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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm natalie herbick and we to preference this show with a bit of a warning. you might get a cavity when you see this show because we are talking all things sweets and treats from banana splits to cupcakes, donuts that's why it's only fitting we're here at bloom artisan bakery and cafe here in downtown cleveland. but we're gonna show you this place in just a bit.
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- the first what we do, we cover that with that parchment paper so after when we bake it, it doesn't stick so i can easily take it off. (upbeat music) - the lithuanian tree cake, we were taught that the (foreign language) which is what we called it, was a special occasion cake mostly for weddings when the lithuanians came after 1990, they sorta changed the name from (foreign language) to (foreign language) so, those of us who are first generation call it (foreign language). everybody else calls it (foreign language) and in english it's just a tree cake. on the bottom if you flip the cake over
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and that's why it's called a tree cake. - going nice see, the spikes appear in about five or six pourings. i just go to lithuania, find out on the internet how to obtain a machine, it's a long story. they showed me everything, how to do all the kinda secrets because it's not everybody can do that. - [ruta] he's very detailed oriented and wants the finest ingredients, he wants to use the white, always the white thing, in his mind life is too short to cut corners. - [dainius] it takes about one to one and a half hours before baking and then usually i bake three times so it's about two hours,
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- [ruta] i would say the closest thing would be a very thick putzel that has got a coffee cake consistency. - i love to do this, when i make it i have so passion. you put yourself in there but nobody's in cleveland. in chicago there is a lot of them. probably maybe more than 10 but the funny thing is they ordering that cake every month. once i just ask, you have so much cakes in there. even they imported from lithuania. they was like, "yeah but yours the best," (laughter). so it makes me proud. - it brings back memories of whatever celebration
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it's comfort, it's a comfort cake, done with love and time. - to order your tree cake you can contact the lithuanian club and we'll put all of their information for you on our website. okay from tree cakes to one of my favorites, french fries topped in cheese, gravy, even chicken paprikash, (light guitar) - banter is essentially a beer and wine store with a small kitchen and bar. we carry roughly 300 different wines, up to 400 different beers. everything is priced at a retail price and then we allow drinking for a small corkage fee.
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the canadian national dish, it's the ultimate comfort food. at it's core it is french fries, gravy and fresh cheese curds. we have the basic poutine which we call our banter poutine. and then we do a bunch of different variations, we do a chicken paprikash poutine, we do a vladimir poutine which is where we take lamb, we make a posh gravy out of it, mix it into our gravy and put it on top of the fries and curds. we do a (mumbles) poutine, think there's 10 different variations. we do get a lot of questions like what is poutine. so we kinda might lean them towards trying just the basic poutine but then we also try to gear them towards something familiar like the chicken paprikash. everyone in cleveland has probably had paprikash in some point in their life so we might try to steer them towards that. i think first and foremost i think we wanted to be one of the best beer and wine stores in cleveland.
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that you're not gonna find at big grocery stores or anything like that and then our beer we wanted to focus mostly on craft beer just that industry has been such on the rise that we wanted to really focus on that so that people can come and find the hard to find stuff and try something that they haven't had before. we're talking roughly 400 different types of beer. all of 'em craft, aside from, i think we do have some pbr from all over the world, we do have a pretty good focus on north american craft beers, we do carry quite a few imports, hard to find stuff and the way that we work is, we have plenty of stuff by the six pack, four pack, 12 pack. we also have the ability of create your own six packs. we have a bunch of singled out bottles and everything is priced individually if it's singled out. so you can mix your own six pack or if you'd like
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a small corkage fee to open one of the bottles here. this is what we call the wine room, as you can see we have quite a variety, we up to 350 different wines at the moment, everything along this shelf is all curated, mostly from the west coast of america. we have a lot of stuff from washington state, oregon as well as california and then over on there shelves is a lot of our imported wines again, from small boutique vineyards throughout france, italy usually everybody has a style that they go for. a lot of people like sweet wines. a lot of people like dry wines. really depends on what you do and so one, we have a great staff that actually knows what wines you're talking about so we're able to answers questions and we actually we can offer samples if you wanna try something before you buy it, that's kinda the unique thing about us.
