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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning cleveland and all of the northeast ohio it is aa tuesday morning. not just in ai tuesday morning a terrific tuesday morning. and it is the first day of november. want to thank you for joining us we are we're coming to you liveo the third-base line and all is well. and they use the restroom
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cubs overe here the indians over here.he out of the south temperatures now at 50 many locations low to middle 40sm 45 in canton generally 40s here i 53 and
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forecast our highlights breaks in the overcast look at the temperature in cincinnati it starts to slide further east eventually these winds pick up anticipating a big big warm up latera today. the record areas 82 and 1950 i don't think we will break that but certainly some powerful warmth herew gametime forecast will be upper die down and overall but overall good year for game sixx of the world series for let's get out and get this ball name calling. another 12 hours or so. looking at the roadways, wee are definitely busy coming up 71 and 77 normal delaysin with an accident 90 eastbound over adjuster chester that was
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got off the phone with someone police. six vehicles involved and that called for six tote truck's coming along for two to this morning. it is also a slw ride down that way as you come up the southern portion of 77 near grand heading into downtown cleveland as well. it is very slow out here on westbound from route 44 over an hour. once again, the o accidei is here. six guys are involved the road is open, but it is calling. back to you guys at the ballpark. >> heree we go, indians, here we go. the cleveland indians have their second chance to bring home the teamsnd first the titlt since 1948. >> it sounds wonderful. he
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playing baseball on the first day of november? >> we are live with more from the players and how much we're shivering here and that is okay because this is exciting game six. the players are back in town. they are going to try to win in front of their own fans, and wetwi are putting a lot of faith in pitcher josh tomlin. >> we have a chance of winning a world series, but you c don't cannot cannot have the mindset upn' and then it goes and gets e
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>> home-field advantage is the big deal. >> the biggest thing of all is when you are the home team, you hit last, sot easy to use it differently. that is a huge and that is why so many good teams a better records at home.
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they will be in the bleachers that is for sure. >> after game six tonight as we rally together with your cleveland indians >> let's go tribe's. . let's go tribe's kind of holding down the fortk recovering after getting shot in a car r shortly before
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a 19 -month-old girl no word on their conditions were in perfect and the arrests have been made we will be sure to keep you updated and a trial dateo is set for the murders of at least three women facing 23 charges in connectionrg holding another won they say it is also the third un the trial is set to begin november 6 of next year. >> a local police chief is been suspended for nearly a month. a letter saysr.lie the chief is pd on paid was placed on paid suspension due toi the rock scee at northfield men pictures that she is taking with visiting celebrities. they are not commenting on why the chief a is been suspended.y >> they went through an
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meeting with i them in the next week or so for the final decision. >> neither the chief for his attorney would return calls h. several say he is a hard-working officere and they i hope this investigation ends soon. ohio governor john k-6 staying true to his quoting voting for john mccain he says he voted as state straig ticket after that. he plans to endorse trump a after the primay and in and didhe not attend the republican national convention held here in cleveland. >> fans are scrambling to get get there ino the end scare but there is a new browns shirt pretty popular already. check
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and then we send things back down into the field with wayne and christie. >> we really dost want one of those shirts. giving it a thumbs up everything rightth no. >> you have got to have sometimes t when things get tou. preparing for a big win tonight and how it is changing how they prepareha for an indians world series victorydi straightahead. right now we checkt in with scott. it is beginning to warm up a little bitwi. >> a little bit the clouds are sending out a t little bit. and that is out in the snow belt. a
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chance of rain atda the end of e week we will have that and more in just a few minutes. >> thank you, scott. i am feeling heavenly because of theseot i amazing sisters that l give us design intervention it will be great. when i come back kicking it with kenny. stay
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>> good morning, everyone there is the game six of the m 2016 world series coming up tonight. we are going to start to share and some warmth as in some warmth as well. temperatures climbingnd and then looking back
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other history there in the last decade or so. and then the cloud covers thinning out temperatures startingnn to show improvement sitting 50-degree mark so there.o fifty in cleveland and there is the southwind with the gametime temperature i with the middle ad upper 60s not only here in northern ohio butdl all the way back from chicago kentucky west virginia tennessee. all bunch of warmth here.ia sliding further east. the winds will pick up with the push of warmth and gusts will be at 25 miles per hour still a really good looking day today with the forecast high around 75 the gametime temperature will die down a little bit winds will be out of the southwest which means they will beut going up to write and right-center during
