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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the problem is that they took two thirds of ou firefighting equipment and ems capability without trick-or-treating. >> brook park mayor's as a lieutenant supervising the shif is suspended with pay as the chief looks into what happened >> i can think of no compelling reasonon that an officer in cha of the shift would take them ou of the job to protect the peopl on a trick or treat expedition, the took out a truck and other they pass out candy, they say that they were still ready to respond to calls in factha, the even did respond to the call with an ambulance drain trick-or-treating. union leaders already promising to fight any discipline. >> they're able to multitask an performr cued to service the same time that they are on duty to stand by for an emergency. every year and brook park, the kids protested city hall to get, extra half hour to trick
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they could have given a candy at the firehouse, they could've asked to usea apparatus that wasn't a use on their own time to do such a thing . some pair still do not get the uproarar. i guess an average person like me i would not even think twice about firefighters get in trouble for something like that. >> the firefighters wander , could this internal investigation be blamed on bad blood between the union and c the mayor says no. though he does say the union an the city are involved inin negotiations, we will follow through to see what comes out o this. what if anything could come from this? >> we do not get a clear answer the mayor said that anything that comest through as discipline would come to his desk, union saysme that they would buy any
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suspected shoplifter ends up in a tussle with police in a parking lot andds an officer is almost hit by a car is weapons or drawn in the whole thing caught on camera coheres dave nethersrs. >> the video shows the canton police officer struggling with mant in the walmart parking lo they say that 49-year-old troy garden in front of the officer trying to prevent him from arres the gentleman exited the car on the passenger side grab in the officered then began to struggle with this individual and that is when the video starts upo >> it was shot by brandon schneider says that when he saw someone confront an officer he wants to make sure that people could see what was happeningn. >> to this double time about
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and you know he was trying to fight a cop so i thought that this could get ugly.. >> the officer, bill pierson is seen ordered the driver to stop. but the car keeps backing up. >> he would have been hit. at that point., i think that th officer showed great restraint. that i would eventually takes off with no shots fired, all th while, it is being recorded. >> i think that he should restraint.
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the q. shoplifter and the driver and gordon on multiple serious charges. started off a relatively minor crime and escalated very quickly turn into a critical incident within seconds. dave nethers fox 8 news. >> is not clear what the q. shoplifter may have been trying to steal but tonight they say the shoplifting is the least of the concerns.y tremont neighborhood, with two egalitarian with the details. two people robbed at gunpoint in 2:00 p.m. neitherop were injured but both pretty shaken up. the street and the cleveland. >> area is normally peaceful with a change monday when two people were robbed at gunpoint. >> a man told police he was working at a home on west fifth
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moments later another 911 call came fro the same street. victor says that she came here monday and moments after she got out of her car , two teenagers took her phone, person and computer case. this aspects also trying to steal her car,, but they ended crashing into a parked car , the two suspects ran off on foot , neighbors in this area say that they are shocked. >> i was really surprised at first, i didn't realize, and just ran downstairs. they say that about a year or
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living here watch out for each other many have security systems , and will review those to see if the have video of the monday robberiese. it is unfortunate but this is such a quiet neighborhood in such a tight knit community and we love to live here and we hav beenni able to keep it very saf, incidents happen, but hopefully we willll keep a good trac record. neighbors were thankful that there was a quick police responsese , within about five minutes after calling 911,w the place are still looking for the suspects if you have any information contact the police . they said they're going to review neighborhood surveillanc cameras to see if there is any
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sent to the police. 19-year-old man sentenced to death for his role in the murde of kent stage student-y latte graham is one of three accused of killing 18-year-oldl nicholas massa, during a home invasion at his apartment in kent back in februaryri the other two suspects will be in court tomorrow. >> seven have been indicted for a violent vandalism spree in juneneve, damaging rta bus shel both in the city in the suburbs the cuyahoga county prosecutor said they also do damage in several businesses, the show that they useer slingshot and marbles and also frozen meatballs.. westlake police are looking for the vandals who shattered doors and windows, of car windshields and businesses causing $8,000 damage , that was just on sunday. one driver was hit while driving, and he was not seriously injured, he saw two
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car. the police are pretty sure that they're using slingshots showin a thing all the westlake police. police memo.arrest two teenagers accused of vandalism across the city as matt wright explains the way that the linke them to the crimes. madonna's historic town hall in engine house, on the city square turned a target of teenage vandals. >> it w of damage. >> cleanup underway after a pai of 14 -year-olds broken causing $2,000 damage. pete was thrown onto walls ands drains applied, this 200-year-old empty glare was wracked.2 >> interface and some serious charges. pleasese rest of the teenagers had put on a shopping center
