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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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carolina and georgia for the government of the coast under evacuation orders first hurricane evacuation of the georgia coast since 19999 >> do not behold because we can alwaysys replace property but w cannot replace wires. >> have a warning people to tak the storm surge lling is alread proven a deadly force in haiti killing hundreds. going sharply fox news. >> this is a live love from daytona beach, they say that they couldn't even reach all of the people who need help t, tho who ignore the warnings to evacuate or on their own is no way to reach them, hit the area with 100 mile-per-hour winds knocking out power to just about
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it will pack a punch storm surge threat is major concern with hurricane load has been downgraded to a category to it is not a major hurricanet has sustained winds of 110 that a threat that has anybody worried along the georgia coastline and south carolina coastline storm surge between 609-foot for georgia and south carolinana the coast between four and six expected. and allow the outer banks between two and 4-foot storm surge /but now lots of rainfall. you can see the deeper shades o purple
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category one the time it reache north carolina coast in putting down the most rain about 15 inches so will be dealing with inland flooding before eventually the system gets out of here. can see the eye wall closing in was still have the rainfall is still off the coast. luge track takes it along the east coast just off the coast. the curls back toward the bahamas with a one-two punch. at the latest, with sustained winds of 11010
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a number of our friends here at fox 8 remained in the storm passed. >> one of them use social media toto show hit the experience an skyping with dave nethers. good morning, here in daytona beach do not get the full force we have winds of between 75 and 80 mph still waiting for triple digits. >> thomas riley ocean, bruce dunn was riding out hurricane posting my video to facebook. minot got to the full brunt of the winds that is still yet to come.t >> hit in the eastern shore sai he lost power friday morning an are using reserves posted his experience and skyping with fox 8.
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projectiles. he says he decided to evacuate because he felt that his brick home could withstand the strong winds, a tall palm tree in the video earlier was sheared off after withstanding numerous storms. back in 1999 and 2,004, 2,005 2,005, but never anything the strong in terms of the strong wind. it was a bit unsettling. >> we are not flooding in this region the winds are extremely strong. the winds are has high as
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is still not the brunt of it. says that he was aware that the would not restore power until after the wind dies down to at most 45 mph, dave nethers fox 8 news. stay with us for continuing coverage, we'll go live to you can find a live hurricane tracker and fox >> > rashod berry alleged road rage incident shares what happenedro with the fox 8 i-tea. joins us with the story. >> was driving home from work around 1030 wednesday nightht w someone opened fire shooting hi he was just released from hospital and spoke said that he was afraid he would never see
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says he will never take these moments for granted again, i just tried to get out of there around to come back. >> the 22-year-old ashtabula ma was driving home on i-90 near geneva lee said he noticed the car trying to pass. he locked his brakes and loss control and i saw him spin-out.h >> a few minutes later the car tried to run it off the road that's when he called 911. while he was on the phone, his worst nightmare happened.
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pulled up alongside and i heard the pop pop pop. realized he was shot he got out of the carar and began talk to dispatchers.d two rounds and the driver side door penetrated the inside of the vehicle. >> you've got this round here, this is the one that supposedly struckck the victim in his left leg. it went in here then exited and ended up in my right leg. >> the state patrol is investigating. >> we believe it is road rage. >> is fiance said that they spoke
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a lost my father when i was young and a car accident so would be hard to tell her when she got older that she lost her dad gazelle someone being so stupid. >> got to get back to work to support my familyly and cut apa when i'm just sitting here with a wounded leg. >> suspects are is possibly a chevy malibu if you have information urged to call the state patrol soon as possible. family members of the girl phard and i drive by sending a message of thanks, she is out o the hospital tonight, her sister is still in critical condition they were shot tuesday on dudle avenue, the family should a statement today thinking people for the support asking for
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the 3-year-old. we have a link at our websitete fox >> . >> i-team uncovering trouble fo a downtown street vendor. >> man prosecuted many times before as ed gallek found something surprising when the cases go to court. >> the i-team as the sky as camera rollingng , as he is getting picked on by police or is he good at recited again for scalping >> brewed it? >> the police. >> trouble for a man running a virtual outdoor store from the indians ballpark you may recognize what he set up, the i-team heard he just got cited
