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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  October 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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monday october 3rd.n i'm todd meany. i'm stefani oct thank you for being with us us today a lot happening over thete weekend we have a lot ofve a lo headlines to get you caught upgt on on this monday morning inin fact were prepping for the playoffs the tribe will bee playing the first game here at home.ome. home-field advantage which is great jessica dill's live withih the very latest and everything you need to know very latest a t this point about the big games.. starting on thursday.rting onrsy we could use the home-field-fied boston is a good team.m tough series.rie hopefully wec still winless.ou the browns not so much. a tough one to watch yesterday especially with all of theof the turnovers that we had. but would you say the browns are the worst team in the nfl?turnoe by the record they are the onlyy ones that have not won a game yet. i thinkt h. by default. i just want to say thank you so much to the adorable folksfolks during the parade route everyone was giving us the score. where they really crack shouting out brown score for us that wass
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keep track on my thank you everyone was so sweet. and lebron james is getting political. who the star forward says iso i getting his vote plus his reasons as to why.gettin we'll talk about that with allt you.a check in the weather forecast on this monday morningi good mornnging.r good morning todd and stephanieh and everybody is one lonelylonel shower out there right now righw about coming out and north kingsville rig and northwest pe fog the big story this morning is it foggy inland especially. visibility is down to zip andand that is definitely impacting a lot of schools travel this morning.. we have hadrni ngseveral school delays in closings this morningg the bottom of the screen you caa see those and that into my. 56 degrees in cleveland 54 akror canton. ca 47 this morning at worcester. meanwhilem forecast is for a slight chance of showers but mainly cleveland eastht chance f
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play this morning in wtio the er afternoon. still several more hours before the temperature warms up enoughu to lift that fog.fog. otherwise carved cover will be will incidentally be tomorrow morningrni for the first weather from your school for this seasonwe it will be at northwood elementary school in north canton. and we'll be there live doing weather with the studentsll be. we hope you tune in for that. really excited about another seasonea of wehe schoolur and tomorrow the firsti one. ne. looking forward to that.rward to many th more.or you do a great job with thoseh e age. soso mmuch fun and the studentsents love it the teachers it's .really a gret we get a great education we getw toe see the great things that ae happening inside schools every single day.tppening awesome. thank and was an awesome weekend for our cleveland indians. yes it was. not only did they sweep the
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jessica dill is live at progressive field with thereorlt in her red and blue. we got to start pulling out all of our navy and read here as wee we go through thend n ext coupleref weeks it's allhere a good news day for the indians not only dio they win but they also found oun they did not have today that makeup game tonight againstightt detroit because detroit was eliminated. det and they found out the first two games they get to play in front of their fans. home-field advantage for thethe american league series division against boston. things to the blue jays beatingg the red sox yesterday. the first two games, thursday and friday will be at progressive field before they head to boston for game 3. trevor bauer will start game one and corey kluber will start game 2 for the bfield beead to b yesterday we saw josh tomlin pitch seven plus strong innings in the win over kansas city. but what might have been the most exciting part of the game the return of yan gomes who isee most exc playing despite a broken bone ib his right hand.roken bo
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saw, in his first game with the tribe since july.s first gam when i got hurt i could have easily taken the bad way out and say why me why me. we were such a good roll here i was trying to do anything i can to be part of it.e part oit. it's good in a lot of respects but even in the fact i was so happy for him and all the work he's put in to come into the dugout and get i think that was pretty cool. tickets are sold out for for thursday and friday's game.e. saw available for next ne wednesday's game if it gets to a game five.y' gomes says he hasn't been told if he's playing this week but he's ready and willing frank said honestly all of thele players played so hard at the end of the season they said teams tend to taper off especially when they knowknow
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single one of them wanted too pitch in play and play hard.d. hopefully it will go well upwell against tell you their spirit. they're not just saying allin right we are already in there te and will do what we have to do.o there and .there.thee. playing with a broken hand you know. playing so well with a brokenken hand.nd. did a great job hopefully you doesn't get more hurt in the future. thanks.ul oesn't g catch you up on some other news on this monday morning. the ohio state highway patrol is investigating what led to a shooting at a rest stop along interstate 71 in delaware county. investigators say a man was shot six times while returning from his car after going into a restroom. troopers then chased the suspect into richland county. he went over road spikes and crashed, before apparently into ricty.own life.uspect the college of wooster issued a statement, saying the shooting victim is a first year student from wisconsin. counselors will be available onr campus today.
