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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  September 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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- welcome to new day cleveland, and we're about to see natalie herbick order food today, right? - stop. that's all people thing i do, is eat, eat, eat. but you know what, it's a show that's all about bacon, today. o a lot of people, don't you? we're here at walnut wednesday, we've got the 216 truck here. how ya doing, man? - i'm fantastic! - okay. yeah, yeah, yeah. we got some bacon. lets take a look at this one here. - yeah, yeah, yeah. bacon double cheese burger. - [both] bacon double cheese burger. - that's a quarter pound black angus, and we have our special, special, double wide mac and cheese with bacon. - this will give you a heart attack. you might need a cardiologist. we are here and today we've got the 2160. how are you doing? are you doing okay? let's get a look at this one here. with the bacon double cheeseburger a special double wide mac & cheese we have them mac & cheese in
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only scratching the surface only scratching the surface because >> west side market. she is the girl with all those credits cooking cooking delicious bacon for us. rave reviews this place gets am telling youav we see all these great restaurants that make good good bacon and >> we used to buy a lot of restaurants in here we've got ourin plane bacon and naked bacn which hasnn no flavor and a. there we have hickory smoked in the middle is the heaven and hell spicy chai cayenne with sweetba added to it this is our biggest sellers. christmas ale bacon. that is our hot ticket item. we only make it during
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some. for this show so we could show you guys. it is ahead in a way spots. >> youy can't get that all year long?- >> no. >> thee other two you can. how far along are we in the cooking process? >> we are pretty far along but depends on how you like your baconn with the alexi over here to the other owner of this so often you see girls done. i love this. so, you just cut it for me there. go aheadcu and do it, grow. if you get ae knife and as you cut ths up for me i noticed something in the windoww you have ground bacon? >> groundbreaking? >> yes we saw 20 or 30 or 4050 pieces of thatca it can make
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it every day at the market about as fresh as you can get it. it might be a little spacey >> ohfl my gosh it is so good. o great. that is brand-new? >> a brand they flavor. i love the thickness of it. >> we only do send bacon on command and it is not recommended. >> why is it not recommended? >> everyone wants more baconst f got to have more bacon in your life. you've got to eat more of it if you want it then. >> exactly they have a bag
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reasons why you are not a doesn't it make to you? i love it. people come into they buy it you the fire you have restaurants that command people that just what, want bacon do they come in and buy it by the pound how does it work? >> people coming get three to four slices to six or 7 pounds people comein from all over ohio that stock their freezer and give us the next day when they are coming into the market they call in and water stuff ready to make sure we're not t outy and we try not to. >> are we going to see different times of year than certain times in sales other types of flavors? in sales other types of flavors? >> we christmas ale with a different one cinnamon to pull he bacon how many different flavors do you have? >> in her name. we try to keep coming up with more i did not see all this behind me. his regular naked bacon the
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christmas ale. wow. i don't know where you would go to get bacon desserts besets us play. >> i haven't bought bacon anywhere else in years. i've been here almost 11 years. >> it isat delicious thank you r having mee am going to continue to get in on this bacon i want another piece. >> oh four. >> on with the heaven and hell. >> go for it. >> it r feels like i am in an all-time saloonot here. all-time saloonot here. >> yes. here on huron. is a not like n all-time saloon when i walked i i talked to the lady behind the bar got the drink i wantedd she asked if i wanted to have a very subtle maybe i will have a beer and she started talking about these walls of beer the beer pours out of the wall? >> that's right you can pour it
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the pleasure of bartending how does that work? that will come does that work? that will come up with your nameyou just get a, then at the end, you pick how many beers you had? - no, you put as much money as you want on it. - yee-haw! - yeah. - it's that kind of thing, right? - and then every so often, you gotta come back to re-charge it, -- - perfect. - then you're all set. - okay, so i had to talk about the walls of beer, because that is crazy, and they got great games here, and a lot of things going on, but the main reason we snuck in here today, was to talk about bacon. - i love bacon. - do you think people like bacon? - i really thick bacon, yes. - really thick bacon? - yes. - i saw some things on your menu, it looked like one third of a pound of a bacon strip kind of thing. what was that? - that's our bacon appetizer, so we have bar-b-cue bacon, spicy bar-b-cue bacon, maple glazed,
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which is made with a peppered gravy, which is made from bacon as well. - okay, walk me through that one that's sort of like candy. when you talk about it, it's almost like a delicious blend of sugar, maple and bacon. - oh, so our, that is my favorite, the maple bacon because, its got a nice char on it, we cook it with maple syrup, we marinate it in maple syrup before we grill it, so you get a nice caramelization from that, the sweet from the maple, and the salty from the bacon. so you can't really get any better than that. - can't get better than that. so is that your best seller, your bacon items? - yeah, between that and the bar-b-cue, they're pretty close. - so how's the bar-b-cue different? - just different that we use our signature spicy bar-b-cue sauce on it. you get more of a spicy, with the char. - and then the one that has the gravy, is for the brawny individual. - yeah, that's,