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startling about his record, since the '90s, 20 cases with things such as scalping or vendors permits in only four convictions. you have my 27 cases and most of them were dismissed or found not guilty. the city has specific quarter set aside for scalping tickets downtown that he was selling outside of the specifie zone even from a work van, this guy says cannot understand how anyone can keep it in the system.n is always found not guilty the city has found regulations about setting up shop. >> what about the current vendors permits it to work
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information, were told to file formal request with the law department process can take weeks or even months. in the end, he is not speaking out before his next da in court. we did have a off-camera chat he said the tickets a friend paid for in advance and said that all he di was hand them over , like a chance to argue his case in court once more in a couple weeks.hi i nowadays we see these transactions on the internet, how many skelton cases are actually on the street? >> ask to get still to come war computerized for all sports it' a more difficult for the guys o the street so it is more of a cat and mouse game but not as
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if he did nothing wrong, what is acute running from the camere camera? >> he says he has a business, has been there for years and i don't think he wanted the spotlight. t y >> week seven of high school football, the playoff picture starting to come into shape.. full slate of games, friday night touchdown brings you the action as p.j. ziegler is in medina with more on a big matchup.i it's the game of the week will stopop
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medina comes in with a six-game winning streak without their starting quarterback john curti who broke his wrist two weeks ago, so kevin montgomery, junior, will be under center an he's got a great running back namedat jimmy dogged to hand off to. is the entire team, the line has been a huge help. he has been a big influence from the sidelines to help coach me up. >> the database where green and yellow, tonight will be decked in orange for bullying awareness in medina high school to suppor orange, green and yellow to take on the venture cardinals.
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to try to win every week see if they can have that absent tonight. it is week seven and week seven of fred touched out tonight at 11:00 o'clock join us and special guest host natalie herbick highlights from 20 games friday night touchdown tonight disturbing and somewhat scary social media trend, what effect does clowning have one local
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the go-to birds-eye view, poking around in the eye of hurricane matthew in florida. they fly specially quit airplanes to collect data makin predictions such as direction
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i have driven through a week category one hurricane when i forecasting carolina wanted to get home and it was pretty scary. and that is what a lot of north sterling folks will be dealing withat the end of matth track is a strong storm currently category still talking about some major storm surge parts of georgia an south carolina p upwards of 9 ft looking at the satellite view is a massive storm, the eye wall has state of the coastst. not made landfall in the united states , but you notice the live
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of the very strong hurricane downgraded to category 2. the latest radar view you can see the storm center off of jacksonville and saint augustin moving through savannah, brunswick, the stronger winds are along the eye wall that remains offshore so that's good it is the gorgeous with lots of sunshine in the taste of summer above mobileye 65 . gorgeous even to be at the ballparkk. if you go to the internet for ball games not be a problem whatsoever with a few sprinkles to the southeast.
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will be moving through with rainfall. it will be out quickly tomorrow morning in sunshine through the afternoon. you'll notice the temperature change.. in the meantime, the gorgeous evening with temperatures into the upper '60s with increasing cloud cover through the nighttime. at midnight, official high of 66 tomorrow. looking hour-by-hour, starting of clear the clouds thicken after midnight start to see if you showers and sprinkle butes mainly just about one tenth
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is going to be a bit on the cool side in the afternoon and evening. tomorrow 62. looking at the 8 -day forecast continue with the trend with upper 50s to low '60s then back to the mid- 6 next shot of rainfall coming after sundown. with overnight lows in the chilly side. to the brown stand a chance
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they task for the browns, the pictures returned with tom brady making his return from a four-game suspension and won the best ways to keep them off the field is to be tough to run the football. so far one o the better teams in the league
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and hue jackson says that has to be a good part of the teamssks offensive identity. division with elements that make a difference are going to be able to just stroll up and down the field got to have that ellen to run. we like to throw the ball, no different than any other coach,t the same time i think if you go to have that physical presence. week seven of friday night touchdown. p.j. ziegler is in medina with a big matchup.. >> you look at these two teams you would think that you see a two and four record and six and zero record..
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>> they have struggled, mentor has lost last week to a good solon team. >> they ran the ball 43 times i that game3 is from medina facin adversity they lost the startin quarterback. >> junior named kevin montgomer steps into by john curtis threw for over 1200 yards this season this is tough stretch for the database into the game. working as hard as we can to keep the momentum and try not t think too far ahead.
