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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  March 14, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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- welcome to new day cleveland. i'm natalie herbick, and for the next hour we're gonna be hanging out in the heights. do you know that there are more than a dozen towns throughout cuyahoga valley with heights in the name, like cleveland heights, richmond heights, and actually, shaker is where we're gonna start things off in a place that's gonna get things going on the right foot this morning. let's go. (gentle music) we are starting this show off right. i have erica with me. this place is phenomenal. i have my hot tea, because we're in juma in shaker heights. so they have the coffee house,
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and they have shopping. you're not gonna want to leave this place. but, i love it here! it is one of those concepts that i really wanted to establish as far as it's a whole experience. you come in, you grab a cup of coffee, tea, local bakery, local bagel. and then we have art that we rotate every couple months. and then you just, it's a whole shopping experience. and that's what i wanted to create for juma. - [natalie] i love it, it's so wonderful. so you walk in and then you're blown away because you see this whole second room that is filled with clothes, purses, accessories galore. - [erica] i specialize in comfortable clothes. - [natalie] i can tell. - [erica] what i'm wearing. - i love what you're wearing. and yet so casual. - [erica] very comfortable. - [natalie] so it's comfortable and stylish at the same time. - exactly, exactly. comes from all over. anywhere from europe, to locally made and to us made. and so i try to choose
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and what i like. and that's what it's made up of. - everything looks so comfortable. i'm seeing things hanging along the walls. it's just, it's very very stylish, on top of it all, as you mentioned. - [erica] it is, it is very fun. and we have people come in here because it's sort of a different vibe. you find people coming if their having a bad day. they walk in, and they grab cup of coffee or tea and they walk around and they just kind of change their mood. - so they walk out smiling. - they do, it's awesome. it's really fun. - and this room will definitely make you smile, this last room over here. - [erica] this is kind of like a collection of different artists work. anywhere from ceramics, glass, jewelry. so these are a lot of hand crafted items by local artists and all over. these are really a collection of things that i really would love to have in my home. - i love that piece up top there with the.
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now we've got to come over here to show you what i'm talking about. - [erica] tree branch. - [natalie] i don't know how to explain it. the branches coming out of it. that is beautiful. - [erica] yeah, those are metallic angular vases. these are a very reasonable way to decorate your home. and that's what i sort of look for. it doesn't have to be expensive, but you can be, you know, like choose those items that are very reasonable and just stick a beautiful branch. - just look at these candles, for example. i feel like everything in here is so eye-catching. your eyes are just drawn to these things because they're so unique. i've never seen candles look like that before. - [erica] and it burns so nicely. it doesn't drip. they make great gifts. - [natalie] what are some of your favorite things in here? - [erica] gosh, you know, jewelry certainly is, unsusual jewelry such as. - beautiful. - [erica] you know i really, i focus on really strong design. and very contemporary flair. - i can see that. - i specialize in, as you can see. it's very unusual. you won't find jewelry like that. - [natalie] what
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the whole concept? - [erica] you know, a long time ago i was in new york city and i walked into this market and it had this huge store but it had a cafe and with a beautiful beautiful clothing. and i'm like, i'm gonna do that one of these days. what a fun way to sort of shop. when you can have a glass of, you know. - [natalie] have a cup of joe, or as i drink, hot tea, in your hand. - exactly. and really just, it almost makes it relaxing. it makes it a relaxing thing so you don't feel like you're, you know, sometimes shopping can be a little stressful. - this is really what makes me happy, having a business. and when people come in they immediately breathe air in, you know, they go, ah. "i'm in juma." and it makes their day. and that makes me happy. well, come see erica here at juma. she will make you happy, i promise. you will leave a very happy person. you know where else makes me really happy? there's a place called cosmic bobbins right here in shaker heights, and they're really making a difference
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(slow music) - [voiceover] cosmic bobbins is a lifestyle brand fashioned at the cross roads of business and social good. and we work to create jobs in underserved populations through art space entrepreneurship, sewing education, and outreach. so our boutique hosts over 50 different local entrepreneurs, as well as fair trade vendors. we offer sewing classes, we do a workforce program, as well. our whole mission is about just creating sustainability in the community and giving back to make the world a better place. i actually grew up in a funeral home and it's kind of a unique upbringing. and i think, you know, when reflecting on my life part of the way through i just realized we're all visitors here, right? and sort of, what is our experience about. and what are we contributing to. so that's really the essence of cosmic bobbins. the bobbin, i say, is the medium or the craft,
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about the cosmic part which is all about helping a better place. we work with vendors that do a lot of upcycling and also in our career with our products we've always done we created an upcycling partnership with jack prints this past year. and we take all of their spoilage maybe the color was off or something, and we actually repurpose it into new products. so we've done that with magazines, we've done it with old denim, making it new with embroidery. so we're always looking at ways to sort of take that thing that's thrown out and to give breathe some new life into it. this is a really unique product that we actually made out of recycled magazines. not only is it a way again, to sort of repurpose something that you have laying around. it's also a really funky and fun fashion accessory.
