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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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in lorain lorain, after mobile school girls were assaulted on way to school beforewlt a medical breakthrough at the cleveland clinic performed the first-everve uterus transplant and inside look at the cleveland auto show everything you want to know about the event this weekend and a nice warm-up or much talk about for the weekend, fox 8 news at noon starts right now.nd
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charles today around lorain schools after multiple girls were assaulted yesterday jessica >> there still no suspect behind bars the police say that they do haveli multiple leads a lot of people coming on facebook and through phone calls they say they might possibly knowp who the suspect is also the fact that everything this morning went smoothly .e lorain police say that yesterday three girls were sexually assaulted on their way to school yesterday he exposed himself to one of them another he punched in the face twice all
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times in the morning a few blocks away, are not trying to see if thiso could be related to an incident in elyria early thursday a man with a close description tried to abduct a 10 -year-old girl from her bedroom around 3:45 a.m.. >> you want to jump to the conclusion that are sharing information, and the similarities that he was dressed the same same race and that he was trying to abduct a juvenile matches with what happened in our city but that does not necessarily in that mean that it does the same person slickrockesec the fbi as person with both cities to see if the events related, they say it has a white male male, in his 20s or 30s , andle problem about 5-foot 10 inches, in the first instance i said that they reported he was wearing a mask, so it makes it harder, to make a sketch of the
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they sent to remain vigilant . those girls do the right thing.. >> i say, teach your kids to screen in the>> tulare incident he told her not to move and instead she screamed so you should teacher gets to make a scene and anything that they need to do. >> the i. x. center will open will open fire for theop start of the cleveland auto show each year that is such a great job more than 1,000 vehicles will be
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through sundayy march 6, tickets are $13 adults and $11 for seniors and preteens. >> ford is planning a renovation at the brook park plantn the seed that he won 45 million-dollar project will keep our create 150 jobs get it ready to make new engines for the 2,017th f-150 trucks. >> include an officer injured after crashing his cruiser on east 171st streeti just after 3:00 not sure the cause of the crash still looking into the official cause he had broken bones in both legs along with otheruu leg damage, stick with us for mores. >> police are investigating another accident on dell
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morning, ice in speed may have been a a factor this in a car they say the car was above the speed limit when it hit a treeee causing the car to flip over, and little information is known two people were taken to metro with serious injuries stick with us for the latest. turned out to the latter, there is plenty of sunshine,e but there are cooler temperatures taking a live look from the roofcam it is five minutes after 12 . as we check in with jenn harcher it is good news that you're outside so that that means it's not too badi . >> in this chilly butut, some good news for the weekend, will be warmer and the average high is 40 degrees we will be above that
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, snow showers today will taper offs over the next hour or two and then clear out . this was from last storm of as of 7:00 a.m. today so far snowfall on the ground in new london, 6 inches, hinckley 5 inches sullivan for half an oberlin and stow with 3 inches . currently, you can see the snow and west salem currently 20 degrees, 25 hudson and you factor in the windy it is more
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it will be cold tonight, we do we have a weekend warm-up . in headlines, trial scheduled for the divorce attorney of murder victim aliza sherman, and the pretrial has been reset until march 9, gregory moore accused of lying to police during her murder investigation he pled not guilty last last week, and they're expected to work to get a trial date during the next hearing, she was murdered outside of her attorney 's office in downtown cleveland marchms 2013, and she
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charged with her murder. >> grand jury texas considering whether to file charges against johnny manziel for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriendnd the police gave theth results of investigation to the panel yesterday is suspected of assaulting colleen crowley, a judge later granted a restraining order to keep him away from her he could face a class a misdemeanor that can carry one year year, but francis said that they are ready to move to release johnny manziel on march 9. >> the first to the united states and it happens here in cleveland, and surgeons with the cleveland clinic perform performed at the nation's first year in transplant as melissa reid spoke to one of the cedar. >> the newnnri procedure to reverse infertility a team of cleveland
