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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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cooldown . we still have a little bit before the real chill down arrives . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. pingbackk continued to search for two men they believe that doctor daman from his mother's home as peggy gallek has more from east cleveland,. >> the place, found the victim's car include a little bit ago believed that the body in the trunk is that of the missing man still working on a positive id, for this issue charles barnes of has been missing since early this morningb they and they said that his car was foundth in cleveland, these are pictures
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as bci, where additives moms-to-be earlier today but they do not have a description of the place are not telling the motivep but did say that part of the crime was caught on the victims home security video so they will review the and are working to determine if the body found in the trunk of a car is >> he was at his mother's is residence was going home to visit his mother . there have been no arrests made in asking ife you have information to call as soon as possible.
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need the public's help of you so anything that please call the police right away.t >> the manhunt continues in lorain for ant trumpeter is news of a possible fourth victim emerges, lorrie taylor joins us fromim lorraine with the latest. >> police are not ruling out this fourth girl as one more in a parade of victims targeted last thursdayay in lorain, and i like the was still in her homein when she told police that she saw the suspect watching her. >> still worried after days of her ri 15-year-old daughter may have been the target of a white
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of last thursday in the rain. >> the 38-year-old mom who asked that we not show her face or her hometh for fear that the suspect my return might return to retaliate, says her daughtertt said she was getting ready for school between six and 6:30 a.m.s when she saw something outside your bedroom window. >> lorain police arjun buddy sibert says that the suspect ran
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corolla . .t but he could be somebody under the influence, not thinking clearly or with health issues, could be in some kind of crisis. >> he says it's possible that the suspectct lives or relate two someone who lives nears west eighth and ninth street where three of the incidents took place.. >> the suspect struck close to elementary schools , so it's conceivable that's what drew him to the neighborhood to cutitab vladivostok but we are concerned that it will resume. >> it is scary, we have to keep an eye on our kids to cut lorain police met with the fbi and elyria police, a 10-year-old ea elyria girl was targeted thursday morning near the track
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suspect is matching the description of the man targeting young girls with mid-to-late tony's -- 30s fur-clothing ban possibly wearing a mask . 14 -year-old student in custody after bringing a gun to school and shooting at his >> it happened in madison than madison township, butler county, as suzanne stratford joins us with the latest. >> it was lunch time at the madison junior senior building wednesday portugal's suspect opened fire in the cafeteria injuring four classmates.p >> the butler county scherr said it was 11:30 a.m. that two
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others were hit by shrapnel,sh then he took off running and ditch the gun outside on school property while in the lead he was captured at your typewriter and the victims were taken to the hospital,nd none of the injuries are life-threatening to said that anybody got hurt and i'm not sure why the young man would feel compelled to do something like this,m but i do have it affects everybody. >> the 14-year-old shooter david latta but it's not yet released yet been charged with attempted murder and reducing panic could
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viola who died when their plane crashed in akron filed suit company that owned the plane, was on board when the plane crashed into an apartment killing the pilot ofas and some passengers loss hurts to think tutorial and wellness dangerous weather conditional earnings teanecka investigate along the way when people call 911 stick for good reason asked helen and the thing could happen to you as ed gallek reports speak for a man men call 911, waited two minutes for the dispatcher picked up on the i-team is
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i never call 911 and had to wait normally means once maybe twice. >> he waited more than two minutes to talk to a dispatcher, schematic the recent takeover have it all 911 calls made in the city from cell phones huge increasep in calls so we wondered if that would be immortalized. >> the city says the procedures should help them> to hand over more quicklyt especially when many of you that wants to say
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recent accident in four minutes but also working to hire more dispatchers right now they have 13 openings 4908 jobs to click right now it has an impact we had toht fill with overtime that we do have to fill it . >> who do not want to tie up the phone lines with excessive calls about the same accidentph. >> but i don't know that someone else is calling. >> when you put on hold it is scary.wh >> the city says it has five new dispatchers to start training later this month, but they won't handle calls by themselves until september to click >> the city says it's putting together another training class but not clear when this would start they say it is in the works.ey >> local firefighter paramedic who died trying to cross a
