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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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get one of lane's fish. it would eat that beta fish. so bad my kids are in school.ool. we would have a pic.pi. you have a farm.far. inside the house.use. we need a pig. pig. right now at this point. s we'll charge admission and all of you can come and see our good morning to you thursday february 25. i'm todd meany.inursday and i'm stefani schaefer. odd meany. thanks for being with us winter weather advisory ineather viso effect for parts of nryortheastrthe ohio we are live tracking the storm and road conditions wetions we have many crews out and aboutut taking a and look at those the threee the spots for you and it is is slippery.slippy. people brave the snow and windwin to see bernie sanders thishis morning and town coming to cleveland.. we are live voters getting ready for his rally which happensch happen about hour and a half for now. great to see that studentsbout h excited about it.bout i its meet people involved inved politics and excited.and if ex you could choose your baby'sab's
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more people are making that decision. decis one celebrity couple under fire for that.ion. their story and your comments in in this morning's download. s second time we've heard about them this week.c is the snow continues to fall all and parts of northeast ohio good morning. take a look at this map. for two reasons one look at how massive this system is o and looknd lo at the other thing normally with the systems there's a ton ofon cold air behind it but chicagoic and cleveland temperature identical. the temperatures are fairlyes are f consistent that's why we're not really highlighting aaiat huge dropd in temperature today one of thee reasons why we haven't seen a seen a lot of accumulation the temperatures are closeof enough toe enouo freezing it is melted as it reachedf a lot of the untreateded surfaces although heading outding ou into sandusky and even out into int norwalk and lorraine andaine an overland we have had pretty goodtt snow amounts already on the ground. further west more snow than what we've had further east. notice that shades of gray whichay w would indicate visibility below quarter of a
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one in medina another one iner on in erie county. a few more starting to flarer back up again further east of cleveland. not make pclerfect a general snower which will continue on and off and throughout the day today. kind of like a crock pot meal meal takes all day for that thing tong simmer and cook versus the otherr types of snow is that you ball in the span of half hour to anr t hour. again today accumulations 123 but locations that are already a stay more than that. probably on the h igher end ofd that range as we continue toinue have this continuing throughugh late afternoon. i wouldat say three to four ie to for i think the higher end of that two of tha to 4-inch i'm out heret less thans t that in akron and snow belt willl probably get streaks of lakeks of lake effect that will occur untilcur uil later on tonight and into early tomorrow. on to all right patty how isy h everything looking. ev tale of two different environments. absolutely scott.t. we are headed inground stocks right now acroeass the intervalnterval bridge coming into townwn
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i90 however we have a huge problemong for 80 eastbound is close at old mill road.oad east of route 91. 91 you must exit at 91 if not beforeu. they have an accident a semi- on its side and unfortunately therey there still trying to get the driver d out of that vehicle.e 480 eastbound remains closed that old mill road in twinsburgwi township plenty of crews on the scene you have to exit at about 91ee if not before. be back to you guys in the studio. patty thanks so much. as god mentioned we under this winter weather advisoryane morningrn commute could be tricky and yourand yo commute home after work today because the snow will continue until about five or so. windy ass well.ell really windy jessica live in sheffield village joining us ona why you may want to break out out the snow boots and brushes and windshield. if you have one. honestly i decided to change thenge t story instead of the road and the morning commute it is thet
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about this morning.nin. really intense out here so keep that in mind ifo you are walkingi around or trying to drive.ive whipping cars did not even live even l truck it with around as well. sheffield right now sheffieldsheffi village it's okay not too much o snow take a look at 90 behind mebehind m everything running smoothly here. we haven't seen any problems evenn out here on the roads this morning. oh dot said a slowdown near downtown butt that is to be expected as you head into work in the morning.yo tons of plows out this morning definitely prepared 80 files outred 80 ready forfiles the commute and as godut was saying it will keeep coming down throughout the day. and a i one of the guys we were talkingalk to out here today said he willill be working throughout the day to make sure the roads are safeebe workin. definitely bundle up the firstle up the fir time i brought out my hand warmers in a couple of days and actual hand warmers.ers. bundle up if you're heading out this morning and be careful. don't get blown blow
