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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this line is behaving itself, some sporadic, moderate areas of rainfall, one of them through downtown cleveland now on the side you can see it moving east. the lightening tracker indicating virtually all of the showers/storms are far east. and should remain there. currently 74 degreeses in lorai and high dew points, 71 at akron-canton, that is monkey, but that will be scaled back th next day's like to rainfall to be spread out so that it has a chance to soak into the ground.
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police have released a photo of the truck say may be involve in two separate incidentsm wher the driver called out to a youn girl. >> leouphoto was taken by an al mom after the second incident they were similar enough that the police are concerned as dav nethers has that photo. >> the place talked to the want to identify the driver of the truck too determine his intent. this is the photo of the truck that was taken by a local mother. they said the incident happened august 2 a man led his daughter out on the driveway and then he heard a male voiceou the daughter ran u the driveway said that a man an a small black pickup truckdr sa something about getting into th
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stopped. on sunday in a local mom snapped the photo of a smal black pickup truck driving away. she said that the man tried to the to her daughter. place said there are many similarities. >> hepsimilar neighborhood, >> a similar description of the truck and of a young white or hispanic male with some facial hair. >> girl? >> yes. >> police solve that there is enough distinguishing marks on the trucker that someone may be able to recognize it, it is not clearar if the driver has broke any laws just yet . because these incidents were reported, so close together with questions around it that the police are concerned and will like to talk
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also solon police keeping an eye because of multiple threads. at roxboro elementary the latest one came this morning are not discussing the nature of the threattea but assuring parents that they are being taken seriouslyt the poli have asked for assistance to determine where the calls are originating and security patrols are being beefed up to make sure that the schools they is as normal as possible. >> > in cleveland police investigate an afternoon shooting in front of the school police stopped the car atat eas 89th and euclid leavitt was involved in a shooting just minutes earlier at mlk junior high school on east 71st at
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trying to determine what led to the shooting. >> said to strike, one day after the teacher's union voted to hit the picket lines, negotiators a well as parents are speaking out. >> mini brace for the worst as the strike is to begin on september 1 as jennifer jorda has more. >> back-to-school high-fives as students return to class but th applause has been overshadowed by great conce whether or not teachers will remain the classroom the school yeararw. is kind of nerve-racking because the kids have a different teacher and they have built up a connection with the main teacher said to have a substitute can be rough on the kid. >> aie cis welcome to come on m groundsc for the children's sak. >> on monday the teachers union
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reset after 11 months of negotiating and hours at the bargaining table they do not have a contract, and complicating matters is the unique cleveland plan for transforming schools the improvement plan passed by the state legislature in 2012,2, ca for a teacher pay plan based on performance instead of the usua teacher salary use another districts. what was critical was to build the system on a fair evaluation andrew sisan off-air compensationnio but neither has occurred. some progress has been made on key issues, union says y cleveland metropolitan schools district does not live up to promises, schools ceo derrick gordon responding. >> i have always been willing t say thatat the district has its part by not only the district, both parties had committed to working together to find better solutions to the problems. >> > n
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th are teachers and educators are focusing on kids >> the sense of urgency needs t be elevated it is critical to keep those schools moving forwardrg al. >> jennifer jordan, fox 8 news big mac one man dead and investigation underway after a debit involved shooting in ashtabula county rome township, in part caught on video, tonigh getting more details about what led up to it.. st maarten was shot and had a head injuries an autopsy wednesday will determin the exact cause of death in time deputies here are on paid administrative leavede as investigation continues. >> surveillance footage obtained
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rome township as deputies chase after a black suv driving through three backyards for crashing into a utility pole. >> skyfox shows the aftermath from above, the commotion wakin neighbors tuesday. >> wa looked out the window and saw two copss.. >> pscrime tape surrounds the dodgeville halworth started about 73030 they say it that investigated the overnight arme robbery of a juvenile andro backyard. >> the devs approached the vehicle and unaware it was occupied, the vehicle then drov off. >> hetrack show the path of the suv, the sheriff saidc several deputies fired shots as backup hurry to the same. >> the cops had to put up your hands. >> the suspect driving was foun dead, the shure says investigators also found a gun