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a tribute as dave nethers reports as hundreds gathered for the funeral. >> she's only 43,. >> together to create. >> i have ordered the flags to be lowered to half staff. >> to celebrate the life of canton firefighter tonya johnsonon . >> i felt like i needed to come to support the family. >> important that everybody remembered a special person she >> killed when she tried to cross route 8 in akron after getting out of an suv with her
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why she made that decisionma, i monday her family chose to remember her life to click a loss, that's the only word i can use, my mom was a part of every singleimy part of my life from work to friendship tomy be in a mom. >> she was the most caring person in the world, s even if she did not know you. >> they were surrounded by hundredsds, many dads who do not know her.ny >> she was well respected and liked, show that she made a difference. >> we are standing in memory of our departed sister who will never return from her last alarm , experience tells us that she is then that human reason tells us that shei will be with
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reflectb those not in tennis was her husband of eight days who argued with her just a homeless before she intended to cross the highway. >> the primary aswi e still two weeks away about a presidential but a presidential front runner makes his presence known.tisi >> trump will be in close tomorrow on super tuesday asas jennifer jordan joins us with more on how the candidates are getting >> luttrell campaign announcing that he will hold a rally at the columbus airport tomorrow morningt s. a poll shows him and hillary clinton ahead of the closest competitors leading up
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took shots at each other ahead of the big day in the primaries he continues to take fire for deflecting questions about an endorsement from former kkk leader david duke he's on the campaign trail on super tuesday with stops in florida kentucky and ohio tuesdayiles marco rubio ted cruz try to slow his momentum. >> with him as the nominee that means that she wears and we lose the country's. >> super tuesday, the day that a dozen states hold nominating contestspe they will get a large number of delegatesey to the conventions, 7 percent of those polled said that donald trump and hillary clinton are likely to earn thep presidential nominations the other candidates say theyid will stay in the race
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including john kasich.w >> noodlecat, not great but this was never our plan we have a campaign and then wer campaign our plan, and the hope now is to and believe that we will go north and begin to see things change. >> after hillary clinton's big victory in saturday's south carolina primary,a she's saving her attacks not for bernie sanders but for the gop taking direct aim at his campaign slogan. >> we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. >> super tuesday probablyme not decide the race for republicans because of the number ofof candidates still in the race but could have an impact for the democrats, fox 8 will be in close tomorrow for the donald trump rallyf admission is free but you must request tickets, you can find the info at fox
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will dan clemens jua rez donald trump makes a campaign stop with live report tomorrow but fox 8 news and strain his rally live on internet a blackbox warning : the feds crack down with new warnings will for a popular form
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was reportedly taken thursday night just hours after announcing his missing violence case was going to a grand jury, still waiting to hearg the charges will be filed, if you hope tobe contiguous to the tribal bowler, you are too late . tickets for the april 4 game against boston sold out within an houro sell some tickets available at the catch is you have to purchase season tickets
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days away . the car is here to tell us more, desert snowy forecast for that day ? my grandmother brought me to the indians game in 1943 .? >> what was the weather like? tomorrow, begins the springtime, although the astronomical spring does not arrive until march 20 . on the calendar, have the
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and garden show this weekend it was a great event, this was the 2016 calendar shows how things work . and . advisory, and lower michigan and parts of northern indiana,, 40 degrees currently at hopkins thinkpad is . we have a high of
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around 0 the state . the winds gusting up to 28 . the 58 was that 1:00 a.m. below 34 the normal is 41, sunset at 6:18 p.m. or years her years ago we had the record i formed the day, 68, the wind out of the southwest the current velocity . 72 dwellings . we're looking at the movement of the weather front going back north as we go through tomorrow and then it cooled down in the
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be in the 60s again otherwise increasing clouds tonight pete light wintry mix the north with the loughner 32 . and on tuesday , say hello to march but have like a lamb . friday 34, a chance of a wintry mixa and then sunday, 40 degrees, monday back to 50, tuesday, looks
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like to have the calendar i will be at the medina home and garden show this weekend, saturday and
