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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local school is on lockdown. >> jessica dill joins us from lorain with the latest.. >> bernie sanders branches campaign to cleveland at baldwin wallace, he is wrapping up a hit that as we speak. >> the gp race heats up just in time foror the texas debate tonight that the latest coming upt but first. >> it is just a nasty day out there with snowfall andda to you in the system will be giving out
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old man winter is not through ou with us just yet, this is a look from the roofcam, out get the first look at the weather . it will be sticking around for the remainder of the day start to taper taper off into the evening hours, temperatures a several hours , are at the freezing point and going to be dropping this afternoon . the snow is not sticking on the roadway yet that will be happening soon little bit concerned about the afternoon commute there could be some slick spots and an advisory in
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snowbelt plus a seat . expecting most of the snowfall to theex . win over east lubin overheats, you see to 71 getting hit with moderate snowfalll . also it is a visibility will be down . winds gusting up to 25 -- 35 mph . snow will continue through much of today going to feel a lot colder it leaves this evening, but in the snowbelt there will be some lake effect,
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>> scary moments and lorain, the lorain city schools are currently on lockdown, get right to jessica dill joins usus with the very latest. >> i am at the lorain police department, at any moment they're going to start a press conference, t it should be happening in a couple of minutes we do know thath all of the city schools and lorain went into lockdown because there was some type of perpetrator .rain a man who approached three different girls that we are told . the girls g reacted as they should, they got away, and are safe, we will be getting updates relating to go in there looks likeg it is just getting underway go to fox 8.comi movie will be streaming less
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few moments for an update .g bernie sanders continues to surge and the pols and now he is in ohio .t just wrapping up a baldwin wallace rally and that's where we find roosevelt leftwich with the latest . he spoke for an hour here at baldwin wallace about 4500 people were here mostly college-age students and some high school students . . they like what they see especially when it talks about college tuition also touched upon his theme of free tuition, higher wages, healthcare and
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change the structure of the country country to put more power back into what he says is the average citizens handst, and what this crowd wanted to hear was talk about free college tuition this is what he saidtr. >> what democracy is about is thatcr all of us together have the right to determine the future of the country. one of his main themes can't be said that too many people are being left out of the system said he was running a mostly grassroots campaign that will be thew key to the victory is not taken any money fromhe any corporations and that average people turn out to support him, and he did sit down withny stacey frey a. while ago, to talk about
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upha at the bottom of the. he said that more than 4 million individual donors to his campaign that is the most in american history.ha >> he said the average donation that he has received between 27 -- $40, he says it is average folks who put up the money said by doing that he lets people know about is who he is more likely to take money from corporate interests, andisl remains to see if that can be maintained as the campaign continues. >> that they let you spoke with, and what were they're take on his speech and how he did do they feel that he was addressing concerns? >> i've talked to some who said that they were undecided and want to hear what he said they said they have not made up their
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clinton but they like what they hear, and what of those things i liked was that he wants to keep his campaign grassroots they say that they don't like the fact of big donorsat in campaigns whether republican or democrat, that's something they wanted to hear. and have an update on our website a press conference in streaming live at fox .er lorain city schools are on lockdown.n. >> supporters for hillary clinton held a kickoff party at the first official campaign office last night, t the group says it will serve as a hub for supporters and volunteers to help run for the white house. >> a lot on the line in texas tonight's the night the republicans focused to try to
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. >> just a few days before super tuesday the nomination race tonight will be in texas the five gop hopefuls left will meet for a houston debate the question is can anybody stop donald trump ? he says he'll be ready thursday in. >> and. >> will be fully prepared people have not done very well gives me so far everyone everyone who has attacked me has gone down.v >> marco rubio has been attacking donald trump something that won't likely stop on the debate stageo.. >> the front runner donald trump alludes to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty goodctct. >> ted cruz, and facing tough questions after failing to consolidate evangelical support in nevada and south carolina he thinks that he is being treated unfairly.s >> curious how many reporters ask marco rubio after losing
