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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  October 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a great monday morning to you. they are orange and black we thought we would mention the fog and there. beware of that. >> happy monday let's get a check on the forecast right now
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with spots in the 40s lower 50s here with the forecast showing upth for another few hos or so because of the heavy fog due to the late the rain we have had giving as an producing all this rain since the middle of last week look at that northwest windf cloud cover to develop not anticipating any widespread but certainly showers coming in off the lake todayay becoming partly sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. we talk about the bigger warm-up in the eight-day and just a few minutes. >> it looks great out there. a couple other instances of instances to be aware ofot it is
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already bunched up be aware of that causing delays. the other incidentsau is 76 eastbound heading towards 277 and some at county you can see sunshine down thereou with the two right lanes backing you up to up to barber it is delayed on a before you step out in the 8:00 o'clock hour. ten minutes minutes on 71 northbound to 71 northbound is an 11 minute
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accident that happened in the city's east sideap this is east 100 70th just before 530 it could see flameses shooting out firefighters totals no one was home at the time of the blaze. >> other news this morning goodness for thou cleveland indians just keeps getting better and better and better. they now advantage this week so exciting jessica deal joins us live it was a good day to wake up with good news. >> absolutely. good morning, everyone great news for the indiansdn we found out about the find out about the home team
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indians did see the kansas city royals again yesterday in the first game of the tribe since july a broken bone in his right hand with two runs including one homer they are now focusing on winning in the season. >> the first time at the playoffs with the home i am so happy to be there i think it is one of my biggest regrets in my careerer is that i am happy to e there and i love it we are working to go and a looking to
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man got out of the car inches north from dollar or two richmond they say he eventually
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they discover the sun suspect is dead police believe he shot and killed himselfic as he was being chased by the troopersa. >> the victim of wisconsin is a first-year student and who is in columbus later this morning the other suspect is not yet beenr released. >> clinton would appear at 545 this evening. the news comes as a reminder of next week spotter registration's photo registration deadline here int ohio. if you would like to rsvp, find out all the details t on the nba final nba
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forhe only one person running truly understands on african-american child born into poverty what i think it when a significant the policieserat the kids and my foundation see from our government the trees is clear that candidate is hillary clinton lebronil james rates. >> 8:08 a.m. still to come ?- racing for impact to make any preparing the 130 mile-per-hour wind coming up. >> and donald trump spotlight what he is tweeting shows a lack of nearly a billion dollars on his tax return. >> right here in the city cause rolling in off the lake. heaviest skies and went we will take ae look at that and we look at the hurricane an hour forecast coming up. h >> thank you, scott a new entertainment video s with amend
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may do it and you might remember. kicking it with
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good morning, everyone clear skies and heavy fog further south away from cleveland a lot of school delays and cancellations at the bottom of the screen dueh to that for n the website you can track before any element of the forecast a quick look at the summer recap e we look at 53 now 49 currently in cuyahoga falls the forecast it will improve a little warmer week northwestern went developing cloud cover off the lake which will have a few sprinkles to contend with further east mostly is further trying a little warmert today with most areas coming into the
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and early tomorrow morning early tomorrow morning mostly clear lower 50s tomorrow middle and high 70s under mostlyelo cloudy skies we mentioned the front coming in from the west notice of those things. and by wednesday evening it will be moving through chicago the rain full fall forecast nothing anticipated temperatures. into the high 70s" on a little over the weekend back in the lower and mid-sixtieske this is close to the east coast the movement in speed of the hurricane now will impact us meaning it will slow down the progression of the cold front and if everything worksc out, we are anticipating the front to and so ifrly saturdayut this hurricane and cold front continues we are anticipating dry conditions until the passage of the front middle and upper 70s by david lower and middle
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weekendit temperatures rise mony and tuesday we sendra it back to you guys. >> we want to update you on the caribbean nations category four storm already in jamaica several inches of rainlr now threatening any it could hit late tonight early tomorrow matthew could jump up to 40 inches of rain in some areas and is expected to approach the southeastern us later this week maybee friday catching the outer banks if you two stay safe. >> that video is incredible. a second event recorder from last week's new jersey to the.guard train crashed is helping us will dolp it because the first was tt parking it will also offer speed data as well the second black boxes never yet been found in the recordsen and we know i am
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while 100 others were hurt. investigators say it seems to be
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responded on twitter saying he knows it better than anyone is ever run for president and hen e is the only person who could convince it. >> signing up for the final time yesterday an astonishing 67 years in the broadcast booth. >> that is enough for a lifetime and for the last time. i wish you all a very pleasant good afternoon. >> he made a trip to san francisco for the dodgers final three games ofge the season so e could nd committee on the way it should calling a dodgers giants game he is 88 years old for started calling for the dodgers games in the 1950s what an amazing career. >> love it he had on his shirt and everyone was supporting and that is greatis after the championship just wouldn't that be great. it ish 8:15 a.m. a
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new venue to always something fun happening there. >> that is right. there is. we are here. and obviously the home for entertainment here with a brand-new manual all different shows chosen types of comedy
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balls of fire. ?? ?? you are blind so kind come on baby your driving me crazy. goodness
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need a third piano for you there, todd. get in the middle. >> that is great getting bored more music in their. >> a lot to do there. and the coast guard a great restaurants two.nd >> we will see more from kenny crumpton in just a mom new warning for parents this morning? a certain type of baby food is being recalled. >> and kim kardashian west will police are saying now has after she was robbed at gunpoint. >> you can buy the hollowing costumes you like in>> a simple box. we will show you that
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say...