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performance they first uterus transplants during a nine hour surgery at the clinic on wednesday .n. >> dislike any organ transplant like any of you take from the organ donor and you put inside the recipient who has an an absent or nonfunctioning uterus.a >> the ob/gyn, expert and reproductive endocrinology, is a member of the surgical team and sat down with fox 8 before the surgery.. >> to be able to give a wall of the opportunity is exciting, and nd the same time it is research and we would have to go very carefully . >> he says that the hospital has been planning thisys for years, only announcing last fall that it would attempt 10 transplants on women in a clinical trial. >> these are women who were born without a uterus ore have an
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as a result of aer procedure, we screened them to make sure that they aresu in good medical health and have a good ovarian reserve. >> 20 secure patient, who has not been identified had to undergot ivf and bank embryos while waiting to be selected for surgery but transplanted uterus came from a deceased organ donor .r >> want to make sure that there is one year for that uterus to fully mature without any significant rejection than transfer of the embryo into the uterus given that while her only chance to carry a biological child.veh >> says that this will be temporaryw once the woman has given birth, the uterus will be removed . i think there's potential for this to be a huge gamechangert, it is v that is the purpose of the research trial we don't know if this will be,es viable or
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>> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> still ahead, got gloves came
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pussycats identified the man accused of shooting and killing three people, andl wounding 18 others, they say that 38 -year-old cedric ford open fire in a parking lot of a where they be working on them started shooting inside coworker said that theys never saw any signs of trouble from him he was
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police,r 10 people are hospitalized in critical conditioneo. >> in texas thursday, republican white house candidates battled on the debate stage is scott mclean has a look at the debate. >> donald trump took incoming fire from much ofof the thursday night debateof, marco rubio had been avoiding strong attacks against the republican front runner for months tr but on the stage in houston that changed. >> if you are not not inherited $2 million, dollars, in our donald trump would be right now, now, selling watches in manhattan.. >> the final debate before almost 600 delegateses for grabs on super tuesday, trumps other main other main wrongful ted cruz went on the offensive against them turning the five-man debate into a three-man argumentan. >> every time anybody points at donald's actual record what he
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falsely accusing someone of lying is itself a lie into the something that he does daily. >> donald trumph offering an explanation of why he has not released his tax returns became a hot issue after ronnie suggested wednesday that they could contain a bombshell . >> i will give my returns but i have been audited now for two or three years so i cannot dor it until the audit is finished. >> ted cruz shop vac said that if he claims he is has been audited that could add urgency to release the documents, both he and marco rubio said they would release their returns within the next few days. >> animation from seaworld, they say that they sent a worker to infiltrate peanut despite on the grid, he was suspended last summer after it saiden he tried to incite violence amountd is for protesters, seaworld ceo says the company will no longer allow such practices,ea they are hiring an outside firm to review its
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. >> construction crews will work at the the los angeles theatre hosts theater host of the sunday oscars s it is being held at the dolby theater they set up a massive golden statue mass of golden statue outside and have beenenl setting up location so that the fans can watch the stars walk down the red carpet as chris rock will be rock will be
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happy friday, meteorologist jenn harcher, hope that you're off to a great start . looking at stormfox,. we saw some sunshine then you go to your accounting, huron county there is still some snowfall,yy even some deeper shades of blue . coming down at a pretty good clip . it should wind down in the next hour andpr hour and a half . some snowfall .org lakeland and you're
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flurries . extending down into southwest medina county down towards lodi . just a few light flurries around wayne county into stark county canal fulton massillon just a few flurries .al this will be winding down we have drier air but we still have the wind out of the northwest coming through lorain picking up the the moisture on the lake that's why we see the snow band, sustained between 10 and 15 mph wind makes it feel colder . we are finally at 40 degrees or the normal high h it will remain above 40 until december 11 . for the normal high .
