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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  March 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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there waiting for that warm-up from aj. it's been a little while his springtime temperatures now after 41. that's thanks to the south wind with a warmer temperatures handling into the 50s today50 factor in the winds we still have some 20sct with fewer and farther between with southland at 13 milesth per hour. those winds will begin to tell the story. here's s a look at our planner. sun and clouds a little bit milder withit a 5:00 sitting at 56
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declined through the overnight hours and wayne and seven -- wayne and stefani that eight-day forecast as shown brussels is under attackis and anna bomb blasted a metro station about an hourst and a half later. we now have cell phone video from inside the airport moments after the blast the smoke in the air and people on the ground
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for their lives coming just four days after one of the suspected planners a place known as a hotbed for terrorist activity inti the location where they had carried out with limited ways of those terrace attack is 8:00 a.m. in brussels went to suicide bombs. detonated in a busy departure area. there were a lot of people. take a look at some of these photos they were posting the
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to reporters and other high interest areaan no trades training in or around the city they're asking people to stay home and staff their cell phone and off wi-fi this cooking all assistance. our hearts go out to those folks are. we've been there we certainly understand. stacy fry reporting pit in other headlinesac trying to figure out whatt sparked a deadly night placepa the masculine fired she says they started with a call
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after an early morning fire that they were called to john avenueaf the extent of that person's injuries is unknown. teachers rallied outside the high school to protest 52 positions the 2016 since the 2007 administrators say they
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to increase we wanted to give individualized attention to kids who need it. it's going to end the teachers that our kids there expected to think this with this is a three and a half million the city must cut more than $3 million in balance the budget by march 31.
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shootings in the city and are heroin epidemic. there often other ideas city was with a problem, jamie noon wednesday night. they passed a balance pleasantnt for 2016 council voted no index members did know who the classroom. on the rise especially those for the consent decree negotiated with the federal governmentt can't just go down a proposed new tax on ticketed events that ordinance would would have his is set to emissions taxr city
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generate enough revenue a start county man dies inside the tent can he was almost infectious to be around people love to be
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it was just that nominal. like he was our family he was to celebrate his two year wedding anniversary they've released a
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you would make my day. this is not absolutely beautiful. absolutely speaking as beginning of the day on vacation.. that doesn't mean it should
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the kids get too much time for spring break. here's my we are talking about this the new article sayski that they get a full week off for break. they can go on their trip so schools have started to giveo students out there off to. they're going too far and they don't need that much time off from school. it's a day. if your kids are doing okay if the day off. i have done it not so much now if you need to get out of town to take early. to me it's not a deep pick you if you're going to spend the money to go to disney or florida where it's warm if you're going to spend time on a hotel and
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have a lot of fun and noontime to come home people want to stretch it out it's one day. it's not figure flight out of their save the friday. it's that that they get a deal. or do your whatever. this is an article on the person who wrote this is same schools are getting o w that friday off. which is actually holy day to. i don't think they're doing that for spring break they're doing it because it's a very holy dayea in the christian calendar. it is what it is.
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the hospital. i don't under stand. his be off of school you go anywhere.hi i only started going places loss couple of yearse that i know go major. we didn't go anywhere last tuesday i love being home and taking the kids that he says it's perfectly fine to make it an extra day make it a day of reading and counting them playing. take a good quality time well
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best manager of her good scrambling to find daycare for the kids that we can for many an urban schools and means no breakfast and or lunch that week.. we want to know what you think is it okay for parents to take kids out of school to expand their spring break. make sure you felt. me meiak some of you must be on spring we'll read some more. they're really good physical change your life is there not that life-changing.
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easter sunday. loaded with sugar. the bouncing off the walls. there got to besome gm loans. way to kill are fun. i'm only kidding. will be up soon . a look at storm fox around
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the woods. it looks like the front will state north of us there was some question as to the geographical position. we would have contented with temperatures in the 40s for the highs for tomorrow but we think that will beor out on the felt like a couple of cold front that could instigate some rain and some are expecting that to happen is that warm front as it extendsti eastward are going to stop the actiona will come back to that map. c that low pollen up to the north and aids the chances for rain on the increase may even pick up a half an inch of rain. look at that web of pressure line there's the position of the
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front as you go farther to the south we're expecting downstate tends to be flirting with quarter of an inch baby half of an inch in some backyards. temperatures in the mid- 30s will a couple of days in the showers and maybe thunder on
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fox 8 maybe we haven't had the easter bunny took off h easter bunny took off his broad his broad legal tug-of-war between the fbi may notal now officials may have found a way to do it themselves the flight attendant remembered everything except through to remember her cocaine now i know what happened after she was searched.ea they have been a baby or do you know someone who is expecting the list of the mostec unpopular
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil.
