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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and i'd love him so much he was my hero.. g& i am really going to miss him, but we will see him soon and i know tha >> their works, brought the estimated gathering of 2500 to their feet . he was remembered as more than just a dedicated trooper, but as a person who loved his family, his work and saw it as his calling.h >> knowing service above self, even at the cost of one's own life. there is great loss, most of alll we gather in hope, that he is embraced in mercy andh set free and perfect love that he is fully alive and we dare to hope and believe that we will see hi
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>> some of the troopers who wer here today from indiana and elsewhere are those who helpede to protect cleveland during the rnc. here to stay under much more somber circumstances, if you a starved for a display of appreciation for law enforcemen all that als, that is you saw today. dave nethers fox a long procession of family/friends and law enforcement from around the nation made its way o to his final resting place. this was quite an outpouring of support for his family.
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with be an understatement, many people we spoke to knew him, an thousandstt did not know him bu wanted to be there anyway d, it times the procession seemed to stretch on forever, we saw troopers from alabama, indiana, just to name a few the stases that sent representatives, passed in front of clearview high school, the student body money in the front of the schoo holdingt american flags in silence as the procession moved to the people we spoke to work at clearview and considered him a friend . it was awesome to all the boys who were friends, it was very encouraging them on the boys who said great things >> i have known him a lot of years he wasas a great person, i think it is special that we
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come to support the family. >> a lot of support and how close knit this community is at heartis and at 6:00 o'clock tonight here from some of the students at clearview and their thoughts asehe the procession passed by. >> many people who were here do not know him but thought it was this man who honor gave his life protecting otherss got the sense that year, he is kenneth velez he was a father, friend and someone that
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won't he was holding hostage managed to call the police shawn grate branch o these charges in court in one weekago the aggravated murder charges carry death sentences. body camera video release l shows a sheriff's deputy assaultiveness aspect is on th ground and handcuffed the deput now indicted in facing charges peggy gallek has the video. suspects over two concussion in broken nose is attorney watc the video of his arrest for the ed d?rer joe said watching the video of his arrest is difficult, it shows ashtabula county sergeant james truckey walk up to him as he's on the ground second later he saidu th he was struck by the deputy, an officer nearby shines the light on his face
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he says he is thankful to the officer who was there paid administrative leave and will be in court soon. no justice for a cavaliers fan ripped off by command the police said sold him counterfeit ticketse to the finals even though it is caught on video as ed gallek here withca the very latest. >> that con man is gone, they say he sold the tickets on vide ishehe
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should've been sentenced today.. may remember the video they say that harvey nelson sold counterfeit tickets of the nba finals tickets with the cavaliers, they tracked down th suspect con man, recently harve nelson plead guilty that got ou ofe jail on bond and disappeare he was from new york, victor doubts he will see justice. >> what you expect >> in the case, nothing i don't think that they will ever catch them.eng records show he was supposed to get an ankle bracelet so the court system could monitor h-m, but never did it, esther and others arrested foror fake cavaliers tickets, a man got probation and in order to pay back the man he ripped off, a woman with harvey nelson is not
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it looks like the end ends are l headed toward the playoff is announcing ticket sales for the postseason, tickets for the american go on sale at the end of the websitee monday, 10:00 a.m. ago if he had tickets to any game that is not played, your money will be refunded, however the extra fees are nonrefundable,fu game one of the nlds is scheduled for thursday october 6 ago with last night victory the improve their magic number 25,
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the nature help to
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>> at the dick goddard apl telethon, you know what the four-foots mean to him,ou natalie herbick is there, and t time we heard from you said tha we needed to get the phones ringing aniee hopefully people responding by two let's check the theory is pure the numbers are at the bottom o toll-free and you can also donate online. >> dick goddard teamed up with apl for this, the second year i have him with me, he has a new friend she has been hanging out in his arms, i know that this for you this is an important event no.