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country fried bacon. from the rendered bacon, that's what we make the gravy with. so if you like bacon. nothing wrong with that. - of you like bacon, they're maken' bacon here. - yeah, exactly. - so i noticed a lot of different kind of games here too. some of them are like throw back games, aren't they from the past? - yeah, diffidently. we have centipede, and ms pack man, we have an old school pin ball machine game. - i think i saw something like skee ball back there, too right? - we have skee ball, in our vault down here. indoor bocce ball court upstairs. two courts. - i love this place. so here it is, it says, inebriation station, and it's got an arrow. inebriation station, and it's got an arrow. - that's number two. - oh, up on top. inebriation station, and there's an arrow. - right. - so in case you can't find a beer here, you look for the... - the inebriation stations. - the inebriation station. the name of the place is? - wild eagle saloon. - wild eagle saloon. and it's right down town, it's on heron. how would you tell somebody to get here, if they've never been here before?
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d then we're right on the, corner of east ninth and prospect, you can't miss us. - yeah, and if you got a really great sense of smell, look for the bacon. - definitely. thanks david. coming up, we're heating things up with a local fire fighter,
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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but this is one kitchen i haven't been too, when it comes to cooking up a delicious meal. i'm talking about the cleveland heights fire department. dave, thanks so much for having us here today. - no problem. - so you guys are always, out and about, you're helping save lives, but you gotta have some good, home cooked meals when you come back to the station, right? - yeah. - i know you guys come up some really good things. today though, you're cooking up a bacon dish for us? - yes. - and this is not just any bacon dish, this caught the attention of michael simon, - it did, yeah. - how did that happen? - someone invited him to to have dinner or breakfast here, and it kind of evolved into, lets make a show our of it. and they had us on the tube, for a cooking competition. - so there was a competition, with the guys here in the department? - two groups of guys. - so two groups fighting against each other here to make some of the best bacon around. - it wasn't just about bacon, there was a breakfast sandwich, - oh. - made a starta. - so you're saying we have to come back,
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we're going to start with bacon, but we'll be back, that's for sure. so what kind of bacon dish, are you preparing? - this is a blueberry, blueberry, pecan, crusted bacon. - okay. sounds delicious. i've never seen something with blueberry's added onto it, too. so, how do we begin? - alright, basically you need to get some blueberries, we just have, went to the store just got some blueberries, - like the fresh ones? - yeah, they're fresh. - are they frozen? - you can do either one. - okay. - we got fresh ones. basically, you throw them in a pot. throw a little bit of water, and that's kind of your sauce, which is also makes it, the pecans adhere to the bacon. - and are you one of the chefs here? i know you guys all get together, - yeah, one of many, there's a lot of good chefs here. - alright, well i'm going to let that boil, and we're going to get back to it once that's done. start adding ingredients. okay? - sounds good. - okay. (upbeat music)
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cks, that way all the grease, well most of the grease, drops down. - this is where the fun begins, huh? - yeah. (giggles) so now we can take the blueberry sauce, and we just, - paint it right on. - paint it on. - now when you make this, how many times have you made this, since it was shown on tv? - only few times, actually. - i'm sure though, once you put this out there it's gone. if it's anything like a news room, it's gone in two seconds. - yeah, we like our bacon. - alright, wait. i have to take a time out. look at this guy right here. you know how i just called, what's his name again? - brian. - brian, what's the last name? - gorski. - brian gorski, this is the one who unfortunately lost. i'm sorry brian. as a consultation prize, we're going to give you some of this bacon when we're done, okay? (laughs) - (mumbles) - alright, so what's next now? - so now we put the blueberry sauce on, now we just take our pecans,
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just like a sunday. - do you guys eat this good all the time? - we eat this good, but not-- - if brian's cooking, not this good. - we usually eat healthier than this, this is kind of a treat. - this is a little treat, okay. you guys probably make all kinds of great things. - we have a lot, a lot, a lot of good chefs. brian's one of our good chefs. - he's one of them, i just had to give him a hard time. - yeah, no. absolutely. we give each other a hard time. that's what makes the day go by so fast. - so we're just going to throw it back in then? once you're done? - throw it in? yeah. i'll probably, another ten min or so. - so the guys are just hanging out here, we're going to feed them, in just a moment. sound good? alright. it's all done. ready to go. and i see a lot of hungry faces over here, that are looking at me like, bring me my bacon. (laughs) alright, so you just plate it up on the plate, this is family style?
