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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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claimed that he grabbed her several times the charges were filed in that casese . and no charges have been filed to date consideringa details on vacation but it has been referred to the grand jury to the catonon charges regarding the alleged domestic violence. >> how likely that he could be indictedow? >> is a secret process but have heard that he burger airdropped there isbb surveillance video we have heard, depending on the evidence do not know what he statements have been about about that minoso first because they have come out in public documents we do not know his version of the grand jury will see that then make a decision. >> in live look live look at the runways> still slick and some spots things are improving. >> get a live report from groundfox but first to melissa mack for a check of the forecast
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>> but you storm fox most of the snow came through earlier today reducing visibility . as of now, groundfox on 77 northbound and then it more closely the snowfall ishe lightened up since noontime . and 77, in surry county towards barberton and some light snow showers most of a push enough to trouble in mahoning county . most of us will be tried tonight exception of the snowbelt some light lake effect overnight tonight through tomorrow for us most of the system is done, most of us
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from the system that . looking at wind that makes it feel colder dustings between 30 and 35 all day felt like it was in the teens despite being thermometer of upper 20s . a while tomorrow things are pretty quiet and light the forecast for the last weekend of february.l >> . row conditions with p.j. ziegler groundfox. >> it has been a smooth ride so far on 90 westbound, all the way to lorain with no problems . although the snow has subsided and
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extremely good . only down 77 south towards verilog and except for a couple of slowdowns traffic has been moving at posted speeds . the roads are clear, tuesday. into a flurry return so far note westbound was found, and southbound.. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . fox 8 news is the only woman chilly start said 4:00 a.m. . a child predator on the loose tonight in lorain asking parents to walk their children to the bus to the busstop in-school.
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with the very latest .ns again this morning about 6:00 a.m. the first of three girls was approached by a young white male , in each case they were able to get away, the suspect also got away and the police say that they need help to find in.w >> schools are all locked down thursday after three girls,> elementary and one middle school reported to be grabbed by a young white male walking to school first happening at washington and west might not far froma the grabbed her from behind . he punched her twice made a threatening comment she was able to escape. >> they heard her scream and saw
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eighth street. >> do believe that he struck about an hour and 15 minutes later andie oberlin and west eighth he followed the girl into the yardl exposing himself. >> the suspect made another attempt to grab a young girl at west 18th pinocchioat but far from hawthorne elementary. >> she says that her son texted her about the attack asking her to keep a close eye on his sisters. >> about taking no chances. >> was not surprised by the news n of what happened, she says that her 13-year-old cousinne and her friends were approached last month. >> someone tried to get them into the car, they screamed and
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cops came. >> police asking public the public to pay close attention to thehe description of a young white ng male mid 20s, to mid- 30s, 5 feet 10 inches -- 6 feet tall wearing a black hoodie jacket, dark jeans, dark clouds and a black mask of some sort covering his face. >> police say, none of the girls were physically injured,> they praised the way that they handled the situation they did everything correctly and are now at home safe. >> want to the police and administrators tell people about tomorrow in the ensuing weeks. >> whether or not the schools on lockdown is yetch to be seen, is
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of hope is thatas he could be brought into custodyhe they are asking parents to stay close to your children, walk them to the busstop in-school and to leave them out there on their own. >> seller situation in nearby valerian place investigating a possible link to attempted abduction. >> try tried to take her from her bed in the middle of the night, t so to the father who is very upset . they're asking for help as they look for the man they say try to take this girl who woke up to him grabbing her legs and try to pull her out of the bedroom windowhan cameras were there today as the fbi removed
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home about 3:45 a.m. this morning he awoke to his 10 -year-old daughter screamingo that a man tried to grab her in her sleep that said that she cooperates you about the injured she broke free ran to her father 's room he said he discovered a small stepladderer bay girls better window appears to have been unlocked window he got away leaving footprints in the snow. we ask that people be aware, and alert them that they contact the police immediately they see if they see something that does not look right . anything suspicious
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call us right away. >> the suspect is a white male in his 30s withth brown eyes wearing a black hoodie if you have information contact the elyria police or c cleveland fbi as they continue to look for a connection to the abductions attempted over in lorain . the driver charged with hitting a group of bikers killing two was acquitted happened september 17 along snowville road in brecksville timothy wolf publicly said he never saw the bicyclists because the sun was in his eyes is was tried on two counts of vehicular homicide and just a short time ago, a jury returned a verdictct of not guilty , you can read more about the story at fox 8.coma. >> will have much more for you coming up at 7:00 p.m..