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here in cleveland with local organizations that serve individuals with special needs. united cerebral palsy, cvac and the health organization. and then again, with the work that the people where i was living in mexico at the time to do our folding and weaving on the bags. so we are in the basement of our shop. i say, this is where the magic happens. this is the roots to our wings upstairs. this is where we can host, and do host, our larger classes, and workshops, as well as our workforce training. we accept any type of sewing donations, whether it be fabric notions, threads. anything that really can help our youth and our adult training program manifest their skill set and get practice on the machines. so really, any types of those materials.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america there is time a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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- [voiceover] revealing one of my most favorite places in the cleveland area. we're at the corner of bishop and highland,
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and crostata's is the one place in cleveland maybe northeast ohio where you really feel you're in italy, isn't that true? - well we try to make it feel like that, yes. we try to do, everything we have is from italy and all our dough, our flour, our tomatoes, our oil. cheeses. - [david] the guys that cook. (mumbling) is from italy, isn't he? - [john] well he's almost from italy. it's sort of it's in central america but it's a different kind of italy he's from. - [david] i love that. he is a terrific chef. and pasta. - and marion, she's from italy also. central america italy. - what's she making over here? - [john] she's making (foreign language) - [david] little (foreign language) so this, all the stuff you make here is from scratch. - [john] yeah, that's the (foreign language) we put in there, and we use caputo flour. - [david] the flour. - [john] yes. - [david] so these things are like clouds. they're tender, delicious. - [john] very very light. - [david] where do you get your recipe? - [john] i stole it from my mother. (laughing) she left me in march. - [david] aw, that's sad. - [john] i can't ask anybody for help anymore.
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- [david] well i'm sure she taught you right. carl, well he's a great one. this is the quagliago family, i forgot to tell you folks about that. and when they get into the food thing they do it right every single time. now this oven you've got here, what's going on with that? - [john] that was made by stefano ferraro. he's out of naples, italy. it came here, two guys and three days they built that from scratch. it's unbelievable. i have photographs of how it went up so fast. it's unreal. how they built it, they worked so hard. - [david] and it works unreal too. - [john] we got like 1200 degrees in there. - [david] 1200? - we cook at about 800 750 to 800 degrees. - how long does it take a pizza like that to cook? - approximately 90 seconds we cook it. she makes the ravioli, she makes the (foreign language) she makes just the meatballs that we have. she's the (foreign language) we call her. she's the machine. - [david] the machine. - [john] she's a machine. - yeah, we should have her on the show, the studio shows how to make some of these things because she does all different kinds, right? - [john] she's better than me, i know that. - [david] so look at that, here comes some. - [john] and i taught her and now she's better than me. that's really bad.