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extra hand warmers and put them in your boots. that helps to. hat hps t thank you. the ohio primary is in until mid-marchhio the focus is turnings is turning to the state and its winner take all primary and in less than a month. it is. bernie sanders will be in the area this morning to boost his support. fox 8's stacey frey is live with a preview.e sars will be in thea thisorni good morning. kind of like preaching to the choirg ernie sanders attracted as lot of young followers and thisthi gymnasium is filling up with them right nowmn at baldwinal wallace university. canadian sits about five or 6000r 6 people they expected to be atected to be capacity by the time he arrives at 10:30. no stranger to hosting huge events like this for bigbi political candidates barack obama has been here so has politic ronald reagan. i think probably because we are known as a location forocati campaigns. partly because of our proximity
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we've seen along the lines and packed venues for democratic presidential candidate much of his supportside ncotming from youngg voters he arrived in northeastnort ohio last night i'm told hed he spent the night but he's coming here to speak that day afterr they released a poll showing himhi with a slim lead over rivalr r hillary clinton. 45 and 44 percentt a quinnipiaciac poll put out this week shows her show with a double digit lead in ohio. sanders said his message is resonating with voters and he is confident he can pull off a win.ndnating w they understand what is needed in this country are millions oflions people to come togethero to demand that our government represents all of usa not just a no few wealthy campaign contributors. we also know bernie sanders has been relying on super pacs or or anything like that big wealthybig wealthy contributors and a lot of his of are very small donations coming into his website.. are very
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andcam not only a life that surging ahead of hillary clinton and some of the most recent polls the same poll thiat i told youoll about th puts him slightly ahead of hillary clintonhe also gives him the win in a hypotheticalhe gtieneral election against donald trump. if john were to be the rival that b he would be extraordinary momentum people are on that bernie trane. you mentioned ronald reaganea stacey i played for reagan when we were marching bandpl at bw.t bw. how about that. they've been the place like youyou mentioned for that.t. and a lot of history.s fox8 history for you there.t very cool. thank you stacey appreciate it.. v sander's democratic rival, hillary clinton, held a kickoff party at their first official campaign office last night. the hillary for ohio group says it will serve as a community huber's democrcr hiy at the cfi for supporters and volunteers, working to help clinton's run hel
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there are bullet holes in a officer said they heard gunshotsunsho and they see the teenagernag running off. off. police say he shot himself inself in the leg while trying to get away get away from the police. university hospital no word on his conditionp none of the officers were hurt towards the building where the shots.fficers we facing possible jail time,ossi former browns player reggieble rucker speaks exclusively to rmer browns p fox8 after admitting he stole money from charities, to pay off gambling debts. a mistake and i intend to pay it back. forgive me, i hope they'll give me, at some point in time, give me another chance.lole that's all i ask. rucker pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to wire fraudr plead and lying to the fbi. prosecutors say over a four year period, the 68 year old spent period, donations from local corporations to pay gamblingtion including his mortgage.s to p
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angel arroyo, a member of the peacemakers alliance, one of the charities rucker ran, says he forgives him, and says the work to get troubled youth offrgives hi cleveland streets will continue. i truly feel that he was sincere to it. reggie has a good heart and every time i've seen him in thei've se him community, he's always attempted to do his best for the people that he met. rucker will have to pay between 95 thousand and 150 thousand dollars in restitution. he could also spend up to 27 ll have to p ay betd 15 months in prison, when he's0 thou he could a sentenced in may. we have developing news this morning.g. we'll check in with waynee mhoe hase has a look at what is just and for us. at westlook brush fire broke out in in malibu california.fornia. looking at the video right there.there forcing several evacuations s includingeveral a nearby kids camp kids cp helicopters attacking the flamesla with water drops and groundround crews are also trying to containo con the fire but it is burning right right now. big time so far the
