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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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you're looking for us i can entire at entire coming down with something. >> i will be the professional one and show up to work tomorrow on here for everybodyy traffic and weather and sports. all right. temperatures fell into the low 30s we have 29 the coldest spot 32 in willoughby now up to 35 windsgh are picking up slighy with a slight southwesterly frontly you should be about 50 y noon. the front seems to be weaker and weaker here as the warmth is dominant now only 11 days of temperatures more than a
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looking at the records, that is never happened before. the warmest fall on recordsha the wk front comes in tomorrow with a couple of showers and thatat is about it. and we could it 60s. patty is up next. >> good morning. unfortunately we havee had a tough commute coming up 77 northbound a couple of problems with the stalled bus and that is causing for delays before you can even get to that, you love our time getting through this. the turnpike as an accident in the left lane is blocked. we also have this water main break over in independents there are businesses over there. you can get to those businesses be professional. s go to work. >> this is for 90 approaching 77 77 northbound just north of
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left-hand lane going up with the single file line. almost 30 minutes on 77 another 17 minutes a 12 minute ride it is 8:02 a.m the presidentm. elect heads to e invited him to meet at the office scheduled for 11:00 o'clock this morning. more on that and the fallout from the election results. >> some activity overnight. trump meets with president obama in the overalll take into the streets not only here inre cleveland but all across the
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>> demonstrators protested protesting into the nightt witha victory that shock the world similar protests took place in cities across the nation from philadelphia to oregon andth ono the west coast and los angeles. others walking the highway. in new york, as many as 5,000 gathered outside trump tower in manhattan while in the nation's capital anti- trump chancet through the street here in cleveland a small group makes america it again not my president. some a are calling hillary to challenge the deluxe it election >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to read. >> weeo are all now voting for success and uniting and leading the country. >> the team which is been the meeting for monthss now
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with the list of candidates. new jersey governor chris christie is leading the effort he, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani all considerede, candidates witn the cabinet. >> at expect there will be some unexpected names as well.i >> yes. he has promised to change things up so we should not expect anything less. >> be sure to keep it right here for continuing coverage of donald trump is our nation's 45th president. >> in the meantime lakewood police in cleveland fbi searching now for 24 -year-old missing woman he was also a mother-y they say she vanished last month. s >> good morning. good morning, everyone. yes, this hard-working motherg, has just disappeared police say they are trying to figure out what happened they are asking for any one to help. they are not now
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anybody has leads to find her police are looking for the 24 -year-old who has been missing since october 17. the mother of a three -year-oldd 5 feet 4 inches tall 5 about 132 pounds she has a tattoo on her left hand and wrist she has recently been divorced her ex-husband has recently somethingch but not in her disappearance. people said this is not like current. >> we really don't have any good information where she might be at this. we need to find her. that is why we are reaching out across the systems to try to get her located and bring her back. >> she works at the aladdin's a restaurant and lakewood or coworkers say they knew something was wrong as soon as she didth not show up to work. e
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the next half-hour. u >> up pregnant cleveland woman is being treated after being shot in the ad. head. police say happeneds tuesday night she was rushed to the hospital but her condition is not been released. she was seen running from the scene. >> general motors scaling back at work force s including third shift suspeio countyud plant. the gm says car saless are down as more people shift to suvs and trucks. the shirt the third shifts stoppers will affect more than 1200 workers doing the same at and michigan plantmo0 where the camo is made the last day for the third shift will be january 23. >> today the rock 'n roll hall of fame a million dollar plan o improve the front interest area
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concert concert stage about speakers than your outdoor spaces designed to accommodate about 3,000 peoplele and it begs at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> the reigning nba championship team, and today or cleveland cavaliers will be honored at the white house. >> such an exciting day today, lebron and company visiting with president obama onsi the same dy president elect donald trump will be checking out his new digsec. >> washington dc. wayne, we were just talking we are wearing our orange and brown.,re >> that is right. that is interesting. you are looking at a live shot of the white house i will say one thing can i make just one observation washington has to be the most fit city in the nationo because there are so many joggers and bike riders all around here this morning, but it