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that means i was really bad. - [david] look at the size of those ravioli. what are those stuffed with john? - [john] we have in there we have (foreign language), we have (foreign language) parmesan, we have (foreign language) which is a sheeps milk, cheese, and we have parsley, salt and pepper. - i know when you started you just had pretty much the pizzas, now you have some of these great pastas coming along. - [john] everything we've added is all new things. we just added a new one yesterday. we added a steak. - really? - a steak arugula yesterday. - see, this is like one of those little places you find in italy. here's a little (foreign language) look at that. so that's what it looks like when they're made, they're gonna sauce those off. so this is the cannoli right here, a little pistachio on there. everything is so light and beautiful. and this is, what do you call this john? - [john] the cannoli? - [david] no, the lemon thing. - [john] it's a lemon curd, it's a napoleon. napoleon (foreing language) - [david] so you come to this place
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casual pizza italian kind of restaurant and you are, and then you end up getting the finest quality food you can find. - [john] we have a pizza coming out of the oven now. - we've got that pizza coming out? - [john] yeah, and there's your pastas. look at this, beautiful. - [david] is that pretty, or what? and what do you call the salad? a little chicken salad there? - [john] yes caesar, chicken caesar. - [david] and here's the pizza. look at this coming out. whoa, let me get out of the way. oh is that great, and this is called a classic pizza, right? - [john] no, that's a margherita. - [david] oh a margherita. - [john] a doc. that's buffalo mozzarella. - [david] which is the great stuff. - [john] right. - and that comes - from campagna in italy, yes. tell you, you don't skimp on these ingredients. beautiful fresh basil. - [john] parsley. pound of cheese. - [david] $12 a pound. it's a great place. you know the one mistake i make when i come to crostata's is i always get a pizza i wanted to try the pasta,
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next thing you know i got more food, but you got to try it all. - [john] you can always take it home david. (laughing) - [david] i love it. crostata's on the corner of bishop and highland. and it is a magical spot, check it out. thanks a lot john. - [john] thank you david. - [david] i appreciate it. - [john] my pleasure. (pop music) - - [natalie] we are now in richmond heights at all city candy. and we're sweetening things up, just a bit. elisabeth, right now we are kind of in like the what would you call this aisle here? - i consider this the novelty items. so there's a lot of toys with all have candy inside. but theme type items. there's disney themed items, just a lot of different fun items that are great for just things that make kids, and adults, be happy. (laughing) - [natalie] all of us, right? - [elisabeth] did you see the different candy buttons? - i ate those when i was a kid. i ate those when i was a kid. i've had these when i was a kid. - [elisabeth] oh yeah. - [natalie] everything here it remind me of that.
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- [natalie] what about over here, i see some really unique items that are different that i really haven't seen in many places. i see, what looks to be a champagne bottle, but i have a feeling that there's chocolate involved somehow. - yes, this is a chocolate champagne bottle. great for any occasion. new years eve, valentines day, anniversary. just something, something extra special. - for any occasion, that is so adorable. - yes, yes. - and then to really commemorate some kind of occasion in your life, how about that? - [elisabeth] so this is a new line we're carrying called chocolate greetings. and everything can be custom made. so you can do a business card with your logo, you can do a picture for a wedding. this was a really cute one, it's a cd that we're doing, chocolate rocks. cleveland rocks. just something, if you have a theme, we can do it. we have over 600 bulk items bins there with different types of things. there's candy by color. if you have a pink and blue theme
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there's candy for baby showers. so the bulk has been fabulous. gummy bears, and i don't know, there's like 30 different flavors of gummy bears. they're fabulous. so you can pick and choose what you like. you don't have to buy a huge five pound bag. you can pick a little bit of this, a little bit of that. the bulk has been extremely popular. - [natalie] you know what else is pretty popular i'm hearing is this little chocolate room you have back there, where you're dipping everything! - yes, yes. - i would love to go back in there and see how it's done. - oh, let's do that. - okay. - [natalie] so this is where all of the magic happens, so to speak, back here. i see guyver hard at work. - [elisabeth] so this is our production room. we are dipping our own pretzels, oreos, nutter butters, and we're expanding the whole line of chocolate dipped deliciousness. i think they are being extremely well-received. we do custom baskets in it, we do individual pieces. you can pretty much pick and choose what you'd like to do. - i have a question for you real quick.
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to eat all this once you're sitting here making it? huh? - it gets easier. - [natalie] be truthful! - it gets easier the longer i do it. (laughing) - [natalie] you get sick of seeing it, right? so over here is where you have, this is just probably just a little sampling of everything you can do. - correct, this is a small sampling. so we have different types of baskets. this one has a little nice selection of a bunch of different pretzels. there's some chocolate covered oreos, nutter butters, chocolate covered caramel corn which is delicious. these are all low grade items. so you can do like twisted six. or you can do, this is really cool, it's a bucket of individually and we have some with so this makes a great gift to grab for an office party. - [natalie] i tell you, that wouldn't last more than two hours in our office. so we would probably need to get several of these we're talking about. - very good. here's like a little sampling. - [natalie] which one do you think i should go for? - [elisabeth] gosh, they're all so good.