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by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. he will try to the president will call for the expansion of human rights he will alsons meet with cuban dissidents help a tenth in major league baseball
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what a tragic mixup atmosphere that family took a ten -year-old to say that's not grandma they look a lot like that obama and they assume that the small differences were from herb battle with lung cancer.di it was too late because their mother had already been cremated at that point. looking for flight attendant they say we can behind her it happened friday night when she arrived for a flight the flight attendants are normally not t subject to do searches the she was pulled aside by the tsa left behind 60 pounds of cocaine and her gucci shoes. how could you leave those behind
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apple's help bi a court hearing that was supposed to happenen today pitches been postponed investigators have asked the judge to ordera apple to help unlock the iphone by one of the san bernardino attackers. prosecutors say an outside partyty for accessing the phone it was not known that outside party is. it's a smaller 4-inch iphone the 16 gigs of memory had also unveiled the ipad probe that will feature a 9.7-inch screen he's in though it's smaller it will also includescsc many of the larger probe model. they also updated the apple watch. deadly attacks at their airport and that metro.dl
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also prepared the team now celebrate our temperatures starting off chilly but milder airl is on the way finally some springlike temperatures will have the eight-day outlook
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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the height that russia were a bomb went off 80 it's pitch black you can hear people screaming' these attacks come four days after was captured sure you have to push be in for me inn the wake of paris this morning is about 8:00 a.m. brussels time when two suicide bombs was detonated but where there's a lot of people checking in at ticketing counters. he can see that after misspoke and debris baby shows just opinion. these pictures have been posted all over social mediad are people
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the chaos. belgian tv just reported that there was a patrolled the controlled controlled explosion
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key locations and authorities and his wife as for and received a protective order. my sister felt cap there's other stacy life is nobody me as the state of ohio can help victims
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out of thin maybe better keeping track of the suspects. family members are not. trying to maken arrangements to take care of the three boys that the couple had. national park service is planning to contact us .-period-paragraph if you in the cuyahoga national park. they say the flames will anda in crew is c bedford native plants that could be done anytime between today and maze 15th the bernal be done when theh conditions are just right the cavaliers blocked off their went there now celebrated a division title after ernie's their 50th planet of the season.te
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put the cavaliers had forgot after falling at 19-point lead they took control on the third office tok he and jr smith and another monster alley you jam 11 boards and 11 assists include therefore division titles in miami they been a part of h2 eight over denver they will go no caps. love didn't play. cleveland area teenager going for the cold at the olympics in brazil. t returning home to cleveland after stealing a spot on the olympic boxing team. he qualified and earned a cold that at an olympic qualifier in
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the boys and girls club of cleveland and never clifton heights high school youngest person to ever compete on the us boxing team. going into the itinerary the guard to bring home the gold. before the olympics he has to focus on prom in his high school congratulation. opening day for the cleveland indians is just 13 days away the team will be welcoming some musical greats to get the season started the first pitch for the opener will be thrown out by patrick kearney local hometown
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commercial will perform the national anthem. they host the red sox on the here's one of those fitnessn trackers that it could be telling you lies.. don't lie to me. find out why they may not be adding up. o do you want free food. chipotle has a new game players can score some free chips and guacamole see how it's played
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a heads up for those of us who uses finish trackers information that were getting might not be so accurate this is that they aren't figures are keeping tabs on how much energy we burn. we can deviate from proven methods from 200 calories in both directions the results are trouble because people who need more exercise might not get enough activity if there
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a new surveyey from wallet have found more than onem and four of us would actually get a tattoo of the irs if it meant we'd never m have to pay uncle sam again. another 16 percent would actually leave the country if you can gety away from the text with 11 percent would cleveland totals of chipola. 10 percent would be silent for sixi runs and 8 percent with it name their firstborn child taxes. there you go kristi. you're looking for if you're looking for a new job
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get paid. get your application is the deadline is this saturday we posted the link on our websiteat if we see that you are gone for a couple of months will know. i'm on my second job. are you looking for to live happily ever after there is a thing.