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- that's what we do. - and i have some extra sauce. he even made pancakes for everybody too. - thanks. - sure, no problem. - aww, did you hear them? you're the best dave. alright, so this is, guys, don't be polite, dig in. go ahead. there you have it. this is going to be a recipe that, we can put up on our web site too, - sure. - so that everybody can make this at home, if they want too? - sure, yeah. - alright, guys. what do you think though? is he normally a good cook? - very good, yeah. - yes? - oh, yeah. - alright. thank you so much again for having us here. you know i have to dig in too, though. - absolutely, no i expect that. (siren pulses and wails) (upbeat music) - [voiceover] right in the heart of ohio city, abc the tavern has been serving upscale food, with a classic bar attitude. one of their best sellers, features big cuts of pork belly, and we've stopped in to see, how it's done. - right now, we're taking a piece of
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used to not be as cool as it is now, because everybody didn't really think about making their own pork belly, until restaurants made it a little more popular. pork belly is basically bacon, it just skips a few steps of the curing process. some pork bellies, some are boil, some are hung, and some have a lot of different nitrates, and nitrites. we don't use any of that stuff. we just do a salt, brine not cured. or cured not brined. the brine is the wet version. it's just basically salt, sugar. we do a 60/40 ratio, with the salt and sugar, and then we have a few different spices, that we add to it. fresh nutmeg. fresh is always better than dried nutmeg. dried nutmeg doesn't taste very good, after about two weeks of being open. so you just might as well get the fresh stuff, and a micro plane. a little bit of white pepper, quite a bit of black pepper, and we have some cumin. we're just going to do about,
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and then go ahead and fold it all together, mix it really nice. then take your portion of pork, which ever fits your pan size best. coat it very nice. you need to let this sit for about three days, leech out the excess moisture, so that when you have your finished product, it's not gelatinous, or full of too much unwanted fat. then shake off the little excess, you would store this for three to four days, and then dry it, then put it in the oven. we're just going to show you have to put it in the oven. you take it and put it in the size of the pan that is best suited for your amount of pork you have. so if you want pork belly, you need to think about it, about four days earlier than you want it. you're going to do this at a low temp, so you can go ahead and put a little foil on there to keep all the moisture in, so that the braze is proper. if you don't keep the moisture in, it's not going to be tender.
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there's that one. out comes one prepared. want to take a look at that? watch out for a little bit of steam. at 225 you probably shouldn't have that big of an issue. take the foil apart. you're left with pork belly. and then you would process that by pressing it for about a day to get the access moisture out. and then you're left with this right here. - you got it chef. i would take your pork belly, always do it on a skillet, if you can. to get that nice, crispy, golden texture. - [voiceover] their famous pork belly, blt, is piled high on fresh italian bread, and topped with their home made sauce. another clevelander favorite, is their award winning atomic dog. that of course features mouth watering bacon.
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take a piece of bacon, you're going to start wrapping it, with at least two pieces usually. you have to use tooth picks, if you don't the bacon will, just fly right off of it. so we just go through, three of them usually, just to make sure the two pieces stick together. 350 degree deep fryer, is what you're going to want to use, but you can bake them. 350, it just takes a little bit longer, about 15 minutes. people love bacon for basically one reason. it's the salt. human beings and animals, we crave it. and it's one of those tastes that, it hits your tongue, and you're like, oh yeah. you smell bacon, you just, i love bacon personally, so. - [voiceover] don't go anywhere. the time has come to make your own bacon.