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- [natalie] you know what this one would probably be the easiest for me to chomp on. - [elisabeth] okay. - and then i'm gonna steal one of those later. - absolutely. - so we're all city candy in richmond heights and you can order great things online, as well, right? - [elisabeth] we sell everything in the store online. - [natalie] you can find anything you want here i'm telling you. thank you so much - thank you. - i'll try this now. just one of many bites. (laughing)
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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- [natalie] well here is a gem in shaker heights. we are at loganberry books right on larchmere boulevard. harriett, you could find just about anything you're looking for in these four walls. - we have about 100,000 of them. - so, just about anything would be probably correct. - yes. - is what i'm saying. what i love about a place like this is with technology these days everybody's turning to that to read things. but i am so old-school and i love being able to leaf through a book, and i'm sure that's why you do this too. - we actually have a feature online called stump the bookseller where people can find their long lost memories. an author named sara manacuso was looking for a book and found it through stump the bookseller and she wrote a nice little tribute to us yesterday in sundays new york times. - [natalie] wow, so you're getting some live recognition there too. (laughing) so take me through here, if someone were walking in the first time, it's huge. so guide me through this. - we have a huge childrens department
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of the skylight room. the building is a 1939 studdebacher showroom so we kind of made a mess of it and put in a lot of wood. (laughing) we have childrens books from, really focusing on early 20th century, but we have older ones from early 19th century, as well. - wow. - we have books on art and collectibles on the other half of the room. this next room is all non-fiction. a huge stand of local books, cleveland authors, cleveland history. one of the best greeting card collections in the city, i dare say. - absolutely. - [harriett] thank you. - [natalie] oh, someone agrees on that one! (laughing) i'm sure people are like blown away kind of when they walk in here and they want to just keep coming back for more. - [harriett] there's always more to look at. and we have events twice nightly each week. wednesdays and thursday nights we're open late. we have book signings, annex gallery openings, we'll get there. book club. - very awesome. okay, let's keep
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because, oh, what is this, is this art area here? - lit arts is where the special events are. and all our fiction. - [natalie] wow the shelfs, the shelf after shelf after shelf. everywhere you look. and who did you find here? - this is otis. - [natalie] is otis part of does he, is he for sale too? - he is not for sale. - [natalie] okay. - he's one of our chief workers, he's our main greeter here. - claws out. (laughing) so this room, i'm guessing, you have a lot of the different groups that when they come in some in here. this seems like a very big. - [harriett] exactly. - [natalie] space. - [harriett] we'll have a book signing for marion dorel russell here, and this is where the open mics and the music events are. - and i want to point out too only all these books that you can buy in all different genres. but you have very rare books, as well. it's true. - [natalie] so a little bit of everything, depending otis is not for sale, but the books are, so come and check them out here at loganberry books right in shaker heights. i'm gonna let you go because you are not happy to be with us, are you buddy? (laughing)
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- [harriett] let's go. - [voiceover] while that's going we can check our bone. cork and cleaver i would describe is a contemporary american cuisine. a lot of people, i think, when they have experiences with fois gras bone marrow and things like that. opal, sweetgrass, stuff like that, they have never really had it prepared the right way. so i think when somebody actually has it the way it is supposed to be prepared, a lot of care taken in the preparation of it, i think they find a greater appreciation for it. something that they may be a little afraid of is more, you know, is less scary, i guess. - we kind of take things that you know and put a twist on it. for instance, our reuben ribs. it has all the flavors and components of a reuben sandwich, but obviously in a much different fashion. and between a couple slices of bread. it's definitely not traditional. it's traditional in a sense that the owners,
10:26 am
which is one of our most popular dishes. but when you look at it it does not look like anything grandma used to make. just in a little bit of a different presentation. this is our, what we call our board. it has bone marrow with a sweet sweet onion burgundy puree. it basically, the marrow with inside when you scrape it out of the bone, it kind of is like a spread. almost like a butter would be. it just has very intense meat flavor to it. we have pork belly with a jalepeno jam. and then we have foie gras with a cherry and raisin mostarda. mostarda is basically a sweet and spicy chutney. it's an italian chutney, basically. we change it up, we put different fruits in it. depending on what's available and what's in season. scallop dish is new. we just changed the presentation of it. it's a cauliflower and vanilla broth on the inside. and then there's a little bit of radish slaw