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which what we call our wine room for about another 20. so overall, we can seat about 50 people. we didn't wanna do a traditional bar we kinda wanted a place where people can experience new things and kinda talk about it. the word banter is just kinda soft conversation between friends and we kinda wanna keep that atmosphere as well it's more geared towards light conversation and hanging out with friends. detroit avenue in gordon square. when we come back after this short break we're heading
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as you can see i'm making myself feel a bit more at home here at bloom in downtown cleveland. this place is a small shop that's giving back in a really big way, take a look. - the home artisan bakery is a towards employment social venture, it's the first one. it's a benefit corporation where we hire people who have barriers to employment and teach them baking skills. they'll have one year with us and within that one year they'll learn different skills from if they're working at the retail shop, they'll learn retail skills,
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learn baking skills. we also have a delivery driver as well. so within that one year then they go back to towards employment and we help them to find employment that would be full time employment and just increase their income as well. i think it's really important, just giving people who may be coming back home from prison, giving that reentry and giving them confidence too. that's one thing that i've noticed the difference as well, is that just from the moment i've interviewed them to go see them in the bakery and growing like their confidence just builds. some of them feel like they don't even deserve the opportunity and i tell them, don't ever feel like you don't deserve it. we may have made our mistakes in the past but now we're moving forward. what i've seen so far with the participants is definitely that confidence booster, having some skills that they can transfer even if they don't wanna stay in the food industry and they're kind of bonding with one another as well
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it's just individuals who are looking for employment and building their skills and moving on with life so not coming in and feeling like, oh good for you but really just understand that these are individuals who are working together to create really good pastries and now take this foundation and move on with our careers. what makes me the most proud is when they come in the next day, ready to go, it is a long 12 hour shift and sometimes we're here at midnight, sometimes we're here at two in the morning and we may have left at 6 o'clock the day before, 6 pm the day before and they just get up and they're ready to go. mason chipley is our bakery consultant. he's got about seven or eight bakeries that he's developed. one is in milwaukee, one was in florida and he's got one in bangladesh and two coming up in thailand and india as well as his shop is mason chipley in england so he came all the way from england
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his style and we're taking some leadership guidance from there with him. - bloom has two locations, we're at the euclid avenue spot that's right in the campus district at csu and then they have one at public square as well. but now we're heading to a place that needs a little peace, a little love and a plethora of little donuts. - we opened peace, love & little donuts of canal fulton june of 2013. it's been amazing, this community is so welcoming and inclusive, it's been really fun and the people love this small family oriented feel of the business, all of our staff is local
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and we make them from scratch every morning and then throughout the day as needed. - these donuts are old fashioned, cake donut that are just the tastiest little cake donut all by themselves but then, the ladies over here make 'em groovy, far out and funkiaelic. - [voiceover] these are white chocolate curls and they go on a donut like the orange creamsicle - so some of our different toppings, we have icings like maple, chocolate, vanilla. sarah it currently making a maple bacon donut which is one our top sellers. we have a lot of different toppings m&ms, oreo cookies. we use a streusel for all of our cake or pie donuts. rice crispy treats, fruity pebbles on blueberry, lemon, banana, raspberry, whatever you'd like.