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weekend today, upper 20s, windchill makes it feel more like it's in the teams .. on sunday, possibly low to mid 50s take a trip down south, it will be reaching about 60 degrees .. and just a few clouds from time to time . weak front will be pushing through sunday and into monday morning . started off as rainfall than a mix and mbl by monday afternoon
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. partly sunny skies . tonight about 22 degrees tomorrow, about average, 40 degrees . winds gusting up to 25 times . 52 degrees on sunday slight chance of a spot showerer in the western areas in the evening only . tuesday, 55 degrees . a
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calls announcing it will close 18 underperforming stores this year it will announce the site later this year, they say consumers are spending not spending as
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down the debt also,t sears macys and the gap are feeling the pinchac dairy cow for last year, there is a surging housing market that is helping stores alike lowe's and home depot to grow sales .we big retail the great john tries out a new question, jcpenney has a new campaign called get your pennies worth, and that is exactly it, you can buy stuff in s the store for just a penny, start with items from the arizona bread with some promotions being, get one after bible and others will cost just 1 penny without another purchase , they say they hope thatr it will get customers to try jcpenney merchandise. >> how much it cost to buy one of everything offered on amazon ? computer scientist figure that out, and a few buy everything
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would cost youy 12 . $86 billion, there are about 479 million different items available on amazon website average price of an item is between $26 $86. >> a dennis moore has a whole new meaninga at a small northwestern town of america's firstnwe beer spot has opened in sisters oregon oregon, and they t soak in a tub filled with filled with beer they say it's great for insomnia and is great for relaxation,hit they say that soaking in the beer will not get you drunk , the trend is catching on, after one week the spot is
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a man with a close description try to duck a general girl from her bedroom at 3:45 a.m. they say that you should remain vigilant.a. >> if you see anything suspicious, call us, but so are going catch the skyut if somebody sees something that is suspicious they call us and we will respond andc detain someone to conduct a further investigation that's how we're going to solve this.ur
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all they might mail white male, in his 20s or 30s about 5- foot 10 h wearing dark clothing and possibly a mask . if you have an information contact the police.e >> fewer school districts are getting a grades with the ohio department of education school report cards ratings are based on achievement in and a number of areas,t sex districts receivedised the a grade for their overall performance indext measured by achievement testing down from 37 year ago,s most sisters were givenre a c. grade come to see see what great your your school district to go to fox >> another look from the roofcam , hope that you're having a wonderful afternoon things are looking good with the sunshine out especially on a friday, check him out with in now with
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forecast for the weekend. >> some of us are still dealing with some lake effect snow fall,g and the western area, erie county, here on, down into medina and wayne county in northern ashland county . play-doh had a pretty good clip just south of the turnpike towards oberlin .. and down toward lodi, kristin getting some light snow showers to some very polite flurries along portions of eastern wayne county and start stark county column 77 corridor . the land is not as bad as it hast, but still pretty brisk between five and upwards of 15 sustained .e that makes it feel more like the mid
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change for the weekend class clear now tonight it will be called sunshine starting the day tomorrowowns clear skies saturday night will be a quiet weekend at the next system, cold front on sunday night into monday morningco . looking at a precipitation free weekend for the most part .e looking at the outlet, saturday into sunday delivered shot showersun towards toledo . a rain/snow mix monday morning out of your way the afternoon then mid 50s tuesday . the next storm system brings us wind, rain, a mix and then snowfall midweek . so enjoy this weekend,
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>> for the cavaliers looking to pick up a seven-time all-star ? and developments in the case ofta johnny manziel as john telich joins us with the funny sports. gospel is completed investigation into the domestic incident involving johnny manziel and his former girlfriend the january third incident i the case has been referred to the dallas county district attorney's office for presentation to the grand jury out of themt to decide if manziel will be charged, the maximum penalty would be fine and one year in jail, browns qb sashi brownwn at the nfl combine thursday asked about the potential of josh gordon, ne have been reinstated. >> everything that we see and hear and and hear them talking to his rants and those who have beenaa talking to him say that he
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contribute to feel like that if he publishes the sense there is a spot for him on the roster.s >> jared goff of california, discounted the size of the this handset may say has a bearing on fumbles and the like and carson wentz of north dakota state was honored to be compared two anybody in the nflas let alone andrew luck. is one scrimmage involved with all sorts of stuff is going to be a jump as disguise play fast, you got to just run away and adapt quickly and i'm excited for that opportunity.a >> cardale jones of ohio state says he does not want a not want a job in the nfl he wants a career said that last season was a disappointment and that he's made he sent that to not discount his ability to break down the defensese. >> i don't think i get the
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kind to reagan the quarterback, i think at that level, i'm ready for that level, and only time will tell. >> cleveland state university winning at home by five over northern kentucky took iman shumpert to toronto and possibly play against the raptors the beds waving joe johnson the cavaliers were targeting the all-star try to trade for him this past summer and so it's going to takehh $40 for johnson to clear waivers , possible that by saturday they could sign him to the veteran minimum but there are the other teams in the hunt .a conservatives, solon facing nordonia, and she scores for the lady comets so tried try to get
