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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Midday News  FOX  February 28, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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we didn't see where he went. >> did you see somebody with the gun. >> yes.. keep the police are not releasing many details at this time but the victims have beenhav identified as christopher chris hemsworth c was 40h years old, and alan chris hemsworth was 41 years old. they are family rushed to the
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say they are in complete shock. >> we never thought it would happen. i never felt the pain that other peoplet th felt until now. >> gabrielle trent's t christopher's ex-wife. she says the men did not live at this apartment complex, and she is not sure why they were here. >> right now we don't know that yet but i know eventually itly will all come out why they were here.y >> they also hope whoever didd this is caught soon. >> they are still out there and the why we don't know, but hopefully they are caught up with that this crime is not just one that is unknown. and it was an emotional vigil
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they can't believe tonya johnson is gone. alison brown tells us there are still tel so many unanswered questions about m why this tragedy happened. wy >> she loved each and everybody. just like we love her. >> i'm lost man. >> she always tried to make possible what we thought was she was asked the mother of three canton firefighter and paramedic. authorities say on monday johnson was driving along route aide with her newtho wa husband, but after an argument she got out of
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traffic.wassed she was hit by a pickup truck, t and instantly killed according to authorities. >> i didn't believe it from the beginning. we have some questions that have yet to be hav answered. i don't believe anything that i'veie heard. i know my sister ii'v know her character. there was something going on in that car that was unknown to us atr r t this time. >> unbelievable to the peoplee who loved her.her. >> you just continue to keepe looking over them today and we will o make that they remembered >> funeral arrangements have been scheduled for monday in northera ha canton no doubt it will be emotional for some people who knew her and loved her dearly. patrol highway patrol says a comment
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there were two victims and the crash is under investigation butt authorities say speed was a factor. new mac newman donald trump is coming back to ohio he will be in here on super tuesday and you can find more information about tuesday's rally at it's a family show includingn some all-new models and some s classic models. one of the main attractions as millionaires row which features
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your lamborghinisry and the auto show runs through next sunday so you've got plenty of time you meant fans of all things pop culture are flocking to the cleveland conventionng center thishi weekend.. the annual was a wizard world comicon kicked off this weekend. -asterisk some tv movies andd wrestling will meet with fanss and sign autographs all weekend long.. comicon runs through today at the convocation center. so much to say. 11 oh 9:00 a.m. and still had, we all know the campaign trail as he did is heating kn up and we will let you know what his next all in preparation for super tuesdayl in plus three people stabbed during a violent clash at a ku klux klan what led up to that violence? do you have it coming? night do have a penny? you can afford something at jcpenney.
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first, a live look outside from one of our roof cam's. a beautiful shot of downtown cleveland a b and blue skies as far as the eyes can see. a table fill us in on just what
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we're approaching super tuesday.y. >> thank you so much south carolina. hank >> all polled had hillary clinton projected to do very well in the palmetto state andd this is welcome news to her campaign after losing this th primary to barack obama in 2008. >> when we stand together there is no barrier to big to break, and tomorrow this campaign goes national. th
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looking to harness this cl momentum that started with her win in the nevada caucuses last saturday. senator bernie sanders did not n hold any rallies in south carolina today focusing on texas. >> if all of you come out tous vote and you bring your friends and neighbors and coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. on the republican side, jobs are turning down right nasty as all of trump hold solidly onto his lead and senators cruise and rubiod jockey for second place. this is a guy who can afford to get a better spray a gu tan and hean needs to sue whoever did that to his su face. >> i have never seen any human being sweats se like this guy. thank god he has a really largea ears, the biggest fears i have everea seen. because they were protecting him.