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when we create a new flavor here at the store it's really a lot of fun because it's kind of a team effort and we take the ingredients that we already have and we play around and mix 'em up and create new flavors that we haven't had in the past. - a mocha curl and a white chocolate raspberry. - our mocha curl is one of our favorite donuts. it's a mocha ice with a dark and white chocolate and it's really creamy and delicious. we try to make sure you get what you want. so we try to make sure that we have enough blank donuts either currently making or ready on the shelf to make you whatever kind of donut that you want so when you come in you can go through the menu and you can pick something that's not out and we can make it for you right then. we wanted to it's so much fun for any kind of a special event, for catering, we do a lot of weddings
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make your guests happy with our donuts. hey guys here's a five dozen order for pick up at three o'clock, can you guys box that up for us please? we really find that our business can be very convinient for you because we take orders until eight nine o'clock at night the night before and we can have 'em ready for you at five six o'clock in the morning so that you can just swing through the drive thru and pick 'em up and be on your way. i really love about canal fulton that ogether. it's just a very welcoming community 'cause we're not from here, we're from oregon and they took us in as if we were here all our lives so that's a pretty neat way to have a community. - we visited peace, love & little donuts at the canal fulton location after the break we are getting you some old school
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to new day cleveland. we are spoiling you with so many sweets and treats and up next, we're going old school, taking you to an old fashioned soda fountain in geneva.
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they have three generations of pharmacists, they're working on the fourth, the great grandson is going to pharmaceutical school which is really neat. we have a pharmacy museum dedicated to the rees family, they were really great to the community. when i was growing up in the 40's and 50's doc rees, reva rees and ralph reese were just wonderful. i've heard so many wonderful story about the rees family. if they had a sore throat or headache or something. doc rees would go in the back and just mix something together and then give it to 'em. we've got doc rees' desk, all the old pharmaceutical bottles, there's some instruments back there, there's scales back there, the bottle though, the bottles are what makes it so interesting.
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we have a few antiques, we have gifts, we have retro candy but best of all we have a full blown working soda fountain. everything you're not supposed to eat, we have. a phosphate is just a drink, it's how they used to make 'em years ago before they mixed the soap with the soda water. it's just like soda pop but we make it, don't ask me how but we make it. yeah, that's for you, just for you, okay? i get a kick outta the children, introducing them to the soda fountain. it just brings back old memories and you can see the retro candy that we have that you used to buy for a penny when you were little and it's so funny when the kids come in, i love having the kids come in because they did the same thing we did.
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which ones they want just like we did when we were kids. - is the raspberry good? - [voiceover] yes. - [pat] i love to look at the people's faces, the tourist's faces when they come in, i have people from england, i have from australia, from china come in and they're just amazed, it's like walking through time. that's just exactly how it is. - rees' corner is located in geneva. but we are sticking with sweets of years past and taking you to a traditional bakery that offers all sorts of old fashioned favorites.
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that taste of home, that traditional pastry that you remember a parent or grandparent baking years ago and we try to keep up those old fashioned traditions and our homemade fresh pastries every day. the bakery was founded in 1910. we do a large variety of eastern european traditional pastries, we make (foreign language), hungarian nut and poppy seed rolls, struttles, angel wings, polish sweet breads, we also do seasonal items, anything that goes our bakers, very hard working, dedicated individuals who put love and pride into absolutely everything they do. - yeah this is the revolving oven. i could fit 20 sheet pans in here. - [erika] we have very little automation back there. everything is shaped, formed by hand and they put
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cassata cupcakes is pretty much our homemade yellow cupcake. we center a little bit of the center. put a very delicious bavarian cream and strawberry filling in it and top it off with our very good homemade vanilla butter cream. we are not a custom cake shop, we do however, provide cakes on a daily basis for people who have a taste for a little cake, don't want a lot of someone at work with something small. we do tiny little cakes which actually only have two to four servings in 'em and we do a little bit larger ones that have five to eight servings also. we do make cookies, we also make small pastries. it's something that's been popular. we offer a variety of eight different small pastries that are arranged in a box, very convenient
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our specialty bread is a polish houska bread. some nationalities refer to it as paska bread. it's a sweet egg dough with golden raisins and cherries in it. the best part is the people coming in the door, sharing their memories, someone who walks in the door and says that the aroma takes them back to being in their grandma's kitchen or tasting that homemade fresh pastry that reminds them of someone special in their life or even their own home baking. - samosky's home bakery is located on pearl road in parma heights, more sweet treats
