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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 1, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> three down, one to go bad the cleveland indians will try to wrap up the world series tuesday night at progressive field against the chicago cubs. >> a win and lead teams title drought leading back to 1948. p.j. ziegler has more from progressive field. take after a late night in
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morning return to cleveland, the indians were back on the field monday night prepping for game six of the world series. josh tomlin will start game six for the indians. i think for me it's just about kind of understanding that game going into that. the game dictates what you do to serve as in certain situations. it's fairly quiet inside progressive field. perhaps the biggest game in franchise history for the cleveland indians, but on tuesday night this place could put dramatically different and feel dramatically different as the indians tried to close out the world series and intake on their first title since 1948. take a think everyone is excited. excited to be back home in front of her fans from our city, so i
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to visit for game six in game seven if necessary. it also marks the return of the designated hitter for the cubs it means we'll be back in the lineup. he gives them more balance it gives them some thunder, but you have to respect. the indians are 3-0 in the world series on the same night the cleveland cavaliers are in action. on tuesday the cavalierwi quicken loans arena. at progressive field, p.j. zigler, fox 8 nesvisky gave ready to get this done in speaking of the cast the team has me of tip off to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow in honor of the world series. thank you is packed, all eyes will be at progressive field ahead of the early start for the cleveland indians. >> a couple of very we were shivering there on tuesday and
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fox 8 meteorologist is standing by. on k, no thermals for us tomorrow. we're very excited about that. >> you know what we say to the colder tomorrow, well, he's already gone, but you're out. get out of here. here's why, because we've got a warm front moving through now. one friend can be fickle, they can be very active or not active. this would not active. it will come through the it will pretty much maintain our temperature where it's at. where in the sweet spot here tomorrow. this is tomorrow night at 9:00 o'clock and they will be playing by then. let's take a look at the forecast, the high of 74 degrees we will see a blend of clouds and sun. it will be a little on the breezy side. the wind out of the south southwest, so how does that figure into the ballpark?
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10-50 miles per hour. it gives you a little idea as to what the batters and let the players will pick up against in terms of wind that whether or not an issue. the cold air, it out. it out. he's a good umpire. by this time to my indians fans. he on the way to celebrating a world series vic downtown bars, restaurants and hotels are preparing for what we hope will be another big party. kevin freeman is life outside progressive field with more on the downtown excitement. we want a big victory celebration tomorrow night. >> right now it's pretty calm and quiet tonight. i can guarantee you that it will be anything, but calm and quiet this time tomorrow night. already the bars and restaurants are stocking up in the hotels
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>> as many people as we can fit in here. downtown in the warehouse district preparing for a fall has tuesday night. for the spect means fans to pass the bar as the team tries to clinch a world series victory. >> most people can find a seat. i have a feeling tomorrow if you don't have. dry fever has taken over downtown. people like this when he lives on east fourth street are stocking up as well. time when the cavaliers won, you would go out to even totally out of stock. no beer in the city. we are stocking from. most downtown hotels or are book solid and any are pricey. we found hotels charging over 200. he puts a downtown hotel room for $200 a night he said he called on to see her much it
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because of the world series, he says that same room was more than $600. an employee tells fox 8 that rooms at the metropolitan at the nine hotel on east ninth street are $219 monday night that price settles on tuesday. those rooms sold out. >> if you didn't see the cavaliers celebration, get ready for the indian celebration because it's going down. five fans expect a huge celebration if the indians win party bigger than the one down here four months ago. >> last year they want even playing at home. they have a group of people that actually saw them when life coming out on the streets. it's going to be crazy. everyone we talked to today believes this is going to take place tomorrow. this time tomorrow night we
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same level. i don't think our hearts could take again seven. >> stabler fox 8 is we continue the pursuit of the world series title. take you right up to game time and do not forget the only place she can watch the indians in concert is right here on fox 8. a look at some other news tonight a man and toddler were rushed to the hospital this evening after they we while riding in the car. it happens really before 5:00 p.m. on harvard avenue in the road. this is video of the damaged vehicle. investigators say the 19 -year-old man was shot in the chest the 19 month old girl was raised in the shoulder. both we're taken this off-line hospital before being flown to metrohealth medical center. their conditions have not yet been released. turning to politics hillary clinton making headlines and again is the justice department
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e-mail peggy after the fbi reopened its investigation just days before the election now, elizabeth parayko here with what the latest information. >> we haven't heard the end of hillary clinton and controversy surrounding e-mails. she is in the spotlight again after the fbi announced friday that the more e-mails possibly shedding new light on an old controversy. today she spoke to supporters at a rally at kent state. >> about of what this new e-mail story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence which is days to go. that is a good question. hillary clinton addressing supporters right here in ohio talking about the fbi's reopening of her e-mail investigation. the justice department securing the warrant to search a computer believed to contain the e-mails