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four-foots. a lot of them have compassion. many of the two thoughts do not. >> we raise about $130,000 last year >> that is our goal,, i hope th we can surpass that last year. >> let me show you another one of these little guys. pocket anyway say no to this little face what is a story? >> is owners cannot care for hi any longer she is four months old, with a fractured leg
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home toa put on some weight and then he will come back to us to be ready for adoptionon. we put this into perspective, it takes $5 million every year to take care of these animals. to keep the doors open, we care for about 42,000 each year from donations, so this event that you have is is not just for medical reasons it is the cost of food at the power bill and water, some things that we take for $6,000 what it costs last year for the waterville. >> and washers and dryers go from 6:00 a.m. each day for clean bedding and also used in
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the numbers to call our at the bottom of the screen.t another number is our current tally we are at almost $80,000, currently at semi $7,000, we want to be last years of almost one and $30,000, also go to fox to m donation. andre bernier has a friend. >> and we have a 4-foot in the front yard as dick goddard call them, but you had to be very carefulhe i spotted this over t
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it was during the weekend as i was filling in, and it shocked me it was a skunk. and this morning, they captured a photo of it. that is from this morning, and now we have encountered it thre times myself, jenn harcher and scott sabol appeared is not yet dramatic and that is a good thingg. looking at time lapse from middlefield , geauga county airport with lots of blue skies that funnel boundary is beginning to lose as have all the other systems that have slammed into thee high-pressure
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sags south tomorrow probably lots of catchy clouds with some sunshine. there could be a random sporadi showerer, aside from that does like it would be a big deal, it will be cooling down. what it happens, here comes the cold front it is a backdoor coo front moving at less than five mph l it is technically station is what we have depicted, it is drifting south and also we will see a wind shift into the
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it will be close to normal for the weekend, 73b, not too shabb and also 73 sunday and then 76 on monday and perhaps a more significant cool front that wil be moving in with showers tuesday and wednesday with '60s for the highs. october is just around the corner and you have waited long enough, the moment is nearly. coming up in trending we will find if lou maglio is willing to take a bite out of the hottest
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take a live look from the pickwick cam on east 4th street lots of people out there enjoin us day-to-day we have a food thing today in trending, hardships. >> not just any prize here is gabe spiegel with trending topics, we're going to get through this challenge. >> may want to use near time, going to try the hottest chip i the world,, dunkin' donuts, pumpkin beer and now alcan prize? sounds like it might work, a sweet and savory combo, but here's the kicker, it is only available in japan on october 1, it is unclear if the
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black buns burger that they tried in 2014 in tokyo it was dyed black with squid inkw period know that blackburg that will make your teeth blackck but they're going to try the poem comprise in tokyo and that if i works they may bring it over here this time next year, it is the season for pumpkin beer, the best pumpkin beer for oktoberfest. told you yesterday about the hottest pepper on the planet is the reaper pepper this is the wind shift challenge, one of th carolina reaper for kia chip, $5 online and they send you one
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on video and you send it back you could win in your supply of chips,o guinness book says tha the reaper is the grand pooh ba of peppers, lou maglio, is take up the challenge he said he would try it. >> i said that i went because you're not able toto. mr. big-time athlete comes to >> you had tried one of these earlier. >> i tried a portion, it was plenty hot but i got through it all right.po people have tried the ghost ship, these dontcha chips, they're all gone, but this, is the one that was sent to us overnighted, the comes in a sealed packeta, just one ship,
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bucket prepared and also my cel phone because i want a pictur of him on the gurney . i got this funny, they say it helps, i got this from little john, the say you're not supposed to drink water >> and you are lactose intolerant so the milk and ice cream thing that is recommended, but you can unseal this for yourself.f. >> don't touch h i will not try the entire chip because i do have obligations. >> how much?