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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we marched our way back into the kitchen here at bloom. tell ya, it's just amazing what they can do here with all of these different pastries and bakery treats. speaking of, desserts before dinner. love the sound of that right. we're giving you a few reasons to head to painsville. - we bake fresh every day, all the cupcakes are made from scratch, in house, every morning. we make the frosting's fresh as well
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so that they're fresh all day. we never sell day old cupcakes. they're good for two or three days. after that, they'll start to dry out just because we don't use any preservatives. we really pride ourselves on not using artificial flavors or extracts, if we're making an orange cake, we use fresh orange rind and fresh orange juice. if we're making our lemon frosting it's always fresh lemon. what we do, is we do 12 flavors every day. 10 of our 12 flavors are called every day favorites. they don't change so these are two fresh banana cake, these are gonna become what we call monkey nanas which is a fresh banana cake, chocolate ganache and peanut butter frosting. and then these are gonna be our banana split. so that's gonna be our fresh banana cake vanilla frosting dipped in the chocolate ganache, salted peanuts, sprinkles and a cherry. so that's one of our more popular ones. we have a lot of fun flavors. we really focus on flavor combinations. we like to take other desserts or other treats and break it into cupcake form.
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and make that into a cupcake. we do a cannoli cupcake, we do strawberry shortcakes. so we like to take other treats, we love candy bars. always small batch, everything's made in small batches. the cupcakes are made in these as well in the morning. so everything's made in the small batches. so what the ladies are doing over here is mikayla is rolling the cake pops. cake pops is about a six or eight step process. so what we do first, if you look over here, we actually bake a cake, we then crumble it and we roll that into the cake pop base. all cake pops are developed with four components. you have your cake flavor, your frosting flavor, what chocolate we dip it in and then what toppings go on there. we do about 45 different flavors or the cake pops so those four components determine what flavor we're doing for the day. so mikayla's actually working on apple cider. it's one of our fall flavors so it was special ordered by a customer so it's an apple cider cake,
10:32 am
we add that to the cake base, we also add it to the frosting and then we're gonna dip it in white chocolate and put a cinnamon sugar over it so those are the four components of the apple cider cake pop. we always explain the cakes first because any of our new customers we wanna make sure that they understand that we do 12 flavors every day, the 10 never change, our every day favorites and then we explain what the cupcake of the month and the baker's choice are for that day. so we explain that, then we explain what a cake pop is 'cause some people still aren't sure and we explain how we make those, we always also give so they love that 'cause you get something. the best thing is being your own boss of course. seeing the smile on the kid's faces when they come in and their eyes light up when they see the case and they see the sprinkles and the cherry on the banana split and we actually get a lot of feedback from our customers of why they're here. we get people that say my neighbor mowed my lawn so i wanted to give them a treat and they thought of us. my neighbor just had surgery or my friend
10:33 am
i gotta make up for something that i did. so we get a lot of feedback that way. that's very satisfying to know that there's a special reason why we're being given as gifts and enjoyed. - cora cupcakes is right on bacon road in painsville. how can you forget that one right? our next stop is a place where you go to find all things, and i mean all things italian. if you're not italian, trust me after you see this segment you're going to be italian today. we are at alesci's here in solon, i have frank with me. frank, first of all i'm in heaven might i add. the little bit of italian that's in me is so super excited right now to be here. this has been going on for years and you're the fourth generation? - [frank] i am. - [natalie] what has it been like to keep this tradition going strong in your family? - it's been challenging in some ways
10:34 am
and we're in a big community. - [natalie] what are you most known for here? what do you think people have been coming back for year after year? - [frank] i would have to say our bread. - [natalie] it's the bread? - [frank] yeah, well they're coming in for the italian bread because it's homemade every single day from scratch. it was flour and water yesterday night before we got here today, now it's not. - and in the pastry aspect of it, check out the spread that they have here. what all do you have in the shelves? - everything's made by hand, the (mumbles) are a big draw. we still make them the old fashioned way have some for you to taste here. - i know, i can't eat all of these. i like to eat but i can't eat all of these. so if you had to pick, which one do you think i should go for. - i'm personal to either nut or cheese but there's also lemon, apricot and raspberry here. - i think the nut looks good. - yeah the nuts very good. - i don't know if he knows this, i'm not a huge coffee drinker but you did an espresso out here for me? - i did. - is it that good here? - exactly it's that good yeah.