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morning. the man accused of hitting two women in the side of the highway killing one of them will make his first court appearance this morning.ccoe side ofkillingce police suspect 48 year old clars justen was driving under the influence of drugs, when he hit two women saturday, as they were inffging a tire. 27 year old tanisha matthews of maple heights was killed. a 23 year old friend is3 year o recovering in the other drivers say it's important to be alert when on the road, or along the side of it.aler if people were drunk it'st wh alg the si usually at bar closing times or certain times of the day certain holidays but people on pills or illegal drugs can be high at any h time so you got to be careful. the highway patrol says the suspect did not initially stop, after the women were hit.o you after his arrest, he was taken to metro for evaluation. democratic presidential e candidate hillary clinton is
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with a stop in akron today. clinton will appear at an ohio democratic party voter registration event at goodyear hall, at 5:45 this evening.o the visit comes as a reminderp the visit coeek's votervoterr registration deadline in ohio. if you'd like to rsvp, head to her husband bill will also make several stops in the state this week, including one in stark onk county on wednesday. there are just three unbeatenen teams left in the nfl this morning, with minnesota set to play tonight.t. team left the cleveland browns. third and seven.left . the fake to duke johnson. kessler standing strong. pryor, touchdown. after forcing an interception on defense, the browns tied washington on terelle pryor's first career td catch.catch. up three and driving in the third, fullback malcolm johnsonr
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recovered.d.rec they took advantage, marchingove downfield for the go ahead score, with the second of three kirk cousins td passes. the browns next two drives also ended in turnovers. browns lose 31 to 20, to drop to oh and four.nscto oh obviously, a it was the turnoves today. and as i talked to our team, i think that's the key to our season. we can't turn it over. you don't turn it over, you got a chance to win, all these over yrn it ovov that's just the way pro football ga. we just kept fighting, kept working hard and gave ourselves a chance.t kept fig we just got to finish. we got to work on finishing, and making the plays at the end. okay. the browns host new england next week, in tom brady's return from his four game josh gordon's return but we talked about last week he's going to rehab tom brady mayng seek to unleash some to rehab ti on the browns.owns. hopefully not.ot. okay. still ahead this hour king james is ho gets political.ur kng j what the nba finals mvp has to say about the upcomingat the nbg presidential election and who he's decided to endorse.d
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and lots of smiles. woollybear 44 is in the books we have a look back at the big day as we start preparing for woollybear 45. books wee have a look right age? so wonderful in vermillion yesterday.t t we gave that mr. goddard long-range forecast for the winter check that out on ng. meanwhile here is fox8 hour forecasthi and the sun will be t limited fashion today. temperature i 70s eventually.
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[music playing] not carving but carving pumpkink bill carrie underwood for us. the food network creating throughout the show here. see how the pumpkin carving.r can't wait to see.. all right. we'll be checking s in and just julittle bit. lebron james is endorsing former secretary of state hillary clinton for president.nton for t the nba finals mvp wrote about. the upcoming election in an oped published on sunday for business insider. james wrote his return toupcomis henortheast ohio wasn't just abr basketball it was aboutetball i providing more for the children of akron.. he's got his foundation that het helps those kids through school. he believes the presidential candidate to help him do just that is none other than hillary
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president barack obama has done for this country and believes that clinton will carry on that legacy. upports wht ba he praised her dedication to improving schools and expanding health care.raed her d lebron is not the only big name endorsing candidates, thecandidt cleveland police union announced last week that it will be backing donald,s,cleven stacey frey joining us with your comments and talk about lamberte is getting involved in political endorsements especiallyis we don often hear from sports stars too often.n. nba finnals mvp. o lebron has voicedi his op feelings on this one and so arei our viewers.s one a i'm sure. bob says why does this even matter? dan gilbert supports trump, lebron supports hillary. that's called living in a democracy where everyone gets to have an opinion.n.n rump, ts hillary. greg says lebron, this just reminds me that you are still young and naive you might see that hillary and the entire democratic party has done nothing but hold the black community back.ry and the entire michael sadys i won't attackemot ltackebron for stating his opini for one believe in the 1st amendment for opinin stereotyping those that don't dt
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plain stupid regardless of what side of the political fence po you're on.liti anna says i don't care who he votes for. i still love him, still ani stis amazing basketball player andnd outstanding guy who does a lot for akron.nding guy w who you vote for does not defint who you are. defin we have hundreds of comments here on our facebook page. josh says how does she know thee struggles of a 4k from akron? how have liberals made akron better. how ha kevin sa l reading the boycott lebron jamel threats from trump supporters. his as i love sa clinton is an liar she when understand what it is to be black or even andn and howard.. trump foroward sure would have o idea any of these issues eitherv for that to be your jumping off point makes you look like a fool. start a conversation with his intention is. ultimately hopefully that leads to getting out the vottely hoe e always want to see people participatingewe