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welcome back to new day cleveland. it's all about bacon. and we've had all different kind of bacon, n, thanks to the spice hound. kevin i always call you the spice hound, right? - it works for me. - coit road farmer's market, we're having a good time here. and what do we start with here? - we got pork belly. everybody knows bacon, but it's surprising how many people don't even know what bacon is. - right. - people don't realize that, ham is cured, and a pork roast isn't. they don't know why ham is like it is. - so it's like pork butt, and then you-- - exactly. - you turn it into ham. - but bacon is one of those things. i had a friend tell me one time, he goes, i love bacon, but i don't know what it is.
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complicated as you want. you can dry cure it, and cold smoke it, and all kinds of things. - okay. - there's a really basic way, that anybody can do this at home. - you start with a pork belly. - find a pork belly, this one is skin off, a lot of times you'll get them skin on, and you can do rind on bacon. - right. - or you can take the skin off, and you can, make cracklings. - okay, so you've spiced both side of it, or just one side? - so what we're going to do, is this is the basics. - okay. - you can make bacon with just sugar. just salt, sorry. the most time you want some sugar to balance that. really in the old days a lot of times, it'd be just salted down, cured, and then we didn't, the whole idea was that you could take this piece of meat that would normally spoil in a couple of days, and you could store it for months. - ah, got it. - you're curing it. so, i think always some balancing sugars is a good idea. this is dark brown sugar. i'm not a big fan of white sugar, if you're going to do sugar, i think you should bring some flavor along with it. you could also use maple syrup, or honey. anything for sugar.
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then you come to the third ingredient. which is also optional, and controversial, and that's the sodium nitrite. - ah. - and this is one of those things that everyone gets all panicky about. oh my god, the nitrites. but it does a couple of things, and most importantly, it protects against bacteria, especially botulism. botulism like-- - nobody wants botulism. botulism likes warm, environments that are low in oxygen which happens to be what smokers do really well. - so we're going to smoke this? are you going to put this on there? we're going to mix this up, in fact we can just do that. - okay. - you'll see in the stores, you'll see uncured bacon, they'll tell you all the time, this is not uncured. - so that's no nitrates? - that's the scam. but actually what'll say under there, it'll say except for what is naturally occurring in celery powder, and sometimes celery powder and sea slat. so what they do, celery, by taking that celery, and dehydrating it, i mean, making a juice out of it, and there's a fermentation process,
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this stuff, but you don't have to list it as nitrite added, because it came from celery, and not from this. - got it. - so you're still getting your nitrites, and it's still cured, it's just a labeling, an anomaly of labeling, basically. - okay, so how long do you have to leave this on there? - this is a really thin piece. this will probably be done in a week. a thicker one-- - this is going to be a very long segment. (both laugh) - so basically all you're going to do is rub this on, if you want to figure it out, it's about 5% weight of this to this. this is like a cup of salt, half a cup of sugar, and a teaspoon of the nitrite. - okay. - which you know, you can buy for a dollar, you can buy enough nitrite to cure 100 pounds of meat, so it's cheap. and all you're going to do, is rub this on. easy as pete. and the trick with this, is that you don't have to do any fancy math or anything. because what'll stick to this, will be all you need to cure it. - ha, that's perfect. - so you don't have to sit there and worry about how much cure for how many pounds, or whatever.
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just keep mooshing it on. and then, once you get this all covered, you don't need to be too meticulous here. put it in a bag. and usually what i'll do, actually what i didn't do here, is trim it up, to fit into a zip bag. - oh, right. - this is what most people have, and it fits in the fridge. and even when it comes to smoking and slicing, it's a reasonable size piece of meat to deal with. - okay, so do we let it sit for week before we smoke it? or do we smoke it right now? - no. it's going to sit for a week before you smoke it. you'll see this one is starting to ooze liquid. what's going to happen is, the salt draws moisture out of the meat, picks up, it mixed with the salt, and of course wants to reach equilibrium, and it's drawn back in. - okay. so then we have to refrigerate that? - yeah, you're going to throw this in the fridge. you'll know it's cured when it gets quite firm. it'll feel very different than raw meat, it'll start to feel very firm. - okay, so the smoker. how hot is the smoker, when it's in the smoker? - you're going to want to keep it in the 200 degree range, what you don't want to do is render the fat out. because you want to render the fat out in the skillet, because you're going to cook with that. - okay. - so you want to smoke it, you want to bring it up to an internal temperature of 150 degrees.