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burned about 20 acres good things good th is no injuries have been reported so faringg and no word atno word at least not yet on how this massive blaze and malibu mali california started.rte that is just in.. all right.t. thanks. thaks. hopefully they can contain it. they cn c now that sun rises coming uporises coming that will help a little bit. up coming up on fox.. isis reportedly has a newas a ne target. who theyy are now going after andng how it involves social media.a. would you want to chew yourto baby's gender. in a list couple comes under fire find out if they're havingey'rhaving a boy or a girl and what wouldld will tel ll yyou the stsory tell youell you who it is and share your stories in this morning's download. outlook taking us through late this on and off snowouou fternoo blusteryste conditions look at the t temperatures dropping through the 20s.he 20s. that means the accumulationsumu la will start. a lot of snow mellt here on then treated surfaces. su will take a look at when this ishen this i
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a 50 between now and sunday. the forecast when we come back. we don't decorate in one color. we don't stick to one fabric. or one shape. so why use traditional aerosols that are one-dimensional? new air wick room mist with life scents is a multi-layered fragrance, just like scents in real life. varied, and pleasantly surprising. finally, a true-to-life
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[music playing] [music playing] just talking about shaft.aft. all month long, fox 8 celebrates the sounds of black history. isaac hayes was inducted intoonon tnds the rock hall in 2002. have a great career with theth south park and being of theing of voice of the chef on that show.w
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and the outfitit even better. bless you. god bless you. are you okay. model chrissy teigen's pregnancy c has been very much in the spotlight since she and hubbyhrissyii hd hubby john legend announced they were having a baby. legen we were talking about this we were talking about having someoneere tal stay overnight. now she's being slammed after she confessed she chose the sex sex of her baby during the in vitro process. her teigen fired back saying they sayinthey have both boy and girl embryos and simply chose to put in aply female first.chose to p i guess trying to increase the chances.ue i nc teigen also joked about the whole thing tweeting. i also picked the embryo with aree the taste for bacon, a knack for whoe embr magic, and size 7 feet so she can always find shoes.yoan, a kna forormagicand that is funny. she also said i made thisth decision not only am i having a girl but i picked. she said she wanted to give legend the bond men have withith her daughter's house off they get and mushy and excited they the get.
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and other quote in the article.t i don't know. i always feel like i'm blessedlessed with whatever god gives meod whatever gender it is now that th were having another one it is like. you're having another one. yes and we will find out thet gender soon. you sound like me in the meetingmeetin yesterday. yes. i know nothing.thi what is going on. next weekg we find out.out. we find out the gender next week. she doesn't't w know.kno i'm not going to know. k when it's monday and we arewe are going to seal the envelope thelope doctor and tuesday on the air live where going to do it. it that is great.reat. i feel like i know.o i don't really know for sure. i feel like i know to. i complications and problems and like you saidd being blessed with blessed with whatever you would get. also i wonder because they hadha had this pregnancy.
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we pick or if maybe the doctordoct said to them so here is what weat have. do you want to put the girl andrl a now a technology gives them that themat so the doctors were probablye re saying we have a choice you can make the choice. you don't know we are kind of slamming her we don't really knowyou don't knre. do we ever know.. i guess they could have saidsai take whatever put whatever any and we won't know until we find out. put a girl first put a girl first. that's how the conversation wenttion nt down. great discussion and whatever.e a lot of comments that's for for sure a lot of people talking about it.a lot of peop i thought it was if they chose.s it said not only am i having i picked a girlno from her embryo ii picked her and was like let'set's put in a girl. okay. and other quote. so many couples a tendency to choose a boy if they could.nd within want a boy for theiror t husbands for them to do sportspo and bond.d i was hoping for a