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that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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i don't know about you i'm so excited for halloween with grgr h great costgree in. adorable.adorabl easy to make and so inexpensive. easy toling. yes. now we've got to wait for weeks. hopefully we'll still have nicee weather. weathe check in with a.j. colby see hor the. forecast is shaping up for this week.a.j. colbyas hi steph and stacey.ce couple of showers and those are out here towards kingsville andd moving from ashtabula. the big weather story this morning a which scott has been telling you is the visibility.
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as well. well you can see at the bottom of the screen several of them.hem look at the piece suits farts r visibility is zero including the rain and worcester.ce a little bit better at theat the lakeshore.lakeshore you can see these beautiful clouds as they flow through from the north.h.clouds as this is how it looks upstairsai you can see that a northwestrsht flow over the lakes right now rt along with the fog forming right in heree downstate it is dry and clear. just a few showers arounda sprinkles especially across that use. pit in aus 10 percent chance for that. temperatures currently ridee around 50 inland. harigh-pressure heading up to te east.. next weather system well to thee west will not even make it in here until this weekend.kend that's a blocking pattern.att mix of clouds and sun. 71 degrees today.oda will be low 50s tonight.50s clear and cool some patchy fog forming and much warmerarmer tomorrow.. omo what a day..
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77 on wednesday.s nice warm weather going right oi through friday.giday it will be quilling down on into the weekend. our first here we go weatherwet from your school is coming up tomorrowo at northwood elementao school in north canton.nt we are excited were going toi kick off a brand-new season of f weather from your schoolschool tomorrow. send itit back to you guys.s. excellent. looking forward to seeing you i the kids out there. lc a strong regular season finish for the cleveland indians means they will get home field advantage for the american forile division series.reish a night off tonight.ght. the boston red sox now come to town thursday. boston re jessica dill is live att own thurive at progressive field with a look av the week ahead.e fiel good morning just. todd stephanie and stacey goode y morning. yone agreatg everyone a great day to be a cleveland indians fan. they had a big way in yesterday the world seriesld series reigning champs the kansas citya
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that was exciting and they founu out the first game on thursdays will be share at progressive field they havees the home field advantage. right in front of all of their fans. the indians clinched home i advantage for the american league division series against boston. the tribe beat kansas city 3-2 yesterday and then they got a little help when the blue jays beat the red sox. that means game one and game two will be this thursday and friday b progressive field thosee tickets are all sold out.. atprogress then the team travels to bostono stfor sunday and monday's gamesm this is a best of 5 series so if a game 5 is needed, the boys travel back here to clevelandiov for the final game on wednesday. manager terry francona says a lot of times you see the teamses start to taper off at the end of the regular season but not the indians.s i was really proud of our guys they keep playing no one asked for a day off all the pitchersor wanted to pitch. that will help us moving forward. we're not defined by one playerl
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one pitlaye. when a group of guys enjoyedoyed coming to this field. where excited.. still the underdog we're wherelh all right with that. we've been proving people wrong all year.e underdog we're ll there are a limited amount of tickets available for the possible game 5 in cleveland. thursday and friday is sold out. good time. i as for the times clevelandth indians made a funny tweet last night saying they still do nowin know what time the game isdins night sayi we still love so this morning they keep tweeting what time is the game indians are not backing downtwea someone said what are the chances a night game thursdayt g they said the same chance a day game. they're not giving in. and a lot of people.le. it's great. can't confirm the game will nott be between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.m. that's exactly. there you go. say that one miught have. 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
