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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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be busy tonight and i want to bring some friends because it will be less painful to share the cost of parking. >> > c parking lot attendants call it supply and demandat when cleveland host multiple special events. the price to park is increased. >> this would normally $10 parking lot0 open at 7:00 a.m. at $35, hereby east ninth is also 35.. >> we want to have lunch but do not want to pay $35 to parkknt go there. >> ipad at a ticket that i got
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ticket. so i save $10. >> forget street parking, to get a prime location you have to be prepared to pay premium. >> they mean that he will fly, but that's okay. >> ka rta is running, if you wish to get a ride with someone,yo if you can see, even the $40 parking here at this, one of the closest parking lots to these events is not keeping people away.
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fans going to browns season game tonight will notice some changes. >> has to do with security before you get through the gat to see the browns versus falcons,roe that right is at first energy weather details. >> instead ofa taking stuff out of your pockets, and they will go through metal detectors, a plant that has been in the worky two years and takes effect tonight. you will no longer need to get your keys, wallet and jewelry out of your pocket and remove your belt, only need toto get out your cell phone, camera and hat and hold them above your head as you go through themee metal detectors are being used in the nfl and hear they're going to be phased in the season started with abou 30 with one and 30 to be at al
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stadium from 30 seconds to just three seconds. it is about safety. we have the best technology to get our fans in here safely and also to get people into the building quicker. bring at large backpac not allowed you can bring a small clear plastic bag like this or elsese clutches. you want to get all the way through the gate and had to go back to your car to drop off your bag.
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it is all right to have that in your dreamsms as the team basically dismantled, for the most part, and then built it backth, tonight will be the tea trying to make some leaves terms of development from game one, mall c rg3 then the other night with only 11 snaps previously1 and talk about the receiving corps. hope that you will have rookie corey coleman on the field. but hinting he will not play as he comes back from a hamstring situation that just easing him back to be cautious.. you have terrelle
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back after games one through four. then you have this rookie corey coleman and other receivers they draftedd this year. lots of people in place ando coach hue jackson is allow to dream of that and think how things would be if he had the entire receiving corps. he is resilient. you would probably be the first to tell you that h wanted to do it andyo he threw a touchdown his first nfl game an also some things happen that he wished didn't but he will learn and grow from it. >> 't hue jackson there, and understand that the eye in the sky is right above us, hello skyfox, good to have you aboard we are here with our cameraman doug herman on the field at first energy stadium getting ready for the browns versus
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first-team offense play tonight there will not be joe thomas. this is week number two and they should play into the second quarterernu in terms of the off side of the ball.te if you spent a lot of money to go to the hall of fame gameou you wil get your money refunded the gam between the packers and called was canceled because of field conditions, the made for dangerous conditions so the hal of fame approving a refund policy for the tickets and also be reimbursed for presale reservation seeds buses in fees
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be eligible to get a refund for one nightr hotel accommodations, for more info fox >> . the robbers went on a violent rampage in little italy last yearwol learning their fat priest, who was held at gunpoin was one of the victims as elizabeth noreika reports. >> in the courtroom today, the victimsn came face-to-face once again him up at gunpoint.h they were careful and fearful thought the were going to diet , now these robbers learn how long they wil be in prison. da'shaun newton, johnchez phillips and harrison sentenced. person received 16 the other 222 years behind a series of holdups and little italy , the first was a woman
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the second was a priest leaving church we do not hand over his car keys he was pistol whippedt suffering facial injuries, the third victim saw what happened and yell for help. he was then robbed and then a fourth victim was robbed in a nearby drugstor parking lot , she is forced into her car. the priest and i want to show his face this is what he had to say about the violent encounter. >> > ol in my mind to look like a firing squad in western that i would be executed. so, i began
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went over to harass the other gentleman the other victims also spoke during the sentencings. there were all very emotional, they said that they are forever changed they fear for their safety and they're working on getting past it each day. also of note, the three men apologizedtl to the victims. a crash caused by wrong way drive as ed gallek reports on the >> gl charges filed they say that a 19-year-old woman, causing the crash,fol driving drunk and goi the wrong way slamming into a couple on their way to a honeymoon.c yet wonder how nobody died here, charges filed against 19-year-old molly boon on-o saturday morning, i-480 ne west 150 that she drove the wrong way t barreling into a couple going to the airport for
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they got out just in time befor it s erupted into flames. when you said that she saw a car the wrong way and got out of the way. >> wrong way driver palooza olmsted falls, molly boone pleaded not guiltyy and is fighting the charges , mr. maher for drunk driving and going the wrong way,, check the suspects record just three minor traffic tickets in a crash last year in the year before. >> investigation continues into an accident involving a cleveland water truck would hav a nonstate route 176 and i-480. they say that a van hit the truck from behind. spun off an called fire the person in the
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not hurt because backups and before they clear the same basic police reports say the incident happened in july 11 during aa team camp at john carroll, then it is not associate with university,t but the police are investigating, the scope out a statement that reads in part when the school's menstruation was made aware of the recent allegations of hazingngen invol some members of the school football team action was te to reach out to the families of those affected a story just lik an onion, the more layers that you peel the more that it
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clinton will be the tribe, mccartney and browns game. >> what time is it supposed to start do you know? >> atoabout eight. it's a nice night for a game.