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clouds develop late cold front comes in from that northth mid-seventies again make mark we we've hade ever two days and 75 late this year. getting into unchartered territory y three quarters of an inch beer. a rain from all across northern for all across northern ohio the eight day forecastor early thursday friday, saturday, sunday sunshine mid 50s by day upper 30s lower 40s and then we start to warm up middle to
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back in the middle and upper 60s we send it back to you guys at progressive. >> and then what they would be best for a parade? i say friday. with the indians, thes, kids are out of school it would be nice to have it on a saturday said they could so they could all go.scsc >> we don't want to do it on thursday i am glad we've got that taking care of i'm just sayingngi i looked a little log for the grass they are already out there cutting. just getting meutcu. >> here come the e-mails. i was just kidding. she didn't mean it. no really, step back. check it out they are already cutting the grass it smells delicious down here right here i at progressive field. >> he has no idea is on camera semi- getting ready for survey getting ready for the first pitchm fans will be cheering go
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we've been saying it too but did you knowwe that saying was stard and owned ?- it was not's owned by the indians it started by again out in westlake.b and we explain the whole thing. >> you hear it out every cleveland indians the game. however, the phrase go tribe is actually is from westlake. >> it is very interesting. it was back in 1995. >> he says he was developing a productn called cool wrap at the time. >> we were the first people with a silkscreen on itpe so we contacted the secretary of stae in columbus,, and lo andth behod it was available. so i drove down that at night. first thing at 730 in the morning went in
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>> it's been is ever since the remake it's a person. >> it's amazing probably the most widely knownsisi and histoc tag name that you have for baseball team in the united states. >> he has to reregister go tribes every five years in fact, he renewed his ownershipfi this past january. >> it is so you need to have that opportunity to own something so widely knownpp and widely used to.y >> so do the indians him every time they say go tribe? >> technically he could go after them, but he never has. he says he is a clevelander. after all, he has just proud they are using his phrase. >> it is the most exciting opportunity i have ever experience. i love it. we have the cavaliers, we have the monsters, now we're getting the
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>> i like it. let's go tribe. he also developed go tribe t-shirt but in the past 20 years these turned it into developing natural inside cleaners. he is auctioning off 80 percent ownership. >> when the series was in chicago the fans turned out hers in drones. >> with the money from the watch party's go? they've been giving it all to charity. several great causes right here in cleveland between 20 and 30,000 fans packing and to watch games 34 and five in chicago all that money raised will go to major league baseball charities including boys and girls club of cleveland they say they are so grateful for this wonderful
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they dedicated >> some of the proceeds to the cleveland indians charity. we of been working with the indianse more these 30 years. and that is over the history of our relationship. the three things they fund for keeping baseball alive in the city. and then the boys and girls clubs. >> the boys and girls clubs say it is still not clear out the money will be they will be receiving with 20 to 30,000 fans packedwi in the stands it is safe to say it's going to be a lot of money $5 each to get in. and for such a great cause. absolutely. we have donations to. >> we already know you are
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fox eight facebook page sharing this picture. it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. aho beautiful day down here at progressive field. coming up on fox eight news in the morning is divine intervention. oh yes he comes in the tribe are getting help of from women of faith coming at the local group of nuns betting it allca on our bos are coming up life. >> we love themem my pictures right now happening at progressive field as they are cutting the cost to make it look perfect for national news tonight. your cleveland indis we are talking about it when we
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[music playing] [music playing] i that's for sure. we ran't y ex the stadium. we've got to go up to the plaza to t do the interview. it keeps us warm. we sprinted back to. we saw.o we were warming up the dugout. in the dugout.g i used the bathroom. what do you think? it needs cleaning. be honest. welcome back to fox8 news in the morning they're getting
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tonight right here on fox eighte we do it better than anybody else. we're the only city the only city that's going to bee a champion twice in one year. so exciting. i will predicted. it will be great. sister juanita blessed the field.n real divine right rig that is good. now i feel better. didn't want to get too confident but when we have all of those nuns on our side. a tilted a little bit. all right high aj how are you? collective halos right now actually. lighting up the field even more so than the lights. here's a look at what's happening from out in geauga county. chester wentni and another gorgeous sunrise here inin cleveland this morning. 52 degrees at hopkins 48 akron canton. 53 at our state capital columbus. look at the warm air that is
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warmer than yesterday at this time. and 24 hours ago chicago mer tha almost two dozen degrees warmer and that is shifting in our direction. thehedi winds will continue to increase out of the south. pretty good breeze out there right now. 75 degreesot on seasonably warm today. gusty south winds eventually. 75-degree high and that will be followed byy quite a lovely night for baseball ata progressive field p if ou mild and h a south windsor a little bit breezy.d and scott's been telling you morning a right-center field i should sayr is going to have the wind blowing in that direction. and it looks like a very nice day tomorrow continued warm.rm breezy clouds will be late in the day. start to increase with a chance for rain on thursday. otherwise tuesday temperatures. mid- 50s as we had to friday and saturday.