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any time between midnight 6:00 a.m. midnightn that would be great ff our schedule. love to watch the game at one on and a money. perfect for us.ea we'd be the only ones. will keep you updatedd hilariouo on twitter everyone is dying too know they said what should we sl where the indians responded with close. trying to plan out the when we start planning the parade? exactly. thanks stephanie. appreciate it. it all started with a fundraising idea and it's become the largest one day festival in the nation. fans of the woollybear, fox 8,as andt our own dick goddard come out in droves each year for the big event. suzanne stratford has all of the highlights from this year's 44th annual woolly bear festival. this is amazing it's fun. it is fun. lighal woolled.s of t woollk co and sometimes a littlebear f misunderstood.ed.nd sometimes a i think my husband thinks i'm
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the world's first festival and parade dedicated to a bug buzzed back into vermillion, ohio sunday for the 44th annual woolly bear. they're just all around me. a bonanza of brown and orange at liberty park.d to a bug buion, n over 300 pom poms for each of them and i don't know how many yards of toile for this one.n started by fox8 meteorologist dick goddard in the 70's it remains the one day a year where caterpillar costumes are ultra cool.. for both pets and people. this is my 4th how old are you. is my 4t 5.odness. yea one year i was too lateear w because i was born in december. that's the thing they say theres so much free family fun people keep coming back. with once again over 100 thousand people enjoying the
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and other festivities.stiviti. my favorite part is seeing themy animals taking my daughter here to see the animals. favorrt is e and of course the critters. thea racing in the woolly bear what's your secret?oolly bear to getting your caterpillar to race so quickly? gettince so qu? feed him grass and dirt. according to legend the wider the n own stripe on theen caterpillar tsthe milder the winter weather.ripe opi he was really fast but now he's getting slower.s but no slowing down. lil jon rinaldi on stage. he and big chuck have been at every woolly bear with goddard since the beginning.the binning but unfortunately an injury sidelined dick this year. but unfo so other fox 8 personalities stepped in including todd meanyd who came to i've been looking at the winds aloft all day.ok of course we have wolford here so always pick up wolford gets here.wa and the sun even broke through. just as the parade got underwaye about 300 units this year one of
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huge parade. it's great i love it. and although dick goddard couldn't be here his daughter kim took his place and also shared some good news. he's doing a lot better and he trusts everybody he really does. and fans sure trust and love him. im dick goddard get well we miss you..ic sending him well wishes for a speedy recovery and return to the next woolly bear.cor. by goll. of course he'd be proud. it went great.t wenteat. and if it wasn't for dick it wouldn't be like this. i love it.t dick it in vermillion suzanne stratford fox 8 news. thank you. such a wonderful time.k great food.od great find great music you name thanks to all of the folks whoho showed up.p. great see you next year. a 38:00.r. a still to come starbucks isl to u testing out a new way to get you your favorite iced latte. find out where curbside pickup
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not we can expect it here soon plus, he's back.expect three decades after he made his debut teddy ruxpin is getting a makeover. e we'll meet teddy ruxpin 2.0 coming up. hey kenny.y.we'll meeteddy ruxp teddy ruxton. okay. we are hereteddy uxton. at the a they have a brand spanking newnw file menu ever going to show it to y you'll see it here first kicking it with kenny.
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welcome back. a warning now for new mom's sammy's milk baby food is being recalled over concerns it may contain a potentially deadly bacteria. coa poteeria identified asy's ml c sometimes fatal blood infectiond or meningitis in infants. the fda also found the baby food made by grace leigh hadde inadequate levels of gre the product with expiration dates of november 2016 to 201808 should be returned immediately. so far no illnesses have been reported. getting your morning coffee could soon get a lot easier if you're a starbucks fan. because not every starbuckscoula a
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pickup in washington state. here's out it works customerst s use the starbucks mobile app to order and pay and then theireir order is delivered to them when they pull up by a barista.der i the bad news is they still getlt your name wrong. no they don't do that. right now the coffee giant says it is just trying the curbside service out at a limited number of stores.s. theytsa jof stores. a nice feature. in a lot of places don't haveav driver's. i like that. all right.erright. he was on every kids christmas list back in 1985 now teddy ruxpin is making a comeback.siss i my name is teddy ruxton.y x came can you and i'd be friends? we found an old treasure map. we found an old treasure map. comes with illustrated book and cassette from worlds of wonder.w do you love this?onyou love ts? yes. the iconic talking bear became a multimillion dollar product in n just five years back in the 80'r and now wicked cool toys iss bah giving the toy a modern upgrade.