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climb the building and found him in office, they had been casing and future hit. >> that go to these c businesse and check them out ahead of time to see what they were going to do. >> they were linked to the firehouse through their shoe printso . >> renotice those shoe prints and questioned them and they confessed. >> they also admitted to two ot candle company and at the firehouset, there is relief tha they do not get into a downstairs museum li there are replaceable items that would've been lost. >> a silver mining permit the splatter of red paint,t, matt wright fox 8 news. the sailor tied to the fourth case of vandalism at a city own storage barn in april, each
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of breaking and as well as trespassing and vandalism the police say there's no motive. >> a fire guts and poultry barn an egg farm in anderson county, jack shea reports 20,000 chickens and 80,000 eggs were destroyed.. the mennonite farmer owns this chicken and egg farm in ashland countych montville township notice smoke from the large bar
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>> there's too much smoke for humans to enter. this will kill the birds it would havet killed humans. >> it was automated for maximum production, the family believes that an electrical problem is t blame. the owner was plenty to say of the chickens to market, and replace with the fresh flock. >> the verge productivity, is limited , as the productivity wears out, they do not produce as much and the do not produce eggs and there is no future , no economic sense to continue feeding them of their no longer producing eggs. >> it was luck insuredof by commercial company but the full resources of the mennonite
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that will reveal the bar. >> when i farmer spent the day cleaning upay the barn and will not assist in constructionon. we believe that god has purpose for things to happen, did not cause it but is allowed to happen so we will accept tha and move forward.. jack shea fox 8 news. >> damages estimated atat $3,00, they maintained that the exact cause is still undetermined, everything inside was consumed. india legend phil jackson creek in a war of words with hi poor choice of words describing his associates of cavaliers lebron jamesli today today lebr james shop vac at the nba champion coach is john telich joins usa. >> phil jackson called lebron james lrmr team a posse and said
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the bra my special treatment and needs things his waya . jackson made those comments about in interview on his management style, he called lebron james decision to leave miami a slap in the face for pa rileyy lebron james and his tea took issue especially his business manager maverick carte says that a definition of the word possese with an armed group of men.a today, lebron james e-cot the sentiments, says hey, feels tha his team is earned and deserves . certain level of respect we see the success that we have, then there is always someone to let you know how still how far we have to go in america.r i just don't believe that phil jackson believes that term if h did business with someone else,
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working with another team or with anybody sports that was no andrew marcum and had a group o guys that he did not agree with thema i don't think he would c them a posse . >> lebron james says he has had zero relationship with jackson said that he coached his favorite player michael jordan, he says that his associates wor very hard to try to make himsel available to counsel them selve of both court issues . i think that he was hurt by this,, that he made that kind of reference about a group of his good friendsdsad that he has be loyal to work many yearsa and i
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is melissa myers and there are some changes in forecast later down the road. >> approach in the holiday weekend as we capture, last night super moon from the chesterland camera. you can see as in cents for the donce god od brighter and larger and there was ae beautiful sunrise there are still some leaves and some trees you have more
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morning and then a nice recovery, we were are about 10 degrees above normal, since it was a 5:07 p.m. even though the sunset was our go we are still above normal, 5 hopkins airport program per chris brookover cooper cooper cooper cooper. for the link kent will be some big changes, looking at the front that will be to the north and the culprit fromh mostly cloudy skies. cannot rule out if you predawn rain drops until tomorrow the front will be weakening, it could induce some lake enhanced moisturend as it moves through
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tonight, low 40s mostly cloudy raindrops possible tomorrow morning program tomorrow, mid t upper 50s. looking at sending breaks in th afternoon/evening. warm-up on thursday and friday appeared with rain and rain/snow mix col enoughi that this could be our first accumulating snowfall in the snowbelt sunday into midday
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trevor crowe has been named the
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real one want to get to that breaking news,s, a big day for
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manager of the year award. >> it was announced as you want to go, he was a a finalist want with buck showalter of the orioles and jeff bannister. he wanted 2013 as the american league manager of the year name on 22 first-placee tonto 30 cas. abell three occasions in india' history where the manager has one. he did it twice. the only other guy to win was back ins yet so many votes because of what he did with the injuries o the team and the problems with the pitching staff so congratulations to terry francona he will have a conference call, as soon as we have that info we will bring it along. eastern conference finals
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cavaliers home to the rafters, in the finals last spring, also jr smith will sit out because of ankle injury, look for richard jefferson to give more time, the cavaliers face torontoke for the second t in this season, they gave toronto one of the two losses o the season,the and the second came in october,r, it was hard fought victory in toronto, raptors hav many of the same stars such as demar derozan, lebron james those are building a good team in canada.s i think with another year under their belt, they've got some good follow lead team. they are a very confident bunch