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trump trying to capitalize on the investigation. >> i think they hit the mother lode. hillary is the one that broke the law over and over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. >> for those of you who are concerned personal e-mail, i understand. as i said, i'm not making excuses. i've said it was a mistake and i regret it. now they apparently want to look at e-mails one of my staffers and by all means, they should look at them. i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mail from the last year, there is no case here. new national polls showing a
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at how the fbi's reopening of their investigation into clinton and her e-mails affected voters and they found that six in ten voters say it makes no difference to them while three in ten sets and makes them less likely to back clinton. >> new here at 10:00 p.m. tonight. oh havenner gebre staying true to his words and not voting for the gop presidential nominee today. the governor wrote and john mccain instead of voting for donald trump. a spokesman said kasich voted a straight report and take it after that. and did not attend the republican national convention right here in cleveland. after the release of a 2005 audio tape showing to making sexually aggressive comments about women. asik announced in a statement he would not vote with the gop nominee. on this halloween night prepared to meet a man who's devoted his
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>> inside an exorcism and how the actual ritual there is what you on tv. talk about the sweet taste of victory. however, go ice cream company is hoping to calm the tribe
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>> it's kind of cool tonight after all, it is one night before we flip the calendar over to november hard to believe because october really was very it will be interesting to see what november brings as we get ready to welcome the new month. the first couple of days will be very nice. i don't think it's going to set the tone for the rest of the month, however, it's more important tomorrow for those heading out to the game because we go straight to the forecast for game six. 67 degrees, mild, dry, southwind
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only but nothing on radar at all. these temperatures are kind of holding steady now 47 degrees the coldest as ashtabula. right now 37 closer to the core of blair in the northeast, only in terms of temperature, but behold at 48. partly cloudy. reasonably even full. then for tomorrow a line of clouds and sunshine. breezy and warm. look at that, high 74 degrees how close to the record high is that for november 1? we will find out coming up a little later on. not suitable for children. mother is shocked after seeing graphic and sexual pictures in the book her son brought home from school. here is a look many can relate
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?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... the ex-wife of a georgia man according took the stand in his trial today. justin ross harris faces multiple counts of murder in 2014 death of strategy to -month-old son cooper.
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and just wanted the child out of the way. in her testimony harrises ex-wife says she offered him a divorce the offer was refused. >> i just very bluntly one night said you want a divorce, if you want a divorce, you can have it, i will give it to you if that's what you want. i believe his answer back to me was that the last thing i want. >> harris was addicted to porn and did not want anything to do with her son. jury members in the trial of two have started deliberations a jury deliberated just for a short time before being sent home after the attorneys wrapped up argument in the so-called bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly are used is scheming to tie up traffic on the george washington bridge in 2013 prosecutors allege that the
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christie's reelection bid earlier in 2013. in his latest attempt to get sexual assault accusations against him dropped. tomorrow a judge will hear arguments on several key issues in the case including whether a deposition or cause the admitted to dragging women he wanted to have sex that could be used in court. the judge also ruled that the prosecution can use accounts from 13 other cosby inc. users as trial is expected of 27 team. gas station is getting national attention. >> coming up its controversial sign many eyebrows. the world series is back in cleveland, wipe the end could
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tabs and monsters have their championships and the indians are one win away from theirs. you know what will happen and then we have the browns might not only are they struggling to find there they have problems with a game site instead of probably proclaiming this is the dog pound where really not sure
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it's gone viral on social media in seems to be at a, but the good news is in cleveland they say it's always the darkest before the dawn, so there is light ahead. the indians in the world series. >> fans may be getting a price break when it comes to game six tomorrow. laurie lori taylor has more. >> back at the well, it is gone. >> the 2016 world series owner of marx tickets and the dinah. game six will be a moneymaker to, but the shelflife on tuesday night tickets is considerably shorter gap in the game was never a certainty. that means he may be taking less
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expected to sell for 600, in game six. >> mark says anything in the lower levels is going for $5,000 last week might go for closer to 4,000 on tuesday. a small window for clients coming him from out of town. people making reservations to hotels are people taking their clients, good morning. we know it's for sure now. and yet, we're talking about the wait until you hear what a game in game six will likely closer to $7,000 the last night of the
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it's a perfect storm if you're in the ticket industry, they know it's valuable with without you. >> it's all about supply and demand, but again you can watch the game for free with us. >> considered to be one of the scariest moments of all time. >> real exorcisms are on the rise. tonight meet a man who's taken par theory as to why daemonic
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alyssa, what is going on? >> it's a little surprising. file that and at the you know category. it seems like common sense the words go tribe would be trademarked and by the cleveland indians. it's owned by a businessman in less like. you hear it at every cleveland indians game. however, the phrase go tribe is actually owned by this guy nick martello of westlake.
