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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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iti. >> there are antenna gets around here, . >> his girls say they worry that the man who attacked the three girls who come after themd think like the police say they are following leads p provided by callers and facebook followers but there have been no arrests of the suspect described described as in his mid- 20s -- to 30s . hide, 5-foot 10 inches -- 6 feet wearing dark clothing and-- a ski mask. >> now, there's nothing solid as far as finding the suspect that we follow up on every lead singer lorain city schools remain on high alert the police
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and after . they asked anybody who thinks they know anything to contact themey .. >> the entire kitty is kitty is on edge,>> and that many that many people come together to beginanan only imagine that they will get to the bottom of this. they also have concerns after a someone tried to abduct a 10 -year-old girl from her bed,ab bath and what happened in lorain has the people on alert as roosevelt leftwich joins us here still looking looking for that kind . >> bill person has been identified yet 911 tape was released and you can hear the
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who tried to duck his daughter. duck call touched off extra precautions schools were very proactive notified parentsch through robocalls robocalls and on social media and the schools are working closely with the police and the sheriff to keep security around schools typemr. >> we do what we can to allay a the fears and assure parents that we have staff watching their kids . make sure they get to where they're supposed to be ande the police are working closely with us to ensure safety.. wildlands that i know i do in a situation like this they put out
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watche and then keep an eye on themp . in some schools that took upon themselves to drive around the area and to make sure that nothing happens .. >> any tips or leads? >> they're still looking at this the police and fbi are trying to figure out who did this and that if there is any connection between thee case of an lorain. >> pretrial schedule for the divorce attorney of murder rd victim aliza sherman has been reset till next month, the gregory moore accused of lying to the police duringng the murder investigation of aliza sherman he pled not guilty last week during his arraignment,z she was stabbed to death outsides of his office in downtown cleveland in
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charged with her murdera. >> police looking for a third suspect in shooting the shooting death of a baby,o also detectives have taken out a warrant for a suspect inetet the death of the five -month-old aavielle wakefield . last year gunfire ripped through a car she was in near east 145 th and wakefield they believe the car was wrongly targeted earlier they indicted one man and now another murder warrant. >> an officer is in the hospital tonight . being in a serious car accident this morning 's. >> and. >> were told that the officer hadfi surgery surgery and is in serious, stable condition, the crash happened hereer on east 71 st after 3:00 a.m. not sure if the crash was caused by ice for speed , still looking into an
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legs along with other injuries the picture show the cruiser he was driving and sustained heavy damage,d president of the police union says that he's hopeful that he will make a quick recoverytop and released the following statement. police union is asking everyone to keep the officer and his family and in your thoughts and prayersrs . also want to extend a thank youe to the citizens i heard aze called 911 to cut
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patrol shows any clear the man endangered dozens during a high-speed chase halfway across the state jack shea joins us. >> sea bass made during the chase reaching 100 mphb and by the end end of some of the cruiser for augmenting. >> started her car, police tried to pull over 33-year-old george tiller, who has a number of prior arrest for drinking and driving refuse to stop, he leavesmbr numerous police agencies on on a pursuit down by 71 that last more than an hour across crossing seven counties and covers s 120 miles of highway between the park and delaware ohio .ar they use stop-sticks to flatten two of the pickup truck tires he eventually loses
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foot but does not get far.t >> he is now facing charges of ovi, fleeing and eluding, and reckless operation . and he wrecked his track, it would have been a lot smarter to just pull over .. two teenagers arrested for separate burglaries both he same meansng to get into local homes but that's not all that have in common that they never spoke with several oft the victims and joins us from fox 8
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akron. .nd victims are happy to know that the juveniles are in custody in the sheriff believes may have sold at least six break-ins with these two arrests and see if they can clear up some more,t the damage caused yesterday when a 15-year-old boy kicked his way into the home while two women were there, they do noty want to go to go on camera to say that he'd been pounding on onee all the doors before breaking into a side doort r and left after he got inside the convention that they were armed and , two hours earlier they were so intoto cottage grove road 5 miles away in mosul and the town of green with a boy kicked his way into the home they say that as they questioned him he turned on them.
