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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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- welcome to new day cleveland. our special oscar edition. and this is going sort of like my superbowl every year, the oscars. all the best movies, the best movie stars and it's gonna be a fun time here, especially at chateau moss because we're gonna put together a little party. okay, so this is the 88th annual academy awards, right? it's february 28. it's on abc. don't hold that against them. chris rock is gonna be the mc. and it's gonna be a great night. they've got eight films nominated for best picture. and, of course, you've got the best actor, best actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, animated.
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sort of a long night. so i'm thinking i'm gonna have five or six friends over. right? (slaps) we're gonna have a party at chateau moss. it's gonna be an oscar party. and instead of cooking like we did last year, what we're gonna do is we're gonna organize some stuff from places where we go on a little road trip to the store. we're gonna go to different places, we're gonna get suggestions, and we're gonna make it a party! so, let's hit the road! (golden era upbeat instrumental music) metropolitan market at lander's circle in pepper pike, and this is a small store but a mighty store. right, lee? - absolutely. and he's the guy i always talk to and you have all this beautiful fresh produce. and when you come in here, it looks like it's to buy giant quantities of stuff. we're talking about quality stuff. - quality stuff. a lot of things. you can come in and grab dinner. - [david] yeah. piece of fish, steak, some vegetables. - [david] i love them! fish counter here. things about it. just two portions. you don't have to get too much. there are great steaks. which is killer.
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which is hard to find. you can't find it aged. - [david] yeah. - [lee] prime angus reserve, as well. - okay, now i'm not gonna be so generous as i'm gonna have prime aged steaks at my oscar party. we're gonna do something that's a little different a little smaller. and i see, we've got a lot of things here we could pick up. we got all the little cheeses and such. we have mashed potatoes. we're not having mashed potatoes. we're gonna have more like appetizers. you like that idea? - absolutely. everyone does. put you at the oscars. - you think i'm in the right sweater for appetizers? - you certainly are. we got a wide selection. 20 different ones to choose from. - i see the shrimp. we've got a lot of - [lee] there's shrimp. shrimp over here. so that's a possibility. - [lee] yup. great dips here, too. i like this sort of stuff here. - [lee] absolutely, probably-- - [david] yeah, it's something very unique. yeah, you don't see these everywhere, do you? - [lee] actually, that company happens to be out of massachusetts. of the few stores in northeast ohio that carry that. - to die for cajun crab. we've got cheddar and port. chutney and curry. - [lee] yeah. and i know if we go a little bit further towards the back of the store, you've got some great burgers, too. - (chuckles) the kobe beef burgers? - kobe beef burgers! burgers either. we're gonna get something, the freezer cabinet
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guys sort of call this the hidden treasure department. we've got frozen foods here. and there are some that are like, they're like delicate, (laughing) or a watchmaker made it, right? - they are very nice. - check this out, folks. so we're talking about our oscar party, right? and i love those little appetizers. ourselves last year. but when i got a look at what metropolitan market has here, i thought to myself, this looks like a great idea. becaus i haven't even dreamed of. what are some of the more unique items here? - [lee] well, the thing that really sets them apart is they're all handmade. anytime you go to some events, whether it be like a wedding, you know, an event at the country club. - [david] mm-hm. charity event, those that have caterer would use. these are the same quality items. these are great. the mini burgers. everyone loves these because - [david] look at that! they say how cute they are. - [david] they're so cute! (laughing) anyway-- - okay, there's a whole other case over here. well, that's right. we don't wanna leave so now we've got water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. we've got all these nice little cups. these are like, what are-- raspberry en croutes. - [david] uh-huh, en croutes.
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fancy oscar party! - [lee] it is an oscar. i'm saying with the beef wellingtons, that's tenderloin, which is really nice. mushroom duxelle. - [david] okay, what would your recommend? couple items. - [lee] uh, couple items? of course, the mushroom tarts. it's our top seller. the fig and goat cheese flatbread. which is actually one - [david] okay. of the ones i prepared for you. - look at this. lee's ahead of the game here. the party's starting early, i believe. then this one is the-- - [lee] that's the wild mushroom tart. - [david] mm-hm. - [lee] the brie and raspberry. - [david] mm-hm. - [lee] and then my favorite, the fig and goat cheese. - [david] fig and goat cheese, your favorite? - [lee] my favorite. - [david] lee's favorite, remember that. - [lee] and all you do, 425 for about 10 to 12 minutes. - [david] mm-hm. - [lee] that's it. - [david] and we've got some nice cocktail shrimp here. - [lee] absolutely, easy. - [david] cooked perfectly. - [lee] cooked perfectly. ready to go. we have the sauce as well. - [david] okay. - [lee] yes. - i think the only thing prettier than this could be one of our best supporting actresses. so we're ready for our first category. are you ready? - i'm ready. - okay, let's check 'em out! nominees for best supporting actress! (winding) - what i gotta say about john ruth's ravin'?
