybody who show up.he they wanted rsvp but from that that their gauging five or 6000 people.heir ga you know how this goes this timetime of the year especially leading up to super tuesday talkingsday talking about that paul the latest polls some show bernie sanders closingers c in some cases leading hillary clinton.lo baldwin wallace released its ownin w poll yesterday showing sanders with a slight edge over clintonall
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45 to 44 percent. quinnipiac poll shows clinton with a double-digit lead.clad. that same poll shows that donald trump would beat john kasich if the ohio primary was held today.pri but that sanders would beat trump, head to head in the general election. sanders has been drawing bigmaryas helnders would d crowds wherever he speaks and they are expecting no less hereo less h at bw. i spoke with the president of the university earlier this week about sanders' visit. it's always exciting when a candidate wants to come and speak on our campus. so important for the democratic process that our students to hear directly from the candidates themselves.. cate waneak on our ic they've had that opportunity and manya spots. they have had barack obama and john mccaina back in the day th ronald reagan. kind of used to this presidenton proximity to the air force as much as anything.t
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and a lot of students werewere talking to hear very young audience at a university but thoselking to voters that bernie sandersd has been attracting.attracting. that is right.igh talking about what they like.e. they like his message they'll be hearing it directly from him in about two hours. they like that message of free tuitionn .. i like that to. can i get a refund. do i get my back. all right stacey thank you veryy thank you much.ery want to switchch gears and hit uphit up some other news for you on this thursday morning. a mother and son are facingother news u charges this morning for a on this deadly dog attack that killed a grandmother last summer.thearges s morningdly dog attac 71 year old annie williams was killed by a pitbull in shaker heights last july.hts last the university hospitals retiree was picking up her greatng up grandchildren from visitingher gr their father, 49 year old leon morton.fat neighbors tried to help her, but morton and 70 year old bobbi n a green are now charged with involuntary manslaughter and
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i burst out into tears a relief. they're going to be held accountable.oi this is a very tragic loss that we're all still living. the williams family is now pushing for stricter vicious dog laws, and encouraging responsible pet ownership.ons morton will be arraigned friday.ible pet owner greens' first court date is march eighth.h. elyria police are seeking public support for a new levy, to help replace some of the department's old and breaking down cruisers. sunday night, four officers were chasing a stolen car. one officer says he heard a pop and grinding from his engine.our ostolen c his engi a second cruiser couldn't catch up to the stolen 10 year old dodge neon. the highway patrol later caught the driver. th the police chief says he's upsete driv and embarrassed officers don't have good equipment to do their jobs.dt elyria city leaders say voters have not approved a new income tax, since 1992. a perfect example they need to to upgrade no doubt.o dou.
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32 degrees the temperature.erature. mcdonald adding new breakfast bowls to its menu we'll take all look at the new offering it sounds deliciousat cruciate kneenee will love it. something hot. he's cleveland's most successful american idol contestant.d [music playing] tomorrow night on fox eight news at ten, life after idol for cleveland's own scott savol. he reached fifth place in season four of the hit show and performed all across the country with carrie underwood.of the more than ten years after idol,,performed a withe unde we catch up with scott in a foxh up wi s eight news exclusive.cott i tomorrow night at ten. hi kenny.enny good morning.n went on the stars of the hotrs of the h initial on the sci-fi channel and he is here atot comic con to con to talk to us. the man behind it when we come back we'll show you who it is. kicking it with kenny.