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i keepou prepping him for tuesdayor tue it's goisng to be a girl. a lot of little girls and your family. theree is.. is. my brother has two girls andand even on house side all girls except for onese way.wa maybe it's there you go. go let's reader comments tiffany rice on our facebook page i feele i fl if you can't do it nature's wayw then you should be able to do it your way period.eriod. when he commented on a facebook page gone are the days you justs wanted a healthy baby now theythey are made to order.der was there a satisfaction guarantee with that.r keisha writes nothing wrong with picking what sex you wanto. when using ivf. k rice on our facebook page it's a struggle for those withe wit infertility issues.sue cost a lot just to get thee embryo so if you've got the money to ensure the gender i say say go for it. desiree commented you would think with her heartbreak of not
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wild that she would be happy withe f either sex.the we want to know what you thinkhin this morning would you want to choose your baby's gender if youyo had that opportunity head overove to vote on our web paul andd head back over to ourour facebook page and read some moree more comments coming up. interesting topic we've been in the news twice in one week.op kristi thanks.. you're welcome.lcom check in with let's do it tsee a aware of the snow is right now how much wech we might be getting. you m entioned kind of a simmering anden rolling up i'm going to call this crockpots know. i like that. crockpots know you compare that with getting a whole bunch of snow at one time would be likew burning a stake on the grill andan five minutes. /flying. that's right. crockpots found it's very comfortingatght. like a comfort she says she already said it
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kristi came up with that first. i must have heard it in the monitor in the newsroom.rd always hearing my voice. voice. this will be a long event here. we've had accumulation already that vwe ashad the eight our outlookr ou showing temperatures dropping.r thees d other issue is the barometerrom dropping. now it's starting to climb back bac up again. when you have a rapid drop in in temperature or a rapid rise in air pressure a lot of times it can aggravate maybe arthritis or if you have joint issuesaggravate ma thatt change in temperature allows the contraction and expansion ofxpansion of ligaments and that sort of thing. low-pressure system coming over the other weather can affect you thing- and there's the barometerometer reading starting to and the cold will to. temperatures close to freezing all the way back to chicago. c not much of a big drop we dro haven't had a whole lot ofole accumulation on the road surfaceses and the air temperatureerature
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temperatures a little aboutes ae ab that.ouhat. wind gust at 30 miles an hour.u there is best now primarilyw primarily accumulating on grassy surfaces at this point.t. chardon at 30 rock creekk cr bainbridge at 32.t 32 look at low 30s further southou below freezing and spots.ots. will start to fall to the high 20s. will have a wide range andan snowfall this is why most of the the time we use ranges one numberone doesn't do it sometimes we fixate on one number and we kind of w it didn'tdi hit 4 inches. two and a half. here were using the range th because of that nature of theof the bands of pretty good two or 4-inchin amounts on the grassy surfaces a good estimate getting thoseing th burst of snow. here in cleveland maybe half ofhalf o an inch here at fox8 probablyably looking at lower end of thata extreme but it will last all day long probably through 5:00. lesser amount south of akron some streaks of lake effectfect after this main area moves out.ou
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more localized and by tomorrow leftover snow showers willr s likely less than 28 the high andhigh by saturday any snow that's on's on the ground will melt off quick even this time of year you get snow andev you're it just doesn'tes last a long heading into the beginning ofg into march pretty soon the sun the baegnginleni is much higher normal high as high as 40. there's are 50 on sunday.e's are there's a chanceon pretty good chance to systems monday and and late wednesday for some wet snow at this point obviously tooously too early to nail down with any more m specifics. pe fox8cifi csnew.s your official school closing station.losing stat as todd mentioned the crockpots know continues to simmerion bubbling and spots. lukewarm in others.thers. i just made that up by the way. at some chicken. thanks. we are get ting snow here nothingre not compared to what's happening on n the east coast. that's for sure the latest on the deadlyl overnight storms and what areas were hit the hardest. do you really know who yourw who
9:22 am
big secretych one student was hiding and why he is now been arrested. and a local woman's birthday asas extra special this year.ea see the surprise students gave her and why this vi deo is now viral.