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after police say they heard gunshots while the cruisers were parked in front of the fourth district headquarters,fr peggy gallek has the details. >> a scary situation for the two officers, nobody was injured but they're still trying to determine what happened.y e >> 10:30 p.m. wednesday two officers were in the police cruiser in front of the fourth district headquarters as they heard gunshotsar near there car. >> afterwords they saw a man running from this gas station across from the police station, the suspect led them on a brief but pursued. >> the suspect was apprehended a short distance away a la carte navan he had a gunshot wound to his thight they say the wounds
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self-inflicted gunshot wound . attorney for the police union says that it has them concerned.ey >> amount of gun death and violence is at a record-setting pace and whether you are uniform or a citizen, it is indiscriminate blowgun or shell casings were found they say possible that the bullet struck the buildingll detectives are still trying to determine if the root cause is crime and the committee it is a plethora of gunsi, who are shooting them indiscriminately at the police, at that five -year-olds and newborns. >> the two officers did not fire their weapons, the citigroup
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yet been charged. ro >> bernie sanders brought his message to cleveland today at baldwin wallace he says people come because they want to see government meet the needs of the middle-class as roosevelt leftwich has the story at crowd was mostly high school and college students but lots of 20 and 30 somethings who feel left out the politics,0 bernie sanders helped how to put them back in the mix to be included in a more democratic democracy. >> hillary clinton is more about revealingng in changing where bernie sanders is moving forward . >> has this fire i feel like
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familiar themes, equal pay for women free college tuition, and justice reform,f job creation and apply for visas takes big money out of politics. >> what people say support what wewh fight for but they also say that we're going to do everything that we cang to make sure thatc billionaires do not buy elections in the united states of america. >> somethings were missing some things are missing from his appearance,th he said that after the speech's campaign is not about tradition it's about people who feel left out. >> many, middle-class young peoplela who have not voted have got to get involved because of the issues i talk aboutf are not wild and crazy ideas that these are issues , mainstream ideas
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supportsns. >> agreed to counsel and to put him into the white house. >> this but i think that he is t put up has put up a pretty strong campaign at roosevelt leftwich fox 8 newspc. >> he says he is confident he will make a strong showing on tuesday, some polls show him doing well and others show thats hillary clinton will win ohio, the stage is set in houston for the republican presidential debate, texas among states with a primary or caucus on tuesday,pr trump comes off of three consecutive victories they say it most likely see the gloves come off as ted cruz and marco rubio ands john kasich and ben carson round out the top five
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and are in it for the long-haul.o >> the i-team confronting city leaders over a job posting for a painter that pays more than most
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analyzed 3 million itineraries to this time to buy the airfare tickets was 54 days in advance, it is not an exact science ticket prices prices fluctuate over time so it's hard to say for sure the t window between three weeks in and three months in advancendnd the time it is does not apply is during holidays and during peak travel seasons . this is a brand-new crib-cam
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looking north, clouds reduce visibility, kitty ready for some sunshine through the day tomorrow, the stub out a few snow showers with high temperature around midnight . between 30 and 32 . are now 1 inch below normal snowfall department . sunset at 6:13 p.m. we will spend the clocks ahead when our sunday march 13 . so far snowfall between the time in four games and moved off d
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77 through akron-canton and into carroll county . you can see the brighter shades blossoming good afternoon . continue with lake effect tonight maybe 1 inch or two in the snow the only pressure moving closer to us tomorrow allowing more sunshine . advisory expiring here shortly about 7:00 p.m. .
