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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  August 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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- [david] welcome to new day cleveland. i'm david moss. - [natalie] and i'm natalie herbick. - and i say hold onto your hats, not because it's windy out here in beautiful wine country, lake erie wine country, it's because it is going to be a whirlwind, - we are going to take you to numerous vineyards throughout pennsylvania and new york state. unbelievable sights to see and wine to drink. - give you some tips on places to stay, places to have maybe some dinner, but most of all, meet some great people who make this wine country, this area, really special. you see beautiful lake erie out there and you're gonna see acres and acres of grapes. and an opportunity to maybe taste, through our experience, dozens of wines. how about that?
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to get around doing it. - oh yeah, that's right. - [natalie] mhmm. - you might not have to drive yourself. - (giggles) think about that. - so right now, i'm gonna head over to a place. it's called quincy cellars, where they have a lot of fun all the time. (bright guitar music) - i have found quincy cellars here in the lake erie wine country area. and i've also found kevin, who is the owner of this place. - i'm good. how are you? - [david] i'm great. and i was looking forward to stopping here first because i understand this is one of the spots that's a big events spot, right? - yeah, absolutely, yeah. we do events almost every single weekend here. - okay, so i got the big pavilion out here, overlooking the lake. what do you put up there? like a rock band, a polka band, blues, wedding? - yeah. we do mostly weddings in there. wedding ceremonies or receptions, but we'll also have bands here on the weekends, as well. - i also heard about the hundred and thirty year old barn here. so is this the hundred and thirty year old barn, or is this that the foundation of the hundred and thirty-- - no. this is the hundred and thirty year old barn.
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- [kevin] our wine is done in our production building, which is directly behind us here. - okay. so we should sneak in there a little bit later and see what's going on. - absolutely, yeah. - but i think more than that, we probably wanna taste something. but i wanna tell you folks, i walked through the upstairs here, and that is a big, beautiful room, isn't it? - yeah, it is. absolutely. we can host weddings here up to 200 people. - [david] and is-- were the beams that color when you got them, or do make 'em that color? what's that look like up there? - [kevin] yeah, everything actually is original in here. all the beam work is original, hundred and thirty years old. everything is held together with wooden pegs at we have on there. - [david] would you have your wedding here? - [kevin] absolutely. - [david] would you have your bachelor party here? - [kevin] absolutely. - [david] would you have your graduation party here? - [kevin] absolutely. - [david] all sounds good to me. hey, so this is where the tastings take place, huh? - [kevin] yes. - outdoors here is pretty nice. underneath in case it rains a little bit, huh? we got a little waterproof ceiling here. i like this. but indoors, you're gonna like this, too. this is almost like the wine cave, right? - exactly. i mean, it is a cellar and hence the name quincy cellars.
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's a beautiful sound there, kevin. - absolutely. - cork coming out of a bottle. so, why this wine and what are we gonna have here? - yeah, this is our merlot. it's one of our most popular reds that we have. and it is, everything is produced here on site. and we actually age everything for several years before we introduce it, so this merlot here is about three years old. - so does this go in oak barrels? - we do everything in stainless steel tanks, but we add oak to the tanks to get the oak characteristics that we want. - [david] oh, no kidding. i saw a sign said you had different seasons here. like, is it high season, low season, or how does that work? - [kevin] yeah, it is. in the winter time, that is considered our low season. spring, summer, and especially the fall time is what we consider our high season. - [david] okay. so folks are driving up here from cleveland. they get off of 90. what exit do you get off here to find this area? - [kevin] you're gonna get off on exit 41 on i-90 coming from cleveland. - [david] and you'll find quincy cellars and it's all here, and it's happenin'. - exactly. - [david] how do you like this wine?
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in. it's your wine, right? - [kevin] yeah. cheers. - what's it like to have your own wine? - oh, it's wonderful! it's a dream come true of mine. absolutely. - well, i'm sharing the dream now. thank you very much, i appreciate it. and you know what, i don't feel like i need a break, yet because the show has only begun. but we do need and break and we'll be back right after it. (upbeat music) wow! looks like rob portman sure knows how to clear out a factory!
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rseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china. rob portman certainly isn't going to get a lot of votes from here in ohio.
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- welcome back to our road trip to lake erie wine country. as you travel along these back roads, you'll stumble upon this beautiful place. we're at merritt estate winery. michael has welcomed us here. thank you so much for allowing us to come. - thanks for coming. - i wanna know, before we get into any of this, what makes it an estate winery? means you have to have a certain percentage of your grapes grown. we're grandfathered into that. about 60% of your grapes should be dedicated to your wines. and that's kind of an old fashioned term. you don't see too many estate wineries left. there's a few of us here in new york state, but that's really-- the determination is how many grapes you've used in your wines. it's changed for us. you take a look around and you look at maybe 20 or 30% of this entire crop is actually our own grapes that we farm from now on.