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welcome back another round of deadly storms overnight. this time along the east coast. k another round
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one of them was just two years old.rginia was t. fooold. several funnel clouds were spotted.l it is huge.. winter storm warnings andtorm war and advisories still stretch more than 1400 miles from texas to delaware with roughly 50 million people in the storm's path.hh. look at that.hat. a group of isis supporters are threatening to take down a group facebook and twitter atend it's ceo's.ning take downd a group called the sons of caliphate army released a video army releed a showing images of facebook vid cofounder mark zuckerberg and twitter ceo jack dorsey engulfed in flames and marked with bulletrked witbullet holes. the video comes after the social networks stepped up theirup the efforts to stop terrorist activity on their platforms. prosecutors have dropped charges against the five new york teenagers accused of raping a an 18 year old woman in a playground last month.t t teenagerg a an disturbing.. diurbing. you might remember the original says he was in the park with her when the group of teens threatened him with a gun, chased him away, and then rapedth the young woman. but now the district attorneythreaa ased h
9:26 am
o with her own father.ld was ac investigators say the sex with the teens was actuallywas actual consensual. police and community leaders hope the so called victim gets so called v the help she needs.ictim gets we're learning more about how a two year old girl died in a newgirl d in york apartment after fire crews put out the blaze on tuesday they checkeday they chd inside and they did not think there were any victims. but then the girl's mother showed up and said daughter was inside.n there is a photo of her absolutely is tely darng crews checke.d again and they found the girl's body.ews checkeody. now, investigators say the child had been left alone overnight two years old.ars old. while the mom was out working as a stripper.hile the mom was oustri sources say, when the motherpper arrived on the scene at 9:30a.m.t 9:30a.m. she was carrying a box that contained 980 dollars in one dollar bills.ontained 9 she's now under arrest. a bizarre story out of pennsylvania where a high school
9:27 am
old living with a fake identity.ea but he was a great students that's what surprised everybody. a state representative tweeted ate this picture of her giving anrepre award to asher potts, almost two years ars ago. he was a member of the rotc, andmember oth a member of the national honore rotc society with a four point onea four point six grade point average. but this teenager was actually aa ukrainian national named artur samarin.r samari he had all sorts of fraudulent identification. investigators are still looking into why he did it.rts ofraudule whether was he trying to get an education unless he up to something that was no good.e a weird story. very bizarre. my goodness. up next thea information about aut a deadly dog attack killed a grandmother here k it happened appened a while back. here who is f acing charges andr ge where the victim's family is now n doing as a result.ult. are they friends hear what actor charlie sheen says about hisn says relationship with browns quarterback johnny manzo. scott.
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning on this thursday morning. this 9:31 and 32 degrees outside today. stay tuned a fox 81 of some delays in closing. the weather will be doing it's its thing the next several >> we have seen some incidents ofs that not too many them a check in with scott and see if we get more snow and it causes more problems later on today. >> absolutely. the good news is temperatures are dropping really fast. it has dropped a few degrees in the last 12 hoursre and that is as extreme as it gets.
9:32 am
air behind the systems but when you get into these heavier snowbird it overcomes the fact that there isn't a lot of cold air in place. a close-up now of our rater in the research to this one. it gives you better idea. it shows burst of snow in eureka and lorraine county.t> right now in cleveland they're getting light snow. we are seeing these pulses of heavier snowfall@ embedded within the mainit area of snow. a lot of this is melting as it reaches the roadwaysot but accumulating on grassy surfaces. we are looking at several inches of accumulation. i'm using that as a broad range descriptor which i think is a good way to go at this point. the eight day coming up in the next half hour.gz_ >> we are going to see how things are looking on the roadways with patty coming up in just a short while but right now
9:33 am
morning.ig >> bernie sanders and she is life out there with the pre- rally. >> people have been getting good upse and stores open at 7:30. i see a huge crowd already. we might have five to 6,000 people with bernie having a lot of supporters. they are excited to hear his message one-on-one and h bernie sanders spent the evening in town last night in his campaign people tell me he normally speaks for about an hour. we know a lot of college people love the message with free tuition for everybody. who wouldn't? bernie sanders is coming to the buckeye state the day after wallace university showed he had a slight edge over the clinton 45 percent to 44 percent.{f
9:34 am
face-to-face with john out john cusick and donald trumpmp who appears to be the republican nomineewh, he does beats donald trump. listening to his message today and kids very excited. although there is a friedd range of people here he was in st. louis or excuse me kansas city yesterdayuse me kansas city yesterday going onto flint in chicago. easy in an easy out. he has a popular campaign stop for political campaign stops because it is easy for people to get here from the airport and back out of town. center of the universe for these guys today.