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focused on individual states but with super tuesday just three days from now, thisu campaign truly goes national. back here at home, three people stabbed during a violent crash clash at a ku klux klan rally actually this a was in california on saturday. policeni say thea victims were part of a group protesting the kkk. vict witnesses say as soon as the clan members arrived at thee park, protesters confronted them. one of them fell to the ground bleeding and he ishem fe in critical condition this clan members said he used a clan members that he is the flagpole to defend himself. the former girlfriend of the man who wentrmer on a shooting spree in kansas now faces federalin charges. prosecutors say sarah hopkins gave cedric forward ford two of the guns to use to fo kill three ki people and hurt 14 others inside of a factory.h
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transferring a firearm to a felon when she gave him the rifle and handgun. >> the fbi says cyber hackers broke into into university of california berkeley berkeley's computer system in the attack expose of financial data of more than 80,000 cal state students, alumni, current and former employees. experts say there's no evidence the data has he been used for identity theft or crime but the university's morning potential victims and have passed patch to come pa security into its system the security flaw in its secure deployment system. i jcpenney's has a new campaign they say they will start offering certain items in their private label collection for only 1 cent. the penny days promotion kicks off today and willy offer customers an arizona brand item at full price and a second arizonae item for you guessed it, a penny. for the campaign runs all year were jcpenney rolling out other items for aling penny throughout the year. the company hopes this new promotional help it climb out of
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a few years ago.omotie >> about got a pretty good deal. >> who can argue with that. >> or hay pants which i think it's half a cent. >> at think you're right i think you're right. you topknot stuff outside today. it is still st winter. >> it's hard to believe. it feels like spring is next week. >> itxt does. meter logically speaking, it is on tuesday but it really doesn't arrive for almost a month. we will be setting our clocksor al forward one hour in two weeks. actually. >> i'm going tos. bank my sleep now. >> you might as welleep start adding it in there. a 10 minute nap here and there might get it done. na this is actually one of our fox cams were in time lapsing. you can see a high-level clouds
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and a goodly amount ofh sunshine. let's fix my type. tie. and crookedp all morning probably user error.ll nothing on radar right now but the stuff you can't on see on radar fluid within which we live also known as air, is going to be on the move today high wind velocity and wind advisory in in effect for northern ashtabula lake cuyahoga county until 1:00 o'clock in the morning and counties off to the west generally speaking until 10:00 o'clock tonight and that th will inspire us by a little bit earlier northwest ohio. l across the state as we look ahead we will animate and show your clouds thickening after about five orloud 6:00 o'clock o'clock tonight and see some high-level clouds and rain showers.s. this is after midnight tonight for a good part of the area.r mi we started to see some drying happening back into the west but there may be enough cold air to i end this with some wet snow sn
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look at the mild air all across the tennessee ohio and mississippi valleys and we are just incredibly pleasant. mid fifties fifties currently and on our way to 60 today.ti the cold air you have to go allo the way up to the twin cities beforey up you will feel a temperature of freezing at 32 degrees.ur today's high 59 could be a conservative gas on the high because we are already atar 58 degrees at the lakefront. kite flying might be popular today with a south wind against andwi sustained at 10 to 25 gusting to 40 miles per hour. fifty-one in youngstown and akron at this point.t. 53 worcester, dover new philadelphia sustained winds but we'vesust had gusts of close to 40 miles perad hour reported out toward finley and we willl continue to see winds like this. inland wins will not be as strong.
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mixed with some wet snow. another wet system going through tomorrowow evening than a more important system after that coming our way as we get into tuesday. this is our system tonight and here is the second one for fo tomorrow. a blustery day tomorro temperature temperatures definitely colder, in the mid- forties and as we bringes in the months month of march starting off with fairly mild o mid-forties but rain to snow and 26 tuesday night, snow on wednesday morning near 30 as the first handful of days of march will really be in the twenties for highs. >> in like a lion. >> that's right and out like a lamb. >> you are promising. out like a lamb. >> promising. >> i am putting those words in your mouth. >> that is a keyword. >> that's how desperate it is am. you understand. >> i sure do. 11:20 a.m. and still ahead a
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the walking dead but yesterday he really livened up our morning show.all how michael ruger managed to make it a day for one special
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and get out your t-shirts today.od you know we are going to see we're going to see a lot of people in short sleeves whether they show it or t not. >> motorcycle rides bicycling the whole deal. >> it will be nice but bring your jacket. you may remember yesterday we > had the man from the worldwor from the walking dead on our show but one when our studio lights went wa one off, he stuck
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>> how're you doing there kenny? have a good one. say hi toto kenny by. >> taking him on a little tour of our studios.king that is michael rooker saying hello to fox a fox eight viewer nine -year-old kenny auto who with muscular dystrophy and is a huge walking dead fan.r dy he was here to present cleveland's comicon. that wraps up today but what a guy.up he was so fantastic and so friendly. >> fac absolutely. working on sets. >> he gotyoe down with them.t >> he was a down-to-earth guy.r >> he is. we love funn people. >> we do love fun people.ple it's a beautiful day. day >> you can't go wrong with highs near 60 in february. it's a leap year so now we've got an extra day in february. why can't we have that extra day in june?
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ofh february.febru >> who do we take that up with? who do we call? calendar? call. >> it could be the catholic church. >> just a phone to nowhere. he do this really is it a phone to nowhere. we shouldn't give away our set secrets. right around 62 today and the winds will really be howling out there so batten down those hatches. b bat snow showers possible on monday and perhaps a little rainlit overnight tonight but it doesn't looktlight b like a problem. march 1st roaring in like worrying in like a lion. sleep deprivation. >> i know. thanks for joining us here on fox eight. remember you can always catch us
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