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the 50s on into tuesday guys. we'll send it back your way. wayne stephanie y and kristi bai to you. bring on the toast is. don't let that fool you just yet. tonight is going to be we are all shivering right now. who thought we'd be playing baseball in november. november 1.nove game 6 is here.e first page 8:08. it could be the cleveland indians chance to take that world champion title right in tr front of their own fans.ig cleveland will be on fire tonight. jessica dill is live with more on how the players are feeling ahead of this big game. dllore good morning. we move thee camera this wayths technically not in my shoty sot anymore sorry about that. in exciting time here at progressive field.ressve it will be a blast. the players had a late night nh sunday and early morning monday morning but they are back herere and they seem to be okay seem t
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they're really excited to be back playingexci in front of the in front of their fans. they're looking to take the first title since 1948.lo they hit the field monday night to prep for today's game 6. tosh tomlin will start tonightti for cleveland. the good news?e the indians are 30 in games started by tomlin in the postseason.n.stte it also marks the return of the designated hitter, for the cubs that means kyle schwarber will be back in the lineup.p. t it gives them a little more balance some thunder they'll thl situation right in the middle which you have to respect. i think everyone is excited to be back home in front of our fro fans in our city i think we are looking forward to it and hopefully win the championship. game starts at 8:08 tonight which is always exciting the 8 cavaliers game is taking place right across here and then theet cavaliers players apparently will be over here at the gameae after.after. the game pushed up until 6:00.
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two options haven't decided yet haven't announced it yet but they say it will be very excited for that in this is really cool eddie is the last living member of the cleveland 1948 world series team. he will be here tonight.lworld 95 years old. he will be here at the stadium. pretty incredible imagine what he is doing right dot now to see this happening.ttyy great for him to throw out theo first pitch. that would be really neat. her or sister juanita shealy. bless all of them. they go through about 20.l thanks.nk all right. we are ready for a huge party p all of cleveland northeast ohio is.aa the indians have brought this thing home for a game 6.. that's right. downtown business are loving the extended season. it means big money for them. so exciting.
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stacey frey is taking a look at that part ofee this excitement here surrounding our cleveland indian's.ian' good mornings again stacey. goodai morning.g. just imagine this tonight nearly 40,000 fans inside progressive field..40 another 20 thousand next door at the q for the cavs.. and all the rest of the fans wh philip the restaurants downtown it will be mad chaos aroundoun here. the kind of chaos we love and beenhere accustomed to this yea. ticket pr about six to do to get standingg room only. if we go to a game seven it will be a double that. this is the bargain day for your tickets. check out the restaurants andnta bars trying to get themselves prepped as much as possible if they went through game seven they ran out of beer and liquor. they learn from experience note to do that in people who live got used to the drill as well.
8:38 am
when the cavs won, you would go out to, even the cvs, totally out of stock, no beer in theouto city, so we're stocking up for tomorrow.w. i'm chewing on my cough drop here.. this is getting me know voice. tickets very expensive average aboutiv $2000 to get inside the ballpark tonight if i goes to ag game seven they'll average about $4000 the most expensive in the indians game ever. 68 years been waiting to do this. no surprise there. if it goes to a game seven the most expensive tickets ever for a game sevenga the in any sport. i'll be home on my couch. waiting for the call to be down here at midnight. we're going to party in the studio at. we're going to party. bring the champagne. and a lot of ground to cover.