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just sense that things are about to turn.. int the same bit of relief from the dog days. today the sky was different going to get into some of that coming up and
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we have a couple of thunderstorms. these are moving into northwest ohi, at this stage not expected to amount to much some of these are producing hail and places, a better chance tomorrow. lower dew points feels nicer. they're in the 60s, yesterday they were the 70s inter-tropical it is a new point.of out west wher the thunderstorms are. stay
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partly cloudy beautiful moonlit night last night it was interesting less easy toto understand risk will begin to move in late saturday and mostl sunday. until that time they
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good sleep tents of you got a your project you might want to do it early next week. did you make it to the mccartney concer last night. >> my music is good times and good for your health. >> t coming up ice statues of donald trump in the buff or bee
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you are in pittsburgh and order an uber, good had to engineers the front seat they will begin integratin self-driving cars the first real application engineers will be right there just in case anything happens. you have to deal with muckleheads on the road, you're not supposed to speak to them,ys there are cameras inside and outside the car, lasers radar andndsi an ipad for you to document the right experience. likely the car will be a volvo. they just sent 100 vehicles to pittsburgh they have a land
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autonomous vehicles will be ready in five years you'll be able to hitch a ride on a ford focus just a phone app. we wer recently bought a self-driving truck,we that's next. imagine a big rig with no drivers working on this in san franciscodr to believe that when the technolog iso figured it will be cheaper than owning a car. but a few problems. lines can be obscured bridges and curvy roads are hard to navigate with radar and that software, once figured out, very close to having an app on your phone. >> need someone connected highe up throughout the entire system to be driverless, sometime in
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ford truck amount say that the going to be than five years now. trying >> ford focus, supposed to be sold in five years to various covers will not have steering wheel or breaks, know that stuff. >> three years ago we began trending and they said that tesla was ridiculous >> and i told you, right here o trending. >> are some good news, if you are depressed than perhaps you should go to a concert, on hi sold-out but there is a def leppardt concert it blossom on monday august 29. this study, out of australia finds that
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concerts do wonders for your happiness. a thousand australians were studied at deakin university shows that people with any sort of communionon musical experience more satisfied with life more you do it the better off, listening to music alone do not have the same results,s, musici live shorter lives according to the study. the good news is that concerts are expensive but well worth it in the long run i you go with communal experience. >> i have was in florida and i saw billy joel alone i had a great time i joked with folks and we became friendsds. >> e i do not mind going to a movie alone. >> i would probably grab a
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myself, but never to concert, you share a love of the music such as paul mccartney, it is like a family event you can ju fill this community. >> went to dc concert by myself and omaha nebraska. >> lets go see def leppard, monday 29thth and reo speedwagon and tesla.