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- we always use chautauqua county, new york state grapes. well, with the emphasis being on chautauqua county. for the longest time, chautauqua county was the world headquarters for welch's grape juice. - [natalie] really? - [michael] and the entire welch's company because this is the largest concord grape-growing region in the entire world, bar none. and the second largest grape-growing region in the u.s. - [natalie] wow. - california just buries us in total number of grapes. - [natalie] how many varieties do you have? - it varies farm to farm. we have about six varieties here. we're looking at concord being our number one, as we mentioned. you'll see a lot of niagaras in this region because, of course, we're close to the niagara region. but there's a lot of new varieties of grapes coming up. there's a lot of new blends, which we'll talk about a little bit later. but our number one harvest here is the concord. - okay, i can't wait. can we-- we're here at a winery. can we go inside and i taste some of your delicious wines? - that's why we're here. we're gonna have some fun. - i hear you have a surprise for me, too. - i've got a big surprise for you.
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hael] all right. - [natalie] so this is kind of where all the fun begins, right? this is the tasting room, so to speak? - [michael] this is the tasting room. this is the thing that people see the most whenever you go to a winery. it's where all the wines are. you get to taste the wines and experience it. we've been blessed to have a great relationship with a lot of big athletes. a lot of western new york athletes. and some national athletes, as well. we have bottled wine for jim and jill kelly of the buffalo bills. ryan miller of the buffalo sabres for his catwalk. bill goldberg from the longest yard and the nfl. baby joe mesi, who is a heavyweight world champion. as well as many of the bills and sabres. and actually, we're bottling some for the baldwin family right now, for breast cancer association-- - [natalie] for the baldwin family. so you do all of the special bottling here? - we do a lot of the special bottling. it's something that we do on the side. our main business, of course, is all our other wines. - [natalie] sure. - [michael] so we try to feature that.
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out. - [michael] oh, yeah. - what are you cooking up for me real quick? - well, the merritt family are the originators of the sangria wine slush. and the sangria wine slush, you may find-- you find them in a lot of fairs, a lot of events. - [natalie] wine slush? okay. - it is made again, as we mentioned, the concord grape is our number one grape. so it's got an old-school sangria lambruso style to it. we're gonna put some ice in there. i'm not gonna use my-- well, i may have to use my hand. but trust me-- drink it. it's okay. - trust me, i washed my hand. (natalie laughs) you won't have to worry about that. and then, if you take the top off, which is always a big plus. - [natalie] this is very interesting. i've never heard of this. - you pour the same, equal parts. - [natalie] do you know if you are still the only winery that does this? - we are not. - [natalie] now i just let your secret out of the bag. - we are not. we are not. - [natalie] okay, good. - we were for the longest period of time and everybody got so excited about it that they started making their own. it's a secret formula that i guess the cat got out of the bag. it's gonna get a little loud - [natalie] okay.
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- better watch yourself. this could end up getting dangerous. it goes down probably, as nice as a slushy. - it sure does. and then what we'll do-- - [natalie] so is this one of your popular sellers, then? - you will find us at every county fair and event all over new york state. this is one of our big sellers. there you go, try that. let us know what you think. - cheers to this. - [michael] cheers. - oh. (michael laughs) t estate winery. if for nothing else, to try this amazing wine. and i'm sure they can find a lot of-- all the other things that you do on your website, right? - they sure can, which is - [natalie] all right. more from our road trip to lake erie wine country
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone?
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. - well, this new day cleveland trip is going great up here in lake erie wine country. seen a few wineries, having some fun, beautiful scenery. i'm thinking, why not stay a couple nights and have a little extra fun? so that's why we have arrived at a place called fairway suites at the peak. and they call is faiway suites
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because it's peek'n peak, which is a ski area. - [daniel] right. so at the base of the mountain, i find daniel. - exactly. - and you're the general manager here, right? - yes, yes. - now, i wanna tell you folks, when we arrived here, we got here, like it was dark outside and we didn't know where we're at. we're like a little bit lost. we had a great time at the wineries. daniel comes running out across the parking lot, gives us our keys, and we felt like we were at home instantly. - that's the idea, yes. - [michael] yeah. tell me a little bit about this place. how did this-- is this part of the ski area or part of the golf course? - we actually sit on the lower fairway of the golf course and we're about 500 yards from the foot of the mountain. of our main draws. - [michael] i'll tell you something. when i woke up in the morning, looked outside and it was daylight finally, beautiful everywhere you look. - oh, there's ponds in the front and the back of the property. and what's neat is every room in every suite has a private balcony or patio. - yeah. - so you don't just have the views, but you have the ability to enjoy them. - [michael] i like the idea, too. like when you're out back on the golf course, you have a picnic table there, so your family could be there, or your group, or whoever.