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me and one of them fellas is in cahoots. we're just waitin' for that's when we're gonna kill y'all. she's pretty fearless, daisy. she's a gutsy girl and a little bit of an animal in a certain way. but, um, she also, they all have their values. they all have their soft spots. (winding) - [carol] so what kind of name's belivet? - it's czech. (soft jazz music) it's changed. originally, it was-- - [carol] it's very original. - well... - [carol] and your first name? - therese. - [david] nominated for her (murmuring) second academy award, actress rooney mara gushes about acting alongside cate blanchett in carol. - it's been incredible. i mean, i've loved cate since i was 13 years old when i saw her in elizabeth. and it was really scary (laughs) coming here, knowing i was going to be working with her because i've looked up to her for so long
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and i just think she's... you know, beyond anything. and so i feel so lucky that i get to work with her and i get to watch her and learn from her. (winding) - [joanna] fix it! - [steve] what the? - [joanna] fix it, steve! - [steve] take it easy! - fix it or i quit! how about that? never see me again, how about that? - [david] oscar winner kate winslet portrays little-known apple executive joanna hoffman in the drama steve jobs. - [kate] i knew it would be very unusual to play a woman who i'd never heard of. and, actually, most people will never have heard of joanna until this film comes out. but she really was like his work wife and very influential in terms of how he functioned as a person, how he dealt with the people around him day to day. she really made him toe the line and helped him, in a way, to be the best version of himself that he could be in terms of personal relations. (winding) - i need to talk to my husband! i need to hold my husband! i need him.
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a breakout year for swedish actress alicia vikander with the critically acclaimed roles in ex machina and the danish girl, which earned her an academy award nomination. (winding) - we understand you've settled several cases against the church. - i can't discuss that. - there aren't any records of any of these settlements. - nope. - [david] rachel mcadams earns her first oscar nomination for the difficult performance of boston globe's spotlight journalist, sacha pfeiffer. it was nerve-wracking to have her watching, just because i wanna get it right. you know, i wanna do right. she's such an extraordinary person, and she did such an and i just want to be able to express that as clearly and as accurately as possible on screen. (winding) - i sure like that jennifer jason leigh in the hateful eight. but we'll talk a little bit later about who may win each and every category. and speaking of categories, how about the best picture? here's a look at one of them. five nominations! steven spielberg directs. starring tom hanks. the bridge of spies. - we've got a soviet spy! (dramatic music) (shouting) but, there's a wrinkle.
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they got our spy pilot full of a head full of classified information. the russians want their man back before he cracks. we want you to negotiate the swap. - i'm an insurance lawyer.
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each of us, in our own way, was broken. it was hard to know who was more crazy,
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or everyone else. (exploding) (rumbling boom) - that was mad max: fury road, nominated for 10 academy awards, one of our eight best picture nominees. okay, we're back at metropolitan market with lee here at lander's circle in pepper pike. and one thing, we were keeping this a little bit of a secret here because john is like a one-man artist, isn't he? - he is, he does magnificent work. arguably one of the best sushi-makers in town. - so john, what are you making here? - [john] right now, i'm making the california with the nigiri combo. - [david] okay, california nigiri combo. (mumbling) so when i order a sushi like this for somebody, how many pieces do i get for people? like if i got six people comin', how many pieces am i gonna need, you think? - six people? basically, it's on piece, one people. - [david] oh, okay. - [john] i got different-- - [david] two, four, six, eight. is a different side, like this 12 piece. this one i did as a 12 piece. this other is an eight piece. so they have different sizes. - [david] uh-huh, i
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it looks beautiful. so, let's see you do your magic here. 'cause i'm mighty afraid of raw fish. - [lee] not everything is raw, it's just-- - [john] not everything. - [lee] like-- - [david] not everything! - [lee] like, actually, what he has here is these are all cooked items. and he does do really well with his spicy tunas and things that the more advanced sushi eaters want to eat. - [david] i love your spicy tuna roll, woo-hoo! where'd you learn how to do that? - i learned it from los angeles. - [david] in los angeles? - [john] yes. - [david] and now you're in pepper pike. - [john] yeah, right now is in pepper pike. and almost right here is 11 years around here. - [david] 11 years. - [lee] look at how nice. - your knife's not very sharp, is it? - yeah. - oh, yeah! (laughing) - four days ago, i cut myself. - oh, don't do that! does that look great! how long will these stay fresh? - [john] i'd say one day, 24 hours, tastes pretty fresh. - okay, so i should get these 24 hours before my party, just keep them in the fridge. - yeah, keep in the fridge area. - and actually, john's got a bunch of stuff over here, too. what do you call this one here?