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and blood orange vinaigrette. i think the area was lacking in something unique like this. we were also familiar with the area and the area was familiar with us because we we're in right now. five years ago, six years ago. so there was a short learning curve. but the gist of it is there's not a lot of diversity food-wise in this area. to feed brecksville, broadview heights, richfield. so we kind of brought (mumbling) little bit closer. (mumbling) type restaurant a little bit closer to the suburbs. obviously in our name the social kitchen and part of why we wanted to do that is because we have two chefs, three chefs, under the same roof. one of them's always out front, whether it be me or my brother-in-law. the other one's always in the back preparing the food. we don't want to be like a chain restaurant where you don't know who the (mumbling) is or mr. olive garden is. you come here, we want to be a part of your life and you to be a part of ours, as well, because you're supporting us. we want to make sure that we get to know people, and
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hence the social kitchen. we have our own farms a couple streets away that we grow some of our produce. - [brian toomey] and our lovely ribs to go on top. - [brian okin] we also try and buy locally. there's a butcher down the street called french butcher that he processes and sources a lot of local meats for us. our lamb and our pork, and whatnot. but again, for us local is more about supporting the community that supports us. so we're gonna get the most best possible product wherever we can when we but we try to find it locally first. - [natalie] stay tuned for more of our road trip
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the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals,
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american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. talk about a local store that is making a difference in lives all over the world. we're here in cleveland heights at ten thousand villages. and laura, you have items in here from all over the world. - we do. - what's the whole idea behind the store and the concept here? - the concept here is that we are a non-profit fair trade store. so everything in our store is handmade. we work in 36 developing countries right now. it's about 130 artists and groups. so each item here has a story. we represent the work that they do the culture that they're in here to the states to sell and support their communities overseas. - it is. - so every item has a story.
10:32 am
is there a story behind. - [laura] sure. - [natalie] anything particular in this section? - [laura] so up front here we have our new spring items. this gorgeous sari basket is actually kaze grass that is wrapped with recycled fabric that the women in india wear. it's their traditional dress, but once it's been used or it's torn, they take the material so as to not waste, and wrap it in something new. whether it's a basket, we've got a pillow here. a smaller one down there. these flowers are also the sari material. and as you can see, each one is completely different, completely unique, and it will never be the same exact one again. - i'm looking at some of these pieces like this elephant and the giraffe. what's something like that made out of? - they are fantastic, they're actually made with banana fiber. - [natalie] are you kidding me? - [laura] so banana fiber whether it's in the sculptures or on the mirror, or complimenting picture frame
10:33 am
so that they're also creating a collection that will sell in the states. - [natalie] how often are you changing things in and out of the store? with it being that you're going to all of these countries overseas to bring in your goods. - [laura] yeah. - [natalie] how often are we seeing things change? - [laura] we bring in new items about once a month. it could be home decor items, it could be a holiday specialty for easter or spring. and then each season we like to rotate our store out so that if it's spring and summer, we'll have that featured at the front of the store. and that also gives every artist and group a chance to be represented and kind of have that spotlight. so it'll change as we get to fall and as we hit the holidays, as well. - can we go look at this jewelry over here? - of course. (laughs) we carry jewelry and accessories from india, peru, the congo. a lot of different places here. you'll see really exciting things in silver, in recycled newspaper, recycled glass beads. and some of these have a really great story
10:34 am