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n. and this is nice here. the suites have fireplaces. - [daniel] exactly, yes. there's 12 gas fireplaces on the property, and they're running nonstop all winter long. - hey, check it out, folks. you've gotta check this situation because it's very special. this is a bathroom just for this area here, like the main area. and it has a washer and dryer. - [daniel] yes. - how cool is that? - [daniel] exactly. - okay, and then this is a room. this is the room that i stayed in, and this is a nice, big room. it's got a balcony. bath, which is terrific. and i felt like, hey, i'm the king of the place here. we have a king size bed here. but this is not the largest size bedroom, is it? - no, no. we actually have-- this can be expanded into three bedrooms. - [michael] three bedrooms? - yes. - okay, so you've seen the one bedroom suite version. you've got your own big screen in your bedroom. - exactly, yeah. - okay, so i'm here with the kids. maybe i've put my oldest son in this room, huh? - mhmm. - or the other couple, my neighbors, who are on the wine trip with me. - right. - okay, so i know i'm in this beautiful area.
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instead, you can go to the grocery store, folks. check it out. big, stainless steel refrigerator. we're got the granite tops. - [daniel] and it's all new appliances. all stainless steel and state of the art. and we've had chefs stay here that have raved about the stoves. - i gotta tell you something. i looked at that and i was so sad i didn't bring some food to cook for the whole crew. (daniel laughs) we had a good time. so look, we just-- tip of the iceberg here, because here's the main entrance. i'm gonna open this door and we've got a room here that is like fit for a big group of people. we have two extra bedrooms that can be added on to the king suite to make a three bedroom suite. and it's-- you're able to sleep up to 12 people comfortably. - now this is great. it's got their own table, also. we've got the big screen tv. and then it's got another door because we can go out this way. 'cause you can divide up the rooms anyway you want for privacy because people like that. look at this. there's gonna be a little glare when you come out this door because there's another exit door here. but we're on the corner. what do we have have over, daniel?
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rooms have their own mini kitchenette. so if you're just here for a night and you want to make a little breakfast, you have that built it. - right. yeah. i mean, this is great for the kids, too. they can put their gatorade in there. or if you come with, like three couples, you have your own wine stash in here, or your own cheese stash, your own little table. - you can definitely have your wine and cheese at night. and what's nice is you can have the three bedroom suite, and you have your general area where everybody can be together. - mhmm. - but when aunt martha starts to get irritating, - you have your privacy. (michael laughs) and you can go off to your own room. and that's what makes it such an ideal place for reunions and retreats. - yeah. and you know, see, daniel's got his coffee. every room has it's own coffee pot. to me (claps) that is a standing ovation. - [daniel] and that was one of the first things we put in. - [michael] that's great. - it's called fairway suites at the peak. it's easy to find. - we're right across the border in new york state, two minutes from pennsylvania, and sit right in the heart of lake erie wine country. - so we're real close to the next winery
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neyards. check it out. (uplifting melody) - woodbury vineyards became a winery in 1979. prior to that, it was a apple orchard and a fruit farm. - we're in at a fruit zone and we have you know, and we can grow all grapes here. riesling, chardonnay, cabernet, merlot. and we're famous for the native grapes here, which is things like concords, catawbas, niagara. and welch's is what made it famous in this part of the region, for welch's grape juice. - right now, we have about 20 wines available.