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while interviewed, he became combative providing one of our detectives several times on the arm .. the 15-year-old has been linked to at least five h burglaries to on the same street on the same day,la right next door to each other you say although they were involved in two separate burglaries,l they know each other . they are now in juvenile detentiont. sheriff's office says they have a history including previous break-ins. >> but arkansas has high praise for a police officer who put an end to a mass shooting here's tracy mccool . the kansas
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police chief doug schroeder cannot wait for backup, without his response more people would have been at risk, s cedric ford shot 19 killing three at an industrial plant yesterday, 90 minutes before the attack, he was served a protection order at his job which gleefully triggered the shooting spree,t about 5:00 p.m. a and a man driving his children have been shotab the minutes later a person driving their car had been shot in the car stolen that's when he went back to his job and began randomly firing, we officer who responded with inside the building exchange gunfire with himdede and killed him, the police say that he was upset when he was served the pfa but that it was not anything outrageous. something big at the i. x.
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never missed one car show at the i. x. center even when downtown, i just love the pressure love the pressure we have p.j. ziegler out there, with thehe easiest assignment of the week .th she met
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we were at burgers and beer in lakewood, impressed that the girls could pour beer like beer like akamai was a bartender for quite some time so i knew what i was doing. love to get out to meet people, people who love watching fox 8, we had a blast we did not want to leave . i was feeling you'd probably get you probably did a lot better than she did?' >> , no, she'd. >> you are experienced. >> we have the weekend coming up
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no matter what your going to do this weekend,r looking at a high-level clouds of nmr clouds overall today, depending on where you're located we had some scattereden showers . had outdoors to stub out onto 71 distaste some snow showers through geauga county along the turnpike and portage county and t canton . it will subside because high pressure moving in these would continue through the evening
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bring it in sunshine tomorrow, curator for 50s . all is quiet across the lower 48 there is very little in terms of significant weather across the lower 4829 but it feels more like 1729 . gusting between 20 and 25, does make it feel colder the average is about 40 . the clipper system to the north could induce more clouds high
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the entire weekend . tomorrow partly sunny, the man still gusting up to 25 mph next chance of a shower is late sunday at sunset on monday in the 40s leave your car shirer, the 29 th is on monday . snow showers possible on wednesday .y fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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most people are supposed to get a lunch break at work but that does notat always happen happen, by more workers arepp desktop
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, cannes this weekend
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report from brittany harris, not for the money they spent interesting to see people coming out dressed in costumesop. >> want to see some real characters.s. >> as a music music collector current there is one thing that you mayo may want even though you probably cannot afford it, this vinyl record is up for auction in england it is the first beatles record ever pressed the song hello girl was on a side, ands till there was you is on the flipside, it is found in in the home of an english pianist, and will be up for auction next month the expected price tag expected to be about $14,000 . if you're not a fan of the fab four how aboutan a new exhibit in las vegas featuring items that once belonged to liberace, on
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thriller villa featured the stylish outfits photographs and artworked most of the memorabilia wasor was once an iraqi iraqi museum but it closed five years problems . t the record is in custody, was an unusual capture in california's central valley, was a pony named juliet wearing a plastic card she got loose from a nearby rancha after a photo shoot with some kids said the fact that she sh was dressed as a unicorn really lightened the mood swing back the call went out, tension was that i then laughed and cried and thank god. she needs a timeout because she
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them because she's been a ipad tony.b >> she's now back safe and sound were hopefully she will live happily ever after . >> how often do you go out for your lunch break chances are yourr pb&j comes with a side of workco at your desk, the study shows showed more professionals eat while working that 62 percentor eat lunch at their desks is becoming so popular it has the name ofar desktop dining, it is not healthy, and may not be helping you get any more work than. >> just because you are working nonstop to not mean that you are as productive as you can be.n >> this days, if you're not working at your desk and somebody else says so it is a bad perception if you take an hour lunch and someone else continues working.