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the white house resident you locked up trump is coming in the kings of the nba. your cleveland cavaliers. o >> you can forget the last game ofe the nba championship with te golden state warriors. a game and series the cavaliers were not three games to one. one of the city's first championships in 52 years. and then at the parade. 1.3 million fans. a giant lovefest in downtown cleveland. the city coming togetherr like never before. then, just a few weeks ago, the raising of the championshipth banner. today, e team will personally be
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of the united states. not the first time he has reached out to the team. i look forward to seeing the end you are pretty young i have a tough job ahead of me. >> you've got to stay in shapeea and 39 you're going to play. thank you, mr. president. >> just have them put on a shirt though. i definitely well. i
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know for sure a little thing called the dress codea it will b a great great day for the cavaliers and all of our fans d is a big day for the cavaliers and lebron it never gets old this is his third time looking forward to it. coacho lewis never been hereac and he is bringing his mom by the way as cancer, so it is a big day for
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also invited deli to economies upcoming event because he has a game a game tonight. becauseca they were not here last year won't be on stage with the president. i'm sure he will be in the front row he will still be here to experience it just the same. just a wonderful day here in our nation's capital and and a great day for your cleveland cavaliers. >> the voice of the cavaliers will be there till. bask in it. just a great day to convert. >> absolutely. eleven minutes after e 8:00 o'clock is your tie on this friday eve. still ahead ?- raging wildfires. >> and i now evacuations are underway we have the latest. >> and successfully separated weeksks after their life-changig surgeries, we are getting an
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>> plus, clear skies with frost this morningfr temperatures climbing with sunshine and high cloudsrn middle and upper 50s with spots it to make a run. we will talk about that in just a few minutes.s. >> we are in your own town of hudson, ohio. showing you guys some really cool things. there is a light back, a southern kitchen right here in hudson. kicking it with
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good morning, everyone a nice morning it was called and we had some frost, but everything is improving now. still widespread middle to upper 30s here. here is thes high cloud cover from the northwest the winds will northwest the winds will shift later todayom coming out f the southwest and when that happens we will see a
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in the temperature yesterday is true to fall after sundown much quickerte we look now at dc whee wayne is live. here is the 40 here in cleveland with a high clouds in theh front. the temperatures comparing them to yesterday showingm some warmth compared to the normal eye this translates into t translate with the southwest went to highs approaching 60tr about 55 ?- 60 the next front comes in tomorrot with part of the last week seems to be weakening which is always a good thingak heading into the weekend. $55.60 today a little warmer the breeze kicks inn we will have more of the west wind watch the cloud deck with a few of these showers predawn tomorrow morning this is rain and not snow. it will be cold enough for that. any chance of af shower will be small. a high aroundwi 45 really. no major
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with limited moisture if any changeover occurs it will just be a few flurries. there are at the highs as it starts to work out shutting everything down into the weekend with temperatures saturday behind the front will be in the high 40s with the widespread 50s taking isd the most of next week. sunday, 55 well in the middle 60s chance of a shower on tuesday of next week and now i think i better an of this system it will be a huge storm system and that middle of the country wheremi we see rain and maybe thunder that coming weekend. we will see what happens. quite a ways out. >> breaking right now ?- one of the two officers shot in pennsylvania overnight us died. it happened around 3:00 a.m. about 20 miles southwest of pittsburgh. the officers were
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situation. one officer taken to a nearby officer by ambulance wherebu he later died. the othr phone to a hospital in pittsburgh. his condition is unknown at this time police are actively searching for the gun man stay tuned to fox eight on air and online for the very latest. >> chilly new details in the investigation of the south carolina serial killer. the corners is two bodies found on his property where a couple who hadpl been buried there f a a year. last week, 30s searching the area found a woman alive insidea the green metal container there. investigators believe there are no remainse we will also have a deputy guarding that but as first anybody process unless it is something
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of seven murders. >> going indoors following a massive i fire with the former steel plant we showed you yesterday it was breaking this is news as the roof collapseday and firefighters are trying to put outrs the flames. fortunately, no one was inside. that is the shocking a very good news in all of this the fire burnedod more than 12 hours history it happened w in the evacuation snow e taking place inside the carolina martin county as nearly
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the drought has been drop has been blamed for the fireses they were born joined at the top of their heads the 13 -month-old twins h underwent a 27 our surgy last month to be separate. they are now breathing on their own and the dr. able to leave the hospital for the rehabilitation center in just a few weeks good news. big brother. time right now is 8:1d that is coming up later this