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good morning you guys. we are here at the cleveland convention center previewingngg
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about that tomorrow through sunday. very luckyabo one of the hottestthe hott shows and sci-fies i know it i'veow i great show if you haven'tyou ha checked it you are a genuine fan. yes, i am. out. pleasure my first wizard world. an okay i. get him a round of applause pl places. you're here to talk about the expanse anddpla go expanse is a big hot new thing so excited about it. sci-fi's new flagship. the game of thrones in space. and it was called that by georgia old martin. the action is set up a screeningee for us in new mexico. we went down there him in our in
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daniel abrams close friends. and he set up a screening at his theater and new mexico and santaanta fe and we screened the first tworst two episodes there and he ravedand he r about it he is that this is likeik the sci-fi we've been waitinging for. fo. we got a little thumbs-up from the creator.or. that is huge.uge a terrible question to ask you but what are your favoriteavorite aspects of the expanse. with the exception of thef paychecke that you get. being able to eat every day.very honestly i am a huge sci-fi fan i loveve and a kind of veryd of realistic sci-fi this is a nitty-gritty kind of like alien style. blade runner style sci-fi we don't haveve faster than my travelel we don't have artificial gravity we don't have any of those thingsv what would it be like if i we actually colonizedt be our solar s system and what we find out is that an incrediblyem hostile dangerous place.
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the wild wild west. and the martians which is whath is my character is he is a mars boyis a mars and fighter pilot. we are the pioneers of that and a n that's why they said the peopleop that make it to marsl are goinggoi to be the east indians theast agents and the texans.ind go figure.igur speaking of pioneers becauseeers those of beca the people that carved out niche is in our world. welcome to cleveland. guys got to come down get autographsomm. want to thank everybody who camecame out. thank you very much. andd jerry is there go to the website you can get tickets. live long and prosper. nothing without star trek. will go back to you guys in the studio. all right.
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that's the inner-city version. 8:46 is the time.s the 32 degrees outside. coming upt . millennials are known for beingls are on the move, coming up why they can't slow down for a bowl of cereal for breakfast.ein we are talking weather it's a big snow into a here in then th north coast we'll check in with scott sabol coming up in a few moments . stick around we are back in a few. few todd good morning. good morning we are getting ready to wrap up our conversation about our tech gab weekend online dangers thenger s expert is here where taking yourour thoughts and comments send us your question we'll see if jesse can answer it coming up in a
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we welcome you back on thishi thursday morning friday eve here at 8:49 currently 32 degreesly 32 egrees outside the snow is coming downown
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in just a few moments forsa the latest on our forecast and inton the weekend as well. meantime in our headlines today.ay. the death toll is rising after powerful storms come up from the southern coast and spawningern tornadoes in the southeast. six people have now been killedcoast aa tornado in the storms, the youngest victim, a two year old boy. all told the storm systeme sto unleashed more than a dozenctim tornadoes wednesday across, a a all ld the unleshed m virginia, florida, and north carolina.n the system triggered storm warnings and advisoriese syste stretching more than 1400 miles from texas to delaware.tching m mother nature. doing its thing. here in northeast ohio just snow.e scott will have a look at howhow long this will last today.ay. good starting to calm down start seeing shades of greenc we'll use the official color table versusvers just that bright blue one thatthat we use and it shows some burst of heavy snow anuresr have been close to freezing and
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treated surfaces. untreated surfaces looking atfa grassy surfaces seeing accumulation brunswick mayor diana and it's been kind of hita ki and miss we hadnd of already coupleoup of inches out in lorain county. county. starting to see this now approaching eastlake and painesvillero temperaturesures approaching freezing the band ofnd snow cancer overland and another onec to the west of that.t it will continue looking at several inches of accumulation today most areas now area probably seeing that snow anodeano is what will happen will get enhancements by late afternoon most of this no general snowl snow disappears . still looking at several inchesche locally higher amounts out on the snow belt by this time t tomorrow. fox8hsnow bel check out your forecast e we'll send it back to all right.g this sounds delicious especially during breakfast brefast mcdonald's is testing out some d new, low calorie breakfast items, but you'll have to head west to try them.'s is tes new, lo and i mean really far west andst not just the west side of cleveland. starting this week, people in los angeles and san diego will be able to purchase two different low carb breakfasttt the weswelos anges anlo