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did you drop out ? >> john kasich and ben carson alsoc on the stage who believe they have a way forward? washable nation get a and may soon get a new piece of jewelry thanks to the surprise in her
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over 50 tornadoes reported, seven killed and hundreds of thousands without power in the laster two days in virginia state of emergency wasta declared as tornadoes left dozens injured in for dad, and three people in a mobile home were killed including a 2-year-old boypl, and powerful powerful winds left in the trailer almost 300 yards and slamming it into a church. >> our prayer goes out to the family that lost their lives, we damage the church is still standing were going to recover.i >> cars were tossed about on just so sorry that people were killedd and. >> tornado tearing down power lines and splintering trees wreckage. li >> through more tornadoes touching down in the sunshine state packing ferocious winds,
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tornadoes causing a path of mass mass instruction common for people inside this home when heavy rains and windsds sent a massive tree toppling onto the roofse they escaped safely and. >> our heart goes out to anybody that just lost their homes or their loved ones or anything in this. washington state won't make any necklace out of a recent dinner, and she's having a meal of seafood with her husband at an italian restaurant when sheb did into something hard that she took she took a 2-inch apologist it turns out that she had a rare quahog purple pearl worth about $600, and she's considering using it to be turned into a necklace. >> wisconsin family looking for a way to get there back after
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vacation. >> them a clue i wish this cat could talk, and i would love to know how she hitched a ride to floridada. >> she says that the cat got out on christmas eve when the wind will open a door, she and her husband searched but neverhe found her, someone in naples, floridand founder, a microchip helped volunteers volunteers to tracker
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or dodging the snow, and get that wind with that lender was noticed on a nice combination looking at storm fox, we see
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afterwards . portions of huron county just south of the turnpikeke . even madonna, brunswick on a 71 the good news od is we have had temperatures above freezing of the last couple hours work is not really sticking and odot has been treating them . you do need your windshield wiper fluid . we but you see just a few moderate snow showers . most of it on the inside is on the light side temperatures are dropping below freezing . between 24 inches and a deeper shade of blue and pink, and under that advisory, in the higher elevations the typical
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enhancedheow expecting between four, upwards 5 inches as we wrap up the system . it will it'll start to wind downi this evening . the wind is gusting between 30 upwards of 35 mph . with a snowfall we have reduced coldera with a windchill . so allow extra time today . 40s and 50s cannot rule out that rollout a shower of the day on sundayler but this continues with roller coaster temperaturest with the 40s, 50s and rain snow mix watching the the next storm system wednesday, into thursday is similar to this .in grease live
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the pressure . started off freezing point into the upper 20 s and even the mid- 20s by midnight tonight because being that it will be an additional one to 2 inches . tomorrow 26 degrees . looking at the 8 -day forecast . 40 degrees on saturday partly sunny skies on sunday increasing clouds about 50 degrees . a monday, a system in the morning then back to 50
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the cubs to grabbing their kids, today's parents are going for the cell phone, and they say that it works as they find 65 children between 13 days -- 17 took the cell phone or internet away as punishment notches when
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that they regularly limit the amount of time each dayr that the teenager can be online, days of signature or or ground are over now itro is, give me your phone. >> millennials have lost their taste for serial card into a new study,se they're just to easy home by the report, see that they skip the cereal because the cleanup is just inconvenient . said that they look at it as unhealthyy instead of prepackaged on the go meals, that's why cereal why cereal companies
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lorain city schools on lockdown, get right to jessica dill with the latest on what is happeningt and they're looking for. >> press conference with the superintendent herees just wrapped
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suspect .t three girls were approached this morning's .e ages 13 and 30 others possibly elementary school students, one of the most punched in the face they were grabbed and all three reacted as they were supposed s supposed to be screaming and fighting back . the suspect ran off each time,e it was a couple blocks away each time, they're still searching for the suspect who is on the run describedh by the chief. >> the suspect described as a a white male, mid- 20s -- mid- 30s, , 5-foot 10 -- 6-foot tall wearing a black jacket with a hood-, dark jeans shoes clothes and possibly a mask for