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teddy ruxpin 2.0 will still read stories with a motorized mouth. but now he has color lcd eyes that can show 40 differentan sh4 animated expressions synched to the stories.0 differenen the 14 inch tall bear also has touch sensors on his hands andne feet which can start, pause or switch a story. teddy ruxpin 2.0 will cost you 99 bucks and will hit stores ina july.nd will hit s cannot get it for christmas this year. next year. there spooky. it for we'll have to see it in action. don't play with him in the darkr my recommendation. right.kk interesting. kenny crumpton 2.0 at the roxy know which is now 2.0. that's right. thought you were going to go speaking of spooky teddy bears. much more respect for you than
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appreciate that. all right. hanging out r with chris talkinl about teddy bears he would be the culinary teddy bear here at. chris you're breaking out a brand-new fall and winter itte menu is that right? as we bunch of new dishes about 10 new dishes on the menu. and this is one of them here. this is our sea seabass. okay. nice beautiful whiteas seabass what were going to do is saut? it w in hot and then you will see i will add someme a glazed to that.d to t and then it will give it whatwh type of a flavoring cracks it will give it a little what they calllltype of a flat a l basicaa soyle suite. were going to basically take this put it right in the ovene n and then you know through the
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got one. look at that. fantastic..o gives it a nice color. what were going to do is take the seabasst were go take it ovh plate heree and then what we doo with this real simple we have a sweet chili which is basically a butter sauce. sauce okay. we'll add a little bit of that right around here. we'll ad we eat with our eyes first. than what we finish it withkay.e fried leeks.eks. little bit of leaks put in some season cornstarch. a little bit of texture to thatt dish. then wet fiini sh it with a littlettle bit of micro greens a little pop of color.i take it over to our table becauset you have some more its it smells really really good.oo. you have some more items for us.
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i will come over here.ere. okay. what do we have here? some of our best sellers. this is our 1914-ounce usdaouncs primeda strip steak. st this is oeane of the new items r fall. this is what we call basically three different sauces. classic b?arnaise sauce andise d hollandaise very nice.y nice of course we have got one of ouo top-selling dishes which is ouro look at that. beautiful americanin lobster t. and i like this. we have the bernie cozaar nice.c steak knife. pretty awesome. excellent. peoplee can get stuff on the new menu now chris? absolutely. and we are available to do small parties.ties. private parties we have twoe two different private dining rooms. a wine dinner coming up on thete
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f that's awesome. appreciate you bringing out the crew for us thing so much good luckfor us th with the season.on we showed you lots of new things happening out here at the roxye know come on out. they're ready for your.kady for. three guesses in what will wi happen as soon as chris puts the camera down.o you're going to eat. all of that.y enjoy your breakfast.oy your br breakfast time. exactly.eakfast. there we go.go chris has already started. crazy. a lobster for breakfast.a amazing. thank you so 8:46 the time right now. m still to come this morning pop the popcorn. come this m get ready. still to come this morning organizers are giving us ars ara preview of some of the movies debuting at the chagrinn film festival. we'll be right back. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back.
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"that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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welcome back. sorry popcorn in my moh it's a five day event for filmv makers and film lovers alike. more than 50 filmmakers from across the country and the world will attend this year's chagrin. acrossharom documentary film festival.ry fie mary ann ponce joins us this morning to tell us what we can marhat we c expect. good morning.good mrning. great to see you again.gai thanks for having us.aving us been going on for several yearss now. n going into our seventh year. grows every year. 76 this year.year 76 films from 24 countries.un that's amazing.azing but you get to lesee so much in worldwide perspective on theseee different things going on.. wide range of topics from all around the world.nd we want to th hit a couple of t. we have some popcorn let's enjoy the popcorn inp talk about hanga on sknippy.ip that's the first one were going to talk about. first o which is about the song. it absolutely is.he we all know it from the buckeyes
8:52 am
expect. expec thist. takes us through the connection with ohio state and how that all happened. and just to make it extra fun we have on thursday night at at 7:00 the ohio state alumni marching band coming in to performm marc hang on skippy.pp of coarse. ars great group they've beene. on or show before. urban meyer they're talking about all the stuff the next one is the slippers about the wizard of oz ruby slippers. and how that really started the whole hollywood memorabilia craze.liaz and the slippers at one point were stolen and t quite ait fascinating story. because prior to that people really didn't they were not interested in memorabilia andd posters and propsin amendmora s collecting of it was not such a big deal ruby slippers started all of that. how cool is that.hat. the next one is something that's been coming up a lot sustainable has to do with possibly geneticn
