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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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youngstown and etc. to the northwest, from cleveland to the west, all those guys are cloudy with a snowfall stopped . may be some lake effect, . the serious persistent snowfall is pretty much gone .he a popular number of events 29 degrees . the next weathermaker, is so far north , skies will slowly clear out especially tomorrow and saturday . with slowly moderating temperatures it will
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chute pop outs intermittently tomorrow saturday near normal and sunday above normal . . snowfall, will be just a memory . it took some pictures the roadwaysoo check in with p.j. zieglerch find out where you are in groundfoxn . the roads are drying up, the major difference of what we saw just one hour ago, we were heading out to downtown cleveland towards lorainwe, the flurries were coming down visibility less thane 1 mile out the visibility has greatly
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stoppedh at this time and traffic is moving along just fineme for coming up to 490, on 90 east approaching 490 heard reports of low visibility, and have a snowfall on 77 south super going to check that out we went all the way out toto lorain, 90 westbound everything was just fine .inin anybody heading out to downtown should have a smooth ride will continue to follow the roadways to give you condition updates ro but for now everything is moving smoothlyb so it should be a smooth commute home tonight . >> a child predator is on the loose in lorain officials asking parents to walk their children to the best of our school when possible. >> lorrie taylor has been joining us from lorain with the
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>> lorain schools have been on lockdown for most of the day as police search for man they say approached three little girls, to the elementary the third middle school aged it happened just after 6:00 a.m. this morningitd around washington and west ninth not far from admiral ernest j. king elementary, the second girl approached a few blocks away about 7:20 a.m. near west eighth st. street and overlook where the suspect exposed himself, 25 minutes later he struck at west 18th andst oakdale near hawthorne elementary this each time the girls screamed, they fought and ran away the police tell us the suspect is apo white male, mid 20 s possibly 30sma his height is between 5-foot 10 inches -- 6 feet wearing atw black hooded
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and a black mask of some sort covered his >> some kind of cloth mask may sk be a ski mask or maybe his honey was pulled tighter or some kind ofed covering, or not sure. >> the police say that their will be increased security in the neighborhoods they are asking parents to tell if you you can you can, to walk your children to the bus stop over to the school, do not leave them to fend for themselves. so situation in nearby elyria where police are investigating a possible link to attempted abduction. >> the girl reporting reported the man tried toto grab her from her bed in the middle of the night is matt wright spoke with
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elyria police headquarters.i >> please asking for help to try to find a the man who tried to take this girl who woke up to the man grabbed her legs and trying to pull her out of her bedroom window,in cameras were there as the fbi took evidence from the furnace street home today happened around 3:45 a.m., he said that he will come to his to 10-year-old daughter screaming that a man tried to take herer, they say that she reported the man told her to cooperate and then she would not get hurt . she ran to her father's room, he said he but he said he discovered a stepladder under the girls bedroom window which police say appears to have been unlocked, the then cut away leaving footprints in the snow. >> doing fine, but they catch
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>> we are asking people to be aware and and alert and contacted policeto if they see something in the neighborhood that does not look right i anything suspicious, then they should call his runaway. >> please describe police described the suspect as a white male in his 30s with brown eyes . wearing a black hoodie, police are telling people to remain vigilant as they investigate a possible connection to similar cases in lorain, to if you have information callif the police or cleveland fbi . of the detectives investigating after police said they heard gunshotse near there cruiser while parked at the 4th district police station as peggy gallek reports what happened
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>> happened last night there were no injuries are they're still trying to determine what happened.lath officers were in the cruiser front of the 4th district headquarters when they heard gunshots near there dzhokahar. >> they were not injured, afterwardsds they saw an e-mail running from the gas station . the 6-year-old male was apprehended a short timeline they say he had a gunshot wound to hisot five this was consistent
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wound this violence is indiscriminate everybody is at riski . >> no gun or shell casings were located they say it is possible that the bullets struck the building, a and a spokesman says there are possible defects on theb cans cuban side of the buildings for trying to determine if it was caused by bullets wednesday nightt. >> we have to concentrate on the root problem real problem and that is cryingvte in our committee this plethora of guns in the hands of all people that are being used indiscriminately shot at police officers 5-year-old zero kids and newborns. >> the 16-year-old is at the hospital, has not yet been charged and asked for the audio of the policey traffic and the body camera video but have not yet received the items.. >> miscarried,.