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we cook it after it's smoked then? - yeah, then it's bacon. then you can slice it, or whatever you need to do, and fry it in the skillet. - okay, that's what we're going to do. we're going to fry some in the skillet. when we come back, we're going to check out, the spice hounds bacon. - alright. (chuckles)
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- welcome back to new day cleveland, i'm with the spice hound at the coit road farmer's market,
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u've shown us how to do that, we sliced it, we smoked it, it's in the skillet, and it's starting to look pretty good. kev, i have a question here. it's almost the same size it was when we put it in, why didn't it shrink up like my store bought bacon? - typically store bought bacon are brine cured, they're not dry cured like this. not only is dry cured easier to do at home, but in my opinion, it's the better way to do it. brine cured, tends to up take water, and tend to shrink more-- - so when you cook it, all the water comes out, and it gets smaller? - the water goes home. - dry cured is a lot easier, in my opinion, the texture better. - okay, now. let's talk about another thing here. we got some bacon cooking here, do we want it crispy, or do you like it floppy? what's the deal on bacon? - you can debate people forever on the right way to cook bacon. but i'm one of those ones that likes a little floppy, i don't want to render all the fat out, just enough to use for whatever i'm going to cook next. put eggs in that fat, but some people like it to shatter when they bit into it. a lot of people do. - so this is so lean too, i mean it looks great, it didn't shrink much at all.
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t doesn't render as hard. - okay so, we're at the coit road farmer's market, and i just want to tell folks that you guys are here every saturday, for sure. and kevin also does, he sells all the spices, he's the spice hound, but he also does some cooking classes too. - yeah, i typically come out here and cook. sometimes i plan ahead, sometimes i don't, but i'm usually cooking something when i'm back here. - you did a wonderful thing here. - aright. - the spice hound. the only think better than this, is dessert. dessert with bacon, - bacon in your dessert, what the heck? - check it out. - we started, a cookie and a cupcake back in 2008, and actually turned ice cream shop in 2012, and just last year we decided, let's just put them together. we listened to your customers, and we said, it's time. let's not make them go to different locations. each location has both the ice cream, and the daily cup cakes, along with custom cakes, and all those goodies, like cheese cake sticks and, i know.
10:33 am
so today we're making the maple bacon cup cake, with a whiskey center. so to start off we actually have to prepare a little bit ahead of time, and make our whiskey filling. because that whiskey filling needs to be cooked out, just in case someone who doesn't need the alcohol content. but also we want to make sure it's nice and solid in the center, and it doesn't seep out, and then what we're going to do, is cook our bacon, and save all that grease. because that's what's going to make our frosting. (chuckles) and then what we also do, because of our frosting, it needs to have maple in there, and we use local ohio maple syrup, and we actually reduce it down, to it's a nice thick consistency. we add all that together, and we create our frosting. that gets put on top of the freshly baked vanilla cup cake. of course super moist. that has already been filled with whiskey filling. and that way you can enjoy it with crunchy bacon,
10:34 am
is quite a hit. and it's really easy to make, because it starts with basic vanilla ice cream, that we make our selves. it's got a lot of yokes in it though, so it's like a custard ice cream, but then it's got that kind of scrambled egg, breakfast feeling in it, when you add all the other ingredients. so we start with organic milk, from hearts of the farm, we add cream, organic eggs, sugar, even vanilla bean. and we cook that until it's nice and thick, and let the flavors develop, and that's when we add our whole pieces of bacon, our, of course from scratch made, french toast pieces in there. and then as it sits in the freezer, after it's churned, it's going to develop little flavors of cinnamon, little flavors of maple bacon in there, and all of that good stuff. we enjoy food, and we enjoy being adventurous. sometimes it doesn't work out,
10:35 am
are usually the ones that are popular. like that maple bacon, french toast ice cream, or the cup cakes, or all of those crazy flavors we have. we have 13 daily flavors, and we always have a flavor of the day. so when you check us out on facebook, i post everyday, what the flavor will be. so you never know what you're going to get, and it might be maple bacon, it might be something classic, as chocolate and vanilla, but it'll always have a little spin, and won't be anything like our regular flavors. indeed, we are rocking the cue. the bar-b-cue. it is walnut wednesday, and i'm here with the proper pig, and this is where the cue comes to you. - it is. - okay, so we're out here on wednesday, and somebody told me that you guys have texas bar-b-cue, right? - yeah. we slow smoke everything right here on the truck, we use oak, and it's a pellet smoker, so we don't use gas, we don't use charcoal or anything. everything smokes over night for about 12 to 14 hours. we don't sauce it,