out of recycled metals. this one in particular is from a group in kenya, they're the baballoo workshop. they actually had a devastating fire earlier this month, and so ten thousand villages is working with them to create a special needs fund which is part of why we pay them a fair wage is so that if an event like this does happen that they have money to recover. and that we here at the store at our level can highlight their goods and push their sales so that we can order more from them to keep them in production and survive this. - [natalie] so wonderful. you have a whole wedding section too that we didn't, haven't even touched on. a whole bunch of different wedding gifts you can give to people. - [laura] definitely. we try and stay, again, what does the us need and how can we market it so that they stay current and relevant to push the sales of their goods. because that's really how they survive and how we commit to them in keeping a fair wage to support their economies. - [natalie] i love it, such a great cause, such a great thing to get yourself involved in and take away something so beautiful from someone half
10:35 am
- yes. it's a global mission on a local level. - love what you do. and there are plenty wonderful things here in our local community, uses pillowcases to make a difference. (slow music) - [voiceover] i've been sewing since i was a little girl. never had any desire but sarah has been extremely ill that year so i had left my full-time job to take care of her. and she got much better and we were asked if we wanted this space in this building that we were already in. i think i'll take it "and open a quilt shop." i had no idea what i was doing, i didn't know anything about running a quilt shop, but it just seemed like a really great fit for sarah and i that we could do together. and shortly before that, sarah had made a pillowcase for a friend who was in the hospital waiting for a bone marrow transplant. and that pillowcase because it was the first sat down and sewed a complete project. and it of course meant so much to the recipient, because
10:36 am
and that really got me to thinking that you know what, sarah could really be a significant part of this business. and so we really set the business up so that we have sarah's social lounge and that's where we do a lot of sewing. you've got the foot pedal where you want it? - [sarah] yeah. - okay. you've got it. we've continued with that pillowcase project. it's in a ministry for us and we have made over 3,000 pillowcases now. we deliver them to childrens hospitals, cancer centers, and we, four times a year have a weekend where people come in and help us sew the pillowcases. sarah continues sewing them when she's here during the day, on her own time, and we just continue that project. she's my little miracle girl. and american patchwork and quilting three years ago i believe, concept called the one million
10:37 am
and their thought process is that a pillowcase is something that is very simple to make, but it can have such meaning to someone that is either sick, homeless, has been in a rehab center for a long long time. and their goal is to get to one million pillowcases. the fulfillment of having her hands involved in a project that is then going on to someone else that she's helping someone else. it's just such a good feeling for her to be able to participate in the sewing. and she also makes quilts. it's just been such a wonderful thing to observe because it just wasn't something that i initially thought that she would be able to do. and i certainly never thought that we would be working side-by-side. and the other thing is sarah has really proven to be such an inspiration for so many people. for a family that has a young child with down syndrome sarah is one example of that this isn't a doom and gloom situation. this is a fabulous
10:38 am
that you have been given to have a child that will grow with you will just surprise you so many time over and over again. and that's, such as a mom, that's just such a wonderful feeling. - [natalie] after the break more food and fun on new day cleveland. american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies
10:39 am
and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and we need voters who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way
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10:40 am
i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
10:41 am
- [john] on the road again, we are in mayfield heights at a place called piccolo. let me move this bowl so folks can see this. what are these things? - these are (foreign language). - (foreign language) - which is old italian cookie made two at a time. it takes about probably less than minute to cook each one. we probably make 500 cookies a week. - 500 cookies a week. okay, i look around here and i see everybody, it's only like noon. or 12:30 in the afternoon and this place is on fire. so you guys are doing a business here. - [joanne] yes we are. we have been rocking and rolling since we opened the door. and we did it basically by word of mouth. - [david] i got to tell you something, the food looks delicious. so this is the (foreign language) coming out. - [joanne] this is the (foreign language) coming out. yep. and they're put on a sheet, and dried. you see those are
10:42 am
you burned a couple. - i did. (laughing) - so you call them chocolate ones, i like that. so i see a lot of great dishes around here like what kind of food is on the menu? - [joanne] well basically it's an italian menu. a lot of traditional items but we do also have items that are the nouveau, you know, what the young kids like to eat. for instance we have all the parmesan veal, and chicken, and eggplant. and we have items like a short rib (foreign language) which is a short ribs pulled off the bone made into a mixture and put into almost like a ravioli homemade dough. and then served with a (foreign language) wine sauce. - [david] i did sneak in here one time, didn't i, and i tried these appetizers. - [man] yeah, you did. - very special and different. tell the folks what these are right here. - this is our calamari giovanni. it's calamari sauteed with sweet and hot peppers, sherry wine, and plum tomatoes. it's one of our most popular apps. - [david] this blew