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investigations at the arliest stages right now and what we are attempting is to pu everything together to let bci take it from there using proper protocol. >> a friend of suspect said that the female passengerer had been dating. the neighbors are shocked that they came to this. >> ne no deputies were injured nor was a k-9 officer, it is unclea at the suspect fired any shots at the deputies, the woman and the suv was taken to the sheriff's office were questioning. matt wright fox 8 news. >> > for the first time, since his arrest man tellsfi the i-team that the police took him to a park and beat him. >> olthe two officers involved were recently fired as gallic a the latest. c agents are investigating if
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criminally charged, the man say after his arrest he was taken t a partar s as he asked to be ta to the police station but instead was beaten and they pushed him down hill. >> bhe jesse nickerson's vacant for the first time what he said was assaulted by two n' officers at forest hill park criminally charged about their going to kill me. >> > absolutely shocking second. >> east cleveland mayor gary norton said that those two officers, s to name dixon and general officer were fired after the assault. >> >
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if they should face criminal charges jesse nickerson sobered injuries to his back and had tl said he received after one of the officers present down the hill and kept of got scars i'm scarred for life i messed up. >> t he says that his socks are still here at the top of the hill. >> hi defaces for charges incl receiving stolen goods and a charge of a felon in possession of a gun , those charges will be dismissed we will go to trial i men the case right now are focusing on the police officer' misconduct i want charges found i wanted to go to jail. >> 's attorney in familyy say
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this to another after american citizen violated his constitutional rights. >> va touching, he twitches his is not sleeping at night. >> jesse nickerson says he hop that the officers will face charges. >> sesechwant you to get togeth we will get justice where you i this matter not known how long it will take for bci to complet the investigation. >> l l eit revealing what led to a roundup of suspectss for smash and grab break-ins to seal atms. >> brplease rate this morning, gallek is here with the latest. >> press reconnected. we were there for roundup, police raiding for homes and done
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a woman holding a baby in the streetndld as police had four p in handcuffs. they had tied together atm smash and grabs from parma, strongsville, and more in northeast ohio even a bureau of motor vehicles office hitto the play started to tie the case of together after smash an grab in parma, the back to his home on track in cleveland rm t woman complained about them police raid and said she knew nothing else. >> thth law-enforcement source said suspects in the case were arrested,d,ct indictment says 1 suspects were running illegalic operation, kfc stores using storm bands giving everybody a
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6,a wait till you see her art laplace is going on and see tha it works. >> e investigator on the case of that this was built in part by evidence at the scene and statements it was a com of factors. >> turkey take over. >> still to come health are causing headaches for drivers and homeowners c and how police are handling the problem.
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the wind is starting to drive in, the top half is fine.
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there's cleveland and consult is extreme northern norway above the arctic circle. where the shadows are getting really long and my time is a lot longer. pretty soon in the leisure time this will be snow-covered and you will not see thee sun becau hisee north of the arctic circl. look at the rain showers from burke lakefront.
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can see a piece of this severe weatherp off east. here is the front the moisture down to the gulf coast states another day o heavy rainfall in new orleans area. parts of new york state with a few warnings and also a southeast pennsylvania just north of dc but nothing here just a few flood countiesso michigan and indiana. still have scattered showers west winds 30 knots and then wave heights between six and 9 feet initially built temperature 78.
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thunderstorm front gets hung up in southern ohio it might trip off a few scattered showers but high pressuremi is ruling the roost. then it will basically be quiet with high pressure and slightly has humid friday. late august cool that fills and with the next cold front sunday to go into '70s for the
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almost 50 years since the beatles last played in cleveland,0 e paul mccartney an his band will perform at the q this coming wednesday and thursday.. >> are given you a chance to se the shows for free thanks to live nation were given away a handful of tickets including a fu.cial pair >> tune into fox 8 news in the morning on wednesday, given away h tickets including two passes to see paul mccartney performed during sound check for the concert. >> the wednesday show is sold out, only a w very limited numb of tickets remain for thursday,
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wednesday morning on fox 8 news.