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that may vary throughout the year. - we make a cherry, a peach, blueberry, cranberry, and a chocolate cherazz. which is a blend of cherry and raspberry fruit wines, and then infused with chocolate. it's an after-dinner type of wine, so you can sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy. instead of like a cognac, or a sherry, or a port. we have a lot of gifty items here. they're all wine and grape related, and now cheese related items. we carry a line of artisanal, premium cheeses. they are beautiful imported and domestic cheeses. and again, we rotate the types of cheese we have in stock. when people come in, they can do a tasting. and a tasting consists of coming up to our bar
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during the tasting. and along with their tasting, they get to keep their nice logoed glass. (chuckles) i'm gonna pour a couple of our-- my favorite wines that i like to have with dinner. one of them is our pinot noir. this is a dry dinner wine. beautiful with a steak dinner. and then, we also have our winemaker's favorite wine, which is our barrel fermented chardonnay. so when you taste the pinot noir, okay? let it aerate a little bit. the proper way to taste wine is to hold it by the stem, so that you can look at it. look at the clarity, look at the color. and then, give it a nice smell. (sniffs) so smell the aromas in the wine. and then after you've had a chance to smell it,
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great with thanksgiving dinner. - my style of chardonnay is kinda caught between new world style, which is kind of oakey and vanilla, and a little bit of character. but it has also a nice minerally character, like an old world style. so i'm kinda caught in the middle. - so we have happy hours here now, on fridays and saturdays, from 5 to 8pm. it's an opportunity to come in, sit down, relax, enjoy a glass of wine, a flight of wine. as well. so it's a really nice opportunity to just mingle with other wine lovers. - very little chemistry is done. for me, i do have a nice, little chemistry lab, but i don't spend all my time in a chemistry lab making wine. wine comes-- good grapes makes good wines. and the winemaker is really the protector.
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and taste the flavors that we have to offer. - fairway suites at the peak. having a great time here with daniel. and, let's see, i just came back from the vineyards out there. it's in fredonia, right? - [daniel] exactly. - so what's that trip like? - it's about an half an hour drive through new york's southern tier. it's beautiful, especially this time of year. - everything is beautiful about this. and we will have a whole lot more
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(bright music) - welcome back to new day cleveland. i'm david moss and this is natalie-- - and i'm natalie herbick. (laughs) - right, right. and where are we? - how much wine have you had already? - we're in lake erie wine country. (chuckles) - i've just had a couple sips and we've had a great time. i gotta tell ya, the great thing about this area, too, is it is just so beautiful. so much scenery to see that it feels, ya know, when you drive around looking for the wineries, times you don't get to see all the great stuff. - oh yeah, absolutely. - and sometimes you shouldn't probably even be driving when you go to all these wineries, right? - well, so what is this we have here? - you tell me 'cause you're the smart one here. - oh, this looks like a limousine bus to me. more like a party bus. - okay, so that's the deal, folks. we've got a great way to get around lake erie wine country. you don't have to drive, you can see all the stuff. we're gonna get the details.
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- i love this. best way to see wine country, that's for sure. wouldn't you say, chris? - yes. - chris, have you ever been to cedar point or one of those big amusement parks? - oh, yeah. - how does this ride compare to those rides? - oh, this is so much more fun. (laughs) - i think it is, too. - [natalie] really? - yeah. - with the music, the drinks, and i'm guessing you can have wine aboard this, as well. - oh, yes. yep, you can bring whatever you like. - how many people can we bring on the party bus? - you can bring 26. - 26 people. - a whole party of your own. - that is a-- that sounds like a pretty good party, doesn't it? - [natalie] so how does it work? u can call us and we can ya know, set up all the wineries. you can make a list of the wineries you want to go to. - [david] we can park and meet at one of the wineries, then you send someone-- - yep. we can pick you up at your hotel, anywhere you'd like. - this is pretty good. and how many wineries do we get a chance to visit? - [chris] you can visit as many as you want. - [david] and how 'bout if we don't know anything about it? like okay, i called you up on the phone and said, "hey, chris. i need a limo. i wanna see something. "what should i do? how long should i take?" - well, i see how many people you have and we'll go through a list of wineries.
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before they even get on board this thing. - yep. oh, yeah. - [david] can you guys sorta tell like, what wineries some people want to see and maybe say, ah, that wouldn't be good for them. like, you could help guide them a little bit. - yeah and it depends how much time you have. so we'll do, ya know, if it's not that amount of time, we'll do all the ones closer together. but if they wanna go ya know, further out into new york or into geneva-- - [david] oh, really? - [chris] oh, yeah. - [david] all the way to geneva? - [chris] yeah. - [david] you're not messin' around. - [chris] oh, no. - so what have you had people on board for? - listen to this girl. - what all-- what occasions do people come on here for? - oh, they do anything. just wine to (mumbles)-- - here's the next question: what's the craziest thing you ever saw on the wine limo bus, right? (laughing) - well, you know... depends how much wine you drink. (laughing) - so it is terrific. speaking of wine and winey drinks and all that sort of thing, i think-- you're gonna jump off the bus right now and check out a place. - i am gonna jump off. sensory wine. have you been to that location, yet? - oh. not yet. - oh, so you're gonna drop me off for the first time.