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touchdowns in virginia carolina and florida today gusty winds w will begin to relax overnight in nfl like it it was in the teens with temperature around 30 . a few of days lake effect streaks into the snowbelt tomorrow, we start to see clouds thinning in high pressure
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on developing news johnny manziel, john telich joins us, what is the latest? >> investigation is ongoing today information on the case oscillates released a statement, investigation has been completed regarding the domestic assault involving manziel and colleen crowley today alt class a misdemeanor case refer to the dallas county das office for recommendation to the grand jury charged investigation was flawed because the detective put it on n the back burner because he had
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. the detective assigned to work the caset instead of that is outworking in answering threw for calls on the street. >> many of those detectives working the case is so that other officers can make those arrests. >> sashi brown will not answer any questions at after nfl combine about manziel if he is charged for browns expected to release a fun march 9. >> stlartists josh gordon stand on his reinstatement? >> he's been itching for a chance to get back into the good graces of the team in and nfl and sashi brown has been encouraged that this is a league matter first year yet to satisfy
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brown was hypothetical when asked about gordon asked if he has changed that he would have a spot spot, while the guys possiblysp is jared goff, . i'd be excited to go anywhere, any team wants to directly it would bere excited to make an impact right away. >> lebron james was in toronto for the all-star game this time friday to face the raptors they have a three-game lead over the number two team in the leaste toronto has won 17 of the last 20 mo williams is outlawed iman shumpertam they play tomorrow night . the cavaliers improved
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on wednesday with a beat down on the hornets, on january 4, the cavaliers sank 17, three pointers beating the raptors with 22 points. >> brooklyn nets announced they have waived joe johnson, for want of a few teams interested inte him, it is our understanding he cannot sign with any team until 5:00 p.m. saturday, he is 34, is earninghe 24 . $9 million in the final year of a six-year deal that links largest of at the time he signedof with the hawks in 2010 . major league baseball has some real changes which rule changes which one is getting attention? >> it is about the take-out slide, and worry about worry about safety has come under fire
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today that attempt to cut down onwn the injuries at second base when they try to break up a double play, butt played last season playful lassies was a major reasonay for that change also,f visits from managers and pitching coachessi will be timed, they will have about 30 seconds and a visible clock will be ticking away something that everybody will be able to see no more slow strolls out to the
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days when the weather forced a track off the turnpike . causing me than this it is dangerous not only for the drivers but for everybody else
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to be in effectse effect until this evening but once the weather guy died down the council bitterly >> two reinforce more wild weather ? let's get to the melissa mack . >> the answer is dancers not really,, the for most part it is done, heading into friday and a good weekend overall . a few hours ago you can see the skylinene than settling you can then see if . you can see could see the skyline became visible after some low visibility within the snowbands . only thing left is some snow showers near green, canton and akron alone 77 . a few lake effect snow bands overnight tonightsn expected to be
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did they average near 40, some fundies out there ashtabula and youngstown it was not just to your earlier . it feels like it is in the teens, and 27 degrees buffalo, nothing
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parent . . tonight about 20 degrees, tomorrow cloudy conditions . tomorrow again below normal upper 20s the averages 40, a few lingering showers early . we partly cloudy saturday about 40 low 50s sunday most of the
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on monday low 40s and 50s tuesday with showers there back to the 30s but nothing significantly called . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. the only local show that starts at 4:00 a.m.. >> investigating a city job posting with any eye-opening salary reflect why people in this job say more than people who save lives as ed gallek is here with what he found.
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pain between 69,000 $86,000. >> vis-a-vis job posting, the pay was between 33 and $41 each hour, with two years experience, the pay and 1769 -- $86,000 a year much more than safety forces make taxpayers reacted to the findings. >> why that much money for the painter ?? >> the simple answer is that they are part ofof the building and construction trades council. >> went to the cities c. oh oh, he says that the pace set by union contractat they pay for a couple of dozen trades the same way with 8 percent ofof revealing wage of what you do workers get
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benefits. >> based on statewide or construction in building and trades. >> to consider what they get paid,, the iq wondered what about firefighters rushed into burning buildings or the police dodging bullets or her medics who save lives on the streets . >> base salary for cleveland firefighters and police officers at $55,000, emt is 47,000 city painter is between 69 and $86,000e. >> we shared our share our findings with councilman kevin conwell. w >> he just triggered something in my mind, need to look at other jobs in the profession maybe maybe the carpenters, plumbers painters. >> said he had to painters, e again and other workers in
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might think.ra >> it is a matter that is subject to collective bargaining .is >> police union president issued a statement that said painter deserve an honest days pay for an honest day's work but he police union president steve loomis saysys that the priorities of parties of city leadership shows thatpr painters making that much more them much more than officers on the streets.. >> is there any chance down the road that things would change? >> may not be too long i learned from the council that 14 or 15 of these trades are coming up for renegotiation so change could possiblyly be happening soon . >> two officers recovering after involved in a collision with a stolen minivan that was caught on surveillance video . as dave
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>> video shows shows the multi- actor police cruiser hits a minivan on arlington wednesdayy. >> 25-year-old akron officer karl lessman iii and william culver were en route to call of gunshots firedu during a fight outside of an apartment police say that they banned up all the fun of them was stolen.ll >> the owner of the car that pulled in front of us took off. >> the airbags deployed they were wearing their seatbelts, once the airbags deployed to try to get out of the car,y the driver of the dodge caravan had fled on foot. >> stolen from tribe falls sustained front end damage place on thursday were working to identify the drivern's.