10:35 am
- it's good, it's strong, you drink one of these (laughter). do you drink one per day here? i gotta try this. - i do, i do, it's safe to say, at least one. - you need the energy to keep going at this place. you're busy. - [frank] we are. - [natalie] we're here in the middle of lunch hour, and it's packed in here, we got the bakery aspect covered but when you look around on the shelves, everything from sauce, what else do you have? - [frank] we have some specialty groceries for the at home cook. we have different cheeses, meats, some italian sausage, prepared foods. - [natalie] do you like to cook, are you a chef? - [frank] i do, i love to cook. - what's your favorite thing to make? - i like to make the basics. - okay do you make the basics here ever-- - sure, sure i do, yeah. - i saw that as soon as i walked in and my eyes just went right to it so can we head over there maybe make up a little something?
10:36 am
is this chicken parm that you put on-- - it is, everyone's there. - you look like you have some amazing pasta too. - we're gonna give you a little side of pasta. - i can't leave without having a little bit of pasta. alesci, the name, people who have lived here their whole life they definitely know the name. what's the family story? - [frank] my great grandfather came from sicily in early 20th century, he started the company with a horse and a buggy and he would knock on your door can i pick up anything for you and he would come back and he would pass it out to his neighbors. they all spoke italian, they lived together, same neighborhood and that evolved into a push cart that evolved into a truck, then evolved to a store. - into the store we see today. your dad is here somewhere jim, he is such a sweetheart. i'm sure you take such pride in this place then too and you probably make everybody who walks in these doors feel like they're part of the family too.
10:37 am
so jim alesci's, right in solon on solon road. this is how i do it. is that homemade sauce too? - of course. - it's amazing, oh my gosh that's unbelievable. you guys gotta come down here and check this out. - [frank] we'll have to box it up for you.
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it's not about how pretty you are it's about what you're saying and how you're saying it. and being able to be confident and happy, that's what truly shines through. be true to who you are. i'm so happy right now. i'm the happiest i've ever been. i think it just comes with the fact that i'm accepting who i am. everybody deserves love and kindness, don't they? they do. to the women who know what real values are,
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we're heading to broadview heights now to sample the best bakery around town. - [voiceover] we're just lookin' for somethin' sweet today. - well we might be able to help you in that department. narducci's bakery is a bakery that we acquired from the original owners and we have put our own taste and spin on things. he have fresh baked from scratch product daily. we're not a cookie cutter bakery.
10:41 am
we'll always have your poppy rolls, we'll always have your staple type pastry but other than that, we'll have somethin' new for you to come in and have a new flavor and a new twist on it. the russian tea cakes, the danish and the cinnamon sticks, they're our top sellers every day. you have to try the apricot tart, it is dynamite, it is so buttery and it has some cheese and then it has the apricot. when the baker is baking these, t. we also are getting famous for our brownies. everyone that comes in here just raves about them. they say that they're creamy, they're gooey, they're chocolaty and they have walnuts in them which i think might just take them to the next level. we have several different flavors of bear claws. we a poppy seed, we have a nut and we have a chocolate.