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donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrinesstituti the peaceful tr of power. and we don't just respect that we cherish it.ane chr as for that transition, it'sitii something governor chris christie has been heading up for months. trump is expected to reward those who stood by him christie, rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. but according to politico, this transition team has a mandate to hire from the private sector whenever possible so someone like cofounder of lucas oil forrest lucas could be a contender for interior ,ecretary. lianingricdaa om or goldman sachs veteran as treasury secretary. stacey frey for us live in the newsroom. thank you. all right we want to remind youu to keep it right here fort h continuing coverage of the election of donald trump as our nagofn's 45th president.ere you can also find constantso updates at
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a reward is being offered tog o anyone who can help find aeran h missing lakewood woman.el the 24 year old mom vanished last month. her coworkers family absolutely sick about this. jessica dill is live at the lakewood police department with what we know so far. utybouthihijes the details police are giving us what to look for. just. good morning everybody. puzzling police officers has asa lot of people here in lakewood worried.. the fbi is now even involved in this search.wono ismother of a 3 year old has just disappeared. they don't know where she went and they don't know if she walked away somewhere went away or if she was injured.d. ured 24 year old roaa aldhannoon has been missing since october 17.1. her ex-husband was arrested in an unrelated charged but has not been charged with her disappearance. b she is 5 foot 4 inches and abouh 132 pounds.s she has a tattoo on her left
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she was last seen at herast see apartment on edgewater drive in lakewood. she worked at alladdin's restaurant. her coworkers say they knew right away something was nott right when she didn't show up for work. she has a very big heart, a aser heart of gold. cowoght aywas she loved life she was always very happy, she loved her son, a she loved everybody she workedrs with and she would always comeus to work when we asked her. she would do anything for anyone very uncharacteristic of her. police are also looking into the possibility she's in the detroit area. they are following we say theysh don't know if she walked away o injured. everybody was saying she inj be the kind of person to disappear without herk three -year-old child. fortunately the child is okay and in a ch safe place right no. good to know. thank you jessica. all right. president elect donald trump is not the only visitor president obama will welcome to the white house today. hal rgt ec isisitor ampionship cleveland cavaliers are headed
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meeting and ceremony today. and our wayne dawson is in dc with more on today's celebration.n.andawson highway and.hwa good morning guys. how arey you guys doing today.ay big day here the nation's capital. 's ti big day at the white house cleveland da cavaliers their meeting with perhaps the nation's number one basketball fan presidentavth a barack obam. and the cavaliers really wanted to get here to meet barack obama before he left officeet in janui xt basketball fan. they'll be able to do that todah theat meeting scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. they're really here to take care of nba they will play the washington wizardsof nba a at 7:00 tomorrow night. but before thatt a meeting with the president of the united states. pre a big deal for me because able to take my teammates. something that we accomplish. winning the nba championship nba comes with its ha perks one of a huge parade through downtown
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o'brien trophy h and raising the cavaliers championship banner. what lebron is talking about is meeting the president of the united states. i've had a couple run in thin a good way with president obama. it's always good to see ao e familiar face but need to be able to bring along my teammates that's what means more to me thann everything. coach echoes lebron's comments tol him it's the crowning moment and great achievement for the team to win a championshiph havh them into the white house and get a chance to see presidentdet obama in the white house and enjoy that moment and something they worked so hard for last yearoy e following year get a ce to experience it. happy to be a part of it. to e happy to be a part of it indeed. coach had a chance to come here back in 2002. he won the championship with los
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playing with washington wizards at the time they said come onido down we want you to be included he said that's okay i'm good. he said he regrets that to this very day that's why he's looking forwardhe rve to being here tody meeting president barack obamam he's bringing his mother a big fan of the like i said before lebron has been here twice beforere miami heat this is his third time. james jones has been here twice chrisrd also miami has been hereha once before. befre. the rest of the guys this is asa being in the white house anduse meeting the president of the united states being able to shake his hand talk basketball and as you know by now when you come here to the white house to be honored by the theh presidet tore come bearing gifts that's whatng cavaliers will do. probably give him a jersey with obama 44 in the back something like that..o. all of that kicking off about 2:00 this afternoon. yours truly will be there to try to get a front row seat i'll see what i can do.