10:36 am
s style rub, and the smoke come through for the flavor. - what about this bacon on a stick thing? what's that look like? can i get one of those? - can we have a bacon on a stick? - okay, bacon on a stick, that's something i wouldn't eat every day, because well, you know. - it's bacon. - bacon on a stick. but let's check this out. - this is one of our specialties, and it's about quarter inch, we get a full slab of bacon, cut it into about quarter inch, we use our rub and maple brown sugar glaze, then we smoke it for about an hour or two, - can you guys smell that? huh? what do you think of that? huh? pretty good. - and then you may want to try one of our specialty sandwiches. - so what kind of sandwich can you make back there? - can you get us a proper slopper? - look at this. - now here's the proper slopper, this is kind of our specialty sandwich. it's basically a sampler on a bun. you have our smoked, texas hot linked sausage,
10:37 am
home made chips, and then you got bacon on it. - wow. - you pretty much need a knife and fork to eat this bad boy. - i'm going to reach in there with a big mitt. - you got it. it's got a little bit of a kick, so be ready. - so which meat is this one? - it's a texas style beef sausage. - it's spicy. - a little bit. nice kick for ya. - yeah, it's really good. how did you get started in this thing? how did this begin? - yeah, my business partner shane and i, we grew up together, since we were about five years old. to quite our real jobs and do something, so we finally started this, put a little nib money together, bought the truck off craig's list, for about $1000 buck, - oh really? - yup, built the whole thing our selves, stripped it down, neither of us had any idea what we were doing, but the only thing we hired was an electrician, to do the electric, everything else we did our selves. took a little longer than we planned, but... - so why not kansas city, why not st. louise, why not the carolina's, why texas? - well we both pretty much traveled the country for our jobs,
10:38 am
there's nothing betting than the texas style. beef brisket kind of our specialty. which is the specialty out in texas, and when you come back here to cleveland, you can't really find good brisket, - right. - for us you can't even find any great smoked, bar-b-cue. everything you get around here is kind of, the baked ribs, thrown on a grill, sauced up. so we wanted to do something to set us apart. - yeah, so it's really all about the meat, and how you season the meat. it's not some much about the sauce, although the sauce is here. - exactly, the sauce is secondary for us. - check it out, it's texas style. and it's all about the cue folks. the bar-b-cue. and this one's on wheels. thanks a lot. - thank you. - [voiceover] when we return, sizzling bacon candy? yup, i tested out the wackiest bacon items on the market.
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- we here at new day cleveland, absolutely love this store. it's called off the wagon, we're right in the middle of kent, on main street. michelle, thanks for having us back. - thanks for coming. - we've been here at the location, we've also had you on the show, every time you come on, i just laugh and laugh, because there's so many great items that you have here. novelty pieces, that you're not going to find anywhere else.
10:42 am
some people just come in for a laugh, every once in a while. - well it took me just about 15 minutes, just to get me situated, focused on what were working on now. because i walk into their store, and we just play with things. it's just so much fun to be down here. but again, it's a show about bacon, so we're focusing on bacon here. - of course. - a lot of this we can't eat. which is actually pretty interesting. - yeah. - so, when it comes to items you have, again they're unique. what all do you have that is, bacon related? - we have lots of bacon items. some of the more unusual ones, the bacon flavored tooth paste. - could you imagine brushing your teeth with that? - [both] humm. - bacon band-aides. - bacon band-aides, now you put that on your body, i can only imagine, that is a talking piece. - people will come up to you, and want to talk to you about the fact that you have bacon taped to the side of your body somewhere. what about this? yodeling bacon? - yeah. it yodels.
10:43 am
- yeah. - now, if you want your, i love the smell of bacon, if you want your entire car to smell like bacon? - oh, we have a solution for that too, bacon air freshener. - look at that. alright, so then. bacon balm. i see here. - yes, lip balm. - make your lips-- - that way you can taste it all the time. - when you pucker up and give someone a nice kiss? you taste like bacon. who doesn't love that, right? - yeah. - now i see sizzling bacon candy here. - yeah, do you want to try that? - sizzling bacon candy. it's not going to get hot or anything, is it? - no, it just sizzles. - it sizzles in your mouth? - yeah. - oh wow. you know what this means. i'll just pop it in, right? - sure. - i smell it already. oh my gosh. can you hear it? it's just like... that's so weird. - (giggles) - it's like pop rocks. like the... - yeah.