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- [david] futomaki! - [lee] (laughs) yes. - is that a bad word in japanese? - no it's not. (laughs) it's a beautiful, it's a spicy shrimp-- - with the rice seasoning, furikake. furikake rice seasoning. it tastes more better, more tasty. - sounds better when he says it, doesn't it? (laughing) - [lee] more original. - hey, it's time to go back to the movie reel. let's see who's nominated for the best supporting actor. (winding) - and it's all public? because your motion to oppose roger's motion [both] is public. - yeah. exactly. now you're paying attention. - and so i could just walk into that courthouse right now and get those documents? - no, you cannot. because the documents are not there. - i read the script, and i thought this is a wonderful opportunity and really challenging material and a story that must be told. and the time is right to tell it. (winding) - well, the boss isn't always right. but, he's always the boss.
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- do you never worry? - would it help? - [david] widely regarded as the greatest stage actor of his generation, mark rylance traded stage for screen, starring in steven spielberg's bridge of spies. - he really loves narrative. he's really focused on the narrative. you keep thinking, where's the audience? not just expect them to follow along. but knowing that the story is the thing that will keep them like a good roller coaster that keeps them on the track. and so then they'll get the most out of the dips and dives and heights of it. (winding) - that's dumb, lawrence. there's always markers. mortgage fraud, quintupled since 2000, and the average take-home pay, it's flat but (sighs) home prices are soaring. that means the homes are debt not assets. - so mike burry, a guy who gets his hair cut at supercuts
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knows more than alan greenspan and hank paulson. dr. mike burry. yes he does. - [david] christian bale's highlights the 2008 housing crisis. the oscar winner hopes his movie can spur a change. when you're involved in a film, yeah, you can be accused of sometimes thinking that maybe it's gonna be a little more important than it ever really could be, you know? because you're right in it. it becomes your world. (sighs) but, bloody hell, wouldn't it be wonderful if this was sort of the straw that broke the donkey's back and really brought about some serious change, that it was a real game-changer. wouldn't that be great. (winding) (boom and ominous music) - the only safe thing to do is track a new course back up on land. (thunder crashes) - (mumbling) you and your half-breed son get to walk on out? i'm talkin' to you. - [david] academy award nominee tom hardy gets his first nomination starring as a villain alongside leonardo dicaprio in the brutal
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(winding) - everything i got has moved on. and i'm here. but, you know what? it's okay. 'cause you got your whole future ahead of you. mine? it's back there, like all them guys on that wall. in the back. in the past. what rocky has afforded me that i think has been and maybe never will be done again is i've actually aged in and it's been the same performer throughout. and, i literally have brought along what has happened to me in my private life and i think it's showing. (winding) - i have a feeling that that best supporting actor category is gonna be one of those feel-good events of the night. okay, as we head to break, let's take a look at the movie with the most nominations. with 12, it's the revenant. (shouting and dramatic music) - all i had was my boy. and he took him from
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he's afraid. he knows how far i came to find him. (thudding)
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in six different parishes (dramatic music) over the last 30 years. the church found out about it and did nothing. we haven't committed any long-term investigative resources to the case. - no, we haven't. - and that's the kind of thing your team would do. - spotlight? we've got two stories here. a story about degenerate clergy
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a bunch of lawyers turning child abuse into a cottage industry. (percussive boom) which story do you want us to write? 'cause we're writing one of them. (boom) - i loved spotlight and so did the academy, with six nominations. well, here's another place i love, thanks to margie here. we've come over to mayfield heights. right on mayfield road. and it's a place called casa dolce. and marge makes some of the most beautiful food in the world. so we've got all the stuff we got at metropolitan market. we've got the sushi. we've got some nice little appetizers. we're gonna kick it up a couple of notches here. - absolutely. - with the most beautiful food in cleveland! - absolutely. - okay, so we're talking about party food, and i'll tell you about things you can pick up with your fingers. so what would you suggest? well, these are wonderful. we make them fresh. we make everything fresh daily here. myself and a lot of my family's here with me, including my mom. these are artichoke fritters. so, it's just a crispy artichoke heart with some delicious cheese, and we serve it with a lemon-thyme dipping sauce. so it's wonderful even at room temperature. you just put out a bowl and people love 'em. - and room temperature's a good idea for a party. - yeah, oh yeah.