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you are who from where clocks comem wher on. they know you and love you. that isy awesome. take advantage of every moment we know you'll be snapping pictures ofem on your phone ann posting those. we can't wait to see all ofse that.ethat. haven't taken one picture got to get busy.y.have what's wrong with you. at least one selfie.g get moving on that. i will let him take a picture of me. thank you wayne. time right now is 8:39. coming up through the holiday season. yes. stay tuned for a look at amazon's black friday deals site including the gifts you can score wayayeaea mazsite all right. plus starbucks is bringing the pllidays back. stay tuned for a sneak peek ate the designs your cup of joe will be filled up in.pethe desi be noisy. be silent.
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welcome back. the holiday season is underway at amazon. i wrapped a few presents. i'm gladp you got hours. euros are already wrapped ready
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it launches its black friday deals ch the earliest i have ever wrapped. i promise. don't know what it was with meh yesterday it felt like christmas. the site will feature new deals every day sometimes as often as every five minutes until december 22nd. some deals already available include $20 off an amazon kindle e-reader and up to 70 percent off some coats and jackets. the website is also advertisings oecberlrea aff an upcoming deals section that features countdowns to savings for amazon prime members. speaking of christmas and holidays.hol starbucks is rolling out a new line of holiday cups without last year, the company's cups c caused an uproar, because theyon were just the color red. critics accused the chain of being part of the war on christmas. this year's cups were designed by customers who uploaded pictures of their designs onnf h c of theirast year.e warr'sp starbucks has released holiday cups every year since 1997. next year the 20th anniversary. l riright. facebook is trying to lure back snapchat users with a similar service that uses less data. the new flash app features
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of course the popular face distorting masks. it's also less than 25 megabytes in size.lso les facebook hopes this lights lh version that doesn't hog as mucm data or phone storage as snapchat will lure some users away.snapch facebook just launched flash in brazil but hasn't said yet where else it might offer the app. there you go. if you're interested to. check in with kenny crumpton. beautifulere i kenny. good morning you guys. okay.. jumped in the car across town coolestoke thing in the world.d. it called gwendolyn elizabeth andd i have quindlen elizabethud with e me right here now. now good morning. how are you? good. sophomore and you have your own store. this is insane. soanae. someone wants to show youshow have bath bombs here is that tat right?gh
8:45 am
make in the store. yes. how cool is that. follow me you started basically in your kitchen and you saidyo m dad i want to do a little project i want to start w come this way. i want to start my own soap bath body line and and looked into this big store. people thisnd is all soap. is that right?at righ yes.t? talk to us about this. cheesecakes we started to like make ourselves like hand whipped andd we turned it into like frostingg and we made that. and dollsover here like and completely soap. if you have a friend who is having a birthdayyi you can have them have the name and enright an rate a little bit about themt that is soap that is amazing. another area of the store come come over here.ver and over here this is a really unique them talk to us about the a
8:46 am
pretty much how you started.tty let's start with some of these. these are cupcakes that we also and whip like the make sure the soap to make itp a look like food. over here pretty much how you started when you were all m thee way back in your kitchen back in the day.y. explain what we see here. these are all the soaps we first startedthe the first thing we m. this was like the first thing i made it named after me. thi awesome. very good. andd ash soap that you guys put together. the ash soapthou is supposed tp with acne and eczema. ands help good for your skin. excellent.s. okay. will pop out here so much. come on. come on gwendolyn such a huge store. this is your mom.s y how are you? good. good morning. gwendolyn you make all of the stuff here.ak dostuff you guys have likeha get-togethers people can make
8:47 am
shampoo? you can have birthday parties or we had onethda person had a bachelorette party here.y make soap or lotion or perfume. everything. this looks like great food but paul of the things we see here are actually soap. yes. so cool. mom could you grab one of those tell us about these roses. c dot roses you can take one offnf and put it in the bath and it's likead having a rose beth except it's soap it's more like r i dot know. rose petal bath who doesn't want that. gwendolyn i have to tell you i'm impressed i did '' a lemonade stand and you have your own store st where your make and there's tr another room we don't have timee to take you guys and. awesome. well done. e youuys what a cool store. we want and it rose petal bath. i thinke i need to start doing more with my life after i am watching this.