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america would expose being robbed at gunpoint brazil is now under serious scrutiny. >> wipresume authorities have video that raises questions of what happened as scott mclean reports. >> they say therefore american swimmers were reported to be victims of armed robbery ti in de janeiro were not victims the said thater video and witness statements contradict the athletend to counter what happe to the mobile robbery took plac the stories accused athletes of vandalizing a gas station
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security guard 2.0 got one of them but it was probably justified. they said that woul not be dignified for them to apologize to not announce charges, ryan lochte returned t the us and maintain that they were robbed. >> there was a story that you made this up along with other swimmers other swimmers to cove up some form ofnot embarrassing behavior, he denied this and it wasg >> the other three are still in brazil, their lawyerser say the are cooperate with the police i unclear when they will be allowed to return to the us, scott mclean reporting. >> a big football game tonight against the falconsnsfo. the coach was to see if there are new players to move into rotationon and see how the team will
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j.t. is here from first energy stadium but they preview when he denied is that so much that we would like to see improvement. >> the fans would like to see a way to measure improvement of a football team from game on and tonight. probably see rg3 play more, see some of the offense get a chance to be more involved involved. i want to see if the can run the football, do not do it that much more very welldo t other evening so some things to look out for. terrelle pryor played well landscaped what we hope to see from him? >> ro i think he did show first and foremost on that first catch, that long pass from rg3 that he
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a good transition from a quarterbackk to receiver. so they've got something there but often you get back i bet size can run you can see what he ca do to catch over the middle or short passes and turn those int big place.a what he did at ohi statete he was a dynamic player but he initiated the offense.wa here he gets the long handouts, short passes that he can and break a tackle. i think it is interesting to keep an eye o him, want to see corey coleman but most likely will not play.. and the same for some of the other young talent. they've g some pieces but they need to show development. >> y may be turner our factory
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temple. >> cedar point soak city waterpark goes away in its plac is a bigger waterpark with a ne name. >> warpcedar point shores will feature a large waterslide alum revamped traction is roosevelt leftwich reports. >> they change is clear from cedar point dove park well take thedo water route >> in a park known for roller coasters. tony sciola from driving to cedar point's soak city since they were small now it's the grandkids. >> ncowis a great place you kno where they are since they can't get away. >> in all the years thattw they become soak city and added new attractions but thed has been t same. >>it has been around since the '80s and is trying to rebrand. >> n they will soon become ceda point shores will turn it into
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will be expanded and modernized both in and outside and attractions will be added including a new waterslide almost as tall as one of the roller coasters. >> first is a giant six-story waterslide that you drop straight down at the floor drop out from underneath you. >> otony clark, vacation director at cedar point says are going t have more cabanas for adults to relax be completely revamped with ne waterslides andpl bigger pools he says the changes will help them to remain competitiveve to give people a new experience, visitors say that changes will keep them coming back . >> the kids have so much fun so many different activitieso and different levels, my 2-year-old can playay and the kids area and they've got some slides for the little kids.
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the plan to begin construction on the waterpark a soon as they closed the season and to have it ready by next spring. >> the humidity dropped, justin bennett, it is still warm, talking about, sorry to bring this up mr. martin but were talking about snowfalll and the lower 48l when you discuss snowfall you better call me mr. martin. >> sser. >> but i hear do not worry. we can relax. this is very cool.
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looking at the visible satellite you can see the flow, there was a distinct cut off as to where the dewpoints increase her, the atmosphere is hazy, along the boundary we had drawn thunderstorms in chicago that emotion intode central ohio but should fade away. there was another clue that the atmospher was stable. there were two, that's why i let people tell them seconds in one day.up you can a lot out of it by looking up this was shot at noon time today looking at the blue atmosphere, either the wind has increased o that dewpoint has dropped and in this case ofwp, and the grass i green. began to speed up the process of may be getting in
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this area near the wyoming border, bozeman montana. this is a snowcast. you'll see snowfall showing up in the higher elevations near big sky and some of the higher peaks in wyoming, and in eastern wyoming alex aboutut three day 6 inches from aco for us but for us no cold front it will be cooler tonight 626 , partly cloudy tomorrow. >> on the eighth day, risk of thunderstorms will be persisten saturday mostly afternoon and thenr pick up sunday with the cold front. it will be much cooler and drier and have a crispiness to the year.
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's mission was as top-secret as you can get. for a northeast ohio soldier, i guarding saddam hu half the battle, the support of thesan fox 8 foxtrot helps vete like him .
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fox 8 backing a good cause for the far transport in the louis stokes cleveland va medical center. >> share a war story and how that cleveland va medical cente overcome is sho troubles today. >> a part of history that gripped the world as it happened.