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are going through different businesses to see if some nearby had cameras to try to track this down, the school said that the district did everything that they should,t but in the school into lockdown, they are still in a sort of lockdownar . said that everything should be normal you can still pick your kids up at the normal time . are still looking for the suspect, three different girls approached at three different times times at what point he exposed himself to one of them, he grabbed two of them, and one of the most punched in the face twice . the girls immediately began screaming so thatt people nearby could hear them and got away and
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>> adjudicated, he went so far as to attack. >> i think the time, they told to your kids about these type of situations, how to reactct is important never know what someone is going to do . for a young girl that would be such af scary situation. >> will have more at fox and hopefully someone answers later today at 4:00 p.m. . but you talk about the weather that's the other, that's the
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woke up with at least a candy coating a snowfall . the news did not have too many school closings or closures this morning and we know that jenn harcher has been >> we will have dropping temperatures it will continue to snow for the next several hoursra you'll notice it to begin accumulating looking at radar, advisor for cuyahoga county, trumbull county in ashtabula till 7:00 o'clock .. or mitigating light to moderate snow in the down and a pretty good clip .wn mainly northwest of 71 . who could be some tricky travel, odot has been out all dayot you will need your windshield wiper fluid . stop the clock at about 5:00 p.m. which is the commute time you can seeu this move see this
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cuyahoga countywa arco . . on friday 26 on saturday, we are up to 40 and 50 on sunday . just wrapped up a rally at baldwin wallace universityuu in berea bath road defied stacey frey with the very latest that
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spoke to him and talk about the polls that they put out he top hillary clinton slightly 45 percent -- 44 percent, so o there are some contradictory polls but a far cry cry from when he kickedc off a campaign with w. for the vermont senator was he wasor single-digit support to he likes to stress that he got here with no big money just individuals making small contributions to support him for comemeo kind of money that people could afford to give him and that his message that resonates with mostly college students for come right spoke to him one-on-one asking what it was likeim her to select the selectivity and a reluctance to
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people. >> it is what keeps me going, we go through city after city and state after state,go there is so much beauty in energy out there and idealism, people who love this country and want to see is address the many problems that we face in that kiss and that gives me energy to keep going andha we have a lot of momentum we have the wind at our back circa they i also asked bernie sanders ,h but about the possibility of sharing the ticket with hillary clintonil betsy markey said that it is much too early . but again, it is much too early circa to see a nice guy and easy to work with. >> is very easy to work with, he
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room and he ism very common if you asked similar questions and i thought it would .onas he is off on a plane to chicago to flint for come then when we were done he was ready to move on. in the headlines, police are seekingd support for a new levy to replace some of the broken night, they were chasing a heard a noise and grinding inch and a second cannot catch up to the stolen ten-year-old dodge neon, and the highway patrol caught that driver during the
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he's upset that the officers did not havet good enough cook equipment to do the jobs, city leaders say that voters are have not approved the new income taxr
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the benefits of investment have been documented over many years that some moms have problems producing it, now in new york they have a place to get something for their kids donated by those who have more than enough to share. >> breast-feeding moms can drop off fresno county long island breast milk tito. >> was to get to get three lines in the original, the packaging of. >> appeaser features packed with roosevelt chooses to throw it out andoo calls of the google because of the value, right now
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state donor milk for premature babies, she is the executive director of the new york looking the best chance of survival because women give birth to babies before 40 weeks have not produced milk itfo. >> weekend we give a human infant, who has a very immature digestive systemer and give them to give another animal smoke, they don't do very well., >> once they are home it is more than $4 an ounce to buy it with a prescription from the milbankan and assad also give insurance companies reimburse, is collecting it at her new office of essays in the freezer before going to the new york milbank. >> excluded if they are smoking, drinking our medications fur coatat has accepted the milk for her son and shared itor with mothers who cannot produce their own. >> i donated it to a couple of people,d 1200 ounces from this