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then to face euclid and then finish of the regular season againstas that solon team have highlights of this and other of week sevener friday night touchdown. criminal versus jfk, he explodes through a monster home 433 yards starts left turn dried and then 4 yards int the endzone and glenville l is pretty much scoring well. chase it down and attempts to kick it, then blocks stop is returned all the way, the michael brooks on the inside
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the tarblooders try to get back the playoff hunt winning fort monroe over senate opponents. >> way, no vertical build sidelines and join us in the studio for week seven of frida night touchdown friday at 11:00 o'clock fox 8. stearns farms teams on the way to florida as hurricane matthew
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hurricane matthew spent most of today heading the florida coastline,d it has been downgraded to a category two. we're not out of the woods, things are getting bad in florida and georgia is where we find scott mclean savannah, what are the conditions? jim scott on the ground here about an hour ago, this is the savannah river. a very low area. the winds are living through they say coming in at 4 mph sustained in gusty winds stronger.
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up, because in bands, it's odd to walk around downtown savanna waterfront because there's nobody out here. we have seen about a dozen people earlier walking around who said they're going to ride it out. we spoke to a couple inside the restaurant. they said they were going to ride out the storm the building wass -sustained lots of storms and don't thinksu it will be problem. >> what's working here is the storm has been downgraded to a category two, that still needs winds of 110 mph. and the tide is going down, but
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2:00 a.m. at high tide. this hurricane will be a lot closer than.. lot of people say that their buildings are strong and can withstand the wind but as we have heard, they say that it is the storm surge that is the biggest threat. in florida, people who ride out the storm, the tree fell on the house and nobody could get to them. seen a lot of police officers out here a power worker they asked, said that the reality i that when these hurricanes come through the cannot do anything until they pass by is when they can start to repair power. have been reports of some power
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but nothing too severe. the good news is the mayor says that some 5 percent has been evacuated. didn't like that to be higher but most people have heeded the warnings and gotten out of town. if you're one of the many whose travel plans have been affected by hurricane matthew may be able to reschedule without paying anything extra. >> lorrie taylor says your treatment can vary from one airline to the next and joins u from cleveland hopkins to explain. very few of us read the fine print when we purchase airline tickets so that's why we don't
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that can be a problem with canceled flights.. >> dot says there are no federa requirements to oversee the cancellation or delay flights due to bad weather. >> it is a different story if your left stranded kosar flight was rebuffed. that means the treatment can vary from one carrier to the next. spirit airlines allows anyone who was scheduled to travel to orlando friday this week to alter their itinerary without penalties or increase fair, delta,, gives fu refunds on any unused tickets t those traveling between thursda and saturday. if your flight is delayed because of the hurricane, the dot recommends you ask the airline staff
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meals or a phone call. somee airlines charge very low fares do not provide any extra amenities to stranded passengers. the dot says contrary to popular belief, the airliness n owe customers any compensation for canceled or delayed flights that many do make some accommodation if you arere putt yourself in that position, go to your airline to look for the co advisor you will get specifics of what you are entitled to. c will also guilty as we watch the hurricane on the east coast. we have had a gorgeous day as
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with more details and a bit but first talk about our gorgeous weather we've got lots of sunshine looking at the time lapse stuff and burke lakefront is some cloud cover but not muc stuffn a few puffy clouds. will notice increasing clouds and through the night tonight somewhere in full. days will be changing, right no in the mid to upper 70s. patterson said drop back into the upper '60s0s and midnight 6. that is the mild temperatures that you will see for saturday. we reached 81 degrees, for
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fall brings changes in we will have those tonight the lorain 78 and hopkins 79. those friday night football games look great. will notice a big tumble into the upper 50s and low '60s which is low ae a fan of sunshine there will be a lot of it over the next eight days post up on storm fox we a trying to stopos there is a cold front that works its way throug the state then after that we will clear out by noontime tomorrow nothing but sunshine you will notice how cooler it i with 59 degrees chicago and we
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cleveland, we are try at the momentnt but we will be dealing with rain. the latest on hurricane matthew it has been downgraded to category twowot the eye wall i still off the coast, the counterclockwise motion of the hurricane it isis piling up the water the storm surge for georg in south carolina, they had to worry about that over the next 24 hours between seven and 9-foot storm surge as we had through the day tomorrow the showers and then sunshine by 9:00 o'clock.