9:35 am
there? >> it's popular place for sure. mother and son facing charges this morning for deadly dog attack that killed at grandmother last summer. seventy-one -year-old any williams was killed by pitbull last year in shaker the university hospital retiree picking up her great-grandchildren from their father. l neighbors tried to help but she later died at the hospital. morton and 70 -year-old martin green green are now charged with reckless homicide.a they are pushing for tougher douglas and --jf sunday night for officers were chasing of stolen car and when officers that he quarreledt @ a pop and grading from his injured. a second cruiser could not catch up to the stolen ten -year-old dodge neon. the highway patrol ended up having to catch that driver and d it can chase. the c police chief says he's upset and embarrassed that officers
9:36 am
simply do their jobs. elyria city leaders they they've not improved an income tax since 1982.2. >> linebacker armani brian indicted on two counts of drug possession and of former defensive back county sanders was charged with improperly will holding firearms. they will be back on court on tuesday from the christmas >> browns head coach hugh jackson is in indianapolis this week for the indianapolis combine. he may be spotting quarterbacks as the team is taken a stand in preparing to cut ties with johnny manziel. >> i want to make sure we all understand with that behavior will notat be tolerated as we move forward. that is all i want to say about it. i want to leave it at that. our organization is going to take a standanve and we are going to move on from those type of situations as we move forward.
9:37 am
investigation in texas with the distribution if c -- a few analysts rate there quarterbacks that i. >> johnny manziel on -- charlie sheen -- manziel retweeted it. then later deleted it. charlie says he was just trying to show support d because of the recent troubles that he had. b >> i someone who is going through and stuff i was going through. i had just reached out because i hope that others would've reached out to me. when i was at my low points it was just a, i think i caught a little bit of heat for it and i don't know why. it just seemed like the guy needed a heads up.
9:38 am
ever met johnny and he said apparently they didn't talk on the phone one time after minto mention the fact that he looks up ditching sheen. >> before you put your child in -- what's reportedly growing inside many children's cups. now parents are finding the evidence.hi >> but once the last time you grounded your child? hear the punishment more parents are using and they say it works.pu >> one airline says let's make a deal. find out what they offer
9:39 am
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9:41 am
welcome back everyone we are following some developing news for you on this thursday.@ >> check in with playing doctorct with what's just didn't. >> crazy story here. police missouri are working on a bizarre incident that happened this morningki involving a chase, a u-haul store in a church. interesting, nation.
9:42 am
around 5:00 this morning after reports of man was attacking someone with a sword. when police arrived, a a man jumped into a u-haul and took off eventually crashing into the first baptist church. the story doesn't endpt there. he was armed with weapons including swords and some of those sorts tape to his body. b woman and young children, four of them, then inside the u-haul truck.i the good news is no one was hurt and police are trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> my goodness. bazaar. a warning to parents to pay better attention to what the could be growing inside your children's to be got. they show on facebook what some parents found inside a tommy tippy parents are opening up the internet leaks about and they are finding a major layer of mold.
9:43 am
issue and they are in the process of fixing the problem. you don't want your kids ingesting this at all.l. >> i remember throwing a couple's sippy cups away. >> and the straw. inside the straw they have a tendency to grow. >> when it comes to growing their kids, parents say they goth straight for the cell phones. some moms and dads say it seems to be working. 65 percent of parents with children in the teeny age years are taking their phones away and 65 percent serve your their want of time a team to be online. instead of saying you are grounded now it sounds like we will take your phone. >> that's exactly what it is or clean your room. >> we did a grunting last week. we do it all the time. >> you have to with them.