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one contains egg whites, turkeyls. sausage, spinach and kale and clocks in at only 250 calories. 250 cal another has scrambled egg and chorizo sausage with hashe withash browns, salsa and pico de gallo. the company says the bowls areys theowls a tailored to californian tastes. i think ohioans lead like that oh that sounds delicious. it really does. and healthy. millennials have reportedly lostndly d their taste for cereal.l. according to a new survey ials have reportete taste f they're just too lazy to eat it. nearly 40 percent of millennials polled by the minter report said they skip a bowl of cereal for breakfast, because the cleanup, because e is those polled said they look atlook a cereal as unhealthy and they prefer prepackaged meals theyackageals th can take, on the go. i love my ball i eat a bowl ofowl cereal every morning.rn i love serial.ri i could eat it breakfast lunch and dinner. tough to rinse that ball you've've
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rent it and put it if i could get my kids to watch of the cereal bowl that would be great. we continue our conversationersat talking about online predator danger you guys had a lot ofu the th e stories this week fantastic great information just heust he provided a lot of us. asking questions this let's get you want to drill he he says how do i get my wife and i on the same page when it comescome to this we argue constantlynstan about my daughter and amount of time sbohe spends on our phone. used to be very active and now it's all about that stupid phone. vero one parent says no one parent ise n more lenient as you get them on on the same page.age i think his wife heard how joel feels. that step one i'm thinking. it's very very difficult to do this especially when it's an exn spouse situation. and i think thatus doing thingsg t like sharing information sharingm education about potential risks.ential. someone who totally disagreesisgr
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issuesda may not agree if you say this is just the right thing tohi do. but if you start to share the t risks with them i think itin kbecomes a differentdi conversation. did you know thatff if ourour daughter uses instagram thisthi could potentially happen.en. it might start out as a powero struggle with parents trying to be play the better parent or thent nice guy. thate is tough when you'reu talking divorce cases. it absolutely is and you've heard me say this before i i suggest many times if the phone falls in the toilet accidentally it finds its way under the wheelee of my car accidentally.ntally. then the following dies.owing dies. dying phones are a great solution. talk about schooling a little bit my wife isa a teacher shee gets sometimes kids try tory to friend her on facebook or thethe parents want to friend her so so they can have communication where do you draw that line withwith
8:55 am
public view.ew i am inherently suspicious of any adult who super excited or engaged in my child outcome when they're off the clock.l so as a rural 0 percent of thercent of t time is it okayhe for our fans tons be following our children on social media any adult.ul and teachers are absolutely part a of the group whether it's aher it's youth pastor or a teacher or whatever. if the family is meant to followollo the across page on twitter thatthat is doesn't mean the lacrosse coach needs to follow them back. there are reason for teachers to be following. you never what an adult having avin friendship relationship with your child out of yourr per view.r vi that's not a good place to start and please do not think for one minute but mr. smith is so nicenic or mrs. johnson really loves. v i don't care what the situation is you are really fooling foo yourself if you think that
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of your line of vision it's aon i bad idea.a.bad ea. a lot of questions coming upons c you'll do a facebook live withomin live wi us coming a. comin go on our facebook pagea askedske questions to jesse in real-timeeal and get some of those answers a ton of questions that came in that something you can do righto r now if you want to hop on and dond that. thank you so much. d got it. wayne has socks. thank you so much.much thinks jesse.e. amazing. a fantastic.
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get one of lane's fish. it would eat that beta fish. so bad my kids are in school.ool. we would have a pic.pi. you have a farm.far. inside the house.use. we need a pig. pig. right now at this point. s we'll charge admission and all of you can come and see our good morning to you thursday february 25. i'm todd meany.inursday and i'm stefani schaefer. odd meany. thanks for being with us winter weather advisory ineather viso effect for parts of nryortheastrthe ohio we are live tracking the storm and road conditions wetions we have many crews out and aboutut taking a and look at those the threee the spots for you and it is is slippery.slippy. people brave the snow and windwin to see bernie sanders thishis morning and town coming to cleveland.. we are live voters getting ready for his rally which happensch happen about hour and a half for now. great to see that studentsbout h excited about it.bout i its meet people involved inved politics and excited.and if ex you could choose your baby'sab's


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