10:42 am
and then they are hooked. - just one cannoli please. - that's it just one cannoli? you never know what you're gonna find in our decedent cooler case 'cause it changes every day. i actually hate to bake which is kinda funny. everybody jokes about that and i don't like chocolate. fell into this because we were lookin' for somethin' to do in our retirement years and something to kinda catalyst to retirement. i have to give all the credit for how pretty the pastry looks to our baker, he's fantastic. he actually comes from italy himself. he brings a lot of fresh flavor. he brings a lot of fresh looking things. things that are very different. he's very very good at what he does. - my dad was a pastry chef from europe. when i was 12 years old he told me come on, you're coming with me,
10:43 am
learn you learn. that's how i really got started. i'm gonna be honest with you, i don't like desserts. i see it every day, sometimes i even dream about 'em. i feel proud when i look in my cases. - [cynthia] i hope that they experience flavor, i hope that they experience great customer service and that they walk out with a smile and a giggle and that they'll call us - narducci's is also a great place to go to get a cake for that special occasion. our next stop is going to be a sweet treat for your nose, that's for sure, you walk in and you have
10:44 am
the freshest, most delicious popcorn (mumbles). i love popcorn, i used to make it at home every night and seeing some of the other places around the area that do popcorn i thought, my popcorn's pretty darn good and i think i can complete. we came up with interesting flavors at something's popping by asking friends what they thought would be great to have, our most popular flavors are sea salt caramel, that's salty sweet just gets to ya every time. puppy chow, it's very rich and very delicious. birthday cake, believe it or not, it tastes like birthday cake. our most popular flavor here at something's popping is hot wing, everybody loves a good wing. this is our tasting station here at something's popping in
10:45 am
over on this side of the store we have all our gift tins and boxes, we can do any occasion really from baby showers to birthdays to congratulations. - i'm getting a box for a relative of mine who's retiring. - you can fill with any type of popcorn you want. you make your own special box geared towards that special person. and these boxes are very popular because the price point is fantastic for everyone. this is our gourmet wedding bar. this is great, the brides love coming in picking their popcorn, picking their colors. we could do galvanized tins for the hottest trend right now which is a rustic wedding. and how cute is this, he popped the question, our hearts are popping with love. seriously, this is fantastic, people love this.
10:46 am
here in this area, we have our penny candy table. which is kinda hard to get now so we've got it at a nickel a piece which is still a great deal for the kids, they really enjoy it. here is our nostalgic pop area. we have about 40 to 50 brands, the kids go crazy over these, they just love 'em, they were great gift ideas also. my vision for opening something's popping was having a family friendly place where the kids can come and enjoy it - something's popping is located on the square in medina. our next stop, smells just as good, fresh baked bread are their specialty. - we wanted the bread oven to be focused in the name of the business just 'cause that's kinda
10:47 am
it is designed specifically for bread. it's got a lot of mass like as masonry so it can store a lot of heat for baking. the way the chamber is shaped is kinda specific for bread. we need a lot of space in there to bake as much bread as possible but the ceiling is kinda low so that it can fill with steam easily. the whole oven will hold 64 of these, 32 per half. so this is the first 32 coming out now. the brick, it retains heat really well which is important for efficiency but it also radiates the heat back out in a way that's very good for bread, it gives a nice oven spring. you get good volume from it and you get that really good crust formation from that fierce heat coming off the (mumbles). i'll come in at five and get the oven ready, sweep the leftover ash from the wood fire
10:48 am
i'm usually here right up until we start our pizza service around 5:30 and sometimes i help out with that too. i honestly think that bread really taps into some old genetic history that we have. it's the staff of life, we've been eating it for thousands of years and it's a really simple basic food and it's one of those things that anybody can afford and you can live on that. i really love, we bake a 100 percent rye bread, kind of not like other bread you might be used to but it is so delicious. it's really rich and multi and i just love that stuff. our best known breads are probably or sourdough breads. we do a lot of naturally leavened breads. we do a country sourdough which is kinda just like a basic mostly white flour, sourdough. we do a real good multi grain version with a variety of toasted seeds in
10:49 am