8:53 am
people are interested in fascinating look at the way oura food is grown and how chemicalsi can affect us when we eat them h and then move towards non- gmo sustainable farming. tell me about the hiccups arere gone a great title. it is a great title. it's about new treatments for autism. andt's about new tr about one fy with their twinss who were botr diagnosed with autisme really remarkable treatment and the twins will be joining us. another one we want to featureoa under fire the untold story of just a riveting film. tony was a soldier during world war ii.ying andworl against orders he brought his camera onto the battlefieldh and so it's told through hishis eyes and what that experience
8:54 am
at the battlefield during world war ii.ld d war think people you got to go to thise understanding and istandn watching that going to see the avengers not going to see a comedye you're going to see real life things that are happening. that's right real stories westow love to show them the storyto behind the story. by bringing in that bandst. absolutely to make them comeem c alive for our you have then wristbands as wel. we do. get you an. we gets you intoou i al you can cram in over five days.e what's the best part when people ask you why should i come out tu the documentary film festival? for me it's the wide range of storiesr me it's that we have we filmmakers there to speak about themfi then it's an beautifulaul chagrin falls.a walk around the village ourour venues are embedded within thenh village.e. film go have lunch or dinner.o the venues are walkable and it's just a charming way to to
8:55 am
and an intimate settingt not a a big much smaller good to talk to the directors and people that's awesome. the directors love it to.e i tell everybody about it.tell the 7th annual chagrinevery abo documentary film festival kicks off this wednesday october 5th and runs through sunday october 9th.7th al chagr filthis wednesy mirrors movies all day long. all day long. starting in the afternoon got all day. have lunch and be a big part of it down there in chagrin fallsal thank you sos thank you for having me. havi still to come here on fox8 newsn robbed at gunpoint.d at gu kim kardashian's holdup in paris. a and how her rapper husband reacted. don't forget to log on tot forge to vote for brookviet arbor or holly lane elementaryee schools as the next fox8 cool school.ools as we'll announce the winningtox8 l school on thursday and featurere that school next week on fox8unr news in the morning.sday d fean8
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[music playing] family emergency. i have to stop the show. kanye west bolted from the stage in the middle of a concert in new york last night after he was to told his wife had been held up in paris. police in paris confirm the f reality tv star kim kardashian west was robbed at gunpoint bygy two armed men dressed as police officers at her hotel. according to the french ministry the star was tied up while ther men stole several million dollars worth of jewelry.was ti she was not hurt but is pretty shaken.ur kardashian was in paris for for fashion week with her mother and sister kendall. scary moments for lindsay lohann as well this weekend the actress almost lost a finger.his weeken
8:59 am
nearly lost her left hand ring finger after getting caught up in the boat's anchor. fortunately, she was able to find the missing piece and undergo surgery to reattach it. the actress tweeted after thethg scare saying this is why i shouldn't try to help get the rope to anchor the boat.s lady gaga is headed back to where she began.ere she b the 30 year old pop singer is heading out on a dive bar t singer . rolling stone reports gaga who just landed the superbowl halftime show will kick off the short tour this week at an plenty of low tier could it be cleveland?be hlevow cool would that be. just hanging outelelh and then o outcomes on the stage.d fantastic. that is neat.. stacey frey think you will seefl you see in a bit. good morning on this monday. happy monday. woolly bepar monday. monday. day after such a great day and n big thank you or get well cardd in the green room.o amazing how many people signedgd it. he will appreciate all you guysp did for himprecia. thank you very much for being
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monday october 3rd.n i'm todd meany. i'm stefani oct thank you for being with us us today a lot happening over thete weekend we have a lot ofve a lo headlines to get you caught upgt on on this monday morning inin fact were prepping for the playoffs the tribe will bee playing the first game here at home.ome. home-field advantage which is great jessica dill's live withih the very latest and everything you need to know very latest a t this point about the big games.. starting on thursday.rting onrsy we could use the home-field-fied boston is a good team.m tough series.rie hopefully wec still winless.ou the browns not so much. a tough one to watch yesterday especially with all of theof the turnovers that we had. but would you say the browns are the worst team in the nfl?turnoe by the record they are the onlyy ones that have not won a game yet. i thinkt h. by default. i just want to say thank you so much to the adorable folksfolks during the parade route everyone was giving us the score. where they really crack shouting out brown score for us that wass


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