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we are pleased to have former tribe managere during the fox t eight news team during the world series. of course, fox8 is the exclusive home for game six of the world series. rally together, only on fox8. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. get with the program what wayne. is that what it is? coming upm whne it on the plaza this morning. what's up crime? good morninging. the tricks fore six now we have two cute dogss and tons of dog food. what does it have to do with a tribe win? we will explain that when we come back. kicking it with in t kenny and the cutest two dogs in the world. stay with us. cute the world.
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[music playing] [music playing] all right who let the dogs out. ou out. the president of backward pet food.od. congratulations on being hereeih because you came a long way to get here. aboutee you 100 miles. my goodness. okay. my g don't you just love live tv look at this. we've got a doge hasn't got ths many chris's since lastlast christmas when the whole family came over.. so sweet.
8:44 am
my gosh the sweetest thing on the planet. your makeup is you guys did something really really cool with a world series in the tribe. how is that working for you? why don't you tell us what you guys have been doing. we had one of our sales repslesr call in the morning of the firs game said i havefir a great idea for every run scored give 100 pounds to a shelter in chicago or shelter in cleveland were up to just about 1700 pounds going to be a lot more for cleveland tonight i think. i hope so. that is awesome. these are from cuyahoga county animal shelter and we've got folks here that brought them . this is francona. they are so cute. up for adoption they are up for adoption these guys are taking everything we brought home within plus more.a tell us about the shelter you
8:45 am
a. we certainlya do. we take in all strays cuyahoga county. c pierce two of them in fact. seven month old tomlin retriever mix thatr is francona a five -year-old boxer pit mix both of them looking for homes available for adoption. five months. all of the energy. and you guys are up to how many pounds now? about 1700 pounds. 1700 pounds. wewe could get a few more hundrd pounds tonight. i expect us to be well over a ton. tell us about your food. you order online or you special order? in independent pet stores only. no big-box order as online independent petent stores in your neighborhood all around town. several different clients. give us a rundown on what special about this pet food.fod family's business made in ohio
8:46 am
to fame it's how you cook itoot does allow the animal to get the most nutrition from the producti grain free to all life stages puppy lien senior. l they're healthy. that keeps them healthy. awesome. where are you watching the games game tonight? i goe watch from philadelphia. but i will be the loud guy. p for the win. if people want to donate to the shelter how can they do that?opw time that? always looking for volunteers to come and help walkl the dog's.d' we also accept donations. blankets food like the company here very generously donated to us. people. want to donate online to our best friends medical relief fund that can do that at m cuyahoga we have some pictures that wetht are showing of the dogs dressed up in halloween costumes i believe.cs all month of thevery dayy week social media team has put
8:47 am
we had them in sour grapes. we had been in a caterpillar. and of course we have all of our indians dogs c. go tribe. and how many have you received in the past four minutes clocks i can't count.a she had makeup on when she came here. it is gone now. g i want to thank you from the backwardonon dog food we really appreciate you coming out and donating all of the money you have. good luck on your trip tonight and uuhave get a dog kiss over . how is that working for you? i can't breathe. all right. we're going to go to wayne and kristi and we're going to get a wet nap to wipe her face becaus all of the dog kisses. dog k a rally towel. that's a lovable dog. very lovable.
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the morningng. from down here at progressive field we know who's going to win froat p. but a popular animated series may have actually predicted the winner of this world series matchup years ago.uall p we're checking in with the simpson family next. do you think it's homer? yes. and the girls.s. how in the weather looking forfr tonight's game? you need to know that. weto k need to know that because tonight's the big night we'll check in with a.j. colby when we come back. stay with us. n judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial.
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and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. ? ? lookin' out on the morning rain ? ? i used to feel so uninspired ? ? and when i knew i had to face another day ?