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you bring 'em home, put 'em out, and you're good to go. - and you get the sauce with them. - sauce comes with it. absolutely. they're sold by the pound. - i've had this. and this makes you crazy, it's so good. - yeah, these are our pretzel-crusted chicken tenders. and that's another great party item. - [david] food is like a chicken tender! - [marge] yeah, and they're so good because we make 'em ourself, we grind up the pretzels and we serve 'em with a honey mustard sauce. - [david] mm-hm. - [marge] and they are, they're wonderful. put 'em in a wrap. you can just eat 'em like that. whatever you wanna do with them. - is this mount vesuvius? (laughs) (mimics explosion) - we call those our eggplant towers. it's kind of just a fun way to present. it's kind of like an eggplant parmesan. our homemade marinara sauce, fresh basil and some melted cheese in between there. very easy to take home. pop into the microwave. - [david] yeah. even for a second and warm 'em up and put 'em out. - [david] mom makes these, right? - [marge] my mom makes those. those come from our town in sicily where i went last year, actually, and saw them firsthand. they're called binuladi. and it's a sausage roll. it's a very classic
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that my mom makes. - [david] don't get clubbed in the head with one of the casa dolce's lamb shanks. 'cause they'll knock you out. - [marge] those are amazing. i did those for a cooking class last week. and they're served on a truffle risotto. so that's a great, very seasonal dish. we don't do that kind of thing in the summer. but, to me, braised meats are wonderful when it's cold like this. - so many great items here. i mean, we've only barely scratched the surface. - yeah. - i like, what are those, they're like rice and they're like balls? - that's another very classic sicilian item. that's called an arancini 'cause it looks like an orange. it's a sicilian rice ball. we have some beautiful salmon. we do a farrah island salmon. we sell out. - [david] salmon looks cooked perfectly. - [marge] yeah, we sell out like 15 pounds a day of salmon. there's some beautiful pork tenderloin over there which we also use in our cubano sandwich, which is a huge item here. - [david] mm-hm. - okay, so i'm having about six people coming to the party, and so i can come here. you're open seven days a week, right? - seven days a week. our only short day is sunday, which is 10:00 to 2:00.
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and usually how late at night on weekdays? - we're here till 7:30. 7:00 am till 7:30 pm. - okay, so you can help me pick out maybe three or four items, the right amount. - [marge] right, and the great thing you can just get two crab cakes and two shrimp and-- - [david] the crab cakes are beautiful. - [marge] you can get whatever. you know, it's all by the pound. so people come in and buy crab cakes and shrimp for themselves and chicken tenders for their kids. and pizza. we have individual pizzas over there. - coconut shrimp. we've got nests of pasta. we've got it all going on. you know what else we got? - what? - we've got actresses that deserve an oscar. i think it's about five of them. let's check them out. (winding) a movie this week when you're not in night class? - i'll sign up for two movies. - really? - yes. even if the first date is a disaster, i'll give it another chance. i think what attracted me to the story was not only that the scriptwriting was so beautiful and so kind of beautifully subtle. everything that eilis was exactly what i
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at that point in my life, and i'm still going through now. and so, emotionally, it was extremely close to where i was at in my own life. (winding) - [david] veteran actress charlotte rampling earns her first oscar nomination as a wife who receives shattering news on her wedding anniversary in the drama 45 years. (winding) - thank you! (clicks) merry christmas. - merry christmas. - i like the hat. - [david] cate blanchett praises the patricia highsmith novel, the price of salt, for which her oscar-nominated movie carol is based on. - the price of salt, when it was first written, was the first of the so-called gay-lesbian fiction, where one of the characters didn't find the love of a good man or a good woman and convert or reconvert into sort of heterosexual society. or kill themselves. you know, it actually has a positive uplift at the end.
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- [voiceover] for five years, (pensive piano melody) you made life in that small room, that prison, and normal as you could. as nurturing and normal as you could. - ma, i'm five. - you're five! - [jack] i'm old now! - [ma] you are so old now! - [jack] yup! - [david] in her breakout role, brie larson delivers a powerful performance as a mother held prisoner with her son in room. (winding) - never speak on my behalf about my business, again. - [david] jennifer lawrence earns her fourth academy award nomination she stars as the creator of the miracle mop and matriarch of a powerful business dynasty. - the real joy mangano worked at the customer service and now she runs a billion dollar industry. if you have a dream, if you have an idea, if you're smart enough, if you work hard enough, you can make it happen. i think it's incredibly inspiring. (winding)
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it's all good! - that's right! - all good stuff, okay! as we head to break, talk about something else that's good. it's called the martian. six nominations. we'll see you after the break. (dramatic music) - [voiceover] it's space, it doesn't cooperate. i guarantee you that at some point everything's gonna go south on you. and you're gonna say this is it. (throbbing resonance) this is how i end.