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older daughter. >> will be warren police open to open the first in westchester county in time for mother's dayi festival will be pasteurized and distributed, >> pay close attention to what is growing inside your child's sippy-cup, pictures posted show what some foundre this inside of the cubs parents are cracking open the anti- links about to find what they say is a layer of mold,s the official said that they areci aware of the issue and are in the process of fixing the problem he putt this a frightening reality, human trafficking . here's crime watch daily poorman adorned with a
12:43 pm w >> based on a broken children at heart of of our underage sex trade,d not some faraway third world nation but in america. >> it happens here in every city , and in every part of the country they aren child rapists, that's all they are. >> girls will be held hostage in hotel rooms,rl and locked in cages and treated like dogs.l >> kids as young as 12, traded among pedophiles and underworld same way as guns and drugs, the nation's most tragic commoditiest . market,, better times can even
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violence and the tattoos tattoos and the beatings and starvation and put them in ice bath, that h does not start until later. >> deputy district attorney, is on the frontline human trafficking, the world's fastest fastest-growing crime worth estimatedldst $32 billion annually, 810 million in san diego. >> how young is the youngest victim have encountered? >> the youngest was 12 years old . >> or more for more of the story tune into the next crime watch daily . >> you can see crime watch daily see crime watch daily see crime watch daily here on fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every weekday.
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the jesus christ and here just in time for easterti. >> thomas sat down with joseph fiennes, one of the stars of risen jews in theaters. arrives in time for easter, joseph fiennesrr plays a woman who discovers a greater power . sides that he and the dusty locations the
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authenticity to him .lobi and taking the audience through a journey of the brutal nonbeliever, a soldier who is savage and nd surgical we comes to fighting but also felt that he is in this industry of death and bourdain post-traumatic stress he is a man at the end of his military career ready for change, and subconscious dialogue within . he cannot find cliff curtis the actor playing jesus until his character finds him the story says it's an acting trick. >> it is about preserving the
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say that for the camera . otherwise you could get into dissipate the energy when it comes to shooting at. the hook for me is to see the story unfolds through the eyes of a nonbeliever this ists kind of unusual entry that allows ak wider audience to enjoy it, and does not polarize when camp it is not revisionist and it does not polarize the other camp because it is not too conservative for come it allows us to relish a story full of things talk about faith . talk about redemption, but things that audiences can't take away a believer or not in the story of christ.
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a good retriever mix that was left for dead in south korea will get a new life here in our country in arizona. >> part of an effort to rescue the dog, the dog was raised for her need, meet, which became infecteded the butcher thought it
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through the dock into the garbage . people founder, amputated her legs and gave her the care that she never hadhe she has been fitted for prosthetic legs and will be moving to the us and they il be weeks where she was adopted by abe loving family . if you're looking for an unconventional path the hottest trend is michael payne here they can be house trained to use a litter box and are really good with children they go to the size of a small dog but they don't come cheap price between 11002000 hours for one of these teacup eggs . want to share this story. >> doris walks to the end of her driveway every day to blow
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number 46 the call her grandma she is notbnu missed a day in five years her friendis told the bus driver and was hert 80th birthday so the kid kids had something special planneds. . in five years, do
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to have an intellect that. >> she is turned on, to go to school, is a great way for them to start the school theyh. we are getting some snow out there, the windchills are in the teens are just, just not a great day it's going to be wrapping up this evening with some lingering lake effect for come for now
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today on "the real" -- >> on girl chat, insta stalking. >> i'm a twerker lurker. >> and it's a real exclusive. >> "the real" and zac posen. >> with a special sneak peek at his newest fashion. and we're stopping by aunt loni's neighborhood. and he's here -- >> on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute this is our time grab ahold of time and get with it starting right now, right now,


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