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impressing your boss, think again,i in many places encouraged to leave for lunch. in the news business, we have to do that so often, this is nothing new for us we eat lunch at our desks all the time. >> depends on what breaking news is happening, son for us, eating at the desk is just part of the dealal, time for clinton to rev-up
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now that it's going to get warmer. >> . and it can affect what we eat, says ben comfort food season .a >> it is not yet spring, it is calleds today, state you need something that is really warm like my sweater .a i hate wearing coats but i had to today because it is pretty windyi windchills makes it feel like the middle teens .m we had a nice amount of
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the snowmobile for snow will melt for the weekend especially sunday,il there is still some renegade lake effect flurries, and into portage county . also took a these will be done it will be all about high pressure for the weekend until late sunday . all he can warmer temperatures and sunshine mixing with the clouds, near 30, cleveland 29 akron-canton to the east, little cooler to the west near 30 to the wind is gusting between 20 and 25 mph . if you don't like
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still needed .. site lech walesa, against again tomorrow and sundayay looking at napier it's on monday . some good news for northeast ohio the play 60 include an auto show gets underway at the i. x. center for many major a major announcement that affects thea cleveland engine plant in brooklyn as p.j. ziegler joins us from the i. x. center . the ford trucks will be billedd for strong when it comes to the eco- boost engine. >> there've been very popular and accepted that the second generation will be built.a >> investing $145 million to upgrade the plant in brook park part of the deal 150 jobs will
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the figure we figure probably in the future. >> and will support production of the new second generation three . five literuc eco- boost engine for the 2,017th ford f-150 . we are excited in their continued investment here and the ability of our autoworkers, to continue to show that they are the best builders in the world.uu >> it will feature a hike output version of the second generation eco- boost boost engine produce more power with greater fuel efficiency also be produced at the engine plant. >> the perfect engine for the smartest and most capable >> the chevy cruze chevy cruze is one of chile's top-selling
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ohioio the 22nd version is two to 50 pounds lighter, two . 7 inches longer and an inch lower in heightn. >> apex technology that you would expect in a luxury car but you get it in a compact car.r >> some of the 1,000 vehicles on display at the cleveland auto show.00 >> here at the i. x. center, this is the equivalent that brought some great news to northeast ohio today s the ego boost eco- boost engine from forde something different at the auto show for the first time in a long timeow doors open to the public at auto show in the next 29 minutes, you can count to the show to see over 1,000 cars on display everything from the millionaires row two of the new ford ego boost engine providing lots of great news to northeast
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about another half-hour .. >> talk about this, this was the first year that i will not be there, how is it looking.hir >> the food is always good it was excellent today, do not have lunch with you today, roc woodrum, took care of that question, he's is giving this a thumbs upi so nonetheless, as we mentioned, the first time in a long time, but also to the public on friday so you have an extra half day to come out to enjoy the cars at the auto show. pledges to pay for the residents water bills here is tracy mccool .eer >> michigan governor rick snyder puffery spending $30 million to
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lead tainted water, he signed the legislation today said that people should not have to pay for water that they cannot drink it will pay for 65 percent of the water portion of the bills including water used for drinking, cooking and bathing, the troubles troubles began when the city switched from detroit's water system to the river and 2142 save money,a the river water was not treated properly andt lead from from pipes break into homes . the water bills will be paid for are people still have to pay the sewage portion of the bill.a >> donald trump, picks up another key endorsement,on new jersey governor chris christie governor chris christie is back in donald trump, he held a news conference said there is nobody better prepared to lead the country, n a prominent republican senator jokes that his party has
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graham lays the gop will lose to hillary clinton because the republican party has lost its mind. >> the most dishonest person in america is a woman,, who is about to be president,h how can that be ? my party has gone that crazy . . >> a dozen states holding primaries or caucuses on tuesday a and donald trump is ahead in the polls, while hillary clinton has a small lead over bernie sanders for the democrats nomination . talking sports, cavaliers in toronto, a indian suspended by mlbsp is going to john telich in the newsroom. >> major league baseball handed down edie koehn suspension to outfielder abraham almonte for
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was to be the starting central fielder this season, cavaliers off of that wednesday night when against the hornets will face a gameses they won 17 of the last 20 ,n the cavaliers beat toronto on january 4 to the raptors were close behind the cavaliers for the number one seed in the eastern conference if you ask coach ted ginn this game matters while lebron james isis very complimentary towards toronto and.r >> this is a big game for us, berlin tonight, i think that it
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to do what they do very well. >> asking the coach on joe johnson uses that they will not sign of according to reports he will sign with the miami heat this weekend was clearing waivers will happen saturday, the cavaliers had interest in kenny marchant but did not get the guy they wanted .. >> everyday rebroadcasts fox 8 news from cleveland . but this weekend we could be metropolis or gotham city.