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or visit (abstract modern music) - michael, how are you? - i found something really interesting. the whole housing market is propped up on these bad loans. (drumming) they will fail. (clicking) - the housing market is rock solid! (whirring and bell dings) (scribbles) - it's a time bomb. (beeping and low whistle) - so mike burry, who gets his hair cut at supercuts and doesn't wear shoes, knows more than alan greenspan. - dr. mike burry. yes he does. (chuckles) (whooshing and rock percussion) - that was the big short, my favorite film of them all, nominated for four academy awards. and also one of my favorite places of all, casa dolce, here in mayfield heights. and, margie, we talked about all those great savory items that were good for the party.
10:30 am
so now we're looking for something sweet. - yes. - and i saw this. i already have a tuxedo now for the party, right? - (laughs) that's right. - [david] it's my cake! - [marge] yes. - [david] it's fantastic. - [marge] well, we do amazing cakes and i have some amazing pastry, i do not do the baking. i do the cooking. but my pastry chefs are incredible. and they can do just about anything. it blows my mind. - [david] i've had cakes from here. you got me a birthday cake one time, remember? - that's right, and a shower - [david] and we had cake the other day. - yes, it was so beautiful. it's nice stuff. but, we're talking about more individual kind of things now. and i see some things up here that might work for us. - this thing with what is that? - [marge] yes, we do. tower that she made. and this is a chocolate pearl it's cake on the bottom, mousse on the top. incredible. these look like little sundaes different kinds of mousse cherry on top. - [david] yeah. decorative and pretty. - okay, so we're talking about a cake like this. i'd have about six people coming. so this casa dolce cake right here, that's for more than six people so that's a lot. - [marge] that's a eight inch. - but maybe go in individual chocolate. what are these babies that look like a smokestack? - [marge] well, we have these
10:31 am
it's actually, - [david] boom! it's for the chocolate lover. it's chocolate, delicious chocolate mousse dipped in chocolate ganache. a little bit of whipped cream on top. and these are like a chocolate chip. you know, they change this often. i can't remember. chocolate chip cake, which looks incredible. - [david] with dried banana on top. - [marge] yes, it's a chocolate chip banana, exactly. - [david] and the case is just chock full of stuff. and you have cookies. you got all kinds of cakes. we got cupcakes. - [marge] cupcakes are huge right now. our almond cake is one of our biggest sellers. that's the white cake in here. - [david] mm-hm. - [marge] people compare that to the huff cake. - [david] oh yeah! - we get people from all over. in fact, i even sometimes have had to ship it places. - yeah. - they just want that memory of the huff cake. - not too many people make that. and it goes back to an old bakery here. the huff cake has a special flavor, a special look, - [marge] right, right. and casa dolce makes it! - well, it's not the exact huff cake, but it has a similar flavor and people do. we call it our almond cake. - okay, it's all good here. we looked at an awful lot of stuff here. you got a lot of selections here. and of course you said you're even open on sunday, so, you're open until what,
10:32 am
- 2:00 on sunday-- - so you can get here just before the big show! - that's right! and pick up what you need. yes, we'll be filled and ready to go for the parties for oscar. - okay, so i said this was my favorite thing 'cause it comes with a tuxedo. but now we have to find out about our favorite actor or best actor nominated for an academy award. (winding) - it's having no control. (quietly thrilling music) find out your were out of the loop when the most crucial events in your life were set in motion. as long as you have control. i don't understand people who give it up. this story's important because he's changed all of our lives. he's changed the way the world works. the way we communicate to one another. the way we interact with one another. how, like i say, we watch films now, how we listen to music. how we buy things. so, somebody that has
10:33 am
deserves to be reflected on. (winding) - i gotta figure out a way (crunching) to grow (crunching) three years' worth of food here. (inhales) on a planet where nothing grows. luckily, i'm a botanist. (rustles) mars will come to fear my botany powers. the book is really funny, and the movie, i think, is really funny, which might surprise some people. but a lot of the people in my travels that i've met who do really dangerous things for a living, tend to have great senses of humor. i think because if they really (clears throat) just dwelled on how perilous their situations were, they'd go crazy. so instead, they crack jokes. and so mark has a really kind of great gallows humor about him.
10:34 am
wanted to keep that. i think that's something that's very much in the book. - [david] last year's oscar winner, eddie redmayne, performance in the danish girl. - i suppose one of the things that really touched me is this notion of and it sounds like the simplest of things to be yourself. and yet i think it's one of the hardest. now lili's story life, the courage that she needed to be herself, was dumbfounding. but i think, i suppose within all of us, there is a finding an authenticity. what it takes to live a life authentic is a complicated question. (winding) - well, i despise martyrdom. and i won't fight for a lost cause! so, you're right! (cicadas sounding) i'm not willing to lose it all. we go radical and we fight with them. the purity of jesus! but the rich guy wins with the cunning of satan.