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pokemon go, the couple says no more as elizabet noreika here with what's trending. >> h you have heard up pokemon go, detroit couple has had enough, they are suingng the videogame giant says it has ruined their quality of life.ay there taken case to federal court they say they have complained and have had it with the pokemon players
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looking through their windows l and even swearing at them they see the game puts the stops on or near private property withou permission andn a hot stop acro the street draws hundreds of people each day, pokemon go has been downloaded more than 30 million times in the game ha
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justin bieber making a bold move on social media after a firestone over one of his postings he said that he is quitting instagram altogether.s the drama started when he began to post photos of himself and his gal pal, she is a model and the daughter of singer lionel richie shows her making a gun motion and instagram picture to knock over too well with some of his followers and he did not take, to their comments that's when h threatened to block access to is social media account and later to shut down instagram fo good, he still remains on
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some recover and others in louisiana are bracing for more flooding,ars how organizations are stepping up to help evacuees. >> > owhy did they turkey cross road?di to take over a local community and the problems
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disaster near baton rouge some areas and louisiana are in recovery mode they say that the threat is not over and those downstream could see heavy flooding. >> > casey stegall is an baton rouge. >> to after days of rainfall and louisiana, waters aref again to receipt , officials warn the
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, because of the sheer volume of water flowing toward the gulf o mexico.thol ottawa to understand that we are still very much in an emergency search in response mode for much of the parishes save your life is the most important priority . >> storm system dumped more than 20 inches of rainfall over four daysysf leaving waterways bloated, several deaths are reported in more thanan been rescued since friday fema says the existing federal declaration for the state now includes additional parishes.xi focused on people in shelters people who may not be able to get back to their homes,, so th next step for temporary housing. >> as the scope becomes more clear, churches, schools and other places continue to open our doors that you taken of
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that they're facing total losso. >> this one what's left him everything that i had is gone, ewerything. >> g 's life end of your life, then of your world, having to , we were so hard for it. >> fema urges residents to complete an application for disaster assistance, now even i the parishesn not yet been federally declared for in baton rouge, casey stegall fox news. >> it was such a slow-moving systemem and backed up and gave them for one day a break and
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they will be able to start the process bu it's going to take a long time. they've had 20 inches of rain i a short periods of time. we have a rainfall deficit, but look at some stats as wea move in the right direction. it is at a nice pa geauga county airport, not too much activity. show you the doppler weather radar in just a moment. you can see that first of all,yo we are running oursels some rain showers in downtown clevelandnd and then another ba here. and here is the radar. got that batch with the front,
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showers towards middlefield at the airport. it is a quick, fleeting batch of showers that will not come all at once, sinc june 1, including the rainfall that we have had, since june 1, 2.5 inches below normal. if you just cordon off august, it is doing much better thanks to a rainfall pattern since last tuesday. about one half inch above for mansfield still a bit behind for akron-canton. see some scattered showers tonight. it is spread out over a week th kind that we needsp and there i
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outlook.r scattered showers should come to an end by midnight. then dry out between ten and 12:00 p.m. the tomorrow partly cloudy i was scattered afternoon storms, 84. there may be a few stray showers, with rainfall totals between now and thursday afternoon now amounts but a few lucky areas may get close tol half inch and then it will settle down especially friday for the system sends in cold front on saturday, sunday and then some late august cooling down. we'll be in the
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next front saturday, sunday. and then after that, low to mid '70s monday-wednesday with 50s at night. we'll be able to turn off the air conditionin systems next week for a bit of break. >> ai orbackers of a citywide initiative in clevelandck to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hou are not backing down. so that itek could be bad for business especially if c the hi is only here and in other citie keep the current minimum wage o $8.10, today raise up cleveland introducing new language on the proposal. instead of all wants it $12 an hour on january 1 th each year after the minimum wag an increase by $1 until got to $151 spent i think the working people need to realize that lo
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act makes you grateful a job to make $12 an hour which is a job that puts you one bad day away from losin everythingad is unclear if the issue will be on the ballot. >> people in a neighborhood see that turkey's block traffic on regular basis in maia belay here with more on this unusual problems while we talked to says last year so do turkeys were now they're ackyardrd grown up in frustrating people. >> they wander around detroit road at calhoun they do not damage property but they tie up traffic for long periods of ti there more effective sometimes to get drivers to slow down.
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we hear people say that we can't get down the road and thi morning an officer was running radar and he said the turkeys were more effective an than he to slow down traffic they said the turkeys a been there longer soso is something that everybod has to deal with. >> less than two weeks away from the fox 8 foxtrot this year running to support veterans at louis stokes medical center on sunday august 28 at mall c. >> standard registration gets you into the 5k run or 1 mile walkgg in fraser, premium registration also get a free american flagpr and raffle entr to win one of several flown overseas , just register at fox >> google going up against
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lost today andew it is free.