10:44 am
i could get used to that in my mouth, it's really good. what about these? jelly beans. - bacon jelly beans. we have bacon mints. you want a? - oh, bacon mints, too? - yup. - i'm going to walk around, people are going to be like, what did you just have for breakfast? - you always have a mint after you eat something, so that makes sense. - it's still sizzling in my mouth by the way. those are good too. - those are really good. bacon flavored tooth picks? - yup. - wow. and then, what do we have here? - bacon gum balls. - i mean you can't pass of this stuff up. bacon gum balls too. i also saw the really cute onesie that you have-- - yeah. - that has bacon on it. - it says, my dad eats more bacon than your dad. - i'm guessing bacon is definitely something that, i mean it's obviously, you talk about, you have a bunch of things in your store. - yeah, i mean it's just fun. everyone loves bacon, and it's kind of funny, you know?
10:45 am
- we have a bacon pendent, that says bacon. - a pendent as well. - yes. - so when you come down to the store, off the wagon, again here in kent. we're right on main st. come in here, if you want to come in for something bacon flavored, but i'm telling you, spend the afternoon here, and go get lunch, because you're going to want to stay here in the store, and just stroll around, and probably just buy a bunch of different things. because it really is, really cool items, that you're not going to find everywhere guys. just keep that in mind. michelle, thank you so much. - thank you. i'm sure we'll have you back on the show sometime soon. you know we love you. - great. - there it is. more bacon. - okay, everyone say it now. bar cento. it's c. e. n. t. o. but it's bar ch-ento, right? - that's right. - so like italian. we're here with chef kevin auger, and you know this shows about bacon. so i was reading the menu outside, a lot of great things, i love this menu, would you say it's an italian menu? - yeah.
10:46 am
i didn't see bacon, so what's that? - oh, that's pancetta. that the italian version of bacon. - the italian version of bacon? - our is dry cured, instead of smoked. - so what do you start with? you start with pork belly? - yeah, pork belly. then we dry cure it with some garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. let that sit in the cooler for about a week, and head off to our dry curing room for about two more weeks. - so you guys do a bunch of meats in the dry curing room? - yup, we do all of our charcuterie in house. right now we have some duck prosciutto down there, - yeah. sounds great, okay. so we're going to add this, italian style bacon to make a pizza? - that's right. - show us your magic. - alright. so we have our house made dough, stretch it out to about the size of this board. so then we'll dock the dough. get rid of any air bubbles. - a little perforation action. - right. and then a good amount of course ground black pepper.
10:47 am
and you kind of want to form a circle around it. - so pancetta sort of like lightly smoked then, huh? - it's not smoked at all. - not smoked at all? - nope. just dry cured. in house. - because most of the bacon we see, is smoked. - right. so you want to make some little pockets for the eggs to go in. - so is this the pizza, that they say is the best pizza in cleveland? - in ohio. - in ohio? - that's right. - this particular pizza? or all of them? - this one. - this particular pizza. so that's quite an endorsement. nest for the eggs to go in. so then you'll just crack the eggs right on top. - where'd you get this idea, for this pizza? - it's been here for a while. it's been here since we opened. - now i want to tell you, we're on west 25th street, catty corner from the west side market. so it's easy to find. so we're going to whip that in the oven now, how long is it going to take to make? - about four or five minutes. - let's do it. let's have the best pizza in ohio.
10:48 am
so now we get to find out why you call it the sunny side pizza, right? - yup. eggs are perfectly sunny side. - sunny side. sunny side up. so this is the best pizza in ohio? - yup. - can you believe that? and you know what's really wild, is you usually put pepper on top of eggs, so you get all the pepper on the bottom-- - right. - one of the tricks too, is to cut through each egg, to break it up, to make the sauce on the pizza. - look at that. plate it up. - we'll top it with a little parsley. - i knew it, i just knew you were going to have to dress that baby up a little. - fresh parmesan. and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil around the crust. - sunny side pizza. and i gotta tell ya, you come to bar cento too, all the dishes look this creative to me. i mean this is the best pizza in ohio, but i saw things on there, that just sound remarkable. - yup. we put a lot of hard work into the menu here.