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1995. >> he says he was developing a product called paul reps at the time. i wonder if go tribe is available so we contacted the secretary of state in columbus and lo and behold it was available. i drove down that night cursing and 7:30 a.m. we went and we got the name go tribe. it's been his ever since. it's amazing it's probably the most widely known gnome tech name for a baseball team in the united states. history register go tribe every five years. he renewed his ownership this past january. >> it's so unique to have that opportunity to all something so widely known and used. >> do the indians have to pay martello every time they say go
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martello could go after them, but he never has. now, in addition to that he's also made t-shirtsut he's focused his business on natural enzyme cleaners. >> leo and i were thinking the same thing. every time we say go tribe you want to put it on a shirt. >> you'll be hearing from a lawyer. he's a nice guy.
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and he says is like that me get this straight, you've never gone after the indians and he said i'm a clevelander. i'm just brother using it. >> thank you, nic for being so gracious. we all know that parking prices will be outrageous for game six but what about public transportation. what rta will do with the final games of the world series and a possible victory. >> we're talking about lots of passengers. so that i team investigating will anything be different if the indians won it all and there is another parade? >> what can rta do differently to avoid some of the things we've seen. again, i've got to ask you with things you've seen.
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scenes from the gas parade and many fans told is this. >> i think they should have just >> we waited in line for hours this morning. he indians parade, but rta does not have more, so the transit agency says it's working on other changes that could help, more chains will run earlier and now writers can buy tickets ahead of time through smart phones. >> we suggest that people buy their tickets in advance. that will be a real benefits other not waiting in long lines. >> just the world series games
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hearing about rta surface simply after the watch parties are at the stadium the parties to watch the gateway gateway games on the big screens. for an rta train after a watch party. >> the problem is leaving at the same time. if there is an indians parade, some changes may help, but lance on having some of the the cavs prayed to. >> want to take a look at some other headlines on this wednesday at a local police has been suspended for about four weeks. mark wentz was placed on paid suspension due to reported conduct that he may have engaged
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however, city leaders have not yet said why. the supreme court has rejected an appeal from the ohio democratic party as well as advocates for the homeless to get more absentee and provisional ballots counted. the court blocked election rolls of wakeman police department issued a warning about some candy that was passed out of the some of the very suspicious. authorities urge everyone to check all candy before letting children eat it. kick or treaters out celebrating halloween in full force tonight this is in lakewood.
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very nice. >> about a very creative costumes there for trick-or-treating. here is andre with a look at the forecast period is going to get even better. even better than manet. i'm going to show you tonight, but before a shai the time lapse now let's advance into the afternoon hours with for a little about today's and some dogs as well. right at the tail end, there we go. what to anticipate tomorrow. it's actually more at the same except for one parameter shift
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to the east, area 39. also at ashtabula, mildest heir to the west and eventually that milder air will start to the will start to spin around at the south tomorrow morning and then southwest for the game tomorrow. blowing out to right field as we mentioned earlier tonight. notice what's happening, these temperatures 20 degrees warmer and places than it was compared to 24 hours ago. we are going to see that change tomorrow. not much of a file in temperatures. an uneventful night. a blend of clouds and sunshine.
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let's check on this record high temperatures for tomorrow. as they come in, we've got an 82. i don't think we'll hit that. if you places done here it will be close. we have upper 70s for coming up on wednesday, november 2. i think if appointed rake any records. a 75 then we dropped to 60 on thursday and this is absolutely made to order. >> not looking to break any orders. >> we'll remember that. can you believe it.