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should the cavaliers fans be hitting the panic button??sh >> i think that because of the warriors are so good it heightens the anxiety, we can see that they need to be much better to have a chance in the finalshh . but let's not mince words since beating the thunder, the cavaliers have been underwhelming, and you can use the excuse of lebron james sitting out sunday but you should get more out offe the likes of kyrie irving, getting schooledi by by other point guardsot cannot make his teammates better because the team has to improve quite a bit? am what ago we did not we did not
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the grand scheme for great defensive team we just need that consistency.. >> not as good defensive ends when the coordinator was timely timely filed head coach, the cavaliers are three -- 12 without lebron james,me both teams have lost three of last war, the cavaliers are today two days zero versus the patients this year.. >> bill that tom brady is great but can he play into his early 40s? >> the patriots themselves that's why they gave him an extension today , a two-year contract extension it will that will keep him with the patriots this passesll for his second birthday, it will not give the team incentive to cut him later and theyni can't move, he could just continue to play at a high
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elimination of the chop block, talks a possibility came up in the combine and has gotten state of the chop block could be that is whent offensive line-man blocks of the defender will all that defender is engaged with another offensive line-man above >> it looks like opening day is all said . >> the indians announced, april 4 is sold out versus boston red sox, michael brantley , pixieses session with a a strong mental frame of mind he knows that the shoulder injury will keep him froma opening day but he plugs away says the team added some pieces of health and caned aid the development of younger players. >> we have a lot of guys returning we have the stuff together, we're going to rely on
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tell you tomorrow, may start the take on the cincinnati in their first game. the check we check in with
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jenn harcher was at 1:00 a.m. take a look at and the second to burke lakefront airport, this is
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moving by as we approach sunset lots of pretty colors just the right amount . a sunset without cloud cover is not as nice as one with some . as a cold front to the north is on a thin band of precipitation most of it aloft and western new york state if it comes through tonight, whether or not they thin band of wintry mix by trying to develop before the showers with the second front tomorrow afternoon . this is where we were and today, a big drop from yesterday
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we bob leap day 20, the record high and low isy pretty close to what should be . in 2012 and 1884 are multiples of 12 . the record high and lows will belong to leap year . increasing clouds tonight there could be a light wintry mix t tried to develop, is brief but be aware if you drive to the north tonight and it gets colder, could be an indication of slick roads . tomorrow back
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here comes the cool front with rainfall tomorrow behind it, a switch to snowfall once we do, it will be holding in the below normal category with most of the snowfall on wednesday .ca compare that against normal, above normal tomorrow and for five daysre beginning on wednesday, it will be below normal at the end of thedn 8 -day outlook the temperatures rebound but it will not feel very spring-like in the first few days of march, monday tuesday next week close to 62 . might even be close to 70 perhaps at the end of next week . let's hope for that goes to >> fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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fox 8 is the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m..l >> a month after a canton police police dog was killed in the line of duty students mcfeeture that the county police dog hasa as extra protection. >> jack shea joins us. >> they say that the dogface of the same danger>> and want to make sure she has protection.a >> sgt tim kitts with the ashland county sheriff's department s and his partner meeko pay a visit to the black river middle school in solon to thank them for the new ballistic vest. >> it is an honorable thing to have them to do this,, hope for the future that young people take the extra step to build
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like this. >> meeko has been involved in many dangerous situations,s, we were there on july 2015 when she took part in the search for fugitive who wasok terrorizing residents in several ashland county villages. >> black river student government president and her fellow students reasoned that she has the same danger and n should have the same protection, they raise the money for the best at a school dance big crock makes me feel proud to do something to make a difference not only for the officer about more meeko.e >> timing of the purchase could not have been better, in january , they were hit hard by the death of a police dog the
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>> they said the students wanted to make sure that meeko have the most up-to-date equipment.n feel bad about the fact that a dog died line of duty is important to be able to do something like this for our canine friend.le >> is so much not sure gnashing to know that she has this protection to help her,>>n still fearful in some situations but at least i have the confidence that if something happens that extra protection is there for hernsif. >> so far this year eight police dogs have been killed in the united states, ht are often placed in so many dangerous situations and that's why she needs the added protection.