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candidate bernie sanders says he has beenen energized by the campaign show is people want change in the political systemhe in his message to a baldwin wallace university rally this morning as roosevelt leftwich has that latest. >> in nine months of the sanders campaign says they have received more than 4 million individual contributions he says it is a sign that many people want to seeee the government do better by the middle class, 4,000 people attended thettc vermont senator at baldwin wallace and his antiestablishment message, vermont senator bernie sanders toucheds on everyone of his familiar themes from college tuition, justice reform, n legalization of marijuana and ended when he calls the impact of big money on the political system he says he has received nothing but positive response p from average americans says that people want something different
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>> there is so much energy out there and idealism are people who love the country and want to see us address the many problems that we facece this is what gives me the energy to keep going and we have a lot of momentum with the wind at our back . are going to win have a lot of another state's.ha >> he says getting people who feel that that that politics are for the rich will be the key to his success, he's a super tuesday could be a turning point in the race and he's confident he will that he will make a strong showing. fi >> while he stops in ohio and hillary visits south carolina republicans are in texas, the last debate before super tuesday tonight in houston, lou maglio joins us. >> donald trump is riding a wave of momentum scoring three
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of the challengers likely go after him tonight, . they say they'resa still time to stop them but not much, marco rubio and ted cruz have shown little willingness to take him on inin a high-profile setting but tonight 's debate could be a crucial time foror ted cruz since he is in his home statec of texas among 15 states holding primariesof or caucuses on super tuesday, he says he he hears a question about question about why he is still in the race but is moving forward.u >> i am curious about how many reporters ask marco rubio after losing four states in a row,ma about when he drops out what he has not won a state ? to end, you've got to win states and delegatesot. >> the front runner donald trump alluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> people not done for a while against me, so far everybody
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>> former gop presidential candidate mitt romney calls on donald trump to release his tax returns suggested there may be something fishy in them, trump responded in a tweet he called him on the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics. super tuesday is crucial and it is coming up really soon. >> pink friday moment for a
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if the snow comes down heavy enough even witht the war ones from yesterday can accumulate fast thatar it never got quite to that so that's a good thing. this is the 5-mile crib cam looking back towards cleveland who are going to change the perspective in just seconds, but first, looking back to the south , watching the snow, then
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disappeared . now let's take that perspective that look north this is from burke lakefront looking towards the 5-mile crib . you can see the snow fall and then all of a sudden we have some bright breaks an a long horizon, this crib-cam thanks to premier fight club that burke lakefront . another one adds middlefield, they are there, the snowfall is probably at the back edge there just about to see some clearing it is still snowing in ravenna, akron-canton but your snowfall is about to lead up . that is a
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cold and windy with 32 degrees on the thermometer feels like 19 degrees and 16 county, looking at some of these some of the wind gusts in the front yard . there was one, that nearly knocked me down,, burke lakefront , wind gusting up to 35 mph and we are close to burke lakefront,o so tonight tonight, soulful ending from north to south some backyards and has already ended . cloudy skies after that, 20 degrees, feels like 10 tomorrow variably cloudy . snow of the lake effect that it will be persisted until the afternoon with high pressure, by
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. it will still be cold tomorrow but for the weekend,t the jet stream move south land then we will have milder weekend . that cold pool is lurking to the north,l some of that they try to move down as we head back into the mid- part of the week . take a look at sunday, 52 degrees with increasing clouds a few rain showers late and then on tuesday 53 degrees we start to see the peppering of these temperatures that briefly make it up into near springtime levels . we will spring forward, the second sunday in march, march 13 i believe .