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injuries consistent and to contact us to see if that person a was the driver of. >> the cruiser, a 82014 ford explorer sustainede significant damage both of them suffered minor injuries they were both treated and released. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> the police out of up suspect but no arrest has been made.> >> police in cincinnati looking for a ball man stoopingce hundreds of dollars of rocking,dr releasing pictures of a suspect at walgreensns and the time he's been
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white jeep. >> she had a seizure driving and
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nobody injured when a driver backed his car through the church,ur this morning at blessed sacrament churcham in warren but ever huss avenue problems with this jaguar impact through the window, nobody injured . the woman suffered a seizure survives after her carur drives off the road into floodwaters in stark county. >> jack shea has the story.
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93 stark county sugarcreek township is a problem that has many people wary of low-lying areas on 93.haeo >> we've had people get out of those areas and actually drift away they had to use rescue village to get them means that nobody would get killed or hurt. >> four for melissa jo shoup found out how dangerous the area on 93 can be.u >> across rural tracks had a seizure and i went off the road. >> her car plunged into a ravine below 93. >> at that time i looked around i had water on the floorboards. >> she was fortunate because her husband was driving behind her saw her drive off the road. >> he was able to pull her two safety in. >> it scared me, i was very scared but glad that my husband was with me
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all of it was bad luck the cop was wonderful, but he did not even give me a ticket, he was very nice to meck. >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> the call her grandma but none
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tomorrow into the upper 20s could be some lingering snow some lingering snow showers to the east early otherwise partly sunny a pretty good looking o weekend with 40s and 50s on sundayay chance of a late evening shower sunday and out the month with a snow shower and start march with low 50s and maybe a rain shower .l here's dick goddard with some animals up for adoption. >> we've got one . this is stemming from the cleveland city kennel . she loves the dogs and catssh this was a straight in the streets of cleveland . she has a rescue stray, very outgoing and friendly and everything
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and eager to learn . she is very athletic and a very good running partneris has been okay with all of the dogs that she has met and good with older kids may be too much for the toddlers .d she is a handsome dog . she would be great with older kids she is gentle, well-behaved you cannot go wrong withth her . she's about a 1-year-old, pit bull mix, be kind to animals put out food for the birds, and give us a call, a there is the number .
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unconventional path the hottest trend is the micro- pig, they can be house trained to use a litter box and are good with kids,ic they go to the size of a small block but theygo do not come cheap prices between 1100 $1,400 for the teacup pigs . the grandmother in mentor allows to wave to the school bus that drive down her street. >> she wakes to the school bus in mentor for the past five yearsrs. >> i go out every day, no matter what the weather. >> it started when her granddaughter rode the bus but
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>> not sure about her not being there, butab i had such a a terrific bus driver i thought that if she goes by and is going to go out there and we just headed offe. >> convention to stop because the kids love to see hert the call her grandma to talk the holidays, she gives us candy and stuff and we say that we love her andnd stuff when we pastor. >> at february 23, she turned 88 years oldru do to not have anything special planned but it appears that they did. >> bike ride . i was so shocked . she said it was such a nice
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everybody being so kind >> are you going to continue do this as long as you can? >> as long as i can walk on going out there and i want to miss it because they look for me and i look for them.i
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we are on snow watch again on thee there is more at his that is naked fantasy in some areas .th take a live look at the current conditions .ve what a difference a couple of hours make it the outside of the fox 8 studios looking toward the city .g tonight, more snowfall possible coming our way checking in with her and find out what is


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