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vested interest one way oror another.another that's always good for democraco when people are out there voicing their opinions and when p encouraged to participate in the process. right. might not be what you believe be and it might be. who knows.. cool.. thank you very a lot more comments this isis really lit up a facebook pagep yesterday and today.a faceb thanks. will check in with a.j. colbyks. taking a look atj our forecast s for us.t. that's one thing we can agree on. right?s one thing the nice weather. weather. this week coming up beautiful wait until you see all of thatha sunshine tand it turned out to t a terrific day o in vermillion yesterday that i talked about ae couple of sprinklesd abo earlien the morning but after that the e skies opened up with son not rain and as gorgeous. these clouds that you see on web camera time lapse have dissipated but showed a little color on the base as the sunsun
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the view from down at a burkefr lakefront airport a couple of showers about north kingsvilleks in pontiac this morning but for the most part things are quietui out there. with the exception of very dense fog that has closed severalosed se schools andve couple of running two hour delay or so.o on lake erie waves 2 feet oret o less through tonight but watertr temperature of 70. 56 degrees currently cleveland cool start to the morning hours on the damp sides but not toot o tough to take i finally that very pesky lowlow pressure system that weather system is moving eastpressure s building and thatis will be thee weather control now going go through the rest of thein week. it will be gorgeous.or weather system over the dakotas high plains therewe and trailing cold front will eventually brinn and the chance for rain butbut really what could throw a wrench in our thro forecast believe itr not out in the caribbean. that is hurricane matthew whowh
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well. well poverty poverty-stricken areas a terrible thing to have happen..n matter where but especially there and the forecast cone is taking a very close to our easta coast of the us and that couldu be a major hurricane.ane. really watching that for this upcoming weekend. back home mix of clouds and sun. temperatures around 70.70 clear and cool of patchy tonight. late 50s will be in the mid- will be in sunny tomorrow. beautiful stretch of whether.. highs way above average for this time of the year. good 10 degrees or so into friday 1 and cooler temperatures coming up on saturday and sunday. weather from your school is back. northwood elementary school in north cantonback. and that will bet will be tomorrow. i will be there and of course the kids will be helping outp
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check that out guys. send it back your way. all right. thank you. this started as a fundraising idea and an insect it now has h become the largest one-day festivalal in of the country. fans of the woollybear, fox 8, and our own dick goddard come near and far each year for the big event. suzanne stratford has all the highlights from the 44th annual woolly bear festival. this is amazing it's fun. it is fun.. sum the 44 annual often imitated and sometimes a little misunderstood. often imitated and sometimes a little misunderstood. i think my husband thinks i'm crazy. the world's first festival and parade dedicated to a bug buzzem cr back into vermillion, ohioazy.dt sunday for.edo a bu vermillion,o the 44th annual woolly bear. they're just all around me. a bonanza of brown and orange at liberty park. over 300 pom poms for each ofchf them and i don't know how many yards of toile for this one. started by fox8 meteorologist dick goddard in the 70's it it
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caterpillar costumes are ultra cool for both pets and people. this is my 4th year. how old are you. 5. goodness. yea one year i was too late because i was born in december. that's the thing they say theres so much free family fun people keep coming back. yeawarn in decemthey say thres thousand people enjoying the thousand people enjoying the mouth watering food, festivities. my favorite part is seeing the animals taking my daughter here to see the animals. and of course the crittersoursee racing in the woolly bear what's your secret to getting at caterpillar to race so quickly? feed him grass and dirt. him g a according to legend the widerndd the brown stripe on thehe browst caterpillar the milder the winter weather. he was really fast but now he's getting slower.ripe on tterpill
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lil jon rinaldi on stage. he and big chuck have been at every woolly bear with goddard since the beginning. but unfortunately an injuryry t delined dick this year. so other fox 8 personalities stepped in including todd meany who came prepared. i've been looking at the winds i'vet all day.p of course we have wolford here aloft all so always pick up wolford gets here. and the sun even broke through.s just as the parade got underway. about 300 units this year one of the largest yet huge parade. th's great i love it. and although dick goddard couldn't be here. his daughter kim took his place and also shared some good news. he's doing a lot better and he trusts everybody he really does. and fans sure trust and love him. dick goddard get well we missers you.s sending him well wishes for a
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by golly. of course he'd be proud. it went great. and if it wasn't for dick it wouldn't be like this. i love it. next t in vermillion suzanne stratford fox 8 news.. be likthis. vermilu thanks. chilly when we arrivede ar a little rainy in the morning.i. about 9:30 raining a little bit i was a little nervous. then adjust as suzanne mentiod a beautiful day.l day. the sun was out nice and warm.. the sun always shine on the wil evaporate. everyone missedwill goddard thed in the green room sign on the front and backe by probably oveo 100 people. don't think there was a spacepac left.. left. so nice.e. we're thinking of you great to see your daughterso nn to. 9:21 still to come living up to the hype.:21 sti millions tuned in to hear whatio clinton and trump had to say in the first presidential debatensd but will it be the same when ite comes to the vice presidential candidates? plus robbed at gun point. family rushes to kim kardashian's side after she was held up in a paris hotel.candidy find out hehow husband, kanye wr reacted to the news next. plus your binge watching may have been cut short this
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couldn't have come at a worse time for netflix. g let you why thetflix. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here!