10:35 am
(people chatter) earns his first oscar nomination for playing famed hollywood screenwriter, dalton trumbo, who was blacklisted in the late 40s for his political beliefs. fighting for civil rights is important. that the first amendment of our constitution is important. and we shouldn't even put it on pause. it should always be part of the equation in deciding what laws should be enacted and the behavior of the government. and that's basically what trumbo talks about. (winding) - [david] five time nominee leonardo dicaprio teams up with last year's best director winner, alejandro inarritu in the visually stunning and challenging the revenant. you really feel like you're out in the elements with these characters. you really feel immersed in their lives. but he's also able to (shouting and hooves thud) have that camera move all the way through the wilderness but stop at a very intimate
10:36 am
and explore that moment and then travel on, so you almost feel like some strange, delusional wanderer watching all this chaos ensue. (winding) - okay, will leo pick up that golden guy? well we'll find out. but i know what i have to pick up right now. we've got all the food. we've got the desserts. how about some wine? (jazzy music) - back at lander's circle, right next door to metropolitan market at pat o'brien's. and this is one of those wine stores, or liquor stores, or cheese stores. when you come here, you need some information, you get it from guys like brett. how are you, man? - real good, david. great to see you again. - good to see you. hey, i'm thinking about this party i'm doing. about six people. - [brett] okay. i've got some sushi. i've got some italian food, some great stuff, need a bottle of wine. or maybe more, i've got six people coming. how many bottles of wine do i need? - if it's not just a sit-down full dinner, i would figure at least
10:37 am
it sounds like a lot, but it's only two glasses per person during the course of the party. - and that show is long, right? the oscar show is long! - yeah. it's a reasonable conservative estimate. - [david] okay, so i'm talkin' about a party and i was thinking, you know, where do i go to the champagne, and i look at the prices. like, whoo, you could spend my whole budget on the champagne if you wanted to. but i'm gonna try and be a little more economical. what could i get instead, to start this party? - well, do you wanna do a sparkler? 'cause in addition to the traditional french champagnes, there are sparklers being produced all over the world. - [david] what's a good one? they're extremely great quality. one in particular i love for the price is the roederer brut, roederer estate. - [david] uh-huh. this is made by louis roederer family that makes the famous cristal out of france. - [david] oh! this is their project in henderson valley, california. for the price, it's very hard to beat. - 25 bucks. okay, how about something white and light? - got a beautiful thing. you had mentioned doing sushi. and i've always been a fan of the wines of alsace. this is from lucien albrecht. it's a dry riesling. - [david] mm.
10:38 am
the german ones, it's 'cause-- - [david] right. - [david] it's 'cause those germans keep the good ones! - these are really nice. high in acid, with just the barest hint of fruit. which will help cut through any of the spicy sauce on the tuna rolls or anything like that. - so it's about 20 bucks. - [brett] mm-hm. - so i have some italian food also. so i need a crossover wine. something that's gonna be good. it's gonna be light but still red and hold up the italian food. what do you think? - well, are we talking real heavy tomato or more like a mushroom type of thing? 'cause we could go either a pinot noir or possibly one of the blends around. - how about pinot noir? you have something i can afford? - oh, yeah. a number of 'em. - yeah, baby. look at this! - one in particular, out of oregon, called cloudline. made from the drouhin family of burgundy. - [brett] 1899, beautiful oregon pinot noir. light, elegant, good cherry fruit, a little hint of spice to it. - okay, so we were talking about a half a bottle of wine per person. and i've got six people. so, i've got one, five, six. - [brett] need approximately-- - [david] i think i need another one! - [brett] a little extra. - [brett] you had mentioned doing one of my favorite pairings with chocolate in california
10:39 am
this is made from black buscat. it's called elysium. (mumbles) it's just a beautiful match with almost anything chocolate. it's like a liquid black forest cake. - [david] okay, and this is the right amount for six people? - you're gonna get about six two-ounce pours out of there. you may have to buy a second one just to be safe, 'cause people may go back for this one. - i love that heart on the label, and what's this one cost? - about 16.99, right around 17 dollars. - okay, so we're in my budget. i coulda bought one bottle of champagne and blow my budget, but we got four great selections here from pat o' brien's and if you want some cheese, they've got a beautiful cheese department. i love those big blocks of cheese back there. (mumbling) looks so nice! - [brett] we love to do everything fresh cut for our customers. - i get monster burgers here. i get liquor here. i get all kinds of great stuff. but, brett, thanks a lot. tell peter i said hello! - [brett] you're very welcome. - [brett] thank you, i will. - and guess what? now it's time to take a look at another best picture nominee. this one's called room. (lonely piano melody) - [voiceover] for five years, you made life in that small room, that prison, as nurturing and normal as you could. - ma, i'm five! - you're five! - [jack] i'm so old now!
