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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  March 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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fire. right. the tiny house do you jackson is in town when you where you can see them and get some budget building tensing great a gift for obviously i do not watch the
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we noticed that that everything happy friday. good morning to have i hope you guys are having a great start tuesday in some areas are couple of snowflakes flying out there there's the front close by and a beautiful sunrise this morning. a few decorative floating clouds up thereng produce all for a cuyahoga falls across the
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become a bit more prevalent. you willco love what you see in the eight-day note our top story. neighbors and the localth community are and pins and needles this crime is w ee
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obbery in this case neighbors say they saw and heard nothing who apparently also with her residence. investigators say that darlington was repeatedly stabbed to the people who live nearby they saydst is no way she would have been a threat to anybody. resolution is very nice to see l
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ss after reported attempting incident she was approached by two thirds had a pickup trucky while walking her mistress for school and they're asking her to get in. she tells police that there is a beta play chart the driver looked a little older look away.
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anything right now the medical examiner expressed the concern of the increase in overdose death. the cavaliers a large led pen on top of the roof the arena we want to make sure that that place is a live
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hang out there that there's not just the rock 'n roll hall of fame though we live on this
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he created folks watching lots of kids are out there to do what donald trumps phone number find
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some of them pleasure comments
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/lithium player is is not
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until he gives us the rest of the bad news let's talk about how wonderful of a place this is to work. we really are. considering the alternative.e. be that as it may a bright
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cordial shotin from the roof camera here at fox 8 yesterday. look at i used to close that did such a decorative field to the atmosphereth and great st. patrick's day for sure in cleveland the only bump in the weather road was the wind it was really coming in. forty at mentor 41 in brunswick. westlake is 40 cuyahoga falls in ravenna pulled checking in at 36. will cause the clouds to
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blustery night too. incredible news that he's accused of saying i camera does it help or hurt his case. you buy a new car in the future it's going to be a big change. and how it's expected to keep roads safer. we are going to explain are going to share your stories
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associated with people they issued a statement saying they
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peoplea supreme court nominee is making the rounds on capitol hill they met with senator minority leaderet republican leadersic are standing. friends. say they will not allow i hearing or a vote. the man accused of killing natalie holloway has confessed to the crime. saying he lied to police the holidays thata he is guilty and except everything is done. he was loves to be seen with her hard to believe it's been a long he's currently imprisoned inim
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2010. there was carrying 59 people on the lightning bolt of the around sixx there was a flashing lightgh in a big explosion were not
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electrician. they say it was not work related and he did not have a job that would be required that he be that close to the edge so his second they were given the woman inside the car was not even her. it's an 1100-foot skyscraper will be the tallest building west of the mississippi when it's completed. bu your car will soon do that breaking for a they've reached a big deal with federal regulators to have a piece standard by 20, it works by using a car centers and it will apply the brakes to avoid the crash of the driver doesn't. someme new models arty have a great technology the national highway traffic safety administration says 35,000 people dying crashes each year and this will prevent thousands of accidents. our sons are driving a channel. this is something that you want
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especially with boystr you don't want to become dependent on us that's what i fear with a lot of technology weirdat i can text because it will stop my car automaticallytt just that extra safety measure behind june it's been more than a year since a local man wasbe's they have to what's her work to make northeast are more profitable when it comes to shooting movies right here in our area. happy friday everyone. temperatures on their wayry
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40s it will be that warm the speak in.
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new details in the case of a local man a i had died of a concert did he fall down a cherish it rigid someone put them there. there is always some speculation about what happened and how could it have happened for the first avenue pictures and new details and the mystery death peggy gallek has this exclusive story. the fox 8 i team obtained these photographs taken an inside look at the investigation surrounding the death of 22 -year-old cory there who died after falling down a garbage chute during a chase and outing in 2014.
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trash chute that the 6-foot to 225-pound cory berndt is alleged to have gotten into the night he died.t eg circumstances surrounding the death he just graduated from college and had a new job with a great day limit knowsan sign of despondency or depression that international research group a team of retired federal agents as they corey staley to investigate don't believe that his death was an accident say he had bruises to the head and chest h that were caused prior to his death.w we believe the blows to the head into the ribs indicate the probabilities kids was hit and kickeded and then picked up and sent feet first on that garbage chutet leading them to that conclusion our discussions with hissc family police or the corners
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section 541 who gave this chilling account sometimes between 945 945 the concert beganun in 10:00 p.m. he was seen in section 541 in an argument with a young man there he turned to leave and he was followed by several individuals that was the last he was seeing a witness also provided these pictures thates show others in that section theseth individuals are just witnesses investigators hope to talk to. these are photographs seated they are. we hope that they will recognize asas doesn't call corey's family said they just want to know what happened. they don't know. we don't know. we're hoping thatn' someone out there's no something.