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you study you might want to say that a good look for a married woman. what about the least popular baby sitter has revealed the least of the news at risk of dying outut this year here are somee of the least common angela, carolhe diane elaine and paula. here are some of the least common point is there, old
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that's okay of the one of the few. starting to know where mother that got this thing.he it's a great name. the strong name. wayne doyle dawson if this drug and i would never mess with a wayne doyle dawson. you've messed with me all these years you could stuck with me for a long time. on building have you ever played photo hunt. if you have this giveaway is for you.hi
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paper on their on line came it requires you to spout five differences in three sets of photos is it free chips and clock display points you don't even have to win. if you want to put this one they're krochmal in the chips are the best ever.r what are you doing. from other chips. i finished up there's two box coupon for they can't eat any. i get it and they keep it. she has a habit of eating everything i eat. spring doesn't just mean it's time to start spring cleaning
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two kids get too much time off. most kids get school offer broke with the now schools of started to do students a day off too. they argue that this is going to five and they don't need thaton much time off from school were talking about it this morning. we seem to agree that it's not that big of a deal.o there same as the friday before think a lot of kids should be off that this one day or two days. i think we all need a break this is the time of year they're
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you need to recharge. we are like by, see you later. i think it with their kids that they can get i think it's so important for adults. we need our vacation and we need our time off as the kids stupid us gete to comments are correct before you know school will be out in a few weeks when i just half the time it's a movie day i think you should be up to the
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it againstt the question we ask if this is okay for parents to take kids out of school to extend their spring break 65 percent saidd the 31st through through through. you tell your kids teacher that. once they get a hundred and $50 that's important. his got a family of four bit that's a lot of money. however great spring break. can i take it picture of this girl power here.hi got it.
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need some love. i need a picture of that. all right. still ahead of this edition on fox will hear about these new reports that he's just thin sound. big chipper.r. no ordinary customers are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right
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taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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welcome back we continue to
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brussels the latest on the death toll at least 14 people are dead at the brussels airport wererp told another 20 people killed in the bomb blast that took place that the european union union. that's right president barack obama is scheduled to make remarks about the attacki his speech is supposed to be kid at about ten minutes after k is the mystery solved more than a decade ago olivia newton-john's acts disappeared from a fishing boat in californiam not new reports they been found alive and well. he was allegedly been found living in mexico with the europeanh girlfriend there are claims that he picked his that's not long after filing for bankruptcy they originally declared that he had drawn even know ittd saw him go overboard during john has since made them
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he was sure went to check out the broadway hit him . -ellipsisli it's what she did after the charlotte that's getting a lot of attention.ha she said that musical of that went to the hamilton bar for drinks with the bartender brought the billl she added a $1,000 tip to the $77,000 tab. she was at00 michigan it big in hollywood. she said left a hefty tipp to show love to those who do their job. one son received a hefty bill from his mama. the mother said she's had enoughn of her son's complaint and handedo the 23 -year-old finn englishn for third and thousands of dollars. it includes charges for all the things he's been supportive i past 13 months and to spend living at home like cable food and electricity shows attacked on a thousand dollars for pain and
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offense off his mom doesn't actually plan to collect the money headed to serve its purpose. it made a point in itemized bill. i think we should start getting a jamese scott and all our weather friends itemized bill on the day that we have thousands of snow. not a bad today you can't lot. to know where i will file that the i think the time to put it through the shredder. let's have a look at the fox 8e day outlook. sunshine will be filtered in fact clouds will really hang
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to 30.ra since he was going on on new day cleveland. did he see easter. he did. i look like a big easter egg. you have the right colors going. wes show you how to make some beautiful baked goods and how about these beautiful flowers. who's here.ea how about a little wind before lunch. shouldld show said to put some point together for a printed on sunday. and i you can transition your wardrobe into spring key essentials that you absolutely.
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put north carolina they have those on the little adina halftime dance off. they get to keep the dancing in the ncaa tournament 12 providence is back home. wow.ce you guys really stand up blow


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