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closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . sign up for text alerts fox apple and fbi continued to
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inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1989 and
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the sounds of black history-a. >> say that you're grounded than not have the same stain used in. >> and we need to pay close attention to the battle between fbi and apple, those trending topics tonight here is gabe spiegel tick-tock apple versus fbi, and even the even the top executives at thee mobile world congress in barcelona spain will not discuss the privacy versus security debatebain but here in trending we will because there is no topic that is off-limits a judge orderingt apple to unlock the cell phone, iphone 5-c used byce churches in the december san bernardino shootings where 14 were murdered,sh apple ceo tim cook told abc news that would be the equivalent of cancer. the fbi could try to guess the passcode that can't wrong guesses on the cell phone wouldpa wipe everything from it, the government wants apple to create
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bypass the passcode and gain access and intelligence for the one-time request, apple has receivedce 15 requests over the past five months to do the same thing , apple says that they will fight this, if the government forces us to do this thenve it what will they force us to do next richard wareat the next court showdown will be march 22 . in the past our apple responded say that they will notpl do do this asking the judge to reverse her decision and see them in court . joe says that the government would pay for this in apple said it would take 10 engineers to do this thinking weeksw apple says that if we create the software
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risksk and hackers would have more access to all phones. >> those requests are from different cases? what if your stop stopped for a traffic ticket >> i was asking people on facebookk for thought that we would get a response but most say that the terrorists have no rights i should hack into the the phone but they realize that once they do thisph than the software is out there and then hackersrs could then get into your phone to .
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with you and the raw passcode then the data on the phone is light and the fbi does not want the data on the phone to be glad that they. >> are looking for a happy solution but so far there is not one.. >> the next court date for that will be on march 22. >> browning ratting cases not work, insteadwn take their electronic devices such as their cell phone, ipad and gaming systems, the study finds that 65 percent of parents with children between 13 to 17 have taken the cell phones or internet away, the wiser parents , 55 percent limit the daily amounts of the electronic
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an ordeal for a husband and wife , whatus he did when he saw his wife drive off drive-off
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breaking news from garfield heights, driver charged with hitting a group of like riders with his truck in killington was acquittedli. >> happened he said he never saw the bicycle is because the sun was in his eyes he would try it on two counts of vehicular homicide and moments ago a jury returned a not guilty verdict he can read more about the story at fox . alone suffering a seizure her car runs off of a stark county road intoof floodwaters . she is is grateful
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the dangerer, and. >> we've had people go out in those areaseo and they had to have risky votes get them. >> 44 melissa jo shoup found out how dangerous theo flooded area along route 93 between beach city and brewster that she suffered a medical emergency wednesday in the midst of a seizure or car went off the road intoa floodwaters on 93 or husband, saw her cargo off the road he pulled her two safety. >> he tapped on the window i realized i had water on the floorboardsed i was very scared
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everything was fine. >> her car was totaled and she was not cited at the police. >> to local officers are recovering after involved in a violent crash with a stolen minivan.ina >> there were en route to a different columnn is dave nethers joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.nej. >> the officers were on a call bona fides during which shots were fired in akron . they did not make it to the call, the video shows their car hitting a dodge minivan that pulled out in
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and arlington in for that event reported stolen the driver ran away,th both vehicle sustaining significant damage, karl lessman suffered minor head and wrist injuriesi in william culver suffered a cut to his lower left in the injuries both are treated at a local hospital and released the van was reported stolen from cuyahoga falls . the place, say that they have developed a suspect but no arrests have been made they were not very
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snowfall has stopped, but not for everybody it is still snowing canton, tuscarawas county, venom they see but they see the edge of it pulling awayth. one theme whether interns from a couple years agor attending up verizon, took photos of blizzard
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this is geauga county airport webcam thanks to the geauga county chapter of the accidental craft association . check it out, you can see the snowfally but then all of a sudden a first before clearing that is the prakash of the snowfall that we've been tracking making progress to the south even some breaks that might give a bit of sunlight. in terms of widespread serious fiction in 19 snowfall
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an enda . eventually everybody will see the snow ending in the next hour -- 90 minutes . right here is where the low pressure campus in the water sector at 8:00 p.m. and then the northwest winds driving down temperatures into the 30s, today's high occurring at 1:00 a.m., is essentially the current reading as of 4:00 p.m. . whatever it is at midnight tonight will be the overnight low, it'll be kind
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use 53 degrees on tuesday before cool air arrives thursday friday probably into the 30s . this is encouraging, and there is no real deep cold air for a long
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he is cleveland's most successful american idol contestant..c >> tonight on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m.,, life after idol, for cleveland's own scott savol reaching fifth place in season four of the show performed all across the country with carrie underwood, in 10 years afterward ,wa we catch up with him in an exclusive report tonight