9:44 am
if you don't follow through it's not good. >> it's no phone, no tv just read about video games to. >> model christie teagan pregnancy is in the spotlight. she and her husband john leg and legend announced they are having h a baby. >> now she's been slammed the mediaa . -- she also picked the embryo being a female and is getting slammed for >> my mother nice wanted to share shoes size. spiezio the smaller shoes are
9:45 am
i said i will squeeze into those cute shoes. i know they are two sizes too smalli.@sh >> a lot of comments? >> yes a lot. nicole right you shouldn't be able to pickot which you want. normal women aren't able to when they get pregnant. why should people who do ivf and have money. >> what happened to i want whatever is healthy? >> don says sick. one life over another is preposterous. >> leah commented so there was what more than one embryo that they could tell the of?ne what
9:46 am
>> she said they chose the girl first. they have the boy and maybe they'll use that next. >> we asked you and i went pull you think you should choose the gender of your baby and 69 percent of you said no. the other 40 percent said yes. he was in a liar but his pants were on fire.@ >> find out what was inside this man's pocket that exploded, sparking that reaction. wow! you're not going to believe that story. >> what you eat for breakfast? >> that looks good i would eat that. >> by note the food many people arefo skipping and way.
9:47 am
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9:49 am
welcome back. check out what happened at a gas station in kentucky. surveillance cameras were rolling when an e-cigarette explodedstin@ in this man's pocket. employees say they thought the guy had a bomb. his pants burned until he got outside and he could take the pants off. the man suffered second-degree burns on his legof. he is lucky though. >> as a second great story we've heard about thisy week. washington state woman might be getting the new necklace out of the dinner. monday harm was havingw our dinner with clams and she bit into something hard peerage she took it to a gemologist and it was a rare purple plural worth $600. she is using the gem as a necklace now. >> that's a surprise. it more than paid for the mail.
9:50 am
lost theirs taste first serial. there are too lazy to eat it. nearly 40 percent through the escape serial because the cleanup is too much. they look at cl serial as unhealthy and prepared pre- packaged meals are preferred. they take a bar form because it's easier. >> you want to lose some weight? try eating in the dark. justea a mere lights. new research out of germany found people who were blindfolded during a meal eight almost 10 percent fewer calories. the reason? not seem foodpee
9:51 am
is full in real-time. wouldn't know how much food is there see could think you're done k. one airline sending a unique message to washington dc to >> it must be a unanimous decision. razor hands for take goes -- 150 passengers were offered tickets to anywhere. the catches they had to agree on a single destination. passengers talk to neighbors and they voiced their opinion on the intercom and in the end they went to coaster rica. ironically not washington dc. >> that's so cool.uu
9:52 am
>> yes, like it didll t destination. >> how do you sign up for that? >> i just say wherever. >> all have for. when you guys laughing about? >> a great story out of mentor ohio. doris walks to the end of her driveway to blow kisses to kids on the school bus. on school bus number 46 they call her grandma. she hasn't missed a single day
9:53 am
%(l\ her neighbor told the bus river it was doors is 80th birthday and when the dressbu boat drove by they had a surprise. let's check it outbo. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear&j df grandma, happy birthday to you. >> kathy says door smiles every day when those kids go by and when they did that it made her
9:54 am
>> look how cute. and they are blowing her kisses, how sweet. >> those are the type of stories we'( fg >> absolutely. she is like their cheerleader wishing them a great day. >> start a positive day at school everyday with her. >> we love you doris, happy birthday. we are not really blowing kisses maybe our forecaster or snow is still going to be around.d. >> scott.6rf >> check it out. look at the snow and look at the temps. they have been steady at around 29-33 degrees.s.e this is been since about 1:00 this morning. that was nine hours ago.
9:55 am
they would come in waves. he will probably have a break and then another wave of snow. a lot of this melting in the roadways.el it doesn't mean it will be completely voided of snow but the majoritymet of the snow amounts will be on the grassy surfaces and could be to-4 inches*s could be higher than that and other areas. >> hi everybody. some great fish here. >> when you are talking about finding the latest and greatest thing for toys fornd the kids, they have everything covered for >> and how about all the investors yout have for the in retirement. do have the right thing and what are you doing with them when you have them? >> we of the funny fully pay
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