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le bit earlier in the show. you're gonna love him and i think we're all gonna like sensory. - all right. let me go do this. (bright music) - well, i've made my way into sensory winery. and you might recognize this guy i have with me, kevin. we were just across the street. david was with you earlier. - yes, over at quincy cellars. - and we are now at-- right across the street, but a very, very different feel here at this winery. - yes. sensory winery has a completely different feel. as you can see, most of the space over here is actually an art gallery where we feature regional artists. - and my big question is: with them being very close to one another, do you sell the same wines or is it different? - no. the wines are actually completely different. the wines that you have over here at sensory are gonna be nothing like you're gonna find over at quincy cellars. - so tell me about them. show me here. you obviously have a couple out here for me to see.
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- well, i think people will enjoy both wines at both locations. they're just different in styles and just different in a business philosophy and a wine-making philosophy, on how we're making these wines versus what we do at quincy cellars. - so what would be-- what do you have out here? - today, i have two different, pretty complex reds that we have. they're kind of a bordeaux style in their blends. and they're completely dry. - so explain to me the flavors as i taste a little bit. go ahead and pour for me. - yeah. the flavors that you're gonna get are kind of the dark cherry, the dark apricots, fruits, and things of that nature in these wines. - are you gonna drink a little sip with me? - absolutely. - [both] cheers. (glasses clink) - wow. oh, is that good. - [kevin] thank you. - that's very good. - [kevin] yeah. - i should have you teach me how it's really done. i still have a problem with the swirling and all of it. (laughs)
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and things like that opens them up a little more. - it smells delicious, too. can i bring you around and show me because i really think it's about the wine, but it's about the atmosphere, too. - yeah, thank you very much. what we really wanted to do here at sensory winery is give a venue where people can stay, they can look at our artwork, just kind of mingle around a little bit. you know, they're stopped here for a while and things like that. we want 'em to stay. we want 'em to socialize. we want to get to know them. we want to get to know our customers and things like that. we want to talk to them about the artwork, - [natalie] are they local artists here or are these from all over the place? - [kevin] regional. - [natalie] regional? - [kevin] yeah. and regional, what i mean by that, is we go from cleveland to buffalo. we do a little bit of everything. the artwork changes every two months. and we do just a little bit of everything. sometimes it is more of a photography style, sometimes it is a landscape, sometimes it's abstract. it really just kind of depends on what we're going for. - and i see these are up for sale and people can actually buy these,
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- exactly, yeah. everything is for sale here. and the thing i'd like to mention is i'm a no commission gallery, so the winery, sensory winery, doesn't take any commission from the artist. all the proceeds go back to them. - [natalie] and when you were putting this together and you were thinking about putting art with the wines, were you trying to figure out a way-- how am i gonna make certain wines that would go with this gallery atmosphere? is there something that goes into that? - [kevin] yeah, there is, really. when i'm developing the wines, all of our labels come from artists, as well. so when we have-- - [natalie] interesting. that we're coming up with, it's a new label from one of our artists and we try to match the label, the artist's personality, with the wine style that we're making. - how many different labels do you have? - right now, we have nine different labels here. - nine different. - [kevin] yes. - and that's-- and there's a variety in each? - yes. yes, there is. all the wines are really highly blended and they rotate in and out constantly. - well, cheers again to this. thank you so much for having us here. - absolutely.
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it's called liberty vineyards. it's just about a half an hour from here, right? - yeah, yeah. 25 minutes, a half our from here. - check it out. (upbeat music) - the winery started about five and a half years ago, but the vineyards have actually been in my family since the 1860s. his nickname was rufus. we actually have a wine named after him, our rufus red. but he planted our first vineyards actually back in the 1860s. and we still have about seven acres of that original vineyard that are still in production, and we're using those grapes in our wine. well, this region is really great for grape-growing for a number of reasons. we are actually in sort of a microclimate that's created by lake erie.
10:34 am
east of the rockies. we have about 93 acres. we have 13 different varieties of grapes that we grow right here. and all of the wines that we make are from grapes grown locally. so there are a few varieties we don't grow ourselves that we buy from friends and neighbors within about 10 to 15 miles of the winery. well, we have a nice, open area space for people to come in and taste. and they can walk right up to the bar and one of our servers will be able to help you, help you discover your favorite wines, 'cause everyone's taste is a little bit different. we actually produce about 23 different wines, so we kinda have something for everybody. we take great pride in producing high quality wines through every step of the wine making process. so it starts in the vineyard, goes all the way through when we bottle the wines. and we want all of our wines to be really high quality. so that could be the pinot noir that you might serve for your holiday meal,
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that you might wanna drink at a barbecue. so they're all really high quality and there's something for everybody. so this is our rufus red. it's named after my great, great grandfather who's nickname was rufus. and he planted our first vineyards here, back in the 1860s. that was a concord vineyard, so we do have some concord in this blend along with fredonia that my great grandfather planted and noire that my father plants. it's kind of a generational wine. and this is a semi-dry wine, fruitiness, and just a little sweetness at the start. and this wine is perfect to enjoy with pizza, pasta, things like that. so this is our diamond wine. this is one of our most award winning wines and probably our most popular white wine. and diamond is actually the name of the grape variety. it's a native american grape and it's known for having a sort of tropical fruit flavor, so it's almost gonna have a little pineapple flavor to it.