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a lot of buckeyes fans wanted when we can expect in the college football playoff rankings come out expecting alabama to be number one and of course ohio state should get lots of love. expects them to be in the top four,r, the buckeyes were numbe five last week and then went ou blasting maryland city two-three. and the fact that-t the numbers two, three and last week and you expect the buckeyes to move up,er they need some help, but what can you say about the, huskies who play the thirdus easy schedule. rankings will be announced tonight at 9:00 p.m.m. ohio state needs to avenge last seasons boston michigan state, with the spartans won a close t block the buckeye patht to the playoff book of the rematches saturday in east lansing. michigan state is only three an
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a 49-zero victory over rutgers. congratulations again to tito francona >> place facing lawsuit over what happeneded in the back of
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city of lorain and an officer i sued overr use of excessive force. >> dump trump accused of hittin a handcuffed suspectsee the backseat of a cruiser, lorrie taylor here with the details. it was caught on video, yuriko, the suspect was not seriously injured, his attorney says people horse want to detec and serve should not act did. in jest software a flashlight hitting the right side of the suspect, is jared brillon, according to a lawsuit, the officer christopher ferenzi times a day with profanity whil the suspect's hands were cuffed. he was placed in the backseat o the cruiser after allegedly confessing to stabbing a man several times, le the man who w stabbed, was responded to chris for help fromas jared brillon said ex-girlfriend. she is also the mother of officer ferenziedilmo little boy who
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witness the violent behavior, lady of the officer to become upset.ol jared brillon is on trial for the alleged assault of the good samaritan, meanwhile officer ferenzi was suspended ten days without pay for violating the department standards of conducts >> answer this new lawsuit, police spokesman says the department does not comment on pending litigation which also names the chief of police. to hopkins airport custodial employees of the job after i need to into taking money out o the passengers pers. airport director fred zabel happened thursday, won't let he pursea by restaurant and it disappeared. please review the video itself employees going through the purse e the later admitted to the theft, the mounting pressure returns the woman, charges may be filed.g >> local man faces federal charges accused of making
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collection iconki zack reed be lives in fairview park 24-year-old says he was drinking then tweeted about his gold sesame donald trump blowup several voting locations, he deleted the post but the government had them, he is charged with makingth a direct threat to harm the president-elect, he he will be back in federal court on thursdayay . anti-trump rally at the ohio state university last night too a violent turn,ni camera. you can see a man come down the stairs pushh the man holdin the megaphone down several tears. then punches began to fly, the attacker was quickly taken away by campus police. ohio state university released statement to students says it actively protects first amendment rights, the school
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verbal assaults.. donald trump transition team gathered today to talk about th road to the white houseth elizabeth noreika here, you hav more on the progress they've madee to the transition team, headed up by mikeen making progress, we know that mr. trump made several appointments, meaning reince priebus as his chief of staff and former breitbart news executive chairman stephen bennett will be his advisor other names in the mix were spotted as they behind closed doors, as figures like paul ryan say that the days ahead the be working closely with the president-elect and his transition team to lay out the
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on the scene page working to make sure that this is a successful registrationo to make sure that the voices were heard of the people areer acted upon. blueprint for the first 200 days as laid out one of the first issues is to renegotiate nafta . shot, trapped and left to die. >> more questions than answers concerning the doc film by samaritan in lorain asf jennife jordan has then story of the dogs long road to recovery.s golden retriever was
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leg amputated but now they say will happen sometime this eveningng said it is for the betterment o his healthth he was brought to e lorain county an emergency center after he was found near the lorraine sheffield lake quarter. a ball that cause infection is why they need to amputate his front leg was stuck in a trap, a so his toe will be amputated. the staff a long road ahead, that he has been the perfect patientr. >> he has not tried to bite or even grumbled at us he is happy to see us use a nice use a nice they set up a go-fund-me accoun to raise $5,000, today, they raised city $500, now donated
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owners havee not come forward. thatme they do not service tha was likely be put up for local plumbing company doing hi part to help against breast cancer to the susan g. komen foundatio for currente they raise the money to help fight breast cancer. is not just a worthy cause it i also personal. >> of a number of employees, their families have been impacted by this disease including my own. but we decided to do in october was to donate a portion of proceeds generated through our service calls weatherby plumbin
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hjack's also make this an
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thanksgiving expect to be at its peak for the first time in years, but has trouble since 2,007 aaa credits the increase
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confidence, to traveltnc by car is the most common with gas prices at the second cheapest in a decade,ic airplanes will care t most passenger sinceai 2,007. jetblue is offering flights for as low as $49. it is a 48 hour fire sale, so there are some exceptions, the tickets are good every day except friday or saturdayhe between december 1 of march 9 some flights out of cleveland we have info at fox >> . 11-year-old just took a trip around the world without leave of northeast ohio, thanks to th charity called special wish cleveland. bible i has more from nasa glenn research center.