10:43 am
other most popular app. people like the presentation. it's panko breaded zucchini. with garlic aoili and arugula. - wow. fabulous man. - good stuff, isn't it? - [david] yeah. - eggplant parmesan. appetizer, that's very good. - [david] what about you? - the special frittata for the day. - [david] i was here the other day and i had a spaghetti that was fantastic. it was called lamb ragu, so it was like a meat sauce with lamb in it. - a bolognase. yes, on a (foreign language) noodle. - it was fantastic. okay, do you own the place? - my cousin christopher is the primary owner. - he's the chef with the white shirt on? - yes. - the big fellow. - he's the brains behind this whole business. - this is a (foreign language) we add a little porcini mushroom dust to it. gives it a nice rich flavor. - [david] and it looks like a bit of a family affair too, because i met a couple people already. like over here, can i take one of your
10:44 am
- oh yeah, absolutely. - that's okay. - there you go. - i'm gonna take it, check this out folks. this is like, this is for the grandchild. okay, here you go. eva, right? do you want that? oh. - thank you. - [david] i think that might be a winner, huh? hey eva, let me see those eyes, huh? look at those pretty eyes. you are beautiful. so this is your granddaughter, huh? - [joanne] it is my granddaughter. - [david] well you know what i like about this place too? it's so casual, but at the same time it's white table cloths. - [joanne] right. - [david] it's beautifully decorated. - [joanne] thank you. - [david] but the prices really reflect a more casual place. - [joanne] thank you. that's what we intended to do. it's a restaurant for everybody. i'd like to think that this is like a big girl bar. in other words, it's for grown ups. and we have on fridays and saturday night music sometimes, and it's filled with adults my age, and younger. - oh, so it's all young people then. - no, there's definitely not young people. (laughing) some young people. - joanne, thank you so much.
10:45 am
- you've got a beautiful family a beautiful restaurant, it's called piccolo. we're over here we're on sunset road right by five guys, easy to find. - thank you honey. - how do you say thank you in italian? - mwah, (foreign language) - [david] (foreign language) (gentle music) - [natalie] in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. that is what you are going to find here at savvy chic boutique in broadview heights. maria, i love your store. - thank you. - it is awesome. and you have quotes up all over the walls all from coco chanel. - we do. - [natalie] and they make women feel really good, i would think, as they walk in here and try on some wonderful clothes. - yes, women do like that. - so what all do you have in here for ladies? - we have a pretty varied assortment. something for everyone. we carry a lot of unique styles just for boutiques. so you won't find them in your larger retailers. - [natalie] and i love this because when you're walking through and you're looking at the racks you're going to see just like probably one of every size, maybe two. so it's when you're
10:46 am
it's going to be almost one-of-a-kind to you. - [maria] correct. - i love this. - [maria] we do carry small assortments of each style. and that's on purpose so that once it's gone it's gone, and then we'll be getting something new in. so there's always something new coming in every week, as well. - so cute, so you have everything from obviously cute sweaters, dresses. - [maria] yes. - [natalie] what else do you carry? - [maria] we have accessories, handbags. we do carry the brighten jewelry line which a lot of women like. they like to collect the pieces. so there's something for everyone. - [natalie] cute scarves. - yes. - very colorful, it makes you think spring and summer. gets you in the spirits. where are you buying your accessories and clothes from when you're bringing them in? - most of it comes from new york and l.a. we shop all over though, we have some canadian lines, we have some european lines. we really try to scour the market for the best things
10:47 am
- [natalie] and i see you really came to the moms when they come in with their kids. - yes. - [natalie] which i think are cute little things, so when the kids come in they can actually have a little bit of fun too. - [maria] yes, they love it. we have a kids table up front, it keeps them occupied so the moms can shop and they love me putting up their picture at the end. - [natalie] now obviously seasonal, so i'm guessing how often are you heading to different places to bring in these types of clothes for people? - we shop about every three months. we go, there's markets everywhere. so they'll come to us, and we go to them. - [natalie] i do see, i know we mentioned some of the accessories, you have a lot of different thing. do you have any favorites? anything that really stands out to you that when you come in most people are drawn to, as well? - that's a hard one. - it's hard. it's like your children, right, you love them all the same, right? - [maria] you really do. everything i bring in is really i love it so much to bring it in.