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what a weekend it will be cut something custom, some not, if you are ai fan fan of, books and pop culture in general and movies you want to check out the wizard world comic con and cleveland this weekend. >> over at the cleveland convention center is where we find brittany harris . the doors opened up at 3:00 p.m. , there are a lot of people here in costume, that is half the fun of the wizard world comic con, to get into character .o planning for this event takes a lot of work andpl time vendors have been getting ready to put the final touches on their exhibits, there is so much to see they've got, books books, video games, action figures, video games, toys, t-shirts people get a chance chance to
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hemsworthaet, also corbin bernsen and henry winkler will be here this weekend .al glad to see what they come out with next different costumes, os their characters . or someone they made up, that's the best to see all that and also claims chris hemsworth is your. i think many will be excited to meet him, comic-con continues till 8:00 p.m. tonight resumes tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and then again on sunday , ticket prices vary, so much going on out here, if you've got the time check it out this weekend. the music industry but there are so many people out here butut stay
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to see what >> we have a look at what is now showing.v gerard butler plays a merciless god of darkness in gods of egypt , after he takes the the throne and enslaved the people a defiant mortal teams up with another guy got to fight back, gods of egypt is rated pg-13 . the true life story of one of the most unlikely olympic athletes in history, islamic
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eddie the eagle . hue jackson plays a former champion champion who must train a very unathletic man how to ski jump jump, enter his way to the winter olympic games, is rated pg-13 . anthony mackie, casey affleck and woody harrelson starred in the police,, triple nine . he plays a crooked cop who is teamed up with an incorruptible partner, and lays the groundwork for a heist comedy comes up with a plan to use his partner is se appalled, triple nine is rated r. . it is almost march and has been
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wonderful. >> we have a great weekend the last weekend ofeeoon february . take a look at the cuyahoga county airport . so that was hit or miss even in the western counties . will be uneventful weekend until they they late day showers sunday live next week, tuesday wednesday watch it closely . a few flurries as far south as wayne county, green , north canton and hartville . we say goodbye to the showers because high pressure is maintaining control through the
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conditions . it is colder to the north and east, to go to the south and west,, feels like it's in the teens here . we will have 50s here on sunday,wi tomorrow partly cloudy because of this clipper system and high pressure provides us with trying of conditions with no precipitation in that forecast . the marlins will be gusting at g times of 225 mph tomorrow, a mixture of sunshine and clouds the average high temperature is 40 and were going to be going for low 40s .
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warmer on sunday, it will be nice enough to figure out door activities . with low love but that is partly sunny chance of a shower after sunsetwipa that gets colder with mid- 30s so a next smell blood they . on tuesday, we say hello to march with spring beginning . the snowfall tuesday night into wednesday this does depend upon the track of the system,es the temperature profile will be crucial to the track, on friday saturday, mid-
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seasonal temperatures next week in . . how does this compare seems like the easiest in a decade. >> i can tell you, the past few years were running about 2 feet t of snowfall less than normal so that's not too shabby . the fox 8 guys versus gals and who would reign supremers. >> fox 8 and the northern ohio honda dealers want to know who o rules in the battle of the sexes car giveawayt a chance to win a two-year lease on a 2016 honda crvon download the fox 8 avenue, then cast your vote, you can
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have our app, the contest runs till march 6 for more details go
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. eight live look from from the auto show that is av aston martin , what's the price tag on that. >> three . $2 million . some couples celebrate 50 years together. >> become for a couple has been married for 70 years he is 93
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world war iis they wrote to each other five times each week after the war they got married and have been together ever since so what is the secret for the law marriageor? >> they say that they go for walks, are holding hands nearly every single day for the last 70
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elyria police looking for a suspect who tried to abduct a 10 euro-year-old girl from..t >> attached off increased
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county, talk about the latest with roosevelt leftwich. >> please, at this point are still looking for a suspecth, the man who tried tot abduct a 10 -year-old girl from her bedroom . for many people in the area, at this point, they're trying to make sure that their kids are safes . >> lots of parents outside of the middle school who like to pick up their children but more curl session at what happened please are looking for a man who tried to abduct a childa. the police are looking for a man
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in the area, for most parents picking up their kids is something that they cannotnot afford not to be a >> i live right across the street, but it is too scary . >> for parents, this is a precautionary message,e, report of an attempted abduction at a child's home and elyria this morning, . >> once i got the word schools about the message, there was no direct threat against any school in the area and the school says this was about being proactive.a >> they sure share the kids, buses, and albert walking path, initiate thorough monitoring they drove the route that the kids used to walk to school . we found out from the police


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