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with lots of sunshine expected next week.. dive team found rubber city small corner store for the sick and tired easily the store owne is ready to get out of the business this videok is from t first pulled up the ripped out the atm had trouble to put it back into thir the people at the store say tha the king then again in put a gu to the owners had. the second time in six months and i am not comfortable to sta here any more. and think about getting out of here.
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there have been no arrests and it's not clear if these are the same robbers. wrote to the white house running through strongsville today wereohi mike pence were to sway voters as bill sheil has more on >> mike pence sought to draw a sharp contrast between donald trump as the candidate of chang in hillary clinton of the candidate of status quoc out that the election is a mont away. so honored to be back here and the buckeye state 32 days away from the great victory in ohio and across the united states. >> says that donald trump is an agent of change to shakeup washington inal good ways for working people said most people leave the country is not in the right direction insy he believes
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what hen sees as the failed policies of the obama administration. republican democrats and independents across america triumph or change,ri the partie nominated someone who is literallypa the personification of the failed establishment in washington dc. >> he understands the of ohio, the policy been close, it bears repeating that no republican ha ever won the white house withou carrying ohioio , bill sheil fox 8 news. is official, a local landmark is coming down. >> the best-known roller coaste from the old geauga lake, cedar they pose that has remained standing the roller coaster was built in 1925 and is the longes maintained ride, geauga lake became amusement park when the big dipper opened, but they decided to tear down because people have been abusing itt in dangerous ways to climb and tak
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to happen within the next coupl
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cryptogram settings some districts have banned clown costumes from halloween festivities, some of the real say it's not fair because
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battlements were better businesses jack shea has a loca story. 63-year-old bob ukovic has been a clown for the past 17 years known asas mr. bojangles it reasonably it had grown to 250 appearances per year. >> i get a joy to make people happy, to get away from the humdrum of the world and toeoto people enjoy time >> he says that they're concerned about a drop business along with the rise of social media of so-called clown and incidents. people dressed up as clowns frighten people and even commit crimes..
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key upstream says the hysteria is at the point.that many parents would like to hire himar at children's parties are asking not to wear his concusseh out of necessity, bojangles is replaced by his version of a toned down? >> says that the shame. >> ama, hard the clown is a very traditional thing. he says that instead of focusing on images ofof evil clowns, social media should promote images of those entertaining children and the
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know why we're getting a bad rap. i >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> he says that to stay in business he and other clowns are focusing on other talents like juggling or magic tricks and balloon sculpting. way to you see what
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then to kill number 14. is a 5-year-old child retriever, easy-going and you will notice isri fluffy tail that is always lanky appeared he has heart warm and life-saving medical treatment you can help you would be very grateful. kill number 15 is a ten -month-old boxer lab-mix. he is friendly and to play, once you
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running or walking partner he only knows some commands. kill number 32, 2-year-old supersweet hound dog is affectionate and great matters with a unique look. >> is sideways smile will melt your heart. number 39 is woodstock 2-year-old boxer max. is quickly becoming a shelter favorite is friendly and loves to take walks with volunteers. you will be hugged, he needs an energetic family to help the toer learn basic commands. foster dog daisy is a chihuahua dachshund mix
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she allows walks and gets along great with other dogs , she came to the shelter with a skin condition that requires some s treatment that is already feeling better. a big up michigan recovers after bizarre surgery. >> he had a stickr lost in his nose for six months rabbit leaking out of the woods his nose was bleeding he was then taken to the veterinarian, di th flashes nose and gave him some antibiotics then months later h was still acting strangely so they testede further and that's when i found the 5-inch stick >> look at the ct scan, this is an image of him on his side to follow this line that goes
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this round area, that's where the stick was in his left nasal cavity. >> he went home happy and healthy and a very relieved
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words of warning for evacuation crews the category two storm is make its way up the florida coastlinecrm packing strong lan. part of the state is still braced for impactct georgia in carolinas are preparing for what's to comei dianne gallagher reports.


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