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remember nikon today in 1977 when elvis presley passed away, each year thousands make the privilege to his home in memphis to remember the king of rock 'n roll on monday nightht vigil capped off elvis week which is the annual celebration of his life and career they als had a big announcement, a newar two hundreds thousand square-foot complex will be
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graceland. google is taken on facetime. >> onever believe technology a car company uses for it cars as here's natalie herbick with the update . california's governor declares a state of emergency i lake county forer wildfires they have arrested a man they believ started the he was arrested and charged with arson they say the suspectso he may have
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lake county over the past year despite having a suspect i y the battle against the fire is a tough one, it began saturday on monday and covered 4,000 acresd and just 5 percent contained . >> some people health insurance under obamacare will lose their plans next year, and says it i pulling out of the health exchange set up by thehe affordable care act and 11 of the 50 statesd where it operate they report they lost $130 million in its individual healthcare policies since i the exchange opened in january 2014 the only sell obamacare products in delaware, ohio, iowa nebraska virginia. >> google is going up against facetime launched a new service calledupe do well and allows you to make calls between ios and
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something facetime cannot do another feature is there's no way to pick up another call if it comes through instead they send them a messag that says you are unavailablehe. >> l if you never tried a burger from shake shack, you're missin out i have a celebrant the 100 restaurant giving out free burgers to the first 100 customers at each location, re there is not a shake shack kent ohio but you can go totot pennsylvania or 14 other states including dc also in london, tokyo and moscow. in the near future some will not have to worry about red traffic lights, audi has plans to roll out cars that electronically to the cable traffic signals the car's instrument panel will display a red traffic light and
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the auto industry holds cars like these that kim k. with signals bridges and brain terms make travel safer. >> if you are a mother expecting a bundle of joy, new warning for common over-the-counter drug.
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christmas a big announcement
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pregnant women who take acetaminophen ar more likely to have hyperactive children they saytli women who the drug in products l children witht emotional or behavioral symptoms the critics say that mothers who need the pain reliever should take itm a it will not automatically condemn the child to behavioral problems. >> next month marks 15 year since 9/11. tens of thousands have experienced health problems,
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cancers, some having more than one type of cancer, send 5,000 people have enrolled in the cdc world trade center health program to provide health care, monitoring and treatment to thousands ofa people affected b the 9/11 attacks. >> too much sitting is potentiallys a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, the heart association says that cit is bad for your heart and blood vessels can increase your chance of health issues they say they have not pinpointed thee how much is too much about that if you feel you've been sitting too long than you probably have beenn . >> n don't get mad at us for this while we are still celebrating warm summer temperatures, many are looking forward to christmas. >> the tran-siberian orchestra is making a big announcement.
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they said that due to the overwhelming response of the 2015 tour, they're taken their show on the road again and the best part is that it begins in ohio in youngstown on november november 17 you can also catch them in cincinnati ony december 21, columbus on december 209 into shows here in cleveland where the tour wraps up on new year's eve at the qer. get ready for a trip back in
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camera at a denny's restaurant.
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us all that will take you back in time,, how can you not forget the movie chitty chitty bang bang, dick van dyke in his a cappella group broke out in song at abr santa monica denny'.
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the 9-year-old was at a breakfast a group began seeing the 1968 hit, there was still dressed from an interview on good day la for an upcoming show.w the video has been view
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melissa myers' track and some storms. >> m early-morning blaze believed to be called to a slew of crime on camera. >> tpolice need help to find t driver of the truck. >> fox 8 news s-6 tartrate now. >> a crash free caught on camera a reign of crooks are busted. >> > seems almost every night, at
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and grabs still an atm, this morning the i-team captured this. >> the i-team, there is police breaking up a rain of these blame for smash and grabs stealing atms a chronic problem in the city and suburbs we took the news of the ground up to danzy's marketn a victim of a smash and grab. >> ti a re: surprise they made an arrest? >> yes,m gasoline people, they were giving away with it. >> some suspects were locked up before the roundup and others found on the streets and a diamond with center for charges against 11 suspectsh we notice this outside of a home woman with a baby sitting with people detained and later that mother complained about damage after
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>> what if they come here? >> we don't know. >> at the justice center the i-team view the charges, the suspect tied to crimes back to 2011 in cuyahoga county, solid, stark and lorain county. >> this is the culmination of a joint investigation between parma,s cleveland strong cell ad >> tr there were so many smash and grabs, but he is happy to see what he considers justicece. >> were here for the community and for them to do something like that it really hurt me.


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