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>> okay, a bigger piece, here i a man sized chipip. >> we've got your honey prepared. >> this is the hottest chip, carolina reaper, this is a cool refreshing taste, at the beginning and then the hottest part builds to a crescendo. >> i am okay, it is beginning t heat up is going to feel like a match in my mouth, i am beginning to perspire, it is beginning to burn i feel iti in my throat, i have had better days. this has happened before, you tried something hot. >> admitted, you are very impressed.
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in fact, i just may have someonene, if you dare me. you are a wildland. >> jim nice more of that honey. >> somebody called 911 . i did it, how about a round of applause for me . >> do you feel all right. she maybe all by herself after commercial break. never thought that you could do it. he does it again, rocky has nothing on you.
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but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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judgment day for a once respected high school guidance counselor and leading to a relationshipp with 18-year-old student, jack shea joins us. 36 euros educator apologized for the crimes that caused coulier reputation and freedom. >> looking back on it, i don't necessarily know is sorry he is a strong enough word or term i was negligent supposed to do.i >> they say that ronetta smith, asa guidance counselor at euclid high school had a sexual relationship with an agent of studenta in december 2015, she was suspended and later resigne after a school administrator alerted police about the allegations, in august pled guilty to charges of social battery and attempted chamfer the evidence for sentencing a letter written by the student
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his mother iri and up until this time did have a great reputation. ronetta smith must serve one year present time and when she is released she will be registering as a sex offender for the rest of her life. >> worker at the royal canadian mint is accused of stealing
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that is shocking, and they said that would put the gold into hi smuggled it come about the size of cookies over several months, the video shows mr. lawrence walking around, he would set off the metal detecto on his way home butet the wood the wand and let him go because of where he's headed to cannot be detected. is a gun to moderate i wash my hands and i survived i took the challenge nothing better than accepting the challenge an succeeding. >> the world hottest chip.
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okay and i can check off in anotherwi bucket items. to king of pops. >> and was 4 degrees away from the high record of 92 degrees from 1895. you had to see those old ones fall, that was left in place bu it did get toasty today with more sunshine and cirrus clouds. another huge jump in the temperature, all the way up to 80 degrees, was our highs today nighttime lows were pretty comfortabl that has scaled back a little bit currently 83
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erie pennsylvania at 80 degrees dick goddard's apl telethon, that number was 92 so that's ho close we were today. >> tonight 63 partly cloudy and tomorrow about 80 degrees it will be trimmed down a lit bit with a shower and a cold front you can see the jet strea buckles that, a correction to norm, this weekend we have a giant pool of slow-moving, the leading edges going to be lined
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i am ready and preparedand able to do the wall street numbers, i think i can so let's put them on the screen, today, here we go, everything good today and everybody happy with the fettes decision not to raise rates had to t good days in a r. the appeal is raising a lot of money for the four-foots. now havoc is there with dick goddard, what is happening righ now,,wi we can see some fine
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we just got another pledge, how many people do not have a phone in your hands, raise your hands. is had a donation, it was a monthly pledge of $100. >> i am thrilled to death, we appreciate doing and we hope to exceed las yearhae . >> we need to exceed $120,000, one place at police horses stautzenberger college, people can go to school and to be part
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they can donate at the toll-free number or go to our website today. talked about these huge donations that have come in we know that you have offered up big donation. >> we made a $1,000 donation on behalf of stautzenberger. i know how much this means to geti pledges and donations. >> mas a tremendous amount of the partnership with something that we value,
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trained to provide the medical care needed for these animals, her owners removing and cannot keep her and found out that she had heartworm and a benign fatt tumor requiring removal, it is donations like this as people call in that help us to give these animals the second chance at love and healthy life. >> just want to be loved, she has gone through so much and is still such a happy dog, the numbers to call or on-screen. look at that talent we have a long way to go to get past the
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no donation is small enoughgh we will check in with natalie, and we will get there for sure, coming up, if you have ever had an account with yahoo me want to