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now.degrees i 48 in akron. thet be concerned byby precipitation you see up north around saginaw and affecting lower peninsula of that weather system will stay theres if anything live to that north as a warm front goes through here today.toto let's have a look at the cloud radar forecast now. the forecast map starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning and goingem into the midnight hour. look at that. just a few clouds up there.upt pasty film of clouds from to time but otherwise partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. let's check it out. right now cskies. around the mit look at that surge of warmer air. working its way up to chicago. milwaukee temperatures into the 60s. that is the air which ist headig our way.o temperature change in just 24 hoursurur. 10 degrees in cleveland.d. almost a couple dozen degrees toward chicago.ard warmer than c okay.. our forecast here in cleveland
8:52 am
begin to really pick up out of the souththe 10 to 15 miles an hour. gusty at and the forecast fores game sixt progressive field. mild and dry south windsor and a temperature for first pitch of 67 degrees. of course if67 degrees. you're a down to progressive field youy can catch the game only on fox8 as has been the case throughout the series. another day in the mid- 70s aid0 few more clouds tomorrow otherwise a couple of gorgeous daysys and of courseotherwise a coup n telling you that it hasn't happened very many times since record-keeping where we have had two or three days in a rowh inin the mid- 70s like this. wet a bonus and what a blessing. rain reassembles for thursday.. 60 and the cold front sweeps through temperatures in the 50scowe on into the weekend and early next week. we the time change as well coming
8:53 am
all right we are going down to wayne stephanie and kristi back alive at progressive field. starting to warm up. kimberly wereprold using the wod toastyt for november 1. incredible. just doesn't get any better than that. mother nature knew we were in the national spotlight. ha curate they were using the world champions. i know. i'm getting ahead of myself. we still have a game. is exciting. and we have a wonderful year fantastic team and we applaud them.a big game tonightp but we'll send things backs into the studio at fox eight. natalie is getting us plugged ig this morning because we see todd right here on the sidelines.e thought over i take over his duties for a time and we've been doing this now for days and days. feels like forever. out thereou are saying a lot of the same thing will get to a couple of them here. oayi our facebook page everybody's talking about the indians
8:54 am
today is a good day to win it all, cleveland. the championship is one w away.y can't wait to do this folks.thi edwin also wrote into us saying our town our team our year.tea #216 #cler.r.e #believelanders. i was looking on our facebook page tuesday literally everybody issd saying go tribe. are were going to win this tonight we hadsaa kristi knows formerly he was rooting for us all the way from the farm this. police have wrote in get the goats ready send them to the cubs. someone watching from ohio we have people from all over the countrywaio tuning in on facebok alive tuning in on our website is watching us on tv. cheering for us florida. some from california all over the place everybody is zoned in on cleveland right now.t so excited to watch this game hopefully indians win
8:55 am
itd extremely exciting to be in the e city at this time and everybody else around the country a little bit jealous of us.. ou we have earned at. we have. it's about our time. that's all right.o etc. end and then it had the championship on it. that's right. thank you very much. you're welcome. this day has flown by. we are not done yet. f the simpsons are known to poke fun of anything and everything. the show has also trieddt simim predicting a lot of things like prediald trump presidency. and it may have also foreseen the outcome of this year's world series.d itmorese we're here at game six of the world series. at morl the highlight so far, a cloudd a shaped like a giraffe that floated by during the rain
8:56 am
the batter just called timeout again.n. this boredom is excruciating. fire the 'accelorray.' rodriguez pops it to right field, as some sort of accelorray bathes the stadium in an eerie green glow. who would have thunk it? it's still boring. faster.r.who whunk i but the fabric of the universe t self may shatter. good. win.d this was the opening scene, froc the simpsons treehouse of horron 16 episode, back in 2005. so you heard it here the cubsths will win, only if the fabric of the universe shatters. i don't think that's happening.. first pitch for game six tonight, is at 8:08. pith fo right here at progressive fielde stay with us lots more fun planned from down here at.. progressive field ahead of gameo
8:57 am
todd joining us in moments. stay tuned for that. come on. calling all bowlers it's time for the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity ball is on at the game of west linn saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m. dry members of the fox8 family for a fun filled event..dry m designed to support the dawson foundation which provides college scholarships empowerment programs and gloves for local students. for more information there's a link at re
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[music playing] one win away. that's all we got left. that's already good morning. got left.thot welcome to fox eight news at 9:00 a.m. i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer. come to we have a lot to talk about just about 11 hours away from thero first pitch of game six down to game six the world series.gam see how the indians are preparing what they did yesterday with their families and howwy it's all going down shaping up to be another wonderful day here in clevelandp how about this. world series food. are you ready? see what's being served at progressive field to help cheere on the team. plus i'm hoping this is ever been done maybe in the history of tv.r groundbreaking to do stuff.


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