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they have the case to the grand jury the district attorney office will present the case to the grand jury .di browns quarterback johnny manziel the case referred to the grand jury decide whether not to charge in the case. >> more rescued by the coast guard and the reason why the man he picked up a few more fans. >> belle harbor joins us for today's edition of the update.le >> they change to the robots, mlb and players union agreed gr agreed to ban take-out slides to
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to prevent injuries injuries like someone that happened during last years playoff between the dodgers and mets the runner must make contactct with the ground ahead of the baseh in slide within reach of the base the emperor can call both the runner and batter out for a violation thick fogh fischman new york are sentencing after the coast guard sprinted action the ball ran aground near rockaway beach in queensa seven crew e members were rescued without injuring another coast guard coast guard vote sent to help overturned, andoa the five coast guard members made it safely to the beachi. >> arizona senator jeff flake f and his wife get chased by elephantsd during a . a trip to africann in africa to look at poaching poaching and wildlife trafficking he believesnd that the that the elbow which is
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charge to combine. >> mustached kitten, it was found abandoned in a salvation army donation bin in fresno california and it is a pattern around his mouth in the shape of aou mustache to catch up or use of the popular vote to draw attention to the need ofof spain and neutering animals expected to be ready for adoption within the next few days that the miami heat, one of the fans getting paid a lot of attention thanks to her enthusiasm,m, the video video shows her jumping up after a miami heat layup, after the game,e she took to twitter to confirm her newfound notoriety, posting a selfie in the same outfit for her social media bio claimed kosher salt and avid sports fan in somebody who is as
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she posts a picture, on social media, instagram account showing her jumping up, she said she knew what she was doing but technology lets you keep track of your children, and the tech report looking at kids
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george harrison would have been 73 today,. >> gps is that many gadgets. >> parent use that two keep track of their children their children to come into, and the tech report as rich demuro explains. ld >> these days technology lets us track just about everything, online shopping, and even the pizza guy a new breed of br trackers becoming popular just for kids. >> it is safety in connectivity, people are concerned about the fact dave morse vp at pocket fighter makes gps device to keep track of senior citizens that cars and kidst. >> everything from knowing that they get to school in the morningng or if they are carpooling that they got to daycare . it is like a cell
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make calls it is rugged, waterproof perfect form pocket or backpackct it lets you see where they are at any time even a history of where they have been and you can set boundaries and get notification if they leave the area. >> you are in control you have that level even though they're not with you .h another kid specific kansas city tracker available through verizon allows phone callss are to just a few selected phone numbers .e available through at&t allows calls both devices are worn like a watch to see where they are bulky especially for little risks .rr. >> even letting them try kids on the bus it provides the service. >> allows them toh track the location to get alerts and messages that they. >> began checking begin checking to see where the buses aree schools get a record of who gets
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>> this is a new millennium they see everything on the smartphone in real-timeve. >> . between fast food chains are still alive. >> wait till you see the
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welcome back celebrating george harrison today, today he that he would have been 73 . installing a the billboard for your competitorng is not something that your marketing team recommends, mcdonald's does not listen,ur but they did . in france, more than 1,000 drive-through mc donald's and fewer than than 20 burger kings .t so mc donald installed a smaller sign says that the place is just a few miles awayay also angrily tall sign with lengthy directions to get to the nearest burger king . . the sun was 50
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breaking news in assault case against johnny manziel.
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details that are coming in.ei >> the dallas police department finished its investigation into the altercation between tol johnny manziel and his ex-girlfriend last month in dallasy at hotel 10 freeway and then at her at apartment the case against him is referred to the grand jury to decide if they should have filed class atm domestic violence charges against johnny manziel, colleen crowley his former girlfriend says that he posture hard enough enough enough to burger airdropped she also says that he threatened to kill both of them . along i-30 that start s at hotel then continued the mounting up at her apartment . she got a protective order that keeps him away from hera become this is the second altercation that hadi him a few months last fall in a bomb they were living together in for school plays concerned for her safety and the police respondedhe both admitted
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claimed that he grabbed her several times the charges were filed in that casese . and no charges have been filed to date consideringa details on vacation but it has been referred to the grand jury to the catonon charges regarding the alleged domestic violence. >> how likely that he could be indictedow? >> is a secret process but have heard that he burger airdropped there isbb surveillance video we have heard, depending on the evidence do not know what he statements have been about about that minoso first because they have come out in public documents we do not know his version of the grand jury will see that then make a decision. >> in live look live look at the runways> still slick and some spots things are improving. >> get a live report from groundfox but first to melissa mack for a check of the forecast


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