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welcome back everyone. several caribbean nations are preparing for the arrival of hurricane matthew this morning.l na the category four storm has already pounded jamaica with several inches of rain, and it's now threatening haiti.h the storm could hit the island tonight or early tomorrow..the o the national hurricane centeroro says matthew could dump up to 40 inches of rain in some areas.heo
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approach the southeast us later this week. while last week's presidential debate was the most watched ever, tomorrow's vp debate is expected to be different. democrat tim kaine describesim i himself as boring. the virginia senator is expected to focus on donald trump's taxes and controversial statements.ova trump's running mate mike pencet calls himself a b listcalls republican celebrity.himself a experts believe the indiana governor will focus on hillaryif clinton's email scandal, and thc clinton foundation. should be they don't tell themselves. the kind of downplay themselves. b list celebrity no need to pepsi co's top selling starbucks frappuccino is facing some dunkin' donuts announced that it will soon launch bottled coffee beverages in a partnership with coca cola. this agreement will make dunkin' donuts iced coffee available for purchase in stores nationwide.
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will still include dunkin'clude' donuts' signature use of arabica coffee blend and real milkin a variety of flavors. this ready to drink coffee is set to hit stores in 2017..donui you do have to wait a little bit for that. there you have to wait a netflix say that three times fast. your binge watching plans for b the weekend may have gone out the window for a short time yesterday. the video streaming serviceamine experienced a major outage, starting saturday afternoon. there's still no word on what caused the problem. but netflix users from all over the world took to twitter to vent their frustrations. the timing of the outage was bad th world nt theired th for rel feased a batch ot new movies this weekend. everybody was watching them on saturday and they had this big outage. that is not good. no. coming up. summer nights may be slipping away. but that's not stopping officials at edge water from making improvements to thei beach. what you can expect, coming up. plus only one person running pus onlnderstands the struggless of an akron child born into poverty,rn int who lebron is backing for
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for the visibilities have really been an issue inland.l and fact close to zero at times. fox8 our forecast low showing little bit of sun and temperatures warming into the 70s today.
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nosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message. i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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they're other special carving tools
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ourselves. it'soror great to see you.. thanks for the tenth.ent good luck with halloween worse. i hope you get it. still to come this hour, inc. all it costs these customers is astom few pencils and pens we're going tos w explain that story n we come back. it's not something you see dayry a 102 -year-old woman cost saturday night life goes presidential that is coming up
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welcome back. kim kardashianan is said to be badly shaken after being held up
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sorry we have a family emergency with them on the next closest her she was not hurt. >> scary moment for lindsay lohan she almost lost a fingerer she nearly lost her left-hand ring fingernear fortunately s the peace and underwent surgery to reattach it.he p tattoos in exchange for school supplies. this may seem pretty out theret but for t students and venezuela it's the way there actuallyl gettingl their school supplies hundreds, to get free tattoos
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for two days 14 tattoo artist work for free tickets suppliesef for 500 students many millions on back-to-school so is perfect time for the drive.l blimp pilots around the world
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they raced to a senior center in south st. louis 102 -year-old he didn't commit any crimes always wanted to ride in a a police car that there is been on her at list. they stitch more than 400 items in hand her key to happiness is helping others k and adds showso
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the new venue they had. club the velvet. that restaurant looks real nice. great stuff. it's an election season. they made us laugh as theyth always doey is take for trade donald and hillary clinton is
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the impersonations right there.d on sol lowest we've had. 59 degrees at the lakefront 57 options currently how does this look from outer you can actually pick out where the fog is that's not cloudud
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the great is showing up. rain showers the coverage willll be lessening as the morning is pretty pne herere indicativer of her rain free atmosphere.of this does not like as potent as
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patchy fog developing most likely to do three is the overnight low. much warmer and after 76te beautiful fox eight-day forecas
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square just a couple blocks from it is cool and howla and it is brand-neww
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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm natalie herbick, and we are hanging out today highland square. we're basically in the akron area. if you talk to the locals, they'll tell you it's a mile in each direction from west market to highland avenue, but if you talk to the summit county historical society, they'll say it's a much larger area. so while we're not sure of the exact square mileage, we know we love this place. it's artsy. it's eclectic, and it's fun. and we're gonna start today with mr. zubs. doesn't that just sound fun? (upbeat music)


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