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really nice semi-sweet white wine. the chocolette is a dessert wine that we make with marquette grapes. and, so this is really nice. we infuse the marquette wine with a natural chocolate flavor. you can actually pour this over vanilla ice cream. i've been told that people have made a milkshake with it before. we have a recipe for a chocolate mousse that you can make with it. so the chocolette is kinda unique because when you pour the wine, you're just gonna have like a regular red dinner wine, but this is-- as soon as you smell it, as soon as you taste it, you're gonna taste a lot of chocolate. so it's really great for dessert. when you first drive up to liberty vineyards, we just really want you to feel at home and to feel part of the family and part of the winery. - listen to this one. the vines that were at libetry vineyards date back all the way to the 1860s. pretty interesting fact when you think about it. all right. our road trip to lake erie wine country
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(bright music)
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yes, we're in lake erie wine country and i think i found the place i'm looking for. courtyard wineries. - that would be right. - and you would be paul. - i'm paul. - how do you say that last name, paul? - that's difuccio. - [david] difuccio? - that's right. - [david] that's pretty good. well, i walked in this place. it is a beautiful spot. you can tell right away, right? - [paul] thank you. - but i'm confused. oh. hello, lovely lady. - [lady] hello. (pauls laughs) - see, everyone's having a good time here. - [lady] cheers. - well, thank you. i'll be right back with a glass. (laughs) so we've got a couple different tasting areas here. - i see people back there, i see people here. - yes. we have two different areas. we have a bajo bons area, which literally means crazy friends. and they're sweet, they're not bridled wines. they're blends of varieties of grapes and they're very, very fanciful. fanciful on taste, fanciful on the name. - now, what does that mean again? - barjo bons means crazy friends. - did you know this wine stands for crazy friends? - [lady] barjo-- - means crazy friends. so you guys are in the right place?
10:41 am
- [lady] she says she's getting warm. (laughs) - this is great. so a little jewelry on the side here, paul? - jewelry. we have merchandise of all kinds for ladies and guys coming through. - mhmm. - and that's big part of our business, as well. and then, over here, we have our la courette line. and the la courette are traditional wines. they're dry and varietal in nature, like your cabernet, your vignoles. that's the name of the grapes. tend to be drier, so what we tried to do here is, the sweet palate and the dry palate. everybody walks out with a smile and a bottle. - [david] well, that's excellent. and the crazy people. (laughs) - that's most of us. - i like you can see the tanks right here. so people sort of have the winery experience without having to make the tour and all that, right? - that's exactly right. and we have-- those are our small tanks. the larger tanks are in the back. - look at this. do you have to knock? (knocking) - you don't have to knock. - okay, paul. let's go. (paul laughs)
10:42 am
- this is our working barrel room. - check it out, huh. - this our working barrel room. - you're proud of this room, huh? - yeah, i am. very much. - i love the whole place. - [paul] thank you, thank you. these are working barrels they're actually red wine on oak there, right now. and so, we use this room back and forth as both production and event space. and then, these are-- we have eleven hundred bottle storage for our reds and some of our whites. and the idea there is we want to give it another year. we wanna get another year for bottle aging. - okay, paul. here's the deal. brian's got some wines over here and we've only got a short time left. - [paul] okay. - i wanna know the difference between chardonnay and chardonel. - okay. the is chardonnay is the chardonnay grape. taste that. that's done on oak. - [david] mhmm. - so that's the only white that we do on oak. and that's done, so it's very heavy, it's dry. it's done in-- - [david] oakey. - oakey. it's a battonage. this is a chardonel.