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operation red dawn netting one of the most wanted man in the world, december 2003, the capture of saddam hussein.d >> capture this man is crucial to the rise of a free iraq. >> army specialist was just 22 years old when he says found himself in an elite group calle super 12. >> we were selected for my company tofr be personal security for saddam hussein. >> adam rogerson and his group guarded saddam hussein for six months, ultimately walking into his death. >> we heard, the hanging. we could hear all of the sounds. then we witness them carrying his body up above their heads ,
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ak-47s. it was a crazy experience >> he was highly skilled and motivated, he lived through the chaos of combat, watching overe the defiant dictator in serving the united states with great pride for years. today he lives in northeast ohio with his wife and children. yes ptsd and struggle israel. >> hour, minute by minute, i have ptsd but if people will get tha and they are afraid of it. >> you cannot find a job but h foundy tremendous help at the louis stokesre medical center to begin around others who know an don't judge. >> that's what it is about to take care of veterans one day a
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to do those missions it takes a much out of me but nope i i can recover. i will not be the same person and i delivered th for the rest of my life. >> re just little more than a week away from the fox 8 foxtrot con this year running to support veterans at louis stokes cleveland va medical center on sunday august 20:00 a.m. mall c. >> standard registration get you into the 5k run or 1 mile walk w and free t-shirt, premium registration you also get a fre american flag and raffle entry to win one of several flags flown overseass, to register go to fox >> to art on the move. identical statues of a naked donald trump are popping up
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get the skinny on these eye-catchin
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details about the iphone 7 elite and fabio gets put on the back shelf. >> natalie herbick has us i wei and the update. it's a site that no one expecteded or even asking, several naked donald trump statues popped uptr in several cities around the country today including in northeast ohio where these responded by a fox of your milan coventry road in cleveland heights. others have been spotted in iroquois san francisco, los angeles and
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project is a las vegas sculptor best known for creating monster for horror films and haunted houses. >> the new iphone may not be released when expected , a sour says that the iphone 7 and 7 plus will not go on sale until september 23i. that's after the report said that it would be in stores earlier.ft t apple's skip quite. the specul still planningng a major media event for september 7. >> 7if you needed an extra reas to travel to lie, lava flow fro the kilauea volcano has caused surge in visitors. it began in may but to not reach the water to last month, now they say as many as 5,000 touristsacac pass through each day, the last time lava from the volcano into the
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a growing number of couples are saying they're i do's on thursdays. the average cost wedding and the united states i nearly $33,0000 we can be significantly higher in some cities. change in the wedding day from traditional weekend dates an can bring in several savings, nearly 6 percent of couples got married on thursday last year that's up from 4 percent in 2014. >> weather lover fabio, meet jason bock and is the new king of romance novels n claims that he has been featured in 476 covers which is ten more than fabio he says to get ready she does push-upsps before each phot
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we have that one person who cracked her knuckles constantly found out that it is on good fo you. looking at x-rays of 400 michael crackers.. >> i am unable to. >> they say that those w cracked her knuckles is flexibility afterwards they see that we've cracked and uncle. it reduces the pressure of the joint allows in the fluid to dissipate the lower pressure allows for more flexibility. >>
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going to the browns game, interrogators take things too far, do they get punished? >> in my mind it look like a firing squad in the western lik i was going to be executed. >> e the priest held at gunpoint confronts his attackers in court. >> for most it is a day of the zoo before a local girlrlt is t perfect prescription to help her feel better on her road to recovery. >> h tonight fox 8 news had sex starts right now. >> > some tailgaters in the muni lot tonight for the first home game of the browns preseason. >> the i-team uncovers a surprise of what happens during pretty ng. they can get wild down there. >> how many of those football
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reports tonight. >> every football season the city puts out a warning of no drinking and more in the muni lot but most nobody gets busted. >> a season of partying for browns fans in the line, each year the city puts out a warnin of a media advisory, rules about no alcohol and more what we found surprised this browns muc in passing through the muni lot earnest byner. >> how did people do you think is arrested each year >> i don't know i have no idea. >> is not far off. the bus were one arrest for citations for
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i think they mostly respect the rules regulations. >> e the cinema gets busted except in extreme cases or if they ignore warnings, one said that those roles are like general boundaries.l. >> i'm not seen anybody arrested. i have seen warnings. the police were wonderful out here. >> the i-team reviewed all police reports ot i from the me love for the last two years found more than twice as many reports m filed on days without browns games, in those daysn we reports of stolen cars, stuff stolen from cars, petty theft andnd a shooting. >> on game days, the last two years, the handful of citations and a dozen or so other reports


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