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any donation makes a big difference, the numbers to call or on-screena. >> or go to fox 8 to make a pledge online. the biggest cyber security breach in history and defaced one of the worlds greatest wonders.ief those and more in today's
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charlotte, remains in a state o emergency, the national guard i on standby if there is a third night a protest resulting in injuries tohi police and civili many call them riots, part of the cities interstate has been blocked, result of an officer involved shooting ended with th death of 43-year-oldd keith lamont scott city leaders or calling for calm protest. >> may be one of the largest security breaches, yahoo says data associated with at least 500 million user accounts has been stolen, the same blaze an individual ac government was behind a breach they say information stolen include names and e-mail addresses and phone numbers dates of birth rm security questions and answers, the breach is believed to have occurredhe in late 2014. california high school band
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at tuesday night spoken in his game, many of the students dropped to the knee while playing, it followed seven protest by well-known athletes. >> some call that they worse restoration, china has covered portions of the great wall with cement they reportedly ordered the stretch to be covered with the cement trail repair work took actuallyly say the restoration damage the original luck out the great wal of china.. no need to adjust your screen you're looking at marriott hotels gravity room shows off the new watermark, you cannot rent a room it is only for .eople to take fun pictures still ahead, more from dick
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we continue to show our support to the four-foots him encourage
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summer inman that needs your help. >> looking at some stats to hav a budget of $5 million at the appeal was not receive tax help they really need lots of help t meet their mission it is a wonderful nation, the telethon goes on all day at their apl housing market natalie herbick bricked ins will be getting a t of dimensionsw i had to give a special shout out to edward mi of amherst donated $1,000 just incredibly get these individual donations.
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mostly to the animals benefitbu or talk about these donations, i wanted tout show how important this is to give a $25 donation or if it adds up to $25 provide cat litter for half a day it will feed small mammals for fou days providing heat in the winter months for half a day, the small amounts can add up. >> overall picasso's $5 million to run the apl to take care of 40,000 animals per year it is all donations. >> so cost about $2,000 each day,y we are at the point.that can cover about nine days when you think about that, show you the number, but first get you t
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i don't think you're going to be able to leav without your new friend d though probably add this to the collection.. this is a sweetheart cal goes are almost always females, she is a sweetheart. so many people have a lot to do to pass house bill sexting.
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the numbers or on-screen. keep calling we will be here until 7:30 p.m.ll. hillary clinton is ground during an interview but not by news anchor it was zach galifinakas, wait till you hear some of the questions, after th
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he is talked with some of the biggest names in entertainment and politics todayks psych up nacits released another edition of thee talkshow ferns. this time his guest was hillary clinton, if you have no seen the show his questions are unique to say the least. they are unique and often very funny. how does president obama like his coffee, like himself, week?
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those are really out of date questions, you need to get out moreut. >> what happens if you get pregnant were going to be stuck withhap tim kaine for nine mont, >> the awkward, staged interview goes on as he asks her about he pantsuits in her experienceu donald trump's wedding, eventually was time to wrap of the top but not before addressing the elephant in the room.b >> this is been a lot of fun, w should stay in touch what is th best way to reach you, e-mailwt? to see the entire interview,
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attribute to a state trooper killed in the line of duty plea from cross-country in canada here to remember trooper kennet
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dave nethers was there for the tributes. at lorain community college they gathered for a inspiring gathering, rememberer a man for whom you wise and what he did. family/friends and law enforcement from as far away as california gathered to remember the memory of trooper kenneth velez. we honor him, not because he dieded because he lived and lov and laughed. the state trooper, was killed while conducting a traffic stop on i-90, the father of three children who spoke at his funeral. we are extremely proud of our father he was part of an amazin brotherhood and devoted his lif
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>> want to let alijah guys to know thank you for your service. their words brought the 2530. you are our hero yesterday today and forever.y >> was remembered as a dedicat person loved his family and saw it as a calling. service above self even at the cost of one's own life. >> ? >> we gather and hope, that he has embraced in mercy and hope


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