10:40 am
- [jack] yup! - hey, do you know what we're gonna do today? - [jack] what? - [ma] we are going to to bake a birthday cake. - you chose to tell jack that room was the whole world, that there was nothing else. - good morning, lamp. good morning, plant! good morning, sink! - i wanted him to feel safe and that it was a great place for him to live. (whooshes) - [interviewer] did you ever think you would be free? (screams) - [ma] i hoped. (sobbing) - hello, jack.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
i miss you and mother and think about you every day. the most important news is that i have a job and i'm in a boarding house. i was glad to see you finally got some letters from home today! (sobbing) (singing in gaelic) - i wish that i could stop feelin' that i want to be an irish girl in ireland. - homesickness is like most sicknesses. it will pass. - saoirse ronan was terrific! that's brooklyn with two nominations! okay. now it's time to get this party started. so remember at metropolitan market. we got some shrimp. (clattering) we got some appetizers there. so i need a little crushed ice. they had some nice crushed ice there. so when you go there and buy your own shrimp, you might wanna ask them for a little bag of their ice. because it's nice little pellets, and if you're gonna go straight home
10:44 am
but i had to stop at casa dolce afterwards, so, this is how it all went. so i'm gonna take this out. i'm gonna take my ice here. open up a little wider here. okay, i've got ice. why do i have ice? it's for my shrimpies! okay, i'm gonna put this here. that. open up a little bit of sauce. so this is the part of the party now, where you have to spend a little bit of time. it's not like cooking it, but you still have to organize a little bit. of course, you could get as fancy as you want with different kinds of, there's lettuce and greens, or celery or carrots and all kinds of stuff like that to dress things up. so you just do whatever you want. okay, we got that! got some shrimp. sometimes the sloppier you put 'em, the better it looks. makes it look like it's abundant! now for some warm appetizers! (crinkling) now we're gonna load this platter up and make it beautiful. let's use this one right here. (jazzy latin lounge music) okay, we got all those on there,
10:45 am
room for those, put these on here? this should look pretty nice. like that. a little color, right? now let's get some sushi put out! well, old john did the magic job over at metropolitan market making his sushi today. and this, you should want to take your time with the stuff john put in the the little box. i'll put it on that plate there. so now we got two nice plates. two ends of the table or two ends of the room. that way, everyone just doesn't hawk over one little one. and now it's time to get out of the glove and do a little casa dolce action here. and we'll see. what should we do with the casa dolce stuff? let's bring it out and see. we've got a couple choices here. we've got this white platter. we've got this spinning metal platter. and we've also got a big wooden cutting board. so sum'm here is gonna work with this. okay, so this i wanna save. these are, i got these two beautiful barbecued chicken legs and breasts there,
10:46 am
this i'm gonna use a little bit later, too. see what we got in here. okay. these, this is like angel hair pasta, with a beautiful, almost like a little pudding on the inside. so this is fantastic. why don't we do... why don't we do it on here. what the heck! right, okay? little three here. and it's nice to buy things in odd numbers, too. because odd numbers of things, and you don't have to get one each of everything. you're gonna have way too much food. and a lot of these things you can cut in half. and here's that beautiful sausage roll that margie's mom makes. that'd be a nice one to cut in half right there, i think, 'cause that's pretty big. this one here is the risotto ball. this one is definitely, i'm gonna definitely cut this in half. bring this out here. (mumbles) look at that! oh, nice little pasta in there inside! pasta sauce, i should say. so let's put one here
10:47 am
what else do we got in here? (rustling) i tell ya. casa dolce's got so much stuff, you just can't figure out what to get. now here, my friends, piece du resistance! we've got the beautiful pretzel chicken and we've got the little fritters here that are delicious. like that! and then we've got... who's gonna fight over the chicken leg, huh? look at that baby! let's set that right in there! and there you go! well, it certainly looks delicious and elaborate but not without a whole lot of effort. it was very easy. but i'll tell ya what wasn't easy, the revenant! and we're gonna go behind the scenes and take a look. (winding) (deep rhythmic percussion) (jingling) - get to the boat!to the boat, son! (rifle blasts) (booms) (men shouting)
10:48 am
- this film, it has all the elements in the tradition of jack london. it's beautifully savage, horrendously poetic and epic at the same time. (growling and roaring) (dramatic music) - alejandro wanted the movie to be incredibly mercy, to be plunged into the world of glass. (shouts) - [voiceover] he's to be cared for as long as necesary. - i understand. hugh glass is part of american folklore. but he was a real person and these things really did happen. (shouting) (screams) - there's different levels of the film. the surface you can see a story of survival. but behind the surface is what he was before that, which was he has lost his family. - the movie is an affirmation of life. you can see the struggle
10:49 am