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posted a video today of the six week old dog that just are working with his hammer, officer jason hall this week. >> ohio navy seal earned the filters highest honor given to senior chief special warfare operator edward byers junior the he first living active-duty member of the navy to receive the award for decades he participated in the raidd in 2012 it rescued an american hostage in afghanistan he was a member of the navy's seal team six and the sixthme seal to receive the honor he is originally from toledo. >> issue richard lennon covering after emergency heart surgery this month. >> he was a letter thanking bill sheil joins us. >> expresses gratitude for the
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medical center he also indicated that he plans to return to work soon. >> the city a girl was taken to st. vincent's three weeks ago after chest pains t he had two stints placed in his arteries after thanking the staff the letter continues in part -- he does not give an exact timetable he hopes to return to work he says he will consult with his doctors to make sure that he returns in good health. >> the fda says mr. one and done in for any birth control device that the blackbox warning designed to call attention to the serious or life-threatening risk associated with the surea follows thousands of complaints about the device breaking or moving causing moving causing injury also wants a checklist
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. >> a new search engine to make sure that kids don't stumble across something that they should not,em it works the same as google but only lets you click onam links and video in suitable for children website text is a large so that it is easier to read, they say the search engine will use simple language so that children can understand the findings.. >> or just hours away from where the gender of kristi capel's baby, and we'll we'll go inside the doctors office with kenny crumpton as he picks up the
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the st. jude dream home is taking shape as
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under constructiononam by cleveland custom homes and red tail and avon it hasan the value of over $500,000 thanks to ourue viewers tickets are sold out to win the h house house, but once the home is finished you can take a tour .ed $2,000 in fish furniture is available2, for taking a tour of the house, it will be finished inin late may this week we take you insidem the cleveland auto show. >> give you highlights from each car brand as matt wright is at the i x center i.x. center with a look at tm.. >> we're in the kia section that the auto show they highlight a pair of newly redesigned cars the kia forte and the 2017 kia
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new suvhe and is giving this a try . >> it is easy to get in and out of it is compact not overly large . >> starting at about $4,000 for compact crossover features a new look with automatic headlamps, and standard backup camera, a touchscreen stereo, powered by a two . four, four-cylinder enginen . >> lots of good features and good technology. >> it is catching attention, that brandis is second in the initial quality initial quality by jd power and 2015.qu >> it is second to none, continental and are afraid of these cars because they sound so good.cca >> the kia forte sedan is
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aa 2-liter engine and also offers driver assist features like autonomous emergency braking. >> features are fresh they reinvent themselves every two or three years. >> that these are not the right one for you there are plenty more to check out under one roof . >> i can get an idea of what suits me and my family best. >> selling options at the auto show, you want to see the 2017 forte it will be at dealers this summer, the sportage about one month if you want to test drive then you can check out thesef cars at the i.x. center, the auto show runs through sunday .
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to check them out. >> there are a lot of cars to like in many to choose from and to walk about the last few hours to see the luxury larger cars, the aston martin and others that there is a lot tolnd aspire to. the fox 8 guys versus the fox 8 gals, who reigned supreme? >> fox 8 end date northern ohio honda dealersrs want to know who rules in the battle of the sexes car giveaway in to end a a two-year lease on- a 2016 honda s v. download the fox 8 at registered to him and cast your vote you can still injury even if you have that. >> get to watch the destination cleveland and the best car the crb is a four-wheel drive with
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car of the year last year. >> wing it all this or that we was that we can get, especially after interrupting her, for more details go to fox still ahead, will who kristi capel have a boy or girl? >> inside the doctors office with kenny crumpton picks up the
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just enough cloud cover,, two have some pretty subtle tones . we still have 40 s with winds out of the west southwest . any shift to the northeast would be at the lakeshore within the next six hoursea most of the action in terms of smell is to the north with an advisor in michigan and a warning for southern wisconsin the back door cool front may briefly give us a wintry mix this evening but most of us should see little or no snowfall the warm front pushes warmfront pushes back north tomorrow ahead
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o, it will reduce temperatures for the rest of the week tonight 32 degrees .r increasing class tomorrow 46, partly cloudy, could hit 50 or better, south of akron, afternoon showers that goes from 46 degrees, then for five days it will be below normal as we head into march . it will be a cold start to march butwi just five days then after that we'll haveve five plus days above normal temperatures .? >> firefox a family is about to get larger kristi capel expecting her second child. >> right now no one person knows the gender and that is her doctor, we send kenny crumpton to pick up the sealed envelopee
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seated all the sonograms. >> is a dead chick flicks now we know the gender, can you type up on thepe computer to give us the envelope to tell us the gendert? >> so as long as you do your magic . here it is, kristi capel 's baby gender reveal, it is sealed and i've got everything in the envelope? >> yes. >> there's not a second to spare
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the above will be open tomorrow morningng when she will learn the baby's gender, from doctor oz he's been told the sex of the baby from kristi capel doctor and revealed that two everybody including kristi capel tomorrow
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jury person changes forecast including a few more bouts of snowst right now to andre bernier in the front yard with more after a beautiful sunday. >> sunday cannot be beat . who was gusty at 240 -- 50 at times .2 at least it was warm today, it is not as fun as yesterday .


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