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line. the county coroner caught little bit asht undetermined event any information they're asking for your help them find their contactf information in the story out our we've seen them moving shot here in ohio. once they did the settlementen they go to the station and do the rest the film commission is looking to build the soundstage in northeast ohio and keep all that money here. the greater cleveland film commission's' stint statements increase taxt incentives some more movies can be made here film commission is hoping that they will pass legislation and make it sound stage to be built on the year and a half that
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bring this movie is here. it shall live ready to welcome visitors for 58 straight year the popular display created by family will open at legacy village which is great they're able to take it from that housegr today's hours run from 4-7 starting tomorrow the open at noon each day and take place through easter sunday. we always look forward to that covering that. that's great. it's so amazing detail.t. it really is given done a you've heard about ago visit and bring your kids it's really awesome visual never seen anything else like it. a judge's order in pennsylvania
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rehire one of their workerswh you can do to spurgeon's paul false statements about chipola sought went to court. social media policyy violates national relation relay present so they have to rehire the skypel it to put the policy of abuse and social media. anything you find that you don't approve of even if it wasn't directly about chipola i had a rough day at work thatly to spirit sheit did some there was never had to deal with it was an issue back in the day. there are so many opinions on the as no surprise that there would be this is what were talking about the thomas a get you some of those comments stop
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freedom of speech. sue says stand up for your right many peopleyo fear they will get fired if they stand up for their rights because management things they cange get away with tests sorry but laws are laws for a reasonst i'm glad there judge favorite his rights. if you choose to shoot your mouth off on social media not only can your current employer see it but so can potential employees it's best to know beforew you post a lot of workplaces have a social media policy if you have that as a condition of employment that you can't it bring it to keep your job best to know if before you rent.
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i don't know if there's anything she was fired before she even started some say the has of a positive social media presence of them just not fire stuff
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all the time tested and will keep you are you doing here link to both of the several people work be illegal in with the punishment would be male birth control pillsun was that close to becoming reality for now they work. you can meet him and get some tips are designing your house on
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some lawmakers wanted to texting unlocking is jaywalking make it also get you up to 15 days in jail.
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throw dollar 50 you can bring it home, participating convenience stores and sell it up with us with a few choice it has to fit the slippery machine you can't bring this angle it up to the stop hts it runs today and tomorrow from 11-7. who need to mention when you can get everything you've ever wanted in a tiny home the plasticallywa you known for creating the micro masterpieces. before we get into thatt we have a browns connection even though you're from bostonon my grandfather was a huge cleveland
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he left the city he started a fan club he didn't want include we like you already. that's great. you and your brother have this amazing show going on we've been building tiny house builders and it's been great that those stuff without put up with we have to spend a lot of their money building the stuff that i never would've tackled otherwisehi is just evolved into this and a lotlo of coffee too.f how did you do your own show lot
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they're noto international stars. they released a couple books and you to buy accident not thick 270 video is something to these guys a lot of things have thank you there's a couple of wondering 580 square feet which thunder they want to put them in different spots is that pittsburgh is doinginff a lot of other cities turns do something a lot of tv showss that paving the way in populated and acceptance to the future buildsnd there's a lot of people pushing
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in portland oregonon is a couple others in the works he wanted tried time you can go to the hotele stay there in the different houses. the be houses and forever retired what the advantage of having a tiny house. i could never happen. it goes on and on and less invasive are people willing
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subset of boston dinnertime so the bathroom and embedded in it has everything is hidden in my backyard so husbands might be doingba things on her to get check you can meet them this weekend at the cleveland conventions fiscally disease rate we can. that's fun. we appreciate that. what kind of lines of the bloodline continues digital 911 emergency crews are being taken
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people are getting instant help face-to-face.eo how about paid days off from work after pet dies. this is something there now often. how often do you visit your family my granddaughter's photos going viral it's making people cherish the time with their
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no more companies are all that cause side effects like waking
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the time that's not good odds.s. 20 percent. i don't months might be included
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this is so heartbreakingb grandfather move six hours away and i foundmo us my sister's due to its that that many kids are
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grandparents.side it's a sign of the time. shame on them. this is t becoming that with they don't even make time for the exam .-period-paragraph i would give anything to do to do that now they should be ashamed of themselves as an important message that we just lost her
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in the car i go to, i miss her so much.
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we will be right back.
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(light piano music) - welcome to new day cleveland, i'm natalie herbick and we are in the beautiful town of gahanna, ohio. if you're not familiar, it's just outside of columbus and it is five minutes away from what has become known as the rodeo drive of the midwest. i'm talkin' about easton town center. but one of the neatest things about this town is that it is ohio's herb capital, can you believe that? and you might be


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