- it's one man's journey, but, at the same time, he goes through an entire lifetime of emotions. all i had was that boy, and he took him from me. (shouting) - revenant achieved the physicality of these brutal things that happened to him. the big escape, but at the same time, get to the spiritual nature of hugh glass. (exhales) (drumming crescendos) - [leonardo] these shots are about creating an intimacy with the actors within an epic landscape. - all these geographies is important because it's telling you a lot about the character. it's not only the external journey but about the internal journey of the characters. - he's afraid. he knows how far i came to find him. but i think more than anything, what alejandro wanted to do was to create poetry in that story, what it means to have all the chips
10:50 am
the human spirit. - for me, the most important thing was the love of a father and a son. and that's the heart of the film. - it's almost like another sense is awakened. you're fully immersed in this movie that really takes your breath away. (booms) (shouts) (winding) - now maybe you can see why the revenant has the most nominations, 12 nominations for oscar. okay, i'm gonna start getting some desserts together and what am i missing? i'm missing the guests! and we've got a very important one coming up after the break.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
for the 88th annual academy awards and we're having a party and here's my special guest. what do you think? - i feel honored to be one of your special guests! (laughing) i never get to come and sit down and eat what you make for the oscar party, so i'm ready for this! - so, this time i didn't make it. well, i had to like warm some things up, but we went to three different places. we went to pat o'brien's for wine. so we've got some beautiful wine there. and then we went to metropolitan market to get some sushi and
10:54 am
and then we went to casa dolce, which is a beautiful place with italian food. we got some beautiful appetizers here and that sort of thing. - looks fabulous. - yeah, so why don't you pick out a couple of things you want. - okay. - and i've got my oscar list here. - yeah, so, you haven't gone through any of these yet. so who, what are your top choices? what are your top picks? - well, i'm thinking for this best supporting actress, alicia vikander. she's in the danish girl and she's really good in it. i mean she steals the movie and i think she's gonna win. and then for best supporting actor, sylvester stallone. how much fun would that be? - [nelly] oh, i would love to see him win! - [david] i think the place would erupt and go crazy! and they would have so much fun with that. i think it'd be great. - all right, keep goin'. what about best actor? (mumbles) - [david] best actor, okay. - i'm going big right away, as i take the shrimp cocktail. (laughing) - i think this guy is due. he is in revenant. it's not tom hardy we're talkin' about, 'cause he's the best supporting actor. we're talking about leo dicaprio. leonardo dicaprio, i think, is gonna be your best actor. finally! the guy really deserves it. and he's terrific.
10:55 am
everything he's done, so i mean, this is, this is a academy award, i think, for a body of work, not just the revenant. so i think that's pretty cool. - he definitely deserves, in my opinion, and best actress? - well, i gotta tell ya. this is a movie, i think it only had three nominations, and its called the room, or room, just room. and it's a difficult movie, but she's so good in it, brie larson, i think she's gonna be, yeah, i think that's a pretty tough category, too. - there are some big tough categories out there. what about director? - director, boy, that's a tough one. but i think george miller could win it for mad max. yeah, mad max is so visionary, and he did the original mad max, original road warrior. he did babe, the movie about the little pig. he did so many crazy things and then he does road warrior, i mean, mad max. - [nelly] so differe - yeah really crazy good. and then, of course, we havst picture. and best picture, you know, that's a tough one to pick because the revenant's got 12 academy award nominations, so you think that's got a pretty good shot. and there's a bunch of movies in there that are good. the big short, that
10:56 am
at all take it? - i think you've just picked the winner! - do you think it could? - yes, i think it could! (laughs) i mean, there are i mean that brooklyn was so fabulous. what a great movie. you gotta see brooklyn. uh, room is a heart-breaking kind of thing. bridge of spies, spielberg, tom hanks. i mean, really good. but, i think. i think spotlight is the one that touched everyone's hearts. and i think that's how it's gonna win. that's how it's gonna go down. - [nelly] there's a lot of good stuff out there. thankfully we have you to take us through all this, so we kind of have a feeling for what we could expect come oscar night. - so wherever you shop, it's february 28, that's when the show is. it's on abc. wherever you shop, just think about getting a nice variety of things. i picked metropolitan market. i picked pat o'brien's for the wine. i picked casa dolce for the italian food. but you could put together any kind of party you want. it's gonna be delicious. it's gonna be fun. and like i said, at the beginning of the show, it's sort of like my superbowl. so it's a big day. - very true! i'm happy. i'm happy you brought me on board here. i'll be back for years to come. for the 89th, 90th, whatever. - well, we'll keep this ball rollin'.
10:57 am
myself, david moss, happy oscars!
10:58 am
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