we do a wide range of european style breads and pastries. we have a really good line of danishes. we can laminate everything which if you're a baker that's a lot of work, usually you have a mechanical rolling pin called a sheeter. we do it all by hand and we make a few different types of danishes, the most popular one's probably blueberry and cream cheese and i do a really nice plain croissant and chocolate croissant. we're mostly hearing really good positive things from people, a lot of folks are kind of reaffirming that this was a good time, we've been waiting for something like this. there's really nothing like this in our immediate area over here, the kent area so i thought that would be, the time was right for something like this here and one of the biggest reasons we opened here is because it's where we live. we just wanted to make it over here
10:50 am
so it seemed like a good fit. - the brimfield bread oven is closed on mondays and tuesdays. when we come back, just enough time
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we are rounding out our trip of sweet & treats with a visit top tier cakes. - i have wanted to do this my whole life. it's been really my dream since i was about 12 years old. actually with my middle school and high school and i went to different careers and i saw different ideas of what i could be and i loved it. i loved everything about a kitchen, i love how not structured it is really it's freedom, it's creativity, it's to do whatever you wanted. so i decided very early and started pursuing my career. it's the only place i've ever worked. i've never had a job outside of a kitchen. with baking yes, your mixes have to be precise
10:54 am
and everything has to come out the same way but as soon as it comes out of the oven you're free to do whatever you want with it. so i can decorate my cupcakes a different way, i can make a cake a different way. everything can be a 3d to a masterpiece wedding cake to your individual little birthday cake. everything is always different. i've always wanted to have my own shop. it's always been my dream since the very beginning of when i wanted to do this, having my own bakery was always the goal. we are open here from tuesday through saturday. we always have a variety of different things if you have an impromptu party or a mood for a treat, we always have cupcakes, cookies, brownies. right now i'm frosting some of our cupcakes for the case. these are our two most popular flavors, the chocolate butter cream and the white wedding cake. we have cookies, brownies, cup cakes, small cakes, you can buy six inch cakes, always available in our case. we have mini tarts that have been super popular.
10:55 am
if you come to me and you say, my wife loves a dog or loves flowers, then i can kinda create something that's personalized for you and that's what's i think really special about what we do here. this one is a baseball cake for a first birthday party. we do cakes from detailed to very simple. all different sizes, we do sheet cakes, round, squares, two tier, three tier. ddition to cakes, we also have a variety of other pastries, these are our pecan diamonds. they have a shortbread crust with a caramel pecan filling. very delicious and then these are our raspberry butter cookies with a shortbread butter cookie with a raspberry filling. it's always kind of a challenge, what are we gonna do today and what kind of creative things can i do, what fresh flavor is kind of profiling. i love to see what's trending and
10:56 am
coming in and trying our stuff and coming back next week and saying it was a wonderful pastry that you made us or we really enjoyed this tart and that's been really rewarding to see the positive feedback we've gotten and to see those same faces coming back week after week to buy the same thing or try something new. it's been really nice to meet new people. - the flagship store for top tier cakes is located in west height, well that's gonna do it for us. for letting us hang out all hour long and we have that complete list for you of all of the places we visited today on our website, hope you saved room for lunch after all that, very glutinous show we had for you today. i'm natalie herbick and i'll see you on the next new day cleveland.
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have you seen rob portman's ads saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. that's right, portman voted against the funding. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets that threatened cuts to drug treatment programs. rob portman: can't trust him to tell the truth, can't trust him to be for ohio.
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dr. oz: we finally answer the biggest question of all-time. the five-second rule. is it ever okay to eat food that's fallen on the floor? see what our experiment uncovered. that's terrible looking. plus, this is what 61 looks like. christie brinkley's secrets and shortcuts to looking great. >> this is fool proof. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: black holes. the bermuda triangle.


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