10:43 am
and basically, it's a very light. - [david] that means for your ground. - [paul] for our area here. for our growing area and ground, exactly. and so what that is, is that's done in stainless, so it's much lighter. - crisper. - and crisper and cleaner taste. so you can see, side by side, the way you finish the grape is everything. - that is beautiful. so when you come here, you gotta check that out. we have only a few seconds left though, but give me a sort of fast, indy 500 race - well, this is just a small smattering of what we offer. these are our dry wines. we have white and red dries. we have noir, which again, is a varietal. cabernet. we came out with two new ones this year. great lakes beach glass white and red. and they're phenomenal sellers, especially the white. very nice. it's a nice hybrid between sweet and dry. and then we have sweet in our barjo bons lines. again, our crazy friends line. - i know what they're drinking over there now, right?
10:44 am
kiss twisted red. you might like twisted red. - [david] yeah, that sort of fits me. (laughs) - [paul] and if you turn around that bottle, you'll see that one there, on the last end, is ruby's rouge. and ruby has a touch of peach in it. very sweet. people love ruby. - that's beautiful. well, i'll tell you what. you know, i've had a lot of fun going all through the region here, lake erie wine area here. and so, i've got a bunch of cards. this card i'm keepin'. this one's a keeper here, folks. (paul laughs) - [paul] you're welcome back anytime. - courtyard wineries. check it out and you have to see paul when you come, too. and i understand you have a big party here tonight. - [paul] we do. we have our annual crush fest. and-- - [david] can i come back? - [paul] you can come back. - [david] great. so hey, we're gonna come back for the crush fest. check that in a little bit. but first, we're gonna head over and check out a museum. it's called the lucy and desi museum. check it out.
10:45 am
cille ball's hometown, is a duel museum attraction with two buildings side by side. it opened in 1996, but we tripled in size in 2006 when we acquired the replica sets from the famous show i love lucy. recently voted the most popular television show of all time. the lucy-desi museum building is about their personal lives and individual careers. and then desilu studios is all about i love lucy and behind the scenes look production process. behind me are the replica sets from the i love lucy show. the show aired from 1951 to 1957. and of course, this is the first time you'll see them in color. these sets toured the country for the 50th anniversary of the i love lucy show. recently, a people magazine and 20/20 poll deemed i love lucy not just the best comedy of all time,
10:46 am
while the ricardo's, lucy and ricky ricardo, lived on 68th street in new york city. and so behind me is their manhattan apartment, along with their kitchen. the i love lucy show revolutionized the television production process, a lot of people don't realize that, in a number of ways. it was the first show to be filmed, rather than be broadcast live. which actually was the pioneer for syndication, and that's why we can still watch i love lucy today. it was also filmed in front of a live studio audience e was dead without an audience. behind me here, over my shoulder, you can see desi arnaz warming up the crowd as the three cameramen get ready. the other thing that's really unique about the production process with i love lucy is that it was the first to be filmed with a three camera editing technique. in order for it not to takes weeks to edit together one episode, they had to use this custom made editing machine
10:47 am
were so popular that they actually influenced portions of american culture. families in the 1950s could actually purchase the i love lucy bedroom set, pictured here behind, for 198 dollars. along with a matching set of pajamas, just to be like the ricardos's. so if you're coming down to this area from cleveland, and you have never seen the lucille ball desi arnaz museum, or if you haven't been recently to see our new editions to the collection, - beautiful red head comedian and a beautiful red wash wine. we've got a whole lot more from lake erie wine country
10:48 am
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ask about free installation, and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call today. (bright music) - welcome back to our road trip to lake erie wine country. this is something i have yet to see on my trip here.
10:51 am
nick, you're gonna show me how this thing works. - well, first of all, i'm gonna apologize for the rain. - that's okay. - but what we do, this is a korvan harvester, and what it does is you see, you drive right over the row of grapes. - [natalie] wow. - and inside the machine, you see these bow rods? okay, what you do is you start the rods over. - [natalie] woo, look at it go! - [nick] and what we do is we drive over the row and it vibrates the trellis. - [natalie] knocking the grapes off. - [nick] and we wanna knock the berry off the stems. and they get into buckets. and what's unique about this machine, we use buckets in it, so we catch all the juice. and then the grapes come over here and they fall into these bins that we put in these tractors. - [natalie] oh, there we go. - [nick] we have two tractors following the picker all the time. - [natalie] so is this something they do every day, every-- - [nick] yeah, we pick every day. - [natalie] every day. well, i'd love to go see-- i mean, you have so much property here, so i'd love to go see what you have in store for me. sound good? - [nick] okay. - [natalie] so nick, are these the bins we saw out in the vineyards, then?