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real astronauts here. he has been fascinated with space and mars. that curiosity, also on display. journey here almost and not happen >> it was very scary here is ou only child and he is the love o our life,, at nine years old, h had a stroke and diagnosed wit a rare heart disease, no cure o surgery could fix his heart. i was with them every day and night. >> bring those dark days, he wa looking forwardrd. he was dreaming of the day that he could become an astronaut
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it is some pretty exciting stuff. >> thanks to a heart transplant, the day is finally here, i got to fly around, and to explore. before we do a flight we had to do a preflightt. that incentive to the closer to flight. he wants to go to mars to be the first person on marsrs he loves geology and rocks and minerals this is like a dream
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a wonderful day for this future astronaut. check it is the first child to get a tour of the glenn research center. assured this is a day that they will never forget.. our best to him and his family and, again to massively did a great job for him and his family today. absolutely. it was an incredible pe with the entire family. it was another beautiful day looks like we have a few more days to get the blood work done. >> before we get out the shovels, we've got them while swaim of transition, the one friday and then the weekend and beginning of thanksgiving week it will be some he major changes.
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has been a beautiful day, it is smooth as glass only carryut wi the great sunset at 5:07 p.m. we may go down to the mid 30s that we did recover nicely at 6o full pot kansas city they were at the low 70s with a sustained air mass harold ramis potential of reaching 70 degrees friday before some big changes occur throughout the upcoming weekend mother nature will be hard at work trying to change things aroundnd for us.
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becoming mostly cloudy and coul be a brief raindrop around dawn tomorrow until noon.a special in the northeast quadrant, the potential of a fe spot showers. as we go into thursday, it gets better. a few clouds early and then sunshine,, thu will be the best days of the next week unless you're hoping for some winter like whether.
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the pick day of the 8 -day outlook including thursday friday, looking to be much warmer with an average high around low 50soo. then some big changes the front comes in. starting off with rainfall it will be falling temperatures an gusty winds saturday then a rai snow-mix and then then to be cold enoughr that their could b some lake enhanc sunday into monday with highs i the mid to upper 30s. there may be some accumulation of the snowbelt by the time you wake up monday morning. as we go into tuesday and wednesday next week, wednesday
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on thanksgiving eve with temperatures in the high 40s. he does more than just the weather. >> looking back at dick goddard career in comedy with big chuck
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francisco lindor tweeted this clip last night, showing his brother dropping his chocolate cake on the floor. it was hash tag, we still aid i africati it looks delicious. >> they prescribed to the five-second-rule, we continue our month-long celebration of dick goddard, his final forecasts. he played a part in the success of wjw as to cable shows it was not all because of the weather. bl we see what tomorrow was going to bring, but for fans of big chuck and lil john he was af
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we know dick out of it comes to the weather but he also had another roll it fox 8, somethin he loved and was to be part of the big chuck and lil john showw 1979, who have left the show. john rinaldi, known as little john, stepped in to replace him in dick saw an opportunity to join in the fun. just kind he came around to help us. he would walk on stage and do this and. he began using the. >> people for a vote in time, the anchors were not allowed to be in our skits and he broke th mold.
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the skitsts that we continue to use them a lot .. he is in many skits. page cannot guess how many. they had no idea the training of the nuances that went into it. >> we hadtr a dick goddard nigh featuring nothing about his skits. they had done many hilarious skits over the years, to this day, one of the most requested is the iq skit featuring dick goddard. we have given him an iq below zero, i'm afraid to open the
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can we expect to see more of his acting skills in the future? >> i was thinking of maybe thre or four years. he performed in oklahoma and other cities while he was a student at kent state university. the countdown to dick goddard final forecas is one week today, on tuesday november 22, and we have some surprises planned it is a must-see tv event until then we willst continue to celebrate his incredible career. we do have so many surprises coming with so many people coming back to honor dick goddard.le you will want to tune in next tuesday november 22 to celebrat his many talents, he is so
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want to thank you for joining us. elizabeth noreika is up next with all of the top news stories,h fox 8 news at
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began us on breaking news, amy magic throughout the season that the indians to a world series appearance in july tribe skipper interpret, is manager of the year.a >> get to he became one of eight merger league managers over the years to win the war twice forgot he got a ton of those to be buck showalter of the orioles in jef bannister of the rangers. snow band three occasions in tribe history where a manager hashi won the work, trevor gile has wanted twice the first and 2013vo of the first year that he


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