10:49 am
things are hand crafted too. like you go to all the trouble to house smoke the meats. - yeah. - cure the meats. - everything is done in house here. - and the best thing about it, is that they are open until like, what time in the morning? - 2am. everyday of the year. - everyday of the year, 365-- - saturday and sunday we open from 11am to 2am. - you see kevin, you say hey to kevin. you see sam walking around, he's one of the owners, check in with him. because i tell you, this is one of the friendliest places in town. and if you want the best pizza in ohio, it's right here, this sunny side pizza. coming up,
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
and we've found our way over to ohio city, on west 25th street, right near the west side market, and we're in a place called, the nano brew - cleveland. and this is billy, and he's the chef, and we're looking for bacon. i heard i might could find bacon here, but i might not be able to find it unless i look a little close. absolutely. on this burger, the pb&j, we have the bacon jam. - so this is a burger? - exactly. - so we got a burger with bacon, but we got a whole different kind of topping? - absolutely.
10:53 am
u a little bit more about the bacon here. so the way that we came up with the pb&j burger, is that, i had heard of a bunch of burgers with peanut butter on it, and i thought that would be cool if we could do a burger, with peanut butter and jelly, and then i'm like, well, what are you going to put on it? strawberry? grape? that doesn't work. and i go well, bacon jam. - yeah. - what if we do bacon jam? so we made bacon jam. it wound up being one of the first burgers that we ran, when we opened. and we've been running it ever since. it's gotten a bit of a cult following, - that is excellent. you know when i walked in i saw the nano brewery, the smaller brewery, a lot of people haven't seen it, they've heard the word, but they don't really know what it's about. what's a nano brewery about? - what we do is, we're the pilot program for market garden brewery. we do beers in 20 gallon batches, that we release every thursday. so we make a burger that pairs with that every thursday as well. which is a lot of fun. we have a lot of fun with beer, and a lot of fun with food. - that's excellent. so when is this baby ready to get toppings? you get the toast on the bun here, you don't put cheese on this burger then?
10:54 am
y of fat from peanut butter. so it doesn't need any cheese at all. - i like that idea. i like that idea that you know, put cheese on a burger, it gives it that little extra fatty thing. but here we're talking about totally different fats. because peanut is a pretty interesting flavor, isn't it? - yeah, absolutely. you get, with the pb&j burger what you do, is it kind of runs the whole gambit, you get a little bit of sweet, and a little bit of savory, as well. - yeah. - so it's a little bit of a different taste, and you get a little bit of bitterness from the mixed greens, as well. so it really hits everything, as far as a flavor profile goes. it's a pretty interesting, and complex burger. - alright. i think we're ready to plate this. - we're assembling, what do you call the burger? - the pb&j. - we're assembling the pb&j. - so first we're going to pull the bun off, nice and toasted. - see, i like that. - and then while we're waiting for the burger to finish. we're going to put a little peanut butter over the top, right there. just like so. - so how do you make this jam, we're about to put on there? - the jam is real easy to make.
10:55 am
then bourbon, whether that makes it into the dish i'll never reveal. a little bit of coffee. a little bit of maple syrup. and then we let that reduce for about an hour and a half, and we're all set and ready to go. - i'm going to sneak a little of that with my spoon in here. - absolutely. - whoa! it's killer. - yeah, a little bit of heat from chipotle pepper, in there as well. - you know what i think the secret is, that really makes it work, is those caramelized onions. - yeah, absolutely. it definitely kind of mellows everything out, now we're ready to plate the burger. we're going to pull that off. bring that right over here. - look at that. so this is not the burger your mom used to make. - no it's not. and there you go. - there it is. a beautiful burger, called the p-- - b&j. - pb&j, and you find it at the, nano-- - brew cleveland. - nano brew cleveland, on west 25th street. so it's right down the street.
10:56 am
- so check it out, back here at the site of walnut wednesday, all these folks enjoying their lunch. - i bet ya, a lot of them have bacon in their lunches, too. - you want to take her sandwich, i bet huh? - looks really good. - yeah. looks pretty good over here. - i'm telling you, there are so many great, delicious meals, that have bacon in them. but i think i like the bacon toothpaste the best. - i thought you were going to ask me if you had bacon stuck in your teeth. - no. - well, we have had bacon a million different ways, as you have done, i would say bacon is here to stay. - it's a staple. can't live without it folks. - we're here to stay too, i'm david moss. _ and i'm natalie herbick. - we'll see you on the next, - new day cleveland. - go bacon.
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