10:52 am
what we do, we load 'em on the truck. we bring 'em down here, greg unloads 'em. we dump 'em in the hopper, they go through a stemmer to separate all the green tissue. they get pumped into the batch tanks. we treat 'em with different types of enzymes. then, they go under the two crushers and we squeeze all the juice out. and when the crusher's done, that's all thats left over there coming out those conveyors. that's the pulp. - [natalie] all that's left. - [nick] that's just dry skins (background noise drowns out other sounds). - [natalie] so now, i know that obviously all of these grapes go into making your wine, in your market, too? - [nick] we have grapes that you can buy, too. - [natalie] do you sell the grapes in your market? - [nick] yeah. - [natalie] can we go see your market? - [nick] you may go see the market. - [natalie] okay. - we got peppers. we do tomatoes. we got apples. and then, we do peaches, sweet cherries. and over here, we do a lot of frozen foods, also. if you wanted to grab one of these. we do our cherries. we send 'em away and we have 'em pitted. so we freeze the cherry after we wash it
10:53 am
so they can here and they can shop over here. and they can buy apples here, and they can buy apple wine over in the next building. or you can buy frozen cherries here, you can buy cherry wine over there. - i mean, and you don't find that in many wineries, right? - not many places. you're probably gonna see a lot more starting. - [natalie] well, i'd love to see in a sense, the final product with the wine, too. - [nick] well, let's go see that. - [natalie] there's just so many buildings in this place. so let's head over there. - [nick] okay, let's go. (natalie laughs) - [natalie] these wines much be good, nick. - yeah, we enter ours in competition. it gives us a good idea of how we're stacking up to other wineries from around the world. - [natalie] awesome. - so you see up along the wall, we have you know, awards we just hung up there, just to showcase 'em a little bit more, show everybody that we do strive to do a good job. - now, what do you have poured for me here? - one of the other things that we started to do is we're making pure grape juice. okay? - [natalie] cool. - we're taking grapes that we grow, we're pasteurizing it, and putting it in a wine bottle with no preservatives.
10:54 am
is is what we grew up on. and this is really good. and we're gonna be doing some other varieties, like riesling, we're trying to do some chardonnay. - [natalie] very interesting. - and put it in here, so the consumer will have-- he can either buy a non-alcoholic or an alcoholic one. - that is really awesome. and then, what do we have here? - well, this is a new wine we just made. this is our diamond and that is a grape that we grow. and then really popular now, starting to be the fruit wines. this is a red raspberry and this is a blackberry. this is a diamond, or the four winds, i'm sorry. - [natalie] and what's that on-- - well, it's-- this is an arrowhead that we found on the farm, hence our name. - [natalie] hence the, so have you found a lot on the farm? - we got bushel basket full of arrowheads. a lot of indian history in this particular area. and this one here's called the four winds. so this our only blend that we make. we have four varieties of grapes that are in this one.
10:55 am
i know we're just touching on some of the ones with the berries, but you have a variety of different wines that you can sell here. - we grow about 14 varieties of grapes, plus we do a couple of blends, like this one here, and we have one more that we do. and then, everything is here. you can buy the fruit, like we were saying over there. you can buy the fruit, you can buy the juice, you can buy it as a finished product. - well, nick, thank you so much. this is really a destination, i feel like, where you're seeing so many different things. the market, coming in here, and going out on the fields. it was a pleasure to meet you. - i will cheers to you with some great grape juice. - [nick] there you go. - this stuff tastes really good. and now i have to go find my co-host david, okay? - there you go. (chuckles) he's here someplace. okay. (bright music) - [david] talk about a crushing experience, those grapes are in for the crush of their life. - i feel bad for them, but i don't feel bad for us. what an experience we've had up here in lake erie wine country. - ah, i've had a great time. we're back at courtyard wineries. we were here a little bit earlier
10:56 am
it was just one of the many stops i had a chance to make. - and it was so great we had to come back. but how about some of the stops i had. when i found for the first time, it was a slushed wine. slushy wine. - i like that idea. - some new things, unique things, that i haven't see anywhere else. - well, here's the best thing about it. it's only about two and a half hours from home. we're right on the shores of lake erie. a little bit of pennsylvania, a little bit of new york city. - [natalie] mhmm. - [david] we showed you a great place to stay, loved that place. - [natalie] beautiful. and a lot of great wineries to visit. and how about the people? and i mean, you obviously you can see that you can come up here and enjoy an evening or a few days with friends. but the great thing about it is, too, that we learned there are events that you can come to here. you can have your wedding here. - uh oh! - you can do parties. there's so much that you can do in these locations. - you know what else you can do? you can have a glass of wine. (glasses clink) - cheers to that. - did you enjoy this edition of new day cleveland? - i loved it! - and i hope you guys did, too. i'm david moss. - i'm natalie herbick - and we'll see you on the next... - new day cleveland.
10:57 am
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