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for school? >> why this little girls halloween costume is getting so
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at tennessee that protons line is facing major backlash because of it. it started with one time with thinly veiled profanities at the store. it has garnered national attention and support, but also disapproval as of midnight on friday show corporate allegedly ended its corporate with the store according to the owners it's because they refused to take the sign down. home from school, she flipped through it and was shocked at what she found not only is naked, but sexual images in cyber to conduct of this globe was stunned when she was told it wasn't going to be taken out of the library. they have a couple of copies on the shelf. they told me very plainly that
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materials for the river crest forward to view a materials form. there is a process for challenging materials. >> lopez said she hopes the district is the right thing. superheroes ghosts and goblins to name a few, those are typical costumes you see on halloween. one little girl and it has moms everywhere laughing. seven -year-old lady perfectly summed up the day and the life of a mom her costume came complete with dark circles under her eyes a baby and our hands and another one crawling up her up on her shoulder. this photo has been shared more than 13,000 times on facebook. exorcisms are all too real. we have seen people lose it, lose their minds and be institutionalized. >> fear from a man has participated in the ritual where
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one of the scariest moments of all time. and now in the new dramatic series pet. >> an actual exorcist is showing spine and why he says possessions are dramatically increasing in the united states.
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>> shrouded in mystery, graphically depicted in hollywood. there's even dare say save the truth is far more terrifying. >> these creatures are not human. after centuries of silence the catholic church is revealing secrets from inside an exorcism. because demonic manifestations are on the rise. alone. >> a harrowing battle between good and evil that is beyond surreal. a little crazy exorcism skeptical? well so is he. with a masters degree for the diocese of pittsburgh.
1:48 am
over 100 solid exorcisms. >> it so far beyond this serial killer or murderer, they are where mentor percent. the woman raised on the farm at the high school education, the person was interrogated and improperly responded to all languages. >> as creepy as it also is, it's
1:49 am
proceeding, with specific rules and guidelines governed by god. by licensed physicians, then an interrogation process began. the demon will often say it's not relevant, i don't have to enter you. >> sessions last take to complete because i'm like the movie, it's never just one demon. >> its rights to a person it's like hell having a lease on the apartment but the apartment is your body. which happens in a number of ways from taking part in to
1:50 am
but adam says, the most common victims come from ghost hunting and spirit communication. you're telling out and test trust you from me about the spiritual world, which adam says they must repent before finally being freed. he never thoug to them. >> these demons don't care what our philosophy to heart and they don't care, so if it moves you to then i've know from experience the stuff is real. you can hear more of this harrowing and unbelievable experiences including what he
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retaliation. i want to know the answer to what is the key to winning the world series practice, patient and hopefully lots of ice cream. let's head back out to progressive field as the tribe
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what is the key to call me nervous before apparently, appears ice cream. the manager ordered for a dollars or before game five and now the ice cream maker is doing
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they tweeted out this message is afternoon to terry francona a world series ice cream cake packed and delivered, go tribe. it also included world series survival kit into fence for best results. second chance to bring on the teams first title since 1948. in return to cleveland with a pair of chances to win this title. manager terry francona he of the ct says home-field advantage is a big deal.
1:55 am
hi bullpen to him. that's a huge advantage. that's why so many good teas have that reference at home. >> the indians will hand the ball to josh tomlin. starting on short rest tomorrow. so far, two wins and 1.76 and run average does not get much better than that. game two against the cubs before turning it over to the bullpe >> i know it's a game six per
1:56 am
on the neutron which is bigger than most condominiums. lebron and the team plan to swing by progressive field later on to show their support. >> big-time. i'm excited for him. another i know the city is and i'm happy that in our game got moved up at my moving up for the world series at all. it will be an exciting time. >> wouldn't that be remarkable. what are your expense. three. great. it's going to be a phenomenal first day of november. the atypical. 74 degrees. a breezy and warm day. notice the wins, they will be pointing to the right field here
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the pitch tomorrow night, go tribe. obviously a predictive wind. >> that's all we have time for tonight at 10:00 p.m. thanks for being here. for more tribe culprit and plenty of that life from
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen, right now on our much daily fm here in new york... ? ? >> chris: this is the sound of pure evil. >> i will kill you. >> chris: california's most wanted serial killer. >> he put a knife right to my chest. >> chris: and evil maniac behind 12 murders and 45 rates, playing catch me if you can with cops. >> edits on the dash off the charts. >> chris: now, a crime writer's theory of session with the case. >> looks like me, doesn't it? >> chris: whence him on the list of possible subset. >> they thought i was the guy.


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