10:48 am
to our fashion jewelry. we have earrings that are six dollars. and so people love the we have a local designer, the yellow bird collection. - very cool. - so we have, again an assortment to fit everyone's liking and pricepoint. - you're not gonna do too much damage on the wallet - exactly. - well, depending on if you stay here and you want to put one of everything, then you can end up doing a little damage right? - right, yes. - maria, thank you so much. - you're so welcome. - we're gonna have more from our in the heights show, don't you go anywhere. (gentle music)
10:49 am
there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries
10:50 am
we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
10:51 am
- [voiceover] we're unique in the business because i think total, we've got about 150 years, if you added us altogether, what we've been at it and we're, we like to call ourselves lifers. we're not waiting to do something else, this is what we all like to do.
10:52 am
and everybody's been a framer for most of their adult life. i think that makes us pretty special. i think what we have that a lot of people don't have is an interest, and that we really care how they look at the end, and we love it. everybody here just loves to do it comes in on paper and it's a finished product when we're done. and it always, or hopefully always, looks better when we're finished with it. that's our goal at any rate. and that's different. the most important part of it is to know what looks best on the piece and to not have it overpower it. you want somebody to notice the artwork first and the frame second. which is sometimes difficult because there's your egos involved, but we really don't want the customer to say, "nice frame." if someone says that then you didn't do a very good job. it's got to be plain and interesting at the same time.
10:53 am
difficult every year. as you can see, the choices are crazy. i don't know, we have well over 1,000 patterns and there is no right frame. people come in and say they want exactly the right frame. well, it's like the right shoe, there isn't one. but we can pretty much tell you what's the wrong one. that's even easier. people are collecting more and people have more time to make art too. so a lot of my customers are, if not professional artists, at least very very accomplished hobbyists. and so they have a lot of framing that way. we frame scarves, that's one thing we've done a lot of lately. of course, oil paintings, and works on paper. and quite a few objects, we do a lot of objects. well, there's some things around, some mittens, some baby objects, and a lot of three dimensional things. we have a skull we
10:54 am
that someone collected. and let's see, a lot of childrens artwork. which is rarely flat because when it's brought home from school it's sort of a little bit wrinkled so we like to keep it that way. people bring back a lot of things from vacation that aren't just paper. so we're challenged every once in awhile by something terrific. our goal is to make them look special. (playful music) - [voiceover] there just wasn't anything like that around, where you can go and people you know family friendly place too where people can bring their kids and families. sometimes a parent just wants to have a bowl of soup, and the kids want to have an ice cream. so that's how we kind of brought things together. - the soup today, we have vegetarian and mushroom garlic. - [voiceover] we usually have two flavors of soup a day. mushroom barley, vegetable, french onion, split pea. so we kind of alternate on days. my husbands the caramel corn expert.
10:55 am
to cool it off like this so they don't stick together. - [voiceover] he actually invented his own recipes for that, as well. - [voiceover] we have five flavors of caramel corn. with caramelized peanuts, caramelized pecans. we have a hot and spicy, which i like. and then we have our special double chocolate caramel corn that's coated with white chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate. that's addictive. - [voiceover] we do everything on site. we do all our dark chocolate here. we make, we can do things like making baskets out of chocolate. we can do anything with chocolate, pretty much. we have a large variety of ice cream. we usually have 12 different flavors. and we also have soft serve, as well. - [voiceover] this is a s'mores waffle. it's literally a s'more and a waffle.
10:56 am
our homemade chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream. - [linda] we always liked waffles. so we used to go do some catering outside. and people were just going crazy when we'd bring our waffles there with these crazy toppings. and they started hiring us for private parties. and so we thought, wow, this is great. maybe we actually opened something up and people really seem to enjoy it. - [voiceover] warm apples topped with graham crackers. a scoop of vanilla ice cream. top that with some whipped cream. a little bit of our homemade chocolate sauce. and we top that off with some caramel. - [linda] people like it because it's like a fun atmosphere. - [jim] when you walk into some other place you know you're gonna have a good time. - [natalie] well there you have it. we crammed a lot into that one hour and that was just visiting about six of the heights. so as i mentioned before there's plenty to get to and i'm sure there's one right near your town. so go check out your favorite spots and give us your opinion. we always love to hear it. either email us, or facebook us. i'm natalie herbick
10:57 am
on the next new day cleveland. so long. (upbeat music) the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money.
10:58 am
bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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