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congrats to her.he. what a great idea. great gift idea. like that little dolls. darling. time right now isls. 8:48. in case you are wondering. still to come it's a great farm to table idea for your holiday buffet.still to tae roasting brussels sprouts rightt on the stalk isn't as hard as you think. my friends. our friends from whole foods are here to show us the way coming up in today's recipe box. friene how pretty. first i want to say hello to mister goddard and congratulate him on his retirement and almost 50 years of servicegor at channl eight. but most importantly ian want to thank him. thank him for his service that he has provided not only to hisy employer at t channel eight buto the cleveland when he did things he always promoted cleveland. always promoted cleveland in a good light c around advocacy for
8:49 am
that woolly bear all of these things to t o the point that hed a street named after him south marginal a portion of that street named after him. and recognition of his dedication and commitment to the city. again congratulations mister goddard and thank you for being who you are.oowh so sweet.u the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is on.n to di keep watching fox 8 news all month long as we celebrate the
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katherine horvath, chef whole foods rocky river is here to show us that plus a short cut to those mashed potatoes. got to cut time in half this is my segment. tell all of this in my trunk. that's what we're here for at whole foods marketet is trying to make it easier for you to you know have your table all set ad spend more time with your family.r lan give us an idea of what you can get. sure. premade.yu we have quite a few different sidea dishes. three different stuffings. we have corn pudding we also have maple suite s mashed potatoes which i'm going to demonstratema savory and sweet one. we s also have a vent ready turr which is absolutely amazing all you have to do is pop this in the oven.
8:53 am
herb butter from the bakery and sachet of rosemary thyme and sage. i saw her out in the garage aree where they prep the table and she pulled out thisaere bags of things already done. the gods are already out that's fantastic because i can't even after i do i'm just not.t. understandable.ersta this isnda all ready to go. you r just pick it up make your reservation call our holiday table and you are good to go.d co something that could beo a total showstopper for your thanksgivinga your spread. don't think people know brussels sprouts are onn a. right. that's why i want to feature these come in about once a year. this is like $5 a stock howock h amazing is that. tat look at how many brussels you get and like i said this is
8:54 am
your spread. thanksgiving spread. theeyour. center of the table. that's what i'm saying everybody can pull off on them. the way i did them i roasted them and w what i did was i took lime leaves. you get that that's interesting man.n.ou place these sporadically through your brusselss . also i chose herb which has wha is that? in herbt a litte but it also has like a green apple taste to it.h i know. that's nice to bring to the thanksgiving table as well. so than anything coated with this. okay. and then athico what i find is e convenient isha the olive oil spray.t spray that down. code it evenly. okay. turn it. and again . od and then salt and
8:55 am
and here is the thing you want to cover it with the foil. you want to kind of leave it a little open. but you want those herbs and everything to roastou to saturad those.t and sell. that's the finished product. what i also do with this is i finished it with aso great must. it sweeter. it like this is t this includesiirs the stem seedd scans. s okay. it is sweet it's just a nice little complement. and thenitst a my favorite part which gives it a great little pop is the pomegranate seed. beautiful. which you can purchase at whole foods market. okay before we run out of timee explain how you did then mash potatoes. okay real quick i did to different ways.
8:56 am
for you you either pop them in the oven do them on the stovetp whatever is easiest for you. the sweet i took an apple quinoa a little different from your f peak cons or things like that.rm cover however much you want. and i also mader a honey roasted peanut butter a clotted cream. that's a mouthful tuesday.ue you can try our in-house ground you can grind it fresh ready to go. peanut butter and i tookesr clod cream. you want to top it with that. okay. and then alsoith i finished it h some. what are you doing? i was going to pack it up and take it home with me.itm so than for the savory real
8:57 am
okay. then i did a smoked pumpkin seed. yum. and then i topped it with our spicy micro greens has like a mustarditicrogree flavor. we got a lot to eat today folks. thank you for coming in will have all of these recipes on our and ourndx8.comor cm pinterest page.
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all right. be the 8th caller ater at 216-578-0888 right now to win nt two tickets to the 7:30 show on tuesday november 15th.s again that number isday no
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finding neverland dot conner don palace theatre. all right. luck that's it forpa the 8:00 s right now.t all right. thank you so much. waiting for that music. the animation. good ic. morning on this thursd. we are doing it ourselves. how are you doing. i'my todd meany. m happy friday eve we like to call it around here i'm stefani schaefer thank you for being with us today.o fo we have promises and prott today for president-elect donald trumpp the latest as he gets ready to head to the white house.hea only person going to the white house a lot of people from cleveland will be there.e. cleveland cavaliers and wayneyn dawson will join us live in a couple minutes with how the team will be honored by president obama. very big day.y.willbe cleveland browns are hoping to get there first win of the nd bro tonight. big game tonight. thursday night we are wearing


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