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a . solon had way too much firepower . they would post a 54 -- 33 victory over nordonia . kudos to the monsters, by three overthinking marks .. >> still to come fathers are usually in the delivery room for
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rethink who is present at the birth, t the article in the telegraph said that doodads are turning to counseling or drugs
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their baby, they say that they need professional support,y because they're suffering from in ptsd, even same-sex, lesbian partners can be affected by childbirth induced ptsd. >> americans are drinking fewer sugary drinks, the cdc says over 100,000 people,he 31 percent of adults say they have one drink a day that is down from a survey in 2010 said that those between 18 and 24 have those drinks the most geographically and people from people from mississippi, louisiana andic west virginia drink the most sugary drinks . they say that older drivers who take prescription sleeping pill ambien are more likely to get in car accidents i the sleep medicine
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70 study does not take this the direct link for the increase that they say that they should pay more attention to them these pills are prescribed and taken. >> rather elicits a confession from his sister's killer is morere daily. 19-year-old who dropped out of college and broke upt with her boyfriend, police town to make a fresh start but instead of in their life,b leah porter meets a m horrible death as police struggled to solve a murder,, her avenging older brother turns detective to try to capture killer himselfte. >> her world had fallen apart, she decided to start over in denver where an old friend named christopher wade offered her a
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but it would not turn out as expected . >> it sounds like he you as a knight in shining armoru, that's how he made it seem. >> when they had not heard from her for two days her mother called cruiserweight who said that she left the same day that she arrived, but her brother knew the dark side of christopher and new of disturbing stories about his fantasies when they were in high school together. >> her that he was writing a
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andna keeping them in
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. welcome back, if you use facebook twitter or a smartphone lot of companies collecting data, and today's tech report, mr. explains how to do a privacy checkup . allow these companies, like google maps are free because we mp contribute information to the database and then we could use those services for free todayt show you how all of those apps that havew access to your personal data and then you can remove those that you no longern need or useov. >> the click, surf and download,
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creates a record of who we are. >> the types of information that they collect can be your name, birthdate home address, the people that you communicate with and the media on your phone.u >> hayley kaplan as a privacy expert has to help people disappear from online records.el >> reason that they collect this information is because it comes down to dollars and cents.c >> if you you want to quit after online ad,y take out your phone delete any apps that you no longer use on the the iphone go into your settings look for privacy than location services they'll have access to your phone's location, where possible chains always to while using where it makes sense command with the latest version lets you control what information they can accesst the context or location you will see the options as you use it.h >> they can figure out your
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towards us to get us to buy more . >> website called by permission, login with your account by ou facebook and twitter it shows you a list of all of the third-party apps and sites you've connectedlhi plus the personal information that they can access including messages location for more nc, go through the the list of installed any that you do not recognize or no longer use. >> but all is to get the data sometimes these of themselves and also they sell it to others. >> give you a good real-world example, might unknowingly give up your personal information, if you are surfingur facebook you take a quiz, the next thing you know you get results and then assures your results automatically with your newsfeed
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thing you know it is collecting information in the background because you forgot about that and she nevern disconnected it from facebook so we go tone i will show you how to disconnect all of those appsrill so that they cannot collect data on you. yesterday we told you about doris , the mentor woman who weighs every day to the kids on the school bus,we or nearest talked with her for a one-on-one
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yesterday, you a video of a of grandmother in mentor who love to read to the kids on the school bus and they wave back,t for her birthday they did something special as brittany harris follows up with the birthday girlia. >> everyday every day at 3:00 p.m., doris vehar waves hello to the school students on the bus has been doing it for the past five >> for tradition started when her granddaughter marissa will the school bus>> but she now goes to a different school, and dora says doris says that she consider stopping.
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have such a terrific bus driver thought that if she goes by and is going to goif out there and we just hit it off. >> good thing she did not stop because the kidso love to see who they that even call her grandma. >> grandma,nd holidays she gives usv candy and stuff and they say that we love her and stuff when we pastor.we >> at february 23, she turned 88 years old, do not did not have anything special planned but it appears that the students did. >> she says it was such a nice gesture, and she appreciates everyone being so kind . are you going to continue to do this for as long as you can?
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to go out there> who want to miss it because theyo look for me and i look for them?
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today on "the real," see holly holme get real. >> i didn't let my guard down for a second. >> what happens when the knockout queen steps into our house. >> this is pinterest wars. >> i want to play. >> who is our purple ticket winner? >> we'll find out on "the real." this is our time this is our time right now


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